Monday, August 24, 2015


TNT Call notes 24-August-2015
Tony:  Good morning, Texas and everyone else on TNT!  Today is Monday, August 24, 2015.  Once again we are here, where we shouldn’t be.  BUT I wills tart by telling you guys that there are a lot of super-excited people right now.  They are not saying any dates or times, but they are excited.  There are a lot of absolutely miserable people, too – they have lost their shoes, shirts and pants, got wiped out, but it’s on the way back.  Something has to be done, and I think we’ll see a drastic change this week in how we live and all around the world.
Everyone I’ve talked to this morning is excited, everywhere around the world.  Everyone is saying “sometimes you just need that push”.  We got that push and things should see a big change.  People were ready over the weekend, they came to us saying to be ready.  The banks brought their people in early this morning, in part because they expected people to move their money because of the markets.  They didn’t really get that many, although lots of people are talking to them.  I don’t think we could sustain what happened this morning more than 2-3 days in a row without big changes.  It’s really, really important today to see what happens when the market closes.  The market dropped 1100 points over the last few days, and that is huge.  I don’t think we can do that much longer and still accomplish the GCR is there to do.  I think we will see something before the bottom completely falls out.
Iraq went from 1166 to 1112 [dinar per dollar];  they are happy, giddy, and have already changed their prices to reflect the new rate.  That in itself is a big jump.  I think there is something else they are happy about, but I’ll take that a bite at a time until they make the announcement.  Today is Okie’s birthday and I wanted to get him on the line, but he didn’t answer.  Before we start questions, I hope tis is the last call before THE call.  If not, it’s the last call before the bills are due, and we usually get enough to pay it but so far we haven’t.  We are just close and I’ll let everyone else decide.  I do think it’s our very last week together in our current situation.
I’m feeling good.  I want to say ‘super-fantastic’, but actually that is what everyone else is feeling.  Talking to the intel group this morning.  We all agreed that this is a higher level of excitement than we have seen before.  Pam and DC are both more excited than ever before.  DC tells us that his people are super-excited, too.  When I put everyone together, and the people we speak to overseas and in the banking system, everyone was at a new level of excitement this morning.  Why?  What makes this any different?  They gave me some details, and although they told me not to give you those details on the call, I just wanted to know WHY they are so excited.  They have a target time for this week, and we just have to wait and see if that happens.  The market volatility, the (possible) crash of China’s market, the impact that might have on other markets… we are a in a prime position for this to happen.  The RV and the GCR should all be accomplished, even if they are not on the same day or hour.  It should be this week.
302 caller:  Sorry about that guy who sounded like he was having heart failure because I mentioned it was 33 weeks this year that we have been waiting.  [call dropped]
408 caller:  Just to clarify, you said the official rate in Iraq went from 1166 to 1112? 
Tony:  That’s right.
Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And have a great day!
863 caller:  I called for the first time two weeks ago.  [Appreciation]  Thanks for the tweet.
Tony: That was not me.  There are people who have copied our FB and site logo, and our Twitter information;  they have sent out messages trying to confuse people with phone numbers and my picture.  They are idiots and just trying to confuse people.
Caller:  Okay.  How do I actually get contacts from you, then?  In reference to the RV, is it affecting the stock market or vice versa?
Tony: Right now, the stock market is affecting the timing of the RV.
Caller:  Thanks and I’ll let you go!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
Tony:  Pam, do the tweets come from our site or what?
Pam:  There is no way to tell people “You’ll know me if …” because the ‘fidiots’ will duplicate that.  If you have been getting the tweets just before the call, that is us.  The correct Twitter address is TNT Tony@THE_TNT_TEAM.  Check on Twitter;  if there are 260,000 followers, that is the correct address because those other people don’t have anything like that number.  Also, check the history, because that is something they cannot duplicate.  We do have that in the Tony Blast section, so non-members can also check the tweets and our twitter address.  So go there to check.
770/404 caller:  I hope this will be the last call.  You have answered all my questions.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so that Tony can go!  It’s been a delight chatting with you.
313 caller:  I don’t have any questions, I just want to say thank you!  I look forward to the RV!
Tony:  Me, too!  Let’s do it!
Caller:  Is it going to be an RI or RV?
Tony:  I believe it’s  going to be an RV.  If it is an RI, that will not last long (in my opinion).
Caller:  So if it comes out at $3+, can we look forward to it going up to $4+?
Tony:  No matter what it comes out at, I believe it will go up.  I think Abadi is trying to do it, as best he can – he’s been on television and in public.  He’s been doing his part, and it’s always been blocked by someone or something else.  I could tell you who or what, but let’s be happy today because all the powers are in agreement.  That’s what everyone is excited about.  There is an actual schedule out there.
Caller:  That you so much!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
909 caller:  I have been hearing about this global reset from a Baptist minister, and now I’m hearing about a collapse of the global reset before we get the RV.
Tony:  Either I’m not understanding the question or they are not understanding the situation in how they are explaining it to you.
Caller:  They seem to be saying our economy will collapse before the RV, and that we will lose a lot of jobs before then.
Tony:  The GCR is this week.  So how many jobs can we lose?  I don’t think we will lose any jobs.  It is there to reset the global economy, to energize and increase the economy, and so I think they will be hiring people, not firing them.
