Friday, November 13, 2015


Elmerf123456 :  This is the big news folks. Big. Big Big. Go to Bloomberg. Chinese is becoming a reserve currency and it means we are at the doorstep..Period!!!

This will happen so quick and change things you will not know how to react. Watch!!!!
BAM!!!!!   http://www.cnbc.com/2015/11/13/imfs-lagarde-supports-proposal-to-include-yuan-in-currency-basket.html

Announcement nov 30th this year not next.

Listen for a minute. This is great and it's no bad news regardless who said what. This is what we expected and it has just been validated. Bingo!

I've said a million times this isnt just about Iraq. This is Global and all part of our GCR.

Big Moves peeps. Big moves.

SassyD : Elmer.... another BIG Friday evening/night News Dump that they hope few see or pay attention to !!!

Elmerf123456 : Sassy you are correct. Sassy that's when they do it.

With China's inclusion we are closer than ever period IMO.

If they broadcasted the exact time and date of the inclusion, it would allow the world to short sell the dollar and it would hurt the market. They won't broadcast that stuff so they announce intentions carefully.

I've been looking for this and it came out while the news planned it.  When no one watches on a Friday. …..Perfect and they forgot that we watch.

I suspect we are going to see the RV long before Nov 30th Chinese Yuan inclusion now because that's how it was planned. Now that means the RV is on our doorsteps peeps.
Loud and clear?

This has been a very complicated task. We only know what we know. It's a plan in the making for over 50 years. It's hard for us on the outside to understand all that has transpired but we are seeing so much change now and on a global currency event.

Be blessed that you are here and now. Because in the end that's all that matters.

Because it's the ticket that matters not the time you held it.

Each and every one of us came together from all walks of life. The point is we stuck through all sorts of things and some of us unfortunately passed on.

Remember to do good with your blessings and don't forget some are not as fortunate as you all will be. Do good please. It's not what you take from the world that matters….it's what you give back that matters most.

The 50k notes don't confuse the RV. They are for large purchase. The rest of the story comes quickly.

Jed4:  @elmerf123456 do you think what happened in Paris is going to affect the RV? I just heard the French PM is declaring war on ISIS..just wanted your thoughts??

Elmer123456:  Jed. No

Elmerf12346:  One last thing that streamed by fast that some missed. Here we go.. IMF planned inclusion of the Chinese Yuan is Nov 30th. The RV of IQD and other currencies were to happen b4 the Chinese Yuan. So we are now in the doorstep! Good times and goodnight all my TNT family. Now you have a window.

JerseyboysfaninMN: Elmer... agreed. The RV needs to happen FIRST.


Martha:  I absolutely agree that everyone needs to calm down and stop beating yourselves up.

Whether it is today, Saturday or Sunday 11/15 it is happening and it is not stopping.

I am hearing that Everything will be completed by 11/22. It is our time, Iraq's time and the Whole World’s time.

Hold on to that knowledge. Realize who is providing this blessing and what they had to do to get us to this point.

Go back in history and seek the truth because without that we cannot go forward to correct what has been going on for thousands of years.

Take off those blinders and WAKE UP. I know It is tough to weed thru the lies and conspiracies but you need to be able to  so you can go forward.

Also, stop worrying about dates and rates. just think you would be getting nothing if the World hadn't jumped in.

By the way,  the Chinese don't like the number 13 because it makes "4" which is a "bad" number for them.(1+3=4)


