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UPDATE on Mangelo's post from last night: Link

Jumpinjackflash :  Mangelo did you hear any more from your friend?

mangelo : he text us that he couldn't meet up with us today but wanted to meet tomorrow.

I had my friend ask him what was the rate. He said he didn't know, all that he knew was that his relatives where happy and enjoying the money.

I ask to meet him early tomorrow. So maybe we would be able to call his relatives. But I hope by then we have RV'd

mangelo: did you see what DePual posted that his WM called him and the rates where on the scene and on Pending...we are so close!!!

Depaul13 : My Wealth Manager just called and told me that the Rates are Pending on his screen.... He will call as soon as they are released!!! He Was Very Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steve:  This is positive.
November 1, 2015 in Iraq Banking & Finance News

By John Lee.

Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari (pictured) has said that Kuwait has postponed the final instalment of reparations for Iraq’s 1990-91 occupation until 2017.

The move, requested by Iraq, will help alleviate the cash crisis in Baghdad caused by lower oil prices and war with the Islamic State group (IS, ISIS, ISIL).
According to Reuters, this last tranche is also largest, worth $4.6 billion.

Nearly all the $52.4 billion in reparations has already been paid through Iraq’s annual allocation of 5 percent of crude oil exports to the U.N. Compensation Commission (UNCC).

(Source: Reuters)

Let me know if you have any questions and I will try and get them answered. Blessings,  Steve

Jimplants, on 01 Nov 2015 - 1:54 PM, said:   Helping a brother out. IMO Kuwait can't wait for Iraq to be free of sanctions they share a port and oil wells with them and are invested in the port of Basra which has been named by the World Bank as the new gateway to the new Silk Road.

The world bank has a massive office in Basra it will be a 24/7 365 day money generating machine of which Kuwait is invested in so the more money Iraq makes the more money Kuwait makes.

Steve:  You bet. This is a big deal to them and they are ready for Iraq.
dalawr3012, on 02 Nov 2015 - 06:30 AM, said:  Thank you Steve for chiming in, always great to hear from you. Are you still of the belief that the rate will be in the 3.5  give or take a few range?

Steve:  Yes I do. A strong currency will be equal to a strong economy. This one to one I am just not buying into at this time. How do you become one of the largest economic countries you ask?
Yes, a strong currency will be hand in hand. I believe if you go look at some strong countries with assets, you will see what I mean. The KWD to the USD is 3.30 at this momnet and Kuwait is next door with many things they are sharing in common like ports, oil, etc.
I understand not all countries are at the Kuwaiti rate nor ever will be, but that does not mean that the IQD falls within that group. Joe P that was on our site and was very much into this with huge contacts believed the rate to be close to the post Sadam days. 

Things have changed but Iraq is a very rich asset country.
I will try and find a few more articles and post them here that takes this into more detail that you love to read over and over. Until then, stay safe.
One impressive fact I do recall is that the Arab Gulf has 65% of the world’s proven oil reserves and Iraq 12%. Iraq is capable of producing 2 billion plus barrels of oil per year.   Blessings,  Steve