Caller;  The Pope is coming to the US on the 25-26 of September – does that have anything to do with this?  They say a lot will be happening during that time, and that he will be making a lot of speeches.
Tony:  Someone is telling you that the Pope has to be here to trigger the GCR or to celebrate it?  It don’t think it will wait until then.  I don’t think that will be one of the Pope’s speeches.  I don’t understand the whole Pope thing.  I did just get a text saying the Pope and the President will ‘divide Israel’.  <laughter>
903 caller:  I saw two posts on the forum that concern me – one was about the stolen dinar and the other was about Iraqi security and ISIL>
Tony:  My sources say both those issues have been resolved.
Caller:  I have a crown on one of my teeth that was made with a 3-D printer!  The dentist scanned the tooth, did the grinding and such, fiddled with his laptop, came back with the crown, cured it for 20 minutes under UV, inserted it, and now I’m walking around with it!
Tony: That is just one application. This is just a prime opportunity to get into some good 3-D printer companies out there, and you can make hundreds of millions of dollars. 
Caller:  This guy is a just a dentist in a little country town, too… There has been some discussion on the forum about stamping on money.  My notion is to get Post-it notes printed that you can attach to dollar bills or envelopes, and that might work better.
Tony:  I think that is a great idea, and also I like the stamps, or preprinted postcards.
Caller:  The last thing is that I sent  you and Pam each a bribe so that you would organize an event in Texas – I sent you a fruitcake with pecans from the state tree of Texas.
Tony:  I did get the fruitcake – it was great!  But there wasn’t anything about Texas.  I will talk to DC about events in Texas.
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Texas, Texas, Texas!
Tony:  Pam, I got a letter/envelope the other day with a check for $30, which said, “Please don’t cash this check unless Pam let’s me back in the forum.”  I just put it back in the envelope and I didn’t even read the letter.  We don’t take bribes.
Pam:  Why didn’t they do that earlier?!  You mean we don’t take bribes??
775 caller:  I set up a secondary account at Bank of America – my main account is at WF – and I saw that the principal has been nearly consumed by the service fees.  I went to close the account, and the manager asked me why.  I said I was anticipating a financial event, and he asked was it was about;  I explained it to him, and he said that he would see what he could do for me.  He returned some of the service fees and waived the rest.  He said that he was not allowed to invest, but gave no indication he thought this was a scam or any of that.
Tony:  I know someone who completed several transactions at the Bank of America, and he has been told that they WILL be competitive.  If this had happened earlier like it was supposed to, they were instructed not to let people walk out with that money.  So this week you can walk back in there and afterwards he can say, “Look at that commission!”
Caller:  In the past, you have said something about background checks maybe blocking people from exchanging… I was once charged with something totally bogus.
Tony:  I don’t know the exact details.  I believe that certain people charged with certain offenses will not be able to exchange, but I don’t know the exact criteria.  I think it would have to be something serious like threatening our government or the economy, not anything minor.  I know something they have been looking at is drug dealers and such, so they that don’t get this kind of money – they will make them prove where they got the money to buy this dinar.  I know one lady came in with two suitcases, and they said they would have to investigate her whole family before she could exchange.
Caller:  In 2007 or 2008, the company that makes Liberty dollars have massive amounts of gold and silver seized by the Treasury in a raid, and the judge said they had to be returned so long as they had a paper trail of where they got their assets from. That gives me hope that I will eventually get my reserves, or at least the money I paid for them. Now that is a long-term investment!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas if you want to go!
757 caller:  have you heard any information on the international bonds from your guys?
Tony: I think they are supposed to go on sale tomorrow  -- no, today!
Caller:  Does the rate change have to be done before they go on sale?
Tony:  I think the idea is for it to change before.  Maybe that’s why they didn’t go on sale this morning… maybe it will be later this week.  They have been anticipating this rate change every day, and this morning they were super-excited because they finally determined a date and time. 
Caller:  [can’t understand this caller]  Your critics need to chill out.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
410 caller:  I’m excited about the news today!  I’ve been thinking about talking to our wealth advisers so they know who we are and what we want;  however, there are six million of us, so how can we give people a break (as well as handing out hundred dollar bills).  There was an article or post about “Can a billionaire hedge-fund manager fix income equality?”  It was an interview with Paul X, and he got together with some connected people, and it was a very interesting article about judging success not only by how well companies do in the market, but also how what those companies give back to their employees.  These companies are set up as non-profit (??), and this guy also gave a TedTalk on this subject.  It’s worth reading the article in Fortune magazine.
Tony:  So the object of the article is how we can help everyone?
Caller:  It’s more about investing in stocks where the companies involved are bringing their employees wages or are at least reducing the disparity between the owners and the workers.  It’s all explained well in the article.  Deepak Chopra sat down this guy, too.
Tony:  That’s great, and a great opportunity for us to look at who are already interested in investments.   However, the six million who are involved in this opportunity might now be as interested.  Those who want to make a lot of money – hedge funds are easy, you give them your money and they will make it grow.  You can also learn and invest your own way.  Also, you can donate to individuals and projects and everyone can do that.  I like those companies that are employee-owned, but the majority of those six million will only have 25K to 100K dinar, or 100,000 dollars, and that money may well be gone in two years. They are not long-term or sophisticated investors, so they probably won’t be so interested.  The others might be, and it is a good idea.
