Monday, November 23, 2015


Fr. trader said:I am a member of a Forex trading group. I get trade alerts. This was sent out late last night to all their Forex membership:

Surprise Fed Announcement   22, November 2015 11:07 pm EDT

FX Update

The Federal Reserve has scheduled a surprise announcement for tomorrow. This is abnormal and the last time we saw a scenario like this one was all the way back in late-2012. At that time, the Fed in conjunction with other central banks extended US dollar liquidity swaps. There is speculation that the Fed may be announcing a rate hike at this meeting tomorrow!

It is important to understand that this was an unscheduled news conference. It is likely to fuel volatility into U.S. Dollar pairs whatever the announcement. We would not be surprised if they use this holiday shortened (Thanksgiving) week to hike rates by 0.25 bps! Stay tuned...


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Pam says she is not doing a call on Friday but "ya'll can go ahead if you want."
Tony:  ". . .I'm not committing to Friday."

Tony:  We shouldn't be here.  Should be in a bank or out buying . . .  Lot of stuff on the internet.  Most of it was in fact true.  For the most part it has gone through.  Bank people were there Sunday.  Upset because it did not go.   I was told all of the banks did not get all of the information at the same time.  In order to be fair to everybody, decided to do it at a later time.  Got that from a couple of different sources.
The funny part is the  information went out on Friday.  We knew on Friday, but Sunday some banks complaining they didn't get it. . .  

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Waiting for the one moment in time, hopefully the next 24 hours and this will be over.  Lower denom's to be issued in the next 24 hours if they did not get them this weekend.   When they are issued the LD's we should see this go world wide.     At this point in time everybody has it and ready. 
So hopefully that is, as they say, in next 24 hours before Thanksgiving, before Black Friday and before November 30th. It's geared up to go. . .   No one arguing.  Everyone is saying "green light."  . . .Memo's out, rates there.  Bank personnel moved around.   They (the banks) all have notice now.  I got that yesterday and this morning.
(In response to caller question Tony said he thought it would happen before Thanksgiving . . .based on what he's being told)
IRAQ:    Is ready.  Implement the reforms now.  Lower denom's to be issued in the next 24 hours if they did not get them this weekend.  Iraq people were scheduled to get paid yesterday and they were not paid.  
  • Rates:  Tony:  Rates could go anywhere.  We've seen them go crazy. Some banks see $3.00 and some see $2.00.  Zim limited to $500 million or $1 billion.  Don't expect to divide it up between trusts or legal entities.  It will be tracked.  Dinar: Contrary to what is out on internet or what you may be hearing, the 25,000 dinar note is good. 
  • TNT T-shirt designs are in the Forum        
EXCHANGING:    Tony's Strategy:  Have a plan for different price points with different caps.  This means you may have multiple plans. Tony:   If it comes out at $3.00, which I doubt, have a plan.  If it comes out at .11 - .22, have a plan.  . .I have my plan before I walk into the room. . . Plan for the worst, hope for the best.
PAM:  I agree with Ray!  Let’s do this thing!  We’ve already said thanks to everyone.  It’s Thanksgiving – what are you grateful for? We are at the end of a tunnel.  Things might not be perfect but there is always a lot to be grateful for.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Marvelous Monday;  we’ll see where this day takes us, minute by minute.
Tony:  Hopefully this is over, and  I’ll give you a shout and/or have THE call.  If not, we’ll be here on Wednesday, although I’m not committing to Friday. 
We are still in this life-changing event, and we have an opportunity to create a legacy.  We know how it works, how our government works  and out financial institutions.  We have a bunch of investment opportunities, and hopefully you have learned how to protect your money and be smart with it. 
Someone out there has your email address and address and they will do anything they have to to get it.  Protect yourself!  Plan for yourself!  For each currency and each rate, have a plan:  know where you want to put it when you go in that bank. Know how much you want to exchange at what rate. 
Give it away over that amount. Some say to give it to charity, but I have brothers and sisters to help first.  If you don’t want to have over the cap over 20, 50 or 100 years, have a plan. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. 
Don’t be downcast because it didn’t happen over the weekend or this morning.  We still have three days until Thanksgiving, and I KNOW they want you to spend a ton of money on Black Friday or they wouldn’t have scheduled this for last weekend. 
Have a super-fantastic day!  I will talk to you on Wednesday if I have to, but I hope it goes a lot sooner than that!  


