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TNT :Exchange Procedures Document by SISTER A, 29 SEPT

 have gleaned information regarding the exchange procedures and put the information into the following document to give to people I have shared information with or gifted Dinar to. This document may be helpful to you, so I want to share it with you here.

Currency Exchange Process Information

If you have more than 25,000 IQN to exchange, you will need to call and make an appointment to exchange your currency. If you have less, you can go directly to your bank without an appointment.

Important preparations to be made before making your first bank appointment:
1. Open a new, secure e-mail account (www.hushmail.comwww.zixcorp.com  or others on the Internet) that will only be used for your new IQN bank account(s).

2. Purchase a new laptop, iPad or other computer device that you will only use for your new online banking account. These two procedures are for security purposes for those who will have very large (US1M or more) accounts after the exchange.

3. Use the 800 numbers below to call a bank and set up an appointment to exchange your IQN. You may also use another foreign exchange bank to make your currency exchange if you wish, but you need to call them and make an appointment to do so.
The big 5 banks that are set up to do IQN currency exchanges and their 800# numbers for appointments are listed below:

Bank                                       800#                                        Exchange Rate
Wells Fargo
Bank of America
Citi Bank
Fifth Third

Note: The Bank of International Settlements, which controls all fiat banking systems world-wide, including the big banks listed above, is on the verge of bankruptcy. They are heavily involved in derivatives. It is wise not to deal with banks that have derivatives and hedge funds. Look for institutions that have an AAA rating. Consider banks that hold multi-currency accounts. You may wish to exchange your currency at one of these five banks to begin with, but if you have very large accounts, you may want to research safer banks to move your money to. You can research the safety of banks on the Internet.

Tips on What to Say and Do at the Bank

1. When you call the 800#, they will ask for your name (give first initial and last name), for your e-mail address (give them your "new" e-mail address), the amount you have to exchange, and your zip code so they know where to direct you to the closest bank for your exchange.

2Go to your appointment. Make sure you are prepared, calm and professional. This is a business transaction.

3. Take your Dinar (with receipt, certificate of authenticity, and two forms of identification) to your bank and say, “I'm here to do a CURRENCY EXCHANGE for my IQN.” The IQN is the new Iraqi Dinar that is gold-backed and will have a higher exchange rate than the IQD.

4. The bank will ask you for your ID. You will need two forms of ID to open new accounts.

5. The bank will inform you about the non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and you will have to sign it before you can exchange your IQN. The NDA will be a long document that you will need to read very carefully when you get home. This is a classified exchange and you will be prohibited from talking about it to anyone after you sign the NDA. This is very serious. If you break the agreement, your bank account can be seized.

6. The bank will take your information to fill out their electronic FENCIN form to send to the IRS. We are not yet sure how this exchange will be taxed. You will need to consult a tax attorney to resolve your tax debt.

7. Open a new bank account in which to deposit your IQN. Deposit your IQN money into the new account. Some say this IQN account is insured by the US Treasury (UST) for IQN (Dinar) and backed by gold. Ask your banker to confirm this. Keep your IQN dollars in an account separate from all your other US$ accounts.

Note: If you have more than one currency to exchange, you need to deposit each currency into its own separate account. 

Tell the Banker you don't want to pay any bank or currency exchange "spread fee” in making this deposit. If that is not available this bank, you will go to a bank manager and bank who will do this for you. 
Note: Every single Branch Manager is able to remove the spread fees up until the UST (Treasury) spread fees.

Since your first bank appointment will be short (about 20 minutes), there will only be enough time to deposit your IQN in your new bank account. Make it clear to the bank that you do not want them to touch your money in any way (no trading, etc.) until you meet with the wealth manager.

8. Make a future appointment to meet with the bank’s personal wealth manager. At that meeting you can have the bank prepare cashier’s checks to use to pay off your debts or to make personal purchases with. Prepare a list of your debts. List them by name, account numbers and the amount you want the cashier’s checks made out for. Be sure to include some cashier’s checks made out to YOU so that you can:  
1. Cash one check in the amount of just under $10k to take home with you after your appointment (if you wish).
2. Make deposits into your other banks that you will be using.