KTFA CC Notes for 11-12-2015
Aggiedad77:  Here are my notes from last night’s CC….as soon as the forum is back up I’ll post them there as well….enjoy.  Aloha  Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
CC Notes from Thursday 11-12-2015
Frank26:  Tonight we are going to talk about the security that abounds is the only reason for the conversation that we are going to have.
Do you remember the original 1, 2, and 3?  Number 1 was security, what Dr. Shabibi wanted….the top priority.  Yesterday when we showed you the article from 2012 from Dr. Shabibi right before he was kicked out of the CBI, due to false accusations by Maliki….he had to run…
The article said some things about the 50k note that would only be worth $43….how can that be…but it’s only going to be marked as a 50 IQD…..well what we taught you yesterday is what we have are two completely different categories one is the 50 and 100 notes….LD’s….introduced by the end of the year….according to the IMF……then a second category….completely different category….we were wrong about this…and we corrected this yesterday…..this is about a 50k note and they released it today…..
Remember I even spoke of the dimensions…..why did I give those dimensions….to show you they aren’t LD’s…..yes it is a “lower class” it is not going to be used by the citizens….it won’t be used outside of Iraq….a completely different animal…..for many the light bulb went off.
Don’t get depressed that they added 000’s…..of course they did….we explained this yesterday.  They are working on the RI….we made it clear that the RI has nothing to do with the exchange rate or the value….the currency is being poised.
The currency of Iraq is poised for 2016 but boy is it ready for 2015….
You need to understand that foundation as we move forward.  It has been a long drought….I bought mine in 2004.  But in the last 2-3 months there has been a downpour, like we are in a rain forest, everything is wet…..thank God we got rain……
Understand this rain in 2015 has to give us crops…..but do you think overnight the seed will grow….we know….some can grow in a few days….therefore KTFA Family the IQD is poised with the CBI and Dr. Shabibi and  the GOI for 2016….but it is so ready for 2015.
Don’t forget about the Lone Ranger and the silver bullets because this is important…..
I think….before we see anything…..don’t forget who the Lone Ranger is or what the silver bullet is….we talked of this first over 2 years ago….I told my staff of our expectation of seeing the LD’s by a date in November…..same as we have an expectation of seeing Maliki arrested soon….don’t forget these things.
Don’t forget about the 7-10 days….don’t be greedy….remember what we have been teaching you for years……here is an example of what I’m talking about….someone asks “who is the Lone Ranger”  I can’t keep going back to review….go and look at your notes, the notes from the CC’s to get you up to speed.
Understand we are in an RI…that it has nothing to do with the value of the currency.
IMO….we are not going to see anyone or anything until we see Maliki arrested and other bad people too…..very soon.
You understand that adding value to the IQD is poised for next year but ready for right now….even though they are ready right now we still have some things that have to grow.
Now let’s move forward with some new things.
Now that we’ve seen the 50k, you are going to see laws implemented….it is possible that you will not be told about these laws being implemented, because they don’t have to tell us…..I’m going to give you four laws tonight…..the laws are on the books….the HCL is for the citizens….the rest is for international processes….well the laws for the Army too….they are poised for 2016….but ready for 2015.
The monetary reform is ready….you will start to see corruption corrected….every 24 hours we see many new things from our teams…I’ve brought two things tonight.
Security is now at a PhD level…..2 weeks ago I introduced you cyber war fare with regard to security….such as Russian subs getting close to world communications cables…..there was satellite feed that was in Iraq that was being sent into Iraq for functions of that country but it was being controlled by Iran…..Iran is complicated with regard to Iraq…..it is complex in dividing up the spoils.
Iran is feeding for years under Maliki orders and finances from the CBI…..providing false information to Iraq…..but this is not right….what I just told you is just one of the files of corruption from Chalabi…..who gave the files to the Holy Man, who gave to Dr. Shabibi….who gave it to the GOI….there will be arrests soon from all this…..they are scared….too scared to arrest Maliki…..so in comes the Lone Ranger and the silver bullet.
This is just amazing….how much of the state’s money that Maliki wasted….the citizens money….he funded this false information with Iraq’s money….all coming from Iran….stop this.
War is ugly….but I find politics to be even more sinful…..when they reinstate the IQD from the program rate that is the process of the RI and we are in that process right now.
Meanwhile the DAWA party is giving Abadi all kinds of grief….about the satellites….it’s in the files….what they stole….so much of the state’s money….we will bust asses….soon…..$50 million dollars per year…..using it for their own political agenda….funded the Iranian Revolutionary Guard…with stolen Iraqi money.
They fed the media….the government owns all media….the three major TV stations….Maliki was paying them all off….they gladly cooperated…you had no idea what was going on….but we came and cleared things….like clearing the table….but now the media has become more friendly….but still the interpretation level is still bad….but that is why we are here together….to study.
I want you to add this satellite info to a pile of laws that is burning bad corruption all over Iraq right now….but we may not see anything….but we say the 50k’s….no we haven’t….the citizens saw the 50k….but only them….we will never see it…..don’t appreciate people who don’t study properly.
This RI that we are in is a “state” a condition to try and take the currency back to international status and what you saw today with the 50k has nothing to do with it…..they called this the RI…but understand….what is the rate….1166….understand they can RI with 1166….it is Article 8 compliance they seek in order to attain international status.
Yesterday I tried to use the Zimbawie currency but that backfired….but we are here to talk about the IQD….let us shift gears and focus on the 50k…..the 50’s and 100’s we’ve thoroughly discussed and nothing to do with what we are doing now…the RI.
So the 50k comes into the world of the Iraqi citizens….not into the international world…..someone posted that Delta is wrong….he said they would never come out with another currency with 000’s on it…..we were talking about LD’s…..this 50k is not about the LD’s or the streets of Iraq….they won’t come out with this as currency for the citizens to use….or even internationally….those would be the LD’s.