Caller:  There are others like me who are looking for more good ideas to discuss with our wealth managers.  This link would only take you to the article on this idea, not selling this particular person’s company.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
Tony:  I have your number and will give it to Pam.
406 caller:  I’ve been with you for several deals now.  I’m NOT from Texas, but I really think you should play God Bless Texas every time.  It’s the best song you’ve got!
Tony:  Pam plays it 2-3 times per day any way!
Caller:  Has there been any news on the dong?
Tony:  We’ll see what happens when it comes out.  So far as I know it’s still 47 cents.  DC and I were saying this morning that we don’t care about the rate at this point – let’s just get this out.  Whether it’s .47  or $2, there will be market corrections anyway.  I’d be all over this market because there is no way the market will stay this low.  Some people got wiped out today, but others made a ton of money.
Caller:  Let’s just get this done and go to Vegas and have fun.  I lived there for 30 years, and you don’t have to gamble.
Tony:  When I go to Vegas, I have to gamble, but there are lots of other things to do there as well.  There may be more churches in Vegas per capita than anywhere else in the US, but that’s because there are more sinners as well!
770 caller:  I was hoping to hear from you this weekend, but after this market, I knew we weren’t going to hear from you!
Tony:  I would have love to have called you this weekend!  Many people were expecting it this weekend, after the market on Friday and then on Saturday, but then the market slumped and people got nervous.  But it was a good thing because it helped them make some decisions.
Caller:  I know there were people complaining last week and then others blasted that caller, but really both sides are just relieving their frustrations and asking questions.
Tony:  I get that. There are a lot of anxious people who need this so badly that this is all they can hear – and there are people who are overly excited.  They don’t understand that we are living in the moment, and things change continuously.  No matter how much they plan, even right now, with a date and time, things can change.  They expected it to happen last Friday, but I’m still putting details together, and until that wolf actually bites me, we’re still waiting for it to happen.
Caller:  I have a friend with cancer, and the medication costs are outrageous.  I understand that there are people who are up and people who are down, and all they want is good information.  I couldn’t do what you do, and I know you cannot pull the trigger.  Those frustrated people are people, too.  No everyone is fortunate enough to have money coming, so don’t tread on people for being concerned.  [Same point over again]
Tony:  Here’s why I react the way I do.  For those who can handle it, we have information.  For those in despair, we try to keep them uplifted and keep them in the picture.  There is a complete idiot who emails me every day, and I told him to stop listening if he get so upset every day it didn’t happen – when he is part of one of the greatest opportunity in the world.  I would LOVE for it to have happened this morning!  I asked my sources, “Do I have to do this call this morning?”  I would rather we were all at the bank!  I hate having to say it was scheduled on Saturday morning, but then this other thing happened in the markets, etc.  I only keep doing this because I truly hope I am helping people.  It really doesn’t bother me when people come on the call – I assume they just don’t know enough and they don’t know any better. If they did, they would look at it better.  My reason for being here is not to push the button but to keep up your confidence, give you insight on investments afterwards, on the process, and on life afterwards.  All of these people who are part of this process, that is what we are here for… to educate you for the real-world conditions happening in the back rooms.  If people look at that, they will continue even if this didn’t happen this morning.
909 caller:  You gave the rate for the dong – what about the zim?
Tony:  I’ve been asked not to give out rates;  they are about the same.  They call Pam and say they are really mad when I give out the rates.  Why are they calling Pam, when they could call me??  It’s going to be a great rate.
Caller:  When you mentioned Pam said some people from Texas stopped listening, well, I’m from Oklahoma.  I have a friend from Texas who plays country music in Las Vegas, and he plays I’m an Okie from Muskogee – do you know that one?
Tony:  One of my friends here in Sacramento is from Oklahoma and he wears cowboy boots and sings that song in karaoke bars. 
Caller:  Anyway, some friends changed the words so some ruder words about Texas, and some Texans listening beat up the band members!  That’s how upset they get!
916 caller:  If the Chinese yuan continues to drop, will the market take that into account, and/or will that postpone this event?
Tony:  Actually, I think it is encouraging this event.  This morning, I used the example of ISIL going into Iraq with a definite purpose, for a limited time, and it got way out of control like a wildfire.  People have been asking China to do this for years;  it  just so happened hat when they did it, the whole thing got out of control.  The world market never expected China to devalue by this much.  We knew that 12% was their goal, and now it’s 20-27%.  That was never supposed to happen, especially in such a short period of time; it was supposed to happen over time.  You cannot just stand there and watch a wildfire rage out of control;  you have to do something, and if that doesn’t happen, there will be a mess.
Pam?  Sometimes she takes other calls…
Ray:  This continues to be magnificent Monday, and we’ll see how Terrific Tuesday is going to be!
Tony:  All really good super-fantastic news.  We are watching the markets, and if it continues downhill.  The further it goes, the more someone has to react.  Everyone we have talked to here, in Iraq, other countries, everyone is super-excited and feeling ewe have come to the end of this.  If we can pay the bills we’ll still be here, and if not we’ll think of something else.  Okay, everybody, have a great day!


