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China is paying for this RV. You will have a street rate, international rate, market rate and contract rates.

The dong has always had a better rate of return. Vietnam is a very strong country financially in assets and GDP. Contract rates are 6.00-20.00..market rates are over 2.00 and the international rate maybe, also 2.00 and settle there.

The dinar will be 3.00 plus with market rates up to 9.00 ,contract rates will be higher up to 38.00.Rupiah may be a surprise with a high market rate of 9.00.Indonesia, like Vietnam is another very strong country.

At this point, all rates are still re-calculating in the system.

It is not easy to just load 198 countries with changes at the same time. Also, the currency markets buy and sell all day thus hedging their values
Most traders don't even realize what is about to happen with the revalue themselves.

Some countries, in the baskets will actually devalue based on GDP, inflation, deflation and keeping interest rates in balance.

The Rial should come out at 3.00 plus close to IQD international rate.


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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 4, 2015.  I don’t know what happened today but something … they aren’t letting you call in on the webcast until 15 minutes before the call but when I checked it before the call, there were already 20,000 on the line, and 35,000 total on the call.  I don’t know what they are hearing, but there are many more people than usual on the line.  We do have some really good, exciting news.  I do hope this is the very last call, our last week – it is that close.  I haven’t paid the bill, and hopefully don’t have to.  I pray to God that we don’t.
Man, everything is super-super positive –everyone is ready, the rates are on the board, and calls from several countries are seeing the rates and they all say pending. They have a date and time for this to go live, and it IS this week.  There isn’t much time left in this week. There have been meetings with bankers and wealth managers, and have called people in for appointments this week.  They all feel it’s happening this week.  The banks have brought in some people to find out what they need, to get a head start and build their client lists.  There is nothing wrong with that – it’s what we want to see.
My understanding at this point is that unless you have a couple hundred million USD, you will most likely NOT sign the NDA – that limit or higher.  That’s the latest thing I’ve been told, although I haven’t seen it in a document. That’s how they are trying to set it up, with higher rates than we originally thought – double, triple, trying to share the wealth with more people.
In Iraq, Abadi gave two speeches through the mosque, on Sunday and Monday, saying that everything the country has been waiting for, the people are about to see – prior to Eid.  Some people in Iraq expected to see this yesterday and/or today, and expect another update at evening mosque today.  They are supposed to be told exactly where they are with the reforms and when they should be completed.  Everyone is happy, and they fully expected to be paid yesterday or today, and they have been assured everything will be explained to them today in the mosque.
There is currently a meeting going on with several international agencies that started at 12.20am last night and it’s still going on. Once this is concluded, activation date and time will be given. That’s my understanding, anyway.
Supposedly NDAs under ten million US dollars will NOT be required, unless the bank is scared.  It could be 500 million at contract rate that an NDA will be needed.  I’m just giving you the pieces of information coming out of meetings. I’m just telling you in case we don’t end up doing a call.  If we do the call, I’ll explain the details then.  The rates are looking very good and on the screens in different countries.  Six banks in the US have the rates on the screens saying ‘pending’.
I’ll read this part, from Pam (the tyrant):  This keeps popping up and many are concerned.  Will the banks send out the currencies off to be verified or will they be verified on site?  Many are concerned about derivatives, counterfeits, banks taking the currency and the customer not getting credit, etc.”  That’s a text sent to Pam that she sent to me.  Here is the real deal:  years ago, when this was put together, I had bank personnel who had worked at the banks for years saying, “Don’t trust the bank!”  They would not leave their own money at the bank where they worked!  On the other side, people in the banks told us they had been trained, been told what to look for, and also that some personnel would be hostile because they missed the opportunity of a lifetime and might take it out on you.  Nobody can protect you from all of that except for you.  Bank people are human beings like you, and they get emotional. There will be a lot of emotions throughout this process, so be smart about it. It’s the same with the police – many are good, but some are bad.  There are bad people in every industry, and there will be some bad bank people out there, so you can be aware.  Banks will follow their own policies. Exchange centers should check your currency, deposit, and get you out the door.  Other banks will have to follow their regular procedures, and that usually involves counting the currency, sealing it, and sending it off to their regional centers for verification.  If you don’t like their process, you get to walk away.  You get to control that part.  If you don’t like it, leave it.  If you are not happy, go somewhere you are.  Don’t be forced to do something you don’t want to do. The power is in your hands about what you agree to. Ask how it is going to go, and agree to do that, or not.  When I buy a car, I don’t’ want to talk to a number of people and I want to get to the end.  If you are concerned about verification, ask how they do that and find out how much will be deposited in your account.  If you’re not satisfied, leave.  Keep it simple.
In the exchange centers, they have known about this for a while and it should be smooth.  The only possible problems might be in the smaller regional banks. Then some of these issues might come up.
They expected you all would be in the banks today, actually, but got held up because of these final meetings.  Hopefully we will get that date/time this is being released.
615 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  My father was a lawyer and I used to read his law books so I understand law codes.  I’m trying to understand the tax implications.  I’m not a tax attorney, but I’d like to share my version.  I’m an attorney once removed, I guess!