What happened yesterday…the 50k came out…they are part of a “lower class currency”….not the LD’s…..the article had translation issues…..look at the the bottom of page 4 of our forum…..because the posts are not numbered…..look what your Admin Aggiedad did….a masterpiece…..he explained the break down of the 50k…..go check this out…..please add this on to the bottom of the notes.
Be careful with translations…..example…..one article…..they were issuing currency with the evidence of inflation…..”the article is telling you we are issuing these 50k notes as evidence of inflation….no this is the total opposite….so be careful with translations….
I’ll help you walk across the street….you need to know the article was talking about the 50k….we should call this a sponge….it has a purpose within Iraq….with the citizens of Iraq….not with the streets, the banks or the international aspects of Iraq…..but didn’t I tell you we have had a drought…but now it pours….this sponge…the 50k….will literally will suck up the rest of the 000’s….this will be what they can use…..this seed will germinate because of all this water…..we will use this now, because they can’t use the USD….they can’t use the 25k, the 10k, because we are introducing the LD’s….
The citizens have no choice but to come in and bring in anything they have to get the 50k….if you do this citizens….well actually you have no choice…..hey bank….can my cousin in San Antonio, TX get some of these….no it is not for them….this is genius working…this is Dr. Shabibi at work since July on this….two weeks ago we told you we are so close…..the intel is not being translated properly….but not on purpose.
Be calm, be focused….don’t be depressed, don’t blame yourself….what is happening is the best of times…and there is no worst of times….this goes in the direction we want….not in the negative direction which would be a LOP……this 50k is designed to suck in all the 25k’s and other currency….use this 50k in exchange for a higher rate…..the international world has it….yes that was a deal we made with them…..
Frank26….you want a million dinars in 2004….do you know this currency is worthless…but I want to invest in your currency…..I saw what happened in Kuwait….and I don’t want to miss that again….you take my $1,000 and use it how you need….I just bought a stock it is called the IQD….a company called Iraq…it has a dividend which is called an increase in the value.
The 50k is a brilliant step that will move at lightening speed….no Iraq citizen wants to be without money….they are running in.  Let’s do some math…..the citizens say they are lucky to count to 5…..CBI wants you to understand…..btw…the biggest light bulb is about to come on Family…..
Yes this is Dr. Shabibi…..what can I do for you….let me have those 50k’s….I brought my dinars and I want to exchange them….Dr. Shabibi has new math now….still in the RI….here it is…..6 + 3 = 6…..Dr. Shabibi that is 9….I don’t understand…..well you see….give me 2 of your 25k’s….now what….I’ll give you one of my 50k’s…..each 50k is 3 000’s….2 25k’s have 6 000’s…..
Ohhh they are removing the 000’s……when the value goes up you aren’t going to use the 50k…..we will give you LD’s for it…..you may not even have much time to use it…..it will be all electronic….brilliant action…..this action alone what it is sucking up right now, today and tomorrow…..the monetary reform is poised for 2016…but so ready for 2015….now you understand the meaning behind the 50k.
The US went through an industrial revolution in the 50’s…we had a $1,000 dollar bill, and others….but they were stopped in use…we stopped using the 3 000’s…..just like Iraq is doing now….we used the LD’s that were given to us…the same mirror image.
Technically the citizens are using the 50k’s but technically not….they are sweeping the 000’s up off the street.
Dr. Shabibi has been well protected since 2012….his work has continued all these years.
The RI….IMO….will come out at a low rate….then it will rise for the RB…that is why we tell you to wait….7-10 days….maybe 2 weeks….don’t trip over yourself trying to get to the bank.
They did not introduce the 100k….and I pray they don’t have to do that…..the 50k will do the work they have to do.
Let’s continue with more….in honor and glory to our Heavenly Father….when God spoke His word we came into existence in this universe….we are not wired for God’s dimension…..our souls were with God….he sang to us….but then He put us in bodies….who knows for how long….if you see the light at your death you will go to that light…..into a dimension that has nothing to do with our existence today.  You are about to become God’s insurance…and I pray that this money changes your life in a spiritual manner not in a destructive manner….it’s coming whether we are ready or not, whether we are responsible or not.
We told you yesterday….what is the day for 1/1/2016….a Friday…..yes….a Friday….Dr. Shabibi wants to add value at the beginning of a physical year….and he looks for an extended weekend….oh yes he is.
Did I mention that the 50k’s will not be international…..yes you did….did I mention that 6 + 3 = 6….yes you did…..the 50k is not for bank transactions…..it is for the citizens to use to suck up the rest of the 000’s….to finish the reform of the IQD….the citizens are coming in because they want money….but also because they want to help Dr. Shabibi…..only the citizens will see these 50k’s……they will be phased out when the LD’s come out…..like the Unity Cards…for the citizens to use….only them…..the 50k note is a reality for Iraq to finish their reform process.
The 50k is a tool…..yes….a tool for internal use….not for international use….it is not the mission to not to add value….the mission is to add value….by removing 6 000’s and replacing it with 3 000’s and that 3 000’s will disintegrate…..the 50k is not the future of the monetary reform…..it is a tool of the monetary reform….the 50k is wired to completely lift the 000’s off the street and out of the closets.
It is the 50 and 100 IQD that will be given to them once this phase is complete….that is huge….just as the US did with their currency….the 50k will fade into the history of Iraq….the 50k is on a mission….that mission is to pull in the 000’s…..and it will happen extremely fast…..and when it does that….it will retire itself…..remember the IMF wants the 50’s and 100’s out by the end of the year….then Friday 1/1/2016 will be upon us…..the 50k’s are being used for large purposes….specific purposes.
Now I told you the media is friendly but the translations are killing us….their machines…their numbers are not like our numbers….example….an article comes out and says they have trillions….trillions of 50k’s….that is wrong….that is misinformation….from our teams we think this is a translation problem…..I’ve never said this before….IMO…..if we knew how much….if we knew the numbers……IMO….in 2003 delarue was commissioned to print the IQD…..they printed 4.3….it wasn’t trillions and trillions as they exaggerate….many have been lost due to wear and tear…..they say in articles they have 30-40 trillion…..but back in ’03, they only had 4.3 trillion….no they don’t…that would be a LOP….that would destroy the country….the articles say because of hypeinflation….NO you DON’T…..this is an issue with translations and differences in numeric systems….WE ARE NOT IN A LOP situation now…….is the 50k going into circulation….NO….it is for the citizens and banks….to help Dr. Shabibi bring the 000’s in.