TNT Call notes 2-November-2015
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, November 2, 2015.  Those who don’t really have questions but who have their hands up, just to get on the call, please put your hands down by pressing *2.
I absolutely positively did not want to be here today, but I am, and since I am, I will give you some information and you’ll be glad you are here to day.  Before that, one of our transcribers RE57 had an emergency over the weekend;  I’m sorry for what your father is doing through, but I’m glad you are able to be here today. 
Here’s the information Pam was alluding to, and why she is surprised to be here as well.  We really shouldn’t be here.  The reality is that all last week this was supposed to be completed by Saturday night or Sunday morning, but here it is Monday and we are still here.  Today is a super-fantastic day, and everyone is waiting for this to happen any moment.  I got calls from three different countries yesterday all saying “today is our day”, 3-4am this morning should be our time. I got calls from individuals who were told to pass on to me that I probably wouldn’t be doing a call today, or that it would be my last call today.  People from various countries say the rate is on their screens.  Kuwait says his screen shows pending and he thought it would go today.  Other countries have live rates, no pending, but waiting for approval.  I could have told you that on Friday but then you would get all excited.  All the different countries were supposed to go yesterday but it didn’t happen, and I’m hearing it’s for a minor reason.  We’ll see what happens.
Let’s talk about procedures.  I will go as in depth as I can, so pay attention because you will have to make some choices. 
Pam, what did I say that went all over the internet?  What CL said in Australia?  I got two calls from other gurus saying that CL announced the GCR in Australia. I said that yes, I did hear that, but it needed to be verified.  If you are going to quote me, please quote me correctly.
I told you there are always options – first, second and third mouse scenarios, and who moved my cheese?  We have options when the rates come out;  they have a plan and we have a plan. My best information is that they want to get us complelely out of the way in nine days.  To do that, they have some options.  One is that they come out with a higher rate than expected to get you all running to the bank… and that makes sense to the majority of people.  Just go get the  money!  They could do that and just see how this works. They can do it for a few days and then let the bottom fall out and it goes back down to $3.41 or whatever.  Everyone else will surely come in then, because they will be afraid that it will drop down to a dollar.  It could then hit Forex, and go up to double or triple what it’s ever been, and come again.  That is just a scenario, and you have to decide if it’s better to take the $6 to $8, or wait for Forex, and hope you get the timing right to exchange at the crest before it drops again.  This is a scenario that might happen, so that you can plan accordingly.
The rates on the screen right now are still super rates, ten times better than we thought they would be when we got into this.  You cannot lose, and then you go out and make money with your money. I  was just on calls again and everyone is excited although there is a hiccup here or there.  Right now it could go any possible moment. People are in place, screens are available, and my understanding is that they are waiting for one agency to give their approval for this to roll.  I won’t say what agency because they tend to get made at me.  The President did sign off on the Budget, saying that the economy is going to expand.  Influential people say they want this holiday to be the holiday.  They want the economy to take off in 2016 because this is an election year!
808 caller:  Aloha from Hawaii!  I have been listening for five years…
Tony:  And you have been here for 509 minutes.
Caller:  Like with a lot of people, I have about nine people involved in this, mostly family members.  They have not been following, although I have been trying to educate them; they will not know what to do when this happens!  How do I handle them once it goes?
Tony:  A lot of you will have this same problem.  I’ll be honest, and tell you to tell them to go the bank and they will explain to them.  I’ve been trying to explain this for five years, and if they have not been following, then they need to have the bank explain it. 
Caller:  I have given them a cheat sheet on how to dress and behave and what to ask for, but I’m sure it will be utter chaos. They say they will do what I do, but that might not be best for them.
Tony:  Most of the internet people will go for the contract rate, sign an NDA and not be able to talk about it afterwards.  Those who heard about this and didn’t take the opportunity… they are not getting any of my money.  Those who have walked this path with you should already have their plan and their list of Ten Things. They should already know to set aside 50% for taxes, invest 25% and spend 25%.  The rest, you have already helped enough.
Caller:  You said this should be the greatest Christmas for all of us. There will be Xmas parties, and I have family members who will see me renovating my house, but they didn’t get involved because they thought it was a scam. What do I say to them.
Tony:  You say something like, “I got into an investment that worked out, and I don’t discuss my finances with anyone.”  If they ask specifically about “that dinar scam”, tell them to Google it because it turned out not to be a scam after all.
707 caller:  I don’t have a specific question, but thanks to that caller for bringing up that discussion for those of us who have small groups.  I act like Tony for my group, and that discussion was helpful.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
352 caller:  A few weeks ago you talked about asset-backed currency, fiat currency and derivatives.  Can you explain that a little bit?
