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Excerpt: World Global Settlements, 9 OCT

Amazing reading starting on the Real Silk Road, IMG, Federal Reserve, History of the Global Settlements, Secret gold Treaties, Past Presidents, Christine LeGarde, Bretton Woods. 9-11, and where all the gold is....

Excerpt:   World Global Settlements

In an interview dated September 8th, 2012, a person by the name of Dr. Todd was brought forward on an independent radio program to discuss his take on the current state of the global financial system.

 Dr. Todd is said to be a source who has vast knowledge of the affairs concerning the enormous sums of stolen precious metals and how there is currently, and has been for some time, a world-wide effort being undertaken to reset the global economy and to take it out of the hands of those who would seek to do harm to humanity. 

Whereas other entities have referred to the monies in question as the combined global collateral accounts, Dr. Todd states that the most widely accepted term for this is the World Global Settlements.

The interview, available HERE, provides some very in-depth information concerning these affairs, touching upon aspects not previously covered by other sources.

One very interesting statement made by Dr. Todd is that, in the aftermath of the final implementation of these settlements, most lawsuits which pertain to attempts to recover funds will be dismissed, as the World Global Settlements themselves will accomplish the necessary task of resetting the world financial economy.

These matters will include the revaluation of currencies world-wide.  The Iraqi dinar seems to play a particularly important role in this, as it is now coming to light that huge sums of gold have recently been discovered in Iraq, and will be used to back a new currency that will have great value on the global market (one of many reports regarding this can be found HERE)



 The IMF meeting in Lima is today thru October 11th. Tony gave 404 a positive clue that she was right in hoping for the best outcome for that meeting. Soooo, the new window may be from now until the 11th. The 25th could be when the general public exchanges. Just saying.

Dansmore:  Okay, a few months back a guy called on one of the calls and the guy said, "I have an IRS friend and he told me there will be no Fed tax on the exchange"... TONY said, "I am still going to hold 55% out just in case" I remember this because I thought to myself, Tony you are completely correct and I am going to hold 55% out also ...

Vollmer:  I am going to do what Tony said ,put 50% aside for Taxes till they make their minds up ,as Tony said it's better to be safe than SORRY and boy will you be SORRY if you have spent that money and they say that will be 50% please or more !!!

Sabickford:  Today I got my happy pills and my pissed off pills mixed up & I think I took one of each so I'm pissed off but I'm happy about it.

AZHombre:  12 min ESPN Awesome video of Arnold Schwarzenager motivational story (whatever it takes): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJPRj19OU-w What's your vision?


SparkyOne:  Bix Weir-Implosion and Restart of Financial System Coming

Only 33 minutes for a great education!
Bix Weir-Implosion and Restart of Financial System Coming


Phantom1:  Zimbabwe in make-or-break debt talks

Zimbabwe in make-or-break debt talks

October 8, 2015 in
Zimbabwe will today present its debt clearance strategy to three preferred creditors as it seeks to unlock fresh capital.

Zimbabwe owes the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank and the African Development Bank (AfDB) a combined $1,8 billion, which has to be extinguished to access cheap lines of credit.

Today’s meeting in the Peruvian capital, Lima, on the sidelines of the IMF/World Bank annual meetings comes on the back of moves by Zimbabwe to undertake painful reforms under the IMF’s supervised Staff Monitored Programme.

Zimbabwe seems to have got consensus from member countries on its debt clearance roadmap after Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya visited European capitals to drum up support for the plan.

The re-engagement with creditors is aimed at reaching accommodation and unlocking fresh capital, Chinamasa said last week. He said the sentiments from the creditors seemed positive and Zimbabwe would confirm that in Lima.

“It is important that we return to the mainstream global economy,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s proposal has been kept under wraps fearing that hawks in government would scuttle the deal, seen as a last-ditch effort to rejoin the international community.

In his mid-term fiscal policy review statement, Chinamasa said Zimbabwe had to ensure that “our investment and business laws are also accommodative of the interests of foreign direct investors”.

Chinamasa said the country’s investment drive should remain focused and consistent, “if we are to take advantage of the growing interest to invest in our economy”.
He said there was need to speak with one voice over critical policies. Critics to Chinamasa’s reform plan within government have been growing with the latest addition being Youth and Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao.

Zhuwao on Tuesday said the indigenisation policy and foreign direct investment go hand in hand rebutting claims the policy would scare away international investors. War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa was quoted last month dismissing Chinamasa’s pro-IMF reform plans accusing the global lender of trying to remove President Robert Mugabe from power.

Zimbabwe requires long term financing to help reboot the economy.
Currently, the country relies on short-term capital which is unsustainable for long-term infrastructure and development projects. The capital comes at a high cost. Analysts say if the deal is approved, it will be a major plus in the rebranding of Zimbabwe as a destination of international capital.

IMF is seen as an international financial commissioner of oaths whose approval of a country would lure capital to that destination.


Phantom1:  Just looking again at this and I like the wording and the fact the lima is mentioned here and that has a important meeting I believe with IMF

Systema:  This is wonderful news...mainstream is the golden word.



Highlights of Tony's conference call. Updated as the call progresses.  40 minute call today.

NO CALL ON MONDAY - Tony:  It's a holiday or you'll be at the banks . . .spending your money. 