Backdoc: » August 24th, 2015, 2:52 pm  THE REPRICING HAS NOW BEGUN!   DOC

Walkongstick: Here’s what it takes to trigger stock-market circuit breakers

Published: Aug 24, 2015 10:54 a.m. ET

S&P 500 would need to fall 7% to trigger initial halt


Stocks plunged at the opening bell, taking the Dow Jones Industrial Average down by more than 1,000 points for a few jaw-dropping moments Monday morning.

But the drop across markets wasn’t enough to trigger so-called circuit breakers, which are designed with the intent to help stem a panic in the event of a sharp market decline. Stocks are still down sharply, but have bounced off early session lows.

The session is far from over, however, so here’s what it would take to trigger market-wide trading halts.

S&P 500 is the benchmark
Circuit breakers were first introduced after the 1987 stock-market crash. They’ve been modified a few times since then. While early circuit-breakers used the Dow DJIA, -1.45% as a benchmark, it is now the S&P 500 SPX, -1.50% that determines whether trading will stop.

7% decline
If the S&P 500 falls 7% from the previous session’s close before 3:25 p.m. Eastern, all stock-market trading halts for 15 minutes.

The S&P 500 set a session low of 1,866.86 earlier Monday, for a 5.3% drop. It would have to fall to 1,832.92 to trigger a so-called Level 1 trading halt.

13% decline
After stocks reopen, it would then take a 13% decline by the S&P 500 before 3:25 p.m. to trigger a second trading halt, which would also last 15 minutes. For Monday’s session, that would mean a decline to 1,714.67.

20% decline
After a second trading halt, it would take a decline of 20% to trigger a so-called Level 3 circuit breaker. That would take an S&P 500 drop to 1,576.71 on Monday. Once a 20% drop occurs, that’s all she wrote. Trading is halted for the remainder of the day.

Also note that after 3:25 p.m., stocks only stop trading in the event of a 20% drop.




 » August 24th, 2015, 3:09 pm  URGENT FROM IRAQIA TV:

Abadi instructed to take immediate action to stimulate the private sector and reduce unemployment

lexi :  Delta, don't they need a new rate(purchasing power) to stimulate the private sector? Or does he mean something other than that? Thanks

: BINGO!!!!!!

  WOW, DELTA!! : This sounds like the "really big news" we are hoping for!!Hope "immediate" means just that!!

Alan:  Hi Delta,  Could you share who's instructing Abadi? Would that be the CBI?  Thanks,


Aggiedad77:   Hi Delta  Guess this must mean kick into high gear the 5 trillion dinars to the banks for small and medium business enterprise loans or do you think he will be working in a different direction.

  Yep and how do you reduce unemployment, by creating jobs.

How do you create jobs? You start businesses. How do you start a business? You take out a loan from banks. How do their banks get the Money? From the CBI.... who's in charge of the CBI? Shabibi.

So in essence Shabibi is telling Abadi.   Could be off base but just my thoughts.

Frank26:  ........ C U on CC DELTA ...... BRAVO TO YOUR TEAM.


Billuke:  » August 24th, 2015, 3:34 pm 

Abadi instructs the revitalization of the private sector and reduce unemployment

Monday 24-08-2015 | 6:16:05

Twilight News / ordered Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday, to take immediate action to stimulate the private sector and reduce unemployment in the country.

Ebadi said Office in a statement that "the crisis cell held its sixth meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi," noting that "al-Abadi said in the beginning of the meeting on the need to pursue the economic and financial situation and the development of policies to respond to these conditions with the decline in oil prices."

He added that "the cell heard a presentation for the development of oil production and the potential for improvement with emphasis on the fulfillment of mutual obligations with international oil companies and to secure better working conditions for them."

It recognized the crisis cell "lending program which is funded by the Iraqi Central Bank in the amount of five trillion dinars distributed evenly on industry, agriculture and housing sectors to be seen in that light of the success rates in the sectors mentioned in the investment of the amounts allocated to them."

The Prime Minister instructed to "direct immediately necessary so as to provide real opportunities to activate and reduce the unemployment rate of the private sector actions.


8-24-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Their own economists say... tariffs without value will be bad for their citizens. If they have this problem with demonstrations now - just wait until tariffs are implemented without value. BIG TROUBLE...and for some reason they don't seem to be taking their foot off the tariff  "pedal"... FULL BLAST!

8-24-2015   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   
Article:  "Supreme religious authority: a battle of destiny and to speed up reforms to hold accountable corrupt"  Here comes another not so subliminal message from the Iraqi clerics to PM Abadi...we need to clean up the judiciary to ensure when those accused of corruption are brought to trial there is no question as to the honesty and integrity of the judges hearing the cases...we need to push for more speed with the reforms that are being laid before the Iraqi people...make good decisions, make them quick, and move forward.

8-24-2015   Intel Guru Delta
   ["THE ECONOMIC REFORMS HAVE BEGUN -- THEY ARE TO SATISFY THE CITIZENS AND ALSO ADDRESS NOT ONLY THE DOMESTIC -- BUT THE GLOBAL SCALE."   ...that was supposedly released to the citizens Sunday am with 48 hours to implement. Is this news correct and if so if its to satisfy on a global scale could this be pointing to a rate change?]  YES THAT'S CORRECT...BUT KEEP IN MIND 48 HRS FOR IRAQ COULD MEAN A MONTH.

8-24-2015   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:  "Iraq: the night of the arrest of al-Maliki"  Now there is a catchy news article title...a real attention getter...Maliki's time is surely short...he is continually being turned down...he is spurned from political leadership...his group of protectors grows smaller and smaller...so when will he be pulled from the street...when will that fateful knock on the door draw him from the safety of his mansion...he has proven to be an embarrassment to many in Iraq because he chose to fill his pockets rather than do good for the Iraqi people...his time is coming...because his options are running out.

