Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.  

Question to Tony:  IN YOUR HEART OF HEARTS?  Tony:  Bank security has not called this in months.  When they brought all the security, in the banks, yesterday and told them to be ready, it was about to be an onslaught . . . I know they were expecting it.  (Tony waiting to hear if security still there today)

Tony:  All the information has been good.  Really, really good.  Friday waiting for something good to happen.  Had distraction while there (Vegas).  On "high alert" to go to the bank, all weekend.

Was going to do a call on Monday except early Monday morning, banks were called in . . .things were in motion, actually happening and gearing up.  Thought I would do final call around 3:30 - 4:30 Monday. Waiting for that. It was clearly in motion.  It didn't get done. (Tony was pretty sure the banks would not appreciate him calling us at that time.  He did not want to affect the process)  Everybody went through final phases, agreements again.  We were on super, super high alert.  It stopped yesterday.  Nothing happened yesterday.  

As of this morning, every country I talked to said, "We're done, we're done."  Iraq released it to the next level on Saturday.  Still feel it will happen this week.
Everyone is saying "they don't know why" it hasn't (shown).  Banks say they are waiting on UST approval. But it's not the UST holding it up.  It is a 3 letter agency but not the UST.  I was thinking this should have already happened.  Are they holding this up until the end of the month, but I'm hearing not.  

CURRENT WINDOW:   Five day window to complete. Tony:   Iraq said completed on Saturday.  When does the   five days start? . . . It could be at any time.  We have an excellent chance of it happening this week.  The system has been tested and it runs perfectly. (some) say should see it Saturday/Sunday.  Some saying not wait that long.  Should see it now. 
IRAQ:    Tony:  I'm waiting to see what day is payday for the Iraqi everyday citizens.  Military, government employees.  I'm thinking that is when they want to put it on their cards.  
  • Exchange in Iraq will be a 1:1 exchange.  Tony: . . . in purchasing power for the dinar, that is great for them.  Tony said that is not what will happen in the US.     
  • China:  Tony says this is a "global" event and China does not have control of it.   
  • Paris, France:  The thinking is of two directions.  Who wants to celebrate at this time or this is the perfect time to release the RV while the world's attention is on the Paris event.     
  • Rates are still there with no notice of pending or hold on them.  They just don't go through.   Tony:  We all will be very, very happy with the rates.  Even if the Dong comes out at .47.  ZIM has good rate.
  • Currency Basket:  Tony said seven currencies going in this first basket.  He did not name the currencies.
  • Iran:  Tony does not feel the Iraq release is waiting on Iran.  He said the Iran Rial is not part of the agreement for the RV.   
UNITED STATES:     Yes, Tony had a good time in Vegas regardless of having to check is phone every 10 minutes.
  • UST:    
  • Banks:  personnel were brought in on Sunday and waited all day.  Tony clarified during the call that the banks stopped activity and it was not the process that was stopped. 
  • Clean/Clear Certificates is a letter from your bank stating they know where the money originated.  You want this when transferring money so Homeland Security does not get involved.    
EXCHANGING:   Tony: U.S. is 100% aboard with plan A.  No one is trying to eliminate anyone at this time.  Everyone is set up to go. . . . with us included.  Our agreement is still intact!!!


PAM:  I enjoyed the time off.  Want to thank everybody out there.  The other Guru’s in Dinar land have helped.  It’s amazing what you have taught all of us.  We have all learned things together.  Duke (Pam's dog) and I would like to thank all of you.
RAY:  When will I see it before Wednesday?  Before nightfall?
TONY:  Just in case this is our last call, we should thank everyone who has been involved.  Multiple countries, administration . . .bank people who put there very jobs at risk so we would know what was going on.
Years ago some Iraqi’s put their lives at risk.  I remember it all.  Thank each and everyone for helping us survive these last five years.  For everyone on the call.  Your biggest challenge is life after this.  Once you have the money, how to keep it yours. . . Don’t forget someone helped you get here.  Someone helped you get through the process and all we ask in return is to please pay it forward.  Help someone through life.  Six million have Dinar.  If we each help 10 people we can affect 60 million lives in one day. . . We can all be a part of that.

If this is last call we don’t have to do Friday.  If we have to we will.  Please, please, please be ready. 
Be in the Forum asking people.  What your looking for when you go to the exchange itself.  Enjoy your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.