TNT Call notes 23-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, November 23, 2015.  It’s a great day to be here – it could be a better time, but it’s a great day.
Here’s the information.  We should in a bank right now, or out buying Christmas presents.  It should have gone over the weekend… there was a lot of stuff on the Internet and most of it was true.  The bank people were there Saturday and Sunday, with people on standby, waiting.  The only issue I have, the only thing I have been told, is that all the banks did NOT get the information at the same time.  Some banks complained, and in order for everyone to start at the same time, they picked a later time to do this.  The banks that didn’t get the notice didn’t call in their people because they didn’t know this is the one.  We got that from several sources.
Iraq has been making announcements every day, and people in Iraq believe they will be issued the lower denoms in the next 24 hours.  When they are issued those lower denoms, we should see this go worldwide – before Thanksgiving, before Black Friday, before the 30th.  Memos have gone out, bank personnel were moved around, and we were told that some went in by 6am on Sunday morning, although some went in at 11am.  They went home complaining that they spent another Sunday in the bank because some banks were not informed – although we were told on Friday.  Now all the banks do know, and they just have to pick a time.  No one is arguing, the low denoms are sitting there, and the only discussion is about who they will give them to first.  I don’t care about that – just let them go so that we can go.
There is nothing else to debate.  We are at the very end of this, and every time they stretch this out, it’s getting shorter and shorter.  We are ready to go.
We had someone send us a bunch of shirts, hats, rings, pendants, coffee cups that say TNT Superfantastic on them. I didn’t want to put them on the site because then people will accuse us of making money off you, which we are not.  But I do want everyone to have a souvenir if you want.  So look on our site, www.tntdinar.com, and there will be a link with the files.
617 caller:  On the zim, is the cap on the social security number or what?
Tony:  I think it’s per person – so if you have an entity or trust you control, that will be added into the cap as well.  It’s about whether you  have control over it, that is how they will make the decisions on limitation and tracking.
404 caller: Anything new on procedures?
Tony:  I have not personally be told anythign – what they want to do or how to do it, or whether it will be helter-skelter.  We are this close;  if they don’t do anything, we will do something.
Caller;  Can you tell us when that 24 hours in Iraq might have started?
Tony:  No, I don’t know the exact time it started.  It should have been yesterday and it wasn’t.  It should have been this morning.  We do know it’s cleared every hurdle, and we hear that it didn’t go over the weekend because not all the banks got the notice, so they didn’t think that was fair.  They all have notice now, so they can’t use that excuse again!
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Hopefully no call on Wednesday other than THE call, so Happy Thanksgiving!
707 caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
303 caller:  Good morning!  Every time I think about sending you chocolate-covered Rocky Mountain oysters, I withdraw because I don’t think you would appreciate them!  I read some skivvies every once in a while, and lately I heard a report that the 25K dinar note will become unacceptable and useless, in terms of exchange.
Tony:  In-country, it will be like the $25 note, but out of country it will be exchanged as long as the other three-zero notes are exchanged.
Caller:  Let’s say a person has been given dinar, with a gift letter, and after six months he gives some of that dinar to someone else.  Does the original date of purchase get transferred or will it be considered short-term capital gains?
Tony:  Usually they go for the purchase date, but ask a professional.
Caller:  Is the rate still around $4 for the dinar and $1 for the dong.  Is that still current?
Tony: The rates change all the time. I  think it’s higher;  there are two or three rates for some currencies, and only one for others.
Caller:  Will you schedule a regular call on Friday?
Tony:  I hope today is our last call, and if not, the Wednesday.  But if it doesn’t go this week, we’ll do whatever we have to do.
Caller:  How was that report on the 24 hours for the lower denoms relayed to you?
Tony:  It’s from someone in the banking system in Iraq, and also from somebody in the government in Iraq, what he was told, and then someone in the US government said this is what is about to happen.  They have been printed for years.  We know when the lower denoms were shipped to Iraq – when, where, how, the tail numbers of the planes, we know all that.  The people in Iraq know that the lower denoms are there, and they are waiting for that one moment in time, and we all hope it’s in the 24 hours and then this will be over.  Pam says she is not doing a call on Friday, she has something else to do!
636 caller:  Carl posted about the rates this weekend and I’m confused.
Tony:  I don’t know who Carl is, but okay.
Caller:  He posted a rate of .033 for the zim and you said double digits, so that rate should be 0.33, right?  If we scratch off the last six zeros, and if we have double digit rates, then is will be 11 million dollars per 100 trillion note.  [Tony:  Yes.]  Okay, good.
If the one billion dollar cap is in existence for the zim, and the bank pays out the rest over 20 years or so like an annuity, then surely the bank is acting like an insurance company.  How can they do that without the legal requirements of an annuity?
Tony:  I think that is called the US Treasury.  I’m sure there will be some kind of contract that you can read and agree to or not.   You will be signing some kind of form in wirting that will be structured.  If I were reading that post, and I thought the rate was three cents, what would be my plan for that?  And if I believe the other rates I’ve been hearing, then I would have another plan.  And If I go over the cap, I need a plan for that.  Which of my friends, neighbors and associates could benefit, because I won’t be around for 50 years?
Caller:  That’s right, and that’s why I have a spreadsheet and can change that rate in one cell.  And we are working out what to do because we don’t really know the rates.