Tony:  That’s not going to affect us at all.  You will still get the same dollar and the same purchasing power that is had.  You won’t get a green dollar and a purple dollar;  one won’t be worth 80 cents or 72 cents.  That asset-backed currency is for our government to trade in bonds and with other countries.  It won’t change your life one way or the other;  it’s about global trading.  People have been using your fears about something you will never see.  If it’s just us – the internet people, maybe 500,000, and then after the all it affects a total of six million people – the remaining 90% of the population doesn’t know anything about this.  Are they going to wake up and have two separate currencies?  Of course not.  You would be better sending your time making money with your dollars.
Caller:  What about derivatives?
Tony:  Those will not affect you either.
Caller:  I read on recaps that we will have code and the person who gave you that code will get some kind of commission. That doesn’t seem right to me.
Tony: That is for the groups if you signed up for one of those.  They are getting paid for negotiating a rate for the group.  I think most of us will get a better rate walking in off the street.  I do know a group that negotiated a higher rate directly with China, and they will get $18 or whatever. That’s different from all these scam groups that say you wn’t get paid for two years, or you will get $2.50 and they pocket the rest.
Caller:  I think you should negotiate your own rate.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
903 caller:  Just sitting here waiting for this to happen.  From 1 to 10, do you think the rate will be for our dinar?
Tony:  I think it will be well over three dollars, and you will enjoy it.
408 caller:  I was wondering if you have an insights on exchanges in Europe.  Based on what the big four banks are offering here in the US, what is the best thing for him to do?
Tony:  I don’t know how this is working out in Europe, or anything about a contract rate there.  I just don’t know.
303 caller:  Please, don’t be here tomorrow!  I have been with you for my fourth year, and I get up at 4.30am to tune in.  I prepare as well as I can for the calls. Please don’t fall prey to those who are whimpering that they don’t have the chance to get on the call. I don’t think Iraq could have been any more prepared to get this RV launched, from the laws to putting the cap on ISIL, to the IMF ultimatum to get their act together.  I thought they had complied with all of that, so it was a disappointment NOT to have it announced today.  I think we all know which agency is still blocking this – did they pop up a the last minutes or what?  What will be the trigger point?
Tony:  We are all frustrated.  Iraq has been passing laws like crazy because they have been wanting this so badly.  On Saturday, we heard that the RV was live in Iraq at $1.14. They were trying to pull in the last of the three-zero notes, and that was not for the first time.  That was not the RV as such, just trying to get those notes off the street.  Then I got a call from another country – Canada, Puerto Rico, Kuwait have live rates on the screen and they were all geared up to do this. They were then told that there was one little thing, but it’s still going.  On Friday I got a message saying that it had been moved from the 1st to the 2nd.  How could they know that on Friday??  But they were right.  I don’t know what the glitch was, but I’ve heard the glitch before, and that isn’t usually a couple of minutes or hours.  I don’t know what this particular glitch was, but I do know they are not setting up the entire world for something this big, getting all the other countries and telling people to go to the bank tomorrow without something big happening.  I wasn’t supposed to be on this call this morning, but here I am.
Caller:  All these tangible things like the cards being loaded, gold going to the banks and all the rest, they can check them off as having complied with them. It is almost as if the RV is becoming an arbitrary thing in the hands of those with the control.  There is nothing more that needs to be done, yet it isn’t done. What do you think still needs to be done??
Tony:  There is nothing we can do, and we don’t know what else they want to be done, because everything we know about has been accomplished.  I do know they are gearing up for it in their own way, and the process is being completed.  I know that everything is positive right at this moment, and I think we are in a great place.  I don’t want to start a firestorm.  I was happen the Budge was signed this morning, and to hear what the President said, and happy with everyone gearing up and getting ready with a timeline in place. I don’t know there is anything they need to do apart from just doing it.
Caller:  Please continue to give us a go-date or time.  Yes, we are disappointed that it didn’t go as expected this weekend, but without your intel we wouldn’t have anything to get excited about.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
301 caller:  I really thought we were going on this holiday weekend, and I so hoped we would get that call from Tony during trick-or-treating.  You said you would never do a call in the middle of the night, but you get calls at 3am… will there be a call then?
Tony:  When I started this, I didn’t have the intel relationships, and we all thought it would happen within weeks or months.  Over time, they asked if I would make a call when this happens, to let you know what they want you to do.  They don’t me to make that call in the middle of the night, and then have you calling every bank in America trying to make an appointment at 6am.  They still have three different plans and they don’t know which one they will choose.  I will know as soon as this goes live because I have people involved in the process worldwide.  They will be doing transactions when they call me, and if that happens before the PTB call me, I don’t know what I will decide.  I wouldn’t want to call you without some kind of direction – would you want me to?  I would like to know the plan so that we can get organized, get in as fast as we can and get as much as we can.
Caller:  I was more wondering if a call might be 7am your time which is 10am our time.