I’ve heard a lot of discussion about taxes, and some seems close to true but others will get you into trouble.  In IRS Pub 44, it specifically lists foreign currency as a class 2 asset that you buy or sell for gain or loss.  So that usually falls under the taxation for capital gains.  The day you buy it, that cost is the ‘basis’, and after one year, it becomes long-term capital gains.  Until then, it’s considered income, as with all short-term capital gains.  After a year, there are a couple of tax rates:  if you fall in the 15% tax rate, and only exchange up to $200K, then you might pay no taxes.
Tony:  There is a possibility that there is no taxes, but depending on how much you  make in the exchange, there may well be taxes.  We cannot go through the whole tax code on this call.
Caller:  Federal income tax on the highest bracket is39.6%.  On 2013, there came in a net investment tax as well of 3.8%;  also, if you make more than 100K, you have to pay quarterly or you might pay an additional 2% tax.  As you said, though, set aside 50%, or more if your state has state income tax.
951 caller:  Do you really think this will happen before Christmas this year?
Tony:  Well, I’m broke and I need money.  All the requirements have been met, all the fussing and fighting has subsided, all the articles we saw last year… we are seeing none of that in the last few months. Every article has been about building the economy and building for growth and that money has to come from somewhere.  All the fighting has stopped and everyone wants this to go through.  All banks in the US and the world are seeing the same rates and the same timeframes for this to go live.  We used to look only the US banks, but I am hearing from all these other countries.  Hopefully by the end of this meeting this will all be done and finalized. That is what I’m looking at:  the level of the information, where it’s come from and what it is.  So now it’s different.
Caller:  On the last call you said that they were only waiting for one agency to approve this…
Tony:  On Monday, the IMF and one other agency were having a problem but they resolved it.  They are in a meeting right now, and hopefully at the conclusion they will say “this is the time and we’re going to do it.”  The banks have already been briefed on when to start, and they also ask, “How do you know this is the time, for sure?”  They are not sure, this is what they are being told, just like me.  People say that banks that told them they were not going to be involved a year ago, they are now calling to set up client appointments later this week!
Caller:  Okay!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
717 caller:  That was a great tweet and we are all ready for some excitement in our lives!  I was listening to calls from a year ago because I wanted to hear that great belly laugh from you and DC.  That was very contagious.  In the documentary Laughology, they say you can add eight years to your life through laughing!  Is 404 around?
Tony:  I’m just not sure of the taxes because they are still trying to do some special thing and there might be zero taxes, 15% or 50%.  I just don’t know.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
423 caller:  Have you heard from Okie?
Tony:  I talked to Okie on Monday and Tuesday.  He is sounding better.  He is as happy as we are;  he has been around for a while.
410 caller:  When they are talking about a date and time this week, does this mean this week?  Or that it might go to Monday?
Tony:  I’m not going to say it can’t, but the date/time I know about it prior to Monday.
Caller:  Under ten million IQD there will probably be no NDA?
Tony:  NO, that is under ten million dollars!  It’s not a currency, it’s a dollar amount. So that is the total, that under ten million USD, it’s at the bank’s discretion. I heard from one of the banks yesterday that they won’t do any NDAs under five hundred million.
Caller:  Okay!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
727 caller:  Do you know an exchange center in or around Santa Rosa, California?
Tony:  Do they even have banks in Santa Rosa?
Caller:  I was at a large branch of Wells Fargo where they have a wealth manager.  I purchased some of my currency there.  When I spoke to the WM, he said this would never happen, you would have to go to other countries, and so on.  He said that most people get mad when he says this, and he has a conversation with his father-in-law every w eek on this topic.  He said he gets his information from Paul Christopher, the WF chief foreign exchange strategist.
Tony:  Either he just exposed how far WF doesn’t trust him with this information, or he’s one of the biggest liars in the world.  Two of the top exchange locations in the country will be in Reno and San Francisco, and both belong to Wells Fargo.
Caller:  So when I make my call, I’ll drive to San Francisco… and I’ll stop at that branch and show him my deposit slip.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
313 caller:  Did you hear the rumor that the dong is supposed to go live today?  I called the bank and it hasn’t hit the bank yet.
Tony:  I did hear that rumor, and I think anything’s possible.  What do you want to say?  Yes, I think that’s right;  I think we’re going to see it?  Yes, I did hear that it got approval to go today, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go today.  I think it’s much too early for any of that to take place, but it did get approval and that is a good thing.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
404 caller:  You mentioned in your opening remarks that the process got underway at 12.20am today?  Is that correct?  And when it reaches its conclusion, will the RV go automatically, or will it still involve something further?  In the past, you said that there were algorithms that ‘couldn’t be stopped’, and yet…
Tony:  You listened closely and came to a logical conclusion.  My understanding is that after completion, it is FREE to go at some designated time.
Caller:  Is it ‘free to go’ henceforth, within a given timeframe?  Or does the process have to be reactivated?
Tony:  At the end of this meeting, in theory, everyone has agreed it can go.  I don’t know if it will go in five minutes, twelve hours or what.  They do seem to be saying by the end of this week.
Caller: Will this be when the banks are all open, all closed, or is that no longer relevant?
Tony:  They are more concerned about the markets than the banks.  The banks are more concerned about which day than what house.  Today is not a concern.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  May this be our last call!
816 caller:  I can’t usually hold long enough to get on the call!  To clarify something you said, if you have UNDER ten million, there will not be an NDA.  I thought we would not have to sign an NDA is you took the international rates.