If we have a call between now and Tuesday, it will be THE CALL!
We see in print, “new reserve currency on the 20th of Oct.  Banks were told last week, no vacations from the 19th of Oct and on.  . .in mosques told all reforms completed and implemented by either Oct 19th or 20th.  It is public knowledge.  The 20th (Oct) keeps coming up again and again.  Outside my contacts, in mainstream finance. We don't have to go to that date.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony: . . . I think it is a great day.  Possibilities have increased 100 fold for today and the weekend.  Hopefully, we will be seeing this on or before the 19th.  

IRAQ:    No bank vacations for Iraq employees after the 19th. Tony said there was a very good possibility the announcement we await will be made during a conference now taking place in Peru.
  • TV /Mosques told yesterday all reforms will be completed and implemented by Oct. 19th or 20th. Tony:  It is public knowledge. 
INTERNATIONAL:   Christine Legarde after the Oct 20th will announce a new reserve currency.   
  • IMF    
  • Rates:   NO contract rate on the ZIM.  ZIM Rate possibly .20.         

  • Banks:  Meetings took place this AM with banks, employees and memos.
  • Packages:          
EXCHANGING:   Tony:  We are an internet group.  We are not the public they are talking about.  The preparations that are taking place, the bank people, the memos. They're doing this to prepare themselves for you. 


PAM:  Thanks mods, transcribers, especially Zebragirl, and all others.  Lot of wonderful things going to happen.  Hopefully you’ve learned a lot of lessons, relationships, financial.  Don’t forget to check out Tony Robbins book.  Great information you need it.
RAY:  This is fantastic Friday.  Are we going to see it?  Enjoy your weekend.
TONY:  . . . from agencies, intel people in the government. Everyone sharing and excited. Be prepared.  Anything could happen.  20th is the date they are putting out there making it public.  Be prepared and help each other.
A lot of you will not be able to talk to your friends any more.  Be jealous of you.  Trying to take your money.  Your not going to want people to know how much you have.  Now is the time, TODAY, to make sure you have your plan in writing.
That’s what I would do.  Again, if we have a call between now and Tuesday, it will be THE CALL.  Won’t be doing one on Monday because of the holiday.
Anything happens I will Tweet it out.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


