Monday, September 28, 2015

TNT: MARTHA UPDATE :Interviewing a wealth manager 101, 28 SEPT

I met with a wealth manager  at my local wells fargo this am. I have been with this bank almost 20 years in trust and in business. This branch is also a currency branch and i am in a county that is so big and so vested with Dinarians that it still seems that at least one of the banks would set up an exchange center for it's customers in this county. That being said, when i made this appointment, I spoke with this person and stated why I was meeting with him. He misrepresented himself in that he understood why i was meeting with him when I talked about currency.

I went to this appointment with not a lot of baggage but prepared to exchange one vnd. I went thru a brief resume of who I was but it was apparent that he was "programmed to sell stocks and bonds as his product line. I used different buzz words that went right over his head and was unwilling to ask or even seek another staff members help in this situation.

 We discussed the need for their high end wealth management but when I used the name ABBOTT DOWLING which is wells fargo private banker side, he did not even know who they were!! That was the icing on the cake. This branch, which is a currency center and buys and sell currencies is right at the tellers level and yet he knew absolutely nothing about that product line in the bank. It was quite obvious that this young gentleman is a "newbie' to the banking world and perhaps is not ready for todays changes in world economics. I mentioned how I had lost a multimillion dollar trust and real estate during the fiascal of 2008 and his comment was "I thought everyone had recovered from that "
Not every person who professes to be a "wealth manager" is prepared to handle what is about to happen.

 His mistakes included not getting me to the right person; not researching the information before the meeting since he knew what I wanted to discuss and focused on only making a hard sale for stocks and bonds which I will not let him handle in the future . He lost me as a customer but he also lost the potential of several other customers at this specific branch. He didnt even know where Abbott Dowling was even located. You will run into this as you get ready for your exchange. BE PREPARED.KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND REMEMBER IT IS YOUR MONEY AND YOU CONTROL IT.
I was listening to Tony while writing this and he was talking the same way about getting what you want;negotiating 101 and I will add interviewing 101
I am asking DAZ and AB to add their expertise to this lesson learned for all to read and understand.
It also sounds like from the call that the timeline is SO TIGHT we are chocking on the excitement of the next few days!!!!

P.S. it looks like those of us in this Florida County are,again going to have to travel some distance to exchange but at this point who cares. We will have one big party afterwards before Vegas


Highlights of Tony's CC.  Updated as the call progresses.
Before the recording:                                                                                                                                                                       Already Blessed:  They are done with the bank reconciliation in a few hours.  I would thinkwe are golden.
Tony:  We are in a great position.  There are 192 world leaders at the UN. Does it have anything to do with us.  It's a huge possibility.  Everybody was "super" excited this weekend for what is to come.  Coming from every direction. Someone could say something in their speech today at the UN. . . could set it all off. . .don't know.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Window right now through the first of Oct.  Tony:  Could be any day right now.  Nothing in the system stopping it. . . time . . . optimal time.  
IRAQ:  is expected to make a major announcement tomorrow after evening mosque.  Something to do with reform.  Abadhi does not have to be in Iraq for the RV to happen. They also are to make a public announcement on the national guard law and/or anti-money laundering and investment law tomorrow.
  • Cards:  are all supposed to be the same and read the same.  All will be the same when the announcement is made publicly and that is when the US can go.   
  • IMF    
  • Rates Unchanged from the past        
  • Banks:   brought people in over this last weekend.  They have notified employees down to another level of employees.  Not at the tellers yet, but close.  Tony:  They have to give them some kind of advance notice . .  time to accept they have missed out.
  • Negotiation strategy:  The bank may offer you a higher exchange rate for the longer you leave your funds deposited with them.          
EXCHANGING:    Send you to locations based on the amount of currency you hold.  May need second appointment to negotiate a rate. Wealth Managers are now set up to do the exchanges. Single notes will go to a regular bank. Larger amounts expected to be directed to other locations.  They do not want lines at the banks.  Want the exchange completed in the first 10 days from when it starts and expect the other 6 million to exchange to come in over the next months.  Banks to be open to 11 pm.  May have a third shift.  Soon as numbers are released you can start to call for appointments. Tony said,  You may expect to go into the bank and educate them on their own procedures.  Do not accept what you are told by a branch manager or head teller.  They may not know.
Each bank now expected to have their own 800 numbers.

Caller:  Got to know the Governors wife . . . we share recipes. . . hear from her . . .told me everyone will be able to exchange by Oct. first.  Another connection is telling us the same thing.
Caller:  On scale of 100 this month?   Tony: Odds this happening now 99.8%

PAM:  lost connection
RAY:  Enjoy this marvelous Monday.  It may get more marvelouser.
TONY:  Tell you what Pam going to say.  “You guys know more than you think you know  You have all the information.   We’ve gone over it ??? times in the last 5 years.  Be kind to each other.  Be respectful.  Be helpful to each other.  Not just today but during the process.”
Tony:  Superfantastic information.  Everybody on pins and needles since Friday.  Did not know if it would be before UN event or after.  Major announcement scheduled in Iraq tomorrow.  Could be national guard law or anti-money laundering or what we’ve waited for and get this party started.
Our window we’ve been looking at for last 2 weeks concludes this week.  I think it will.  Nothing technically blocking this.  Everything green.  Systems up and running.  Tested and paid.  Waiting for the witching hour.  That is all we are waiting for right now.  Would love this is our last call.  If not see you on Wednesday if not before!  On Wednesday, if not before!  (yes he repeated what he said.)