Tony:  Nothing was said to me about contract rates.  If you have ten million US dollars or less, it’s up to the bank’s discretion whether you have to sign an NDA.  Before, they said that if you didn’t take contract rates, you wouldn’t have to sign an NDA.  Yesterday I heard from one of the banks that they would not do NDAs for people who exchange for less than five hundred million US dollars.  That from is one bank, at a higher level.  I just don’t know;  we’ll have to see what happens.
Caller:  I don’t plan to say anything, whether I sign an NDA or not – just don’t want to have to worry constantly.  I just want to take the international rate, get out, help people I know are in need and live the rest of my years not having to worry.
Tony:  All this information just gives you plan A and plan B;  if this comes up, this is not the first time you’ll have heard it.  They are considering all this, and I hope we will have all this information up front before you make your call and go to your appointment.  You have time to settle down on the plan you want.
Caller:  If they demand an NDA for over ten million, is that just at one bank?  Can you  split your funds between different banks?
Tony:  I don’t know.  There is no NDA required at street level, regardless of the amount, according to my sources.  One is saying ten million and above with the contract rate will have an NDA;  the other is saying 500 million with the contract rate for the NDA.  We’ll just have to see.  It sure sounds good for this week.
505 caller:  First-time caller… [Appreciation]
Tony:  If you really want to thank me, don’t ask me a year’s worth of questions!
Caller:  I’m from the Bay Area, and now I’m calling you from Mexico where I retired to.  I’m about 6-7 hours from Tucson, where my currency is being held, and I’m in the top 10% of currency holders so I don’t want to cross the border.  I have legal residency in Nevada and will exchange in Reno.  It sounds like there are few days of the higher rates and then will come back down.  I have an off-the-shelf trust read to be mailed to me.  If you were in my situation, traveling between countries, would you exchange without the trust?  With the trust I can avoid the initial taxes.  What are your thoughts?
Tony:  I would have already made my trust and put the currency in the trust.  I would then go to the bank with the trust papers and its EIN and exchange into that account. IN my opinion, you don’t need the trust to be completed – you need a trust, an EIN, and a bank account in the trust’s name – that’s all.  Put the currency in the trust’s name initially so that you can use the trust’s bank account.
Caller:  Ah.  That makes sense.  If you want to go to Vegas, you go and drag the rest of us there.  I can’t handle second-hand smoke, myself, so could you possibly go to a town that really needs the money like New Orleans or some place where we could donate just by our presence there?
Tony:  Anywhere I go, there is going to be second-hand smoke, because I smoke!  If we are looking to help a local economy, we’re not going to put a dent in Las Vegas… or New Orleans, either.  They have people smoking, drinking, partying and gambling in New Orleans as well!  We do intend to go to North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and other places.  We limited the smaller venues to 1,500 and got 8,000 in 15 minutes!  But we will have smaller venues for those who don’t care for Las Vegas.
The bank will require documentation that the trust exists before they open the account.  If you have a skeleton trust, with the documents, get your EIN at irs.gov, then you have all that you require to open the account.  They just need to see that the trust exists, not all the paperwork, as long as you have the EIN to show it’s recognized by the US government.  You don’t have to wait for the RV to do all that, you can do that today!
770 caller:  If the dong has been approved, what does that actually mean?
Tony:  It means the dong can go when the dinar goes and the RV is announced. It cannot go before the RV, but it’s been given full approval to go.
Caller:  Does that mean we are that much closer, out of the woods?
Tony:  If nothing else happens, we are out of this by Monday at the latest.
Now, when I say ‘set up’, I mean that I have the name of my trust and the EIN; t hat doesn’t mean I have set up the entire day-to-day workings or purposes.  I don’t do trusts;  that’s what Ray does.  That’s what I would do, but I haven’t gone to Ray’s trust class. I can only tell you what I understand.  Pam went to his class and she says I need to do X, Y and Z.  I don’t need to do any of that because I have Ray!  I’m just putting that out there publicly, so that you know it’s Ray’s job to deal with trusts.
Next caller:  You said in the mosque that they would make an announcement in the evening mosque;  what time is that?
Tony: It’s over;  we just haven’t received the information yet.  Morning mosque goes from 5am to 10am;  in the evening I don’t think it starts until 6pm.  I don’t know how long it goes in the evening, thought.
Caller:  If this had happened a few years ago, I would have blown it and made terrible mistakes, but now I’m sober and settled. I know what to do and I will be leaving a legacy for 3-4 generations.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Pam says she has something to do…
Pam:  I’m still sober, too.  Tony is not an expert is everything.  He can be wrong;  he doesn’t know everything.  Ask those questions to Dr. ;:Google, who does know everything!  Tony is not giving you legal or financial advice, and I’m not sure Tony even gives good advice!  Talk to professionals who do know what they’re talking about, or talk to Tony’s brother Ray!
Ray:  Okay. Based on what some have heard, it seems like we might see it today, at least with the dong. Be optimistic and enjoy your day.
Tony:  I am very optimistic on the time frames we are hearing.  Everything is being done right now, and banks are telling their managers the date/time when they expect to have lines out the door. That day is really close.  Banks and sources in banks in other countries still have the same or similar rates ‘pending’. There is no negative news, no doom and gloom, nobody stopping it or saying it won’t happen until 2016.  Everyone is just getting ready.  Abadi said that Monday/Tuesday they will see what they have been waiting for… definitely by Eid [which is Monday, 7. November].  They were expecting it yesterday, today and definitely by tomorrow. They are being updated in the mosques about all the reform measures, and I think it will be good news.  I hope and pray this is our last call apart from one telling you to go to the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I look forward to this happening any moment, any hour, and any day of this week.