9. Ask your banker to provide you with some CCC Certificates— Clean, Clear Funds of Non-Criminal Origin Certificates signed by the bank.  If you are buying a house, car or otherwise large purchase, you can ask for a letter of "proof of funds" to give to your realtor, car dealership, etc. 
10. At this second appointment, you may want to divide your IQN account into three new accounts as follows: 50% into a tax escrow account for federal, state, and local taxes; 25% for investments for capital growth; and 25% working capital for immediate use. You can set up a minor checking account with a debit card for petty expenditures. Do an intra-bank transfer into these new accounts and close your initial exchange account.

All you will do at the second appointment is get the monies working safely and conservatively while your financial plan is formulated.

11. Before you leave the bank, ask for a printout of all of that day’s transactions with regard to all the accounts you have opened, including deposits, debits, and current balances.  

12.  Set up another appointment with the bank wealth manager or with your personal financial advisor for investment advice.

1. Your first appointment is to get the exchange done as expeditiously as possible.
2. Your second appointment is a fact-finding and information-gathering session with the wealth manager.
3. You will now have the money to get professional counsel regarding taxes, security issues, investments, and ways to protect your money. Be sure to get expert advice!

Never do anything on the Internet that connects to your BIG accounts. Keep your big accounts and black card (debit card for large accounts) hidden. Use your new laptop and secure e-mail for all transactions.

Get the exchange done and chill. If anyone rushes you, flags should go up. Wealthy people learn how to say “NO” quickly and “YES” slowly, after much contemplation. 

Disclaimer: This information was compiled from Tony’s conference calls and information gathered from www.TNTdinar.activeboard.com.  There is no guarantee that it is totally accurate. Do your own research.

TNT :Bank Update NC by KOGARRIS, 29 SEPT

WF---Inquiry was on Rupiah, teller quoted $82 per 1m.. then teller said, "wait till tomorrow it may change .. its been changing every day lately... No exchange today allowed on Dong.. check again tomorrow please and nothing expected on Zim as far as far as I am aware. Thanks for using Wells Fargo for all you currency exchange needs."  almost verbatim..
This is the most info I have been able to get in ages... Happy Birthday to me... Thank you Lord in advance.
Blessings TNT family..


9-29-21015   Newshound Guru Millionday   Article quote:  Ritesh S. Ramakrishnan, Transworld Group’s director of strategy and business planning, said:  “Iraq stands at such an important moment of time – historically and commercially – and we are keen to play a part in this phase of growth. AN IMPORTANT MOMENT IN TIME AND  WE ARE INVESTED IN THIS MOMENT IN TIME.  Quote:  "...we will enable Basra to continue its accelerated march to becoming a key strategic trading center in the Middle East, bridging East and West.”  AND...WE ARE INVESTED IN THIS KEY -- WHOOPOW!

9-29-2015   Intel Guru Delta
    The holiday is over now.  October 1st is the grand opening of the Islamic Bank. Today this announced that the banks have all of the new high-tech technology. They need to increase the value of the IQD and the banks know it.  I believe that we are very close due to what the World Bank’s involvement has been with the state-controlled banks in Iraq.  Parliament should meet tomorrow. The Investment Laws has nothing to do with the monetary reform...but over the next two weeks...we have a lot to watch for.  Remember, the Qi-Card...the MasterCard...the ATM...all of this leads up to changing the value. Something really, really has to happen before the end of the year but it could happen at any time.

9-29-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   #1 (SECURITY) is doing very well.  It’s not just for Iraq but in all the middle-east and in fact for the whole world. In my opinion, the currency of Iraq is the economic foundation to many middle-eastern countries. You see, a reinstatement will occur in-country.  The international world wants the RV...Iraq wants the RI and so what is going on right now is inside of Iraq and outside with the middle-eastern countries is literally is the RI.   This is the backbone to the RV of the IQD. International!  And it’s not just being done for Iraq. It’s being done for the middle-east and in turn for the world...(and you).    

9-29-2015   Newshound Guru FrostyTheSnowman  Article quote:  "Former Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, said the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki receive more money than all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq "together" of the leader Abdul Karim Kassem to Saddam Hussein."  Lovin' the articles this morning...!  The evidence is beginning to show forth and it appears that Dr. Shabibi is NOT afraid to talk ... (and that spells spells "SECURITY" in my book).


