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Iko Ward:  At 5:37 Forex went to 1095. Never does that this time of day. Stay tuned.
Isa52bc:  Thank you Iko, mine dropped to 1119 (lowest to date), then it did it's unusual stuff with the really low numbers as I have given you in the past.

GTCnote:  I beleive tony said that watching forex is kinda a waist of time. just sayin. but im no expert....just at waiting. 8)

Iko Ward:  gtc...watching Forex alone is a waste of time. But when 7 other indicators line up with similar info I pay attention.

ASN:  IKO>> What are those 7 indicators
Iko Ward:  ASN...Forex, Is a52bc:  Finally, trading just opened up. usd/iqN is still showing blank chart with "No Data Available" printed in the middle of the chart and hidden chart values as pips on the Right side of chart.

ASN:  GE All FYI: the following banks are closed on Wednesday November 11, 2015 in observance of Veteran's Day: Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America


[Tight wad] There is a blog in recaps -- China canceling debt on some of the most impoverished countries. So this brings up some questions. Is China in better shape than some ppl have led us to believe economy wise? Could this be related to the rumored global prosperity packages? Is China jumping the RV gun?

[sunny] Tight wad Once the RV /GCR is done all countries will be in better or good shape. so the news about China forgiving debt could be an indicator everything is moving forward.

SassyD:  'Too big to fail' banks need $1.2 trillion -- Big banks better start ​looking under the couch cushions. They need to come up with $1.2 trill​ion to fortify themselves from the next financial meltdown. -- http://money.cnn.com/2015/11/09/investing/too-big-to-fail-banks-need-a​-trillion/index.html


Greatly Blessed:  Abadi allied with Maliki's opponents to isolate him politically
Monday 09-11-2015 | 7:56:00

Twilight News / being Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi intensive dialogues and meetings to hold a consensus and alliances directly and indirectly with opponents of his predecessor and leader of the coalition Nuri al-Maliki in order to politically isolate him, after he began the last rigid stance of refusing to cancel his post as deputy president of the Republic of Iraq, taking advantage of the great support received by From Iran to return to him. 

The Abadi -oms Sbt- first tour of the southern Iraqi city of Najaf, where he met a number of Shiite men, including Mohammed al-Yacoubi, who heads the party Alvdalh- -zeim Moqtada al-Sadr and the Sadrist movement, which has a large fan power in Iraq and the number of of the other characters, after he refused a meeting with top cleric Ali al-Sistani. 

Perhaps produces meetings and movement witnessed in the political process in Iraq alliances may soon announce the formation of 'reform bloc', support Abadi, in what is known B'alaslahat 'announced in the face of the political blocs, which refuses to some of the popular movement in the country and warns the prime minister to make any reform move that could affect them.According to what I said network-Jazeera. 

A source within the National Alliance (Shiite) that 'there is a great mobility within the coalition between the two groups in favor of one-Abbadi and other al-Maliki, but who supports the current prime minister is the largest in the presence of the Sadrists and the Supreme Council which are considered the most prominent opponents of Maliki During his governance in the country. 

"He added that the Badr bloc led by Hadi al-Amiri is that stands within the alliance with al-Maliki as the umbrella of the coalition of state law, while the other blocks are teetering between the two parties, but they are certainly waiting for who will be the strongest in the coming days and will join him. 

The source, who declined to be Asmh- that there is a great opportunity to Ebadi to earn Maliki's opponents, especially the meeting, which gathered Saturday leader Moqtada al-Sadr, may yield results challenge from al-Maliki movement has separate him politically in the presence of splits within the Dawa party. 

On the other hand, he said the head of the Iraqi party of the future constitutional Entifadh Qanbar, said al-Abadi still has the greatest opportunity to stay in power, and especially on the Shiite level political maneuvers and closer than some anti-owners Kaltaar rib parties is tantamount to creating a political lobbies strengthen its political position with some Alamtaadat here and there, but without creating runners or pour oil on the fire. 

He added that al-Abadi managed to walk this winding and difficult road, I think it will succeed in the end because there are aware of a potential for everyone and even from Maliki's allies that the elimination of al-Abadi in these circumstances will lead to political disaster in Iraq outweigh the competition for power paths, because they may therefore lead to a split but a handful Iraq will not be anything worth conflict for him remains. 

For his part, Iraqi writer and journalist Falah Torch, The Abadi acting half will and not the launch of decision-making by the al-Maliki knots and the concentration of his followers in many but the majority of the joints of the government decision and action, hence the fact that ran the thinking and the will of the Abadi is not necessary to lift these barriers unloading al-Maliki, the ability of the decision and the post first and then isolating his followers actors government or win them over to his side

He pointed the torch to the high frequency of conflict and beatings between the camps of al-Abadi and Maliki , but, according to indicators, the Abadi gain round, because the power of the act and of belonging be to his power. 

spin behind-the-scenes conversations about the presence of replacements from within the Islamic call to the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi party, but regional interventions and support of the masses were opposed to al-Maliki is a barrier to it , fearing the assumption by a person close to the former head of the government or under his governance in the country.