Tony:  I don’t know the answer because I don’t know what time it will go live.  I will send out a tweet if it goes during the day, and then ask what 800 numbers they want me to put on the screen because that is what you will be looking for.  IT might not go at 3am, it might be at 3pm and we’ll put up the numbers right away.  They want people in the bank within two hours of the announcement, so they may want me to do a call at 5am, if the banks open at 7am with extended hours.  They may not tell me anything, and in that case, I will give the information I have as soon as it happens.  I know they would like it would be during the day, but yesterday they said it would be 2-3am.  It will go as soon as they fix whatever they are trying to fix.  I’m on pins and needles like you guys…
503 caller:  Did people get paid salaries in Iraq this last month?  At what rate?
Tony:  Everyone did NOT get paid, but those who did get paid got $3.41 on their cards.  One of my sources did get confirmation, but another sources did not.  It could be that they are waiting for the higher rates.  The $1.16 rate per dinar was about pulling the last three-zero notes off the street, nothing to do with the RV.  In the mosques they were told the value was going to change on Sunday and it didn’t happen.  I don’t know what happened today;  I’m sure I’ll find out after 3pm today.
Caller:  Instead of first-time callers, how about “if you haven’t spoken on the call in the last two months”?  I’m a Pacific person, and if I have a question I’ll call in the middle of the night and stay on hold.  So, that might be more fair and appeasing to the crowd.  It’s just a suggestion.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
312 caller:  Is there an event that has to happen that will act as a trigger, such as the Chinese yuan becoming a reserve currency…?
Tony:  That would make sense, and it could happen so that they don’t have to reset again, and it also makes sense that yuan should be a reserve currency able to do swaps and exchanges on a global scale. While all that would make sense, what I’m seeing and what’s being accomplished in the background that you’re not seeing suggests that this is not what they are waiting for.  Their actions say that they are not waiting.
Caller:  The US fleet has been pulled out of the Persian Gulf for the first time in 40 years, and that is pretty much the death of the petro-dollar.  Do you know when the yuan might become a reserve currency?
Tony:  I say 21. December, 2015.  Let’s see what happens.
We have a lady who is 83 years old who has been in and out of Intensive Care, but she is on all our calls.  I want to give her a shout out.  I really appreciate all our older people who are still waiting for this opportunity and time they have left to share life with us.
Ray sent me a text of who to call on next… in this case, 773.  I am the only one with the numbers on the screen, so how does he know he must be next??
954 caller:  You’ve said there are three plans available.  Have there have been any changes to taxes and caps?
Tony:  I just got updated on those on Friday after the call.  Hang on while I think about it!  I think it was still 20 million dinar and 50 million dong on contract rates only.  I still don’t know if the zim is half a billion or a billion US dollars, and after that the payments are 20, 50 or 100 year payments.  I know nothing about taxes;  there were some proposals but nothing has been finalized.  Go with 50% and hope it’s less.
601 caller:  I always wonder where Shabibi is;  I have a feeling he will figure in this.
Tony:  I haven’t heard anything about him recently;  I’m sure he is there putting this together.
512 caller:  Has anything changed about the process of getting the 800 numbers?
Tony: Again, they have three different plans in how they will get it out to you guys.  Not every bank is an exchange location.  It’s going to be total chaos with people calling every bank, so I’m sure there will be some type of direction.  Initially, when we started this, there was only going to be one 800 number to send you to the different banks. Now they are talking about an 800 number for each bank for you to call.  Then either we will have a call and give you the information, and then put up the 800 numbers for each of the banks.  I know that some people will call and make appointments at all four banks in the few days of that higher rate.
Caller:  I got to a small local bank, and they actually acknowledged for the first time that they will be making exchanges, they just aren’t doing it yet.  I wasn’t on the first part of the call, but you did say that you expected this today?
Tony:  It should have gone over the weekend, for real. There are a lot of tier 2 banks out there.  The smaller the bank, the more limited the amount they can accept because they will cap out.  You might like to be a big fish in a small pond, so that is an option.
Next caller:  We went across the border this weekend so we were out of touch.  Did CL sign off on this RV some time last week or this weekend? 
Tony:  I heard she said some things last weekend in Australia, but that has not been confirmed.  I heard that everyone signed off on the RV for this weekend, and then at 3am this morning. I’m always happy when East Coast and West Coast agree, but I’m even more encouraged when I hear the same thing from outside the country.
Caller:  In the last call, you implied that of the two codes for dinar, one may be higher than another – can you comment?  And where is 404 today?
Tony:  Yes.  And I saw 404 earlier;  maybe she put her hand down.  Pam?  Ray?
RayRen:  Continue to enjoy this Magnificent Monday – are you ready?
Tony:  Alright, that’s it.  If you haven’t got your plan ready, you might want to take some time off and get it together.  The numbers are great, people are excited, they are moving people around and contacting people all weekend to let them know where to be and when.  Things are very, very positive for this week:  any minute/hour/day this week. I am hoping and praying we are NOT back here on Wednesday, we’ll be doing something else.  Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you at the bank!