TNT Call notes 28-September-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, September 28, 2015.  I’m loving that day, because there are only two more days left in this month, the last two days we care about if everything goes according to plan.  We’re looking super-super-fantastic.  Everyone is excited because everything is in a great position to happen.  There are 192 country leaders sitting together in one place, talking over a whole host of things.  There is a huge possibility that some of this has to do with us.  There is a window of possibility through 1. October – today, tomorrow, the next day.  Iraq is going to make some kind of major announcement tomorrow evening after mosque – it has something to do with reforms, that’s all I know.
Here’s the really good stuff.  I got tweets/information hat everyone is onboard, happy, and super-excited this weekend for what’s about to come, and it’s happening any moment. There are some who think this is the last week you will have to hear the name TONY ever again.  I’m okay with that!  I’m ready to go! 
More that anything else, you should appreciate this:  as of this moment, the banks have let this go down to another level.  Another level of employees have been notified that they will participate in this event. It’s not at the tellers yet, but it’s pretty close to every-body being briefed on how this process will work. They can’t do that at 8am, saying they just changed their minds ten minutes ago. They have to give them some notice, some time to prepare emotionally so that they won’t walk off their jobs OR be mad and frustrated when you walk up.  I’m glad we’re now at that point, that more staff know about this and are getting prepared.  The exchange people already know, of course, but they have to let everyone know sooner or later or they won’t know what we’re talking about when we come in.  Whether they are involved in this or not, they have to have some notice but not too much or they will walk off the job rich. 
It could be any day now;  there is nothing in the system stopping it.  It is truly the optimal time.
828 caller:  I’m really good.  You already said the Iraqi citizens would be paid before we would, and you said that the people were paid last week.  Was that the citizens in Iraq, and can we now be paid?
Tony:  Yes and no.  They only showed the rates for those cards that are outside the country, but all the cards should be the same, at the same rate.  Before, cards had different rates, depending on who they were;  supposedly they all read the same rate now and when the announcement is made publicly, and that is when they can go and we can go – everyone at the same time.
Caller:  Any updates on tax or exchange rates?
Tony:  Rates haven’t changed so far as I know, and those aren’t going to change – we’ve told you about first, second, and third mouse strategies.  Focus on going to the bank dressed properly, how much you have, what you plan on doing with it, and how long you will leave it in the bank.  Go in knowing what you are asking for.
601 caller:  Have you got any update on procedures?
Tony: There are still some little changes in terms of notifications, in terms of the roll-out;  there could be a super-slow rollout, we could do a 15-minute call, there are options. We will do some kind of notification, but we don’t know what they will ask us to do.  You will be the most informed group there is – the 40,000 on this call.  The other 4-5 million won’t know what they are doing, what to ask for, etc.  You are not going to walk into the bank and say “I want to do an exchange” and just take whatever they choose to give you. You want to say, “I want the highest rate available;  what do we need to do to do that?”   If you don’t know, nobody is going to tell you.  If you do know, you can have a discussion.  The other 4-5 million won’t have a clue of what to ask for.  “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed”;  if you are too scared to ask, you won’t get the best rate.  The banks have a job to do, and it’s the same as your job – to get as much in their pockets as they can.  I can’t get mad at someone doing his job.  You have to do your job as well.  Nobody is going to do that for you.  Go back to the calls;  I have given you everything you need to get the highest rate you can get.  Based on what I know about how they are being trained, you have all you need to know.
Caller:  I hear that some of the banks down South have lower rates, so how do I find out where the higher rates are? 
Tony:  That’s rate, you can’t go through all of them, so I’m looking online and calling some banks.  Some will give you the rate over the phone, and some won’t, you have to go in. Then you sit down and negotiate.  You won’t be able to go to 10-12 banks to check the rates.  Certain people will have access to the contract rates, and told how many they can give out and they can pick who to give them to, and it might be you!  They get their commissions based off that, and they may give you their 20 slots while you are going from bank to bank.  You’ll have to make a decision quickly.  I’ve given you the information and options, and you have to be prepared to negotiate.
Caller:  Can’t wait to see you all in Las Vegas!
404 caller:  [Appreciation]  With the exchange centers, how many are offsite rather than in standard bank locations?  The retail banks in my area are not that private, so I’m wondering how they will deal with that, or whether we will be sent to a teller line, etc.
Tony: The majority will not be bank locations, as I understand it, because they don’t want lines.  Most are the private banking locations, mostly offices.  They have also rented some buildings with cubicles.  They will send you to locations based on how much currency you have.  If you have just one note, you might be sent to a bank, but for more, they will have more security, in more secluded places.
Caller:  Are these offsite exchange centers – how long will they be there? 
Tony: They want this over with in the first ten days!  The majority will be gone, and the four or five million with one or two notes will just go to the banks to do their exchange.
Caller:  Hope this is our time!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so we can meet Tony and celebrate!
617 caller:  Will we be able to negotiate the contract rate on the first visit?
Tony:  I think so – nothing beats a failure but a try.  You can ask, and negotiate.  If you don’t ask, it won’t be answered.  It’s possible you’ll get something else when you go to your wealth manager, saying “if this rate can be adjusted, I’ll leave my money for six months” or whatever.  You can always ask.
Caller:  What are the times we can call for our appointments?
Tony:  From as soon as it starts until 11pm.  At one point, they even had a third shift at the call centers. 
Caller:  So as soon as we find out, we can call…  Also, does Abadi have to be Iraq for this to happen?  And is the Afghani currency all denominations?
Tony:  Abadi does not have to be in Iraq.  I don’t know about the Afghan currency, and although that’s come up a lot lately, I don’t know why anyone wants that when there is a perfectly good currency that will make a lot of profit.
559 caller:  I had a senior moment when I sent my donation, and I want to tell you the check number.   [Tony:  I’ll call you later on that.]  We are still holding off on our taxes. Thanks for the information for negotiating at first OR second appointments.