Aggiedad77:  Ok, while the forum was down I got busy on the dessert notes from last night's Bible Study CC.....enjoy them Family   Aloha   Randy

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Bible Study CC Dessert Notes 11-17-2015

From Frank:  Wonderful time last night Family…..all Honor and Glory to God.

The CBI and GOI are working so closely together, it seems that not much could slow things down now.
Dr. Shabibi has made a decision….to jump out of a plane….and by doing so he is committed to pulling the ripcord….that airplane held Maliki and other bad men….but Dr. Shabibi is now unafraid of his own actions…he is intent on that ripcord, to be pulled at the appropriate time…..indeed, he jumped into a beautiful horizon.

Well we know the Monetary Reform as one thing.

However, many of you hunger, many of you have called asking information on the Vietnamese Dong.

Back in the day, many items were stamped in some way “Made in Japan.” This was after the end of World War II when we had made tatters of their army and naval fleet, after we had decimated two of their large cities with nuclear bombs.

The devastation from these bombs were complete destruction for miles and miles, further than the eye could see. My Father was there and was saddened by all that he saw. People who were caught standing next to buildings were vaporized, their molecular image was left imprinted upon the wall of the building….nothing more was left.

We tried to become big brothers to Japan, but they resisted for a while…..then we convinced them they could help with the industrial revolution that was going on in the US during the 50’s and we started to import more and more of their products.

While we were busy making bigger and better airplanes and automobiles and finding a way to put a man on the moon, Japan was busy providing for some of our most basic needs. Then we taught them that they could make parts for much of our machinery much cheaper than we could…and as a result many parts began to have that “Made in Japan” stamp as well.

Around 1990 though we finally started to back away from this kind of cooperative effort with Japan.

IMO…..we see today much of the same effort between another big dog and smaller dog…..China and Vietnam.

But they do not require a war to determine who is biggest….they already know. Both are communist countries. The one says jump and the other asks how high. The one can tap their heads and rub their bellies at the same time, such talent they possess.

We see that the economic growth of Vietnam is quite spectacular….in fact it is exploding.

But the big dog China is the one who wants the limelight today….it is the big dog who exercises more muscle and despite the wild economic growth of Vietnam…..China will have its way….they want a picnic basket….they want to be a part of that basket….even though Vietnam deserves that basket, China’s muscle is stronger.

China looks to the US and others and says….why not do business with us instead of little Vietnam…..the success of Vietnam’s economy is causing a jealousy with China….soon many parts of the world we be seeing things stamped, “Made in Vietnam”…..in fact we here in the US are already seeing this.

We know that China has been allowed to crawl into this picnic basket while Vietnam…..the more deserving one…..has simply been blackballed by their bigger neighbor.

You will see things happening faster now…..China’s currency prepares for going to the prom….while little Cinderella, Vietnam, must sit at home and wait.

Review history though Family….the steps that were followed were not exactly the same….no they weren’t.

Today Vietnam knows its place…..Vietnam was ready to create its own CHIP codes…..but China the big dog told them not to do that yet.

So as a result Vietnam is not being allowed to join the picnic basket yet.

Again when you look at history, we understand what Russia and China do to their little friends…..just look at Laos, Cuba, Vietnam, and North Korea….they all hold in their place….why….because they are told to do so….and they do as they are told.

Over the past 3 months many deals have been struck for the elimination of ISIS….not just with Iraq….other countries as well.

China or Russia could not withstand such an invasion of ISIS so they join new coalition forces to help take the head off ISIS.

Many have not yet seen this but we reported last night that France went to the UN Security Council and invoke Article 5…..requesting…demanding that the new coalition forces help France get rid of ISIS.

We are also seeing more and more news articles talking about the lifting of 000’s.

Get this….the Iraqi Finance Committee wants to “study how the USD works with the IQD”……don’t they realize by now how things work…..how their economy is about to explode….remember the USD closed today at 99.75….incredible….it comes to meet the IQD.

Remember the 7-10 days we expect for December, the second week into the third week….IOO…..we will not see the steps…..the movement of the RI into the RV.

Today they even talked about coins….did you notice that.

I talked of Exchange Pillars….they are inside a basket that is designed to help the IQD reach its National Ratio Position.
Yes there was an article that we saw today that talked of the IMF moving the program rate from 1166 to 1500….but don’t be a sucker for this action…..all they speak of is a program rate….what Iraq will be doing is walking away from any kind of program rate….towards an international rate…..both the IMF and the World Bank are using scare tactics…..against those who hold IQD.

