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TNT Members: Highlights ffrom The Big Call 10-13-15, 13 OCT

TNT Members: Highlights ffrom The Big Call 10-13-15

:  Bruce call: Bruce in good mood

PinkRoses: Bruce call: private placements exchanges just about wrapped up, maybe finishing tonight. certain sovereign nations been handled, process being completed, certain triggers in place to be accomplished. things are rolling out according to the plan. The authors of the plan are happy with the situation everyone finds themselves in.

Mangelo: Bruce call: sovereign nations are getting things done, we are not at the point of delay

PinkRoses:  Bruce CAll: the ISX being closed may influence this to go before or after holiday, like to go before holiday.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: we are in a good spot for this week
Mangelo: Bruce call: Iraq coins coming out on the 20th and we are at a crunch time

Pinkroses: Bruce call: hearing this week still to be good time slot. Iraq new 50m dinar and coins out in the 20th. Our new currency come out on the 20th. things are rolling out. Think we would have it by now, but still feel great this week.

LadyB22: Bruce call, SKR's becoming liquid now.

PinkRoses: Bruce call: We are processing very well, and could well have this very shortly. Japan good size holder of dong, rupiah, dinar. They had that melt down in power facility. They are in a very serious way to have this GCR done, because they have funding to come in to get all clean up.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: Japan is moving this along this too

PinkRoses: Bruce call: the two coins putting out to use by IRAQ for businesses, 50 thousand and 100 thousand dinar coins

pinkroses Bruce call: Iraq the cards loaded and charged with uniformed rate, good rate. ISX to be closed Thursday for a holiday.

pinkroses Bruce CAll: the ISX being closed may influence this to go before or after holiday, like to go before holiday.

pinkroses Bruce call: hearing this week still to be good time slot. Iraq new 50m dinar and coins out in the 20th. Our new currency come out on the 20th. things are rolling out. Think we would have it by now, but still feel great this week
pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: dong is still over $2? Bruce: Yes, you be amazed with the rate, well over $2.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question? exchange banks in Missouri? Bruce: WF and HSBC will do exchanges, many tier banks Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo good banks. Wells Fargo will have bank afficliates. No worry, will have exchange places

mangelo Bruce call: covering tier 1 banks well do exchanges, WF locations that don't have banks in those city, will send you to another location

pinkroses Bruce call: caller still: Zim still at .25? Bruce: no just below it, but could come out in that vicinity.

pinkroses Bruce call: Caller: question: One person gave time as Oct 20th, I know things change, I heard if Iraq dont get done before 2016, Iraq be in trouble? Bruce: No, they want this done before, I dont go into 2016. I know certain people want it to drag into 2016, but I do not entertain that date of 2016.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question? The black cards? Bruce: I think the choice of the black card is Amex. I don't think I will use the black card. You will have a choice. There is a stripe, mag stripe, when they swipe it, that info goes in the record, rfid scanners can be sued remotely can pick up that info on that card. you can get your card hacked. Going to have these computer chip cards, but have to ask for those

pinkroses Bruce call; Can take up to 35 days with a chip card, if you request it. Ask to get one of those computer chip card, be more secured

mangelo wBruce call: is Iran being pushed to get things started, Iran would have their currency be ready 24 hours after the RV, but it seems they might have a date

pinkroses Bruce call: We think we have date of sanctions coming off Iran, if do so, then their currency come back into play we think. I think makes sense for Iraq to go first, if timing so close, may come out same time.

mangelo Bruce call: I am confused that on the blogs that their is a bunch of laws are not passed, Bruce said most of the laws are done!

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: up to date on PNC bank. Bruce: PNC is a private bank, not a tier one bank, but a good major bank

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: that means the PNC is not considered one of the type four banks like WF? Bruce: wait and see if you want to use them, consider it, talk to them, if they have the type of programs you interested in, maybe a good bank. I am not recommending any bank such as PNC over any other bank.  I plan on using Regions bank.

pinkroses Bruce: Do not call the banks until the rates are shown live on all the screens. Do not waste their time and your time.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: New year for Iraq, feel like it may take place 5pm tomorrow, with the forex board at 1105, do you think this what they are looking for to get this started? Bruce: The forex may be delayed until later after it happens, dont set watch on forex, you will know by Tony's notifications and others.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: dong well over $2? contract rate? Bruce: no, understand that is the rate on the back screens now.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question: still looking to be notified by WF if in the WF group? Bruce: Yes that is how they are going to notify you.