9-29-21015   Newshound Guru Millionday   Article quote:  "The Iraqi Private Banks League announced that the Central Bank of Iraq launched an additional IQD0.5 trillion to the financing budget for small and medium enterprises.  This step will contribute towards the activation of the private sector and will enhance job opportunities"   THIS IS A NEW INITIATIVE ON THE OCCASION OF WORLD PEACE DAY ALLOCATED FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PRIVATE SECTOR.  THIS IS ALSO THE OBVIOUS ACTIVATION OF THE NATIONAL LOAN SERVICES OF THE PRIVATE BANKS AS THEY ADD JOBS AND ACTIVATE PROJECTS AND CONTRACTS.  ...PROGRESS IN A HUGE WAY.

9-29-2015  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   "The meeting's agenda number (24) Tuesday 29 September 2015"   Well, no investment law.  

TWEETS FROM TONY & Update From AB and Tony - Chat 1:05PM EDT Tuesday, 29 SEPT


Update from Tony:
Confirmed SELECT individuals exchanged all day yesterday. Also reports of more exchanges across US. NOT GROUP EXCHANGES. #wearethepeople


Experts Expecting 8% GDP Growth Per Annum, 29 SEPT

 A number of specialists and experts from the financial and economic affairs predicted that Iraqi non-oil sector is improving its growth rate and it would be more helpful to increase the GDP growth rate at 8 percent per year. They admired the reforms packages and major steps taken by the Iraqi government, which would turn on the private sector to bring down the dependency on oil revenues for the next year 2016 budget. At the other hand, continuous decline in the global oil prices critically pushing down the Iraqi economy. A famous economist Ali Al Shammari said that Iraqi economy is suffering from shortage of variations. Now the oil revenue is participating 50 percent of gross domestic products by its 100 percent of oil exports. The other non-sectors are only participating 10 percent which is badly affecting the Iraqi economy in recent global crisis.
Al Shammari further added that Iraqi economy is still suffering due to the downfall in the oil prices and deficiency in the non-oil productions. The security situation in Iraq also a major factor that thrown out a huge amount of money to maintain the security in the country. The Iraqi Prime Minister has made plans for the economic development that will contribute to secure the Iraqi economy and move it towards betterment. Iraqi is currently exporting 3.1 million barrels oil per day. Last week, the Iraqi Finance Ministry has submitted a budget 2016 draft to the Council of Ministers. The revenue in this draft calculated according to the expected oil exports of 3.6 million barrels per day and at the price of 45 U.S dollars per barrel.


 COFFEE TIME WITH TERRYK 9/28/2015 10:01 AM EDT                                                                       terryk:
Morning all
Ready for the Blood moon
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So I posted this last week in Skype was to come here did not see it so I'm going to post it today
I want our team to know a lot of activities are all centered on 29 of this month. Just seems strange that this is also the date of a very very rare occurrence.....the fourth Blood Moon.... Also hearing that Russia and Japan will be calling notes thus causing large disturbance in USA currency values, thus causing USA markets to fall....Beware ALL scary times for the world, but also the blessing maybe upon us with all abadi us swiftly doing.....watch what and when you exchange, and manage your funds!!!

Sorry, boss. I didn't realize it didn't get passed along.

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a breakdown of one of my 3E's, though: Educate.

very important stuff wanted all to be aware of some of the talk going around
So another bank opens
With capital of 130 billion dollars
guess where
First Islamic bank
So tell me what are u all hearing today

I'm still downing my first cup and going through Leo's stuff LOL
Abadi up New York Twilight News Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his accompanying delegation / arrived on Monday to the US New York City to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Information Office of the Prime Minister and announced earlier in the day that al-Abadi went to New York at the head of a ministerial delegation to attend the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations. Abadi and will deliver the word Iraq in the meetings of the Assembly, will also hold a number of meetings with heads of state address search to strengthen bilateral relations and address the political, security and economic challenges and the war on terror organization Daash. Abadi and will participate in the international conference to combat terrorism and to support Iraq in the face of terrorism, which will be held in New York in the presence of an international scale.http://translate.googleusercontent.com/...Fij31YnQpMxw Modify message

so that article is cool wonder what that's all about

China bought 300 jets and promised to prop up the US economy and Obama said that was good and is suppose to let it go

LOL  I would be very surprised if China pays for them, if it were me I would order planes and take it off the monies they owed me
but hey what do I know
so do u all think Abad is here to announce anything?
blood moon and all
delegation in hand
un meetings

does seem 'coincidental'. Could very well be
Abadi isn't here to announce anything...asking permission.....