Tony:  I have my plan based on this, that and the other happening.  I won’t know what is happening until I actually walk into the room.  If there is so much that I will have a 20 year payout, well, I’ll probably live another 20 years.  If it’s 50 or 100 years, probably not, and won’t cash out that amount over the cap, I’ll just give that part away.  You cannot put it anywhere you control it.  You need to think about it now, before it happens, not after it happens.  They want you in and out in 30 minutes, and you won’t have time to do that in the appointment.  
Caller:  Of course, those gifts will attract gift tax…
Tony:  Yes, it will… so think about it now! 
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
540 caller:  Last Friday, one of the callers said something about a DelaRue machine in Frederiksburg – can you give her my number or connect me in some way?  Because I’ve been in every bank in Frederiksburg, and nobody knows about the GCR.
Tony:  I don’t know her name or who she is.  I have talked to people from banks;  one gal, the bank called her and said as soon as they run it through the machine, you will have cash in hand.
Caller:  Do you think this will happen before Thanksgiving?
Tony:  I think so; that’s what I’m hearing but they could change that.  It was supposed to happen over this past weekend.
410 caller:  That low rate tax, the flat rate of 15%, would that only apply to the dinar?
Tony:  I don’t know if it would be 15% or which currencies it would apply to.  But you know what to do, right?
Caller:  Set aside 50%.  I will put away 55% to be more comfortable.  If I have signed an NDA, would I still be able to help someone else exchange?
Tony:  I don’t know how many people they will allow into the exchange meeting – for older or disabled people, of course, but otherwise… Your NDA applies to your transaction only. If they are being offered three dollars, and you say, “But I got four!” then you will probably be told that you violated your NDA.
Caller:  I’m glad to hear you feeling so good today. We appreciate the touch-up questions and reminders.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I hope to see you there!
Tony:  I didn’t want to do a regular call this morning, I wanted to do THE call and get it over with.
773 caller:  On your opening statement, I have a question that I need you to explain to me.  All this GCR and RV is not about us, the little people in the US.  If it’s not about us, why does it matter if all our banks didn’t get the info?  Who does that make sense to?
Tony: It’s not about us – they didn’t use US to delay – they used the banks to delay.  The banks want to make sure to get their fair share.  If they didn’t get notified and they didn’t ramp up at the same time, they might miss out an hour’s exchanging or whatever. 
Caller:  But we are the ones who are going into the banks, so really the delay is still about us, because the banks are getting ready for us.
Tony:  Let me explain it to you.  The banks were not ready to do transactions – certain banks.  So it was about THEM losing out on the opportunity to do business with US.  It wasn’t about us being able to go in for our benefit, but about them, the banks.  It’s about us, you and me, the small guy, the American citizen, not the USA.  We say “what about the Iraqi people and what they have gone through for the last 200 years;  when is it about them?” It should have been about them yesterday!  They are the ones who are being told every day that it’s imminent, they are going through that live and in operson.  We have 30K on this call, and they’re talking about millions being told their lives will change today or tomorrow, and it doesn’t. We know there are issues with ISIL, gangs on the street, and all the rest, but it’s still about Iraqi citizens, not us.
Caller: Scuttlebutt said the Iraqis were supposed to get paid yesterday;  did that happen?
Tony: Yes, they were scheduled to be paid yesterday but so far as I know, they were not.  We were supposed to be on the schedule for yesterday, too, but some banks didn’t receive the memo.
Caller:  Thanks for the graphic design;  I will get something printed.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
Tony:  Daz, our chief Mod in the chat room, put that together.  Richard created all the logos and designs.  You can download the designs and have your local person print your t-shirt or cap without anyone being paid for it.  They did the design work from the kindness of their heart, and we thank them.
770 caller:  So what you are saying is that we should be here within 24-48 hours?
Tony:  From what I was told, yes.  It could change, but based on what I heard, we should be standing in a bank line, but here we are.
Caller:  So based on your intel, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be?  Give them another hour and they’ll find something.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
432 caller:  Glenn Beck said the Fed was meeting this morning, talking about an RV.
Tony:  Okay.  Maybe he knows somebody we don’t know!  I hope he’s right. 
Caller:  It made me smile.  Happy Thanksgiving!  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  ‘
Tony:  The computer is messing up here, so I have to wait it out.
Pam:  I agree with Ray!  Let’s do this thing!  We’ve already said thanks to everyone.  It’s Thanksgiving – what are you grateful for? We are at the end of a tunnel.  Things might not be perfect but there is always a lot to be grateful for.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Marvelous Monday;  we’ll see where this day takes us, minute by minute.
Tony:  Hopefully this is over, and I’ll give you a shout and/or have THE call.  If not, we’ll be here on Wednesday, although I’m not committing to Friday.  We are still in this life-changing event, and we have an opportunity to create a legacy.  WE know how it works, how our government works  and out financial institutions.  We have a bunch of investment opportunities, and hopefully you have learned how to protect your money and be smart with it.  Someone out there has your email address and address and they will do anything they have to to get it.  Protect yourself!  Plan for yourself!  For each currency and each rate, have a plan:  know where you want to put it when you go in that bank. Know how much you want to exchange at what rate.  Give it away over that amount. Some say to give it to charity, but I have brothers and sisters to help first.  If you don’t want to have over the cap over 20, 50 or 100 years, have a plan. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.  Don’t be downcast because it didn’t happen over the weekend or this morning.  We still have three days until Thanksgiving, and I know they want you to spend a ton of money on Black Friday or they wouldn’t have scheduled this for last weekend.  Have a super-fantastic day!  I will talk to you  on Wednesday if I have to, but I hope it goes a lot sooner than that! 