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: A predetermination about taxes? Bruce: there is talk of taxes in the WF group, if you have ZIM, you would want to take it to that appt with the WF group

pinkroses Bruce call: caller: question? they said Christine L., going to make announcement on the 20th about currency? Bruce: Yes, new reserve currency will be talked about is the Chinese Yuan, common name, Renmimbi formal name/ Will be the new reserve currency, announced possible on that date.

Pinkrosess  Bruce: It will be a reserve currency for countries to use for trade around the world. It will be a very strong currency, widely used around the world for trade, a good thing. Not a bad idea to look into if you want to to hold some of that currency.
Pinkroses   Bruce call: caller: Those of us in a group, do we have to rush in? Bruce: I wouldn't wait too long, don't have to rush in, two or three days be okay. They want the groups in and out in 9 days.  The group rates are pre-negotiated. There is a possibility the group rates could change as time goes on, they could go down, don't wait too long.

Pinkroses  Bruce: Some things you want to take care of right away as debts. Try to get your money working for you in an account that can make you serious money in weeks or months

Pinkroses  Bruce: Create a budget, use bank wealth manager to help you, lose no money, grow the money, protect the money.

Pinkroses  Bruce: Stock market, we dont know if it peaking or go up farther, but dont want to lose alot of my money if it goes down, not an advisor, be weary of the stock market. I am not playing in it. I going to be in a safe fixed plan to get a decent return on.

Pinkroses  Bruce call: some of you may go in real estate. I am going to be looking into basic things, some out there, but not too risky. But not everything I do right for you guys, some things you will do, not right for me. Talking to wealth manager important

pinkroses:   Bruce call: shouting call down. Interesting call. I think we are moving along nicely. There is exchangages going on, things happening behind the scenes, we are in the process now, not too much longer, hang in there. Looking forward to Thursday call. Ken praying call out.

Mangelo:  Bruce call: their is a lot of things going on, their is a process, it shouldn't be long, we are close, closing with a prayer

Pinkroses  The big call Bruce # 605-562-3170, reply is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456


Relax, the Dinar opera is coming to an end! Really.
[ok when?]
Please don’t ask me dates or rates … Just know it’s coming.



 Good day Frank, I was wondering if you would clarify something that has me confused, please.

It was said, and in the notes from last nights cc that "The reforms are done", but then said "Dr S got the message from the Holy man and he will finish the monetary reforms".

If they are done, then what needs to be finished?    Thank you kindly.

Iggy:  only one thing i can think of...lol

Frank26:  IMO ......... Many Reforms are in LL.(Long Line)

IMO......... MR (Monetary Reform) is the last .... Is the Fuel.  KTFA   Frank

Terry43:  On 9/28/15 Delta said: "I believe that we will see the monetary reform before the end of this year. My team … 99.99% something will happen before the end of the year. 92 days left in this year. I was told that they really have to get moving very fast. They are standing behind the target date before the end of the year."


Blinkster: Amen! And if I recall correctly, the original 80/20 projection was iTeam leaning towards an early 2016 possibility for the RI, that had then changed radically in a just a few hours to 50/50 (2015 or 2016)...whatever the case, Delta gave his projection as Terry43 noted above.

This forward movement of the MR has not only increased in speed, but has continued to do so, so much so that it's difficult to monitor, anticipate or keep up with.

With each day, and perhaps even a few hours of each day, there is an exponential increase in speed. And it's all good. Imagine, if you will, if you and I were standing next to each other....you turn your back for a second and then turn back, and now i"m standing 8 feet away....you turn your back one more second and now I'm 100 feet away, the next, 300 ft, and so on.

Seems like everytime Frank gets a report, within hours that is old news and they have taken a big leap fwd again...the velocity keeps increasing!


Frank26:   This post ..... I just stood up .......... To Applaud !!


Aggiedaad77:  Well said Blinky....well said....and highly accurate I happen to believe as well. Week by week, day by day, hour by hour things are heating up, and as things heat up they tend to move faster, continuing in motion....this is what we are seeing of the MR at this point in time.....HEAT and MOVEMENT.....like MOLTEN ROCK.....ie the LAVA FLOW brother....it can't be stopped.   Aloha    Randy


Walkingstick:  Council of Ministers approved the 2016 budget next week and sent to Parliament

 2015/10/13 21:16 •  [Baghdad-where]

the Council of Ministers on Tuesday decided to hold an extraordinary meeting next week to approve the 2016 budget.

