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TNT :Afghanistan WTO accession package ready for formal adoption in Nairobi, 19 NOV

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    Could this one be in the next  basket? 

    WTO: 2015 NEWS ITEMS
    11 November 2015
    Afghanistan WTO accession package ready for formal adoption in Nairobi

    WTO members negotiating Afghanistan’s accession agreed by consensus, ad referendum, on the terms of the country’s WTO membership on 11 November 2015, paving the way for the ninth least-developed country to join the organization since 1995. Afghanistan’s Accession Package will be submitted to ministers for a formal decision at the WTO’s Tenth Ministerial Conference in Nairobi on 15-18 December.

    THIS NEWS STORY is designed to help the public understand developments in the WTO. While every effort has been made to ensure the contents are accurate, it does not prejudice member governments’ positions.
    Out of the original 48 least-developed countries (LDCs) on the United Nations list34 are WTO members. Out of the nine LDCs that have negotiated their membership terms since 1995, two accession packages (for Afghanistan and Liberia) were finalized in 2015 and will be presented to the Nairobi Ministerial Conference for formal adoption. Six more LDCs are negotiating to join the WTO. They are BhutanComorosEquatorial GuineaEthiopiaSao Tomé & Principe, and Sudan.
    WTO Director-General Roberto Azevêdo said:

    “I commend the leadership of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, under which the Government of Afghanistan has worked very hard to close this negotiating chapter. This is really positive news for Afghanistan and the WTO. WTO membership will help to create new trading opportunities and boost economic development. I praise WTO members for promoting the integration of another LDC into the rules-based multilateral trading system and I look forward to formally welcoming Afghanistan to the organization at our Ministerial Conference in Nairobi.”

    Dr Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, said:

    “I am delighted that WTO members today — November 11 — voted in favour of the Accession Package of Afghanistan.  This is a significant and historic step forward as Afghanistan seeks to build a modern economy. Our country's accession to the WTO will serve as a catalyst for domestic reforms and transformation to an effective and functioning market economy that attracts investment, creates jobs and improves the welfare of the people of Afghanistan.  I praise WTO Director-General Roberto Azevêdo for his support for Afghanistan and for his leadership of the World Trade Organization.”
    Working Party Chairperson H.E. Roderick van Schreven (The Netherlands) said:

    “This is a tribute to both the multilateral trading system and the Government of Afghanistan.  The conclusion of this least-developed country's accession is a critical win-win for LDCs and the WTO.  I know from speaking with members that the conclusion of the accession of Afghanistan shall be one of the highlights of the work of the WTO in 2015.  As WTO Director-General Roberto Azevêdo recently said, WTO members must be united in working hard to deliver for countries like Afghanistan and Liberia that are most in need of our support in the accession process and post accession.”

    Find out more about Afghanistan’s WTO accession negotiations. 

MARTHA UPDATE : A timing guess........, 19 NOV

A timing guess.........from Martha

First of all,we are beyond a so called "push of a button ".  I have heard that the RV for historical purposes will be 4/22/2015.

Now, we need to still look at "NUMBERS". The IMF and China, the BRICS Alliance with the Chinese dynasty play very heavy on numbers, horoscopes, dates, and months and years.

This year we have looked at Gregorian, judaeo, Arabic calendars;  lunar positions, the planets as well as horoscopes.

The numbers 11 and 22 are master numbers and depending on position are indicative of birth and rebirth; control of their destiny, leadership and so on. 11/22;is the 7th month anniversary of the Dinar Rv. Lucky number 7. Number 8 is another luck number and number 5 fits the same mold for cv luck and money. The number 29 which is eleven is related to money movement in the Arabic world.
All right so where are am I going with this?

Every month since Jan. 2015, the RV has been setting up in this manner and since April, with the addition of months and let's say legitimate excuses, we have continued down this path

I discussed all this in previous posts. We have been loaded with should have beens; could have beens and just forget it's.  BUT this time, things are truly different. This time, the buck stops here IMO.

Now I am going to disagree with a statement as to who is running the show. Let’s be honest, it is not Iraq, nor is it the USA anymore.

Answer me this. Who has the most financial control as a group? Who has created a way to salvage a sick financial system? Who is trying to create a new gold standard for the world and instituting a new balance for all countries to hopefully live in harmony.

CHINA and the BRICS Alliance and the Chinese royals.

OK so now what is going on.

Well, the intel went silent, but, we do know a couple of things.

There are privates being done and bonds being verified. Zap wasn't too forthcoming except to say RV IS NOW.

Tony's call and also Bruce's call had some clues. Yes, it is at any moment but Tony added one other thought about Saturday /Sunday 11/21/22.

I had previously discussed this, especially with the anniversary of President John F Kennedy's assassination and the reasons for it and the correlation to what the new financial system will accomplish.'

Okay, the next question would be is do we go before the date or start after the date? All I will say is that IMO this should be completed in 10 days or less and if the true start date was 10/11 or even 10/15 then we would be done on 10/21 or 10/25 - in time for our "black Friday.