Hello Everyone.
Today I am going to continue the discussion of the plan to launch the lower denominations in the future and the importance of this event in the process that will lead to the ultimate full revaluation of the IQD.
I am also going to answer many of your questions and concerns from my last 2 news letters. All very good and justified questions. But I have to say many of the questions are already answered and are found directly in my news letters. So in the future I will only refer you back to the news letters again. Today I am being kind….lol….lol…
As I said, my news letters are chock full of information and so maybe you should print them out so you can highlight or underline what is important to you so you can refer back to it in the future.
I would not waste my time and effort writing garage in my news letters and I would not want you to waste your time reading them either. I am not perfect and I do not know it all but I do read the articles and try to connect the pieces to the puzzle to help you understand.  I also have many contacts (that are real) as they are old friends from the past that I have stayed connected with. Some of them are right in the middle of all this and they help me to connect the pieces. So I am not alone in what I say to you.
Today’s News

Today is Monday November 23rd and just a little over a week away from the early December timeframe.
Oh- No RV again this weekend?  Surprised?  We also now have proof that Iraq IS WAITING until at least early December as they originally announced to continue with the project to “delete the zeros”.
So they I ask – How are we “just waiting for our turn to exchange” as some of these “gurus” are claiming?  Oh yes they are claiming the RV is all done and they are exchanging in certain countries (but they can’t tell us which ones) and the USA and Europe just have to wait their turn to exchange. Really? How ridiculous are these rumors. Oh yes they are only rumors.
Folks do you know how absolutely ridiculous and stupid this statement is? For grown up adults to believe this nonsense, and even worst, pass it on to the dinar community is beyond my comprehension. So where is the proof? There is no proof and so when listeners to their intel calls ask them for it, they simply breeze over any kind of an answer without being specific of any FACTS. Why can’t they give FACTS? Because there are no proof to backup the nonsense they are spreading.
So all you readers of Mnt Goat now know the RV process since I explained it to you many times already. So now you have the ability, the tools and the knowledge to see through these charlatans and their phony intel.
So let’s get back to reality on with today’s news.
I quote form the article below – “Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords confirmed that the project to delete the zeros of the existing currency, pointing out that the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category came to structuring currency”
I quote again from the article – “said that the administrative conditions are not favorable for the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the currency but the project still exists”
So what does “administrative conditions” mean?  My opinion is that it does not mean security. I means simply they have not yet collected all the 10k and 25k notes they need to collect. This process is still in play. They also told us weeks ago it would not be until early December.
They came right out in this article and told us that in fact they did issuance of the 50k notes. They said these notes are the basis for restructuring their currency. So this confirms once again they did launch the 50k notes and this move is directly tied to the project to delete the zeros (just in case you had any doubt).
Article Begins
Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords confirmed that the project to delete the zeros of the existing currency, pointing out that the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category came to structuring currency, said the Keywords that the central bank rejected a proposal on the distribution of employees’ salaries in dollars.
Keywords and said that the administrative conditions are not favorable for the implementation of the project to delete the zeros of the currency but the project still exists, he said, adding that the issuance of the new category will facilitate the transport and conversion process by the banks and citizens the fact that the 25 A category is no longer suitable for trading compared to the monetary mass in circulation, stressing that the 50 thousand dinars category do not affect the inflation and rising prices, because issuance has been damaged against the major currencies. –
Article Ends
So for all those people putting words once again in Mnt Goat’s mouth let me clarify the news to you. I DID NOT say we are waiting for the RV and it is imminent.
What Mnt Goat did say is to tell you the process they are undertaking for the project “to delete the zeros” and where we are in the process.
And where we are is the 50k notes and launched and they are collecting the 10k and 25k notes.
They are beginning to realize that they are not collecting the 25k notes in the quantity they anticipated and at the rate they anticipated. So what is the answer?