Hello Everyone.
It is the second week in November 2015 already and many are frustrated again as to why the RV did not yet happen.
There is no reason to be frustrated. So far we are seeing everything is on path for a late Dec 2015 or early 2016 RV window of opportunity. This is just a very strong indication for this window. I am not saying it WILL RV. We base this on FACTS not on some secret source whispering intel in my ear……lol…..
Many criticized me on my last post about the US attempting to bring down the National debt by using these early dinar exchanges and oil credits.  They claimed that the US debt did increase and so how can they be bringing it down.
These people once again are “know it alls” and have to prove to everyone how smart they are. So then they should be able to back up with they say?
So to answer your question and challenge – If you do not add to the deficit at the past alarming rates are you in fact curbing the spending and thus at least containing the deficit?
How do you believe Obama was able to get the last budget bill (in deficit spending) approved so quickly?
What he is attempting to do is SLOW DOWN the rate of spending so as not to add so much, if any, to the National debt. Overtime if they can get the budget balanced, without any major disruption in the economy, this will be a huge goal accomplished. This is the key too.
They do not want to slow down the US economy down cause this will only lessen revenues and thus make it even harder to balance the budget. It is a tricky balancing act. It must be done gradually. So the USA too is balancing many balls all at once.
Many compare the future dinar exchange in the US reserves (post RV) to what happened at a result of the Kuwait currency revaluing. They believe it is going to magically pay off all the national debt of the USA upon an RV.  Really?  Who the hell told you this?
This is just such a ridiculous notation I need to address it once again. I am going to tell you one more time. This will NOT HAPPEN with the dinar reserves the USA now possesses. In fact it did not happen with the Kuwait revaluation either.
All the Clinton administration did was balance the budget thus creating a surplus of revenues for that quarter. Just one quarter out of the 32 quarters of his administration. This surplus revenue was then given away as economic incentives to the citizens (to gain more popularity for a second upcoming election?) by the next G.W. Bush administration.
So where should the money instead have gone? Should it have gone to pay off some of the national debt ? It did not as history shows us.
So this plan with Iraq is to use the oil credits from the turn-in of our dinars to generate wealth (part of the “delete the zeros” project) for the USA. This justified as paying down the war debt.
This usually happens after a major war, as the losers are forced to pay off the debt of the winners.  The money to be made off these oil credits by brokering oil over the next 20-30 years will go first towards supplementing the existing year’s budget so they don’t have to borrow so much, if any.
Next any surplus can then go to pay down some of the national debt of trillions $$$ going towards the war debt. They can not simply buy too much oil on credits all at once because of two factors:
1) they have an agreement with Iraq that only so much of these oil credits are to be used each  year beginning in 2013. So this deadline has already passed and the US is now already using these oil credits.
2) Until the currency officially comes back online with a “real” value (now you can see why Iraq is delaying the RV)  they are not about to publicize what they are doing since they would encourage a mad rush for millions more to purchase IQD and crash Iraqi’s economy. Do you think Iraq needs this pressure right now with their currency economic situation? Imagine if this were to happen? So just enough is just right and for now they have the balance needed.
So all you “smarties” out there should also know they will never completely pay down the USA national debt. Having a national debt can be healthy for country’s economy. But then again not too much.
So now YOU go do your homework and YOU come back and tell everyone why having a national debt is so important to a nation’s economy since you are so smart and want to bring us the intel.
But the larger question is who is going to pay now for this fight against ISIS? We know this is costing the USA and other coalition countries millions each and every day. Maybe some of you “smarties”  and “know-it-alls” out on these dinar forums can tell us….lol…..lol…..?
Maybe the answer lies is this question – Is there more to gain in the future than they are now spending….hint…hint…hint….lol….!
Today’s News
Today is Monday November 9th  and still no RV. Are you surprised? So there was once again nonsense talk of an RV this past weekend. You shouldn’t be surprised that this did not occur if you have been reading my news letters.
We are now into the second week of November already and I we see this movement to get the budget completed going on. As we inch our way towards December the progress we have been long awaiting is happening each week and all is looking very good.
Today I want to concentrate on sorting out some of the “balls” that Iraq is juggling right now. If you know these projects or programs ( refer to them as the juggling balls) they are working on, then it is much easier to read the articles and know what they are talking about. Right now this is the pulse of Iraq. I have also tried to give you a brief update on each of these items from the news over the weekend and so far this week.
So here is a list of the main projects they are now working on:
– 2016 BUDGET
Now that you know the list let me review each of these with you and explain them. By doing this you should be able to read just about any article and easily place it in one of these categories. By placing it in the category you can then connect the dots and see the reason why they are doing what they are doing the timelines.
