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Chris :  From Earlier today: Just talked to one of my bankers he is ready for me to RV…..YES it can happen anytime   
I have two friends that are bank presidents…all they will say is to be ready, they will let me know.

Paperbag:  China is not happy with the delays so this can't go much longer.

  Shoot everyone who knows and has been waiting isn't happy lol

Starchild:  and China can sell $50 Billion in US Treasuries every week until the delay ends.... Zero Hedge is calling it Quantitative Tightening... the opposite of QE or Quantitative Easing...

Red: China if you are monitoring this website, push the button push the button push it tonight
Nick27:  If Iraq was going to truly RV don't you think they would have... just saying. what are they waiting on?

Paperbag:  iraq is doing what they are told…. china is motivating the button pushers

Knighthawk:  I don't think China is the one to push the button. If they were, they would have done it rather than revalue the yuan…. China can however call internatioal loans due... that would move things quickly…. Basically, China de-dollarized themselves in anticipation of a plummeting dollar value.

 6 hour window tonight is our time when all banks are closed so they can slip the new rate in

Kue11:  Maybe this the quiet before the storm.

Rrrr: You were born to do more than work, pay bills, and die. You’re here to enhance the life of your family and everyone around you. You were chosen for this Blessing… Don’t worry about when… just focus on what you were destined to do... Make the most of it. The world is waiting for you to fulfill your Destiny… Be Ready… Our time is near!


Let me just say this, if I were to give you a list of "good" Banks today, that does not change the fact that tomorrow they may go through an Audit and determined to be insolvent!!!

I would not spend too much time today worrying about what bank today is a "good" bank - lets worry about that AFTER THE RV and when you are wealthy!

Here are two useful links from ehow.com on determining a bank's financial health:

   LINK 1:   http://www.ehow.com/how_5169725_quickly-determine-banks-financial-health.html

   LINK 2:   http://www.ehow.com/how_5169725_quickly-determine-banks-financial-health.html

But, really, there are NO GUARANTEES in life

You must know that Life is NOT "Fair"!  Therefore, to best protect yourself and your money, split it up and deposit your money in several banks!

You can start from "day 1" when you go to exchange your IQD after the RV.  Let's use some simple numbers and assumptions for this example.

Lets assume you own 1 Million IQD after the RV, and the rate comes in at exactly $4.00 to 1 IQD.  Congrats, you are now worth $4Million!!!

Now, did you know that when you exchange the IQD, you don't have to do it all in one lump sum?

In fact many experts will tell you to split it up!

So, lets assume you take just 125,000 IQD ($500,000 USD) to Bank/Broker #1, and then take another 125,000 IQD to Bank/Broker #2 and do this with a total of Eight different Banks / Brokers!  You have split up your deposits, making it very difficult to now lose all your money due to a Bank Failure, or a dishonest Private Banker!

If you have one favorite Currency Dealer, and are planning on using that organization, have them send out 8 separate wire transfers to each of your 8 banks.

Of course for each of the 8 banks you will need to set up your account with them using one of their Private Bankers which is assigned to you from that Bank.

Do you need to do any of this today?  Heck NO!!!!  In fact, I am going to wait several weeks after the RV to contact banks and Private Bankers!


Another thing to think about is we are all familiar with the common Four "Big" Banks, but most of us have never had to use Commercial and Business Banks.  Keep your mind open about working with them too!  They are used to working with large depositors!

You have to remember, the "Big 4 Banks" make their money off the "average, middle class" people who have a monthly average balance of only a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars in our accounts (like you and me today!)

But, Commercial and Business Banks make their money off the "rich and wealthy"!  They are very familiar in dealing with "Million Dollar Clients" who are often Small Businesses that run Millions of dollars monthly through their institution.


You and I will be "new" to this reality of being considered a "Million Dollar Client" by these Banking Professionals, Attorneys and Investment Professionals.

A few of these people will be jealous of our new wealth!  Yes, some of these people will want to help us, however unfortunately some will try to betray us!  That is reality and that is fact!

Beware of this now, before you go in to banks or meet with Investment Advisors.  Keep your mind about you, if they start talking all kinds of fancy words that you never heard before, ask them to explain it for you!