TNT Call notes 9-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 9, 2015.  Glad you guys are here. We are having a super-super-fantastic day with the news and information and it will only get better.  I know (because Pam told me) that I told you there was a contract rate on the zim, but I was distracted and I shouldn’t have said that.  It IS a double-digit rate; someone got three cents, but we know it is more than that, up to 20 cents.  So I wanted to clear that up – there is NO contract rate on zim, so far as I know.
You all have been talking about derivatives.  Everyone has a different view of what is going on and why, and I try to respect all points of view.  Some say this can’t happen until the derivatives are paid, or these laws are passed, or this guy and his associates are removed.  It’s like a bunch of people walking around a car, commenting on different parts. It’s still the same car.  The dinar is the car;  it’s the foundation for the entire GCR to happen, not the other way around.  It’s not about all those other things being done and THEN we get the GCR.  The money for the other things flows from the GCR.  I am happy to hear all the other things because they confirm that the RV is happening or has happened, but they are not necessary FOR the GCR to happen.  Everything we hear gives us that bit more confidence that this is ready to go.  It’s not about others being right or wrong. When I started this, if we got one dollar for the dinar I would have been happy… then it wen to three dollars… then ten dollar so more.  The same happened with dong;  at first we were deliriously happy to get five cents and now the rate is 47 cents or higher.  As I got more contacts and connections and understood how the process worked, then it began to make sense and I can understand how the dong might exchange at over two dollars.  I just didn’t understand that before, so I don’t argue when people say X or Y;  these are all factors to making the GCR work and for us to receive the astronomical amounts of money they are giving us.  I had to learn from people involved in the process, and I’m thankful they were willing to explain it to me so that I could explain it to you.  So now when I hear something crazy, I ask, “What would make this true? What would make this work?”  I don’t look at derivatives because my money is not going to be working in that way – I have a whole different area I’m working in.  But without the RV/dinar, there is no GCR, there are no currencies going up or down. The dinar is the foundation for the GCR, and that’s what you have to understand, and plan for.
Here’s the news:  the banks were told last week “no vacations or time from 19. October on”.  We see in the news, in print, that someone was trying to sell you a product or service stating CL will announce a new global currency on 20. October.   The Iraqi people were told yesterday that all reforms will be completed and they will see/enjoy it by 20. October. So it will happen by the 19th or before, and that is now public knowledge;  they are announcing it in the mosques over there, so that is a good date for the public to acknowledge what is happening.  The public will say “Oh, yeah, this is what they’ve been talking about for the last two years”.  We’ll just have to watch and see what happens.
YOU are not the public.  We are the internet people and hopefully we will be seeing this sooner than the 19th, instead of us all going in with the public on the 20th.  I could go into more details, but it’s all good:  the meetings with the bank people, the memos and preparations for you guys.  I give them credit, there are a lot of changes in the banks, with higher interest rates and programs, all getting ready for you, with new programs to be offered to you. 
I think it’s a good day, with the possibilities increased a hundred-fold for the weekend and for next week.  I keep getting more information from people who are outside our internet conversation, such as mainstream media and finance. They don’t know what it’s really about, but they are talking about markets going crazy this month, and it’s focused on the 20th October. 
Our transcriber cannot stay for the entire hour, and I like that she writes it down word-for-word, so we’re going to keep it short today.  We will not have a call on Monday because there are three possibilities:  it’s a holiday, you’ll be in the bank, or you’ll be out spending money!
601 caller:  Can you find 404?  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
707 caller:  Are there any downsides you can see to this banking platform thing you mentioned on the last call?
Tony:  A lot of those platforms are frauds.  You have to do some research on them and the people who set them up.  I’m nervous of platforms outside the banks.  I looked at one set up by the grandson of the governor of the state.  I flew to LA, he showed me all his computers, etc., in his big house.  We were leaving there to go to lunch, and his secretary pulled me to one side and told me, “You look like a really nice guy, and I’m telling you, don’t do it.”  You have to be really careful.  I’d rather go through a bank or someone I know can afford it rather than using a personal platform, because it’s so complicated. The reward is great, but so is the risk.
Caller:  I don’t know what a platform is, really, so I really heard your remarks about WF’s platform, because I bank with WF already.  Obviously I need to do a lot of research. What would be your #1 warning?
Tony:  You need 100 million dollars to have one, first off.  The banks usually have to invite you in.  You need to talk to the bank.  They are not scary if you talk to the right one.
Caller;  Thanks… I enjoyed your story.
Tony:  I told my friends as we flew home, and of course we paid attention to the secretary.  You go into a multi-million dollar home, that’s impressive, and of course we looked into the family history, but it was all a scam.  When you get this money, there will be a whole lot of this:  great ideas, frauds, schemes.  Don’t work this hard, all this time, just to give it away.  Be smarter than that.  Any time someone says, “we have to do this right away or we’ll miss the opportunity”, look them right in the face and say, “I guess we missed that one, then”.  I don’t do business like that.  As soon as you have money, great ideas will pop up all over the place.
702 caller:  I’m totally excited about everything you are saying this morning. I’m not quite sure what is going on with the zim.
Tony:  I was sitting at the cigar bar last night, having a drink, this guy was talking with me, and he was saying, “I’ve been reading articles on the zim and it sounds worthless; where does all the money come from?”  It comes from digits – it’s all digits.  Nobody is ever going to have all this money in their pocket or in their garage.  They are only going to see it on a screen and they can make it any level they want because nobody will ever have it in their hands.  It’s easy for them to come up with the money.  If you got to the bank and ask for $25,000, they would have to order it if you want cash.  They don’t have $25,000 in  their vault.  They are limited in what they can give out, based on the size of the bank.  So they do it based on digits and fractional banking.
A lot of people don’t like Bernie Madoff, but he didn’t do anything that isn’t being done every day right now.  It’s fractional banking, creating money out of thin air.  On Friday, Bernie was doing just fine, with every one of his clients being filthy rich, laying down their cards, buying whatever they want.  On Monday, he was tired, he gave us, walked into his office, and said it was all BS.  Tuesday, everyone was broke.  Where did the money go?  When you figure that out, let me know, and then I will tell you what really happened.
Caller:  Do you know what a shelf account is?
Tony:  No.  You need to ask the bank about that.
352 caller:  I haven’t heard you say anything recently about keeping dinar separate from the others.  Do we need to keep each currency separate?
Tony:  No one has said anything about that recently, but what I was told is that they will be tracking the dinar differently.  That was two years ago, and I haven’t heard about it since.  I don’t really need to hear what you think will piss me off.  People talk about me all the time.  I’m just one guy, and I really don’t care what other people say.  Just say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.
404 caller:  We are hearing reports we are still waiting for an announcement, could that relate to the three days of IMF meetings in Peru starting on 11. October?
Tony: There is a very high probability of that.
Caller:  Hopefully such announcements will be in English or easily-translatable Spanish rather than Arabic.  Hope this is released for the Iraqis, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Great question and great timeframe…
Pam: I want to thank Daz and the Mods, the guest mods, transcribers, and especially Zebragirl to tries very hard to get everything right in the transcriptions.  Thanks to all the people in dinarland, even from other sites.  It’s about the Iraqis and the global situation. Make sure to read Tony Robbins’ book on Money: Mastering the Game – you need it.
RayRen:  It’s Fabulous Friday – enjoy your weekend.
Tony: Good news abounds, here, there, our agencies, our intel people in government, overseas.  Everyone is excited. Be prepared – anything could happen.  The news is good on all side.  The 20th is the date out in public, but that doesn’t mean it will got that long.  Be prepared, and help each other.  Write down your plans right now, today/tomorrow, while you are calm… then you can party.  Enjoy the weekend. If we have a call between now and Tuesday, it will be THE call.  If we are still here next week, it won’t be on Monday because of the holiday.  If anything major happens, I will send out a tweet.  Make sure that it comes from the account with 250,000 followers, that it is a legitimate tweet. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend!