8-24-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG 
  ...my comments regarding “Maliki as gone” are clearly “forward looking statements” and ARE IN PROGRESS. Visible progress has been made – for now, Maliki is NOT A VP and is NOT WELCOME in official GOI meetings.  WHY did Abadi move now? Was it demonstrators? No – I doubt it very much.  Maliki can think he has everyone right where he wants them – but keep in mind this whole campaign of reform was kicked off by the WB/IMF telling Iraq to get their AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and corruption under control (both issues pointed DIRECTLY AT MALIKI). They were given until Oct 1st to get an AML law put in place. It would probably help Abadi to have an Investment Law in place as well. Thus far Abadi has responded. Judiciary is next. He needs to keep up the pressure ...so no matter what "current circumstances" look like - the WB and IMF have an agenda. Maliki isn't part of that equation.  [post 2 of 2]

8-24-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   Maliki came back from Iran where he met with most of his most ardent Shia supporters (not all Shias support him - as before)...The Dawa party (and Maliki) “facially supports” these recent reforms called for by the Iraqi Clerics and the demonstrators (the people)...However, it’s a political tactic. He needs to look like “HE’S THE REFORMER”, or at least line himself up with the reforms. On the other hand Maliki is secretly attempting to subvert Abadi everything he does.  It is worth noting – there are numerous OP ED’s out recently pointing out that if Maliki really wanted reforms he would have done so long ago.  Maliki is in now in FULL DAMAGE control…He did not come back until he had some assurance of some kind – though no guarantee, he must feel he has some potential for survival.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

8-24-2015  Intel Guru Delta
  [what is the citizen's reactions to "what seems like delays" in the monetary reform and are they liking what Abadi is doing?]  CITIZEN LOVES ABADI, THEY ARE CLEANING HOUSE BEFORE THEY PULL THE TRIGGER.  IMO WE SHOULD SEE WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR SOMETIMES NEXT MONTH.

8-24-2015   Newshound Guru OOTW

8-24-2015   Intel Guru Delta
   [...do you see them accomplishing their Goal with int bonds this year. B/c that would require a rate imo. Or do you think they will push the implementation date back due to needing more progress etc?]  YES WE SHOULD SEE INT BONDS THIS YEAR IMO NEXT MONTH. THEY NEED THE MONEY SO BAD, WITH OIL PRICES GOING DOWN.  ALSO THEY NEED INVESTOR TO GET IN...WITH OUT A NEW RATE NO ONE WILL INVEST IN IRAQ.



8-24-15 Delta: [Do you see them accomplishing their Goal with int bonds this year. B/c that would require a rate imo. Or do you think they will push the implementation date back due to needing more progress etc?]



UU6732 – “The Week Ahead” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Meine Kinder now prepare for Sommer Schwimmen Schule and then for daily Kinder’s Schule.

As I hike my usual path in the Alpines I am already beginning to see the signs of fall and smell it in the air. Already? Yes - it is coming shortly but I still cherish these remaining days of warmer weather. Soon however I will be sadden as Meinen  Jugendliche will be gone all day. Each year I get used to having them around again   and so it saddens me to see them grow so fast, yet erfreulich as they are almost now Frauen. I can see close personalities and looks of Meinen Hubby in one of them and myself in the other.

It is almost Oktoberfest season once again and the famalie plans to make a trip to Munich soon. Meine Hubby already is taking much about the bier.

Wow! Another year has almost passed and still no RV.

So this week looks very good. I expect announcements of some of the recent reforms and Reconciliation legislation signed into law. I will explain further below.
Also I suspect this week or in the next couple weeks, we are once again some movement into a fantastic window of opportunity to see a change in the currency value of Iraq. I will also explain this in today’s news letter and why I feel we are at the very near end to this RV saga. Does this mean an RV today or tomorrow?

Read the articles and you tell me.

Today’s News

Today is Monday August 24th and still we have no news of an RV.  

Many have said that I am exaggerating the need for completion of the reforms in Iraq. Really?

Some say these reforms do not matter and I am a crazy woman. Some say they do matter but of course they say they are all done only to justify their intel for the last many months.

In response to these allegations I challenged each of these “gurus” then to tell me what the hold up is if in fact it is not the necessity to institute the reforms.  This challenge still holds and yet no one will take it. Do you know why? Does this seem strange to you? Again we go back the misinformation being intentionally or unintentionally given out of Iraq.

Well if you do not know the reason for the hold up then how do you know it not the reforms ? How can you criticize me then? You do not know any better than do you? Is this not contradicting  intel?   Simply put- it is pure illogical reasoning!  Hope everyone gets my point.

Folks the hold up has to be something. There is no mysterious, devious guy behind a curtain with his hands over a trigger keeping this from us. Instead it is a dynamic situation as Iraq meets its commitments for forming a better Iraq by cleaning up the mess from the last 8 years of Maliki… and yes it is a huge mess…..

The USA and the coalitions have dumped trillions into Iraq. There is a plan and they are not about to let it go down the toilet because of another dictatorship take over by yet another terrorists organization. When the USA pulled out of Iraq in December 2011,  to meet its obligations, many politicians (including Maliki) seized the opportunity to chase a FREE FOR ALL in Iraq and literally rape that country in many ways. I ask so where is the patriotism?

So now they have to reverse this process and move ahead on the plan’s path that Iraq should have been following all along until Maliki and his goons grabbed  power from 2010-2014 literally stalled this overall plan.

Who can we blame the most?
I personally blame the USA and it’s lame policies in the middle east during this latest democratic administration. I can’t say any other party would have done any better but I only speak for the support given to the Maliki government  by the USA during his 8 year administration.

Does this seem very strange to you the USA supported this guy almost up to the 2014 Iraqi elections yet outwardly now state policies against Iran as a terrorist state. They knew  Maliki was a puppet dictator for Iran.  So truly is to blame? Could all this waste of time been avoided?  Does it boggle you mind that this has been such a mess?

The 2014 elections are over and we now past mid 2015. Maliki was literally forced out of office. Did you know he tried a forceful coup d'état in June 2014 in an attempt to stay in power? This is really what the ISIS infiltration is all about.