Stay focused on the idea that Iraq has a program rate, it matters not what it is….what matters is that they are moving as we speak towards an international rate.

Yes Robdel, look at the XE rate today, it dropped to 1116….why…..remove the 000’s and it becomes $1.16…..and I say this again…..don’t allow any LOP talk scare you.

SydneySam2…..yes we said 7-10 day period between the RI and the RV….NOT….after the RV.

Dr. Shabibi is launching the Monetary Reform Rocket in December…but…..don’t run to it too early.

Due to the full picnic basket Iraq will do very well very soon…..give it time though.

The Vietnamese dong will not be in the first basket…..but it too is poised….IMO…..for 2016.

The 12 were given the number 7 by IMF Lagarde back in March.

Take 7 – 1 = the months unitl the VND becomes a part of the basket.

Good night Family.


TNT Call notes 18-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  As they were so gracious in letting you guys know, there was no call on Monday or Friday, but the information is really, really good.  On Friday we didn’t have a call because Tony was on the way to Vegas.  I had a super-fantastic time and met some TNT people there.  I also had a distraction while I was there, on high alert, hoping to leave Vegas and go straight to the bank.  It didn’t happen.  I came back on Sunday and was going to do a call on Monday;  however, early Monday morning, banks called their people in and things were in motion, gearing  up.  I thought I was going to do the FINAL call late Monday afternoon. I was waiting for that, and I didn’t want to do a call to tell you what was going on at that moment because it would have sent you all running to the bank, scrambling like crazy.  I didn’t want to do that you or to them.  So I thought we’d wait until we got the official word.  I didn’t get that and didn’t do the call.  It didn’t stop anything happening, but it hasn’t got to us, our level yet.  It was happening across the  nation and would have had people running around like crazy.
What happened is that everyone went through their final agreements again.  Everyone is on track and the banks are authorized.  We are on super-super alert, everyone ready to go.  It stopped yesterday, and that upset the bank people because they were ready.  Yesterday at 4pm everyone was called back to the banks, including security;  they let them go home at 7pm.  They are still excited, still feeling it will happen this week, but we’ll have to wait and see.
Everybody in every country I’ve talked to says they are ready and done.  Iraq supposedly completed everything on Saturday and released it to the next level.  They released the lower denominations to the banks, and the banks are now waiting.  They want to activate all the cards, trying to do everyone on the cards, getting away from the cash.  They thought it would be five days after the banks are completed in Iraq. There is something they are doing with their system this week. When does that five days start?  I don’t think it really matters because they could change it.  It could have started as soon as the lower denominations are delivered.  Nobody is arguing or complaining in the agencies or governments, the ones who are actually involved in the process.
Oh, the banks brought in their people all day Sunday.  That is just as frustrating for them as for us – the bank employees, anyway.  We are just sitting here ready to go. The rates are there, no pending or holds;  it’s just when they try to process it, it won’t go through.  It’s just sitting there.  I say it won’t go through for me and you, although at certain levels it absolutely will go through.  We are waiting every day and hour, waiting to see when this is released.  Nobody knows what we are waiting for or who is holding it up. We are just waiting for a Go signal.  The banks do say they are waiting for UST approval;  others say maybe they have already done that, so don’t blame the UST.  I heard this morning that it is NOT the UST holding it up, but another three-letter agency.  I don’t want you to blame that three-letter agency, so I won’t say who it is.
What a day, huh?  What a day!
951 caller:  It’s another beautiful day.  Do you think this will happen before the end of the month?
Tony:  This should have already happened.  I know China’s deal is due on the 30th November, and I have wondered if they are trying to stretch this out until then.  Others have said that the RV needs to happen for China to join the SDR.  I am waiting to see what day is payday for the Iraqi military and government employees, because in my opinion that is when they want to put money on the cards.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
617 caller:  I’ve been reading that actually China has control of this now – do you think that is true?
Tony:  It is a global event, not a China event.
Caller: We are so ready for this!  I just want to get to Vegas!
Tony:  Me, too!  And I’ve just been to Vegas!  I hope to meet you and everyone there or at one of our other locations.
797 caller:  Thank you, especially after such a frustrating weekend. You said it all, so thank you!  :  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  I know it was frustrating for everyone, especially for those who knew whey I wasn’t doing the call.
301 caller:  The rates are still there?  I was glued to the phone the whole weekend!
Tony:  The rates are still there.  I was sitting down with good people, smoking cigars and drinking Scotch, glancing at my phone every ten minutes to see if I should make a call.
408 caller:  Have the terrorist activities caused this re-scheduling?
Tony:  Every time we see something like that, the first thought is to wait and see what is going on, because no one wants to celebrate when bad things are going on.  On the other hand, it’s taking the focus of the world, so it might be the perfect time to do this, while everyone is distracted.  I know where it is, I just don’t know why it’s been held up because everything is done.  They have ISIL to worry about all the time.