    • Iko Ward said
      07:50 AM Nov 4, 2015
    It’s like that first day the swim club re-opens. It’s hot out, but the pool is still freezing. Everyone is standing around, The IMF, The Rothschilds, The Morgans, FOREX and the UST, all the big international banks with their derivative cinder-blocks chained to their necks...all scared to dive in because they know when this happens some will drown; still others will be revived but stuck on life support the rest of their days. One or two will actually admit what they’ve done and help create a new dawn.

    A new breed of financier will rise from the deep. Many will still try and pee in the pool but the new banks and the new governments will see them from up on the lifeguard stand and blow the whistle. China’s elders are already up on the veranda, sitting in the shade, having French-fries and cokes. Like beneficent grand-parents, they’re making sure no one strays too far into the deep end unless they know how to swim. Like guardians, they are also making sure that some do.

    In the end the peoples of the world will triumph, we’ll all be in the pool, and it will be warm and sunny and finding a place for our picnic blankets won’t be a problem. Hopefully, we will invite everyone in, not ask them to only believe what we believe, recognize the planet is shrinking, understand that all wars have been banker’s wars. Hopefully, we will not let our new found powers corrupt too soon.

    As for me, I know there is much to be done. Right now is the easy part. Whether you walk away with one hundred thousand or one hundred million, we have a duty to pay it forward. Are you up to that task? You never really know who you are 'til the bullets fly. And each day even that is brand new. Some days will be good and some will not. Here’s to us all.

