Wednesday, August 26, 2015


T:  Okay, gooood mornin’, TNT!  Today is August the 26th, 2015, and we are back here and we’re still hangin’ on by our chinny chin chin, so I guess we’ll do that as long as we can!  All right.  Guys, I got a couple things to go through real quick, and first of all is Pam already sent me a text message and today is One-Question Wednesday.  One question, and I’m gonna read it, it says, “And you better stick to it.”  That’s what it says, somethin’ like that.  What did it say, Pam?  Oh, it says, “And don’t forget.”  So okay.  All right.  One-Question Wednesday, so get your one question ready right now ‘cause we’re gonna go through some people and, and one question, that’s it.   I got some good news and some bad news, and the good news is everything’s still ready to go, everybody’s in agreement.  People are still preparing for this to happen by Friday at the moment.  Today is Wednesday, so I’m just gonna say by Friday or throughout the weekend.  They are preparing for it to happen, that time frame.  I will tell you in Iraq they were told on their television, the announcements, that “They should see the completion of the reforms either in a couple of days or next week.”  That’s what they were told, either in a couple of days or next week.  That’s the exact verbiage that I got, what was playin’ on their screens, either a couple of days or next week, so whatever their plan is.  And we’re hopin’ for a couple of days because I know everybody else is planning for something throughout the weekend.  It could go into next week, but hopefully the weekend is over, it’s over.  All right?  Not bein’ specific, no date, no time, just a time frame.  So that’s a good thing.  Banks are prepared.  I could tell you right at the moment rates are not showing ‘cause they’re tryin’ to keep it limited to the people who can see ‘em currently, so they aren’t showing in all the usual places.  Some people absolutely do know the rates and can see ‘em, but it’s not all the way down to the level that it’s usually been.  But it’s still a good thing.  And information is flowing throughout the banking system to still, “Get ready, get ready, we’re about to do something but we haven’t done it.  We’re about to give you some new updates and guidelines,”  but they haven’t done it.  But those kind of things are coming, so we’re still in a very good position, all right?  So that’s the good thing I wanted to tell you guys, ‘cause there’s not a whole lot of news ‘cause all the news we’re waiting for is let’s go do this.  And again, everybody has agreed that things are in place.  They have given so called power or authority to one organization to say go, and everybody is simply waiting for that go signal, and that’s where it’s at right now.  Okay.
Here’s the bad information.  Got some, some information from some people yesterday, Pam forwarded it to me, a lady who says she got a call from the IRS.  Said they called her, asked her about her dinar purchases, where she was buyin’ it from, how much she bought.  Told her that there was a arrest warrant issued for her arrest for buying fraudulent foreign currency.  But they want to know how much she bought, where she bought it at.  Well, if there was an arrest warrant, wouldn’t they already know that?  So she did ask for some information, you got my name.  She said they had her name, had her address.  She asked, “Well, what’s my Social Security number then?”  They refused to give it to her, so they didn’t have it.  Asked, “Well, how much did I buy?”  They refused to tell her, want her to tell them, and then threatened her if she didn’t be more cooperative they would send the police over to her house within thirty minutes to arrest her, ‘cause they had this warrant and are just tryin’ to be nice.  Well, as soon as she challenged that, they got mad and hung up I guess, or she got mad and hung up, I take it back.  So she looked at their number, and they left their name, their badge number, phone number, everything.  So she called the number and I think nobody knew this person.  She called the local police, and they gave her a different number to call for IRS. 
Here’s the thing, guys, first of all if they give you and they call you with this kind of number, anybody can spoof a number.  I’m gonna tell you they absolutely can spoof your number, not a problem.  If you don’t know what spoof means, there’s, there’s actually software out there, and you can get it, and you know, it can make you look like you’re callin’ from your neighbor’s house or callin’ from the IRS or calling from the police station.  It can make your phone receive that numbers, any numbers they want it to, and then so when you dial that number back then actually you’re gonna get the IRS’s voicemail or their 800-number system, whatever it is, because they spoofed their actual number.  But you’re not gonna get to talk to that person and, and that’s the key thing when you go through there.  I want you guys to be aware of this, and I’m telling you this isn’t anything new, it’s something that people have been doing for years every time they get a chance, somewhere they’ve been doing this.  So let me see here.  I’m lookin’ for another message to show you guys (inaudible).  Nope, that wasn’t it. 
This morning somebody was telling me that, that they got the message from TNT.  Or maybe it was a email they sent me where (inaudible).  I wanted to show you guys, got, see I get so much stuff now I can’t find it.  Anyway, they got a message from TNT talkin’ about how the RV is going to be on Friday morning.  I can’t find it, sorry.  I got too much stuff here.  Anyway, they’ve been spoofing TNT’s Twitter account, ‘cause that’s what they did, Twitter account trying to send out messages saying it’s from Tony, that it’s not, telling you to do things, call people.  That’s not unusual, guys, they’ve been doing it for years.  I got email stuff from, got it yesterday that told me, “Hey, I’ve been sending these donations to TNT, TNT Tony, Tony@gmail.com.  That’s not my email, guys, that’s somebody else who made up a email with my name so they could get these donations, so people have been sending donations to the wrong accounts all this time.  But this is stuff that people do!  This call, and since I just told you guys, I’m just gettin’ text after text, “I got that call, I got that call, they called me too.”  This is not unusual.  The thing I hate, this lady was 67 years old, and she said, “It’s a good thing I’m smart.”  Suppose it was somebody that was 70 or 80 or older or somebody who didn’t know any better and they just panic ‘cause somebody calls and says, “I have an arrest warrant for you for bein’ on the internet or for buying foreign currency, and I want to know how much you have, when’d you get it, where is it at,” and they had her address.
Guys, I really seriously don’t think that’s how they’re gonna operate.  I really seriously know the IRS isn’t gonna call up and say, “I’m gonna send the cops to your house in thirty minutes if you don’t give, answer every one of my questions.”  I just really don’t see that, guys, so I want you to be careful, that’s why I’m telling you.  Same thing, somebody’s telling me about them calling saying they owe all this money and you don’t send it they’re gonna send the cops to your door, you know, right that moment, thirty minutes from now, and it’s always the IRS threatening somebody.  Or they’ll come back with some other agency, “If you don’t give me all the information and, you know, where do you keep this at?”  Guys, you’re gonna have to be careful, ‘cause this is nothing, and I’m telling you absolutely nothing compared to what’s gonna happen the moment they announce this RV and you actually go to the bank and exchange and these same people who got it from whatever site, location, whatever, start calling you, start threatening you, start gettin’ you to answer questions when they know you now have this money, ‘cause then they’re gonna be bold enough to say, “Where do you bank at?” this, that, and try and get as much as you can.  And you’ve got to, everybody, everybody listening to this call has got to help the older people through this ‘cause they get scared, they panic, they don’t know, they’re callin’ in the middle of the night and then try and take advantage of ‘em.  Not just older people, but they’re more at risk than, than anything else.  And, and let’s be our brother’s keeper in this case.  I mean, when you know somethin’ like this is going down, you know there’s a scam like this going down, don’t be ashamed to tell your friends and family, don’t be ashamed to go back.  All the people you’ve connected with on the internet through this, let ‘em know, “Hey, this is the latest scam out.”  I just did it, ‘cause I’m gettin’, I’m still getting’ texts right now, calls right now, so somebody else knew about this besides this lady who called us yesterday that this has been going around for days if not weeks now, and they’re collecting people’s information.  So I really want you guys to be careful with that, okay?  Guys, we are absolutely almost there, about to celebrate, everything’s in place, and should be havin’ a great weekend.  So with that, I’m gonna go to questions, and it’s One-Question Wednesday, so…650, good morning.  650?