I am telling you they will have to launch the LOWER DENOMINATIONS very soon along with a significant increase in the rate of their currency. Why? Because the need to collect these 3 zero notes and they need to do it now thus must give the citizens an incentive to do so. The incentive is to make them worth more than the US dollar. The plan is to increase the value to 90 cents – $1.14.  You will probably not see this rate at the exchanges as it will happen suddenly and IS NOT THE RV. Did I say this clearly enough? THIS IS NOT THE RV !
Okay do I need to say it again for all you.  NO Hype, NO Rumors just the FACTS – THIS NEW RATE IS NOT THE RV nor is it a FLOAT. It is simply the CBI determining to raise the value of the dinar and is an in-country rate increase. It is a temporary measure as the full RV will follow 4-7 days later.
The rate can not and will not stay for long and is only an incentive to turn in the 3 zero notes in exchange for the NEW lower denoms. At this time they will announce a CUT-OFF date also and the 3 zero notes will no longer be legal tender in the Middle East.  I SAID IN THE MIDDLE EAST….again for all you  – I SAID IN THE MIDDLE EAST and not the rest of the world. They also want to convert over to the lower denominations (the new Iraq permanent currency) prior to the full blown RV as much as possible.
As I have said many times over and over to watch for the project to “delete the zeros” and other signs and our RV is close at hand. Now we are witnessing the most significant sign of all these signs as it is the final stage of the implementation of the process for their plan. Never since 2012 have they made such an announcement.
Questions and Answers Begins Here
So today I want to also answer some questions raised by readers from me recent previous news letters. I am doing this to help while we wait for the CBI to take the next step and launch the lower denoms.
First I will address questions that were raised in reply to my Friday 11/20 news letter (LINK).  All are very good  questions. Thanks to GeorgeH for forwarding them to me. Hope you all are reading today’s news.
Question: Herewego: concern about the devaluation of the USD upon the Chineese Yuan being  a reserve currency.
Answer: Simplest answer that I give is you have been listening to these so called intel “gurus” again and they have filled your head with information that is fear based. Sometimes too much information is a bad thing since there is so much to this global restructuring that has to also come into the equation that these gurus are not telling you because they don’t know it. There will be almost no effect on the currency of the USD. The USD has been overvalued for many months now and even financial analysts can’t figure it all out.
The USD runs optimally at a range of about 75-80 cents per dollar in compared to the Euro. In other words this is not a bad thing and as long as it does not go below this level all is good. If it does I would get excited. So relax and stop listening to these fear based calls. Forget you ever heard the USD will devalue. Too much information! The IMF knows what they are doing. They will not crash the USD at least anytime in the near future….lol…When you exchange it will be all electronic numbers in a bank account somewhere. So how are you going to lose value? You only lose if you get fearful and do something stupid like invest in high priced stocks or buy over priced real property. So relax and just wait and see what happens to economy after we begin to exchange. There is also this notion of a “GCR” and that someone is going to flip a switch and the entire world’s economies are going to be restructured in a flash of an eye. Folks I have been telling you this GCR notion in NOT REAL and all made up. Basil III banking  rules are all implemented already. Some final rules take effect soon. Currencies revalue and devalue each and everyday. Of course they will have to align some other currencies when the IQD revalues but it is nothing to panic over.
Question: Garryowen: concern about the 4.00+ rate of exchange in USA (assuming you are citizen in USA and plan to exchange there, since you did not say) Very skeptical of this high of  a rate and said it is all just speculation.
Answer: Really? You think it is all JUST speculation? Mnt Goat is not assuming anything and this is NOT speculation, as I see it  but then again we have to start somewhere. I would not put a second mortgage on my  house based on this rate to buy more dinar if that is what you mean and intend to do based on you inquiry.
The IMF has themselves told us very specifically what to expect when the IQD revalues. They begin at a base pre-war rate of $3.22 the add on %’s based on assets of country since Saddam and go from there adding in value since the war. ​
Just because you are not privy to this information does not make it not FACTUAL. Stop listening to the Iraqi rate as to when they exchange at 90 cents – $1.14. This has nothing to do with your exchange rate. This is not the RV. Did you hear me…NOTHING ! How many times must I say this? They are going from USD to Dinar and they are on a totally different  SDR.  Think about this – right now it takes 1166 dinars just to get one USD in exchange from the banks in Iraq. So when they launch the lower denoms the plan is to go up to around .90 – $1.14. So who is really benefiting the most? If they then want to exchange back to USD and are in the USA with their new lower denom currency they will also get the same rate you get. Get it?