A government statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the Council of Ministers reviewed in its meeting today the draft federal budget for the 2016 law, and made ​​the observations needed it, and decided to hold an extraordinary meeting next week for the purpose of approving the budget once and for all and submit them to the House of Representatives."

The Ministry of Finance has announced that in 16 of last September it had delivered the draft 2016 budget to the cabinet for approval as published in its official website a copy of the draft, but the Council of Ministers decided in its meeting last Tuesday to form a committee to investigate how the leak of this draft to the media.

and calculated this draft - also published by the Ministry of Finance - Revenue from export of crude oil on the basis of the average price of $ 45 per barrel and the rate of export of 3.6 million barrels per day, including 250 000 barrels per day of product quantities of crude oil in the Kurdistan region and 300 000 barrels of oil amounts raw product by the province of Kirkuk, and that all revenue actually income once the public treasury of the state to account.

She draft budget that speculative revenue for Iraq from sales of oil for the next 2016 an estimated $ 59 billion is equivalent to 83% of federal budget revenues.

According to figures contained in the draft that the oil revenues and mineral wealth is estimated at 69 Trliuna and 773 billion and 400 million Iraqi dinars, equivalent to about 83% of the total revenue conjecture 84 trillion dinars and add to it the amounts Estimated obtained from the loans and the other to cover the deficit in the budget.

This is equivalent to oil revenues worth USD 59 billion and 130 million Dolar.anthy



Aggiedad77:  It is good....it be gooder when it happens....or has it happened.....sounds like they crossed the "t's" and dotted the "i's" today and next Tuesday will see the formality of "approval" by the COM.....then passing this chunk of change along to Parliament.....as to who leaked what....I wouldn't want to be in their shoes facing this investigation committee...

I'm keeping a watchful eye on who Family.......the Finance Committee in Parliament of course....we don't need any backroom, back handed kind of shenanigans they tried to pull with the 2015 budget.....

Keep this on the up and up....the straight and narrow...what you see is what you get....now.....ON WITH THE SHOW!   Aloha  Randy


10-13-2015   Newshound Guru Kaperoni    Parliament:   "The meeting's agenda number (29) Wednesday 14 October 2015 ...The third parliamentary session...   They continue to get a lot of laws to a second reading.  I still believe they will then pass them all at once in a basket.

10-13-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday

10-13-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite  ...at any one time there are hundreds of bonds being marketed by countries. If Iraq wanted to up the interest there would have been buyer. Good for them choosing to pull the bonds. Remember, a bonds is the same as a loan...the issuer of the bond is borrowing money and if someone doesn't want to loan you money is not an indication they do not want to invest in you. Instead, it is a business decision on their part.

10-13-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday  [smart cards being used?]  SMART CARDS ARE BEING DELIVERED AND THEY ARE WAITING FOR LOADING.  MANY HAVE THEM IN HAND.

10-13-2015   Intel Guru Hub  there is not insufficient investment interest, there is no intrest in worthless bonds...they need to come up with a value to their currency for people to want to invest in the richest oil country in the world. why would iraq need to sell bonds or borrow money to support their budget. the imf told them no way, stand on your...feet...

10-13-2015   Newshound Guru firefly   Article quote:  "Iraq has halted its plan to issue international bonds because the yield it would have to pay on the debt was too high..."  Who the heck would buy International Bonds at 1085...Not going to happen!  The World Bank said in July it would provide Iraq with loans totaling $1.7 billion, while the International Monetary Fund agreed this year on an $833 million loan program. I would rather see the WB, IMF and UN GUIDING the Government than giving them money! IMO the loans are history.

10-13-2015   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Saleh supports the non-issuance of international bonds"  Saleh was all for the bonds until he found out what the rate was going to be, since then, not so much.  Who can blame them?  Here's hoping they're in a corner and realize they need to get their economy opened up and the dinar with some value.  

TNT:RE: ( new update 4/20/15) GREAT news from a fellow dinarian today!!! ( 4/14/15), 13 OCT

    • truckerbabe67 said
      12:19 AM Apr 15, 2015
    I got some REALLY GREAT news from a fellow dinarian today!  ( roadrunner237  ~  former numbnuts7 )

    He txt/called me today VERY excited!!! ( he gave me permission to share what he told me)      Saying that he called his WF  today ( he's been doing biz with them for along time)  and requested to set up an apt. with a wealth adviser to help set up his portfolio of his foreign currencies, etc.   &  explained when asked what currencies he told her he had the dinar, dong, rupiah and zim and that he wants to exchange them for U.S dollars.   
    He said she then paused for a min.  and came back and said ok,  ( didn't say no or call it a scam or ANYTHING!)    and made him an Appt.  for April 20th at 1:00pm to do his exchange!!!
    SOOOOO   my friend/fellow dinarian was really  SUPRISED and EXCITED as you could IMAGINE!!!  