Tony:  If we don’t come out and give you the exact procedures, try to negotiate right from the beginning.  If you don’t get what you want at the first appointment, go in and negotiate again. You do have options.
410 caller:  I’m surprised that the excitement is not even higher.  When I had my first child, I was all excited preparing up to the last minute, and then everything got real calm.  If we want to find out what the bank rates are, we need to call them and find who will serve us better, should we take all our cash?  Or set a time after we get a good deal?
Tony:  I cannot go to all banks at the same time.  If I call 3-4 banks, and all four give me a rate, I’ll go with the highest, but is that their highest rate?  Then I go in and ask if I leave it longer, will you give me a higher rate?  Sure, they will probably work something out.  They probably won’t do that in 20 minutes, but maybe at the second meeting.  The rate you negotiate at the first appointment, you know it won’t go down later.  “What is the highest rate you are authorized to give, and under what conditions?”  You just ask them.  The original plan was ‘in and out in 20 minutes’, but so much has changed, I just don’t know how this will work.  Before, they were going to have exchangers exchanging you, but now wealth managers will be doing the exchanges, and they may be able to offer higher rates. 
Caller:  That’s a smart idea, rather than having to do it all over again at the second appointment.  I’m going to have a quiet day and rest.  See you in Vegas or Raleigh.
682 caller:  I’m in Texas;  last time you couldn’t hear me, evidently.   I’m from Michigan originally, from the same part as Pam.  She kicked me out of the forum because I’m dyslexic and I typed in all caps.  She kicked my butt out for that!
Tony:  Yes, she is a tyrant.  Do you have a question?
Caller:  I have a good connection here in Texas.  I used to got to the Governor’s Ball in Florida, and I talk to the governor’s wife from time to time.  I heard from her that everyone will be able to exchange by 1. October.  I have a friend where I work, and he is saying the same thing:  October 1st.  That is cool for me! 
Tony:  Me, too – I can survive for three more days. 
Caller:  I have been following you for a long time;  I read, study articles, and have a connection with a friend in Iraq.  Her phone is not working suddenly.  She is in Baghdad with her grandmother, and I am not longer able to get her on her cell phone. 
423 caller:  I asked you a question the other day and the phone call clicked off… sorry.  About the banks being notified, so that the staff wouldn’t be shocked – does that mean everyone knows now?
Tony:  I’m sure every bank knows, but I don’t know at what level.  I know that the three banks we talked to over the weekend brought in their people early so that they could start explaining this.  I don’t know if it they did that at every branch, because each branch manager has the option to be in this or not.  As it comes down a level, they told the managers to notify their people, their way.  I don’t know if it’s at every branch. I’m sure that every branch will be informed before this comes out, but at this point, it’s just to the next level.  Then they will tell their people the day before, and give them extra training. The others will be told, and will be mad, but just have their regular customers.
Caller:  That’s horrible, that they find out too late after years of being told it’s a scam.  I have banked at Regions Bank for years, and the manager there said, “We will never handle dinar, because they are a terrorist country.”  Are they involved?
Tony:  I don’t know, but I do know that ignorance is not limited to the ignorant.  Many you look to for knowledge give you their personal opinions rather than going and finding out.  They might have started working there three days ago!  They may be the manager or the head teller, and still know nothing.  You have to pay attention and ask if they know what they are talking about, or if you know better because they don’t know.  Sometimes you have to go into a bank and educate them about their own procedures!  They should have just said they don’t know!
Caller:  I’ve been reading Tony Robbins’ book – it’s great – and it’s clear that many don’t know what they are talking about, even at the banks.  Are you going to leave your money in the bank to get a higher rate?
Tony:  Let’s say I have $100,000.  Let’s say I set aside 40% for taxes, and I need 20% to deal with debts, and now I have 40,000 to work with.  Now, let’s say they give me double the rate, and now I have an extra 40,000 to play with, and they are giving me 10% on leaving it in the bank.  Now my $80,000 is already being put to work.  That will give me that much more to spend right now as well as being put to work.
Caller:  Six months isn’t a big deal, but two years feels like a long time to leave it if there are fees, etc.
Tony:  As long as it is sitting there, and the bank is giving you interest, they can loan out up to ten times that money, but I don’t’ care about that – the bank is there to make money.  As long as they double or quadruple my rate, I can work with that. 
Caller:  How sure are you about this happening now, out of 100?
Tony:  99.8%.
251 caller: You say we are going to go to exchange centers, yet you are also calling more than one bank.  How do we get the numbers to call those banks?
Tony:  Either we will put out 800 numbers, and we understand that each bank will have their own, so you can call each of them. I think that is crazy myself, but that seems to be how they want to do it.  You can always call their foreign currency department and ask for the current rates. 
Caller:  You said last week about the National Guard Law and such;  are those done?
Tony:  There is supposed to be a big announcement on those laws, but they say that those are done.  It could be a fly in the ointment, but anything could be.  Before the sunrise this morning, everyone said “this is done, this could be the last call today”, but we’ll just have to wait and see.
770 caller:  Do you feel confident that we won’t be in this condition come Saturday?
Tony:  No.  Yes.  Maybe.  I think so.  That’s all the answers.  The window I have didn’t include Saturday.   We are in a very good place;  everyone was excited all weekend, this morning.  They are saying that this could be the last call, and this is our week, but we have to see what happens at the UN.  Pam?  It’s that time.   She has problems finding that mute button.
Pam:  You know more than you think you know. 
Ray:  This is Marvelous Monday and it might get even more marvelous as we go through the evening into Terrific Tuesday!  I am excited. 
Tony:  As Pam would say, you have all the information. We’ve gone over this many times, and when it comes to the process, it will come to you.  Be kind, respectful and helpful to each other throughout the process.  There is super-fantastic information.  Everyone is on pins and needles since Friday because we didn’t know if it would go before, during or after the UN event.  There is a major announcement scheduled in Iraq, and it could be about the laws, or it could be what we’ve all been waiting for.  The window we’ve been looking at the last two weeks concludes this week, and I think it will. There is nothing blocking this, all systems have been tested, and everyone signed off this weekend, waiting for the witching hour.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  I would love nothing more than for this to be our last call.  If not, I’ll talk to you on Wednesday if not before