Are we waiting for Dec 2015? No, although some will start after 12/1.

Are we waiting for 2016? No

Are we waiting for Nov 30th IMF vote? No-it’s a done deal and the vote is a formality. The yuan/remnibi is a done deal

Are we waiting for the crash of USD? I don't think so since we  have miraculously  turned asset backed (hint hint)
What about bail-ins? We have been told the derivatives have taken a hike and there are new controlling interests in the top 5 tier 

All this info has been around Dinarland for months. Every group and many intel providers has provided this intel that when pieced together has helped to bring it all together

You got to admit this has been one big lesson in economics and history.

Treasure it for your children. You are all part of it. You are all part of the change for a better way of life. Believe me we are there.

No dates or rates but just a synopsis based on past data and what should have happened but didnt.

One additional correction...The UN operational report had a cut date of 11/11 for the 13th of November and remember that changes can be made at anytime during the month if need be.

What is interesting on the new sheet is the Yuan is gone and the Remnibi is in its place. Going backwards it had been hyphenated. Also the rates for euro are fluctuating yet USD is fixed. The last review was 12/20/1995.If we are in 5 year cycles for review, guess what is due this year?

Also I am hearing the second basket will not have the USD, and yu will notice that  Zimbabwe is not on the list yet, but perhaps these changes will show the end of month - Dec 1st.

One of these times we will get it right.





Frank26:  You shared this with The Family on MONDAY CC ............ But no one caught on until today.

You know DELTA ...... If You were any more SPOT ON ..... You would be a LEOPARD !!!

walkingstick :Najib: New plans to issue less than 250 dinars coin  Link 

Frank26:  Look at Your MONDAY CC NOTES:    Said COINS are next.

Tell me ........ What is a fraction of a fraction at 1166?       Nothing.

What is it at a higher rate?     CHANGE for the CITIZENS.

In more ways ........... Than one.    KTFA  Frank




"they are establishing their PAYMENT SYSTEM."

KTFA     Frank.......... Yup.


Mcdan:  FYI IF the ISX all green means anything Iraq maybe having a good day today.


Frank26:  Yes Sir ....... As I just posted ...... "IT A GREAT DAY !!!"

Our new CC tonight at 8 pm est with DR GARLAND will be SUPER COOL !!!

Then for DESSERT ................ JUST TRY TO SHUT ME UP ..... LOL !!! !!! !!!

LOL............ Seriously .......... Every 24 is loaded for bear !!!

C U in ................. A few…..KTFA    Frank


MNT. GOAT UPDATE: "Plan to Launch Lower Denoms- Hurray!", 19 NOV

Hello Everyone,

Today I am going to update you on the process of the “project to delete the zeros” as I described to you in my 11/16 news letter .

On 11/17  I sent you another news letter and everything looked so good that we thought MAYBE the CBI might even begin this process prior to early December, as they originally announced. 
So today we have our GOLDEN NUGGET too. It is exactly what we have been waiting and was announced  much early than I anticipated. They are moving ahead very fast. See if you can find the golden  nugget….lol….

oday’s News

Today is Thursday November 19th.  What? – Still No RV. As I have said many times over and over to watch for the project to “delete the zeros” and other signs and our RV is close at hand. Now we are witnessing these signs and so the probability of the RV increases as each day passes.

No “secret” sources or “boots on the ground necessary to tell me this. Since they have hardly been correct anyhow over these past years.  I have learned too that using them as sources are not reliable and really are not much better that if you or I were speculating  and interpreting what was going on. The MOST reliable source of information by far are the ARTICLES and our common sense in applying them. The news from them may be a week or days late at times but even with this delay they are still far better than this GARBAGE we are getting from many of these so called intel “gurus” who rely solely on these kind of sources.

It all boils down to just plain old common sense and being diligent enough (not lazy) to get off the couch, and instead take the time to read the articles and the news that the CBI and the Ministry of Finance from Iraq are telling us. Yes – they are actually telling us the process. Are you listening?

So today’s news is all TERRIFIC and EXCITING !

Update: Currency Reform


Many already know this fact since we have seen the 50k notes on ebay for sale already. How did they get there so fast? This is a puzzle to me and most but anything is possible in Iraq.

But this is an excellent sign too that they have in fact launched the project to “delete the zeros” already and the process is now underway once again. It only confirms other news we have heard.

They are essentially picking up where they left off in 2012 (due to Maliki) and then again haD to postpone it in 2015 (due to ISIS). 

Next Steps:
We simply have to wait and watch for news of the amounts of the 10k and 25k notes collected. This could take a  week maybe a month. But I am hearing it will sooner than later. Why? See article #1 below.

Article Begins

November 17, 2015

Our economy / Baghdad
Detection of the Finance Committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, Tuesday, for the withdrawal of 25 thousand dinars compared to the category of the new category issued by the Central Bank, as he emphasized that the issuance of the fifty thousand category will make it easier to deal in Iraqi dinars at home to reduce the trend towards the dollar.

Mohammed said: Pentecostal group that issued by the Central Bank does not have any negative impact on fiscal policy in Iraq.