    In love and service,


The US of A stated they were withdrawing USD’s temporarily from Iraq…there was some excuse about funding terrorism/DAASH/ISIS or some such thing…probably a valid concern at some point…in the past.

The first week of August…this is when the US actually stopped sending USD to Iraq, loans were being made in USD up to that time…but it all stopped, yes terrorism was to blame, partially.

What we need to keep in mind is that Iraq cannot revalue their IQD as long as the USD is being used in Iraq. For the time being Iraq has essentially eliminated the USD from their diet….this was to happen by 1/1/2016 but has happened already…they are FAR FAR ahead of schedule.

We’ve seen recently that Dr. Shabibi has started talking once again about the lifting of the 000’s… PM Abadi was at the mosque Sunday evening…he did speak to the citizens…telling them he was offering a full life of security, stability, prosperity without exception to the upcoming EID.

Where did these strong words come from … as we’ve said there are EXPECTATIONS for November … NOVEMBER IS GOING TO BE LIKE A WATERFALL!  … all this is phenomenal news. Now is the SEASON … to be PROSPEROUS.



Fact 1: Currently there is over 34 trillion Iraqi dinar in circulation outside of the banks. That’s Trillion with a T!
Fact 2: The CBI has over 71 trillion Iraqi dinar in there M1 money supply. Check the CBI website
Fact 3: The CBI has over 85 trillion Iraqi dinar in their M2 money supply. Check the CBI website.

Fact 4: America’s total M2 money supply is only 11 trillion. There is not enough to cover a revalue to even a dollar.
Fact 5: In all of history there has never been a revalue above 50 percent. NEVER!
Fact 6: If the dinar were to revalue to 1 penny that would be a 1,000 percent revalue given the current exchange rate.

Fact 7: If the Dinar were to revalue to 1 dollar that would be 100,000 percent revalue given the current exchange rate.
Fact 8: If the dinar were to go to Its prewar rate it would be a 300,000 percent revalue given the current exchange rate.
Fact 9: Iraq was involved with a currency scam in the 1990’s which is similar to the current dinar scam going on today. In 1993 25 billion was lost to private investors outside of Iraq because of the same hype we see today. Check the Link below,

Fact 10: Iraq’s reserves have been growing as a direct result of their currency being exported. The United States does not have a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) with Iraq. There are no bilateral treaty obligations which protect the dinar outside of country. Check the link below. In addition Iraq’s National Investment Law does not cover the banking sector and excludes it’s currency. A copy of this law can be obtained here. http://www.export.gov/iraq
Fact 11: A redenomination would strengthen the dinar and drastically reduce the amount of currency in circulation.
Fact 12: A revalue like the gurus claim would be the same as adding currency to the money supply and it would contribute to hyper-inflation. It would not only make the currency weak it would totally collapse the currency. (check the feds document called Modern Money Mechanics)

Fact 13: There was never a Kuwaiti revalue after the gulf war. Check the Kuwaiti Central Bank Website. Look at Wiki-Pedia. and Check the link below.
Fact 14: In 2005 Turkey went through a redenomination with their currency. (TURKISH LIRA) They did not revalue their currency. Check the link below.
Fact 15: Only pegged currencies revalue. It is a policy decision made by the central bank for that country. Floating currencies don’t revalue. The market determines the price.


Fact 16: Japan’s currency floats. It did not revalue in the 1980’s.The yen isn’t pegged so it wasn’t a revaluation. Second, the yen gained ground simply because the dollar was devalued as a cold war strategy in 1985. Although there were people who did make money from the yen, it was never because of a revaluation. This is known as the Plaza Accord
Fact 17: There is a feasibility study that circulates the dinar forums as proof of a coming revalue. Gurus claim that it is proof for a $1.13 to $1.17 revalue. Here is the study.
The truth is this study is from 1984. It is during the Saddam era and it predates both gulf wars. It also predates the hyper-inflation Iraq went through during the 1990’s. In addition to this, the Gulf Wars in Iraq did not devalue the currency. The currency went through hyper-inflation during the 1990’s as a result of overprinting and Saddam invalidating the Swiss dinar outside of country. (See dinar updates 5) This Study no longer applies!
Fact 18: Oil in Iraq is sold in dollars. It is not sold in dinar.

Fact 19: Iraq is not reducing the money supply. Check the CBI website
Fact 20: The U.S. Treasury does not have trillions of dinar. (check the BH indictment)
Fact 21: Executive order 13303 does not protect the dinar investor. (Once again check the BH Indictment) The U.S. government got a conviction for fraud based on the statements in Fact 20 and Fact 21. According to the Federal Government, It is illegal to import Iraqi dinar. Check the link below.

Fact 22: George Bush never said the war will pay for itself.
Fact 23: There was never an agreement for Iraq to compensate America for the war.

Fact 24: Dinar Gurus are being prosecuted for lying about this investment in order to make money off of unsuspecting people. The B.H. Group and David Olmsted serve as examples.

Fact 25: There are many more people who lied concerning the dinar. Tony TnT is just one of many people. In Fact a lot of gurus are multi-level marketers and they come from a questionable past. Check this link.
Fact 26: The B.H. indictment says that Iraq plans on redenominating their currency. They got convictions of fraud based on statements saying Iraq was going to revalue its currency. Check the indictment below
Fact 27: A revalue does not work in tiers. It does not occur in one country before it goes into another country. Revalues are global and they happen everywhere at once. Check Iraq’s history. Every time they changed the rate it was reflected the following day at the currency auctions. New rates go into effect immediately every where at once.

Fact 28: The dinar is the most lied about currency I have ever seen. There are a lot of scams associated with the dinar investment. Please note that this does not mean the dinar currency itself is a scam. It is valid and used in Iraq. The scam comes from people (dinar gurus) lying to sell the currency to foreign investors to make a huge profit from it.
Fact 29: The lower denominations were not printed in July of 2011 as the gurus claimed.
Fact 30: The dinar requires a reserve in order to give it value. The reserves for the dinar is the U.S. dollar. Currently there are not enough U.S. dollars (reserves) in Iraq to support a revalue to even a penny. Check the CBI website.