TNT:My Bank Story in Seattle by Kdawn, 28 SEPT

I have been in touch with a WM with Wells Fargo, here in Seattle, for the past several years.  Eric is a Regional WM.  He has many clients that are invested in the Dinar.  But he has always said that Wells Fargo is not involved in the Dinar and could be a scam.  But I still contact him every so often, because I would like to do business after the RV.  He's a great guy!  Always respectful.
Today I was compelled to call him.  ( I don't really know why just a feeling)  After I told him everything we know, with what Tony has been saying, he said that he gets calls all the time, asking the same questions.  He has checked with higher up people many times, he gets the same response... "we do not deal in this currency, and will not participate in the future."
I told him that we know of people across the country that have exchanged, some getting SKR's and/or part of the money available.  After stating again, all of the facts regarding Iraq and their currency being restored and becoming international, like Kuwait, he said... "I would love for it to happen, then I would have a lot new clients to work with."
He also told me that if anything was happening, he would be one that would be in the know, because of his position in Wells Fargo.  He will continue to keep my information, incase he does hear something, but he said.... "I haven't heard a peep."
I was disappointed that he still hadn't heard anything.  And was still being told the same mantra.  Doesn't anyone know anything in Seattle?  This is ridiculous that people are reporting other bank stories that are more positive.  Also, that people have exchanged..... where?  Seattle people and banks are very savvy, why wouldn't they know anything.
Anyone from Seattle know anything that you can share???  Or, anyone else that want's to shine a light on this, I welcome it.  


Just emailed back and forth with my WM at WF. Asked if he'd heard anything. He got back to me immediately and said corporate is still claiming no involvement. This is a Philly area regional WF. 




9-28-2015  Newshound Guru firefly    I'm in [Guru] BGG's corner on this one. As soon as corruption is under control...THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!  Which is why the AML [Anti Money Laundering Law] is SOOOOOOOO huge. It is the cornerstone of all the other laws needed for the international community.

9-28-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday   Article quote:  "Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Saturday, no worries on the value of the dinar against the dollar, indicating that the cash reserve to cover the dinar is liable to bring the necessary stability of the exchange rate for a long time."  THE PLANNED EXCHANGE RATE CAN BE SUPPORTED FOR YEARS AND CAN ACCOMMODATE TWICE THE LAW SET AMOUNT...THIS IS HUGE NEWS...THEY ARE CAPABLE OF SUPPORTING A NORMAL RATE RETURN.  CONCERNS ABOUT THE ABILITY TO MAINTAIN THE EXCHANGE RATE TO BE APPLIED DOES NOT EXIST.  THEY ARE ABLE TO KEEP THE RATE STABLE AND RETURN IT TO THE GOAL RATE THEY HAVE SET -- THIS SHOWS CONFIDENCE FOR THE CENTRAL BANK AND ITS ABILITY TO MAINTAIN WHAT EVER THE RATE IS SET AT DUE TO THE TOOLS AT HAND.

9-28-2015   Intel Guru TD   Just a few comments from my Kurdish friend (please treat all as rumor and please due your own sound diligence.) The Iraqis and the Kurds are very proud people and some of the articles of challenges they are all facing pale in comparison to the true conditions on the ground. Things are really tough to put it mildly. Abadi is losing support and a sense of "hopelessness" is weighing in on most ordinary citizens. There is talks going on again with the IMF for further help but this time it seems Iraq will not get any. The lack of reforms toward the growth of a public sector economy is reason número uno. Here in the short term it is more likely of a depreciation of the currency rather than an appreciation. Unanimous consensus my amigo says is that any appreciation is a long, long way off, at this point nothing should be anticipated in 2015 & 2016 as well. Way toooo much uncertainty and lack of stability.