But remember many are interconnected and you can’t separate the impact or priorities on other issues.  There are many golden nuggets so read carefully.
These categories (or projects) are the reasons for just about EVERYTHING you see going on right now in Iraq.
[Reconciliation (or Erbil) Mandates]
Facilitating Reconciliation in Iraq through Constitutional Review and National Dialogue.
We have seen the settling of Article 140 of the constitution. There is still however issues on the oil and gas law as to how Kurdistan will be allowed to see excess oil beyond the budget quotas. I do not believe this issue will be resolved until just after the 2016 budget is approved.
We have seen the Parties law get passed and is under implementation. Legitimate parties had 90 days to register and to qualify. This deadline is passed.
The Three Presidencies law still needs a second reading.
Hydrogen Carbon Law (HCL) – I believe this law is done but payments of the 17% is not always on time
Amnesty- last week we read they wanted to address this in Saturday’s session. They did and want now to vote on it this week. Let’s watch for it.
Implementation of the Federation Council- gives the people more voice in the legislative process, another body of legislation like the US Senate.
Establishment of  a National Guard.. The law to implement this is passed last week. We had previously read articles telling us they already set up boot camps for this purpose and staffed with coalition advisors. But there is still an open issue as to how they will recruit enough men to man these units. Thus a “conscription” draft like law is on the table and we watch for more details on this topic. This is also interconnected with fighting terrorism as many from my list of “juggling balls” are interconnected with each other.
A little more information on the history of the Erbil Agreement. You can see how these currency laws for reconciliation all fit into the process.
[2016 Budget]
First let me say that 2015 budget was the very first year that Iraq was on its own to find funding to support its budget. They are no longer depend on the scrutiny on the DFI fund distribution from post was days. They now control their own revenues and budget their own expenditures.
When they finally get out of sanctions fully by getting their currency returned to them, the remaining balance in the DFI fund will be returned to them. This could help too in balancing the 2016 budget.
So we hear that parliament now has the 2016 budget. If you read it you will determine there is a huge gap in that nearly half of it is deficit. So how will they fill this gap? This is the heart of many of the REFORMS, as Abadi is trying to consolidate and make the government leaner.
Earlier this year for the 2015 budget deficit we witnessed the socking of the 3 presidential deputies VP and the reduction in the ministries. Later this year we witnessed the salary reduction program and how this is saving billions each month. This is also interconnected with combating corruption as it has dismissed these expensive perks, salary favoritism and inflated political related salaries.
Abadi has put the govt employees on a standard govt pay scale. No favoritism, no special perks. Could this help in salary reduction once the IQD rate increases? Sure it will but this RV is not the driving force. The driving is and has been all along to save money.
Then just Friday we learned and I quote from a recent article – “Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi attributed the government’s decision to withdraw dozens of bills from the House of Representatives “not to lend themselves with reforms and government spending.”
These reforms are not just about combating corruption, instead they are more about finding money to meet the budget. Why can’t they just trim the budget instead? Trimming the budget has already been done and they are now as lean as they can be, yet still provide the needed services.
Iraq applied to the World Bank for a “soft” loan to help cover a portion of the deficit. In return the World Bank has sent advisers to the Iraqi State Audit to address and assessing the financial situation there.
The UN team offers a set of recommendations to the Iraqi government make clear reforms on salaries that exceed 70% of the country’s total revenue, and drain all the capabilities of the Malian government, as well as the lifting of government subsidies for food in the ration card items, and also the removal of subsidies on fuel prices and oil derivatives.
Latest news from over the weekend is the World Bank is willing to give Iraq a substantial  loan but wants to charge a rate of 11%  interest on the borrowed money. Iraq is still attempting to renegotiate the rate.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, received in his office on Sunday, Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the two sides stressed the importance of accelerating the adoption of the state budget law for 2016.
Iraq is targeting Dec 1st to complete the budget and have it passed thru parliament.
[Fighting ISIS / DAASH, breaking off from the Iranian influence]
Iraqi forces are said to be planning to mount a huge offensive to retake the city of Mosul from Islamic State militants.
It is not clear when Iraqi forces will be ready to attack the northern city. The much anticipated counter-offensive has been repeatedly postponed because Iraqi forces are unprepared and bogged down in battle elsewhere.
Mosul was overrun by Islamic State in June 2014 and millions are now banned from leaving by the hardline militants, who have proclaimed a caliphate straddling Iraq and Syria.
Operations in Anbar are now said to be winding down and I believe Iraq troops will be moved into the Mosul area next for this offensive.
They are being stingy on telling us too much on their plans and we should all understand that ISIS is reading the news too.