He stressed that the Iraqi currency dealing will be closer to deal private dollars for businesses which use large amounts of money where it is most dealing in Iraqi dinars existence of 50 thousand class.

He added that the issuance of this category will make it easier to deal in Iraqi dinars to be at home in the biggest turnout of the dollar, which have an impact on reducing the trend towards last.

He disclosed that a new class is issued by the central bank in return will withdraw the class 25 000 or 10 000.

Little, the central bank announced in November 201 511 for issuing banknotes category 50 000 dinars dimensions of 65 mm width, 156 mm length and predominantly light brown except Framework decorations that took bold color were printed using the superior quality of the printing paper with A number of security and the technical marks.

Article #1 Ends

Why will it be sooner than later?
Because they already collected nearly 80-90% of the 10k and 25 notes. Remember the statistics the CBI has give us in past ARTICLES?  Their words not mine. NO Hype, NO Rumors just the FACTS.

So now by the exchanging of yet more of the 10k and 25k notes for the 50k notes this will decreased yet more of the 3 zero notes out of circulaiton. At the same time the effect of the process is to decrease the money supply. Going back to simply micro-economics – if you DECREASE THE SUPPLY and  INCREASE THE DEMAND then what happens?

I quote from article #2 below – “CBI had announced earlier issued a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category in order to complete the Iraqi Securities monetary structure, and the DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH VALUE IN THE TRADING CATEGORY.”

So we see this was the purpose of launching these new 50k notes. The CBI told us themselves

Of course the VALUE would INCREASE rise.  What is the value of the dinar? The value is expressed in terms of it’s RATE. Do we not all want a RATE INCREASE?

So at some point in time soon I expect they will hit a point they need and then pop out the new rate. Part B to their plan.

Remember I told you this will be sudden and excepted. This process is NOT a currency FLOAT as many have alluded to will happen. They will simply go from the 1166 rate to a 1:1 rate with the USD. The IMF is now  working very closely and monitoring it very closely.

Some say – “but they are only introducing yet more 3 zero notes into circulation so how does this delete the zeros?”  Won’t this cause yet more hyper-inflation? See article below.

No- it will not cause more hyper-inflation. Hyper inflation is cause by too much currency in circulation – way too much. Because you flooded the market SUPPY INCREASES and so the individual VALUE DECREASES.
We have witnessed this is Zimbabwe with their currency. If they ever reorganize that currency they will have to eventually do a “lop” to drop the zeros off their currency to exchange them.

With the Iraq dinar what they are doing is not a “lop” and they even call the project to “delete the zeros” meaning to delete the 3 zero currency out of circulation prior to a rate increase they driving up the rate and thus not do a “lop”. The CBI has told us this too. So relax all you worry warts out there…..lol……

It “deletes the zeros” because to make up a 50k note you have to use combinations of the 10k and 25k notes. For instances see examples  (2 x 25k = 50k),  (5 x 10k = 50k),  (10k+10k + 5k + 25k = 50K) etc..I really like this last example since it demonstrates that they collected 4 of the 3 zero notes and gave them back only one notes. This is a 4:1 reduction overall and a 3:1 reduction for the project (since the 5k notes are remaining anyhow we really can’t count them ).

Eventually, when the rate does change, many citizens owning these 50k notes will go the bank and exchange them too since the rate will be worth the exchange for the lower denoms that will have a higher value. So they will collect many of these 50k notes back anyhow in the long term. But you must now look more at the short term goal they are trying to achieve.

Eventually the CBI will have to tell the banks to begin launching the lower denominations into circulation  Some say this has already occurred as I write this news letter. Really?  See article #2 below. Maybe the article is late and they have already done this? We wait for the impact. Do you agree this article is our GOLDEN NUGGET of the day? It is like a WOW factor. Do know how long we have been waiting for this news. It is like manna from heaven when you are starving…..ahhhhh !

Article #2 Begins


Najib: New plans to issue new currency less than 250 dinars coin

November 19, 2015

A commission of economy and investment plans for new parliamentary Central Bank intends to implement is to issue less cash currency of category 250 dinars, and a new edition to the category of 500 dinars. "

He said committee member Najiba Najib said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that "the central bank has new plans to issue a new currency less than the category of the 250 Iraqi dinars to fill the Iraqi market needs, as well as to issued a new edition of the Currency 500 dinars category."

The CBI had announced earlier issued a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category in order to complete the Iraqi Securities monetary structure, and the development of high value in the trading category.


Article #2 Ends

I personally have not heard of any significant increase in the dinar value so my common sense tells me this has not yet occurred. But we know it can’t be long since eventually, and shortly, they will get to point when they must increase the incentive to begin collecting yet the USD too.

Remember the IMF does not want Iraq to be a USD based economy and right now it is nearly 80-90% running on USD. So they must draw-in this currency too and they will not do it with out at least a 1:1 or a bit higher rate for the new lower denominations. This is part C to the plan and the launching of the lower denoms will initiate it. 

When these lower denominations are launched you can buy your bottle of champagne and put it on ice since it is not long before we, as outside investors, are at the bank.