    Anyways  I just had to share this GREAT NEWS!    
    I honestly believe we are EXTREMELY close  and he said I'm sure they will call him in earlier if it RV's before then!  
    Ok  here is the latest update on roadrunner237   bank appt.  today,    I heard from him today and yes they did offer to exchange his currencies BUT....... at the pre RV rate,  not RV'd rates,  unfortunately,   so needless to say he was little bummed out,  so there ya go.     
    But hang in there people,   I'm sure all our currencies will change in value very soon still,   so i know roadrunner237's bank will be exchanging at the RV'd rate in the very near future!    ( and at least they did not call it a scam!  so thats a postive thing!)   
    Also please keep roadrunner237  in your prayers as he just found out his step dad passed away. 



[Smart cards being used?]
[Do you think with IMF or WB not giving the loan.. Iraq and US will be forced to pull the trigger…?]


BOoommm ... !!! It seems that he will see much profit with international bonds not want to sell EMO ..... !!!!
Iraq's plan to stop issuing international bonds, due to the high profitability
History of edits :: 11/10/2015
Fadel prophet Iraqi deputy finance minister said on Sunday that Iraq suspended its plans to issue international bonds because the yield is too high to pay.
According to the prophet, in a press release that "the finance minister, Hoshyar Zebari, ordered the suspension of bonds because the interest rate will be high."
Iraqi state is based on the construction of the annual financial budget by 90% on imports of oil supply and the consequent decline in oil prices since last summer to a significant decline in resources in Iraq reaching its budget in 2015 a $ 100 billion deficit expected up to 25%, prompting the government to launch Treasuries worth $ 6 billion and loans from the International Monetary Fund about $ 1.2 billion, an attempt to reduce this deficit, the continuous fall in prices.

العراق يوقف خطة لإصدار سندات دولية بسبب العائد المرتفع -كل العراق الاخبارية [أين]
العراق يوقف خطة لإصدار سندات دولية بسبب العائد المرتفع

Spanish :

BOOOMMM...!!! Parece que va ver tanta ganancia con los bonos internacionales que no quieren venderlos EMO.....!!!!
El plan de Irak para detener la emisión de bonos internacionales, debido a la alta rentabilidad
Historia de ediciones :: 10/11/2015
Fadel profeta iraquí viceministro de Finanzas, dijo el domingo que Irak suspendió sus planes para emitir bonos internacionales porque el rendimiento que pagar será muy alto.
Según el profeta, en un comunicado de prensa que "el ministro de Finanzas, Hoshyar Zebari, ordenó la suspensión de bonos porque la tasa de interés será alto."
Se basa Estado iraquí en la construcción del presupuesto financiero anual en un 90% sobre las importaciones de la fuente de aceite, y la consiguiente disminución de los precios del crudo desde mediados del año pasado a un descenso significativo de los recursos de Irak alcanzando su presupuesto en 2015 unos $ 100 mil millones de déficit de espera hasta el 25%, lo que llevó al gobierno a lanzar bonos del Tesoro por valor de $ 6 mil millones y préstamos del Fondo Monetario Internacional sobre los $ 1,2 mil millones, un intento de reducir este déficit, con la caída continua de los precios.

العراق يوقف خطة لإصدار سندات دولية بسبب العائد المرتفع

TNT :annuity info BY DUTCHIE, 13 OCT

    I just did a annuity calculation for 25 years at a mere 3% interest rate and adjusted for 3% inflation.
    I was able to capture screen shots to attach here, the end result is a 29% increase in my original deposit.
    Since the original deposit is a fraction of the overall gain from exchange for me this would be a great rainy day
    fund to out live me and which I could will to another family member.



 GM family! Forex holding at 1100.9

Iko Ward:  Notice all the intel and opinions use the word "waiting"? That's a good thing. The whole world is waiting, not wondering if, not wondering how much, simply waiting.

elmerf123456 : The charts NEVER lie..... The French bank Credit Agrigole started tracking the same decline curve as Glencore!! Why!?? Because the bank was literally creating mortgages on copper!!

Now that's a huge losing derivative!!