318 caller:  A whole bunch of us are super-fantastic.  We all want to meet you and we hope we do!  :  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  I spent my whole morning, day, night, looking at texts from different people, trying to make sense of it all.  In the midst of all that, Pam is over there making truffles!  Is this not a call day, and you’re making truffles!  That’s how hard she works…
404 caller:  I appreciate all the information that is filling in all the gaps.  There has been a lot of speculation with the lack of calls.  When DC was on the calls, we were briefed more about plans A, B and C.  What risk is there is that this is about implementing Plan B rather than Plan A, skipping the US altogether?
Tony:  The United States is 100% aboard with Plan A.  It is moving forward, no one is being eliminated, everybody is set up to go. That is all the information I have – every banking, Treasury, international source says this is ready to go with us in agreement.
Caller:  You said Tuesday that is had stopped, and that is a bit of a red flag. What caused it to stop?
Tony:  When I said it was stopped on Tuesday, I meant the bank activity that was happening on Monday.  It didn’t stop the process.  They were anticipating something larger happening, and that’s why I didn’t do the call.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  The guy making the TNT Superfantastic hats and t-shirts sent me the .jpgs to post on the site so that you can have your own jewelry, hats and shirts made if you like.  I went to a local guy who said he can print the clothing in one day.  We are trying to create a separate page for the downloads so that everyone can make their own, without worrying about someone making a profit.  I think Daz is doing that.
312 caller:  We’ve missed you! 
Tony: I was hoping I would never have to do this again!  But here we are…
Caller:  I get Abadi’s tweets and I try to understand what he is saying to the people. There have been calls and meetings with Iran and such.  Is that trying to make Iran a connection before doing all this?
Tony:  Iran is always going to have some influence in Iraq.  Are they trying to control Iraq?  Yes, but we are trying to do that as well.  Is the RV waiting for Iran?  No?  Iran is part of the agreement, but we don’t have to wait for that.  We don’t know when it will happen.  Iran wants to improve their country, but the requirements for the RV have been met.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go and we can do this thing!
512 caller:  The window of opportunity is open, right?  Is there a chance of it happening this week?
Tony:  There is an excellent chance of it happening this week, and the people I talk to can’t understand why it hasn’t happened already!  It could be any time.
707 caller:  I’m from California, and I have two questions.  How can those of us who are learning this financial jargon be able to read the rates on the screen? 
Tony:  If I had millions of dollars and I’m sitting with an exchange person making a deal with me for rates and such, I would ask to see the rate on the screen and then ask simple questions like “A million at that rate comes out to what?”  I would ask the questions and expect to get an answer.
Caller:  Thanks to my sister-in-law who gave me your number and the Bank Exchange Checklist a year ago, I know what to ask for.  It also says to ask for Clean and Clear Certificates – what is that?
Tony:  Ask you wealth manager to say that they know where the money came from and that there is nothing illegal about it.  That’s important if you are moving large sums around, so that Homeland doesn’t get involved.  It says they are satisfied where the  money came from.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
410 caller:  I hope you had a good time in Vegas despite all the mist and smoke;  otherwise it’s just a working vacation.  Have you had any more information about how you will be allowed to help us?  Or not?
Tony: That’s why I didn’t do the call, because I was waiting for instructions.  I was hoping not to affect the process.  Even this morning, they were saying “you can’t say that on the call” because many people are listening who get upset if I say too much.  I am just trying to get this done. The system has been run again, and everything is working.  There is just one little thing to be done and then we will go to the bank. I don’t want everyone mobbing the banks, helter-skelter, creating chaos at the banks. 
Caller:  It would be really, really nice to have this happen before Thanksgiving.  Otherwise I’ll be hours from home and have to run out before dessert!  It would be frustrating for the banking people as well.
Tony:  I think it will happen before then, or should happen before then.  What day is Thanksgiving?  Thursday of next week?  I think we should be okay.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
941 caller:  You think it will be done before the 26th?
Tony:  I don’t control it but it seems like it would be done before then.  Last month Iraq didn’t pay their people until the 27th.  I would be comfortable when I know when they are paying people in Iraq. 
Caller:  A lot of people out there are pretty upset.
Tony:  People should be already doing that.  Nothing will affect this – it’s too far gone. There are too many countries and agencies involved.  There is no forcing the government to do something that is going on around the world.
Caller:  When this hits, many people and businesses will be busy doing things they have put off for the last five years.  [More of the same about exposing people, etc.]
Tony:  We weren’t supposed to be involved in this at all.  First it was for the government and then for the elite.  You cannot live the rest of your life based on the RV, and we’ve said that over and over again.  We are now part of it;  they tried to remove us, we are back in it and I understand that fight.
Caller:  [more of the same]