So if anyone comes out with PROOF not rumors or conjecture that these new lower denoms are launched and in the hands of the citizens, please let everyone know ASAP. This is VERY significant.

Even if this plan is not successful (but I believe it will be) in accomplishing all of its goals we know that they have decided now is the time to move forward with this project to “delete the zeros”. We know the basis parts of the project and they may change directions but this is all VERY GOOD news for us anyway it goes. 

At least we see some significant movement in the right direction…..FINALLY after all these years of waiting ! 

To answer many other questions as to what do they do with these 50k notes afterwards ? 

These 50k notes are being used as a  temporary tool to collect the remaining 10k and 25kk notes. That is all for they are intended to do as part A of the plan.   

Then once more of the 10k and 25k notes are sucked out of circulation this will justify a rise in the value of the dinars (as the money supply decreases) of which the remaining supply will be mostly now the 5k and 50k notes.
They already recalled the $50 notes early last spring remember? The 5k (also a 3 zero note) will remain in circulation going forward.

Article #2 Begins


17, 2015 November 17, 2015

Our economy / Baghdad
Considered the economic and investment commission in Parliament to issue a class of 50 thousand dinars, contrary to what was approved by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank on the deletion of zeros from the currency.

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee Harith al-Harthy said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news today, there are large errors in monetary and fiscal policy in the country, noting that the issuance of the currency of 50 thousand dinars category was contrary to what was approved by the Ministry of Finance, and the Governor of the Central Bank of the deletion of zeros from the currency.

And that when you grow up where the currency will be weak, and will use some of the smugglers to draw them out of the country, and that will affect the strength of the Iraqi dinar.

He explained that the issuance of the 50 dinars category will contribute to an increase of inflation in the country, likely cancel after the end of the financial crisis that has plagued Iraq due to lower oil price.

Article #2 Ends

So I mentioned this upcoming bond drive to in previous article. Now they are telling when they plan to do it again. Can they do this without a currency value? Can they get the kind of credit rating they need to make these bonds profitable prior to this timeframe?

Maybe now with the backing of the WTO they can pull it off and payout less on these bonds?

Just some questions we need to think about. But the timeline is significant.

So I mentioned this upcoming bond drive to in previous article. Now they are telling when they plan to do it again. Can they do this without a currency value? Can they get the kind of credit rating they need to make these bonds profitable prior to this timeframe?

Maybe now with the backing of the WTO they can pull it off and payout less on these bonds?

Just some questions we need to think about. But the timeline is significant.

Article Begins


November 18, 2015
Our economy / Baghdad
The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords Iraq's intention to issue international bonds two billion dollars in 2016 to guarantee from the World Bank for up to half the amount.

 Keywords and said in comments carried by Reuters statements and pursued agency our economy news "value will amount to two billion dollars but the (World Bank) will ensure, say 40 or 50 percent .. will open that market more - make it wider - to attract more investors," he said, adding that the government placed bonds in their accounts for next year's budget deficit to finance the estimated $ 21 billion in size budget of about $ 95 billion.

Keywords predicted to be the new bond yields "a lot less" than 11.5 percent of the revenue that investors request during a promotional tour in Europe and the United States.

Iraq and appointed three major international banks to arrange the release are Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, but many institutional investors were reluctant because of the risks.

Article Ends

Update: Amnesty Law 
We are also hearing there are issues with the Amnesty law and these issues may take time to resolve. This law we know is part of the mix too in beginning this “delete the zeros” project. As the USA and UN will not allow the RV without Amnesty (Amnesty bill with certain conditions in it). These conditions are what Allawi has spoken up against in recent new media yesterday. So yes- they can not go forward with deleting the zeros project without Amnesty bill being passed and appropriate/needed conditions within it. 

As usual nothing happens on time in Iraq. We will patiently see if this all works out prior to end of Nov.
The recent news as I complete this news letter today is that these issues are all settled. However, we wait and see. I do know it is very urgent to get  his law passed since if stalled it could mess up the RV process by holding it back.

Update: Oil & Gas Law
Remember I told you about these changes required in the oil and gas law that are needed by Kuristan. They want to have the “official” approval through parliament to sell as much oil and they want, as long as they also meet the Baghdad currency year budget quotas. The contention with the changes are that many politicians want to leave the oil in the ground and limit pumping only to the budget quotas.

Article Begins


Economy and Tenders

BAGHDAD - scales News
Called the National Alliance MP Haider Alfoada, the government has to complete the project oil and gas law and send it to the House of Representatives for approval, towards resolving the economic crisis.

He called Alfoada, in a statement received / scales News / copy of it on the government to "think seriously about solving the economic problem and the solution is to send the oil and gas law to the Parliament and the distribution of part of the oil and gas revenues to the Iraqi citizen, without any exception."

He added that "this method will improve living conditions for the Iraqi people, and also help to rationalization by the citizen."