Hello Everyone.
Again lots of important news to report today. It is all pointing in the direction of getting these very last items corrected so Iraq can move towards completing the currency reforms / project to delete the zeros.
I wanted to include a shorter than usual news letter and give you another reading break today…..lol…
However once again I am giving you many golden nuggets.
Today’s news is all about UNDERSTANDING what is really going on with Abadi’s reforms. No hype about a pending RV this weekend….so sorry!
Today’s News
Today is Friday October 9th and still no RV.
So this week Iraq has given us golden nuggets of information. The finance committee has come right out and told us why the project to delete the zeros had been postponed. When will they then continue it?
We simply had to wait for the events to unfold that are required to bring the political stability, physical security and the economic stability needed for this RV event to occur. Why would they bring back the currency when the reason they shut it down in the first place is still evident? Iraq must get to a state of stability or there will be no RV….get it?  But when will they reach the needed of stability?
Today I talk about what is happening in all three of these categories of stability and you be the judge and tell me if you see an RV on the very near horizon unless Abadi can get his reforms instituted.  We may be even closer to resolving many of these issues than we are told since we do not get all the complete news from Iraq. The RV just may happen much sooner than later, but regardless what we do know for sure there is still much work to be done.
I know I have been sounding like a broken record for many months  but I see my efforts have helped many of your dinarians now to understand what is going on in Iraq. You too have learned to read the news from Iraq for yourselves. I congratulate many of you for making this effort. Kudos to you all!
Many however simply like the day by day drama and the anytime hype and this is your problem.This news letter is not for you so go get your hype somewhere else….lol….lol….
Having said all this then what should we be looking  from Iraq to indicate to us they are gaining the stability needed in these three areas of concern?
1) POLITICAL STABILITY (getting rid of Maliki and the Iranian influence);
2) PHYSICAL SECURITY (getting rid of ISIS and DAASH);
3) ECONOMIC STABILITY (ending the corruption, returning the loss Iraq funds, the return of Dr Shabibi to the CBI and the diversification efforts in the Iraqi economy, price of oil on the rise).
So let me now review with you the current status of each of these three elements. 
We are witnessing the final demise of the Iranian influence and we see the outward admonishment of Maliki and the other former corrupt officials ( I have called Maliki goons) and the funds they have stolen. Much of these funds have been located, are now frozen and will soon be returned back to Iraq after a final verdict is rendered in Maliki trial. Maliki will no longer have any possibility for any political position in Iraq government in the future.
Nor will anyone convicted of crimes of corruption or against humanity. So this all adds up to the needed political security.  However I am still waiting to hear news of the Accountability and Justice law. Iraq has been very quite on the status of this recently. There is a major shake up coming soon to the judiciary.
In Anbar and Mosul we are witnessing the coalition forces against ISIS and DAASH making overwhelming progress and stockpile of weapons and ammo have been bombed and confiscated. Prisoners are being taken and ISIS will not be allowed to reoccupy the resolved areas once taken. The National Guard law is said to be in the process of being implemented even though we have not see the law “officially” passed in parliament. We have read months ago about the process of training Iraqi troops for these positions. Many of the former officers from the Hussein regiments have been released and are now filling the ranks thru the Amnesty program. So this is adding to the needed physical security. But Amnesty too is not “officially” passed in parliament.
Just recently we have read multiple articles about the clean up of the CBI and the return of Dr Sahbib to once again take of more formal role as the governor. We also have seen the Investment law that was rejected once again last Tuesday due to two sections that needed to be updated regarding arbitration process. We are told now this law will be passed by the end of this month. We have seen the restructuring of the major banks and application of modern banking practices and electronics in order to conduct business with the rest of the world and inside Iraq. All these are indicators we expected to see as we move very close to having the needed economic stability needed. But we are not there yet.
Most of the major reform laws we are looking for have had a second reading in parliament already and wait a final voting session, which more than likely will be by the end of October. We also wait for the National Reconciliation conference and we know they are planning for this event by the end of the year but most likey sooner than later. But they need to get Abadi’s reforms instituted first. Iraq will not have this conference until they feel comfortable that they can move forward aggressively in politics and their economy. Afterall what would be the purpose of holding this conference if the reconciliation issues are not complete.
We can see more pressure to get these reforms laws  passed as religious leaders, the demonstrating citizens, and now even the rest of the Arab community (GCC) are exerting pressure on parliament and all eyes are now on the government to conclude with this corruption and set Iraq on a straight and normalized path.
So what pops out today –more pressure to pass the needed changes in HCL that Kurdistan has been asking for resolution. I reviewed these changes with you in one of my past news letters. Do we need these changes for an RV? This is the million dollar question.
I know they need to make good on the HCL and put some of that oil money in the hands of the average citizen prior to any RV.  Iraq has been told this many times by the USA. One provision they can not escape.
Can they feel comfortable doing this financially with the budget deficit? Are they now financially capable of allocating oil royalties at this point in time? So can this part wait for the future, as long as the laws needed to support it are passed?
See article below as the answer may be there. Remember HCL technically does not have to go through parliament for a vote to become law, just that the GOI and Kurdistan must agree.
Article Begins

BAGHDAD / JD / .. A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary deputy Zaher al-Abadi, the determination of his committee’s proposal oil and gas law and enacted in Parliament in the event of the failure of the government to send a bill to the House of Representatives.
Ebadi said the agency / JD /: “The oil and gas law is one of the important laws, which will eliminate a lot of outstanding problems regarding the oil especially between the federal and provincial Governments, “adding that” the government withdrew oil and gas law for the purpose of Parliament make amendments to it. ” He added that “in the event of the failure of the government to send the amended version of the oil and gas law Vstljo the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary to propose a new law on oil and gas legislation in parliament without reference to the government,” ./ ended
Article Ends

Next we see an article this week pop out explaining the stalling of the project to delete the zeros. Interesting article because it makes reference to the 2010 timeframe and not the 2012 timeframe, when we all read articles about Dr. Shabibi wanting to bring out the lower denoms and coins in Sept- Oct of that year.
This could mean nothing more than an RV was pending in the near future. Again this was 2012. So why are they talking about 2010 and why are they telling us the economy was not so good back then when the oil prices were over $100 a barrel and life was good. Even though there was corruption from Maliki’s administration the country observed a relative sense of stability. Soon after this period all hell broke loose. Even Dr Shabibi has told us this was a golden opportunity that was missed to complete the currency reform project.
I quote from the article – “draft deletion of zeros from the local currency stopped by the House of Representatives in 2010 due to legislative differences within the parliament,”
So what is their current reason? Could it still be the economy and was it ever the economy? Based on this conflicting news I must disregard this article since it does not make any sense.
Article Begins