If these Professionals are not patient enough to fully and patiently explain their programs to you, then wright down the words you don't understand, get their brochures, and leave to go do your own research!!!  I would suggest you always make a point of meeting with a few more Professionals to hear their opinions and offers also before you ever make an agreement.


I will not do business with anyone over the telephone that has contacted me first!  You know what I mean, the Telemarketer who calls you out of the blue, is very friendly and sounds extremely intelligent!  He/She may be as honest as the day is long, but I will refuse to hear his/her offer or talk to them!

Not to be "rude' but there are just too many scam artists who use the telephone to steal money!  If I do have any interest, I will tell them to send me a proposal to my email address.  I will give them a free email address that I use ONLY for this purpose (I call it my "SPAM BOX") it will be a free email account with a free provider like Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.

If someone is pressuring you to buy some sort of investment, tell them you need to run it past your attorney first and it will take a minimum of a week before you can come to a decision.  If they insist you still decide "now", leave!

Trust me, what they are offering to you is not that "urgent", and if they don't want you to take time to think about it, then it is 99% because what they are "selling" to you is a "SCAM"!!!!

Would you rather wait a week to be sure and better protect yourself from scam artists or jump on some "hot" deal that "fails" and you are now out the money or worse yet, broke!


I would recommend that you NEVER tell anybody exactly how much money you really have!  And just to be clear, "anybody" DOES refer to my family as well, especially my family! 

No offense to my family, but only my Spouse will be privileged to know exactly how much money we are worth!!!  I'm not even going to tell my children, they can find out from my Will after I'm dead!  This will be really tough on most of you, it is for me too, but it is vitally important to NOT tell them!!!

So, knowing my opinion on who to tell, when working with Private Bankers, Attorneys, CPAs and other Investment Professionals, stick to only the amount of money that you have on deposit with them!  Don't tell them about your other investments and don't tell them that you have seven other banks with a Quarter Million each!

If you tell them.....  Do you know what will happen???

That Private Banker or Investment Professional will lose sleep at night, he/she will have nightmares thinking about how they can convince you to move your money over to their bank!

When their Supervisor tells them to "up their numbers" for the Month/Quarter/Year - who are they going to call???  YOU!  So, don't tell them you have other money or investments!

I will say it again!  Don't tell anybody, its none of their darn'd business to know!  This will keep you and your family much safer too.

Trust, but verify!

Keep one sad reality in your mind at all times, nobody is your "friend" when it comes to large sums of money!  The more a professional wants to become your "buddy" and "friend" by giving you gifts, taking you out to dinner or a vacation, that person is trying to set you up to take your money!

Almost all legal financial and investment Individuals and Institutions in the United States (and most other Modern Countries) are Regulated to a gifting limit of something around $100 USD in value per year!  If that guy just "gave" you a vacation worth $5K or $10K he is breaking the law!  If he is breaking the law, what are his intentions with your money???!!!

The "deal" that is just too good to be "true" is almost always a scam!  The harder they push to rush your decisions, the more likely it is a SCAM, and you should walk away and don't look back!


If you now have (in my post RV example above) $4,000,000.00 in the "bank" you are "RICH"!!!  You don't need a "get quick rich" investment scheme to make you what you already are!!!  If you don't feel good about it, or understand it, then don't do it!!!


BeachCindy:  Yes, I remember DC talking about exchanging at several banks ... in fact if I remember correctly I believe he said he was exchanging at 7!

Good advice ... good to hear it again. Thanks DAZ.


Hello, I wanted to share my thoughts below with the community, if you feel this is appropriate to post please do. Thank you kindly and blessings to one and all.

I just had a thought pop into my head today and it really resonated with me as true. What if we have been looking at this whole timing of the RV the wrong way. Thinking that the date and time has come 1000 times already and every time something has stopped it.

What if
 the date and time that has been chosen hasn't actually come to pass yet.

What if all of the information that is flooding the Internet is actually a massive disinformation campaign. A campaign that's purpose is to throw off anyone who is trying to stop this RV and GCR from happening.

This to me seems to be the perfect cover to keep the plans of the actual RV under wraps, so no one can stop it from happening.
If you really stop to think about it, it's a brilliant plan, which when you consider what brilliant minds must be controlling this whole process it would make perfect sense.

See it's not that trustworthy messenger/gurus are wrong or that their sources aren't actually part of the process. It's just that those said sources are feeding them disinformation in an effort to keep the bad guys from finding out the actual plan.