One of my favorite Presidents is Ronald Reagan, he had a way of teaching, he called it point by point bullets, bullet points….1, 2, 3….during his State of the Union speeches.
So it is a 50k note…think about this…..another light bulb will come on….how can they say the 50k note will be worth $43….well see the 50k note will be phased out and it reverts to a 50 note which will be worth $43 dollars which will be the same as taking 0.00086 and removing the 000’s and you are left with 86 cents….this becomes a 1 to 1 ratio…..
BRILLIANCE…..no holes in this…..no problems….nothing leaks from this….because Dr. Shabibi worked with the US to accomplish this…..not with Maliki….not with Allak….no respect with people like these two….who stole from the innocent.
Frank26….you said that Maliki had to be gone to see the LD’s…but didn’t you say the 50k is a LD…..no it is not….that is why we see the 50k and Maliki is still losse….we might see a simultaneous event though…..hey Dr. Shabibi….you are back….Number 3….you’ve returned…..we are poised for this in 2016….but boy we are ready for it in 2015…..so as they do this process….the Lone Ranger grabs some bullets because the people of Iraq don’t know how to get rid of the stench….the same stench as Saddam.
In the Middle East you don’t make waves….you survive.
Did you notice they described the 50k note….the waterfall…the size….the colors….why did I do that….why did they do that….WS posted today all this same information….they didn’t have to do that….why…..write this down….this is important….all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father….they describe this 50k…you will never see it.
But for many reasons they release the 50k note…what are five of those reasons:
1.  Add purchasing power of the citizens when they go into the RV stage;
2. Increase the power fo the government;
3. Draw in the 25k notes and other 000’s notes….the 50k will never return, it is on a suicide mission…to collect the 000’s and 00’s….phasing itself out by attrition….like our own 000’s phased out with attrition;
4.  Most important….Dr. Shabibi wanted security for his currency…besides himself and the CBI…..what does this mean….the 25k is the most counterfeited currency on the planet….so they want to collect them….this counterfeiting has to stop before they raise the value….this information about a LOP is false information…this is why the IMF is allowing this monetary reform process to happen right before your eyes…it will cause Iraq to walk a straighter walk with the IMF especially with the international world.
5. The 50k note is also to get the citizens to stop using the USD…this is smart…..all of this is the voice of Dr. Shabibi.  (NOTE: This appears out of place…but felt it important to keep it with what Frank was talking about the reasons for issuing the 50k”
There is a National Guard Law that I told you is the Conscript Law….Abadi just last week paid all the armies….this National Guard Law has put ALL the armies of Iraq under one commander…the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armies….the National Guard Law has allowed Abadi to lead them all…even Kurdistan’s Peshmerga….all Iraqi armies….that unity is so important….
He got this because of the National Guard Law….Abadi just paid all armies last week…..wait a minute….we the Kurdistan do not want to be a part of you….why don’t we make this a tri-part state…..
Abadi calls Barzani on the phone….what’s up Abadi…..Barzani I’m calling you to congratulate you on the offensive with Sinjar….we did good there yes sir….we one…yes we kicked butt….no we are “ONE”….you pay our army….of course I like you Abadi….this town is close to Mosul….this is the same area where the US rushed in to the mountain last year and rescued many who were trapped, something Maliki couldn’t do…..these two leaders….Abadi and Barzani….need to work together….to become as one….
Both are cooperating with one another….so Abadi uses the Conscript Law to pay all the armies….the union of the Proud Son with the Lesser Son….they have Unity for the new card….one card for all of Iraq….as Iraq shows their unity to the rest of the world…..and this 50k will be seen as a clever and brilliant act.
They are poised for 2016 but ready for 2015…..the goal in the 50k is going to draw in the 25k’s and stop the 25k and 10k counterfeiting…..it is for that reason that laws are so important….why we keep saying these laws must come in….1 was security 2 was the laws.
When they give you too much information is was to mislead….but not now…..we are poised for 2016…but ready for 2015…and it is needed for this year….but we only have 1.5 months left….how quickly will the citizens finish the project of the 50k….it is on a suicide mission…..it will save many…but it must die….just as the LD’s have been delivered from a US base….they have arrived….they must go home to the baby banks….Dr. Shabibi’s brilliance will make all this happen.
I want you to know there is one more thing….remember when I told you that IMO we allowed the insurgents to steal certain banks….there was a reason for it….I can tell you now….these dinars that the bad guys stole were in sequences….the terrorists were not that smart…if they try to turn these in…they are busted….whoever turns the currency is will be interrogated to find out who gave it to that person….today Europe broke up a recruiting cell of ISIS….run Forrest run….ISIS will soon be no more.
All that is going on right now…these 1-5 things I gave you…this all falls under the Anti-Money Laundering Law….it is in effect…..the Conscript Law is in effect….the Investment Law was kicked in 2.5 weeks ago…..the next law IMO….you will see evidence of is the Amnesty Law.
(NOTE:  Frank spoke here about reason 5…but I moved it up with the other 4 reasons to maintain continuity of each of those.)
This is going so fast….very fast…..God Bless you, tomorrow I will be with Team Chat….…..things are moving fast….in fact another law that Abadi works on…..it’s private….because of it’s complexity….I won’t speak on it yet.
The Amnesty Law will be seen soon, within 2 weeks.
When the value changes, you will be changed….I pray it changes you in the direction of God’s Kingdom…..there is honor in choosing and doing the right thing.  If you aren’t doing the right thing, try to figure out why not….then try to correct it…..we need to understand that our relationship with our Creator….
1. Acknowledge that He exists; 2. Study His Word…His Doctrine; 3.  Walk the walk of the Doctrine of the Word….to live by the Word….we must find discipline to try and be better, more perfect like…it won’t be reached here, but we pray that we go to heaven to find that perfection.
Ended in prayer.
Aggiedad77:  Due to the forum being down at this time, I cannot add the post from yesterday’s thread that Frank talked about from page 4….as soon as the forum is back up, I will edit that post in here for you.