Tony: The 13303 was to help the citizens of this country to go over there, own businesses, get involved in the finances and be treated like Iraqi citizens.  It was not designed for us to get rich;  we found out about it and are taking advantage of the Iraqi situation.  It was designed to wipe out the US debt, like Clinton did, and to pay for the war.  In the process, the rich did get richer, yes.  Then, with the change of administrations, we were able to take advantage of it.  We were being cut out, we found out, and then we were able to get back in.  We are taking advantage of something that 350 million of our fellow citizens won’t even find out about, and they will be unhappy when they do find out too late! The people holding it up will have some problems, in the end.
Caller:  [more of the same]  Get it to happen!  I want to pick up my two new vehicles!
909 caller:  Bruce and his group have been talking about this coming out as a float starting at 1:1, and taking a year or so to come up in the rate, and also that the zim is not in the first basket.  Is the zim still in the first basket, and are the rates still high?
Tony:  We’re going to be very, very happy with the rates, even if the dong comes out at 47 cents.  The zim has a very good rate as well.  The rates for the dinar exchange here in the United States are what we receive here.  In Iraq, the rate will be 1:1 in Iraq, and that makes sense for them.  That is great for them because they just got 3-4 times the money of what their money would buy for them.  Our rates in the US are different.  They will get one dinar for every dollar left in Iraq.
Caller:  I need to hang out with you and DC to take on your easy-going nature to be able to handle this.  That last caller always wants to make a big issue out of everything, and he needs an attitude adjustment.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
919 caller:  I am the call you have been waiting for – I am not giving permission for this to go ahead.  I’ve been the holdup all along.  Let it go and have a nice Thanksgiving!
Tony:  I will give everyone your phone number so that they can call you!  <laughter>
954 caller:  I’m super-fantastic.  How many currencies are in the basket?
Tony:  Seven that I know of.
Caller:  Great, thank you.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
423 caller:  I’m great, out planning pansies.  They look delicate but they are tough.  Tony, I feel sorry for you – I know you are tired of saying the same things over and over again. Now, what is your hunch about why it was stopped this time?
Tony:  I do not have any reason other than … have to be careful here.  Last week when I left, I was told it could happen any time over the weekend. I don’t want to say what happened in Paris stopped it, because we don’t want them to feel they are affecting the whole world.  However, I don’t see another event or requirement that they need.  We are doing told everything has been done, and it should have been over on Saturday, but here we are.  We are still be told it’s over and done, and some are saying it should never take us that long.  There are too many things going on, too many distractions.  With the security precautions we have here, we should be seeing it any moment now.  In LA, there was a “no flying at night” because they had some security issue.  They had 10,000 cops out in the streets in LA because they were anticipating some event like Paris OR expecting you at the bank.  I look at all those things to see what is affecting us and to see where we are at. The world is not stopping so that we can go to the bank.  There are a lot of things you don’t hear about, that I do and have fit into the picture. It is frustrating, too.
Caller:  Is it the same person saying ‘we’re ready  to go’ and then saying ‘stop’?
Tony:  Everyone is saying they are ready to go, do another test to make sure it all still works, then let’s go.  In the  meantime, if the agencies or other countries find something out, or something happens, then it gets stopped again.  It’s common sense that you don’t do an event like this in the middle of that. 
Caller:  Something is always coming up, and if it’s big enough, and someone wants to stop this…
Tony:  Iraq wants to bring their country back up, and it’s available to go today. They need to choose a time that no one expects so no one can mess with it.  I’d rather be safe than sorry. 
Caller:  Do you feel something is different this week and it will really happen this week?
Tony:  This morning when I was getting information, I was on the line asking “yeah, but what makes this different?” because I know you will ask that.  Bank security has not been brought in for months, because that is a dead giveaway.  Well, they brought security in yesterday, so that was different.  The onslaught expected by the banks should have started last night, but it didn’t.  I don’t know if security is there today – probably not after this call!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Raleigh, and I hope to meet you really soon!
Pam:  Thanks for the great call.  I want to thank everyone out there.  Tony, DC and the other dinar gurus have really helped and taught a lot, and it’s amazing what you have taught all of us.  We’ve all learned and evolved and changed so much in this process.
Ray:  This When am I going to see it Wednesday and hopefully it’s before nightfall.
Tony:  Okay, I’m with you!  Just in case this is our last call of this nature, let’s thank the multiple countries, administrations, bank people, agencies, people who have risked their jobs, lives and families to keep us informed.  Thanks to everyone who helped us survive in these last five years.  The biggest jobs is living your life afterwards, how to keep it yours, make good investments, etc.  Someone helped you get through the process and all we ask in return is for you to pay it forward.  Please help someone make a better life. If we each help  ten people, ten days after the RV, that will change 60 million lives in one day.  I look forward to that.
Hopefully this is the last call of this type. Anything could happen at any moment, so BE READY.  If you still have questions that need to be answered, get in the forum and ask people.  Know the first Ten Things you want to do, and what to do at the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day!