This isn't to hurt us, the people that will benefit from this… but to simply defend against the forces that are trying to hinder this blessing to humanity.

By not telling anyone the actual plan and creating multiple narratives, no one really knows when this is going to happen.

To me this makes perfect sense and in light of this new revelation I am content with patiently waiting until that time and date arrives.
I think that as whole community, we tend to overanylize every piece of information that comes out about the RV and spend far to much of our time buried deep in thought versus trusting our gut and our intuition.

Sometimes more information is more damaging them little or no information.

I believe that this plan is being orchestrated by brilliant minds who are following it precisely how it was meticulously laid out.

My gut and my intuition tells me that this amazing blessing will happen exactly when it is supposed to happen and all need to do is go along for the ride.

I think the most important thing we can do now is live life and not sit around waiting for this to happen.

We should embody the giving, caring and supportive person we want to become when this RV happens. Practice random acts of kindness each and every day, surround people with love and positivity and never stop believing in yourself.

Blessings to all and GO RV.    Name-Anonymous,


8-29-2015   Newshound Guru sczin11   Quote:  "This week the CBI is also telling us there is plans for a near future bond drive, that will be issued to raise capital for the economic crisis and try to balance the budget."  CLEARLY POINTS OUT THE NEED FOR DINARS IN COUNTRY...THEY ARE USING THE BONDS NOT ONLY TO PROVIDE LIQUIDITY, MORE IMPORTANT TO BUILD THEIR ON HAND, DINAR NOTES... THEY NEED DINAR, AS THAT IS HOW THEY WILL TRADE IN FUTURE.   THEY DONT WANT TO PRINT MORE IN ORDER TO AVOID INFLATIONARY POSSIBILITIES...IT IS A GOOD THING.  

8-29-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
  I would agree with devalue IF Iraq was an exporter of goods...BUT they import 95% of their products...and devaluing the currency is economic retardation...too many Ivy League schools have released studies on the subject... Devaluing has no benefit to Iraq...especially since they are trying to sell domestic bonds in IQD.

8-29-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  
 [HAS ABADI PASSED SECOND SET OF REFORMS?]  I don't think so - just the initial batch have been given the OK by Parliament...   I thought the ML law was read once and some speculation is the Investment Law will kick off Monday or shortly there after (reportedly).  I think they will go pretty quick...the WB/IMF only gave them until Oct 1? Right? I doubt they let it boil down to the last minute.  [do they still have to be published in the gazette to be law in its final state?]  of course - but with the obstructionists gone - the gazette will again be a formality - not a hurdle.  Abadi is clearly reacting.

8-29-2015   Intel Guru Frank26
    The 2015 Budget contains the HCL and there is a Rider to activate it when SECURITY is SECURED.  Today A [Abadi] is again with THE CITIZENS in the streets.  AND!!! Those that formulated the Rider are NOW asking for a...DATE...To use it.   DRS [Dr. Shabibi] has the GREEN LIGHT and we believe he is coming to proclaim this because the GREEN ZONE is the highest example of SECURITY.


 Quote: "This week the CBI is also telling us there is plans for a near future bond drive, that will be issued to raise capital for the economic crisis and try to balance the budget."




TBarts: Quiet morning all. Just another silent Saturday. Wish it were a surplus Sunday!

Jetpack:  Since the Operational Exchange rates already updated yesterday I'm remaining very grounded about this week we very well may have to wait little longer but after 9yrs guess I can wait little more if need be

Mobius:  Jetpack: my understanding is rates can change any time, and are only posted for record keeping purposes only

:  Mobius. It fits with what I have been told. 3 days before the 1st they can change payroll for the end of that month and three days after the 1st they could change rate for payroll from then. Makes sense to me
Ole Sailor:  Please understand that the UN Operational Rates schedule is a REPORTING MECHANISM, it is not predictive or absolute. When the rv/gcr changes THE RATES WILL BE REPORTED in the UN Operational rates. The same is true for forex. Forex only Reports what has been done by the CBI

So don't freak over the UN stuff or worry about the forex. The only thing I see is the forex market may "anticipate" a change and do some competitive bidding but until CBI changes the rates, don't freak over either of them

Iko Ward :
 If ANY of the basket currencies post a substantial rate change in our favor it means the Dinar has also changed somewhere in the system. Once the rate begins to change it will snowball due to world trade needs and influence. The CBI may not even post, but we have intel sources just as deep.