But they are not in the USA, they are in Iraq. Totally different scenarios for exchange and I warned you in my last news letter date 11/20 not to mix apples and oranges. I told you it could get confusing real fast and I can see you are confused. Shame on you for not reading my news letter again as I asked you to do. Go back re-read what I said in my news letter dated 11/20.
Question: yrmall: concern about the public now having the 50k notes since they exchange the 10k and 25k for a 50k note. We were told that these notes are not made for the public, only government and banks use, for large transactions…? So why does the public have them?
Answer: Remember yrmall that I said the 50k notes are a TOOL. First they will be used them to draw in the 10k and 25k notes thus reducing the money supply.  When you reduce the money supply↓?, the rate goes up↑. Simple micro-economics nothing really brain storming about this.
By doing this it will allow them to drive up the rate to .90 – $1.14 as I said it will come out for IN COUNTRY OF IRAQ ONLY. But hang on there is part B to this process and you are missing this part. Next they got to recall all these 50k notes later.
How and when will they do this?
When they come out with the .90 – $1.14 rate the citizens will gladly exchange the 50k (a three zero note) for the lower denominations if they are worth more. Get it? Then going forward these 50k notes will be stored by the banks and use solely for interbanking and international trading transactions – now out of the hands of the citizens. Seems you only remembered part B and not part A. Hope I helped to clarify it for you.
Question: bubbajar:  Concerns Mnt Goat is mixing terminology. Coins = Paper Currency, Fills = Metal Currency? Please explain.
Answer: All I can say is go to the CBI website yourself and see them for yourself. NO Hype, NO Rumors, Just the FACTS. The information is all there. Perhaps Mnt Goat is not the one mixed up?
Question: rob: Wants to know how to grow his blessings. Any recommendations? He is assuming the money he will have after exchange?
Answer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not the purpose of my news letters. So please consult with a financial advisor. They are the BEST resource to help you. Growing money is different for everyone since we all have different goals. Without knowing who you are, your status, how much money you will have post exchange or your financial needs I can not even begin to tell you. This alone scares me in that you ask me this question thinking it is so simple and I can actually throw something out to you without knowing all your  parameters. I am not trying to be arrogant but come’on give me a break I am not a mind reader….lol….XOXOX
Next  I will address questions were raised in reply to my Thursday 11/19 news letter.  All are very good   questions. Thanks to GeorgeH for also forwarding these to me. Hope you all are reading today’s news
Question: mary johnson: What are the 7 currencies in the first basket?
Who cares what is in the basket of currencies? I am all about the Iraq dinar and I hope you have some. This is then ONLY sure revaluation we can expect.  ALL THE REST ARE PURELY SPECULATION. Get it – SPECULATION and a lot of people are going to be burned.  I can see you have not been reading my news letter. If you did  you would not be asking a question about this GCR. I am so sick and tired of all this. GO BUY SOME DINAR AND FORGET ABOUT ALL THE GCR. Forget about who is filling your head with this nonsense.
Question: The Bee: In this scenario the money supply on CBI balance sheet stays the same……how does that help the situation?
The money supply will go DOWN ↓if they pull the currency back (10k and 25k notes) and if they can pull back enough in the time period they need to do it you will see they will JUSTIFY the rate they want to push out and that is a 1:1 rate 1 dinar : 1 USD or .90 – $1.14.
Simple micro –economics of supply and demand. Supply goes down ↓ demand then goes up ↑, but only if the rate goes up ↑ to create the demand since if you  make it more cost effective you create an incentive and consumers will willingly want the higher value. So what will be higher? – the dinar or the US dollar? Why keep the dollar or the 3 zero  notes when you can get the lower denominations and they are worth more.
Please, please go back are re-read my 11/19 news letter. Did you do that? No? Shame on you!
I guarantee you that if this does not work they have another plan up their sleeve and will keep trying until it works. But they are working now closely with the IMF and some of the TOP brains in this field. They have done this many other  times in the past with other countries only you never hear about them. Just relax and watch how it all plays out.
Yes, – Robert you are correct,  since for Basil III requirements Iraq can not go to a fiat currency. They must value their currency based on the value of realistic asset rules. This alone can justify the RV value but you have to get there first and they need to get these darn 3 zero notes out of circulation. This should have all been done years ago and so they are very late due Maliki and now ISIS.
Questions and Answers Ends Here
So please feel free to ask questions from my news letters. GeorgeH was so kind as to volunteer to forward them to me to help you in my future news letters. But this will not last forever only for the next couple weeks. I will try to keep this section open in the news letter for you.