C:  Good morning, Tony.  How are you?
T:  Good morning, how are you?  Good, how are you?
C:  I’m good, I’m good.  Hey, I wanted to ask a quick question regarding, we’ve seen a lot of reference here to the deletion of the zeros going through with that program, and I guess I’m concerned that I’ve never seen a redenomination of currency without it being a redenomination everywhere.  For example, I  went through a redenomination with the Venezuelan  Bolivar in 2006, and they redenominated by three zeros, and basically what I had of the original currency was no longer worth, it was worth one thou--, one thousandth of it and, at the new rate that they had.  Can you talk to us as to why you believe that we will have an opportunity to exchange with the three zeros at the rate that they’re getting in country without the three zeros.
T:  Sure.  All right, thanks, appreciate it. 
C:  Right.
T:  Okay.  All right?  Uh-oh.  Sorry.  You can say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas if you want to.
C:  And Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.
T:  All right.  Okay, guys, because this is unlike any other country just redenominating their money, because this is Iraq being used as a foundation for a global currency reset that has never happened before, because this is a currency that is not currently in circulation around the world, which is not a international currency, and because there have been special emphasis, agreement, and things put in place for this to trade at a different rate outside the country than inside the country for a period of time is why we’ll see the difference from regularly redenominated countries.  Because this has happened from countries who were coming out of a war-type situation where theirs was intentionally devalued to a ridiculous rate to reinstituting that currency is some of the difference that we’ll see that’s enabling this to happen.  One rate outside the country with the three zeros vs. none of the three zeros inside the country and, and that’s the way this was set up.  So that’s why I believe it, but here is the most important thing:  because I know people and because I know people who are looking at banks screens, ‘cause I know people who’ve already done exchanges on both sides of the exchange—exchanger and exchangee—and I know the rates that they got, so that’s why I believe, ‘cause I believe!  All right.  And it’s documented.  Okay, 863, good morning.
C:  Yeah, good morning Tony, Tony, Tony, can you hear me?
T:  I can hear you, sir.  How are you?
C:  Okay, partner.  Yeah, I was the one who called yesterday and, tellin’ you that I had sent you money through the account online with the PayPal account.
T:  Okay.
C:  And I followed that up with an email to you to verify that and then you, you just said at the beginning of the call that you indicated that you sent an email back to me, is that correct?
T:  I did if you’re the one who said Tony@gmail.com, and I said that’s not my email?
C:  That is correct.  That’s the one, that was the address that was on the PayPal website.  You follow me?
T:  PayPal website on our site?
C:  Yeah, it was the, I had made a payment to the, a, to your, where, where you send the PayPal money, and on the PayPal account when you put the numbers in and it tells you where you want to send it, it was sent to that particular email address, gmail. 
T:  I don’t have that address, do I, Pam?  So.
C:  If that’s not the correct address, then, then I was sending the money to somebody else who probably needs it worse than you do.  So….
T:  That, that’s not my address, it’s…
Pam:  Tony.
T:  …huh?
T:  All right.  Vegas?  No Vegas?
C:  Yeah, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Let’s go with this thing!
T:  All right, let’s get it on.  All right.  Okay, 352, good morning.
C:  Good morning, Tony.
T:  Good morning, how are you?
C:  All right.  I, I have one question, and, and I have two suggestions.  And you know, we was talkin’ about what we gonna do?  You know, what would, what would be neat?
T:  What?
C:  (Unintelligible), you, you know when they are collecting money, those red kettles, is that for new, is that around New Year’s time or Christmastime?
T:  Oh, Christmas you’re talkin’ about.  Yeah, for….
C:  Okay.  Yeah.  Yeah.
T:  Yeah, go ahead.
C:  Yeah.  What I was gonna say, take for instance if every one of us on this line (unintelligible) all, let’s say, let’s say we start out with a minimum of five hundred dollars, five, you know, five one-hundred-dollar bills, and each one of us wrote on that five, on that hundred-dollar bill what, what do you always say, superfantastic?
T:  Yep!  Superfantastic.
C:  Yeah, and, yeah and each one of us wrote superfantastic on that one-hundred-dollar bill and we went throughout the area where we lived, let’s say if I, I was gonna do five hundred dollars, I’d go somewhere and put a hundred dollars in that one, I drive somewhere else, put a hundred dollars in that one and that one and, you know, and, and up to five hundred dollars.  If folks want to do a thousand, that’s up to them.  I think that would go viral in, in a heartbeat, and we will have folks confused as to, “Hey, how, how is this money getting out there like that, you know?”  I think it would be real, rather neat if we can all do that.
T:  Well…okay, it would be great if everybody picked one day and did that and, and it happened, or there, but this, this is my thing just so you guys know.  There’s so many things out there about so many charities, I don’t know how much money actually goes out.  I don’t know, there are so many times people are out there fakin’ like they belong to this charity or that charity just collecting money.  There’s a lot of scam things out there, which is really prevalent around Christmastime.  It bothers me.  I, I would personally, this, and I’m not tellin’ you guys don’t.  There’s some great organizations out there, I’m sure, and they need money, they need donations.  I need you to research and make sure they’re the right ones that you want to do, that they’re givin’ away the right percentage of it and not using 5% to help people and 95% to line their pockets, because there’s ones out there just like that.  So is it somethin’ you have to go through?  I know in your heart you’re tryin’ to do the right thing, and that’s why this is what’s big for me.  It’s big for me for you to help somebody you can see, touch and feel.  For you to help somebody right there in your imme-mediate community where you can see the results of it.  It’s still helping.  It’s still helping people who need it, ‘cause you’re at the ground-floor level with them, and if that was that organization’s part and you’re doin’ the same thing, then great!  But here’s my thing.  You know, I could drop some money in a bucket and go on and say, “Okay, I did what I was supposed to do.”  But I could, you know, what I do is, is I see somebody sittin’ on a corner, or I’m walkin’ in, you know, a restaurant or Kentucky Fried—I do this today, it’s what I do—I go in and my wife and kids or whatever in the car and, you know, where we’re ordering takeout, whatever I order I always order a second thing and I walk out that door and I hand ‘em that bag.  Regardless, I do that.  I don’t care where I’m at, what I’m doin’.  Or I see somebody goin’ through trash cans and things that, or in a parking lot and I’m goin’ through a fast food place, I’m goin’ through the drive through, and I’ve done it, I get a second order and I go and find that person and say, “Here, I mean, here’s some food.”  I see ‘em layin’ in the grass covered up, you know, and I say, “Hey, here’s some coffee and some breakfast,” ‘cause that’s what I do ‘cause I can see the immediate results (unintelligible) and I know I’ve helped somebody.  Same thing, you know, in, in your community when people’s lights are turned off, when you see people walkin’ around in raggedy shoes, and those are things you can contribute and see the results and feel it and, I don’t know, that’s just more to me than givin’ to organizations.  I’m not tellin’ you guys not to, ‘cause they help people on the worldwide, I’m just tellin’ you be mindful of who you do give it to, but if you’re really tryin’ to do somethin’ and wanna see your results, then you be the one to do it, okay?  I mean, that’s just my opinion.