11-13-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   So no LD’s, no Dr. Shabibi, no increase in value, no laws...until Maliki and Allak are gone...the CBI is taking action... meanwhile the Parliament has completed its own first reading of the 2016 budget...fast and historical...meaningful for their reforms...if they get a second reading...it will put Dr. Shabibi’s desire to lift the 000’s in harmony with the first of the year.   [post 3 of 3]

11-13-2015   Intel Guru Frank26
   The USD is not being used in Iraq...they are going through an RI...pricing goods...using their own currency to march into Article 8...so they can march into an RV.   ...in my strongest opinion...Dr. Shabibi will come out at a low rate...maybe 10 cents, 20 cents...that is what I call a low value...logic says you will start out at the first steps and watch it go upward. ...the RI is to reestablish the IQD at an international level and international usage.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

11-13-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   The Warka Bank was invited to participate in the CBI currency auctions...this is big because the Warka Bank was established by so many men and women from international countries...to see Warka in this process...this is wonderful...I still don’t think we will see things until Maliki and Allak are taken care of...Maliki’s arrest warrant was put out over a month ago, but no one has done it...too many are afraid for themselves and their families.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

11-13-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article: "The central bank issued banknotes fifty thousand Dinars category"   Its officially on the CBI site now under announcements.

11-13-2014  Newshound Guru Breitling
  [If/when banks exchange…how's that going to work?]  If they can't verify the currency by having the right money counters with the right chip in it, what they do is send it to the treasury department to confirm it.  You get a certificate.  the treasury department confirms it and that amount is credited to your bank account…they are not going to give you a bunch of cash right there on the spot.   banks don't have that type of money to give you that amount of cash.  Another Issue people have is  ["Where are they going to get all this money?"]  It's an EXCHANGE.  So they get your note and you get a US dollar based on the value…so they are not buying your notes.

11-13-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite  Article quote:  "... the environment is ripe for the replacement of the currency value or delete the zeros of them."   Shabibi had always said that the government must support the monetary change.  The Finance Committee has always been the lone critic...now they are saying the timing is ripe. 

11-13-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday


[If/when banks exchange…how’s that going to work?]
If they can’t verify the currency by having the right money counters with the right chip in it, what they do is send it to the treasury department to confirm it.
You get a certificate. The treasury department confirms it and that amount is credited to your bank account … they are not going to give you a bunch of cash right there on the spot.
Banks don’t have that type of money to give you that amount of cash. Another Issue people have is.
[“Where are they going to get all this money?”]
It’s an EXCHANGE. So they get your note and you get a US dollar based on the value … so they are not buying your notes.
The Warka Bank was invited to participate in the CBI currency auctions…this is big because the Warka Bank was established by so many men and women from international countriesto see Warka in this process…this is wonderful.
I still don’t think we will see things until Maliki and Allak are taken care ofMaliki’s arrest warrant was put out over a month ago, but no one has done it…too many are afraid for themselves and their families.


News & Comments 
​We Stopped The Embezzlement Of $ 2 Billion Dinars In One Of The Ministries
The spokesman of the Integrity Committee in Parliament MP Adel Nouri, on Wednesday, said the Commission, seeking to uncover more cases of corruption and manipulation of the Iraqi money, while noting the discovery of embezzlement of $ 2 billion dinars in one of the ministries.
And between Nuri he told a special statement “our economy” news that “one of the ministries and through the liquidation of final accounts attempted embezzlement of 2 billion dinars, and according to the receipts and regular”.
“The Commission immediately suspended all financial instruments and procedures related to the ministry,” explaining, “We formed a committee of embezzlement in connection with the follow-up process and expose the corrupt and bring them to the courts.”
He noted that “the information we receive today seemed to the committee after we we are pursuing.”  LINK
Stevel:  Well now, this should sure help the deficit in the next budget of 2016. Keep looking boys, I am sure you fill find a lot more. 2 Billion just blows my mind as to how this can even happen. Let me guess, Maliki was the one that set the example and they all just followed their ex-leader.   Steve
Urgent International Control Of The Road Between Sinjar Syrian And Tenderness
2015/11/12 9:56   [Baghdad – where]
Peshmerga forces imposed, on Thursday, its control of the international road between Sinjar, west of Mosul, the city of Raqqa in Syria.
A security source told all of Iraq [where], that “Peshmerga forces have made progress and freed a number of areas in the district of Sinjar, also took control of the mountain overlooking the Kabara international highway with the city of Raqqa in Syria.”The massive operation was launched this morning from three axes for the Liberation of Sinjar actually on the main highway linking the cities of Mosul and tenderness two gangs Daash terrorist stronghold in Iraq and Syria.
The aim of the operation as the Kurdistan Security Council says, to “encircle the town and control the supply of Daash lines and create a buffer zone to protect the town from artillery fire.”
The attack, which supports the participation of 20 000 of the Peshmerga air strikes by the international coalition led by the US Altdh.anthy
11:00: 11/12/2015   Khandan – continue to provide the Peshmerga forces to liberate the city from the terrorists Chenkal “Daash” in all axes, and managed to impose full control over the main road leading from Chenkal to Syria.
Marine 1:   Territorial control by ISIS is shrinking all over Iraq. FINALLY!…..This is truly huge news……no doubt about it……ISIS is not expanding in IRAQ
Stevel:  So far, this is one if the best articles this month. Once they control Mosul, then we have a very good chance of seeing this before the first of the year or just into the next year.