UU6811 – “A New Sheriff in Town” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

The familie Oktoberfest trip to Munchen was absolutely amazing this year. We are now back home safe and working in gasthaus preparing for the winter tourist season. I told Meinen Hubby and bier he is going to have to diet till Christmas….lol….

Oktoberfest time is a nice tradition in Germany and many other European countries because it marks just the beginning of a cooler season, a long season of harvest leading to Christmas and snow covered peaks of the Alps. We feel the climate change as the first frost is just around the corner.

Remember early October is coming upon us very quickly. Will October this year finally be our season of harvest for the Iraq dinar investment? There is a target in place and I believe they are pushing forward to attempt to meet it. They already missed many targets as these reforms took them beyond their plan. The big question is will Iraq be ready?  This can not go on forever.
So the majority of last week was Iraq celebrating their Eid holiday. There was lots of news but mainly it seemed to be geared around the corrupt and the guilty politicians throwing stones at Abadi and his reforms and then Abadi coming out and defending his reforms. He was telling everyone once again he is NOT GOING TO BACK DOWN and there is a new sheriff in town….lol….

So there is always news and lots of it these days from Iraq. But in analyzing it overall I have to say we are at a lull right now  but I expect this week to get very interesting as it progresses. From the past this slower period usually means something huge is on the horizon and I think perhaps we are about to see this “package” of laws of the remaining reforms get passed. The National Guard law is a biggie and is ready for parliament now. I also believe these laws and the progress in the fight against ISIS is the key to the RV. Will Iraq finally be ready?

Today’s News

Today is Monday September 28th and still no RV. I also want to say that when Iraq is ready to revalue their currency and come back as an international player it will just happen. NOTHING WILL STOP IT. There are no boogie men, conspiracies or foreign countries with issues holding it back each weekend, as some make you believe.

So once again another weekend passed and all the hype about an RV window for the end of September. Today they will tell you September is not yet over and we can still see it.

I am telling you they are crazy and we will not see an RV this week. They did not even bother to look at the big picture when they hyped you up last week on  this RV saga.  I will once again try to tell you the big picture if you want to know. Do you want to know?

So what will happen next when the RV does not happen in their so called window of opportunity by end of September?

These so called intel “gurus”  will then give you a new windows for an RV once September fades away. However they will not back it up with any substantiated or proven news. Their game will continue.

Don’t let them stress you out again hoping and wishing for an RV in these windows. Instead look at the news and the reforms needed to complete this “full’ reconciliation. Step back and look at the overall BIG picture.

If these intel “gurus”  do not want to (or can’t ) give you any in-depth, detailed intel  then find another source of intel that can help you understand. Stop beating your head against the wall. Of course if all you want is a date and a rate then suffer through their insane process day after day since they are bound to be correct one day…lol….

The reason we have not seen the RV yet, even though there has been many windows of opportunity planned (and I will not deny these planned windows), it is because THEY HAVE NOT YET COMPLETED THE AGREED TO REFORMS!

The PTB will continue to hold it back until Iraq meets its obligations even though they plan these RV windows ahead of time. Who is planning these RV window timeframes versus who makes the decision are two entirely different entities. Remember Iraq too wants the RV but they also want to be ready and has set many self imposed issues that need addressing. We see these issues in the reforms. Reforms that deal with the corruption, security and stability of the country.

I can not shout it out any louder or any simpler. It is not rocket science…is it? THEY MUST COMPLETE THE AGREED TO REFORMS BEFORE ANY RV!

Define PTB (Powers to Be) meaning any entity that has the political power and influence on making decisions on a country’s policies. Note I did not say legitimate power.

So I have been saying now since June that there are many needed reforms  for the reconciliation process to be completed. The Iraqi president himself has recently stated there will be “full” reconciliation after the upcoming Eid holiday. So today is Monday and the holiday is over. What can we expect?

In my recent past news letters (LINK) I listed what I believe are the needed remaining reforms that need laws to implement them. I will not repeat them in this news letter today.

Out of these reforms there was one that stood out more than the others. This is the most critical reform before any currency is going to be given back to Iraq (currency RV). It is the National Guard and it is all about security. Did I say security- ….security, security, security. Did you hear me?

The law is also the most critical law needed in this issue of fighting ISIS /DAASH and maintaining long term security for Iraq. So today’s news letter is mostly about this reform of the necessity to control these militias throughout Iraq and put them in check somehow. How do they plan to do this?

After you read the article below ask yourself this question- Is this not just common sense? Are there lessons to be learned from the USA’s past with their wild west and how they finally controlled it?

Iraq knows the need to have some sort of government control over these militias or else you just have a “Wild West” situation. Do you know what I mean by this? History repeats itself.

They need the provinces to control the citizens themselves who feel they have a right to defend themselves and carry arms even through this is against the law in Iraq.

So what they need is a new sheriff in town. Some sort of authority to step up and guarantee their safety by organizing and controlling the guns yet also using these (now organized) militias when needed to form a posse to go after the bad guys.