Now many of you are looking at gloom and doom and the fact that you have not yet been to the bank (the glass is half empty). Instead look at the all the progress in just this last year , only 1 year so far for Abadi on mid Sept. (the glass is half full).

So what is the overall plan and how do we gauge when they are completed so they can pop out the currency reforms and complete the project to delete the zeros?


Follow the reforms, follow the reforms ! How many times must I tell you?

Many have doubted my words on this subject matter and I have even presented articles yet you remain stubborn and resistant to ways of change. So today I bring you once again another recent article telling us DIRECTLY why they did these reforms and why the necessity for them. So am I still a liar?

Remember this is THEIR WORDS not mine. No hype just the FACTS.

Article Begins:


Agencies - stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, the need to launch reforms to increase the country's imports, in conjunction with government reforms launched to reduce costs.

Jubouri said, "The reforms that are launched to reduce costs, so is intended to coincide with it at the same time reforms to increase revenue."

He added that "expenditure pressure in earnest, must coincide with increased revenues, in which case only can say that the process of reform will come to fruition, either to be limited to one side and another, stand to benefit the desired will not be realized."

He said al-Jubouri, "Let us previously to the formation of a national mobile phone company which may be output annually from 25 to 30 billion dollars, as we called for the application of the customs tariff for some needs as are those needed by the poor citizen of Alcomerk exception so prices do not rise, especially food, clothing, and at the same time We asked the revitalization of tourism actually increase the price of access attributes (visa) to Iraq All the countries in the world visa price where no less than $ 40, while Iraq is still for $ 10, which is ready to be a tourist country religiously and others and the number of arrivals on the rise If Zaid price visa they will come to fruition is very large. "

Article Ends

Maliki Update
I am hearing the Maliki influence has dwindled to the point that he no longer is any threat to the government. This was assured to us once his position as VP was eliminated. He of course was going to fight back and scramble to reverse the process. His recent visit to Iran was in an attempt to do just that. He had hopes of getting some kind of backing from Iran in this matter. He was basically rejected by Iran and told to go home. But this travel to Iran confirms to us something else too. It confirms his terrorists ties to Iran if you ever doubted this.

Knowing that many terrorists organizations in Iraq stem from Iran (they admit it themselves) then why would a former prime minister of Iraq (a non terrorists state) travel to Iran for  political support against the government of Abadi (of the same DOWA party) or more like it to devise a plan with Iran to try to overthrow it?

He is a desperate man and yet as usual he continues to wear his nice suits and smiles for the camera. There is however not the future fate for him as he will soon not be wearing those $5,000 suits and smiling so much…hint,,hint…

We are now even seeing cartoons and billboards being displayed around Baghdad making fun of him and openly advertising for his ultimate demise. The recent one of a rope around his neck says it all.

Remember he is still very influential with the Iranian militias and they need to break this connection. Is the only way via a death sentence? Can they now even afford to think about letting this mad man continue to have any influence in the middle east any longer? Maybe this has been the problem all along with many of these terrorists. They simply keep letting lose over and over again to create yet more havoc.

We wait for his trial on many charges. This is coming in the weeks ahead.

Article Follows:

Press tour:

Friday, 21 August / August 2015 09:35

Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki returned to Iraq coming from Iran in possession of a set of papers that probably will support his position in order to restore its influence in Iraq again.
According to the newspapers issued on Friday, it reports on the initiative of the Yemeni government launched plans to implement Security Council resolution 2216, and the commitment of all parties to this resolution objectively official revealed.

Papers supporting al-Maliki after his visit to Iran

"Middle East" newspaper revealed that former Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, returned from a visit to Iran a range of securities that help him regain his influence in Iraq, including the popular crowd.

Iraqi politician close to the National Alliance, told the newspaper "Middle East" that "Maliki will focus in the coming period to the fall of Mosul report and not to transmit it from the position of vice president, has been sought after for to go to to appeal the Federal Court, on the basis that there is a law regulating this position, and that it must be for Vice President of the Republic and at least one, and that the remaining two positions Ahtlhma Osama Najafi and Iyad Allawi were only for the purposes of satisfaction "

Iraqi and adds political that "al-Maliki told Haider al-Abadi that the decision to cancel his unconstitutional and Strdh the Federal Court, but Abadi saying only that the Federal his court, a signal of Abadi to that time no longer works for the benefit of everyone after public pressure and the pressure of the religious authority."

Article Ends

Currency Reform
I now have proof that currency reform is in fact one of the reforms Abadi fully intends to implement VERY soon.

I also have confirmation from the CBI that the IQD is no longer directly pegged to the USD but has been pegged to the SDR now since 2012 when Dr. Shabibi (then acting governor of the CBI) was in the process of the final steps of rolling out the lower denoms and coins. Do you remember back then? Well they are now on track to pick up the pieces and move forward with this once again.

We should expect very soon the use of the lower denominations and the coins. Next we should read articles about the rollout of the new 50,000 notes and the later 100,000 notes in 2016 (if ready).
Part of this effort will also be cleaning house in the CBI including the changeover from the proxy governor Ali al-Alaq to Dr. Sinan al-Shabibi. Remember Shabibi is still the official head of the CBI. Noting has changed. He will simply float back into his position and we will hear about the announcement.

Maliki did not have official capacity to put Ali al-Alaq or Abdul Basit Turki Saeed (for that matter) in this position. Remember there is supposed to be legal independence between the GOI and the CBI. It is the law. The PM has no power over the CBI. So Abadi has to set the CBI straight too in this matter. Yes – he has a lot of cleaning up to do from the former Maliki administration. It is coming very shortly and so mark my words from this news letter.