[Currency Reforms]
If you have been paying attention you have witnessed many of these steps already taken to prepare for the new “permanent” currency and to get Iraq out of the post war provisional currency (the 3 zero notes). Here is some of what has already been done:
2012 minted the new coins and print the lower denomination notes. These notes and coins are not yet distributed to all the provinces. The project was halted due to ISIS infiltration in Iraq. They will have to restart this project just prior to launching them. We will hear about this in the news. This is something they can’t hide from us.
2015 told us about the plan to use the new 50k and 100k notes. Said they would launch the 50k notes before the end of 2015. The 100k notes will follow in early 2016. These notes are not part of the provisional post war notes but will coincide with the new permanent money of minted coins and lower denominations.
We must watch and wait for them to launch these 50k notes as a sign the RV is close at hand.
2011 -2012 huge effort to try to suck in as much of the 3 zero notes from inside Iraq as they can. It is uncertain just how many the collected already but some say as much as 80-90%. So Iraqi citizens are using mainly the US dollar and their SMART Cards for daily purchases of goods and service (more  use of SMART cards than anything).
We read articles that the purpose of loading these cards so early was for this very reason. It also is part of the currency reform project to limit the money laundering and counterfeiting. Don’t believe me that the SMART Cards are an important part of the strategy? – here is an article to prove it. There words not mine.
The CBI on Saturday called a specialist in economic affairs for Iraq to implement the Ki Cards (SMART cards) and the MasterCard technology in all shops and sensitize the citizens to the use of the these cards for daily purchases. Why do they want to do this?
We read articles last week about printing more of the 3 zeros notes as an alternative to getting more currency in the hands of the citizens. Instead we also know the larger plan is to delete the 3 zero notes from the economy and so without infusing more of the 3 zero notes, how can you facilitate the flow of money in Iraqi’s economy (which is one of the issues crippling their economy right now). The economists say to use these debit cards instead and there is no need for more hard currency.
What is interesting too is we know that Iraq has very large stashed of the newer lower denominations but they will not distribute them now. Why? Cause these notes are associated with a significant increase in the value of their currency. This alone tells us they must come out with a value much higher than the US dollar many are now using on the streets or what is the incentive to turn them in for the lower denominations later?
How many times have you see someone try to counterfeit coins? By the time you are done the expense of counterfeiting is almost the same value as the coin itself. So it’s not worth it.  We must watch and wait for them to complete the launching of these lower denomination bills and coins as a sign the RV is close at hand.
The finance committee told us earlier this spring they were halting the “project to delete the zeroes” until sometime early 2016. We must watch and wait for them to re-launch this project as a sign the RV is close at hand.
The GOI passed the Ant-Money Laundering bill as they were kindly asked to have it completed by Oct 1st and were early in doing so. We now read many articles about the ongoing investigations and exposure to the corruption in this area of concern. They must figure out a way to put in place proper safeguards to prevent corruption with these weekly money auctions.
We can definitely see how this could hold back the RV. We look for more articles on this topic in the near future as this is now a HOT topic. We watch for them telling us they have the solution(s). It is HOT because we all should use out common sense. They will not go forward with the RV and lose billions each week in these auctions.
Why would they since isn’t Abadi now instituting reforms to find ways to save billions in salary cuts and cutting govt programs? So why would they neglect this area where they also can save billions and even more so if the currency RV’d.
Okay today is Sunday and out pops this article telling us how they are resolving this corruption. See article below. Amazing isn’ it. Its all just a continuing saga…lol….
But this is very good since they caught the bad guys,. We know this issue would definitely hold back any RV. Hopefully they will come up with a permanent solution soon.
Article Begins
Information / BAGHDAD / ..
The Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, to take all legal action against offending banks to auction foreign currency, stressing that the bank’s audit teams continuing its work in this area in coordination with the judicial authorities.
The bank said in a statement received by the agency / information /, a copy of it, that “in light of the recounted by some of the media and social networking sites of news and information and presentation of documents pertaining to violations of some banks and companies in the sale and purchase of foreign currency window emphasize that we had previously taken all legal action against those banks and their clients in conflict with the instructions for an auction of foreign currency for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014 “.
The statement said that” Among those actions prosecution by Iraqi courts in addition to his imposing heavy fines and being Asthsalha now, “noting that” the bank’s audit teams continuing to work in this field with the coordination and inform the competent judicial authorities offenses or values the amounts obtained for this purpose.
“It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank decided, in (June 9, 2015), depriving the 14 banks from entering the window buying and selling foreign currency, as he emphasized that depriving these banks will continue until the payment of the amounts discharged. It ended
Article Ends
[Investment Opportunities]
The following I took from an article and I did not want to just dump the article here but instead took it and trying to point out significant pieces to you on the direction Iraq must take to diversify. It also is telling us the obstacles to undertaking this effort seriously.
This philosophy in the Iraqi constitution, in Article 25, which states and I quote- “The State shall ensure the reform of the Iraqi economy on a modern basis and to ensure full investment of its resources, diversifying its sources and encouraging the private sector and development”. This is based on narrowing the field to the economic activity of the state, as a prelude to join the system of the world economy imposed by international institutions (the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and WTO) and guidance.
Economists say Iraq currently faces conditions that do not allow him to work on this approach only after it is economic and social reform process and even political, and then the appropriate approach to join the international economic system, noting that as a result we note that there is a significant distortion in the government budgets for Iraq, because despite what was approved by the Constitution and announced by the government following the philosophy of free market economy and the adoption of market mechanism economist as a method, but that is what we observe in the budget otherwise completely.