Be right back

I’ll believe it when I see it until then all speculation

A lot of speculation monkeyman


for sure, never said they are going to announce just saying what's in the news

Iraqi Official Gazette published a number of laws and resolutions In its latest issue published the facts of Iraq newspaper, a number of laws and decisions. Monday, 28 September 2015 - 11:38 A statement of the Ministry of Justice, Director General of the Iraqi facts circle Muhannad Zebra, say that the number [4379] - of 21 of September of this - to ensure the ratification of the Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of supporting the law Reform [on the agricultural sector capacity between Iraq and the United States of America No. 105 for the year 2012, "noting that" the causes of enactment of this Act the desire of the governments of Iraq and the United States in the continuation of joint cooperation to modernize Iraq's agricultural sector. .... "He added," The number included decision establishing health insurance for staff of the Ministry of Planning box number [1] for the year 2015, in addition to the two decrees Republicans and Resolution [4] for the year 2015 issued by the Ministry of Finance. "He pointed Zebra, to" the issuance of instructions to work rules and wages guests inside sections social reform No. [4] for the year 2015, "pointing to" a statement from the Ministry of the Interior includes a call of citizens registered in the conditions of the Diyala bridge circuit to fill the electronic application form for registration for the purpose of granting the new model of a unified national identity card. "http://www.non14.net/64790/

I know wasn't saying you did all we do is guess what they are gona do

so tell me what else is going on
no juicy tidbits
I went to close the pool, just could not do it, but jumping in with 78 degree water is a bit

I bet!
To cold for me
All I am seeing is the 1st to the 9th

but, I remember doing that earlier spring and water was like 68
Yea so I think this week time to close it
so with that I'm going to get off here put some deck chairs away, clean up, go looking for more news....
God Bless
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Notes by FrostyTheSnowman


*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

PLAYBACK LINK: https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback_rudd/?n=OTQCw/uf0tL

FRANK:  Let’s study the evolution of the monetary reform of the Iraqi Dinar.

1, 2, 3. In your notes 1,2,3 should be very, very predominant!
#1 (SECURITY) is doing very well. #1 - behind the “Wizards curtain” - is a much needed wall of defense. It’s not an “iron-curtain” like we feared in the past. It’s not just for Iraq … but in all the middle-east … and in fact for the whole world. In my opinion, the currency of Iraq is the economic foundation to many middle-eastern countries – and you’re slowly starting to see that they are willing to admit that. I consider the middle east as part of the reinstatement of the IQD. You see, a reinstatement will occur in-country. #1 needs to consider the middle-east (in general) to be a part of this generation.

<<< Boy, I hope you caught that last sentence.
The reinstatement must flow freely through and with them … along with Iraq.

#1 – SECURITY has created a NEW Coalition Force (which we’ve been telling you about for over 7 months). Why do you now see this [evidence]? (Because they didn’t want you to see it – until now).

In my opinion -- the RI is in correlation with the “in-country” – and the countries outside. They are separate things mind you … but the RI is an “in-country affair” – and the middle-eastern countries are a part of the RI right now. This is the backbone to the RV of the IQD. International!!!

The international world wants the RV … Iraq wants the RI … and so what is going on right now is inside of Iraq and outside with the middle-eastern countries is literally is the RI – therefore we are combining two things that shouldn’t be together. And it’s not just being done for Iraq. It’s being done for the middle-east and in turn for the world … (and you.)

The world is tired of constantly being sick. Where are the days of “good-days?” It’s gone with the world of terrorism.

When you’re getting ready to do something … anything … you beef-up security.

After 9-11 … many pulled back in (like a turtle with its head). But enough of that! So a few weeks ago we busted down the doors at the CBI. It’s a new Coalition force!

When have you seen the likes of France, China, Italy and now Russia gear-up their military to help? Now Syria, Korea and Iran? Wow!
They are now a part of this. The New Coalition Force.

In less than a month … the speed of light has dominated Iraq and the middle-east … and now spilled into the world … giving us the SECURITY where Dr. Shabibi wanted it. Iraq can take the credit. We don’t care – just get out of the way!
EID … maybe their gone … maybe their not.