Fact 31: There is no coming Global Reset that will result in a revalue of the dinar. (article coming)
Fact 32: They don’t need to revalue the dinar in order to join the World Trade Organization (article coming with evidence)
Fact 33: The dinar cannot revalue according to the countries resources. There are not enough resources to back the dinar to even a dollar given the amount of Iraqi dinar in circulation.

Fact 34: There have been well over 70 redenominations in the past. In just about every case hyper-inflation happened as a result of over printing the currency. Redenominations happened both during hyper-inflation and years after hyper-inflation. Check out this study.
Fact 35: Removing the zeros is redenomination language not revalue language. Look at Turkey’s redenomination articles, and the study on redenomination above for examples.
Fact 36: Deleting the zeros does not mean pulling only the higher notes out of circulation. Once again this is redenomination language and it means changing out the entire series of notes. (See the link to the redenomination study)

Fact 37: When you go to Forex, (a currency exchange market) and you search for the Iraqi dinar. (IQD) They say the Iraqi dinar is going to redenominate. Furthermore Iraq announced a redenomination.
Fact 38: Currencies don’t work the same way as stocks and the stock market.
Fact 39: Some nations keep an artificially low value on their currency because it increases their exports which in turn provides jobs. The end result is a stronger economy. China can serve as this example.


Fact 40: Shabibi never said that they would have the most valuable currency … he said it would be the strongest and he was referring to it being backed 100%. Once again there is not enough reserves to revalue the dinar to a penny!
There it is. I have just listed 40 facts with links to back those facts. These facts are all true and you can base an opinion on them. Now it is important that when you form any belief or analysis that you get your facts straight. Forming an opinion based on guru lies or conspiracy theories can cause you to make the wrong choices in the end. If you believe in the revalue then you can put your fact in the comment area, but remember the burden of proof is on you.

The video below was made to sell dinar. In my view it is an effort to hype the currency. Now that you have had a chance to see the real facts pay close attention to so-called facts in the video.

People are getting hurt because of the type of hype you see in the video above. Families are being destroyed and people are selling everything they have to buy this crap based on the lies in the video. Dealers are cleaning up on dinar sales and that is the only wealth building going on!

If you watched this video then you know it is loaded with facts. They only problem is the facts are all wrong. For example it called Turkey’s redenomination a revalue. So you did your homework. So you studied facts. That does not mean you know what is going to happen. Remember that is only your opinion. In the end only time will tell whose opinion is right and whose opinion is wrong, and that’s a fact jack!



RE:  Tuesday Night CC Notes

Abundantly Blessed:  Question for anyone. Isn't EID in July??? Doesn't gel in my pea brain for reassurances to the people for something that is 8-9 months away if we are in fact "very close". Or is there a different EID that I don't know about? Appreciate any ones thoughts.

7-FA:  Frank said on the call that Iraq has several Eid's during the year.... Hope this helps.

Lexi:  Think he also said he believes there are 2 more before the end of the year

LCM: Eid is Arabic meaning “feast, festival, holiday.”

Which by itself is different than, Eid al-Adha "Festival of the Sacrifice"),
and Eid al-Fitr, which is on the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal.Think of you saying "So what are you doing for the Holiday?"

We know which one you are talking about since you would say that just before the next one coming upNOT for a EID (holiday) coming 10 months from now.   Hope this help Family,


Blinkster:  lcm- you make a great point. WIth that in mind, the last four holidays LISTED of 2015 for Iraq are these (please read below these four):

Dec 22 Tuesday December Solstice -Season
Dec 24 Thursday The Prophet's Birthday -National holiday
Dec 25 Friday Christmas Day -National holiday
Dec 31 Thursday New Year's Eve -Observance

Now in the spirit of what lcm brought to the table (see post #58 above), this forthcoming "EID" (that Abadi spoke of to the Iraqi people in the Mosques via TV according to Frank), IMO can truly (and will likely) be a formerly unscheduled "holiday" that the Iraq Govt suddenly proclaims as one.

And we have seen that done many times already. (edit) in all fairness, according to what lcm shared, any of the above four holidays left for 2015 could also qualify.

Get ready Get ready Get ready!!!


AbundantlyBlessed:   A NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER. I love how that rhymes and sounds so romantic. Need to make a movie or maybe write a book with that title. Don't mind me...just talking to myself. Thank you Frank!!!


Aggiedad77:  Good Morning Family.....I'm still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes as I read through your excellent analysis of Eid and upcoming holidays in Iraq after you heard Frank mention that last night.....could it be that PM Abadi is planning.....and "Eid" like holiday in remembrance of Chalabi in the near future....as someone said.....they can decide to shut things down for the smallest of reasons it seems when they have the desire to do so.    Aloha    Randy


Hello TNT family, thank you very much, I know my brother well appreciate your prayers. So my meeting went well. Their are things I can say and other things I can not, for his safety and mine now. I thought his family was from Baghdad...they are from Kurdistan. They have a lot of influence their. (They have a town in their name and that might be to much information)

 So yes their cards are loaded and they are using lower demons. They are happy and spending their money! It's a bit difficult for some people there to use their cards when they where so use to using paper. I got a big history lesson on Iraq.

 What is told to us and what actually is happening are two different things. I can't believe what we are lead to believe. I will leave it at that. That is on the history of Iraq not the exchange process that is about to happen for us. If the family lived in Baghdad, then I could have gotten some other answer that we where all looking for. Have a great day! 