Special – scales News
Ruled out the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed, on Wednesday, the application of a draft resolution to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency during the coming period due to the deteriorating economic conditions experienced by the country, noting that he can not determine the time of application of the project unless stabilized the security and economic situation in Iraq.
Said Mohammed’s / scales News / “The project to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency will help to use the currency are the biggest,” noting that “the difficulty of the application of this project during these economic conditions experienced by Iraq.”
He said the parliamentary finance committee member, said “money inflation in the Iraqi market with the economic downturn currently lead to the descent of the currency rate to hit the country’s economy,” adding, “it was postponing the process of deleting the zeros to settling the Iraqi currency put the Iraqi economy in a stable and good condition.”
The “Committee for Economy and Investment parliamentary member Ahmed Salim Abdul Rahman said, earlier, that the deletion of zeros from the local currency is not appropriate at this time, especially in the big decline and deterioration in the economic conditions of the country.”
It is worth mentioning that the “economic expert Abdul Hassan al-Shammari said, earlier, that the draft deletion of zeros from the local currency stopped by the House of Representatives in 2010 due to legislative differences within the parliament,” noting that “print local currency Iraqi government cost $ 250 million annually “.
Article Ends
Then today also out pops this article below from Iraq, once again talking about the reasons for the down turn of the Iraqi economy, its causes and the as possible solutions. So what are problems and the solution(s) to the economic crisis?
We all should know these solutions by now. I have gone over them again and again with you as I have presented article talking about the Abadi reforms. Do you now see why he is instituting these reforms and why they are needed?
Let me list them once again for you as they talked about them in the article below.
Remember this is their words not mine. No hype, No rumor, just the FACTS. I am quoting from this article below
Problems with the Iraqi Economy:
1)    “economic deficit due to falling oil prices”
2)    “lack of state resources (over a trillion dollars in stolen funds -Who stole the $$?)
3)    “sagging economic structure”
4)    “prevalence of corruption” (money laundering, falsified contracts, ghost soldiers, etc)
5)    “inability for the state to fund development benefits and services, sustain health and social programs, including salaries of employees”. (the money needed to pay these programs is gone, stolen)
Solutions to the Economic Crisis in Iraq:
1)    “realistic treatments of the crisis” (make the necessary difficult changes)
2)    “control over the budget deficit”
3)    “adoption of groups of economic policies that would reduce public spending”
4)    “promote opportunities to find additional resources” (diversify Iraqi’s economy)
5)    “develop regulatory programs administratively and financially to eliminate the phenomenon of serious corruption in the economic institution”. (need reform laws)
Article Begins
8/10/2015 0:00
A morning plenty of propositions suggests many procedural processors at the suffering of the Iraqi economic landscape, which has become open to a lot of crises, including Maitalq economic deficit due to falling oil prices in global markets and the lack of state resources, and sagging economic structure and the prevalence of corruption, including the associated the weakness of the Iraqi economic system’s ability to meet the development benefits and services and sustain health and social programs, including salaries of employees in various sectors of the state.
These propositions need a program, and to approved national depends realistic treatments of the crisis, starting with control over the budget deficit, and work on the adoption of groups of economic policies that would reduce public spending, and promote opportunities to find additional resources pride of national economies, and develop regulatory programs administratively and financially to eliminate the phenomenon of serious corruption in the economic institution.
The absence of a clear vision and strategic planning may Akunan of the most causes of the crisis industry, which have a set of data pertaining to disable any process to revitalize the economic system in the agricultural, commercial and banking sectors, as shares of the accumulation of major problems in these sectors disable any real deal to the crisis of the Iraqi economy and the adoption of proper work contexts that promote institutional building first, and reinforce citizens’ confidence in the future of the economy and its ability to withstand the burden of social life and security problems
Secondly, as well as international agencies confidence to the banking business level to ensure a guaranteed financial relationships legally in banking markets, and in the presence of operational frameworks that accommodate all the changes that can occur here or there.
Addressing the problems of the Iraqi economy needs to have a economic environment is good, and to foster good practices for the recovery of this environment,  and in attracting scientific and research and encourage efficiencies and invest their energies in the economic sectors, and in the control of the banking system and the system of hard currency conversion for the protection of national wealth, as well as in the search for what can enhance the resources of the state starting from reconsider in the import programs, and to promote national export a lot of goods that can be organized according contexts economic agreements with countries that are involved Iraq in investment and import areas,  and the end of the organization of legal contexts to impose Alkmarki system and thus contributing to the provision of economic resources, and to secure the Iraqi product that should be encouraged Protection its markets and securing real opportunities for the
marketing of Daath.
Article Ends
Now read the article below and connect the dots. Can you do this?
Can you see how there is political resistance to Abadi’s changes within the reforms. In Iraq they are so used to operating the government with a high level of corruption that they simply so not want to let it go. The oil revenues too have flowed freely and, since no benefits rarely went to the average citizen (except spoiled food in food ration programs, constant overdue salaries and pension payments, etc) there were always plenty of spoils to go around. Now this is all going to stop and Abadi is attempting to make the GOI a responsible government.
Hell ! they haven’t even reconstructed many of the bombed out buildings from 2003 or have 24/7 electricity. So where in hell did all the money go over these past 12 years?
Having said all this – Do you understand the major shakeup going on now in Iraq. What will it lead to? Can Abadi survive?
How am I so certain Abadi’s reform program will be successful and I quote from the article below – “that “all of this will be under the US support, because America does not want in any way the return of al-Maliki wing, which has good relations with Iran in particular.”
Article Begins
Shammari: Abadi take difficult decisions away from political blocs to win t
demonstrators and reference Political
Since 08/10/2015 14:41 pm (Baghdad time)
Special – scales news
The head of the political thinking of the Iraqi Center Ihsan al-Shammari, Thursday, that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will be directed away from the political blocs to make decisions “difficult,” noting that al-Abadi is trying to gain the trust of the demonstrators supreme religious authority.
Al-Shammari said L / scales News /, “The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Pat senses he remained alone did not have the political cover that or those political incubator in which they can support the path of reform or even the nature of his internal and external trends.”
He added that “a meeting Abadi with Obame solo following the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations and talk too much before US President think it indicate beyond any doubt that al-Abadi will move away from political blocs because he has become convinced that these blocs will look for a replacement for that will be made possible that decisions Kacalh be difficult and corrupt political leaders and push away from the laws of the political blocs to win the demonstrators and reference. ”
He pointed out that “all of this will be under the US support, because America does not want in any way the return of al-Maliki wing, which has good relations with Iran in particular.”
It is worth noting that the Office spokesman Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi detection, earlier, about having great difficulties in implementing the reforms launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as he emphasized that al-Abadi continuously in the reform package. It ended 29 quarters e
Article Ends
Article Begins
The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords that Iraq is facing great financial difficulties after the sharp decline of oil prices the world.
Keywords and he said in a press interview that despite the decline in oil prices, but the digital existing indicators for this moment the government does not come to its inability to pay the salaries of state employees.
He noted that the financial crisis which passes Iraq must be a great lesson for a review of fiscal policy in the first place, and the nature of government spending, tax policy, pointing out that marred much of the imbalance in the structure and organization, calling for real reforms in the financial and tax system structure, and structure the economy in general.
He pointed out that spending in past years did not hurt to expand the productive base of the country, and the development of economic activities in order to achieve Iraq’s resources on the one hand and also run unemployment is widely widening the productive base.
He added that the government spending in the previous period of his wisdom and political factors rather than economic factors, indicating that discussions about adding allocations and expenditures are always going on in the framework of political gain.
He said natural in all countries of the world that when financial crises State resort to other sources to cover a temporary shortfall in their budgets until survive the crisis, pointing out that Iraq has a chance in that low-resource today may rise in the coming period
Article Ends
[Update on Physical Stability: Fighting ISIS]
This article below came out on Wednesday 10/7 and was sweet words to my ears…PHYSICAL SECURITY!
I quote from the article – :” announced the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism fund, Wednesday, that the World Bank loan amounting to $ 350 million will be launched during the month”. So what does this mean? This means they intend to be concluded with ISIS and begin reconstruction of the areas beginning in October. Yes that is this month of October in 2015.