Abadi: Iraq will emerge stronger from the financial crisis and establish the absence of oil dependency ..... !!!!!! ahhh, if SAYS PRIME MINISTER, everything is chillin ..... !!! God is Good.
Wednesday 11/18/2015
Twilight News / expect Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday that Iraq will emerge stronger from the financial crisis facing due to lower oil prices and global markets, such as the Provincial Council called Salah al-Din to hold their meetings in of the province after the return of most of the families that had previously been displaced by cities editing operations.

العبادي: العراق سيخرج من الأزمة المالية بشكل اقوى ونؤسس على عدم الاعتماد على النفط
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Abadi: Irak emergerá de la crisis financiera más sólida y establecer la ausencia de la dependencia del petróleo.....!!!!!! ahhh pues, SI LO DICE EL PRIMER MINISTRO, todo esta chillin.....!!! God is Good.
Miércoles 18-11-2015
Crepúsculo Noticias / esperar el primer ministro Haider al-Abadi el miércoles que Irak saldra fortalecida de la crisis financiera que enfrenta debido a los precios más bajos del petróleo y los mercados globales, como la Diputación de llamada Salah al-Din para celebrar sus reuniones dentro de la provincia tras el regreso de la mayoría de las familias que habían sido desplazadas previamente por las operaciones ciudades de edición.



JenneferV:  I heard just now from a friend.........they went to buy more currency from a local small bank (probably tier 4) and they said they no longer can sell ANY foreigner currency. I thought that was a good sign....

Buckmaster:  Jenn , lets hope that there is some meaning to that in our favor ..... That would be a great indicator for what we are waiting for

JenneferV:  Yes, buck! She told me that she talked to the teller on Monday about buying Rupiah. The teller said to come in and she would order it. When she went in yesterday to order, the same teller said that they are no longer able to order or sell any foreign currency.

TBirdd:  was it a big-4 bank?

JenneferV:  No, Tbird......small regional bank....but they had been selling prior to yesterday.

Today’s Landa Global Conference Call, 18 NOV

Today’s Landa Global Conference Call:

Landa Global has been hosting a dial-in conference to inform holders of assets and intermediaries of the current status of the historic bond processes, and general information in respect of procedures.

In addition, Landa and Humanus host Guest Speakers that offer a glimpse into the various Project sectors Humanus is actively supporting, as well as funding.
To access the weekly conference, please observe the following information: 
Date:  Each Wednesday

Time: 4:00 p.m. CST (USA) or 5:00 p.m. EST (New York)
Conference Number:   641-715-3580
Access Code:   484-959#

   See international call numbers below.  Access code is the same as above.