MNT. GOAT UPDATE :Our 1st golden nugget of the day, 13 NOV

Our 1st golden nugget of the day – We know that last Tuesday parliament conducted the first reading of the 2016 budget.
Today we read articles from the news media in Iraq telling us that parliament intends to conduct the second reading of the 2016 budget on next Monday 11/16.
Since when have they had two readings in the same week? Our 2nd golden nugget of the day –  …out pops another news article that the Amnesty law will finally get its first reading in parliament.  …just about a week since the passing of the National Guard law they are in fact now addressing Amnesty.I have always known that Amnesty is required prior to any RV.
Our 3rd golden nugget of the day – Thursday 11/12 will be the Second reading of a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies. Wow!
Folks we are [on] the cusps of the final conclusions to what we have been waiting for so long. The news is terrific and we shall see an RV shortly and I firmly believe it will be sooner than later. This is the period of real change Iraq and it is all now happening at warp speed.

Thursday Night 11-12-2015  The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s, 13 NOV

Thursday Night 11-12-2015  The Big Call - Recording Link and Replay #'s 

Playback number: (605) 562-3198
access code 123456#
107 Minutes

The Big Call


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      07:29 AM Nov 13, 2015
    (About the rates posted last night from OM & no call today...Unless)


    Crusty wrote Good Morning AB --- How close do your intel say we are ??




Elmerf123456:  GENERAL AMNESTY LAW HAS BEEN PASSED IN IRAQ 12-11-2015 06:00 PM Publish 'news agency', on Thursday, and documents the new general amnesty law based on what passed by Parliament and approved by the President of the Republic and based on the provisions of the first item of Article 61 and Item III of Article 73 of the Constitution…… from a contact not a link. I hope it's correct. Take it for what it is. I am.

Fuze:  Guys 1085 is a leading indicator (although the dinar is not officially traded at this moment) a number of us for years has watched for this number based on inside inside inside sources...just watch the magic!

Hairdresser:  sorry to bear the bad news, i want Iko said recently he no longer believes the Forex to be an accurate indicator, he stated "they" know we are watching it a d are manipulating it, he said he lost faith in the Forex IQD # being an indicator any more

Vikkimark:  IKO also said it was one of many indicators to see a pattern

Iko Ward:  GM everyone, it's true, Forex is not to be trusted, but it is to be used, just as we use all our principal indicators. I am still excited. Take in the whole picture. Last night looked good, tonight even better after the banks close.

Fuze:  Thanks IKO i was just about to suggest you were correct to suspect some manipulation by our forex to hide truth, but you might be happy this AM!

Elmerf123456:  So much good stuff has been pouring out over the last 48 hours. Excitement is in the air and I hope we have seen this come to our wanted conclusion. It's amazing how the ebbs and flows of these events unfold

Elmerf123456:  I know there is a lot of talk about rates. Bottom line is none of that matter.The only rates that matter is the real rate you negotiate in front of the Banker when we get the green light to exchange! All other just adds to your emotions

Elmerf123456:  Understandably that many are on edge. All of us get that! Some of us report what we find and are told but have no control of the actual process. We are all in this together and we all want conclusion! Let's work hard to control our emotions and ordain our destiny!



12-11-2015 06:00 PM

Publish 'news agency', on Thursday, and documents the new general amnesty law based on what passed by Parliament and approved by the President of the Republic and based on the provisions of the first item of Article 61 and Item III of Article 73 of the Constitution.

The documents reveal the main points of that relieved a general amnesty for Iraqi sentenced to death, or one of the penalties for not to have committed crimes under anti-terrorism law or human trafficking, drugs, kidnapping and smuggling antiquities, bribery and other crimes.



Martha :  I was on the phone with a fellow Dinarians and we were discussing dates. Things will be completed for everyone by 11/22 BUT we didn't realize what else this date represented.

On November 22,1963, President John F Kennedy lost his life by assassination. He was preparing to expose the eight banking families and rid us of the Federal Reserve Bank to re-establish a gold standard.

Wouldn’t it be ironic that on this date of 11/22 /2015 that his dream could be realized.
Truth IS stranger than fiction.

Martha    http://www.hermes-press.com/frs1.htm

TNT: Highlights From The Big Call: "the Zim is way over 20 cents", 13 NOV

TNT:  Highlights From The Big Call

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: talking about last night's call

Pinkroses:  Bruce call: prayer request done, heads up on call tomorrow nite Bruce was invited to, but due to a previous obligation cant be on that call. The call is going to be a preparation education call with DebTarHeelGirl about everyday safety, internet safety and security, to protect email,

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: DebTarHeelGirls Call will also talk about  travel safety, and a man will be talking about precious metal investing, prayer also. there be an announcement on Dinar Recaps about the call for tomorrow night.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: INTEL............INTEL

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we heard a lot of good things this weekend, Iraq is done, all countries are ready to go

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Guys we are hearing pretty good things last couple of days this should indeed happen this week. Iraq using their cards, lower denoms are out, they are done. Indications that other countries in the world are lined up, ready to go. Sovereign nations been compensated already. Certain countries in our hemisphere have moved along further than we have. WE will be last, we are last to be notified, last to begin.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: in our part of the world ...we will be last

PinkRoses: Bruce: dont be discouraged by that. We are end of the road. Something on the 15th significant, sorry missed it. Certain parties want this done immediately. Resistance in the past, i understand no longer a factor

Mangelo:  Bruce call: certain parties want this done now, something on the 15th, the rates are higher

ChampagneLife: Bruce: plan on a great weekend!