To the tune of about $100 billion! I bet those boys over at Credit Agrigole sure wish there really was a Santa Claus, cuz that wolf at the door is going to be pounding coal up where the sun don't shine... REAL SOON! IMO

elmerf123456 : Ask IkO. He's the techno led expert but the charts look primed to me globally.
elmerf123456 :  DeutscheBank executives are leaving the "Plato" dark pool fund!! It doesn't appear that they came to that decision on their own, more like they were gracefully thrown out, you know, kinda like how a bar fight ends!

Starchild :  Elmer - also - did you see Fortress is liquidating...?

elmerf123456 :  Star yes. Domino affect I mentioned earlier is happening

elmerf123456 :  Fortress announced it is closing down its Macro Hedge Fund. So far, we have lost 6 hedge funds in just one week!! Now, with DeutscheBank selling assets, Glencore selling assets, Carlyle Group selling assets AND increasing the basket of assets being sold off; it is abundantly clear, there is no magic miracle way out of this collapse.


 This is truly our moment, our destined place in time. Are you feeling the energy, as it continues to climb? There’s no holding back now, this things about to ignite. We are battered and bruised, but we’ve have finally won the fight. The fight to release, to all of mankind, the plans that lay dormant so long in our minds. We are the light workers and we can now set the stage for the day, for a new world beginning, It will all be OK!

[daz] might want to check this out China's Rich & Famous - Rich Lifestyle- Piers Morgan on Shanghai . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNG3I3-3TdI

just in case you thought china and the renminbi were'nt players

SAME THING IN SINGAPORE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESCk7pmuR4k


CJ101: Central bank cavalry can no longer save the world

(Reuters - by David Chance, October 10, 2015)

In 2008 central banks, led by the Federal Reserve, rode to the rescue of the global financial system. Seven years on and trillions of dollars later they no longer have the answers and may even represent a major risk for the global economy.

A report by the Group of Thirty, an international body led by former European Central Bank chief Jean-Claude Trichet, warned on Saturday that zero rates and money printing were not sufficient to revive economic growth and risked becoming semi-permanent measures.
"Central banks have described their actions as 'buying time' for governments to finally resolve the crisis... But time is wearing on, and (bond) purchases have had their price," the report said.

In the United States, the Federal Reserve ended its bond purchase program in 2014, and had been expected to raise interest rates from zero as early as June 2015.

But it may struggle to implement its first hike in almost 10 years by the end of the year. Market pricing in interest rate futures puts a hike in March 2016.

The Bank of England has also delayed, while the European Central Bank looks set to implement another round of quantitative easing, as does the Bank of Japan which has been stuck in some form of quantitative easing since 2001.

Reuters calculates that central banks in those four countries alone have spent around $7 trillion in bond purchases.

The flow of easy money has inflated asset prices like stocks and housing in many countries even as they failed to stimulate economic growth. With growth estimates trending lower and easy money increasing company leverage, the specter of a debt trap is now haunting advanced economies, the Group of Thirty said.

The Fed has pledged that when it does hike rates, it will be at a slow pace so as not to strangle the U.S. economic recovery, one of the longest, but weakest on record in the post-war period. Yet, forecasts by one regional Fed president shows he expects negative rates in 2016.


Most policymakers at the semi-annual IMF meetings this week have presented relatively upbeat forecasts for the world economy and say risks have been largely contained. The G30, however, warned that the 40 percent decline in commodity prices could presage weaker growth and "debt deflation".

Rates would then have to remain low as central banks would be forced to maintain or extend their bond programs to try and bolster growth and the price of financial assets would fall.

That is not just a developed-world problem. In China, credits to state-owned enterprises and increasingly by the shadow banking sector have been a driving force in an investment splurge in the world's second largest economy.

According to an IMF report issued this week, there is "excessive" lending of $3 trillion in emerging market economies, an average of 15 percent of gross domestic product, which runs the risk of unwinding should economic conditions worsen.

"Capital losses would affect many investors, including banks, and the process of extend and pretend for poor loans would have to come to a stop," the G30 report said.

Even in a more benign economic outlook, central banks will have a tough time exiting easy money policies and may face demands to hold rates low. The IMF has repeatedly urged the Fed not to hike rates yet.

None of the world's major central banks are remotely close to hitting their inflation targets and many of them are haunted by memories of high inflation. The European Central Bank was born with, and still has, a sole inflation mandate.

With the consequences of an exit from easy money so unpredictable, the G30 said the risk was of exiting too late for fear of sparking another crisis.

"Faced with uncertainty, the natural default position is the status quo," the G30 said.  ##
(Reporting by David Chance;

SOURCE:  http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/10/us-imf-cenbank-idUSKCN0S40VE20151010