Martha: Last night's post from Zap is an excellent synopsis of where we are. 

First, this is the start on Monday 11/2.Iraq has RV'd and yes, the country is broke but if one remembers there has been debt forgiveness and months ago I tried to explain about sovereign bonds that were not generated by the country itself but everyone refused to read and understand.

For months there have been excellent posts as well as conference calls from Landa Global regarding the bonds and prosperity packages which are for real.

Dinar recaps has always posted Zap, Poof and Susan for years. They have gone through the same ups and downs we all have.

I have respected the wishes of xxx in not referencing these groups in the room, but that doesn't mean that you can't read the information.

I suggest that we know take a serious look at the material at this time and let the naysayers fade away.
China aka the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family are in control of this reset as you will read and they have done it quite diplomatically.

Some people will take offense with the information and all I can say is "get over it and fast " before you are left out of the biggest world game changer.

Also, China isn't going to let the US become totally bankrupt but help us get back on our feet.

I have had it walking on eggshells with this and it's time to wake up everyone. We should be in the banks this week from today onward.


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Tony:  The reality is we shouldn't be here.  Supposed to have been completed . . .and supposed to go Sat. night, Sunday morning. We are still here.  Everybody, everywhere is waiting for this.  Saying could be any moment now and they are ecstatic.  Got calls from three different countries saying this should be our day (other calls saying) . . . our time.
Kuwait bankers have the rate there and it shows pending.  Other countries have live rates.  No hold, no pending.  Waiting for approval.  Rates are 10 X's better now than when we started.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Any possible moment.  People are in place.  Screens are available.  My understanding at this point is they are waiting on one agency to give approval and let it roll.
NO RV. What Happenned?:  Tony:  The plan was for Iraq to complete those things they have. Passing laws like crazy. They want this so bad. Saturday we hear the RV is live. Trading in Iraq. $1.16 US for each dinar. They were trying to pull in the last of the 3 zero notes.
Then I get a call from one country. . . Canada, Puerto Rico, Kuwait. and they have live rates. Told it would happen Sat.  Sunday go live.
Then I get a call,  . . .one little thing but it’s still going.  Friday got information it had been moved from 1st to 2nd.  Everybody, super, super happy from what I’me told.  Seen the glitch before.
They are not setting up the world with this kind of hype.  This is countries all over the place moving.  Getting in position.  Banks saying it’s today – we don’t know if it’s still today.

We don't know what else they want to be done...all been accomplished. . . Things are all positive at this moment.
  • CBI     
  • Banks 
  • TV              Mosques 
  • ISIL
  • IMF    
  • Rates    
UNITED STATES:  President did sign the budget today and say our economy is about to take off.   
  • Fiat vs Gold Backed:  Tony: Not going to affect us one way or another.  It affects the banks and global transactions. . . for the bonds they are selling . . . for the concept of the GCR . . . doesn't affect us.  Your getting educated/fearful on something you won't see.
  • UST: 
  • Banks: 
  • Packages:          
EXCHANGING:   The internet people, us who have been paying attention, TPB want us to be done exchanging in 9 days. Possible Scenario:   So they could come out with a ridiculously high rate for a small number of days so people rush in to get that rate.  Then it would fall and the theory is, people would be scared not to exchange and then that next wave would run to exchange.  And third cheese would be it would be released to FOREX and climb and also could drop down from that rate. 


11-2-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite   this is from the CBI as of today:  "Keywords and said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News}, that Iraq has a reserve of cash currency, which protect him from falling into an economic crisis suffocating, or the inability of the State to provide the employees' salaries, and cover the projects, "pointing out that"  Iraq reserves estimated at more than 1,500% ".  What everyone needs to understand is that the CBI has enough in reserves that if they wanted to change the value to a 1 to 1 they could do just that.

11-2-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

11-2-2015   Intel Guru SteveI   Article:  "Abadi: Baghdad locked and we are trying to switch to an open economy / expanded"   Private sector words are huge. They have talked about this for years that when the value changes the private sector  will flourish.  Excellent article, and yes this does provide yet another clue as to how close we really are to the end of this ride...