So the sheriff, (some provincial central authority), as to say “take off your guns before you can enter my town” (providence). Then join our guard unit and when we need you we will call upon you to put them back on and defend the providence. We will even help supply the weapons you need to do the job. …and you get to do it legally and get paid for it.

In short this is an analogy of the wild west culture of the past in the USA. As we know one man, a sheriff, would not be able to stand against large bands of criminals. So he would recruit the towns people, a posse to go after the bad guys in times of a crisis. This is not too far from what they plan to do in Iraq.

I am only presenting one article today on this topic….hurray many of you must be cheering….lol…lol.

But this article is so informative and so powerful!

It is the article of which has guided me on this path of knowing just how important the law to institute these National Guard units is to the security situation in Iraq (thus the RV situation). Of course many will still disagree with me but then they do not take the time to truly read what is being said in this interview with the Parliament speaker al-Jubouri. So I present it to you one more time with my “wild west” analogy  in the hope you will read it this time and can better understand it.

By the way the interview with Jubouri was from last June 2015. Does is surprise you of this timeframe? What else took place last June? Was this timeframe a turning point for Iraq? I also want to refresh your memory on what I said in my 7/11 news letter (5 key events). Please go back and re-read it. (LINK)

The article tells us they fully intended to have this National Guard law implemented in July 2015. We all know it did not happen as we found out just how controversial it was. So they are 2 months behind already. But then again when does Iraq ever follow their own timetable?

So here is the article below. They are saying they can not achieve a national reconciliation without taking care of these bands of free running militias. They need a society free of guns and random explosive devices going off killing people. They are telling us that the new National Guard law is part of this solution.

I quote from the article below -  “we must have a political reform and restructuring of the security institutions” based on professionalism and efficiency, rather than the current “system of ethnic and sectarian quotas,”

In other words get rid of the bad guys running around unchecked and have them come and join the sheriff in the fight against crime (or join the national guard units).

So when president Fraud Masum comes out last week and tells us they will have “full” reconciliation after Eid holiday he is also telling us all the laws needed to implement the needed reforms for full reconciliation will also be done. Does this make logical sense to you?  Jabouri has already told us last June that the National Guard law is part of it. Their words not mine…NO hype, No rumors, just the FACTS.

So can we expect to see the National Guard law and these other laws prior to Iraq announcing any kind of conclusion to the “full” reconciliation? We will NOT have any currency reform conclusion without a full reconciliation. I have been telling everyone this now for 4 months. Now you know why. Opps the secret is out of the bag….lol…lol….

Today is 9/28 already and we know their target is 10/1 for “full” reconciliation. So again I ask you this – Will this be a very busy next couple weeks? Will they finally come out with this “basket” of laws all at once?

Article Begins


June 10, 2015

Iraq must achieve a political reconciliation among its long-divided religious and ethnic groups as a first step toward defeating the Islamic State (ISIS) extremists who control a third of the country, Iraq’s parliament speaker said at the U.S. Institute of Peace. Reconciliation will rely heavily on building police and military forces that those disparate communities can trust, said the speaker, Saleem al-Jubouri.

Al-Jubouri, one of the country’s most prominent Sunni Arab officials, said he hopes to have key legislation passed as early as next month to create a National Guard—a step backed by the U.S. government as an essential step to building confidence and loyalty to the Iraqi state among Sunnis.

As U.S. military trainers work to help Iraq’s army regroup and reverse ISIS’ advance of the past year, a critical part of any Iraqi offensive must be the establishment of inclusive and conciliatory governance in areas restored to state control, al-Jubouri said in a speech and question-and-answer session on June 8 during a visit to Washington for meetings at the White House and with leaders in Congress. The northwestern third of Iraq, seized by ISIS following its capture of the city of Mosul a year ago, is dominated by Sunni Arabs, who have fought for influence in Iraq with the ethnic Kurds of the northeast and the Shia Arabs who are the majority and dominate the south.

Al-Jubouri’s visit follows recent trips to Washington by other top Iraqi leaders, including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Massoud Barzani. Speaking at USIP events, al-Abadi and Barzani also called for cooperation among Iraq’s communities to confront ISIS.

In the battle against ISIS extremists, al-Jubouri said, many Sunni Iraqis have hesitated to fight the group, which particularly opposes Shia Islam, because they feel the militants may offer protection from a Shia-dominated government and Shia militias. The spread of ISIS in the Sunni northwest “is a result of the policy of exclusion… during the past few years,” al Jubouri said, speaking in Arabic with interpretation into English.
Sunnis in those areas felt unrepresented within Iraq’s security forces and thus unable to protect themselves, he said. ISIS’ growth also is “a natural result of the administrative and financial corruption that has spread to the military and other institutions of the state,” he told an audience of policy specialists, officials and journalists.
Still, “the situation in Iraq does not call for despair, despite the darkness of the scene,” al-Jubouri said. He thanked the United States and its allies for their help in the past year to confront ISIS, which he referred to by its Arabic-language acronym, Daesh. Iraq’s foreign allies “must multiply their military efforts in our country and increase their aid for the emerging democracy” in Iraq, he said. “There is no alternative but to go into this battle side by side… so that we will have no other terrorist organization grow from the ruins of Daesh to threaten our security and peace.”
At the center of a political reconciliation among Iraqis, “we must have a political reform and restructuring of the security institutions” based on professionalism and efficiency, rather than the current “system of ethnic and sectarian quotas,” al-Jubouri said. He stressed the need for more unified command structures in Iraq’s localities, saying the chaos of the military’s defeats in Mosul and Ramadi was caused largely by a lack of centralized command over pro-government forces.