They pointed out that the budget reflects the extent of government intervention in the economy, particularly as indicated by the operational expenditure figures and specifically paragraph salaries and wages, and thus there are great challenges of economic, social and political general budget and make this the image that we see control.
He said al-Ani, saying: What Iraq still suffers from the lack of reasons for security and stability are allowed to develop realistic and ambitious development and reconstruction programs, in the circumstances of the lack of strategic development and clear The glitch security significantly, where the focus is on the security aspects, in particular social aspects, including the guarantee entry to citizens, pointing out that this situation has seen high unemployment rates accompanied by economic and social effects makes it imperative for the government addressed through fiscal policy.
[UN Millennium goals for the Middle East]
I encourage each of you readers to read up in the overall UN future plan for the middle east. I have included a link below to find information on this topic. It is very interesting and so you can see the proposed future of the region. It is just a matter of time. In the short term they can not accomplish these goals without a real currency for Iraq.
In 2015, more than 190 world leaders committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help us all end extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice, and fix climate change. We each have a role to play if we’re going to achieve these goals of a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable world.
[Cleaning up the Corruption]
The current head of government, Haidar al-Abadi, launched a reform campaign in August to tackle graft and incompetence following mass protests against corruption, poor services, and reckless government spending
So many of you heard about the death of Ahmad Chalibi? Like the killing of Talibani this too is being kept secret as to the cause until they are ready to tell it. They do not want to stir up any more tribal tensions.
In this regard an amazing article came out this past week telling us that Chalabi covered all his bases. Do you know  what this means? Chalabi must of suspected someone would plot to kill him so he protected the sensitive file he possessed on high level corruption by giving a copy to his second wife.
Chalabi told her earlier that if any harm happened to him, the documents and CD tapes  in her possession with should be handed over to Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan. So the authorities do now have all the files on corruption Chalibi needed to hand over to them.
I have asked everyone to watch for an upcoming spilt in the Dowa party. So last week we witnessed Abadi is reeling politically after signs of a split in the coalition of state law, led by Nuri al-Maliki.
There are now movements within the “State of Law” bloc heavyweights in the Parliament and the National Alliance suggest signs of “split” within the coalition in the wake of the wing Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with the Supreme Council and the Sadrists coordination with sticks toward Nuri al-Maliki bloc Badr. This is in the aftermath of the death of Chalibi. Do not take his death lightly it is going to make waves to Maliki’s final demise.
Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, in a television interview that “Washington sensitive to the evolution of the Iraqi-Russian relations.” Maliki said in the meeting, which was broadcast by “Russia Today” later that Washington is not serious in eradicating Daash, adding: “I have called on the government to invite Russia for strikes to Daash, there are those who oppose.”
He said that Russia has a genuine desire to eradicate terrorism in Syria and Iraq, stressing that Russia and Iran are two of the feet support for Iraq after the fall of Mosul, and that “Washington took the role of spectator after the invasion of Daash of Iraq, and was aware of the movements of terrorists.”
He pointed out that there are major countries seeking to divide Iraq, and this project still exist, and added that the fall of Mosul was a plot hatched by international and regional parties. Maliki confirmed the need for the return of Kirkuk under Iraqi central government authority.
And cross-Maliki expressed support for the move to withdraw the mandate of Parliament Abadi accordance with the principle of separation of powers.
An Iraqi court on Thursday sentenced a former environment minister to two years in prison over charges of corruption, the judicial authority said in a statement. He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and also fined by the court to pay 338 million Iraqi Dinar (about 285,000 U.S. dollars).
But here is the really good news…..
Funny how this news comes now at the aftermath on the evidence presented in the corruption files turned over to the authorities from Chalibi’s second wife?
Announced the judiciary, Monday, all issued several arrest warrants against senior officials in the state, but the security forces have not carried out, considering it a violation of justice and the rule of law. He said the judiciary spokesman Abdul SattarBayrakdar, in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The judge issued the decisions of arrest and conviction, but the executive bodies are responsible for the implementation of these decisions.”
Okay so these senior officials must be very high ranking if they are hesitating in arresting them. Could this be Maliki and his goons? Notice too how they did not give us any names.
The federal judiciary announced, earlier, about to take new measures that will develop the judicial work and its interaction with the citizens about the earliest, and the period between the issuance of arrest warrants against other officials in the state they memorandums of suspicions of corruption and involved in terrorist or criminal.
Could this get any better?
[Update: On Abadi’s Reforms]
We are now hearing that parliament plans to host the Accountability and Justice law this week. We know they already have had a   first and second reading. As I have said previously this is a very involved law and they want to get it right.
In the same light we are now hearing the Amnesty law may also be hosted in parliament this week. We always thought these two laws would be addressed and passed in or around the same parliament  session. There is some interconnection.
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, November 9, 2015.  I really didn’t want to do this call today, and started not wanting to do it on Friday!  It’s a great day.  A lot of things are happening and everyone should be positive.  We could have a couple more hours to do this or a couple more days.
This is what happened over the weekend:  it’s been confirmed all over the place.  Once again they passed out the lower denominations.  On Saturday they went to the main banks in each region and on Sunday they went to all the banks in all regions. Every day, they explained to the Iraqi people how this process is going to work;  also in the mosques, they explained and said that this is ‘imminent’. Yesterday and today people were looking for a scheduled global announcement.  Today there is a group or meeting where they are going over that announcement, making sure it’s worded correctly and explaining everything that his happening in the global economy.