 HI EVERYONE - China has cut its holdings of U.S. Treasuries this month to raise dollars needed to support the yuan in the wake of a shock devaluation two weeks ago, according to people familiar with the matter ------WELL this tells us there just as broke as everyone else, not much liquidity in china, GO RV

Pearle:  The good thing is that there is a lot of activities with the reforms




Breaking News PM names General Falahi as Commander of IA 10th Division ( 2015/8/29 18:40

Breaking News PM names Brigadier, Kamil, as Deputy Commander of Anbar Operations Command ( 2015/8/29 19:21

Breaking News Parliament session starts to vote on National Guard Forces Law ( 2015/8/29 19:36

Breaking News Abadi appoints General Fatlawi as Commander of IA 8th Division ( 2015/8/29 20:04

Breaking News Parliament starts investigating Minister of Electricity ( 2015/8/29 20:29

Breaking News Parliament adjourns its session for 30 minutes ( 2015/8/29 22:20

Breaking News Jobouri: Minister of Defense to be summoned by parliament as requested by MPs ( 2015/8/29 23:40

Breaking News Jobouri: Parliament to review governmental reforms soon and will discuss the parliament's supervisory role in the upcoming days. /End/ ( 2015/8/30 0:50



Publishing Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 14:31:50 |

Lifting of the House of Representatives, Saturday, its 17th day to Sunday after his conviction that the voice on the answers and Electricity Minister Qassim al-Fahdawi, and finished first and second reading of the two bills.

The parliamentary source said in an interview with the news agency of the day, "The House of Representatives to raise its 17 held today, chaired by al-Jubouri, and the presence of 260 deputies to the day, on Sunday."

The source, who asked not to be named, said: "During the meeting the Council voted Baknaath the answers provided by the Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi during questioning in Parliament, and finished the first reading of the draft law to compensate those affected by the military errors." He explained, that "the meeting saw the vote on the amendment of Criminal Procedure Law No. 23 of 1973 and ended the second reading of the draft Tax Code."

The House of Representatives held on Saturday (29 August 2015), held its 17th chaired by Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 260 deputies, is scheduled to witness the meeting vote on the draft law of the National Guard and end the first and second readings of seven bills.

Jubouri cancels visit to New York to follow up the implementation of reforms

Publishing Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2015 13:58:55 | Views: 8

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, to cancel his visit to New York was scheduled to be carried out by the beginning of next September, in order to follow up the implementation of government and parliamentary reforms.

Information Office of the Jabouri said in a statement seen by AGENCY News today, said that "Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, canceled his visit to New York, which was to be carried out by the beginning of next September to attend the heads of the World Conference of Parliaments."

The statement added, "The decision to cancel the visit comes because of the exceptional circumstances through which Iraq and the keenness of al-Jubouri and his insistence on speeding up to meet the demands of the people through the continuous progress of the implementation of government and parliamentary reforms follow-up controls, and due to reach a lot of important laws to maturity and that you need during this period to approve fast and urgent. "

It is scheduled that the Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament held in the United Nations New York headquarters for the period from August 31 until the current second of September. 

Iraq's top cleric says government must genuinely seek change, 29 AUGUST

BAGHDAD (AP) — Iraq's top Shiite cleric said on Friday the government must show it was seeking genuine change to combat corruption and improve services and not just introduce temporary measures to placate the embattled nation.

In a message delivered by a representative in a Friday sermon, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani also cautioned protesters who have staged weekly rallies to press demands for reform that they must guard against groups seeking to hijack their movement to further other interests.

Hours later, tens of thousands of Iraqis rallied in Baghdad and a string of cities south of the capital in support of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's reform drive and to press demands for the dissolution of parliament and an end to corruption. The Baghdad rally, in central Tahrir square, was the largest by far, attracting at least 20,000, many of them waving the national flag. It was held under tight security measures but ended peacefully shortly after nightfall.

Followers of a radical, anti-American Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr, joined the Baghdad rally for the first time on Friday. The smaller rallies were held in cities south of Baghdad, including the holy Shiite city of Karbala, the southern port of Basra and Babil.