For some reason many still doubt and challenge me on this topic and tell me it does not matter if DR Shabib returns or not. Maybe to you it does not matter but to Iraq politics it surely does. It also matters in the way of reform completion and this is HOT on Abadi’s reform list.

I have evidence that speaks strongly that corruption must be cleaned out of the current CBI first before we will see any currency reform. In fact this currency reform now includes cleaning up all aspects of safeguarding the wealth of Iraq.  Who’s job is this? It is surely not Abadi’s and so he must walk gently since he has other authorities (outside of Iraq) that need to step in to mandate this clean up.

So what is Abadi waiting for? Why has he already not addressed this issue, many have asked me.

To this I say be reasonable in your request. Rome was not built in a day. Instead remember to look at the glass as half full (all the Abadi as accomplished in only 1 year). Each move he makes is delicate and it is like a chess game. He is not a dictator nor does he have aspirations to operate like one. He is respecting the law and his  lack of his authority over the CBI. If he was to go into the CBI himself and make these changes  would this not be the same lack of respect for the CBI’s independence as done by Maliki? Would it no be looked at as the same illegal acts that Maliki has done?  So he must walk gently and carry a big stick. But I assure you the process is already in play. The men on the chess board are about to be moved around.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


My Ladies Private Chatroom:

DS:  Iraq better start selling bonds very soon the oil price is going down

Princess DD: Crude oil tumbles below $39 a barrel on China market turmoilhttp://www.marketwatch.com/story/oil-tumbles-to-fresh-lows-on-china-market-turmoil-2015-08-24-2103336

Dave: yep…incredible…..oil 6 yr low i believe

DS: Oil is 38.32

Princess DD: The dow was down nearly 1100 points.  worst day since 1987 where it lost 22% in one day.

Panic!! All Major US Equity Indices Halted


Sager:  This is part of the process to move to the new system I believe….So good for us

MArtin Armstrong:  "Everything still suggests that we have a Directional Change this week and today could be the intraday low. So pay attention."

 "With Iran coming back on line, we are still expecting oil to fall to test the key support in the $31-$35 range. The base metals are also getting hit with"



Princess DD: WOW: Lots of tug o war with the oil and currencies this morning.

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Global Shares Dive Further Amid China Fear

The slide in world stock markets shows no sign of easing soon as concerns over China's economy dominate investors. http://news.sky.com/story/1540630/global-shares-dive-further-amid-china-fears

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Princess DD: Black Monday': £56bn wiped off FTSE 100 as China fears prompt global panic-selling

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Rejoice…Better Buckle Up


Princess DD: It Is a Key Moment’: Chinese Stock Market Plunge Causes Global Routhttp://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/08/24/it-is-a-key-moment-chinese-stock-market-plunge-causes-global-rout/

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   By Asa Fitch and Nicolas Parasie 
 Stock Market Quotes, Business News, Financial News from http://www.ibloomberg.net

DUBAI — When Majid Zamani launched his investment bank in Iran in 2011, the timing couldn’t have been worse: Fresh sanctions that year crippled the domestic economy and isolated the country internationally.
Four years later, the founder of Tehran-based Kardan Investment Bank said he faces an altogether different problem. Overseas interest in Iran’s financial services has skyrocketed in the wake of the nuclear deal, leaving an overstretched staff to deal with queries from all the prospective partners.
“Now we have so many meetings with foreign investors we don’t have time to conduct our normal business,” he said.

Largely absent from the global finance scene during the sanctions era, Iranian banks and investment houses are beginning to take calls, schedule meetings and discuss partnerships with potential foreign counterparts who see potential for investment in Iran after last month’s nuclear deal. But while there has been an upsurge in foreign interest, Iranian banks are trying to shake off the rust of operating in a market cut off from the global financial system.
“We desperately need investment,” said Parviz Aghili, chief executive of Tehran’s Middle East Bank, one of the country’s privately owned institutions. “For 37 years [since the Iranian revolution] Iran has been isolated and secluded while the world has developed. There is so much to be done.”

The financing opportunities in Iran are huge. The government is planning almost $40 billion of infrastructure development as sanctions ease up, some of which will require bank financing. It may not be enough to entice larger banks that still feel the sting of large fines during the sanctions era but may draw in smaller players from Turkey, China, India and the Gulf Cooperation Council states that don’t have the same fears, banking executives said.

“The way I look at Iran right now is it’s very similar to China,” said Nima Obbohat, a consultant at the Iran-focused BlackBridge Associates in Dubai. “Iran has reached the same point where it needs to find a growth model for the economy, and solving the issues of the banking sector is key.”
A trio of Iranian financial firms focused on the stock market — Turquoise Partners, Agah Brokerage Co. and Mofid Securities — have already signed partnerships with boutique asset managers in London to launch Iran-focused investment funds this year.
Informal talks are also taking place between Iranian banks and some foreign lenders, according to people familiar with the discussions, though most are treading cautiously.

Many banks fell afoul of tightening U.S. sanctions by continuing to do business with Iranian entities. In 2012, U.S. authorities fined HSBC Holdings PLC $1.9 billion over lax money-laundering controls following allegations that it didn’t properly police transactions with Iranian entities, among other charges. BNP Paribas SA agreed to pay a record $8.9 billion last year to settle allegations that it violated sanctions on Iran, Cuba and Sudan.
Other big banks — including Barclays PLC, Royal Bank of Scotland PLC, ABN Amro Bank NV, Credit Suisse Group AG and Standard Chartered PLC — have all paid substantial fines related to Iranian transactions.