C: I, and I have one more suggestion, then I’m gonna my question, if you don’t mind. And, and what…

T: Okay.

C: …one other thing I was thinkin’ about. You know, if we gonna, if we gonna buy land and stuff and we’re gonna, you know, build a house on that land, you, and perhaps we can build an additional home and talk to the police department and let cops live in that house for free, and that can be our protection or our security, you know? And I think (inaudible) a lot, because hey man, I’ll tell you, when (unintelligible) be rather frightening, it’s gonna, it, you know it. I mean, it’s gonna be rather scary, man, that we get, you know, ‘cause folks are really gonna be watchin’ you, you know? 

T: Okay, wait. You started the sentence off tryin’ to help your community and police officers, but what you really was doin’ was protecting yourself! You know, you...all right. Okay, then. All right! Okay! Build the (inaudible).

C: Think, think about it!

T: You get a free house, all right.

C: Well, I mean, hey, I mean if you want somebody to protect you, I mean just, just havin’ a security system may not be the answer, you know what I mean? But here’s my, here’s my, here’s my one question. What are you gonna….

T: Well let me say this ‘fore we go to your question. I’m sure that cop won’t mind. If you gonna give him a free house to live there just to make sure nobody else there, he like, “Hey, I’ll park the car right there, I’m here for you.” Okay, so all right. What’s your question.

C: Well, you, I mean, it, it wouldn’t be, it wouldn’t be for life. I mean, you know, if you wanna, if you wanna talk to another guy and let another guy live there. If, let’s say if you let, let this guy live there for two years or somethin’ like that, you know? And then you could just switch him out and let somebody else live there. That’s what I’m sayin’, you know? I mean, it just….

T: You mean another cop. Right?

C: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it just, it’s some…

T: Okay.

C: …it’s just, it’s just somethin’ for folks to think about, you know, something for folks to think about. But let me ask my question real quick so I can get off. What do you know…

T: All right.

C: …about Egypt and, and Libya? Are those countries that are also gonna event, eventually revalue some currency? Is that also in the works, did you know?

T: Eventually they’re gonna have to! I mean eventually. Yes, absolutely! Guys, the question is not if they are, it’s when are they, and are you gonna be made aware of it. That’s the question. Are you even gonna be eligible to do this again is the real question, and you should when you’re puttin’ your money in banks and getting your personal bankers and wealth managers, let them know that’s your goal.

C: Okay.

T: Okay?

C: Now those countries, they also use dinar, right?

T: They, yeah, dinar is just another word for dollars over in the Middle East, that’s all.

C: Okay.

T: All right? All right, thank you, sir.

C: Okay, that’s all I need.

T: Vegas?

C: All right, brother. Yeah, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T: No Vegas? All right.

C: I said it, man.

T: All right. All right, thanks. All right, bye. Okay. All right, 404, good morning.

C: Good morning and good afternoon and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. And my question…

T: Okay.

C: …concerns that. Given that we’ve been doing this Vegas-Vegas-Vegas Campaign for several months now, how successful would you say we have been in convincing those who have the ultimate authority in terms of saying whether or not you can or cannot go. How successful have we been in convincing that this should be a celebratory party that you can come and we all can converge on Las Vegas? And presuming that we have been successful in this, I want to hear you say, “Yes, we have been successful,” when should we be planning for the Vegas-Vegas-Vegas event based on all the good news that you’ve been giving us that we’re sitting in a very good time frame now for the RV and exchange process to begin?

T: Okay! So was that one question or ten? Anyway….

C: No, it was one. It was multiparted, and Pam didn’t say it couldn’t be multipart.

T: Look, oh, okay.

C: And I did it in one breath, if you noticed that, sir.

T: Yes, you did, you did very well. All right, here, here’s…

C: Made up (inaudible).

T: …all right. Here’s the deal, so let me tell you guys everything I know about that. And everybody else listening, so. This morning I was talking to some, some people, and we were talkin’ about the information and things that have gone on over the last five years. Good, bad, and the ugly and who knows what and who knows when and who can prove what, who can prove when, and who can point who in the right direction and all these good things, okay. Okay. ‘Cause this is a very complicated thing, whether you guys know it or not. So of course we’re talkin’ about Tony, so we’re gonna talk about Tony for a minute. And Pam, ‘cause I’m gonna throw her in there, and DC, and Ray, but, and a bunch of other people. So here’s the question is, I mean there’s two sides, just like everything else, there’s two sides. There’s some people who absolutely love Tony, love what he’s doing, think he poured his heart out, since he’s been sacrificing, I mean he put his neck on the line, everything else, to do the right thing for a bunch of people. There’s absolutely a group of people who believe that and are workin’ it. There’s another group of people who think Tony is an arrogant ******* who talks too much, who’s given out too much information, who thinks he’s better than he should or, or, or whatever, and just, I mean for all the wrong reasons to me, but there’s a group of people who honestly think that and think he should’ve been taken down, taken out a long time ago. And there are some other ones just the opposite, “Hey, the guy’s just doin’ the right thing, you know,” and he’s helpin’ a group of people that they couldn’t legally help anyway or publicly help anyway, so this is the avenue to do it. So we’ve gone through that. We’ve gone through—and I’m gonna get to, answer to your question—we’ve gone through intentionally getting fed B.S. and intentionally getting very good information so you guys would understand the process and, and be knowledgeable, and some people are puttin’ out the information ‘cause they don’t want 90% of the people to be broke in two years, they want this to be a longer-term deal. So we’ve gone through all that. 

Now, here’s the thing with Vegas. It’s a question of two things. If we go to Vegas, does that give Tony more credibility, does that give him more access to a bunch of multimillionaires and billionaires and again the problem is when this comes out, okay it did happen and I’m gonna be right, now, I mean it’s just too much authority or knowledge or wisdom for, for one person or one group of people to have, which I’m including Pam, Winston, and Ray in there, ‘cause Ray is sayin’, “Why do you keep putting me in there?” But anyway, so. And I understand their, their position, and, and there’s another one, another group of people out there sayin’, “Hey, we need to let him do this because again he can say things that we can’t say. He can think things that we can’t think, don’t want to, and there’s no liability,” ‘cause there is none if I go and do this. But it also gives them a avenue where they can teach people, instruct people, help them protect their money, grow their money, and it’s everybody in one location and they can give out all this education at one time and then go from there. But it lays a foundation for them, which you would think the banks want to take advantage of. But then does one bank get to do that, or do multiple banks get to do that? Do I bring ‘em all in at a time or give one their day to spread it out? Those are things we haven’t talked about, ‘cause so far only one bank has actually approached me about doing it, and I, and actually they went so far as to go out of the country and have somebody call me and say, “Hey, you think you would do this?” I was like, “Yeah, I’d do it,” but anyway, which makes sense to me.