A Key Step: A National Guard
Al-Jubouri’s presentation reflected the complications of creating a security architecture to underpin the Iraqi state. Al-Jubouri discussed his effort to have the Council of Representatives, or parliament, pass the National Guard bill. He noted that the original legislation aimed to reassure Sunni Arabs by creating Guard units that would be closely rooted and controlled from within their own governorates, or provinces. He said the proposal has been amended to put those units more under central government control, a change that worries Sunni Arabs.
Still, al-Jubouri said, he hopes to pass a bill as early as July. “The law for the National Guard will be the guarantee for the security of the governorates that are threatened,” he said.

And, al-Jubouri, noted, the most basic laws to complete the framing of the state also still need to be passed. “It is important also to approve the unified federal (court) law and to separate the powers of the state and maintain the independence of the judiciary,” he said.

To achieve a broad reconciliation, al-Jubouri called for closer cooperation with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a Shia, who has sought to ease Sunni-Shia tensions since he took office in September.
In the project of reconciliation, we are partners with [Prime Minister al-Abadi]. – Iraqi Parliament Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri

“We work with him as partners,” said al-Jubouri. “He needs support and he also must take the initiative to implement agreements that have been concluded in the past” among the country’s Sunni, Shia and Kurdish communities. “Because delaying will create a feeling that there is no commitment… In the project of reconciliation, we are partners with him, and we will continue to cooperate with him to achieve it. It is not an easy project; it is not slogans. It is a practical project with commitments on both sides. So my evaluation of this project is (that) it is not up to the required level… not really convincing yet, for me… Definitely the matter requires efforts from everyone in order to achieve it.”
Al-Jubouri also commented that:

Political reforms and public security must be implemented in areas recovered from ISIS. “I put before you some principles that express a comprehensive project for reform … The first issue: We must think about the stability of the areas liberated from their seizure by Daesh, and we must offer a model through which we can motivate those who are still living under the control of Daesh in Nineveh and Anbar (governorates) so that they can do everything possible” to resist the extremist group, al-Jubouri said.

Any Sunni groups that confront ISIS must be assured of better protection than in the past. After Sunni tribes rose up against al-Qaeda in 2005, the Shia-dominated government of former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki put many of their fighters on trial for having formed illegal armed groups, al-Jubouri said. They “were charged with carrying weapons against the law; tried and detained.” Now, “if they confront Daesh, who is going to protect them from the state afterwards?… They are looking or someone who can stand by them, and the party they need most is the prime minister,” al-Abadi.

While Iraq should not create lasting militias outside the structure of the state military, such forces will be needed in the short term to defeat ISIS. “We must end all aspects of armed forces outside of the (official state) military,” al-Jubouri said. “Because these are a militarization of society… and an introduction to a totalitarian system and a return to our past that we do not want.” Still, he added: “We must arm the tribes. We cannot eliminate Daesh except with the local population, through coordination with the federal government.” While the United States and its allies are ready to supply weapons through the central government, it is essential “to have guarantees so that these weapons would reach the local population to confront Daesh,” he said. Sunni groups have complained that the Shia-led government has restricted their access to weapons in the past.
June 10, 2015

Article Ends

Next I am presenting an article to you that may seem insignificant but is very important.

So what does this now tell us?

It is my opinion that Abadi is directing all ministries, the judicial council and other applicable offices to wait to appoint acting general managers (proxy positions) until the completion of the process of implementing the reforms package.

First question is who are these General managers being referred to?

Second question is why wait until after the reforms are implemented?
The translation on this article stinks….

So I will try to address the first question. The proxy managers are those substitutes in the leadership positions for those personnel that were dismissed on corruption charges as part of Abadi’s reforms in cleaning up the government. Abadi has the right to place in “proxy” (or temporary) personnel in these positions. He has weeded out the corrupt politicians.

The answer to the second question is that Abadi is asking (directing) them to wait to appoint these proxy positions until the dust settles a bit and to let the other reforms take root, meaning allowing for the savings of the funds that would go to pay for these proxy positions thus allowing a gap in the funding of personnel saving many millions in the process. Do you remember that there were 300+ governmental personnel being dismissed in these corruption charges?  This is a significant savings in salaries that would have to be paid out.  Abadi wants to capitalize on the opportunity to realize these significant savings.

Article Begins



BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - the face of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Petrat ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and all the provinces and the Supreme Judicial Council, appointed acting general managers until the completion of implementing reforms package.

Indicates an official letter issued by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers addressed to all ministries and the Judicial Council and the offices of the Conservative and non Almerttabh Bozrah and the offices of the heads of the provincial steering confirm Abadi wait to appoint general managers until the completion of the process of implementing the reforms package.

Article Ends

Then just after this article above was published out pops an article from a recent speech from prime minister  Abadi. In the speech he is talking about a few issues. One is about the limit of government savings has been reached. In other words he is telling us this part of the reform package is over and done. This is an excellent benchmark for us. We see the progression of reforms and laws over the last month on this topic.