Al-Sistani's comments, delivered in Karbala, challenged the government to show that it is "truthfully and seriously" responding to demands for change. "Citizens have experienced past promises that were never realized on the ground," he cautioned.

"Officials must work differently this time around and win the trust of the citizens," he said.

The weekly rallies, which began last month, have been pressing for better basic services like power, water and medical care, as well as an end to corruption and sectarian politics. The graft is widely believed to be rampant, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in the 12 years since Saddam Hussein's regime was toppled.

Al-Abadi has responded to the rallies with a package of reforms that reduced the size of his Cabinet, and eliminated the three vice presidencies and the three deputy prime minister posts. He has also ordered a revision of the government's pay scale and the annulment of financial perks enjoyed by senior officials, lawmakers and consultants.
His actions raised questions about the legality of his reforms and whether they violate the constitution.

"I will not back down," al-Abadi vowed in televised comments this week. "There is no going back on reforms. Our political system needs popular pressure to reform itself," said the Shiite prime minister who has said he would seek a popular mandate to amend the constitution, which he described as "incomplete."
Separately, an explosion on Friday ripped through the parking lot of a police station in southeast Baghdad when a police bomb squad tried to defuse a car bomb while colleagues looked on, killing six and wounding 10, according to security and hospital officials.

The six killed were three bomb squad members and three policemen.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Baghdad has for years seen near daily attacks targeting civilians and security forces by car bombs, suicide attacks and roadside explosions. The attacks are mostly blamed on Sunni militants. LINK


Dealer of Iraqi dinar in Puerto Rico : Government of Iraq Dinars recovering their back. Because it will be ??
08/27/2015 Detection of Inspector General Hajj and Umrah leader Baldawi, Thursday, for the recovery of inspectors offices nearly 18 trillion dinars and six billion dollars to avoid wasting some ministries. Baldawi said in a press release, said that "the unity of the audit offices of the inspectors of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers reveals in its first report on the recovery of the offices of inspectors almost 18 billion dinars over six billion dollars by the ministries for a number of years "

Waradana Iraqi News - وردنا أخر أخبار العراق
أخبار العراق, سياسة العراق, Iraq News, شبكة اخبار العراق, آخر أخبار العراق, أحدث الأخبار في العراق, Iraqi News

Spanish :
Gobierno de Iraq recuperando sus Dinares para atras. Porque sera??
08/27/2015 Detección del Inspector General del Hajj y Umrah líder Baldawi, jueves, para la recuperación de los inspectores de las oficinas de casi 18 Trillones de dinares y seis billones de dólares y para evitar el desperdicio de algunos ministerios. Baldawi dijo en un comunicado de prensa, dijo que "la unidad de los tribunales de cuentas de los inspectores de la Secretaría General del Consejo de Ministros revela en su primer informe sobre la recuperación de las oficinas de los inspectores de casi 18 billones de dinares y más de seis mil millones de dólares por los ministerios para una serie de años "

أخبار العراق, سياسة العراق, Iraq News ,شبكة اخبار العراق, آخر أخبار العراق, أحدث الأخبار في العراق, Iraqi News


Frank26: The 2015 Budget contains the HCL and there is a Rider to activate it when SECURITY is SECURED. Today A [Abadi] is again with THE CITIZENS in the streets. AND!!! Those that formulated the Rider are NOW asking for a...DATE...To use it. DRS [Dr. Shabibi] has the GREEN LIGHT and we believe he is coming to proclaim this because the GREEN ZONE is the highest example of SECURITY.




Landa Global has been hosting a dial-in conference to inform holders of assets and intermediaries of the current status of the historic bond redemptions, and general information in respect of procedures and pricings of assets.
To access the weekly conference, please observe the following information: 
Date:  Each Wednesday
Time: 4:00 p.m. CST (USA)
Conference Number:   641-715-3580
Access Code:   484-959#