So their concern is, is that, the influence, but more so with the amount of information that we have, do we give this guy a public pulpit? Okay? Do we give them that to, to, to work with on other things? So, I mean, I understand them feelin’ the way they feel, and it’s, I guess it’s my job or responsibility, what I’m doin’, is try to make everybody feel comfortable and know, “Hey, look, we’re just tryin’ to help people,” we’re right at the end, and make this long term, and there’s no other ulterior motive behind it or, or anything else and that, believe it or not, I’ll tell you guys, I just want to go live my life just like everybody else. I want to enjoy my money, enjoy my family and, and, and just go. People as I meet, if we can help each other, we can do this and this can be our contribute to society, then absolutely. But can we do that without talking about the last five years is the question. Can we do that without exposing things that you guys don’t already know and, and the process. That, that’s what some of their, their concerns are, and I understand it. I mean, I rightly do understand it, but I’m also sayin’ we can! I’ve talked to Pam about it, DC about it, everybody. Man, we want to put this so far behind us just like everybody else. We really, really do. Just, could we just be through with that and go and lead our life, ‘cause that’s what we wanna do, so let’s help the final product. Now, I don’t know. I was told that they’re thinkin’ about it, they’re talkin’ about it. Some of ‘em don’t see a problem with it where some of ‘em are clearly fightin’, and I don’t know who has the final decision until I get the NDA and I see exactly what it says. And I know, again, no book, no television interviews, no movies, blah blah blah. Okay, I’m good with that. I know there’s , there is…anyway, some other stuff, some things to say and not say, important, so and, and okay, and I can work with all that. So let’s say we get it done. So that’s where we are. I really don’t know. I know it’s being discussed, okay. Exactly how far I can and can’t go and what I can and can’t say and, and far as that.

I mean, I can still go to Vegas, ‘cause I’m goin’ to Vegas. I don’t think they can stop me from that. We can still have, I don’t know, parties, events or somethin’, and I’ll see exactly what. We won’t be able to discuss dinar, and I don’t care ‘cause I don’t want to discuss dinar ‘cause that’s over and done with. Now, what I’m lookin’ at today is August, and if it happened, I’m gonna try and do it as fast as possible. If it happened today, I would try and do something right in October, and it would have to be, because once it became November or December, I don’t think we could get into Vegas ‘cause we’ve tried every year so far and it’s been booked, November, December, all the way through January ‘cause it’s Christmastime and people start havin’ their holiday celebrations, and they reserved space a year ago. I mean, I could possibly pull it off if I got a, a stadium or somethin’ and it, you know, I spent a million, two million dollars on a two-day event or somethin’, then they could find a space for me. But to do it in a hotel arena, for us to have, you know, meetings, celebrations, presentations that day, for us to be able to have dinner at night like we want to, for us to be able to have nightly parties—and by presentations I’d want you guys to be able to meet the mods and meet Pam and, and you know, DC if we could get him there. We might just have to have a cardboard cutout of him, ‘cause he’s actually scared of you guys. He’s like, “Man, there’s some crazy people out there!” So anyway. So to plan it the way we wanted to plan it would be somethin’, and if the banks would come in, ‘cause that’s the big thing. We got the banks and I got a couple of companies that do annuities and do some other things, they really want to help you guys. We wanted to bring in some people to, one-day classes of educating people with a lot of money—how to protect themselves and those sort of things—is what it was supposed to be about, so. I can’t tell you. I’m gonna try and do it. Vegas is probably the hardest place to do it during Christmastime. I could probably easily get somewhere else, some other city, and they’ll be glad to see us come. I mean, ‘Frisco’d be glad to see us come and they’ll line the streets with TNT banners and everything else, so, been talkin’ about that, but there’s probably a whole lot of streets that would do that, I mean a whole lot of cities that would do that, so.

C: Right.

T: We’re, we’re still in a state of confusion so I don’t know what are we gonna do. I know we’re gonna be prepared to move fast and pay whoever we gotta pay to do whatever we, things we gotta get done. I’ve got several people who’ve already sent me asking could they bring their bands, could they do songs at night, could they perform, you know, in different genres, so I’m sayin’ we’d have to set that up. So it’s a little work goin’ into it, but I’m gonna try and get it—if it was today—towards the end of September, first part of October, before everybody goes out, starts spending their money doing crazy things, we want to give ‘em some help. If not, it probably wouldn’t be ‘til first part of next year, but we’d still get together. Now, the smaller venues—North Carolina, Sacramento, that—there are only a thousand, fifteen hundred people, I’ll be able to throw those in there real quick, ‘cause they’re just gonna be one-day events.

C: Right.

T: Okay?

C: Thanks a lot. I appreciate the very detailed response on, on this, Tony, and I will save all thirty-one days in October, keep them open, so that whenever the word comes out we’ll be able to, to get out for Vegas, Vegas, Vegas or wherever it may be. And again, appreciate that, and we thank you in advance for all that you are doing for that and for all the information that you’ve provided. Have a great day!

T: All right.

C: Superfantastic.

T: Thank you! All right.

C: Uh-huh. Bye-bye.

T: Okay, 219, good morning. 

C: Good morning, Tony.

T: Hey! How are you?

C: I’m wonderful, how are you?

T: I am super duper. I’m not superfantastic yet, but, okay I can be superfantastic.

C: Okay. 

T: What’s goin’ on?

C: Well, just in case today is the last day, thank you to you and TNT family for all you all do, things that we’ll never know what you’ve done. I can’t imagine some of the things that you’ve said that you’ve gone through, people following you, taking pictures of you and your family and all these other kind of things. Your name bein’, you now, butchered.

T: Oh, yeah. I know!

C: Name bein’ butchered all over. Not over the city, not over your state, but all over the globe your name is being butchered. And so, you know, you on another level than a, than a lot of us on the call. I get, I, I have high respect for you and the TNT family. And thank you, Pam, for reminding Tony on every call to give the date, because if we can’t get on the call, listening to the recorded call of you, have a lot of ‘em, like me, if it doesn’t say the date I don’t really know what date it was, so. Have to listen, so thank you for that. And that fake IRS call was scary, real scary. I can’t imagine gettin’ a call….

T: It is scary for a lot of people, and again, it hasn’t just started, again it’s been goin’ on for years. Some people are just getting’ it. The closer we get, the more it’ll happen. I don’t know where they’re gettin’ people’s information, you know. Gotta be from one of the other sites or somethin’ where they’re downloadin’ it and back dooring ‘em or something. I have no, and people building their own lists, when they ask you guys to volunteer for this or you want this product or this service or whatever and they’re buildin’ their own email list and goin’ back, and that’s the only way I can see somebody have their email and address. But if they don’t have your Social Security number, your driver’s license number, they don’t know how much you bought, then they’re probably not a government agency anyway, ‘cause they have all that, believe me, and they’re not gonna call and ask you those kind of questions on the phone. What they’re gonna do is try and call and set up a meeting so we can sit down together where they can make sure they got your undivided attention and then say, “This is what we have, and what do you got to say about that?” So, guys just be careful. 

C: Okay. I got…

T: Okay?

C: …a question. What would you do if you had your grown daughter’s currency who doesn’t get on the call, don’t know how to do the exchange, blah blah blah, so you would, you would do the exchange, maybe put it in an account or somethin’ or, or somethin’ like that. How would you…disburse the money to her?

T: Okay, first of all, let me tell you. I got a grown daughter who—am I givin’ her this currency or she paid for it herself?

C: Paid, she paid for it herself.

T: Okay. She paid for it herself….

C: She’s expecting….Yeah.