The Minister of Planning and Minister of Finance suggested $1.13 to $1.17 with a gradual increase to a 3+ range. …you may be surprised that the natural rate will come out later for the IQD.
I like this 40 cent rate…that would make every 1 million IQD would be equal to $400,000.  If they do this, we believe we will not see this…it will be in this 7-10 day time frame.

They will introduce the LD’s and coins but after they finish the float that you will not be able to see until the currency is in its NATURAL RATE POSITION…then they will cap it…my teams are saying, in their opinion…the capped rate will be higher than Kuwait.



Iko Ward:  So they set the evening at 5:37 instead of 8:00. And not they moved it up to 1090.4, probably an adjustment against the dollar. Think we'll get another poll in before 10PM?

JS86901: hi Iko what does all this mean?

Iko Ward:  Expectant is how I interpret

OffGrid:  IKO --- the IQD on Forex kept 'refreshing' all weekend, sometimes every 2-3 seconds when closed .... unusual to me ... did you see and agree?

Iko Ward: Off...I heard about that but I don't monitor on the weekend. Somebody said it's been happening the last 10 weeks.

Ger:   didn't Tony say he would know of rv before we see anything on Forex?

Luvwolfs:  ger yes believes it will stay off forex for a few days. It's the movement that we like

Godlovesyou:  I am not getting my hopes up this is it......I just got some news that the RV and GCR happening.....could not be verified by another source that is not banned from here.......but......I am praying and hoping this is our week

Iko Ward:  I think it has already gone, but we won't see the banks til later this week.


tman23  Article quote:  "because all the accounts of the budget will be recorded in accordance with the new currency. "  






Sydneysam2: So if I am understanding correctly what Frank said on the 'dessert' part of the cc tonight, we will obviously make a great return with the IQD in the first basket ... and then be able to take that money and go and buy plenty of other currencies that will be in the second basket and make that much more return!  I like that idea!!   I honestly am a little surprised that our government would want that to happen, but hey, fine with me!!

Jr1353:  Great question sydneysam2 .. I always thought (and heard) that the scenario Frank described (IQD in 1st basket, others later) would be "double-dipping", and this "double-dipping" somehow wouldn't be allowed . .. .. .. But, if that's the way this blessing will unfold, then to quote you (if you don't mind) "but hey, fine with me"


Walkingstick:  The central bank is likely near the legislation and the law of bank deposits confirms: revive the national economy

Long-Presse / Baghdad

An informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, on Wednesday, for "near the adoption of" the Law of the Parliament of bank deposits, and expected that this will contribute to "the return of confidence," Iraqi banks and the recovery of the national economy.

The source said, in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the Iraqi Central Bank already prepared a draft law on banking deposits nearly a year ago, in order to protect a deposit every customer puts his money in a bank," adding that "the project passed through the Council of Ministers to Parliament".

The source, who is familiar with, who asked not to be named, said: "The project was discussed about extensively with members of the parliamentary finance committee, and representatives of the Central Bank of Iraq, and reached the final legislative stages after the addition of points that will support citizens," noting that "the parliamentary Finance Committee promised Bank Central project being put on the agenda of the House of Representatives sessions schedule during the current month, to be discussed and voted on. "

The source added, that the proposed project will encourage citizens and owners of capital on deposit in banks after the assurance of protection insurance crisis of her loss, what will revive economic activity, "he returned to" re-establish law about great confidence to the Iraqi private banks. "

The Financial experts and economists, confirmed in (the 18th of September 2014 the past), that the volume of financial deposits owned by the operating banks in Iraq, whether governmental or civil reach up to 70 trillion dinars, and argued that the total of Iraqi private banks' capital increased from $ 30 million a year 2004, to one billion and $ 600 million year-end 2014 the past, except for branches owned by Arab and foreign banks operating in Iraq,

and the number of private banks operating in Iraq rose from 17 in 2004 to 31 year-end 2014, while the number of branches has increased in Baghdad and other provinces from a hundred to more than 600 branch to compete in the number and level of services Rafidain bank branches of government and governance.

http://almadapress.com/ar/news/59861/%D ... %88%D9%86-



Bruce call: sort of a wide range, some quite, thinking what has held this up has been settled
Bruce call: China is pegging with other countries
Bruce call: 11 countries tied to the remndi
Bruce call: reminbi is part of the sdr                    
Bruce call: this is to take place before the 30th and the Yuan will be another world currency
Bruce call: we know some things have been held up...Chinese have fixed the issue his morning
Bruce call: we are ready to go
Bruce call: Banks have gotten notices that they will have an influx of new customers