But he is also giving a warning too that the extent of the loss funds through corruption can not continue and sustain Iraq into the future and to assure the citizens that they can make a difference in reporting corruption so it can be addressed.

This in itself is a new concept for Iraq and I feel will make a huge difference that now the people (the average citizen) can have a difference. This is the concept Abadi is trying to reinforce in the peoples minds.

There can be a safe and fearless avenue to which to report corruption. I quote from the speach- calling on citizens to "detect any corruption they see in their daily lives, to make the corrupt live in constant fear."

One example that comes to my mind is with the meal cards and how many of these cards were being sold on the black market so the citizens could take the money and buy safe food in the common market rather then eat the spoiled foods from Iran that the card could obtain. If you reported these food scandals or even forced to go along with them, you ended up in jail. Do you remember these articles from years past?

He is also talking about fighting ISIS and I quote Abadi, saying, "We are going to break Daash military and intelligence we need to pursue him."

But I feel the very significant part of this article is he is telling us the Russians are now also joining in on the fight against ISIS and Iraq is sharing intelligence on this fight with Russia. “A military source in Moscow revealed on Saturday (28 September 2015), an agreement between Russia and Syria, Iraq and Iran to create an information center in Baghdad, comprising representatives of the bodies of Staff of the armies of these four countries”.

So we see Abadi is being successful in getting a multi-international coalition together himself in the fight against ISIS / DASSH. This is all very good and will create yet more stability for Iraq. It is good also in that thru the UN they are taking charge themselves of this fight and no relying so much on a USA led coalition anymore even though we all know the USA is still assisting and advising in this effort with them.

From the information in this article this is all the kind of stability Iraq needs in its society going forward if it is ever going to realize its great potential and wealth. It is all very good and in the right direction.
Article Begins


The political system has to be an example to others, pointing to the importance of improving aspects of the economy.

BAGHDAD / obelisk announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday, that the government has succeeded to reduce its expenses to the maximum extent possible, noting that the political system has to be an example to others through reforms that reduce the gap between the salaries, while calling on citizens to cooperate in the detection of corruption and make " spoilers permanently living in fear. "

Ebadi said in a speech before heading to New York to participate in a United Nations meeting published by the local media and pursued "obelisk", "The government has succeeded to reduce its expenses to the maximum extent possible," noting that "the reforms reduce the gap between citizens and officials, through the revision of salaries state employees. "

He said al-Abadi, that "the political system has to be an example to others," noting "the importance of improving aspects of the economy."

The prime minister assured Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday (23 September 2015), corruption "terrorism" of another kind, the corrupt in what was described as "the owners of mafias and gangs."

Abadi stressed "the need to stop the waste and the fight against corruption", calling on citizens to "detect any corruption they see in their daily lives, to make the corrupt live in constant fear."

On the other hand said al-Abadi, said that "Iraq intelligence committees established with several countries to fight Daash, noting that" Iraq has the intelligence cooperation with Germany, Jordan and several countries interested in fighting organization. "

He said al-Abadi, that "Russia in the recent period have shown Ahtama fight Daash to the presence of Russian citizens in its ranks, and they pose a threat to Russia's security in the event of their return."

He stressed Abadi, saying, "We are going to break Daash military and intelligence we need to pursue him."
He was a diplomat, a military source in Moscow revealed on Saturday (28 September 2015), an agreement between Russia and Syria, Iraq and Iran to create my information center in Baghdad, comprising representatives of the bodies of Staff of the armies of the four countries.

Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


    Rafidain Bank announced on Monday for the rehabilitation of its branches at home and abroad
    introduction of modern technologies and advanced in the banking business
    in line with the reforms announced by the government package.
    • reforms announced
  • Monday 28-09-2015 | 8:32:37
    Twilight News / Rafidain Bank announced on Monday for the rehabilitation of its branches at home and abroad and the introduction of modern technologies and advanced in the banking business in line with the reforms announced by the government package.
    The general director of the bank on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani said in a statement, said that bank branches abroad, including (Beirut branch - Oman Branch - Bahrain branch) have been rehabilitated and developed properly in line with the reputation and the location of the bank and provide better services to citizens. He is adding that he has approached a number of countries where we do not have bank branches to identify the instructions and controls on the opening of branches.

After so much waiting, it's finally time. It's been a very long process and we all got to watch it unfold. The rest of the world is unaware of what is about to happen, they think it's a coincidence the Pope, Presidents of US, China, Iraq and Zimbabwe are all meeting at the same time. We all know the truth and are so ready for it...enjoy the snow!!!

  • Morning EXO, glad you are so excited once again. Good news is all around, although I'm disappointed the snake (IMF / SDR) managed to enter the house (New System) and will find a place to stay. I was sincerely hoping the World would just tell the US that the IMF / SDR / WB / BIS are out of business, that all central banks are going to be shut down or converted to branches of the respective treasuries, and that no more fiat globally or locally, everything asset backed. I see the SDR has survived, which can only mean that the virus continues, and the parasite lives. Damn, we need to maintain our vigilance still. I was hoping we could just kill the beast, but the damn thing negotiated its way into the future. Why oh why.