T: But she doesn’t listen to the calls, don’t know how to do the exchange, anything else. So this is my grown daughter. Word comes out, here’s the rate, that. I’m gonna say, “Hey, you need to get over here as soon as possible. Okay. This is what we’re doin’. This is the rate. You’re gonna go in there and ask for it, and if I was you I’d take that money and I’d go get me a trust account and put it in the trust account.” “I don’t know what you talkin’ about.” “No, you don’t, ‘cause you haven’t been payin’ attention. So right now you go exchange your money, put it in your account, and we’ll talk about everything else later.” ‘Cause that’s all you can do. You don’t want to exchange her money in your name, give it to her, and then you both pay taxes on it, ‘cause now what’s half is only a quarter, and anything could happen in the meantime. Anything that she does after that point, and you gave her that money, could follow back to you. I wanna keep my deal as clean as possible, you know? My kids have their own currency, they’re gonna do their own exchanges ‘cause I wanna make sure whatever they do they do, whatever I do I do, and the both shall never meet, okay? The two shall never meet. There will be no connection between them, ‘cause you never know what might happen in life. So if she’s grown, then she needs to assume the responsibility. “This is your money, now you see it’s real. You didn’t take the time to learn so you know what to do when it happened. You need to take the time to learn before you start spending it, because when it’s gone it’s gone.” And that is what I tell my kids. When it’s gone, it’s gone! And you broke, not me! You had money, and I’m, teach you what to do with the money, and if you choose not to do it, that’s on you!

C: Right.

T: Okay, ‘cause mom and dad ain’t gonna be here always, and, you know, you always have the, the final thing, give a man a fish or teach a man to fish. It’s your choice.

C: Okay!

T: Okay?

C: Yes.

T: That’s what I’d do. All right, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas?

C: Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. I will be there, but not to party or to gamble, but just to meet you and hopefully DC and hopefully Pam and hopefully Ray. I don’t do that type of partying, but I will be partying with Jesus, thanking Him for this moment, and I would like to meet all those people who I’ve been praying for.

T: Great. And you know what? We gonna party anyway. I know what you said. I heard what you said, but I’m gonna see what you do. All right?

C: Okay. I hear you! I hear you! Okay. 

T: All right, thanks. All right. Okay, 512. Good morning. 512?

C: Yes, Tony, I’m here.

T: Okay, what’s goin’ on? Hello? Okay. Then we’re gonna go to 870, good morning.

C: Good morning.

T: How are you?

C: (Inaudible). I’m so excited and hopefully will be real soon. But what I was just wondering, Tony, do you think that if we have an opportunity to get the contract price, if it’s still there, do you think it would be easier to get it in a large city, or do you think it would matter?

T: I don’t think the city matters. Well, I shouldn’t say that. Okay, what I was told yesterday or day before yesterday, what bank this was, each location—well I shouldn’t say each location—but they were told they were gonna be allocated so many slots to do the contract rate and they get to make the decision. So that’s what one of the people I know who actually is part of the exchange said she was briefed on.

C: Okay.

T: Or he was briefed on, but he….

C: So the different banks have…

T: Right.

C: …the different banks have their choice?

T: They’re gonna have their choice. I know they’re gonna give ‘em some criteria to go by, but they are still gonna have, I mean they’re the last line or first line, they get to choose the person. So, I mean…

C: Okay.

T: …you got to impress upon that person when you’re doin’ the exchange that you gonna do the right thing for the right reason, you’re gonna invest, and long term, and, but they’re the ones who get to make the decision, I guess.

C: Okay, well that’s good. So you think a city of 150,000 might have that same opportunity?

T: I think they have to spread it out probably. The numbers aren’t gonna be equal, I mean each bank’s not gonna get ten people to give the contract rate to. I’m sure it’s gonna be based on their area, how many customers they have, how many they think can fit this criteria. And believe me, guys, they, they have this mapped out. This morning we were talking, we were tryin’ to break it down to ethnic background, how many at what, and they have a criteria for that, and they have a criteria for regions of how many people. And they have a criteria for actually religions. So, what background. So this is broken down into a bunch of different areas.

C: They had a lot to study, didn’t they?

T: Yes, they did!

C: Yes, well, I thank you so much, and I appreciate all you’ve done. Thank you so much.

T: Vegas?

C: I’ll just use my one question, oh, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! Okay!

T: Okay.

C: Thank you. Appreciate it. Bye-bye.

T: All right, bye-bye. A’ight. Okay, 410, good morning.

C: Good morning, everybody. Sounds like we’re still in a great place, and I appreciate the information and the window that we have. I was wondering, has there been any additional information that you just talked a little bit like maybe you’ve heard more about what some of the procedures are going to be? Has that, we have gone through so many permutations. I remember when, at one point we, we were gonna take all our currency, and then we would just only take a little currency. And then you hear take all your currency again. I don’t know how all those things are working out in the plans that you know of now.

T: You know, I think last week, I think it was last week, we were—or maybe it was the week before last now—told a little bit about the plan, you know, about first day, second day, third day, these, these are things we look for and these are the people we’re gonna look for, this is the area. And this is, there’s a US plan and, and I’ll say we had a global plan which are a little bit different, and they have to be because of, you know, the different countries. But as far as, you know, take all your money, don’t take all your money, we’ve discussed it and debated among ourselves. It’s a security factor, it’s a trust factor. There’s some, some I-want-to-see-all-the-paperwork-before-I-do-anything factor, you know, and I know that goes through all you guys’ heads, too. So I would basically, and I am, when we get the call, that, “Hey, I want to know how are we doin’ this? Is this a one-time good deal, we’ll only get to come in one time, or we need to come in, I mean let’s discuss this, let’s get it done, let’s get it in writing, and then when I go to my wealth manager I’ll bring the rest and we can raise the rate up.” So I don’t know, and I don’t know that that’s gonna be in a package. I don’t know, personally, and, if it’s something they would even want me to advise you guys on or tell you to do, or if it’s somethin’ , they like, “No, let’s let ‘em go in the office and, and make that decision on their own after they talk to the guy, or they make that decision on the phone when they call to get their appointment.” ‘Cause you’re gonna say, “Hey, what’s the rate?” You know, “Well, what rate are you gonna give me,” this or that. And they’re gonna say, “Well, you gotta come in ‘cause the rate may change. I can’t get you in ‘til Wednesday, and it may be a different rate,” or something or, you know, those kind of things that people will have to go through. So until I actually get something or, or some guidance, I don’t know what to tell you, ‘cause I don’t even know what I’m gonna do myself, tell you the truth, until I talk to ‘em, ‘cause that’s when I’m gonna make my decision. If I feel comfortable, then okay. If I don’t and I feel like, ahh, somethin’ ain’t right here, then I’m just not, and you guys are gonna have to do the same thing.

C: Wow. Yeah, those were my thoughts also, and so I appreciate that you’re feeling the same way that we are. Yes, we want to get it done. No, do we want to risk carrying that kind of thing around with us to four different locations, you know, all those challenges. Well, I thank you for that one question for you. I just want to just drop a question for Pam, because I….

T: Okay, hold on for a second. Hold on. Hold on.

C: Yes.