The extended it another day – because they are not ready to tell you things until they are ready.

Are they ready to tell you about #1? I am.

Is the GOICBI ready to tell you about #2? Not really.

They will tell you about the laws … when they are ready too.

They will tell you when their currency is ready to become a reserve currency.

WalkingStick has brought forth many articles talking about SECURITY and LAWS.

According to Teams … Dr. S is impressed. The banks are happy. Technology improves.

Iraq is building a lot of banks inside and outside of Iraq right now.

A lot of these banks will be loaded up with a lot of money … which will need LAWS in order to loan that money to the citizens. The bonds didn’t work at 1166. The experiment failed – which will force Iraq to finish the monetary reform.

If we see #1 and #2 … then we will see Dr. S in 2015. #1 and #2 are very impressive.

Oil prices are waiting to go back up … but not just yet. Hummmmm.

Many countries depend on Iraq’s oil.

The IMF says that China’s Renminbi is about to become a “reserve currency.”

How is this possible when China hasn’t played fairly?

Is this a deal? Hummmmm? Why not … they did one with Iran.

Many countries have joined the New Coalition Force – so that they can participate in “deals” – (which is ironic because they could care less about terrorism).

Amazing … so many things happening so fast at the end of 2015.

Terrorism will always be a part of this planet until Jesus Christ returns.

How can Iraq have a “calculated” 8% growth at 1166? It can’t – until the currency changes.

#1 and #2 breaks up the long line family!

Subtract 9 years from 2015 … what year is that? Could that be part of the Marshal Plan? They are reviewing this right now – and I like that a lot.

The GOI is busy and Abadi isn’t there … he’s in New York City … and has been for about a week.

The UN meetings are about over … and he’ll soon return to Iraq … (possibly to see LAWS from the GOI completed).

SECURITY is the #1 thing for the world … you can’t do anything before that.

Last Monday we told you that you would see “negativity” about Iraq and this investment … but I never thought I’d see such negativity from so-called “gurus” – many of which said to “give-up.”

Many even reported that Iraq was undergoing a coup. <<< LOL Just muzzle all of that negative stuff. They don’t have a coup going on!

The Gazette is getting ready to print a lot of laws right now – and maybe we should pray for those laws.

Dr. Shabibi’s banks are back! And in my opinion, they are soon to be in his control and will pop-up like mushrooms in the morning hours.

From Oct 10th to Oct 14th --- Iraq must move to the next level.

The 2016 budget wants to come out by Oct 10th … no later than Oct. 14th.

Abadi is trying to change things. He is cutting the power positions and in terrorism.

Don’t listen to the negative rumors about Iraq! The GOI is passing laws like crazy … but we haven’t seen the National Guard Law yet.

What is #3?

For Dr. Shabibi to come back before the end of 2015 … or the 1st quarter of 2016.

There are laws that you are not even aware of that the GOI is passing.

The baby-banks of Dr. S are important because they will launch the economic reform and the private sector.

The loans … via Iraq’s banks … trigger the private sector … which signals the end of the 5 year plan. This helps the SME – which is literally the RI. [Small-Medium-Enterprises].

Please pray for Kim Clement.

Russia is an ally of the USA – but Russia is running in fear … and wants to get a head of ISIS right now. So Russia joins the New Coalition Force because they want to confront and combat ISIS. Putin can’t afford more problems that could grow into his backyard.

This will cause a high-security risk for Russia and they know it.

What is happening in the United Nations right now … it’s all about #1 – SECURITY!!! Don’t you think they [other countries] have a lot of dinars?

World currency reforms are running crazy right now because of this – but they will return to normal. “Trust, but verify” – Ronald Reagan

Little is known about Maliki lately. He is the mother of terrorism in the middle-east – but he screams to make a deal. I think you’ll read about it tomorrow (or tonight). The CIA and our military … right now … as I’m talking to you … they are tracking “high-value” targets in the middle-east.

With J-SOC [Joint Special Operations Command] and the CIA is targeting “high-value” things in Syria and Iraq … SPECIFICALLY … LASER TAG … LONE RANGER … SILVER-BULLET TIME.
Russia is against ISIS and DAASH … it’s a coalition without the approval of the USA. Did you get that?