Article quote: “The recommendations stated on several alternatives to make up for the deficit in the financial budget instead of the new peace, most notably float currency for the high price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar…” This ties in with the other recent article that stated that the CBI was going to go “on the attack” with respect to getting the dinar value raised. Now this article is saying that Abadi is behind the plan all the way. I won’t be surprised to see the dinar released to a float prior to the end of this year or early in the next.
Zebari, the Finance Minister said in an official statement that by the end of the year Iraq will have only spent 60% of the 2015 budget… So how is that? And another Minister said that November is going to be a huge economic crisis month… From the outside looking in… it appears that they are setting up for something different then just salary cuts… the cuts are an adjustment to the lifting of the 3 zeros…and the cuts give indications that lifting the 3 zeros is not a neutral event, but rather going to add value to the Iraqi dinar…
[ya think early 2016?] IMO… BEFORE! They will need to open 2016 with the 3 zeros lifted. No money for the people and cut salaries…This is the defining moment! Either Abadi “flips the switch” per se’ and opens with some purchasing power to the currency…OR Maliki and his opposition will be able to flip the country with very little resistance from the citizens… really is that simple!
Twilight News / Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari discussed during the receipt of a copy of the adoption of the non-resident Ambassador of Switzerland in Iraq Heinz Peter Lenz, Iraq’s frozen assets is scheduled to be launched.
According to a statement issued by al-Jaafari’s office, the latter recognizes During the meeting, which brought together the two sides discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of developing them to serve the interests of the two friendly countries.
The statement added that he discussed the issue of Iraqi assets frozen in Switzerland, which is scheduled to be transferred to Iraq.
For his part, Heinz Peter Lenz Switzerland’s ambassador discussed his country’s readiness to support Iraq’s political security and provide more aid, stressing his country’s pro-Iraq stance in international forums, particularly in the fight against terrorists.

KTFA CC (Dessert Notes), 4 NOV

Aggiedad77:  Below are Franks “Dessert” notes to me as well as the notes from his portion of tonight’s CC….enjoy.
*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***
Tuesday Night CC Notes 11-03-2015
Frank26:  Today Family you saw that the US of A stated they were withdrawing USD’s temporarily from Iraq….there was some excuse about funding terrorism/DAASH/ISIS or some such thing…..probably a valid concern at some point….in the past.
Note too that we are being fed what information the media wants us to hear….if they were to choose to “starve” us….they would simply stop funneling information our way….and they would do this if they were told to do so.
What we see today actually started way back in August…the first week of August….remember last week on the Monday CC we talked about goals, one thing then another…..look at your notes as to what we discussed…..
One such goal was to be the removal of the USD from Iraq by 1/1/2015…..well heads up…..they are FAR FAR ahead of schedule on this topic as we saw them stating today.
In fact this is GREAT news to us…..but we have to keep in mind this activity actually took place dating back to August….that first week of August.
Think back to July even….the IMF was in conference with Dr. Shababi we believe and told him “you aren’t ready yet”…..you need to do a few more things….one of which we saw last week, the National Security Card…the one that replaced the Ki Card, more functionality for all Iraqi citizens….
BIG Monetary Reform step and effort on their part….but they don’t tell it to us this way…..instead they come up with the story of the USD being used for terrorism funding and we, the US, is going to stop sending the USD to Iraq.
AHHHHHH???????? Right….NO
What we need to keep in mind is that Iraq cannot revalue their IQD as long as the USD is being used in Iraq…..Randy interjected….Alan posted of this today…..Frank…”really I didn’t read that…honestly…..I had no idea he said that”…..Alan….Alan who”……Alan brother we love you….and love that you understand and we know there are other members of the Family who too understand.
Frank will share more tomorrow night after a shortened Business CC, he will dedicate an hour or so on more of this same material.
Now how about an example of what has transpired that we don’t yet know about.
PM Abadi went to the masques on Sunday evening and via a live feed TV broadcasting he spoke to all the Iraqi citizens….saying…Iraqi citizens I offer to you VALUED citizens of Iraq….security, stability, and prosperity without exception to the upcoming EID.
Circle four key words here
Family…..SECURITY….STABILITY….EXCEPTION….PROSPERITY it was on TEAM chat last Friday night if you were there that we were asked by the TEAM to seek keywords….these same keywords….in fact the same KEYWORDS we’ve been sharing with you for almost six months.
We have a news feed to prove this information, but it is not yet out on the internet. We believe the feed to be true but seek confirmation of the use of these keywords.
When have you ever heard PM Abadi speak like this…speak so forcefully using these kinds of words? What we need right now is more proof.
He ended this part of the dessert with my by saying that he and the TEAMS have three other files they wish to discuss with the Family.
Frank came into the CC at this point and then shared the following information:
Remember Family and it is hard to believe, this news is already old. We are given information and told to protect it, and by the time we can release it the information has become old….it is like some things are taking on a persona of a three month projection in some ways.
We had a staff meeting last month and a date was shared with KTFA Staff members of when the LD’s would be brought back into Iraq…when they would be brought forward.
Again, refer back to July, they were supposed to do all this back then, but the timing wasn’t right….it was like a missile countdown 3-2-hold…what hold please.
Remember the US walked in and escorted people out of the way and the people were told get out of the way….we took over…did some things that had to get done and then we allowed Iraq and the new coalition of forces take the credit……Laws, Banks, Baby Banks, LD’s….but the timing wasn’t right…then the first week of August….this is when the US actually stopped sending USD to Iraq, loans were being made in USD up to that time…but it all stopped, yes terrorism was to blame, partially.
Now is the SEASON…..to be PROSPEROUS.
Frank mentioned he had been writing for 3 hours today in the car taking notes from TEAMS. Everything that is presented should make logical sense…..especially the news media info….they WANT you to see this NOW, but we (the TEAMS) knew this would happen….
Been talking for months to the TEAMS about banking via posts at various times. They were asked to got o certain banks and make withdrawals to see with what ease that would be…..before now getting $10,000 USD in cash was not really a problem….however in the last several weeks they were asked to do this and it took several weeks to do so, but more importantly it took going to FOUR banks to make it happen….to get $10,000 USD in hard cash in their hands….this is unheard of….but largely due to the US stopping the USD from entering Iraq.
For the time being Iraq has essentially eliminated the USD from their diet….this was to happen by 1/1/2016….but has happened already…..that much USD, $10,000 in cash is not that easy to get even within the US now.
But now today…the USD is flowing back into Iraq but not in the manner we would think….it is going back for “our use. The Iraqis know their citizens have hoarded the USD….so this slowdown has made some sense and yes it partially had something to do with ISIS and terrorism funding….but where is ISIS today….gone or for all practical purposes gone.
We’ve seen recently that Dr. Shabibi has started talking once again about the lifting of the 000’s….then PM Abadi beating his chest like a gorilla talking about security, stability, prosperity….all this is phenomenal news.
Yes we still have lots to share tomorrow.
The article that is out regarding the USD and terrorism funding is old and dated…..yes there was corruption within the CBI….not with Dr. S…but with others…..Maliki pointed that out….but he had fingers pointing back at himself too because he was a guilty party as well.
Reuters has been asked to be a watchdog over the CBI and its transactions.
Well all of this….all of what Randy brought you…..rumor or not.
PM Abadi was at the mosque Sunday evening….he did speak to the citizens….telling them he was offering a full life of security, stability, prosperity without exception to the upcoming EID.
Where did these strong words come from….as we’ve said there are EXPECTATIONS for November, watch for these keywords from Abadi in the next few days.
One more thing Abadi is seen as the Commander in Chief…but that title is changing to Commander in Chief of all Forces in Iraq…this is important….it needs to happen to give Iraq the full and complete credit they need….status means quite a bit in the Middle East…in Iraq.
The call was closed with a prayer.