Banks are excited, or were over the weekend. They were given a new date and time to start looking for this – not the exact time, just a start time.  That is part of this week.  According to our sources, some in Iraq have been informed how much currency they should have in their pockets. They were informed what procedures they should take, as foreigners, and also when they think this should be all over.  These are those who only a week or two ago thought this wasn’t happening until 2016 or 2017, and now they are being told this week will change their lives.  Everything we are hearing say that this is a life-changing week for us.  I am spreading that out across the whole week… just be ready from any moment after I hang up this phone.
Their bank people are just like ours – they call their customers, family members, friends.  They think they know the day and the start time, and they are letting people they know.  Speeches have been written on both sides, and they are being careful to explain all sides of the situation.  Iraqi citizens and foreigners have been informed of procedures, which are different for each group.  I’m glad to be here, although I’d rather be at the bank!  But let’s do what we do…
636 caller: Anything specific we should be looking for, other than your text?
Tony:  I don’t know another way to send it out to you apart from a text. You can go to other sites if you want.  We will put it out on our other tntsuperfantastic sites, as soon as I determine they want me to do something.
503 caller:  Everything sounds awesome!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  If you do not have a question, hit *2 to put your hand down.  I’ll give everyone a moment to do that and then refresh. Okay, everyone with their hand up now has a question, right?
313 caller:  When the dinar goes live, will it show up on the CBI website?  I’ve been watching that every day for the last six months.
Tony:  I think it will.  I think they will want the world to know…
Caller:  The banks are going to call you when this goes live?  How long will that take?
Tony:  I don’t know what the final decision is:  no call, 15-minute call, ten days of calls.  If they want us to help, we will help make this as smooth as possible for you guys. I know people in the banks who will call me, and whatever they tell me, I will respond to that. I will get a call from Iraq before then.  We’ll see what they want us to do.
404 caller: When you talk about those speeches, will they be low-key or high visibility?
Tony:  They will be low-key. They are not going to stop the presses or anything.  They are expecting an announcement in Iraq, and in the rest of the world it will be in financial circles only.  It will just be a statement about changes going on, the new banking system, etc.  I don’t have it yet.
Caller:  In the past, we have been briefed that we would doing this AFTER the Iraqis, and then at the same time.
Tony: I think WE internet people will be doing it at the same time as the Iraqi people, and everyone else will be doing it a few days later.
Caller:  Basani was making it clear that it wants this to be done now.  How long do people have to make it clear that they want this done now?
Tony:  I am not Muslim or Iraqi, so I can’t answer that question.  It is important that the Iraqi people know that their top religious leader is behind them because if things go sideways, they want to know that he is behind this wanting to get this done.  They are politicians and they understand that.
Caller:  I heard that they are doing the first reading of the Budget tomorrow.  Can they do all three readings in one day and pass the Budget?
Tony:  I don’t know.  I don’t care about the 2016 Budget;  we are still in 2015, and the Budget still has the same low rates in there.  That never made any difference to me.  They can make it 35 dollars and this is still happening.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  so Tony can go and we can celebrate!
Tony:  I’m going to Vegas anyway this weekend so that I can go to the Big Smoke.  It’s Monday and I still haven’t had my shirts made.  Any of you guys that make those TNT shirts, I wear a 3x and will happily pay you for it.
409 caller:  Several years ago when I decided to purchase my dinar, my father bought it for me, so the receipt has his name on it.  Does he need to give me a gift letter, or is the receipt sufficient for my taxes?
Tony:  Better safe than sorry – have him write out a gift letter for you.
Caller:  When you have a gift letter, does that change the tax bracket as for short or long-term investments?
Tony:  When you were given the gift, it wasn’t worth much.  When you exchange it, you’re on your own.  The point is to receive the gift when it’s worth less than $14,000.
Caller:  I will talk to a professional.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Texas!
Fave attorney:  We were hearing talk about Abadi, that some people aren’t happy with him?  What do your sources say on that?
Tony:  My sources say that whomever they put in office, someone won’t like him.  So I’m pretty sure there is some truth in that.  I think that there is a little bit of that, with some saying he is no different from Maliki, with people protesting in the streets.  They are now telling the Iraqi people that everything promised is about to happen.  They went through all the reforms, telling people the details of what they mean, and I don’t think there is any concern of Abadi being removed from office.  I think this week all doubt will be removed, he will be loved by his country and Abadi will go down as the first leader of Iraq who benefited his country rather than himself.
Caller:  Procedures or taxes?
Tony:  I haven’t heard anything new.  We will have to wait and see.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
281 caller:  One of my friends has contacts who talk to him about this thing coming, and they say before the 15th.  What do you think?
Tony:  Great – that’s a good number to give him.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Another 281 caller:  As for Vegas, is this going to be in December or is this too close to find a venue?
Tony:  Every year so far, we have run into problems arranging something at this time of the year.  I like Vegas, although we could move it outside Vegas… Reno, maybe, but Reno is cold.  We started with 8,400 people, and if everyone is rich and the numbers go to 16,000, we will need a stadium!  The banks should want to help so that you can learn things before you spend your money, so I’m trying to set this up as fast as possible.  All the other locations like North Carolina and Atlanta, we shouldn’t have a problem.
Caller:  Wherever you have it, we will all come.
Tony: The smaller venues will be one day, and Vegas will be four days so that more people can get to the classes and speakers, and so that the banks can offer what they want to you.  I also want to introduce all the mods from the last five years, so you can meet Pam, Ray and all the rest, and also so that you can meet each other after talking for years on the phone.
Caller:  I met your brother for the first time this weekend at the Houston class.  That will help us prepare for this when it happens.  [Appreciation]  I will follow you anywhere just so that I can get some additional information.
352 caller:  I appreciate it that you are courteous to those who are rude to you, to those who seem to challenge you.  Do you have a date in mind – how long before you call it quits?
Tony:  The day I go to the bank and exchange my currency, that’s the day I call it quits.  We are here to go through it – there is no ‘quits’.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  Good morning from the West Coast!  Are the people protesting in Iraq?