11-2-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "The Official Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar Started Today, 1 NOV"   This is the post going viral (creating the big stir) – Is it good to hear? Yes.  However, I don’t believe it for one second. When this happens – it will be everywhere within minutes. End of story…

11-2-2015   Intel Guru Frank26
   In July IMF wanted DRS [Dr. Shabibi] to RI... He said no security yet.  So IMF said ... While You wait get Yourself INTERNATIONALLY ready.  DRS did and so did A [Abadi] as HOLY MAN approved all ... FOR HE IS THE HIGHEST COURT OF IRAQ!  NOW ... You will see ... NOVEMBER.

11-2-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   
 I just read the agenda for Parliament tomorrow [Monday]:  "Ninth: The second reading of a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies. (Legal Committee). (Article 8)."  which tells me - PLAINLY - they are moving ahead with reforms - at full speed.  what does this do? It seals off a Maliki third term... should he somehow evade all the pitfalls between here and there - term limits would effectively kill any chance he would have for a third term as PM.  Had they done THIS ONE THING long ago - there would have been no ISIS. No Anbar... no crisis - Maliki would have had no option... or big need to reshuffle the voting electorate/districts...which was at the very heart of where we are now.

11-2-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite   [IYO is a lop out of the question or a possibility (even if it is slight)?]   If the CBI was going to LOP...in other words, just stop using it currency, then why are they today using their gold to buy the IQD from its citizens. Why buy it if they were going to LOP?   NO!!!   the CBI is not going to LOP.  [You still hopin before the first of the year?]  I do not chase dates...however, I believe thay are in a hurry to get to somewhere.


I did confirm that on TV there yesterday the media announced there would be great economic news during this month. TIME WILL TELL.


Article: “Abadi: Baghdad locked and we are trying to switch to an open economy / expanded
Private sector words are huge.
They have talked about this for years that when the value changes the private sector will flourish.

Excellent article, and yes this does provide yet another clue as to how close we really are to the end of this ride.

TNT :China, South Korea in Currency Pact, 2 NOV

    • tishwash said
      01:41 PM Nov 1, 2015

    Beijing agrees to set up direct exchange-trading mechanism between yuan and won in its domestic market

    Oct. 31, 2015 10:30 p.m. ET
      • GreatlyBlessed said
        08:38 AM Nov 2, 2015
      This sounds interesting.... back in the day, Eagle 1 and F26 spoke about the value of South Korean Won as being
      one of the currencies that was expected to be adjusted upward/revalued.


Aggiedad77:   There are still factions of the media that Maliki lays claim over…..and it is without a doubt that he will go to any kind of length at this point…..not so much to knock Abadi…..but to try and retain any kind of political position that he believes maintains his immunity from prosecution…..
This kind of effort is his attempt to either stay out of jail or avoid a noose….both of which he knows are not far off…..let’s see what if anything we see on this throughout the rest of this day.
Aggiedad77:  The support for the reforms that come from PM Abadi and the Ayatollah Sistani has been with Parliament since their inception back in August…(See Articles Below)  .this broad spectrum group of politicians may have their differences….and they may be seen as a bunch of bickering old hens and cronies at time….
But they fully understand the overwhelming importance of the words from the religious cleric within Iraq….it would be a very bad day….IMO…..for them to go against what he wishes to take place for Iraq…..again be careful of confusion being touted by Maliki’s thugs who still remain in some semblance of power to support him.   Thank you WalkingStick for jumping on this topic so quickly.
Aloha     Randy
Walkingstick:   Parliament did not vote on the withdrawal of the mandate of the Abadi
By Mohammed Emad 02/11/2015 01:26 |
Brother – Baghdad
MP from the Kurdistan Coalition beauty Panthers, Monday, that the parliament did not vote on the withdrawal of the authorization given to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on reforms, pointing out that the House of Representatives Legislative retained against him.
The Panthers said that “the parliament did not vote on the withdrawal of the authorization given to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during its 34 held, today.”
The Panthers, the “Voice of the parliament during the session to keep the legislative right and do not let any party executive or judicial powers of using the legislative or regulatory.”
Parliament voted at its meeting held on Monday, the decision prevents the executive and the judiciary from the use of his powers, I spoke with reports that Parliament vote on the withdrawal of the mandate of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on voting.
Walkingstick:  Sheikh Hamoudi: Parliament supported the reforms did not delegate its powers
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} A member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, Sheikh Hamoudi “The House of Representatives backed the government reforms did not give a mandate to its powers.
He said Sheikh Hamoudi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} that “received the Chamber of Deputies gave in support of the reforms did not give delegated legislative and monitoring its powers and this was confirmed by the decision.”
The House of Representatives on Monday voted on a resolution in favor of reforms and denies his delegate any legislative powers entrusted to him under the Constitution to any of the other authorities.
According to the text of the resolution based on the provisions of subsection {second} article {59} of the Constitution, the following Resolution {that issued the Iraqi Council of Representatives Reaffirming its support and full support for the beams parliamentary and government reforms and his eagerness to be completed in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and the laws in force within the time timings specified in line with the aspirations of the people who put their trust in this Council and hold him responsible for their representation,
it at the same time, denies his delegate any legislative powers entrusted to him under the Constitution to any of the other authorities, where he and a commitment to the principle of separation of powers it should be on all State authority to do its job and not to refer this function to other authorities} “. ended
Walkingstick:   Sami al-Araji for {} to Firat News: We made a lot of guarantees to open the door for investment in Iraq
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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The head of the board of Baghdad Investment Sami al-Araji, Monday, offer many guarantees to open the door for investment in Iraq.
He said al-Araji told {Euphrates News} today, “The investment law initiated in order to attract foreign investments to Iraq, amendment of the second law granting large concessions to national sector and foreign to shift from centralized unilateral economies to a market economy.”
He added, “We have brought a lot of guarantees and privileges for investors, which is the beginning of a real renaissance is real and orientation of the economics of the Iraqi market.
“He noted” the existence of a genuine reform of the Iraqi economy in the next stage, especially after the introduction of investment law; for we can not just keep the current situation, the subject of our economy on Maaotina of oil and this is not true, note that we have a great potential in the country and sectors of the wide possible to generate treasury resources, and thus we have the opportunity to rely on sources other than oil in the country’s development and the process of work.
“The House of Representatives voted in its usual thirty-second session, which was held in the 27th of the month of October last , the amendment of the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 .anthy 1