The international community is forcing Obama – especially at the UN this week. Think about what I’m telling you. He’s only been our delay. He is out of options. We have more cooperation with our coalition forces than we do with our own President.

You’re policy sucks, Mr. President. They know you’re leaving Mr. President – so the middle-eastern foreign policy changed. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the President – but he panders to the Democrats and his “legacy” and nothing else.

We need the National Guard Law – we don’t see it yet … so please pray about it.

China entered the New Coalition Force because this affects them too.

When the smoke clears … and we enter the RI … it will be the end of Jihad. It is not the goal and approval by most Muslims. It is murder.

iTeam changed their minds … they believe we could see this 50/50 before the end of this year.

DELTA:  Without money … you cannot have SECURITY.

The soldiers need to get paid.

Iraq is hungry for liquidity.

The CBI did a great job of sucking all of the 3 zeros off of the streets.

My wife is from Iraq, and I’m from Syria. I have dual-citizenship.

In the middle-east we have a lot of Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

I am a Christian. I love Jesus Christ.

I have a lot of friends who are Muslim. They don’t believe in killing.

What country has the most to gain from terrorism?

Remember … there was a deal between Syria and Russia to put a oil pipeline through Syria to Russia.

FRANK:  We cannot find any information about Alak.

DELTA:   Yes – he is in Iraq. He is very, very busy.

I believe that we will see the monetary reform before the end of this year.

My team … 99.99% something will happen before the end of the year.

92 days left in this year.

I was told that they really have to get moving very fast.

They are standing behind the target date before the end of the year.

FRANK – iTeam … within 11 hours after our conference call last week … they got some new information … they moved their projection to 50/50 that it could go this year or next. (NOTE: previously it was 80/20 … 80% chance for 2016).

Teams are moving “targets” right now.

I believe Maliki needs to be captured right now – and he needs to go away.

DELTA –Maliki has been a “hot” issue in Iraq for a long time … but not lately. He used to give people money under the table. Abadi has eliminated those people. Maliki is out of power … and now he doesn’t have any money … so he is losing a lot of ground. Nobody listens to Maliki anymore. He has no support. He’ll get phased out just like the 3 zeros.

FRANK –Maybe the middle-east wants Maliki to “phase-out” – but I think that the Western-culture wants him out of the picture. We’ll see.

So what happened to the October 1st date that Iraq must pass the Money Laundering Law or Iraq would be on the “black-list” – well … guess what? They didn’t that!

Iraq will need to keep treading water because we are almost done with #1 and #2 – and if we get #3 … what do you think Dr. Shabibi will want to do?

DELTA –Money Laundering – this is a done deal. That was one of the major accomplishments to move forward with the monetary reform and Article 8 compliance.

FRANK –I’m excited about what I’m seeing with the New Coalition Force!

Let’s see what happens this week.

DELTA –The holiday is over now.

Keep in mind … October 1st is the grand opening of the Islamic Bank.

Today this announced that the banks have all of the new high-tech technology.

They need to increase the value of the IQD … and the banks know it.

I believe that we are very close due to what the World Bank’s involvement has been with the state-controlled banks in Iraq.

When the value increases … the CBI will offer gold to the citizens … (because the Iraqi citizens don’t trust the banks).

Remember, the Qi-Card … the MasterCard … the ATM … all of this leads up to changing the value. Something really, really has to happen before the end of the year … but it could happen at any time.

Parliament should meet tomorrow. The Investment Laws has nothing to do with the monetary reform … but over the next two weeks … we have a lot to watch for.

FRANK –Please look at post #52 (yesterday’s thread) to learn more about the Islamic Banks – things that the IMF wanted from Iraq.

The fear of terrorism was given birth by 9-11.

Russia doesn’t want any more problems either.

#1 is doing very well.

#2 is being born right in front of us.

Delta feels that there may be something … and we hope that he can find something and show it to you.

I don’t know when they are doing this … but they ARE doing this!

I want to see the National Guard Law – it will be extremely important.

Many laws … (well over 100) … are coming. It may take all week before we find out about all of them.

I hope you enjoyed your conference call.

Call ended in prayer.


gizmosmom wrote 
54m ago

IKO hi...forex went down to 1100 .3 last night..now 1107 what does that mean

Iko Ward wrote 
43m ago

Giz, it says to me there may have been an attempt last night to RV, and it could well have happened. Have to see what the rest of the day brings. The markets were practically schizophrenic.