So ask away!
Update: Currency Reform
So today out pops the second article on this topic of the lower denominations. Remember what I said?  If there is two or more article close together on the same topic PAY ATTENTION something  is about to happen. Pressure is being exerted but they must first let the 50k notes take their course to retrieve the 10 and 25k notes. Only we are outsiders and we don’t know how long they intend to let it run. Maybe they do not know either and are just basing a timeline on how long it takes to draw in a certain amount?
This is where we must rely on the articles to give us an update. Just like I am sitting here writing this news letter I am positive we will be hearing shortly on the progress of this process.
So here is the second article on this topic in three days.
Article Begins
History of edits:: 2015/11/20 16:0
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw a member of the Parliamentary Commission of Economy Najiba Najib that the category {50} thousand dinars to cause any inflation, and there is an intention to issue less than a {250} dinar currency.
She said Najib told {Euphrates News} on Friday that “the issuance of a class of {50} thousand is a good step but not cause Tkhaddm in the market because the issue of inflation dominated by the central bank,” indicating that “the Iraqi currency lacked the large and small currencies”.
She added, “If we compare ourselves neighboring countries, the Iraqi currency need to improve and develop and strengthen where there is an intention to print currency the {100} Elf but has been postponed until further notice, as has been done the {500} new dinars design and there is an intention to issue coins less like fifty dinars for the benefit of the citizen.
“The bank CBI had announced earlier in the issuance of new banknote category fifty thousand dinars in order to complete the Iraqi banknotes structure, and the development of high-class value in circulation.
It is noteworthy that the parliamentary Finance Committee announced earlier that the Central Bank of Iraq in connection with the introduction of new process 100 class dinars Elf after the issuance of 50 thousand dinars   category
Article Ends
Article Begins
Here is the link to the article. It is very long and so I did not include the entire article.
Article Ends
I will however give you some interesting notes, quotes and my commentary from the article.
First let me say that is it my opinion the main purposed of this article is to advise those skeptics and pessimists that the CBI has control of the economy and there is a plan in motion to create the needed stability. They are telling that in 2016 Iraq will begin a 5 year global economic and financial strategy. This does not mean we wait 5 years for an RV of currency since they already told us that by mid 2016, of this 5 year plan, they plan to be fully international.
Remember the millennium goals for the new century? I sent you links to the UN site in previous news letter so you can see for yourself the goals for Iraq. Now do you see why the UN is stepping up its game with Iraq and helping them? No more stalling!
I quote from the article – “noting that the majority of these statements marked “fallacies and pessimism and confusion, either because of the absence of an accurate understanding or intent It is the objective that stems from different motives linked to the political reality, and harassment and interests. ”
I think many of you dinar investors outside of Iraq also share many of these same qualities. But this harsh feelings are a result of much stress and weekly anxiety over these any day / every week dinar RV windows that never happen. You listen to these so called “gurus” then you wonder why you feel this pessimism and confusion. It is all you fault. Stop listening to them!
I quote from the article –“the central bank to launch soon its strategy for the years 2016 – 2020, stressing that it “is built on the latest global developments in the banking and financial sector, the latest trends and tasks arising from developments in financial and monetary crisis”. I will be very surprised  if we do not see the full blown RV by the end of 2015. I can not see them opening the budget for 2016 and continuing without a currency worthy of the value of the countries true assets.
Update: Much Needed Laws
There is much progress on the Amnesty and National Guard laws. I suspect we will see these laws this week. There was much news over the weekend on these topics. It is all a matter of satisfying all the parties as getting these laws correct is a critical part of the National Reconciliation process.
They do still intend on holding the Reconciliation Conference in mid December.
2016 Budget – I totally expect Iraq to pass the final version of this law by the end of November. They are on rack and the news is all very promising this will occur.
In past news letters I stated why these laws are all important and why we had to see them prior to any RV.
One more item today:
Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.
“May there be a hedge of protection surrounding them and let the Victory be theirs against these evil doers who have no regard for humanity! We will pray until we see Victory! Amen “
All these prayers seem to be working.
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