PinkRoses:   Bruce: plan a possible weekend, from now through the weekend. Rates continue to be very very good. The dinar very good, high, the dong and Zim higher, not going to tell you. the three i know about. We are in a really good place.

ChampagneLife:  Bruce : it is a process and moving out

Pinkroses:  Bruce: thought we have a celebration call tonite, but not quite there yet. Everything is coming together. It is a process. It is rolling out. Things I hear and know, things happening behind the scenes. Alot of funding going through. Assets made liquid. Everything coming together.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: did I think we would have a celebration call tonight ...I thought we would...it's moving along, their is a lot of funding going on, everything is coming together

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce getting ready for Q and A

PinkRoses: Bruce call: caller: when we go in for the actual exchange, what do we bring in?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: if dont have a passport, a drivers license, even another photo ID, maybe okay with one photo ID, have a student ID, even Sams card. Utility bill, cell phone bill at the house, bill in your name so they can say ok this is a real person with an addresss.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: call: what do we bring to the exchange? Driver license, state ID, student ID, utility bill, something in your name, bring your currency

PinkRoses:  Bruce: any bank acct info. Birth certificate wouldnt hurt as form as ID. I dont think we going to need it. If you have it, a good solid form of ID. SS number too.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: about the 50Th notes…Bruce: it is just a 50 thousand note for high end for just in Iraq, we dont need to be concern with. It is just for Iraqi to use between banks and high networth individuals.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: i read on sites it very important for the Rv, but I agree with you

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: , just 50K 100K notes are for business transaction

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: one site reading a good friend in Iraq and they not knew anyone got paid

PinkRoses:  Bruce: boots on ground many been spending, on card been charged 4 dollars. lower denoms there. it the new rate, they are done.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: we got people with security on the ground, we know things there. I am feeling good with info I am getting.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Caller: a friend of mine said they aren't celebrating, Bruce intel boots on the ground, many are spending now for a week now

PinkRoses: Bruce caller: some saying ZIM notes not to be exchanged at all?  Bruce: We have a special arrangement to exchange the zim, China is backing it up.

Pinkroses:  Bruce: I think they are full of it. I do not agree with it at all. If those people have zim see if they will gift it to you. The internet full of all kinds of things. make decisions what you chose to believe.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: caller: is the Zim over 20 cents?  Bruce: the Zim is way over 20 cents. You will be pleasantly surprised.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: amnesty laws and other laws moving along, possible celebration call each week, you think these laws still need to be passed? removing of mailiki bearing on it?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: All the laws have been passed. Everything has been put into law. The budget law been enacted. Nothing else from Iraq point of view need to be done.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: It is done. The laws are done, if they need to be tweeked, then the parliament needed a change. I think Maliki no longer a factor.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: should Maliki need to be removed or jailed?  Bruce: I think that has already happened, cant go into it.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: heard any feed back how to be notified on RV?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: same way we been talking about 3 years more. Those in group by email, others by Tony, or sites. Dinar Recaps I’m sure post something and other prominent sites. I think info go viral in matter of minutes when it is revealed to us.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: If we get notification, bank centers be open in two hours. just depends when notification comes out. Be prepared anyday from 7am to 11pm.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: asking questions about trust, you can have several acct under the same trust

PinkRoses:  Bruce: You can have a number of accts in a trust. another account at one bank and another at another bank. several accts with one trust

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I am not an attorney or cpa

Pinkroses:  Bruce caller: they were talking about anyone making over 10 million dollars in this will be subject to an NDA?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I not heard of that, I dont think it makes a whole lot of sense that NDA be that big of deal

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: anyone earning over 10 million would have to sign an NDA, I haven't heard any thing about it, I think it makes much sense

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: ZIM would be 500 million or 1 billion cut off?

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: I think if their is a limit of 1 billion on the zim

PinkRoses:  Bruce: if there is cap, i call it a limit. It would be at a 1 billion usd. IF you have enough to succeed that, then you might want to look at other entities owning that currency.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I dont know if that is going to be the case. we will have to find out.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: putting excess in a trust if you succeed 1 billion dollars with the zim.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Kent: If you have a controlling member in a trust, it doesnt matter they will look at all those entities. We just dont know what the implications are, if you can have control of multiple entities. WE have to wait on that one.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: yes. I think some will succeed that limit. It just actual depend on other factors. Be prepared, consider idea of another entity or nonprofit for that. a good problem to have.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: Zim rate internationally over 20 cents?

PinkRoses:   Bruce: not talking about contract rates on the zim. decent rates, market rates on the zim, not an nda situation. You might do an exchange and sign an nda with the other currency and it may cover the zim exchange.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: with dealers maybe have option to change into another currency not the usd. I dont know the rates the dealers will offer. many are planning to use the larger banks.