Bruce call: we won’t discuss rates
Bruce call: we know their is another call...from all the tweets.....
Bruce call: it's still early, looking for that celebration call...Kent take us out in Prayer....
Bruce call: Bruce: Interesting large range of things, then it is quiet. I am encouraged to believe what has seemingly been holding it up for us has been handled. China and Brics nation
Bruce: China is linking in to other nations currency. China reminbi was linked directly to the CBI to the Iraqi dinar for trading today.

Bruce : supposively there is about 11 countries already directly tied to the Chinese yuan or reminbi, primarily the Bric nations. Japan, Indonesia, South AFrica, Zimbabwe. A number of nations connected with China now. By the end of this month or before the Reminbi and several other countries involved in the SDR basket.
Bruce: a way to show stability throughout the world with the various currencies. That is taking place. It is to take place on or before Nov 30th. All of this is part of the yuan another 2nd reserve currency along with the usd. the usd the first, and now the yuan.

Bruce: down the road others. right now looking forward to the yuan as a reserve currency.
Bruce: We know that certain things have seemingly been held up with this. We thought this weekend, We did not get there completely. We understand the Chinese have found the issue and they have attempted today to rectify the issue this morning.
Bruce: it is something that has been fixed. From what I understand the coast is clear. We are looking for this to go down the end of the week. I have heard tonight. I dont know, I am not calling that. We are in a really good place.

Bruce: We have been highly expecting it for weeks, maybe months. Banks being notified, interoffice memos to be ready for influx of new customers. Bankers told to be on alert. In some cases some customers being contacted by wealth managers
Bruce: No date and time, no rates or dates. We just dont know. Not fair to the process. Confident with the info I am hearing, and see the end of this saga very shortly.
Bruce: There is another major call that was excited by the tweets. Hopefully we will find out shortly.
Bruce: I encourage you to stay in faith in this, be patient as you have been. We cant do anything but pray for it to move it along. Let see what the rest of the week brings. Still early in the week.

NOTE:  If I missed any of Bruce’s intel, sorry. Thank you Mangelo, hugs 

TNT :Abadi Tweet just now! By GODDESSOFLOVE, 18 NOV

    سنخرج من الازمة المالية التي يشهدها البلد بشكل اقوى.

    @HaiderAlAbadi:  We will come out of the financial crisis that the country is witnessing the strongest.


    • Goddess_Of_Love said
      02:29 AM Nov 18, 2015
    latest news
    العبادي : العراق سيخرج من الازمة المالية بشكل اقوى Abadi: Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis stronger
    Abadi: Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis stronger
    18/11/2015 01:15 11/18/2015 01:15
    He said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraq will emerge from the financial crisis that is currently taking place in stronger, noting, we currently establish to strengthen the economy and lack of dependence on oil and we are on the right road. 

    Ebadi said in his speech during the ceremony hosted by the Martyrs Foundation to honor a group of elites and competencies of the families of the martyrs / according to a statement his office / "Some seem to think that the death of the martyr yard but martyr who addresses of tyranny, injustice, terrorism remains, Khaled and honored today to the families of the martyrs is the commemoration of the martyrs who sacrifice stayed Country head held high. " 

    He continued Abadi "We live another challenge is the extension of the earlier challenge, a challenge of terrorism as the more those terrorists linked to the ousted Baath It is that stage and we have information about them and there is a global studies confirm this. 

    He said the "terrorist threat was general threatens to Baghdad before and today we fight them in the areas they occupied, and achieve victories on them and freed very large areas, thanks to the sacrifices and the blood of heroes of our armed forces of the army and police and to mobilize popular and Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes, noting that there are a tremendous amount of requests I receive for volunteering fighting and a number of those who fight terror gangs Daash currently not registered their names in the popular crowd and fighting voluntarily without charge so when we call them volunteers, it is because it is more comprehensive than any label. " 

    He called al-Abadi provincial councils that have liberalized to the presence in their provinces and meetings where, it is unacceptable that the meetings are held in another place, as the number of mostly sons of Salahuddin province, of the displaced have returned to it and to the members of the provincial council to be present with the children of their wallets.