Article Begins
Sky Press
10/07/15    17:15
MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, the Anbar Wednesday, the end of the day we will announce the liberation of Anbar from dance bands criminal, daash all politicians to reunite and forget the past and to build the province and unite.
Karbouli said to ‘Sky Press’, ‘ the thought aldaasha exists in the hearts and mind of the killers and criminals and there is a political conflict, if there are tribes and engaged are few, they should check themselves and here I invite everyone has the possibility to reunite and forget the past to go to build the province and unite.’
He stressed the importance of ‘Activating reconciliation between everyone without exception and go to rebuild Iraq, especially Anbar that is the security gate of several States’, pointing out that the ‘organization Daash ideology has not adopted any point, whether internal or external, and it will be eliminated.’
Karbouli confirmed that the ‘sons of the popular fighters from the crowd and people of other provinces and the sons of the tribes and the Iraqi army are determined to defeat the Daash and finally expelled from Iraq and the end of the day will be announced Anbar military operations and edit operations center of the province.’
——— Related Item  The World Bank will lend Iraq $ 350 million for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism.
BAGHDAD / Sky Press announced the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism fund, Wednesday, that the World Bank loan amounting to $ 350 million will be launched during the month. Said Fund Chairman Abdul Basit Turki on the sidelines of a meeting with the Middle East, the World Bank director Fred Hajj the building fund
Article Ends
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All.


10-9-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23  The investment law still seems to be the key that unlocks the gates to "everything else"...I do not believe there is any other amendment to the investment law or needed to be reviewed again by the CoM...It was read 2 times and printed by the Justice for the third reading and vote... IMF, World Bank, ISSD, European Union, have all reviewed the law and Iraq began campaigning their Bonds through Bank representatives in the US and London. Nothing being reported on the Bonds that were ready for offer Oct 1st...because no investment law! The reason for delay? The excuse is OH JUST ONE MORE THING... IMO...That is BS... BUT...we may see it roll come the 13th.

10-9-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite
  I continue to be excited about the continued progress that I see everyday coming from the CBI and GOI.

10-9-2015   Intel Guru Frank26  
 [...with all that is happening do you and your teams still think something big will happen between Oct.10-14th?]  It already did...We know DRS [Dr. Shabibi] is back.  And some question ...Why is FRANK26 at RED...?  Because DRS is BACK and he is soon to tell You he is ALSO BACK in CONTROL of THE CBI.