Alfoada and pointed out that "improving the pension situation for the Iraqi people by giving a share of oil revenues, will allow the government to adopt the imposition of Statistics taxes on the citizen, which it will receive all the open-mindedness on the grounds that the value of these taxes will not affect his pension as the income of more than tens of times these taxes. "

He stressed the need to "invest the investment budget for the next year in all sectors, to be Assistant to the oil resource and maximize resources," pointing to "the need to take care of real partnership between the public and private sectors to stimulate investment".

Article Ends

Article Begins


MP for the National Alliance Haider Alfoada, completion of oil and gas law and include a paragraph in which the distribution of part of the oil revenues to Iraqi citizens. He called on the government Alfoada in a statement to "think seriously about solving the economic problem and the solution is to send the oil and gas law to the Parliament and the distribution of part of the oil and gas revenues to the Iraqi citizen, without any exception." Alfoada promise that this method "will improve living conditions for the Iraqi people and also helps to rationalization by the citizen."

He Alfoada to, that "improving the pension situation for the Iraqi people by giving a share of oil revenues, will entitle the government to adopt the imposition of Statistics taxes on the citizen, which it will receive all the open-mindedness on the grounds that the value of these taxes will not affect his pension, considering that his income over tens weaken these taxes. "

Alfoada stressed the need to "invest the investment budget for the next year in all sectors, to be Assistant to the oil resource and maximize resources, pointing to the need to take care of real partnership between the public and private sectors to stimulate investment."

Article Ends

[Update: 2016 Budget]

Earlier this week parliament had the second reading of the 2016 budget law. They are telling us the want to complete the budget and pass it by the end of Nov. They seemed to be on track to do this by end of Now, then yesterday out pops negativity about how the 2015 budget was handled.   

I quote from the article- “large frustration with the Representatives and the lack of enthusiasm to approve next year's budget because of the government's commitment to the implementation of the last budget items”.

Seems once again the govt is not living up to its promises and so support going forward is lessened. My take on this negativity is that there was not enough funding to complete all the projects in 2015 and so some have been delayed. Like in every government there are always the complainers but these politicians are good too since they create a sense of check and balance on the govt. My feelings are this may have little impact in getting support for the 2016 budget once explained and outlines by the govt.

I want also to remind everyone that thinks there is a ton of money remaining in the CBI rolled over from all those previous budgets (money not spent) due to Maliki and his corruption. Let me address this now since I am getting really sick and tired of hearing about this.

All I can say to these thinkers is this. THE REASON WHY THE PROJECTS WERE NOT COMPLETED IS BECAUSE THE MONEY WAS STOLEN by falsified contracts in the Ministry of the Interior etc…

So how can the funding still exist? Where does the nearly 1 trillion dollars that Maliki and his goons are accused of stealing come from?  It comes from an accumulation of years of corruption and pillaging of these prior year’s budget allocations. Remember the budget is allocated, the ministries send in contracts to transfer money to the banks for the projects. The banks release the funds based on documents. The documents were forged and counterfeited in many cases.

At the time the GOI assumed the money was being spent appropriately if audited however time proved otherwise. Anyone who knew about the corruption and tried to expose it winded up dead. So it went on and on until Iraq is  where they are today…missing money, gone!

So please STOP telling everyone Iraq is not really in a financial mess.   

Article Begins


November 18, 2015

Our economy / Baghdad
The head of the mass change parliamentary Hoshyar Abdullah, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Ministry of Finance to pledge to abide by the terms of the budget in 2016 and dealt with seriously, expressing his regret for the presence of a large frustration with the Representatives and the lack of enthusiasm to approve next year's budget because of the government's commitment to the implementation of the last budget items.

Said in a statement reported by the Information Office today: that the House unfortunately is not enthusiastic to approve next year's budget, the main reason for this is the lack Abadi's commitment to the terms of last year's budget, as it unfortunately had a special that applied according to the views and orientations vision, and therefore the application as it pleases , and this has a negative impact on Hamas blocs and the Finance Committee in their dealings with the draft 2016 budget.

Abdullah stressed that the Ministry of Finance bear part of the responsibility for non-compliance with the terms of last year's budget, and that Parliament and the Finance Committee did not Icoma Unfortunately, monitoring the implementation of its provisions at a time when our eyes went to the reforms.

 He said Abdullah: If we look at the budget in 2015 Terms and even simple ones and least importance, we find that the government did not comply with it, have been lawsuits raise about the basic items, and today some wonder about the feasibility of the adoption of the budget for next year and whether there is a need for the existence of budget basically?

 And between Abdullah, he said that in 2014 there were not offset mainly, and in 2015 there was a lack of commitment and lack of interest by the government to implement its provisions, and today we are discussing the budget law with our frustration because we, even if we were able to approval We have no hope that the government will stick to them.

 He stressed Abdullah on "the need to move away the government and al-Abadi for the wrong approach, which treated him with the budget in 2015, both from the selective hand in the implementation of its provisions or other essential steps relating to the financial plan," calling on the Ministry of Finance to "carry out their duties and assume their responsibilities in providing reports containing serious and solutions Processors realistic the current financial crisis. "

Article Ends

Update: Fighting ISIS

11/18 /15- Intelligence reports say Ramadi may be liberated within 72 hrs.      