Even apart from these fears, banking executives said there is recognition that the Iranian system is rusty after being cut off from the world by a decade of sanctions. Bad loans hover at around 14% of total loans, according to the most recent central-bank figures, one of the highest ratios in the Middle East.
“The banks are suffering from very high nonperforming loans, and that’s because loans have been extended to trading firms that because of sanctions haven’t been able to work at full capacity,” said Xanyar Kamangar, a founding partner of Griffon Capital, an asset-management and corporate advisory firm focused on Iran.
Many banks invested heavily in real estate during the sanctions era, too, a consequence of economic circumstances that made their core banking businesses less profitable. Real-estate prices are now falling, putting pressure on balance sheets. Competition for deposits by unregulated credit institutions — which sprung up as traditional banks struggled under sanctions — has been another hindrance to growth.

“They have to clean up their act and stick to being banks,” Mr. Aghili said. “It’s going to take time.”
Foreign banks and financial companies may themselves need to change their ways to work in Iran. Iran required banks to comply with Islamic laws that prohibit charging or paying out interest in the early 1980s, making it the first and one of the few financial systems in the world to operate wholly on Islamic principles.
There are more than 30 banks in Iran, a large number of which are privately owned but the biggest of which are state-controlled. They offer loans that act like interest-bearing debt but use structural changes — for example, having banks own mortgaged real estate until the borrower repays the debt plus a profit rate — to avoid interest payments.

Insurance companies must also operate in Shariah-compliant ways.
Islamic finance in Shiite-majority Iran is different from forms of Islamic finance in Sunni-majority countries. Shiite and Sunni scholars often disagree on the requirements for financial products to be Shariah-compliant.
Such idiosyncrasies make investing in Iran’s financial sector a complex task that will likely slow foreign investment, said Shahin Shayan, a Columbia University-educated former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. executive who now runs a financial firm in Iran.

Regulators, moreover, have always barred investment and joint ventures between Iranian and foreign banks, he said, despite an industry desire for foreign funding and expertise.
Mr. Zamani of Kardan Bank is also keen on joining forces with a U.S. or European investment bank, potentially by selling a sizable minority stake.
Mr. Zamani said that because of his U.S. educational background — he has a degree from Columbia University — he felt comfortable talking to U.S. bankers. However, U.S. bankers often hadn’t obtained the official go-ahead to start formal talks with Iranian banks, which means Mr. Zamani’s European colleagues were easier to talk to about a possible partnership.

“The European counterparts are considerably closer to the action and can mobilize a lot more responsively,” he said.
Mr. Zamani acknowledged Iran’s banking sector can’t open up overnight or begin competing and cooperating with foreign banks. Iranian red tape and regulatory obstacles are real. “This is a sector that has never experienced a foreign partnership [before],” he said. “You have to be careful.” LINK

GCR Historical Overview – Part 4/10 by Steve Beckow, 24 AUGUST

Please be aware that no one here at the Golden Age of Gaia claims to have the ability to advise you on financial matters. We do not endorse or not endorse the views expressed in this booklet.
Download it here:  GCR Download.
To understand how and why currencies historically redeem, it’s wise to first look at the base monetary value and how that standard is assigned. First, one must look at the intrinsic universal value of gold historically, and accept that gold is now, and has always been, a currency. Also, consider that all in-ground assets, including oil, gems, minerals, and precious metal have all been traded like currency since the beginning of modern commerce.
This means that just as physical gold bullion or coins were once traded for everyday goods like we do today with paper or digital currencies, in theory, that never stopped. In fact, the new gold standard will see individuals exchanging physical gold for actual goods and services, including transactions between governments.
This is why the world going back to the old gold benchmark is so dramatic, and why it had to become the new benchmark by which all value is measured, as opposed to Central Bank-issued notes, sovereign bonds, banking instruments, derivatives, credit cards and local fiat currencies. The insurmountable debt those fiat philosophies created was crippling, irresponsible and immoral.
Thus, every monetary unit of value now has a real equity relationship to gold, with all either moving towards or away from the gold standard’s 1:1 ratio. Thus, the citizenry of the world is again playing on a level economic playing field.
However, to achieve such global harmony, all currencies must first adjust or “revalue” to an accurate and equitable gold standard. Some currencies will do so publicly and immediately—and be in a “first basket of revaluations” – such as theIraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, Zimbabwean Dollarand Indonesian Rupiah, while others will gradually and quietly transition as to not upset the masses or global money supply algorithms.
Once a currency is adjusted or is revalued, an arbitrage is created within an exchangeable value or price; thus creating economic opportunity for anyone who physically holds such an adjusted sovereign debt instrument and should they desire to redeem the currency in a bank, they can receive the difference as profit… or loss depending on which currency is held.
Now it is true some currencies will revalue up, while others will revalue down. And a few will even collapse and need to be taken out of circulation slowly like the ECB’s Euro and Federal Reserve’s USD; some are most certainly to spike much higher, like the Zimbabwean Dollar, which is scheduled to revalue as many as fifteen decimal places since 2009. Yet in the end, most will ultimately readjust unnoticed, with a select few not adjusting at all because they never left the gold standard measurement of value.
To better illustrate how international sovereign currencies of the world will move in relation to gold’s updated value, below is a graphic that visually shows the distance a currency must travel in order to unify with the current fair market value of gold.
[See booklet for graph: GCR Download.]