Iko Ward wrote 
3m ago

Zeebs, your friend may be seeing a screen that says that but it is not Forex, even if it calls itself Forex.

Iko Ward wrote 
2m ago

Many secondary platforms and investment sites use Forex in their titles, but there is only one Forex.com. If it's not on there it ain't solid.

zebragirl wrote 
1m ago

Thanks Iko, I'll pass that along.

rvalready wrote 
1m ago

I've seen public screens before that looked to be off by a factor of 1000.

royal wrote 
1h ago

7:10am polled 1107.3

Totally Blessed wrote 
1h ago

Looks like PM Abadi speaks tonight at 20:45 EDT at the UN tonight http://gretawire.foxnewsinsider.com/2015/09/26/preliminary-schedule-for-un-general-assembly/

natok wrote
59m ago

copied & pasted this earlier USD/IQD 1,100.3000 1,153.6000 1,100.3000 1,100.3000 1,100.3000 0.0000 01:09

Netglobal wrote 
24m ago

So if Abadi is not to speak to the UN until 8 pm tomorrow, I would not expect any RV announcment until Saturday at the earilest. I believe Abadi would want to be on Iraqi soil when the announcement is made and I don't think they would make an announcement on their holy day -Friday.

Iko Ward wrote 
16m ago

Net, I think you are right about Abadi wanting to be on Iraqi soil if he wants to make the announcement. What if he doesn't want to make the announcement? What if the PTB wants the RV but not the public focus. Just slip it in so they can do business. Let the few individuals with currency to find out on their own and exchange as they will.

Netglobal wrote 
14m ago

IKO, even if they don't make a formal announcement, I believe Abadi would want to be home when this goes down. Just my gut feeling

karen butterfield wrote 
16m ago

Thank God for TNT and people like you IKO they won't just slip it in with all of us knowing

Iko Ward wrote 
16m ago

Yes, thanks to TNT we will be fine no matter what.

rvalready wrote 
15m ago

I think he will say wha he has to from the UN. Remember, Tony says the window ends Oct 1.

Netglobal wrote 
16m ago

Exactly IKO. Lets just hope it is this week no matter what

zebragirl wrote 
15m ago

GM TNT. I just got a text from a friend. "We just checked Forex and 1 mil IQD on netdania is worth 1.19 million USD, but on my phone it's different."

Iko Ward wrote 
13m ago

Zeebs, your friend may be seeing a screen that says that but it is not Forex, even if it calls itself Forex.

Iko Ward wrote 
15m ago

Many secondary platforms and investment sites use Forex in their titles, but there is only one Forex.com. If it's not on there it ain't solid.


S3A : 

  • Which is 8 cents or 8th of a penny ?
    • 1.000.000 = 1,000,000  (continental European & American & British)

      Decimal Point vs Decimal Comma vs Other Decimal Separators 


      I believe that's continental European, and the notation is not consistent. The Swiss (IIRC) use 1'000'000 for a million, for instance, where the French use 1.000.000 and the Americans and British use 1,000,000.
      Lastly, I found this site http://brilliantmaps.com/decimals/
    • The price in the market
      $ 100 USD = 122.800 Iraqi Dinars
    • Indeed , looks like profit to me .
    • Flash, I think it's 80 cents. 100 / 122.8 = .81 which means, each Dinar = $.81 .
      I hope I did the math right, it should be so simple, but sometimes the simple calcs trip you up. And I just woke up. Just started sipping my first cup of coffee.
  • 09/29/2015
    US $ 1 = 1,187.0700 Iraqi dinars
    1 Iraqi dinars = US $ 0.0008
    Last update: Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 10:49 GMT Baghdad
    The price in the market
    $ 100 USD = 122.800 Iraqi Dinars
    • Fabulous news ... I've wondered where I could find out this kind of information - live in real time.  Do you mind sharing your 'source' ... like where the info came from?  Only if it's public, mind you.   I don't want to compromise private intel providers.  Thanks Exo!
    • Market may mean, stock market, or the actual Bazaars and shops, so you can look for online pricing for merchandise in Iraq to see if any of those reveal anything... look for online street cams or what not, see if there's a stream that shows a street market in Iraq, or look at the ISX or other market activity in Iraq or elsewhere trading in Iraq.