Article Begins


November 18, 2015 in Iraq Oil & Gas News

By Simon Kent.
A wave of US aircraft, including A-10 bombers which can fire thousands of exploding canon shells per minute, have destroyed 116 ISIS fuel tankers near the Iraqi border in Syria.

The operation at Albu Kamal (the Iraqi side of the border is Al Qaim), code named Tidal Wave II, targeted a gathering of tankers moving crude oil in a move avoided by the US so far.

To date, the US has been concerned that many of the tanker drivers are Syrian civilians desparate to earn a living, but this time the risk to life was minimised as the US planes dropped warning leaflets ahead of the strikes.

Further US operations now focus on not only destroying ISIS oil infrastructure, but ensuring that spare parts are destroyed as ISIS attempt to repair oil installations.

The strikes are expected to deny the group a significant portion of its income, as Syrians desperate for fuel buy it from ISIS, while unscrupulous traders have also been purchasing it in areas next to ISIS controlled territory.
Source: CNN

Article Ends

Let’s now keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS-

“May there be a hedge of protection surrounding them and let the Victory be theirs against these evil doers who have no regard for humanity! We will pray until we see Victory! Amen “

All these prayers seem to be working.

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All, 
Mnt Goat

Wednesday Night CC “Dessert Notes” by Aggiedad77, 19 NOV

Wednesday Night CC “Dessert Notes” by Aggiedad77
Aggiedad77:  Well, here are the notes from last night’s CC Family. I know of Frank’s concern….but I also believe what we face is a short time frame, and I understand how important these notes can be to some of you that are not able to make the CC, plus your day is crammed with so many events you can’t slow down to listen….so enjoy reading. We are good Frank….thanks for the concern.   Aloha   Randy
*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Frank26:  Greetings Family
I hope you were with us last night for that is one of the few times I have opened up about the Vietnamese Dong. If you missed it we have recordings of the call in our archives, we also have notes.
On Monday night we told you that Dr. Shabibi is ready to launch the monetary reform of their currency from the reinstatement stage into the revaluation stage.
This stems from the meeting on the 10th. So this meeting was where they came out to declare we are ready to add value to their currency…..by removing the 000’s from the citizens….and also from you…..they introduced the 50k and will introduce the 100k next year.
Many looked at this action and believed it to be a LOP and they sold what they had and got out. It worked, what the CBI is doing is masterful and brilliant…but I’ll be honest with you it isn’t that important….what the citizens have is small….there is no liquidity remember….what you have when all added up is like a fraction…..but it has more to do with the principal of it all.
No one in the Middle East wants anyone from the west to be making money off of them, especially from their oil.
Why do you think the Ayatollah Komenani in Iran captured our embassy when Jimmy Carter was President. They saw what we had done in Saudi Arabia 10 years before. Get someone in the US Embassy and let’s stop them.
This is our oil this is our business, keep them at bay. What SA did that was their business….what Oman did that was their business. We are not going to bow to these infidels. This concept was actually introduced about a year and half ago. It’s original true purpose was to suck up the 000’s….but there are not many left.
That is why this whole process is speeding up so much now….when we told you the LD’s came over from the US….when we told you that Dr. Shabibi was moving these LD’s out into the banks…..now they announce to us we are going to start our taxes and tariffs next month….they’ve been saying that month after month….NO….we are going to because we have started this process of lifting the 000’s…..and we have decided on a float.
I like a root beer float…..so I have no problems with how they will do this….it is brilliant…..it is nothing like what happened in Kuwait.
We explained that 1166 is a program rate….we explained the Marshall Plan. Then the IMF yesterday changed the rate from 1166 to 1500…..TA-DA….even the IMF is helping….we took the rate from 1166 to 1500…..isn’t that ok….the whole world started to scream about it….it’s a LOP….it’s a LOP….knock yourself out LOPSTERS…..they tricked you once….they trick you again……
You see that is a program rate….the IMF can say whatever they want about the program rate…..but that is not the same number for Iraq….Iraq’s goal is to leave the program rate…..not retard itself further back into it.
NYT(New Your Times) …..this attack in Paris…..it started a chain reaction….the LD’s literally were within 24 hours of this attack.
WSJ (Wall Street Journal) ….the US Misjudged the Islamic State Reach…”of evil”…..not sure we miscalculated it….what do you mean…..we trained ISIS….we know more about ISIS than anyone else….they are like a sponge to bring in intel…..but they just killed so many…..yes they went after the cowards and weak….this is terrorism…this is not warfare…..so did we miscalculate this….I don’t know but I do know we calculated it.
I told you 2.5 months ago you will see a new philosophy and no one knew about it…..first to talk to you about a new coalition of forces….wink…wink….wink….no one else talked about that…..we are calculating how we can just have one enemy….if we can do that….wow.
NYT…..a French US Anti-Islamic Alliance……TA-DA…..why are you talking about this tragedy Frank….you know me by now….when this unity was created about 3 months ago….ISIS got very ticked off.