Greatly Blessed POST FROM TNT, 9 OCT

Just spoke with someone who is a Director at Western Union…he agreed that the currency has to be internationally tradable, and so we came to the conclusion that business is being transacted in USD at Western Union in Iraq.
Therefore, this answers my question as to why they could be doing business with Western Union, and not have an internationally tradable currency.  They simply can, because they are trading in USD.
In other words they are doing money transfers using the USD and not the IQD. It seems that it is not as big a deal as I had thought previously.
This had just bothered me so I had to find an answer.  I could not figure out for the life of me how they could be using Western Union without an internationally tradable currency until it was brought to my remembrance that they use the USD in Iraq to do trade.



 Frank with all that is happening do you and your teams still think something big will happen between Oct.10-14th?

Frank26:  It already did ........... We know DRS is back.

Aggiedad77:  Ok....ok.....I'll say it    TA-DA

Frank26:  LOL......... And some question ....... Why is FRANK26 at RED with KTFA ???

Because DRS is BACK and he is soon to tell You he is ALSO BACK in CONTROL of THE CBI.

Now You can say it again RANDY ............ TA DA !!! KTFA    Frank

MOakes:  IMO anyone had better be careful before they believe the controlled US news media.

As I have stated previously, the US creates these terrorist groups and funds them also. Russia is just doing the job that the US doesn't want to do.

MountainMan: ................BINGO!!!

Walkingstick:  Sistani calls to punish any corrupt official, whatever its location

Writings Friday 0.9 October 2015, 13:35 am

Student supported the religious authority in Karbala, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi Karbalai punish every official is corrupt, whatever the stature and demanded the security authorities to assume their responsibility to protect citizens from terrorist attacks, stressing the government's need to take capable of avoiding the repercussions of the current financial crisis in Iraq's economic measures.

He said in his Friday sermon in the dish-Husseini Karbala: "still our brothers and sons in the heroic armed forces and supported by volunteers and members of the tribes continue to fight the terrorists in different fronts, and in recent days have had significant progress in Anbar province, and were able to free up some important areas, and ask Allah to give them more power and patience, fortitude ".

He added:" The terrorists Aldoaash still engaged in the most heinous crimes and Avdaha and brag about it without shame or modesty, and that targeted car bombs markets crowded with citizens, as happened in the pure and Zubair in the last week which claimed the lives of many innocent people who shed their blood pure injustice, once again claim security authorities bear the responsibility to protect citizens from the baddies.

"And on the financial crisis in Iraq, Karbalai said:" The current situation portends serious problems in the general budget for the coming years, pointing to the need to exchange important financial materials in the coverage of the war on Daash costs, noting that what is observed is draining a lot of money in consumer spending without noticeable indicators of the development in the agricultural and industrial production, with possibilities for asylum State to borrow, which will saddle the state budget larger because of what borne by the very benefits, this situation indicates that the need for economic, financial and developmental measures real and within the agreed timeframe clearly become necessary today more than ever.

"He called Karbalai to the Integrity Commission not to delay in the detection of senior accused of corruption files and forwarded to the judiciary. And demanded the central government to enlist the expertise of economists and financial experts, national and maximum speed to cope with the financial and economic crisis faced by the country, stressing the need to be among the priority of those measures to achieve social justice by reducing the large differences between the salaries of state employees.

He said Karbalai: "The need a quick and important measures of the economic situation of the country has become today an urgent need after the bad financial situation of the country by taking advantage of economists and financial experts in the country and address all problems through several factors, the most important achievement of social justice and the abandonment of unnecessary expenditures in the state.



Aggiedad77:  The voice of Iraq......coming to you loud and clear.....yes the voice of the religious cleric.....the one that when he speaks....everyone not only listens.....they hear.....be SWIFT......uncover the names of those guilty, bring them before the Justice Department......no matter their stature.....no matter their level of political power......they are to be brought before the judge and made to pay for their crimes.....

Not just the scapegoats and the underdogs.....but all of the kingpins as well and the LEADER of all the kingpins too.....do not slow down.....do not stop until all are brought to justice and held accountable for their crimes......hit them with your best stuff.....fire away.....

Stand up Iraq and be accounted for....stand up and be known for integrity and truth in an area of the world that has forgotten what those words mean.....it's no longer a hunt for Red October.....it's now a Hunt in October for Maliki and all his kingpins.....the latest box office mega-hit.  Aloha   Randy


Walkingstick:  The religious authority calls not to delay disclosure of the files of corruption, whatever the accused names

By Ziad al-Haidari Two hours ago

invited the representative of reference in the province of Karbala, Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, during the Friday sermon, the Integrity Commission "not to long delays in the detection of senior defendants file corruption and refer them to eliminate," calling on the judiciary to "be strong and not Adahn not favoring one and not be subject to any pressure from any party, and the government should provide the necessary protection to the judges in charge of the files of corruption. "He added that" Aldoaash are still engaged in the most heinous crimes including targeted car bomb Almktdh markets to citizens, such as in pure towns, Zubair, claimed the lives of many innocent people, "and urged security authorities to "shoulder its responsibility to protect citizens from the bad guys."