T: Guys, I don’t want people to be scared to take their money in, ‘cause nobody knows when your appointment is but you! You’re the only one who knows. I’m walkin’ out the house now and I got this and, and I’m goin’ to my to my appointment, do the exchange. Unless you told the whole world, your neighbors and everybody else, “Hey, I got this super lotto ticket and at ten o’clock I’m leavin’ home and am gonna go cash it,” then somebody’s probably gonna be waitin’ for you, okay. But other than that, that’s not your concern. When you pull up to an exchange location, they’re gonna have security in the parking lots, I’m pretty sure of that with this number of people, and definitely in the building, already know that. On, now, some of the places that they have set up, and I’m gonna tell you guys, it’s like a, a shopping mall, I mean, is what I compare it to, or a, a store where they’re just gonna have tons of people at one time, but there’s gonna be tons of security—uniformed security, unmarked security, all kind of people there—so it’s kinda like Vegas. You know, people just don’t go into Vegas and rob you. It doesn’t happen ‘cause Vegas won’t have that name, and it won’t happen from both levels, I think, the good guys and the bad guys. “Oh, no, that’s not happenin’ here! You know, that’s not gonna happen here, you’re not gonna give Vegas this name and we lose all this money.” So you very rarely hear of anybody ever gettin’ robbed in Vegas, it just doesn’t happen, you know, ‘cause there’s too much there. That, that’s how this is gonna be, so I don’t want that to be a concern. Even if you’re goin’ from bank to bank, again, nobody knows you’re going except for you! And once you go in and you come out, you don’t have it anymore anyway, right? So don’t let that be the reason. Okay?

C: Hopefully. Yeah. I did want to….

T: All right.

C: I have a, let Pam know that I don’t know if I’d get a, got a call from her, because I don’t always answer all the numbers I don’t recognize, and you, the other day when we talked about the Fortune Magazine, which was on August 20th if anybody wants to go find that, about the, helping people out, figure out some things to not participate in furthering the inequality of wealth. But if she calls, maybe, does her name come up or anything? Pam come up?

T: Her name is definitely not gonna come up. 

C: Okay.

T: She’s not gonna give out her phone number like that, so that’s not gonna happen.

C: Well, I’ll just have to listen to her (inaudible).

T: Yep. Okay. Thank you!

C: All right, well thank you very much, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T: All right, thanks. Okay. All right. Did we start at ten o’clock? Man, this has been a quick hour. We’re here, huh? Okay, 313, good morning. 

C: Good morning, Tony.

T: Good morning.

C: How are you?

T: I’m great, how are you?

C: I’m doing superfantastic.

T: All right, then.

C: I’m hearing that Iraq needs to implement the reforms before they can RV. What are your sources telling you about that?

T: My sources are telling me that they have implemented reforms. They have told every ‘bout, about the reforms, and they are absolutely ready to go. They’ve done everything that’s been required of them, requested of them, and even more. They’ve been very visible about it, because even things that we aren’t hearing about they are now explaining to people on their television, and they’re doing it three times a day to make sure they understand it. So no, I don’t see anything else to do. They’ve issued arrest warrants, they’ve restricted people, they’ve found money, removed it. They are constantly, even today Abadi put out articles about there are people that are trying to stop the reforms from taking place, and he’s not going to let that happen, it is gonna go through, so no, I think they’re very visible and the people can see it or they’d still be rioting in the streets, and they’re not.

C: Okay, that was my one question. Thank you very much.

T: All right, have a great day! Vegas?

C: Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T: Okay, thank you. All right. Okay, let’s go with 813, good morning.

C: Good morning, Tony.

T: Hi, how are you?

C: Hello?

T: Yes, I’m here!

C: Unbelievable! Let me take you off of speaker. Unbelievable, how are you?

T: I am great. I mean, gettin’ better by the hour.

C: This may be a stupid question, but I’m still gonna ask.

T: No such thing as a stupid question, but go ahead.

C: All righty. Now, based on what’s happening with the stock market, does that have anything to do with us?

T: I think it has somethin’ to do with us, yes! I think it has somethin’ to do with the entire world, gold, financial system, and the timing. Absolutely!

C: In a good way or a bad way?

T: Well, in a good way as far as it’s affecting the, the global market, economy. It’s withdrawing a whole lot of money out of the system, and it’s kind of, as they say, a correction being put in is a way of starting the market over at the same time where there’s a GCR starting the currency over. It’s actually reducing the prices and things which would affect the currency when it happens, but this is a way to bring everything down. And it’s bringin’ everything down except for the dollar. The dollar’s the only thing that’s gettin’ stronger through all this. So…

C: Okay.

T: …it’s bein’ somethin’ that has to be dealt with. But it’s aligning the rest of the markets up for a GCR is exactly what it’s doing.

C: Okay. I saw that and, you know, I was like, is that our red flag? When I saw it, you know, my ears went up and I’m like, whoa, is this our sign that it’s our time? So that’s why I’m asking, if that’s our sign that it’s our, it’s finally our time.

T: I think it’s a great sign, and a whole lot of people think it’s a great sign, and a whole lot of people, I mean people who should be and are a part of this are excited about it. If you guys notice one thing on television, this is back since 2011, right, some of it since 2008. They’ve never seen the numbers change like this in the history, this is making history itself right now. There has to be a reason for that and something behind it.

C: Okay.

T: And it’s adjusting everybody who didn’t know about the GCR. What they’re doing on television is telling people don’t get out the market, don’t sell, it’s a bad time to do that, don’t panic. Don’t panic, ‘cause those that do are losin’ it all. And today is margin-call day, so if this is another negative day and people didn’t have the money to play it, they’re gonna get wiped out. People who played the day-trading game made a last, a lot of money in the last three or four days, so they made it, but they didn’t get out of the market. Because as soon as the GCR does happen this is stabilized, ‘cause we expected this once the GCR happened, the market’s gonna go crazy. There’s gonna be so much money out there, so many people don’t know what to do with it, it’s just gonna go crazy, they’re gonna be pouring money into it. If it kept goin’ like it was going, ‘cause it was going out of control, what would’ve happened if they put this injection of money in there, it’d a really took off and would just been out of reach. So it’s smarter to bring it down, put this injection in, and reset it. It still hasn’t stabilized, though. It can’t be just goin’ down, down, down. Somewhere they gotta say, “Okay, this is our starting point, now let’s go,” and put the money in and go from there, which will be a correction, as we’ll see, to the market.

C: Awesome. I’m glad I asked!

T: Do what?

C: I said I’m glad I asked you.

T: Oh, okay.

C: Yeah.

T: All right. 

C: All righty, well, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T: It’s just, you know, as they say one man’s opinion. All right, thank you!

C: All righty.

T: Okay, 773, good morning. 

C: Good morning, Anthony Renfrow, this is the IRS, and I know your address in Folsom. 

T: Woooo! Well, okay, then. Come on over, let’s have lunch! Look, and just so y’all know, it’s not like I haven’t gotten that call before for real, just so you know. 

C: Oh, but thanks for that warning, because I mean, that’s a good warning and we need to know that, and you’re right, we need to help protect our elderly who that kinda stuff, you know, just scares the socks off of, you know. But Tony, I notice you didn’t say which organization the authority has been given to, and that, and that’s cool and that. That’s not my one question, but I did notice you didn’t say that.

T: I did not say that, nope.

C: I know! Okay. Well, my question is, how do you think Abadi is feeling about these low oil prices? I mean, how is he handling that, what, what activities is he taking to protect his country. Have, have your sources talked about that?