Martha : A little birdie just informed me that a pvt group that was given a skr will have funds on TUESDAY 11/24….of course treat as rumor.

Another group that actually has a bond is still in process of verification.

Zap was right in that several of these bonds were bogus but will be still compensated.   Time line on this is unsure at this point but hopefully this week.

I guess, the timeline I gave you has finally panned out for all of us, BUT there is still a lot of work ahead of us to correct all the wrongs and wake up the world.

Dont forget how we got here and where we need to go.

I hope this is really it. post this later. (I think 11/23 when the forex comes up we will get the numbers.)   Martha



Eagle1968 :Frank...if you have a chance on Monday nights CC, can you just touch briefly on your feelings about the South Korean Won?     Thank you sir for all that you do.

Frank26:  Ah yes ....... Military Contracts ......... Increase in US / UN Troops increase in Economic Growth ........ Tourism ....... China in Basket controls NORTH ......... Minerals ...... Hmmm............... Currency.

Ok ...... I'll say something ............ If I can think of something .......... LOL !!! !!! !!!

How are You FRANK26 ?    Controlled Chaos.   KTFA   Frank

Aaggiedad77:   Good Morning Family….The IQD on XE.com has certainly been teasing this morning already

Ranging from 1110.93 about an hour ago to 1112.00 just now

Bus driver move them zeros    Aloha     Randy

Frank26:  It teases ............ With no Shame.


shane wrote
36m ago GM TNT Ithink IKO will like 1083.4 I hope he has more good news. Iko Ward wrote 33m ago So, now that we can all read Forex, the stock markets, the gold and crude markets and the ISX let's talk about the rest. Until the US releases the IMF to release the UST to release the banks we will wait. That is my conclusion. bomonkey wrote 33m ago its a lot going in world we are just not seeing it believe i got facebook iraq borders are open iran borders and banks and people are buying and spending shane wrote 32m ago we have to be close IKO Pearle wrote 32m ago I lost track, did they lift the sanctions on Iran Footer wrote 31m ago so essentially all politics buckles102 wrote 31m ago iko I think we have been waiting on that for over two years. bomonkey wrote 30m ago they say no but its lie get on face book you will see Iko Ward wrote 30m ago buckles, agreed, but the rest of the world wasn't quite ready and now it is. In many ways I think the delay was healthy..now, not so much. Iko Ward wrote 28m ago Bo, I heard about that last night, also the internal finance companies in Iraq are feeling very positive. All great info. bomonkey wrote 25m ago iraq banks open to kuwait and iran and telling the to donate a 5000 dinar note to the displaced selling in the streets since thursday millions of people each country phantom1 wrote 24m ago Iko everything looks positive no reason for this not to go bomonkey wrote 24m ago I have proof of that Iko Ward wrote 21m ago Phantom, total agreement, even better than last week.

Bomonkey:   a lot going in world we are just not seeing it believe i got facebooked ….iraq borders are open iran borders and banks and people are buying and spending…….

iraq banks open to kuwait and iran and telling the to donate a 5000 dinar note to the displaced selling in the streets since thursday millions of people each country
Iko Ward:  Bo, I heard about that last night, also the internal finance companies in Iraq are feeling very positive. All great info.

BoMonday:  IMO   Its not the RV …its already happened… its public announcement… thats it


Article quote:  “Managed (State – components) of the framework of its new economic characterization as a system (Riei- liberal) alternative economic system (state – the nation), a system (rent-Central) based on the severe state capitalism Central…”


About the second week in November they began ramping up the news with a series of articles on the process to delete the zeros and have not stopped since. – they told us of intentions to gradually wean off the currency auctions and FLOAT the dinar – they introduced the project to delete the zeros to us again and explained it in detail – they then told us they were ready to begin the process thus launch the 50k notes.
So we are now witnessing the end to this project. The final steps. They are even telling us they are going to launch the $500 dinar. A 500 dinars note was issued in October 2004 so I think they are just issuing a new edition with more security features and maybe Kurdistan symbols on it.
The Next Step after launching these lower denoms is the raising the value and putting the dinar on the FLOAT currency regime. This they tell us will complete the process, it is the completion of their currency reform.
Article quote: “…(the central bank next year will present another new currency worth 100 000 dinars and then followed the process of deleting the zeros currency in circulation is to be one dinar and 5 dinars and 10 dinars and 25 dinars and 100 dinars).”
This article also confirms the specifics of the plan, the introduction of the 50k, possible 100k which will consolidate the physical note count prior to beginning of the deletion of zeros project…which will raise the value (and bring out the smaller denominations). I continue to stick with the timeline the CBI announced last summer (50,100, 200 by the beginning of 2017).
I also believe the float has to start within the next 6 months in order to meet that CBI timeline. The next 6 -12 months will be very exciting times as we watch this progress.