WSJ…..Night of Chaos Caused a Re-Think in the West…..we already thought about it…..that is why we created this new coalition…..ISIS is jealous, they are cowards….reacts and sends their women and children to do things for them…..they say they wanted to attack the US….but instead they stopped at the French Airport….because security was not as tight…..we decided let’s pick on a Russian airplane….it mattered not who it was….it was all part of the new coalition…..that new coalition angers ISIS…..the coalition has a new philosophy….unity and more…..get ready ISIS.
US Today says The US Must Unite in the Fight Against ISIS…..then today they come out and say…..To Defeat the Islamic State you Must Know the Nature of This War.
What did I tell you Monday….did I tell you the name of a gentleman from France who went to the UN and declared that he was invoking Article 5….I’m giving a declaration of war…..Article 5 says you all must come in and fight with us….no one will be unaffected…..everyone will be against one….that is unique on this planet….very rarely does it happen…..the last time was against Hitler.
The combination of what happened and indirectly affecting the MR….IMO….to cause it to speed up even more is good….then my Toledo newspaper says……”France Bombs ISIS Sites in Syria….wait…we are bringing Syria into this now…..Russia I thought you had this covered…..well….we do what we want.
US will you be willing to take some of these refugees from Syria…..it’s being re-thought….but Putin comes out on Monday and says shame on you US….why don’t you take these Syrian refugees.
Putin….be quiet…..there are 20,000 refugees in Texas…there are thousands of refugees in Michigan….Putin….why don’t you take some yourself.
What did we tell you on Monday…..we said….and look at Randy’s notes…..pay attention to the air strikes….we said that on Monday….yesterday but mainly today…there are a bunch of air strikes…..now you see the proof of the bombing…..how did we clear out the cities in Iraq….by bombing them….quickest way to sterilize them…..now we see this declaration of war…..yes those are your Monday notes.
Defeating ISIS with the air strikes will work…but look here….”These Air Strikes, We Need More”…..we need the cooperation of the coalition force….by doing this they will get rewarded…their economy and their currency will improve.
During the last three years Texas has taken in more refugees than any other state….when on Monday Texas Governor Abbott wrote to President Obama that he was closing the door to Syrian refugees, it muddied the waters, there are over 20,600 refugees in Texas.
So let’s just hope they start to do their part now and start to help out.
This alliance now…IMO…..is moving currency into a power position…why….because that is how you win a war…they have declared war…..I hope you can understand the definition and what this means….and how this aliiance is emerging against terrorism….yes….but the truth is….towards a unity of many countries that have never ever been together like that before.
You may understand this better next year.
An Islamic lecturer says, “ISIS is basically doing evil for Saddam from the grave.” It is just plain ugly.
This is interesting because it is causing a chain reaction….IMO….with currencies.
Yesterday I poured my heart out about the VND….”Made in Nam” we called it.
Today….we see…..”China – Capital Is Flowing Into China After a Hiatus”…..well I think it is because China is in the basket or will be in the basket….that is going to fight terrorism.
China Defaults Continue to Rise…But They Keep Selling Their Debt”….just like the US did…they mirror image the US.
China’s Economy is Growing on Purpose….they tell their citizens to turn themselves into rabbits…..already there are 4.5 billion….go ahead and start having babies….wow….9 billion….they will double….it won’t take that long to double their population.
Next month we walk into the RI into the RV and that will see this into next year in a float….these are the end times.
Another article says that China debt is a time bomb….but we are all in the same basket now.
WSJ…what will the oil industry look like in 5 years…..well what do you think….in 5 years…..for the next 2 years oil will be about $40 a barrel….then it will explode….so they ask in the next 5 years…..2 years hold….then explode……oil prices are falling amid ample inventory……
Hillary told you….you have to get in there….you have to get in there, if you aren’t in there by now it is too late….what does she mean…..the latest strategy is it to sell oil or is it to buy oil firms…..you have to get into these places long before things peak…..long before now…..she went in….look it up….they were desperate for any form of money….she didn’t buy oil….I would have bought oil refineries.
It says here “Obama Faces a Crossroad….but let me change this….After 8 years of this leadership I live here in the US where it has evolved that I cannot say anything about my religion or my beliefs, I can’t say anything about gay marriages, I could be sued…..let me change this “Obama Faces a Cross.
Even the newspapers are saying “Wake up Mr. President”…..sorry too late.
But the bedfellows are interesting…..dancing with dictators against Islamic State….yes we had to do this….it is a byproduct and a tangible with the movement of the Iraqi currency….and the other currencies in the basket doing the same thing.
Yesterday we talked in depth about China and also the VND.
Japan…..their economy continues to shrink further down….sorry Japan are you being treated like Vietnam……because in all honesty what is happening….the IMF shift on the Yuan is a boom for China….sorry Japan and you other little countries…..well we talked about that yesterday.
These are powerful movements of currencies….the SDR is going to do much to reward the economies that are a part of the coalition unity against one.
Terrorism Clouds Obama’s Visit in Asia…..so our President is in Asia….in his 8 years only one time he went to the ME…..what is he doing.