Highlights From The Big Call, 4 NOV

Highlights From The Big Call: 11-3-15
LadyB22:  Bruce, still in pre celebration mode. will pray now.
LadyB22:  Bruce, We had really good information today to have our celebration tonight. Things are happening to make me believe we are right there.
Flybaby777:  Bruce, We had really good information today to have our celebration tonight. Things are happening to make me believe we are right there.
LadyB22:  Bruce, Kent will teach now.
Flybaby777:  Bruce: stay in a mode of expectation we are in that mode now… we can expect miracles
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: intel what we believe we know. need to qualify because as of 1:00pm today I was to believe we would be having a celebration call. but did not manifest yet at time of this. but not giving up tonite and end of this week.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: because everything I am hearing and cant discuss, some to do with private groups and towns you heard of, continue to be patient while longer, and I believe this manifestation of this miracle will be seen.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: yesterday was a day of misinformation. some info yesterday was solid. Today started out strong, then it got quieter than I thought it be. We are in a very good place. Exchanges been going on last several days.
PinkRoses: Bruce: People are happy that things have moved along so far. I do not know every step but know a few of the steps to know we are in the process of this rolling out. If I say anything more I may jepordize it. So trust Bruce a little if I could share it, I would. we are so close we can just about taste it.
LadyB22:  Hearing good news (confirmation of what Our Tony said, plus he heard more good things today.)
PinkRoses: Bruce call: call will go about half past.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Prayer request right now
Flybaby777:  Bruce: … praying for mangelos brother right now…. has heart problems
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce getting ready for Q and A….. one question Tuesday
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: just got back from Hawaii, home now. I am not asking for a rate, but you indicated one time, the group rate were pretty awesome. would the group rate be better than the potential contract rate?
PinkRoses: Bruce: If you are in a gruop execute the group rate that has been negotiated.
I love you guys-you all are so special- we have been thru a lot but its about to come to an end that will be a beginning
PinkRoses:  Bruce: If a person not part of a group, could they negotiate a contract rate. They could negotiate a contract rate but not higher than the group rate. It could be, but not be. If in the WF group or other groups, you should act on that.
PinkRoses;   Bruce call: caller: health
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: does the Afghani still look good? Bruce: yes it does, all the currency looks good, I do not know the rial if it be couple of days behind after the Rv
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Tony said caps on dinar and dong Bruce: I am looking at a group context, we are not capped inside a group. I have heard that outside a group context there is a limit amount of ZIM that could be exchanged not to exceed one billion dollars. This is new to me, heard recently regarding the ZIM not in a group context.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: talking about the World Series
PinkRoses:   Bruce call: caller: question was cap on ZIM, you already answered it for me.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I heard you talk about group. ARe we in a group? Bruce: many of you are in a group and dont even know it yet. I would say pay attention, check your emails that you not discarding any emails important
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I been in 2004 I would get a email automatically? Bruce: yes, we cant go in any more detail because groups are private. I would say it is too late to join groups now. But some of you be part and not know it yet because something I cant talk about it now.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: You guys got to be careful. There was recently people received an email and given 800 number and asked for personal info. People got scammed, but the scammers got caught. Be careful to watch emails, you will know if something is legitament. They wont ask for personal info over the phone like some people did.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: You will know it is real. Pay attention and see what happens.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Question: I was told we were waiting on IMF doing something tomorrow. What is taking place tomorrow with IMF?
PinkRoses:  Bruce: If it is truly IMF, it maybe announcement related, or related to mentioning the Chinese Reminbi and Yaun as world currency. It maybe related to that or related to whole GCR, I do not know anything specifically but possible announcement by CL.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: CL has done with regard to documents, I believe that everything we are looking for regarding that this is complete
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Tony said he will tweet out so many people. Do you have any notification to get info out besides call? Bruce: only thing we will do if we have permission, is mirror Tony has far as putting out 800 numbers on our web site. We are not set up with a twitter
Pinkroses:  Bruce: Ken: Our first preference is the website. Bruce: What happens is we would plan to do celebration call which we thought be today. next call Tuesday (Thursday?)  . Check our website for that type of information.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: chit chat
Bruce: I said next Tuesday for celabration call? I meant to say next call Thursday. if so i bring Bob back next Tuesday
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: Bruce: health talk
Pinkroses:  Bruce call: caller: heavy accent, hard to understand. question: on the ZIM, If someone only have ZIM should they be worried that the ZIM not go thorugh?
PinkRoses:  Bruce: If I only have ZIM, definently use one of the big four banks, there is one I like that begins with a W. Call the 800 numbers to do your exchange. Do not walk into a bank and expect them to do your exchange.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: no worries ZIM not go through.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: set your appt to exchange the ZIM with big four banks, only concern about is that.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: appreciation
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: question: not specific to the group, but have two entities to exchange into, do I need to call them that when I call? Bruce: Yes you will want them to know that because they may need to reserve more time for you.
Pinkroses:  Bruce call: caller: question about direvitives, would you be concern about it. one article said WF was in trouble….. If you were me, what would I do?  Bruce:  I would do is exchange through WF period. It wont have a derivative issue
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: Do you know anything about having money put in a trust before the RV, if so the taxes wont apply because it is an entity? Bruce: Because I am not an attorney and dont know, I chose not to go into a trust yet.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: maybe some of you have already set up your trusts which is fine. I cant tell you from a tax prespective because that may vary from situation to situation.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: questions answered. would you think it go before the weekend. Bruce: yes, very positive
PinkRoses:   Bruce call: caller: Since there is going to be a cap, and we not in a group, there is cap on the ZIM, can my husband and I exchange the ZIM separately? Bruce: the limit is in USD as the result of the exchange for an exchange outside the group.  Bruce: If you dont do it individually, you could possibly set up a trust and do it that way.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: no questions
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: for many months and years, we heard this is the time, we believe this is now the time. Have you or any of you guys like Tony have tried to figure out what is the sources you dont have that really let us know indication when the ptb will truly let this go. I been it in for 5 years. everytime they say it go, but then they dont let it go.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: caller: like tony say what does that make sense to. What is what we dont know
PinkRoses:  Bruce: our source is generally good most of the time. but with the info we get or anyone else, there are limits to it, things going behind the scenes we find out about, and some things we dont find about.
PinkRoses: Bruce: we feel it is ready to break, so much more info now available to us than 3 to 5 years ago. The progress Iraq has done and see a change taking place, I dont care you been in it 12 years, you need beware that things are different this week than last week.   it is a process.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: China, even today everything China wanted to happen has happen
PinkRoses:  Bruce: this is way IMF requested budgets all over the world from the countries. Were we the last one to submit a budget yesterday? Yes. China knows the process. We have to standby and watch it unfold. Even after it happens we wont know all the answers what happens.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: 60 more countries have decided to join the CIPS (?, i dont know if i wrote it rigbht, sorry_) system
CookieCutter:  CIPS… china international payment system… it is their version of the SWIFT payment system… it bypasses the US
PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: why would you do foundations or trusts? Bruce: foundations are not profits
PinkRoses:  Bruce: talk to your cpa and estate attorney. I dont know important to do it before the exchange. some have but I havent.
PinkRoses:   Bruce call: some interest in operating a nonprofit, have to play by the rules. somethings you can do and something you cant do like in a trust. pros and cons with both.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: groups, I hear sometimes we will be called in after, then heard we will be called in earlier
PinkRoses:  Bruce: we have been led to believe that the shotgun start would take place that would allow groups and internet group be notified the same time. Bonefied group under the Admiral and WF would go the same time Tony group go.
PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: private groups would not get same 800 numbers as internet group? Bruce: Yes you are right. Tony is a non group guy, doesnt believe in groups. The 800 Tony will be given will be different than the private groups numbers they will be given in private email.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: the 800 numbers that Tony gets we can put out, but not numbers that the private group gets, that is why they are called private
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: appreciation
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: One question concerning the dong. Tony estimates are the dong is 22 cents. Bruce: Tony has changed that, Tony has finally came to the party on the dong. Ken: I think so. It is higher than that.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: It is way higher than that, way higher than what Tony says it is. I know what it is, period. Dont worry about it. IF you have dong you are in good shape.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: caller: brooklyn accent Bruce: going to recommend a pizza place table 87 restraunt, 20 inch pie…… forget about it,
PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: saw on recaps about dong being 41cents pending. bruce caller: if 41 cents I be happy if more I be happy. Bruce: the dong will be higher than the dinar for awhile. The rates are on the bank screens, but not on the teller screens.
PinkRoses:  Bruce call: caller: I dont know if you can answer this. The sources you get your info from is it all from Tony?
PinkRoses:  Bruce: NOOO, none of it is from Tony. All we do on this call is answer questions from Tonys listeners. I do not even listen to Tonys call, I like Tony …no offense.
PinkRoses:  Bruce caller: I was just wondering if the gurus got together and shared info
PinkRoses:  Bruce: I have got completely independent sources from Tony.
PinkRoses:   Bruce: could go tonite and tomorrow?
PinkRoses:  Bruce: Everything we heard at lunch time it was pointing at today, tonight. WE are still looking strongly for this week. Lets see what happens.
PinkRoses:  Bruce end of Q and A session Ken: Yes
PinkRoses:   Bruce : I thank you guys for coming in. I think we are in a good place right now for this to break. Some questions I could answser some I couldnt get deeply on. It is funny, you all know we are farther along than last week.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: I have been as anxious as you guys been waiting for this to come through, and we in good place for this to reveal quickly. Keep going, stay with plan A until Plan B come into fruition. It is a matter of the timing., Hang on, staying positive for it, dont sell your currency unless it life and death. I know someone sold a million dinar. So sad look what they are giving away.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: you guys too smart for that. You wouldnt do it unless it crucial. Until it, stay in your budget, we dont encourage you to buy or not buy, make adult decisions about your finances. We are in a good place, we are hoping this manifest, and have a celebration call Thursday. That is our plan.
LadyB22:  his closing remarks. It was going GOOD this afternoon and up til tonight….. then got quiet….. so keep believing….. keep waiting.
PinkRoses:  Bruce: Ken taking call out in prayer.
PinkRoses:  The Big call Bruce # 605-562-3170, reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456