Sunday Night:

mangelo : hmmmm I don't know what's really going on......I just talked to my friend who has a friend from Iraq, we were supposed to meet on Saturday but things got messed up. I just got off the phone with my friend and he told me that his cousins and family have their cards loaded and are having fun spending money and that they are very happy..... So I am meeting him tomorrow and get the most up to date info that I can.

mangelo :  He said there cards get loaded each month, and they have been spending money, so I am going to meet up with tomorrow and get to the bottom of this
[daz] .   http://news.yahoo.com/china-gives-currency-largest-boost-decade-031212161.html

daz: The move also comes as the country seeks to promote the yuan as a global reserve currency alongside the dollar, an ambition that depends on its willingness and ability to loosen tight restrictions on the currency's trade.


    • Izzyboo6 said
      05:17 PM Nov 1, 2015
    It may have been as long as two years ago when we were told that if we signed the NDA, they have the right to ask us to come back whenever they like to re-sign the NDA.  This makes it very risky to me!  Do you believe that this could still be a possibility?
    • bonshoom said
      05:31 PM Nov 1, 2015
    If the NDA states that they have the right to amend this, leaving it...IMO...open ended. I will not be signing it and risking my money that has already been exchanged with a different agreement.

    Many feel it will be a simple do not tell anyone contract, but this may not be the case.
    • GodRocks said
      05:53 PM Nov 1, 2015
    I agree. I will read it when it's available. I won't sign anything with future amendments. Besides, if the rate comes out as high as Tony has seen lately, I'm going to take it and run!! I'm so ready to move on to the next phase of my life!!! I'm praying for an announcement tomorrow am! :)
    • crushr13 said
      06:10 PM Nov 1, 2015
    Yes. If the rate comes out as Tony (and a few others) have speculated to us, and is very much high enough for me (and my family), I would have absolutely no need to be greedy (I hate to put it that way) and sign it to go for contract rates that would get me even more. If what comes out as the "Street Rate" or "International Rate" is good enough, or high enough, I will leave well enough alone, and not have to worry about accidentally saying something that could then come back at me and "bankrupt" me again, and I will surely not have to sign an NDA. I will still need to be careful about what I say about it and to whom, but I won't have to worry about the government coming after me, at least. Just a thought of my own to share fr any who might be interested.
    • Izzyboo6 said
      06:27 PM Nov 1, 2015
    Thanks so much for your comments!  I've been on the Q & A line many times wanting to ask this, so you all have helped me a lot!  Thanks!
    • sundancer said
      07:20 PM Nov 1, 2015
    take a lawyer if you are considering even entertaining the contract rate.