PinkRoses: Bruce caller: I thought you said you can use the larger banks to exchange into another currency.

Pinkroses:  Bruce: you can with a large international bank, but may have to go inwith the usd first, then exchange into currencies you want and hold them in a multicurrency acct. a way to diversify. you cant make the exchange i know of without the dollar first in the US. most of us here will exchange right here into USD

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: you can exchange your currency then use the dollar to exchange into other currency

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: according to the intel say the zim worth 20 cents. then each note at 100 trillion worth 20 million?

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: why all the interest in the dinar?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: 20 years ago we didnt know about the zim, rupiah, dong. later we learned other currency be in the first basket. 5 currencies in the mix, rupiah the 4th, afghani the 5th currency. count yourself fortunate you know about the ZIM

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: getting to understand the exchange rate of the zim and why we going for the dinar, Bruce we didn't know earlier about the zim

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: announcement coming out of Abadi on facebook, he was talking about the reform been accomplished. Mumbling

PinkRoses:   Bruce: We are very very close. All indications we are right there. By the weekend if nothing gets in the way, we should be there from everything I heard

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: nothing should be in our way ...we should be their this weekend
PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: if your husgand and you have seperate currency can we exchange seperately or together?

Bruce: They want husbands and wives go together to exchange. they dont want one person exchanging without the other person knowledge. If you have hyour own currency, I dont think anything wrong making own accts

Bruce: they want couples to go together, so one person not exchange without the other person knowing

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: they want couples going together

PinkRoses:  Bruce: It could be something the banks dont want to be involve or part of marriages splitting up over this. I dont want bearer of bad news, but I think this will be an opportunity for people to go their own way. I hope that doesnt happen. I hope it is a unifying factor.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: can you open your acct at bank at time of exchange or need do it ahead of time

Mangelo: Bruce call: caller: you can open an account at the time of exchange...it will be okay

PinkRoses:  Bruce: You can open it at time of exchange. My undesrtanding we can open up an acct and exchange at bank same time.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: we supposed to be next?

PinkRoses: Bruce: some countries got to before us, we will be last.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: call: I heard the chinese have done their thing and the Iraq has done the same, they have been buying things and other countries have been gone before us!

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: do you think Tony really going to cigar bar tomorrow or a call out?

PinkRoses:  Bruce: tomorrow Friday, he normally do a call regular time. it is up in the air what Tony will do. He may have plans to do final call.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: I think he will do a special call, could very will be. I cant speak for Tony or his schedule.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: The ZIM might go higher the 3rd day after the announcement?

PinkRoses: Bruce: Could be, a good stredegy, I heard 5 days. do not be in a rush, but take your zim with you, plan to do same time. I been told keep an eye on it.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller keep an eye on your zim it may go up after 3 days, maybe

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: letter, email i received that the trn has possibly been announced before the RV, is it possible?

Bruce:  Bruce: could be possible, i dont think manatory.......

PinkRoses:  Bruce: the new money out in the banks still, are not the treasury notes yet. the money we have are still backed by the trns, dont worry about it. You will be fine with the currency we have.

Mangelo: Bruce call: caller: all or notes are backed by the TRN pinkroses wrote moments ago Bruce: the new money out in the banks still, are not the treasury notes yet. the money we have are still backed by the trns, dont worry about it. You will be fine with the currency we have.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: forex indicator we been looking for has been surpased Bruce: Yes we are there.

Mangelo:  ruce call: caller: forex is surpassed what we expected...Bruce we are there......

Pinkroses:  Bruce caller; Is there going to be an exchange fee with WF.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: my understand with the 2 percent the bank negotiated with, they maybe getting it on the other side, not from you.

Mangelo:  bruce call: caller: is their going to be a fee...what I am hearing they will get their fee on the backside

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: will we meet first the negotiator on the exchange, then hour or two meet with the wealth management team?  Bruce: i think the wealth management team maybe hanging around and meet with them. But they probably meet with you a few days or week or so after.

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I been reading on the blogs recommending wait for 7 to 10 days after the RV to exchange

PinkRoses:  Bruce: i think that is poor advice. I wouldnt wait that long. We are actually hearing the opposite on some currency.

PinkRoses:  Bruce: For the group rate, not good idea. Individuals I wouldnt take 7 to 10 days.
Pinkroses:  Bruce caller: how many days you recommend to wait?  Bruce: 3 to 5 days

PinkRoses: Bruce call: the limit on the Zim, can you put that in a certifide check, or keep in bank for cettain time. …Bruce: the limit on the ZIM is 1 billion….

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: when you get to your limit on the zim. if you go over can you get a certified check, Bruce:  I don't know what they are going to do yet

PinkRoses:  Bruce: i dont think so. I don’t know what their provisions will be. That is why I suggested to have a seperate entity to take the remaining amount. I dont know what they will let you do.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: caller: math question, NO dropping of the 3 zeros! on the dinar......

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: the dong as well?  Bruce-Yes

PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: you mentioned we are last, why?

PinkRoss:  Bruce: it is called this administration and the resistance they have put all along.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: call is now ending…Bruce call: wrapping up..we should be there by the weekend

PinkRoses:  Bruce: Guys we are looking good, cant predict the time. We should be there by the weekend, that is what we have heard.

PinkRoses:  Bruce call: we hope for the celebration call on Tuesday! ending....Kent leading us out on a prayer

PinkRoses:  The big call Bruce reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456