This coalition….the many tangibles……the unity in the same basket….many fighting against one…..will sell the oil.
US Today….Russian Strikes in Syria Could Lead to US Cooperation….what did we tell you on Monday night…..Russia/Putin….can we help…..no I said…..Putin is going to ask Obama….get in here and help me…..and today he asks Obama to take the refugees.
Today we see the dollar revival poses a new threat….to who….to those who are not in the coalition.
I like that the USD is threatening to so many…..Monday the USD was around 99.20….yesterday it was 99.75…..today it was around 99.85…..you see the IQD value of 1166 on XE or Forex is getting closer to that 1111……I’ll be darned.
So for a long time this RI into this RV was the boy who cried wolf….interesting isn’t it.
Many call and say….I’m buying the 50k on ebay…..that is your business…..I do know there are some dealers who will sell the 50k….I do know these dealers are taking your money….but don’t know if this is legal to do…..some will sell it…..they supposedly have shipments and orders coming in…..does my broker have the 50k….NO….we didn’t order them…..I’ll pay attention to you….if more than 100 say they want it……I will tell my broker to bring in a little for souvenirs…..be careful where you buy it…..don’t tell me you bought it cheap…circulated.
I love how some of the ministers of Parliament are saying…..I’m angry that we have a new currency….this 50k this rate is about to be lifted for the purpose of our currency….I don’t like it…..makes it harder for you to steal….I like they came out and tell us they are going to raise their value….looks like a float sometime next month.
James2000 asked, why would you be selling the IQD if you know it is going up next month….we don’t…..we told you it will go from an RI to an RV….we told you that you may not see the rate…..that it will take probably take into part of next year….why stop and gamble against our form of income…..would that be wise…..we would be gambling against our own currency…..my broker has an inventory that belongs to him…..when it happens he will continue to sell the dinar….even the big conglomerates will continue to sell when it starts to rise….that is when the sharks buy…..they have the profit of margin to buy in a higher cost and quantity….smart…..but we as the common joe….we bought long ago……yes we want to keep the status quo……can you imagine….”Frank stopped selling dinars”……is it really here….no we will always continue to sell even when it goes up in value.
Bank story…..BOA story….a dear sister we have known for a while….she got a call from BOA saying they wanted to talk to her about interest free loans….she made an appointment and when she walked into the bank…the manager was a Muslim lady….she walked right up to her and asked when will the dinar go up in value, they just introduced the 50k….the manager asked how do you know that….we don’t even have them….and the lady looked right at her and said….Intel…..the manager said yes they have distributed the 50k’s and they will distribute the 100k’s next year….yes they are in the process of lifting the value of their currency, but we don’t have any information right now….would you like to see some interest free loans.
Where do I cash out Frank…..I know you have questions on that….so let me talk to you about that tomorrow night on our CC….there are many places that you don’t even know about….one interesting place….at airports those kiosks that say “Foreign Exchange Currency.”
There is a declaration of war under Article 5 of the UN…that is a completely different animal…..it brings in the FBI, the CIA, Interpol….everyone….even Superman if he were alive…..all with this new coalition….this invokement those were our keywords to you….we told you that Paris was another reason why Dr. Shabibi distributed the LD’s….IOO….so today they went into Paris and busted a number of terrorist cells within Paris…..over 1,000 places were hit in Paris….415 people were arrested in Paris….150 people were put under house arrest…..many raids….all in one day….they will continue this because it is a declaration of war.
They call themselves the 8 Knights….they will call themselves the 9 Knights….because they get more people…..they announced they blew up the Russian airplane was done with a soda can filled with nitro……this has only served the coalition to bond closer together…to cement us even stronger and to move the Monetary Reform….not just with the IQD….even China’s currency….going into the basket…..Indonesia wants in mainly for political reasons….this same evil attacked in Indonesia killing many.
Meanwhile the international bonds will be sold again in 2016….to attract more investors…..that will be the third time you put them out….didn’t work the first two times….but as you go from the RI to the RV…..they will work this time.
Meanwhile the Central Bank of IRAN with its Rial….we are working on our interest rates will probably cut them…..the same MR that Iraq is doing…..brilliant blueprint…..I have a feeling it will be used yet again with another country…..
I love the fact that the Iranian central bank just out of sanctions are stating what they want….they don’t care what Iraq is doing….they claimed that Iraq has already mentioned what they doing….so now it is their turn…..
Why are you doing this with your exchange rate Iran……to determine the exchange rate by determining the market mechanism based on the real economic factors…..how funny…..hilarious…..they can’t even be creative….same words that Iraq used…..let me say….TA-DA.
Meanwhile the CBI says legislation and the laws and of the bank report confirm to review the natural economy….our natural economy….already using our keywords from Monday.
Meanwhile the CBI deals with any fraud in the USD exchange….why….because it is trying to reach out to our currency…today it hit a high of 99.83…..we are docking the currencies….why….to qualify for a basket…..to be in it together.
Ended with a prayer.