He continued Karbalai that "borrowing will saddle the state budget larger because of what borne by the very benefits of altitude on this debt," noting that "the need for economic, financial and developmental real action and within the agreed time frame and clearly has become more necessary than Ever. "He noted that" hopefully stakeholders that the acceleration to seek the assistance of experts and specialists, especially qualified Iraqi keen on the future of the country, to develop appropriate real and serious to address the existing problems before plans to worsen. "He stressed Karbalai importance of" working to achieve social justice Within government jobs and in pension rights, by reducing the differences between the salaries and allowances and to reconsider the amounts disbursed consumer expenditure is necessary. "



Walkingstick:     Minister of Finance for International Mojta: Iraq is rich in natural resources

Chaired by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari yesterday the Iraqi delegation to the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which will be held in Lima, Peru.

According to a statement the Ministry of Finance Agency our economy news received a copy of it on the minister participated in a symposium organized by the World Bank on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the Fund and the World Bank about the vulnerability in middle-income countries, said the minister in his speech as a keynote speaker at the seminar mentioned the challenges facing Iraq in This side.

He said that "Iraq does not face such a problem in all regions of Iraq, but in some places affected by the war on terrorism and the occupation of Daash terrorist to those lands."

On the other hand said the Minister of Finance that "Iraq, a country rich in natural resources, particularly oil wealth But the drop in oil prices in the global market and the threat of terrorism Daash may impact on Iraq's ability to finance its budget, which form a deficit which, this side of the fragility faced by Iraq at this stage, to its dependence on a single supplier, which requires the diversification of its resources and this Matsay him the government of in order to maximize resources and stimulate the economy, and reforms of administrative, economic and anti-corruption.

"The government has recently proceeded to a series of reform measures and a commitment to international transparency standards in providing and disseminating 2016 budget, on schedule and in Iraq is not grumbling from the political fragility because he had a constitution and institutions of a viable and continue to complain of the fragility of the economy in the rent structure, which needs to be fundamental changes. " Link


Minister of Finance review the relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

(Independent) .. accept Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari at a meeting, on Thursday, Executive Director of the Arab Group at the International Monetary Fund Hazem Albiloa the relationship between Iraq and the IMF.

And across Zebari expressed appreciation to the speed of the bank in response to the request of Iraq in obtaining a loan from the Fund in the framework of the mechanism of rapid funding and Iraq's desire to develop its relations with the Fund within the mechanisms to provide support and assistance to help to help Iraq in the face of the financial crisis afflicting.

On the other side of the meeting and in the presence of representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank also discussed Iraq's relations with the Fund and the proposed consultations between the two sides early in the month of November 2015. (end)



Zebari confirms Iraq's desire to develop its relations with the IMF
Friday 09 October 2015

Met with Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari Dr. Hazem Albiloa Executive Director of the Arab Group at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and during the meeting to review the relationship between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund, as Zebari expressed appreciation to the speed of the bank in response to the request of the Arab Aq in getting a loan from the Fund in part of a rapid funding mechanism and Iraq's desire to develop its relations with the Fund within the mechanisms to provide support and assistance to help to help Iraq in the face of the financial crisis afflicting In another aspect of the meeting and in the presence of representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank, it was also discussed Iraq's relations with the Fund and the proposed consultations between the two sides early in the month of October 2015  Link


Iraq appreciates the response to his request to get a loan from the International Monetary Fund speed

09/10/2015 11:19 |   Press direction / follow-up

Iraq expressed appreciation for the quick response to the request of Iraq in obtaining a loan from the International Monetary Fund as part of a rapid financing mechanism.

According to a statement of financial Mas it received a "trend-Presse," a copy of it on that, "Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met yesterday Hazem Albiloa Executive Director of the Arab Group at the International Monetary Fund on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which will be held in Lima, Peru for the period from 9 112 015, and during the meeting to review the relationship between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund. "

And across Zebari expressed "appreciation to the speed of the bank in response to the request of Iraq in obtaining a loan from the Fund in the framework of the mechanism of rapid funding and Iraq's desire to develop its relations with the Fund within the mechanisms to provide support and assistance to help to help Iraq in the face of the financial crisis afflicting".

On the other side of the meeting and in the presence of representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank also discussed Iraq's relations with the Fund and the proposed consultations between the two sides in early November 2015. the sa


TNT :SO CAL Bank Story Update, 9 OCT

    • Dragonfly14 said
      12:25 PM Oct 8, 2015
    Just off the phone with a Private Banker, one of the big four, in southern California .........
    He was 100% open and willing to share all he knew.
    Basically, there are four exchange locations in the county.......
    And they are ready and waiting like we are.

    Starting to get a little excited!


Article quote:  “Gulf sources revealed that the Gulf Cooperation Council states, led by Saudi Arabia plans to join Iraq to membership of the Cooperation Council in order to remove Iraq from Iranian influences.”
An article about Iraq getting an invitation to join the GCC. I am so happy for many reasons. You should be very happy too. Here are the reasons.
1) Since getting rid of the Iranian influence is happening right in front of our noses and this must happen prior to any RV. I always knew that getting rid of Maliki and removing Iraq as the “puppet” Iranian state was not going to be easy and would take some time.But we can see it is happening now… getting rid of Maliki and his goons is going to be HUGE in this direction of movement for Iraq.
2) By joining the GCC this will give much more power to the government of Haider al-Abadi and the opportunity to direct reforms and that these reforms will inevitably lead to disengage with Tehran. It will be like a snow ball effect as the momentum will pick up and the ball gets bigger and bigger. This will bring a NEW Iraq to the people, allow for international trade and investment thus our RV.  It is all inter-connected.