Tony:  They have been protesting but are not right now. There were 2-3 million in the streets, and that is why they made announcements in the mosques and on television, and why they told them the lower denominations have been moved. They are being public about what they are doing to keep people from rising in the streets.  They know they are at the point of ‘enough is enough’.
Caller:  They also need to sit down together with a few cigars, sign it and get it done!  Happy Veterans Day to all our vets… [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! so we all can go and listen to the banks and meet each other.  Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh!
301 caller:  When we call the 800 numbers will they tell me where the nearest bank will have a Delarue machine?
Tony:  I don’t know – I don’t think so.  I don’t think they will know where all the machines are located. They will tell you where to go and your appointment time.  Then when you hang up, call that location and see if they have a Delarue machine.
Caller:  Maybe I’ll just hop on a plane to Reno – you said they will have one.
Tony:  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  I wouldn’t go all the way to Reno just for a machine.  We have to have some confidence and trust.  The banks want us to exchange.  You have to know how much currency you have. The last thing the banks want is for people to come back to the internet and tell people how the bank ripped you off in your exchange. They will do everything they can to make this as smooth as possible.
Caller:  How can I get a text from you on my cell phone?
Tony:  I do send out tweets but I don’t know how… Pam does.  Do you have twitter?
Caller:  Maybe Pam could fix me up?
Tony:  Nine times out of ten, Pam is at home doing nothing.  [NOT!]  I will give her your number and ask her to help you out with that.  You’re not in the chat room at all?  Okay.
602 caller:  Going back to DC, he always deferred to you on in-depth knowledge of the dong.  If you are 100% sure our dinar is coming out, are you also comfortable that the dong will come out at the same time?
Tony:  I’m as comfortable as I can get. They are shown on the screens together, the banks have been trained to exchange them together, so yes.
909 caller:  I was reading an article on a dinar blog and it said that China will lead the way on this exchange. They said China will exchange dinar, dong and zim, through HSBC, DeutscheBank and the Bank of China… what do you say?
Tony:  Are you suggesting the big four in the US will not exchange?  I think he is trying to say that CHINA will be using the dong to build up the value of their currency, just as we are suing the dinar to support the countries involved in the Iraqi conflict.  Under Basel III, China can use dong to enhance their currency, so that is being exchanged through their system, so yes.
Caller:  But in the past you said that China is offering a contract rate on dong?
Tony:  Yes, and dinar as well.  The banks here will exchange dinar and dong, but the article is probably saying that China is the foundation bank for dealing with the dong.
650 caller:  You spoke of the lower denominations being distributed, and there are reports that they are actually being circulated in Kurdistan – any reports on that?
Tony:  All I know as of this morning is that they are at the banks.  T hey are supposed to be distributed today, but I haven’t heard that as yet.  They are still scheduled for this week.  I haven’t asked any of my contacts if they have them in their hands;  they work at the bank so they probably have seen them.
Caller: You’ve said this week is an important week as a window.  Do you see any specific indicators?
Tony:  What I’ve already told you – banks have been notified, memos sent out, and meetings are being held to prepare announcements on both sides. That makes me think it’s happening this week.
561 caller:  Has Baghdad been paid?
Tony:  People who can make these decisions made sure that I knew that we would get paid when the average Iraqi citizens get paid.  That’s how it was explained to me.
Caller:  So we are waiting for them to be paid?  And the lower denominations?
Tony:  When the lower denominations are released, that’s them being paid.
832 caller:  I have two quick questions.  Did the  Chinese become a reserve currency in the SDR?
Tony: They moved that to the 30. November, so we are still waiting on that.  I don’t think they will wait another five years, it’s just a matter of the meeting and being announced.
Caller:  When will Iran be listed for doing open business with the world?
Tony: They will start when there is an announcement of a formal agreement in place.  It will be global news.  We are not waiting on that;  it is not the holdup.
Caller:  [Appreciation] from me and all my family.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
252 caller:  My uncle passed last week, and one of his children found a box with all his dinar.  How can we exchange that?  Will we have to show his death certificate?  Is that considered a gift or what?  What is your suggestion?
Tony:  Because of your circumstances, without knowing if she is the only child or what his will says.  I would find out who is in charge of his estate, see if there is a will and how he left his estate, and see if other family members are involved.
Caller:  Can you give RayRen my number?  [can’t hear]  I went to Wells Fargo and asked about exchanging;  the young man asked what I wanted to exchange.  I showed him my dinar, and he said, “It’s real”.  I asked about the rate, and he didn’t see it on the screen so he took it to the manager.  She then looked on her computer, but hesitated, and just then the supervisor came by.  They came back and gave the usual story about not having anything to do with the dinar.  But I thought it interesting that the young man said “it’s real”.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Pam:  We will attempt to put the Twitter/tweet instructions on the tntdinar.com site, where everyone can see it.  We put the transcripts up after every call, and the link for Tony Robbins’ book.  You can register for the tweets without having a twitter account. Sometimes you have to register several time.
Also I want to read something sent to me this morning:  “Life is like a dance, and we’re partners.  Setbacks, delays, and detours? They’re like steps in the mambo, tango, and cha-cha. If you dissected the movements and saw them without the rest of the dance, everyone would look to be in great pain.  But when you see the big picture… poetry in motion.  In life, setbacks, delays, and detours are often just my way of “keeping” you for something way better.  Don’t let them discourage you, don’t see them out of context, and whatever you do, don’t stop dancing.”
Ray:  It is magnificent Monday, awaiting information as it unfolds.
Tony:  All the information is very positive.  Every step gets us closer to the finish line.  Statements are being prepared, people being notified, information on Iraqi television and in the mosques they have told them to get ready. The banks were given a date and time over the weekend for this to start.  All our information says ‘this is the time’.  I always say “you have to get through it to get to it” and we are through it according to my information.  We should have one more call together if they want us to do something.  If not, we might have a few more calls to help you get through this. It is on the way!  Enjoy the rest of your day.