   See international call numbers below. Access code is the same as above.
Argentina  +54 341 527-2974
Australia  +61 3 8672 0154
Austria  +43 1 2650514
Belgium  +32 9 324 29 14
Brazil  +55 11 4230-1804
Bulgaria  +359 2 495 1534
Chile  +56 44 890 9304
China  +86 510 8022 4324
Costa Rica  +506 4000 3924
Croatia  +385 1 8000 074
Cyprus  +357 77 788874
Czech  +420 225 989 154
Denmark  +45 78 77 25 34
Dominican Republic  +1 829-999-2534
Estonia  +372 614 8074
Finland  +358 9 74790084
France  +33 7 55 50 02 40
GCC/Arabian Peninsula ***  +973 1656 8334
Georgia  +995 706 777 094
Germany  +49 30 255550324
Hungary  +36 1 987 6874
Indonesia  +62 21 51388824
Ireland  +353 90 646 4154
Israel  +972 76-599-0034
Italy  +39 081 006 0876
Japan  +81 3-5050-6424
Latvia  +371 67 881 737
Lithuania  +370 46 268632
Luxembourg  +352 20 30 12 04
Malaysia  +60 11-1146 0024
Mexico  +52 899 274 8186
Netherlands  +31 6 35205016
Norway  +47 52 90 06 74
Pakistan  +92 21 37130637
Panama  +507 838-7844
Poland  +48 22 116 85 54
Portugal  +351 21 114 3144
Romania  +40 31 780 7044
Slovakia  +421 2/333 255 47
Slovenia  +386 1 828 03 24
South Africa  +27 87 825 0124
South Korea ****  +82 1600-9286
Spain  +34 931 98 23 88
Sweden  +46 8 124 107 14
Switzerland  +41 44 595 90 34
Taiwan  +886 985 646 948
Turkey  +90 212 988 1734
United Kingdom  +44 330 998 1214
United States  +1 641-715-3580
Vietnam  +84 4 7108 0054
**This is a U.S. dial in number.
***This dial-in number is located in Bahrain.
****This number is not available outside of South Korea.
The complete past recordings of all conference calls  in mp3 format files are posted below for easy access after the conference.
Thank You


firefly: “...the Council of Ministers revealed in its first report on the recovery of inspectors offices nearly 18 trillion dinars and more than six billion dollars by the ministries for a number of years." The Iraqi government has reportedly appointed three major international banks to advise on its first international bond issue in almost a decade...Int’l Banks hired for $6 bn Bond Sale. Like I told you guys, the meeting at the Shereton 3 weeks ago went extremely well. What I didn't tell you guys was that these 3 banks were there. But now that’s it’s in ink. There were MANY people and companies and certain agencies that attended.


Dinar Iraq and Dong Vietnam :Finance Committee Alnielyh confirmed, it has a package of laws exceeded ten to support monetary policy, is preparing to be passed soon to parliament.
He warned the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed earlier, of “economic difficulties” the government may face in the event of continued decline in global oil prices, noting that the Commission is working in coordination with the government to find solutions to the provision of staff salaries solutions during 2016.
The committee member said Massoud Rostam’s (IMN) said that “the committee more than a dozen laws are being discussed for the legislation in the coming sessions of the House of Representatives to support the monetary policy process in the country.”
Rustam said that “the most prominent of those laws is the money laundering law, which will pass close to the parliament and be included on the agenda to read it a second reading.”
He said, “Among those laws is the Federal service, which completed the discussion and enacted the law, and the government needs to send him his salary for inclusion as a supplement to the law and then vote on it.”
Iraq has suffered from the financial crisis and the weakness in monetary policy that caused squandering of public money, and therefore, the government and parliament serious attempts to reform and promoting a framework law the work of the country’s economy.
Article: “Oil drop may be forced Iraq to reduce its currency” The global issues associated with the falling oil prices are believed to be impacting Iraq as well…so says one expert from Bloomberg today…the oil issues coupled with the continued fighting to free Iraq from the clutches of ISIS/DAASH terrorists are draining the country to the point that its reserves have fallen 20% in recent months to stand at $59 billion dollars…war is never a cheap venture…and it is proving to be an expensive issue for Iraq today…keep in mind too that this is but one opinion of what could transpire for Iraq into the near future…no doubt their dependency on oil for revenues is critical and affecting their financial world in a big way.
Article: “Central is preparing to launch bonds in local currency and asserts: We have a surplus of foreign currency” Reforms…reforms…they are every where…the CBI is launching reforms in the format of localized bonds…they see this as a means to strengthen the local currency…the dinar…they have yet announced how these bonds will be sold, only saying they will be available on a local and national level…they also mentioned the sale of foreign currency as a “means to sustain the exchange rate”.