T: Yeah, it’s okay. The, the activity that he’s taking is what all the articles and stuff you’re seeing is the private sector. Let’s do something in the private sector. Let’s start investing in the country, the community, and private businesses, and they’re settin’ that up, but all the anticorruption laws and money-laundering laws and pulling all the corruption out of the government has to be done for people to believe in that, what he’s tryin’ to do is take it, not just oil. And he’s clearly sayin’ oil cannot be our only income generator. Now, does it hurt that, you know, when this started or throughout the years oil was at a hundred and twenty and they were gonna make trillions of dollars off of sellin’ their oil, ‘cause, yeah. But to be honest to, with you guys, the price that the GCR was set at is still lower than what oil is today. So it’s really not affecting the price of the GCR or it happening, it’s just affecting the, the profit margin as far as per barrel goin’ on right there, so that’s not really bothering any of us, okay?

C: Okay, well that is good to know, it’s good to hear. I mean, I figured something else had to be, you know, going, going on over there where they’re not really concerned about this ‘cause you’re not hearing any panic or anything from him, you know, in his tweets and all of that stuff. So that’s very good to hear, and I would like to say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go. Or if this happens that we can’t get Vegas, my, my vote would be some Caribbean island somewhere we all can meet at. So Vegas, you guys, but open up us a spot or we takin’ it out of country.

T: So yeah, Ray has, where, Ray, where are you goin’? Ray got a island all picked out, so.

C: Oh, yeah, I know all about that. 

T: Oh, yeah, so he gonna be right there, so (inaudible).

C: Oh, yeah.

T: All right, thank you!

C: Thank you, Tony.

Ray: Down in the islands.

T: All right. What’d you say, Ray?

Ray: I said down in the islands, mon, down in the islands.

T: So, guys, Iraq isn’t panicking because we haven’t reached that rate, but they are trying to make sure it’s not their one income source for their country, and they’re trying to make changes to do that—bring people in and help build a different economy in their country—and that’s what we’re seeing right now, and that’s really important to do. So with that, Pam Pam, you got somethin’ you wanna say? I gotta see is Pam still with us ‘cause, you know…

Pam: I am.

T: …she tends to….

Pam: I am here.

T: Oh.

Pam: We did post the Fortune article in our forum, so you’re all set there, ma’am.

T: Okay!

Pam: And I guess I want to remind you again that we’ve been, Tony’s been telling you things, DC told you things for the last couple of years about what to do post-RV. Number one is sit back, take a break, take your time, think about it, make sure you have professionals. Not internet professionals, professionals that you can meet face to face with, that you can check out their backgrounds, you can get references on. So be very careful, ‘cause it’s your money and you’re not gonna get a second chance at this, guys. Secondly, we found, daz has spent a couple years putting information in the forum, along with all of our other contributors, to help you financially in our forums. I know a lot of that information got out everywhere to other people. But what we found was that it was all in Tony Robbins’ book, his latest book, “Money, Master the Game” I think it is. And we don’t make money off the book, you can buy it on Amazon. You can buy it at used bookstores. They have it in audio versions, they have it on YouTube, so you can find it. It makes sense, it’s a great place to start for everybody, and for those of you that are confused and aren’t sure what to do, or a little bit overwhelmed, it is the place for you to go and it’s all in one place. So please take your time, get the knowledge you need to get, don’t jump into anything.

T: Okay, Ray?

Ray: Okay. This is what, the Well-When-Am-I-Gonna-See-It Wednesday, and we’re gonna look forward to some terrific things on Thursday. But, now we spoke a while back and did some nuggets to some of the family members—nuggets of information, in case you didn’t catch that—nuggets of information on self-directed Roth IRAs, and quite a few of you took advantage of that information, learned from it. Something new for you to also, a new nugget to drop on you—you may already be familiar with it—self-directed 401Ks. That’s a new tool, and if you don’t know what it’s all about, you should look into it, ‘cause there’s definitely something there for us to use and take advantage of. So if not the self-directed Roth IRA, then you can look at the self-directed 401K and be a little bit more in control of your financial destiny. 

T: Okay, then.

Ray: All right!

T: All right, guys. All I can say is everything’s still lookin’ good. Everybody’s still excited here. Banks are, are gearing up, and government people are ready. Iraq is ready. Again, they were being told either two days or next week, which could be anywhere in between there. They did change their rates, with 1166 to 1112, so they said ten, fifteen cent, but it shows it’s going down, down, so things are occurring there, and they’re probably gonna get it lower enough so they can just, you know, change it all at one time. Nobody’s upset, nobody’s arguing, just things are going on, part of the process, the procedures, and they’re just waiting for the final go. But there is nothing else to argue about, discuss, or where people are sayin’, “I need this accomplished or that accomplished.” We’re just going through the process right now, and a lot of people seem to think that process will be over throughout the weekend if not before. So we’ll look at that as bein’ our next time frame, all right? With that, I’m gonna say enjoy the rest of the day, I’m gonna enjoy mine, and if we’re here we’re here, and if we’re not we’re not, we’ve done what we can do, so, or what we’ve been allowed to do by #wearethepeople or, or those people, but hopefully, you know, I did ask somebody, I said, “Am I ever gonna have to do any more of these calls today?” And they said, “Well, I don’t think so.” And I said, “Well, okay, I hope not, but we’ll see.” And that’s where I’m gonna leave it. I’m feeling superfantastic ‘cause nobody’s arguing, nobody’s fussin’ and fightin’, nobody is sayin’ this has to be accomplished in Parliament, voted on, law, anywhere else, just, it’s just hopefully the final crisis that you guys will see in public and we’ll be on to something new! All right. Thank you, everybody, enjoy the rest of your day.


Contrary to popular belief ...They will NEVER hold a press conference to announce the RI/RV!  They will announce events that should indicate that something is up. 

So far the 3 laws I'm looking for have NOT been IMPLEMENTED...yet.

The most important of the 3 IMO is the anti-money laundering law.  Tariff Law IMO will be AFTER the fact. Border Tariffs! Investment Law is crucial as well.  Those 3 effect the Global economy.

Yes many laws are still needing implementation for the nation of Iraq but not for the monetary reform.

HCL is very much needed for IRAQ!  Could it be put off? Of course it can...for much longer?  IMO...heck no!

IMO it will be a "Domino Effect".

Yes, we are definitely in the moment of a historic event. 

STOP looking for dates and windows...

Timing my friends...TIMING!


Highlights of Tony's CC.  Updated as the call progresses.
Make your donations at www.tntdinar.com and the email that will come up is to donate to donate4TNT@gmail.com which then goes to Anthony Renfro.
Tony: Everything ready to go.  People in agreement and still preparing for this to happen BY FRIDAY.
BEWARE:  NEW SCAM Post Exchange:  Following her exchange a lady reported she got a call from the IRS and they told her there was an arrest warrant for her, for buying foreign currency.  She asked for her social security number and they refused to tell her and when she asked how much she had bought, they again refused to tell her and threatened her with the police.  They furnished her with their name, badge number and when she checked with IRS and police they knew nothing about them. 