    • sunny said
      10:31 AM Nov 9, 2015
    Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.  
    Tony:  Once again they passed out the lower denoms.  Saturday they went to banks in each region and Sunday went to all banks in region.  Over the weekend everybody knows it . .  on skype, etc.
    Banks are excited . . . over weekend given a new date and time . . . that date is part of this week . . . Actually it was a start time to start looking for this.  That time is part of this week.  Not an exact time.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  From the moment I hang up from this call and beyond.
    Caller Question:  On or before the 15th?  Your thoughts on that?  
    Tony:  Great!  Good safe into and good time frame. Really safe.
    IRAQ:   Yesterday and today people were looking for a scheduled announce, briefing, global announcement.  Tony thinks it will be low key, on financial channels only.  Expect it to be low key.
    Tony:  Today there is a group, sitting together on both sides of the water, going over announcement.  (Want it) worded correctly to explain everything in the global economy going on right now as we speak.Citizens and foreigners in Iraq have been informed of their procedures and it's different from the businesses.
    • CBI:  expect it to show on CBI as Tony thinks they will want the world to know. 
    • Banks:  lower denom's distributed.
    • TV /Mosques Explaining on TV and in the mosques the change is imminent Tony:  Telling them everything they have promised them is about to happen. . .On TV they are explaining how this process is going to work and it should be starting really soon . . . imminent.  Explaining in mosque it will be starting real shortly, quickly. and imminent.
    • 2016 Budget has same rates
    • IMF    
    • Rates    
    • UST:    
    • Banks:    
    • Packages:      
    EXCHANGING:    Tony does not yet know what the final procedure will be.