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Still preparing for this to happen by Friday.  A lot of people think the process will be over before the next weekend.  Look at that as our next time frame

  • Deletion of 3 zero's.  Tony knows people here and there who have exchanged and it's documented the 3 zero deletion only is applying inside Iraq.  In Iraq with 3 zero's deleted from their 25,000 note it becomes a 25 note and at a $3.00 rate that 25 is worth 75.  In the USA, the 25,000 still is 25,000 and $3.00 X 25,000 = $75,000.      
  • Banks:  Ready 
  • TV Announcing:   Completion of reform in either a couple of days or next week.            
  • ISIL 
  • Price of Oil affects Iraq's profit margin but is still higher than where they calculated the rates for the RV/GCR.
  • Rates     
  • Banks:    Ready and information blowing throughout the bank system to be ready       
Vegas, Vegas, Vegas Event: There is a group of people who support Tony having the event, think he's a good guy and is helping people they could not and another group who oppose the event because they think he's arrogant, talks too much and should have been taken down sometime ago.  Another question is does Vegas give Tony a public forum, more credibility and access to multi-millionaires?  Another ramification is having one bank or multiple banks make presentations.  
Timing:  If it (RV) happened today Tony says he is looking at October for the event.  Only one bank has shown interest.  Supposed to be about how to handle the money: asset protection and wealth management. 
PAM:  Remind you again about what to do post RV.  Sit back, take a break, take your time.  Make sure you have professionals, . . you can meet face to face with; check their credentials.  Daz has spent a couple of years putting information in the form to help you financially.  We have found it was all in Tony Robbins books, “Money Master.”  Can find it on You Tube.  In used books stores.  It is the place to go.  Knowledge all in one place. 
RAY:  When am I going to see it Wednesday.  Look forward to terrific things on Thursday.  Nuggets of information on self directed Roth IRA’s.  It’s a new nuggest.  New tool. Look into it. Definitely something there for us, to take advanatage of.  Be in a little more control of your financial destiny. 
TONY:  Everything still looking good.  Everyone excited here.  Banks ready.  Iraq ready and being told two days or next week.  Rates changed from 1166 to 1112.  Going down, down.  Things occurring there.  Get it low enough to change it all at one time.  No one upset.  Things going on final procedures.  Just waiting for the final go.  Going through the process right now.  A lot of people think the process will be over before the next weekend.  Look at that as our next time frame. .
 Hopefully, I did ask if we have to do any more of these calls today and they said, “I don’t think so.”
I’m feeling Superfantastic because nobody is arguing, fussing, fighting or saying this has to be voted on in Parliament or anywhere else.  Thank you everybody and enjoy the rest of your day.

I am posting from Mesquite, Nevada, visiting family.  Mesquite is approx. 70 miles NE of Vegas.  I avoided Vegas rush hour traffic by taking the road that goes through the national park at Lake Mead (Hoover Dam lake) and up through the valley created by the river that feeds lake Mead.  The rock formations, mountains are beautiful in the area but the lake is a shadow of it's former self.  Hardly any run-off in the spring melt.  Prayers are needed for the west for the drought they are experiencing. 
 See you Friday or the final call.  Whichever comes first.  - Sunny 

"Experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted."


8-26-2015   Newshound Guru firefly   Contrary to popular belief ...They will NEVER hold a press conference to announce the RI/RV!  They will announce events that should indicate that something is up.   So far the 3 laws I'm looking for have NOT been IMPLEMENTED...yet.  The most important of the 3 IMO is the anti-money laundering law.  Tariff Law IMO will be AFTER the fact. Border Tariffs! Investment Law is crucial as well.  Those 3 effect the Global economy. Yes many laws are still needing implementation for the nation of Iraq but not for the monetary reform.  HCL is very much needed for IRAQ!  Could it be put off? Of course it can...for much longer?  IMO...heck no!  IMO it will be a "Domino Effect".  Yes, we are definitely in the moment of a historic event.  STOP looking for dates and windows...Timing my friends...TIMING!

8-26-2015   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   ...from the news...we can see that PM Abadi's reforms...the reforms that the people demonstrate about and cheer about...the reforms that the highest religious entities in Iraq are completely in favor of...The reforms that both the COM and Parliament have thus far backed without question....these reforms are very much a part of the lava flow for Iraq...These reforms are putting in motion the very core of the magma that pushes forward in a manner that will bring about success for their economic recovery as well as the monetary reform that is imperative for all that they seek and do.  Abadi is in control....remember that...yes there are what we see as loose ends but I'm of the opinion those loose ends for right now are necessary to get Abadi to the point where he truly needs to be with the reforms that we have yet to see.
8-26-2015   Newshound Guru My Ladies   Bloomberg article:  "How a Currency Crisis in Iraq Risks Fight Against Islamic State"   [It appears that the two authors...are stating that the CBI will be forced to devalue the IQD. However, the CBI is saying "no way, no devaluation".]  IT'S ALL JUST MATH...OTHER EMERGING MARKETS ARE LETTING THEIR PEGS GO DUE TO PRESSURE ON THEM...I DIDN'T THINK IRAQ WAS FEELING THAT PRESSURE YET.  I KNEW THE PRESSURE WOULD BE INTENSE ONCE THEY STARTED TRADING THE DINAR GLOBALLY BUT I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING. WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WATCH SO THAT'S WHAT WE'LL DO, BUT I WAS THINKING IRAQ WOULD REACT ON THE OTHER SIDE. NOT NOW.  [How Do You Devalue A Currency That Is Not Tradable?] WELL...THAT'S THE QUESTION...HOW IS THERE PRESSURE IF IT'S NOT TRADING?   ...AND WHY DID THE CBI NOT JUST SAY WE DON'T TRADE - WE DON'T WORRY? [Why Out Of All The Countries To Talk About Is Bloomberg Talking About Iraq?]

8-26-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday 

8-26-2015   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   PM Abadi stood up to an Iranian General today whose sole purpose was to make a deal for Maliki to keep him out of court and prison...Abadi would not budge on the issue...  IMO...step one of Maliki's demise...Abadi proved he will not knuckle under extreme stress...but Abadi won this round...is it over...no...but Abadi knows what needs to be done.  He has the backing of the Iraqi religious authority, he has the backing of the people, he has the support of COM, and he has the support of President of the Republic Masum...the ball is in his court I believe...I can't say why he won't arrest Maliki...but I believe his time grows short...watch what happens over the next few days... In closing and summing this all up...PM Abadi spoke today with a strength that I don't think had previously been exhibited...he's taking actions through his reforms...and ...there are more reforms coming...pay attention to what he does...he is a very smart man and will not be outplayed...IMO.

8-26-2015   Intel Guru Frank26
   ...what is Maliki up to...IOO...he's made a deal...[you mean in Iran?]  well yes but that was intended...IMO Maliki has made a deal in Iraq to stay out of the courts, to stay out of prison...Maliki needs to be tried before the citizens of Iraq...he needs to be held accountable for any and all atrocities that he is complicit to...

8-26-2015  Newshound Guru Kaperoni
   Article quote:  The policy now is to meet the demand for dollars,” Waleed Eedi, a director general at the Central Bank of Iraq, said by telephone on Monday. The reserves won’t be depleted because of oil sales and the dinar won’t devalue, he said."  It's a doom and gloom article from Bloomberg and we already have seen the articles asking to devalue the dinar a few weeks back.  The CBI was clear that was not an option and reiterated that in this article.