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An article came out and a lot of people are scared about the idea of a LOP…look, this is a repeat [article]. The biggest indicator for a lop is they wouldn't reduce the note count…they wouldn't need to…they'd just take the 3 zeros off and that's it…that's the indicator. If they are physically reducing the note count…They have reduced the note count from 9 billion to 6 billion to 4 Billion to whatever they're at today and that includes taking away the 50 dinar note. They can't reduce the note count like that AND take the zeros at the same time. If you go back to the minister of finance's plan what is it? To get the dinar to the US dollar….that's it. What do they have to do to maneuver to do that? They have to reduce the note count. They have to get US dollars out of the market.



 Fears over global slowdown hammer US stocks for 2nd day


NEW YORK (AP) — The Dow Jones industrial average has plunged more than 530 points and is in a correction amid a global sell-off sparked by fears about China's slowing economy. Oil tumbled below $40 per barrel for the first time since the financial crisis.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell to 16,459.75, and ended down 3.1 percent on Friday. The Standard & Poor's 500 index dropped 64.84 points, or 3.2 percent, to 1,970.89. The Nasdaq slid 171.45 points, or 3.5 percent, to 4,706.04.
Joey:  Bulletin Biggest weekly point drop for Dow since the worst week of the financial crisis

Bulletin Nasdaq plunges 3.5% for biggest one-day loss since June 4, 2010 »


This selloff is about China and emerging markets, with a dash of Fed

MVL:  I witnessed a co-worker today literally shouting, "No! No! No!" at a TV that had the news on in a break room....and the Dow was down roughly 300 at that point. The person claimed they had lost over $20,000 from their 401k just since yesterday. I wonder what they are yelling now, with a negative close over 500...

PrincessDD:  The dow finally closed down at -538.68


  Isnt that based on all the collapsing of the currencies?

BRO:  The market lost 725 billion  dollars today. It lost 1.4 trillion this this week….. Dropped more than a thousand points.

Dale:  if such a market crash has a devastating effect on the derivatives market I am a happy camper

PrincessDD:  Maybe they will transition into the new banking system now

MVL:  I still maintain the dollar isn't going anywhere for quite a while yet. The old system isn't just going to quietly fade away into that good night...my apologies to Mr. Whitman. I'm guessing more volatility, up and down, until the new system gets past its toddler stage.


  ML do you know how this article will affect the sale of the new bonds?

Iraq is heading to the bond markets with hopes of raising billions Baghdad plans to raise $6bn as ongoing battles with militants have decimated infrastructure.

Iraq is heading to the bond markets with hopes of raising billions, as low oil prices and the fight against Isis eat into state finances.

Deputy governor of Iraq’s central bank, Zuhair Ali Akbar, confirmed the country will issue $6bn (£3.9bn) in dollar-denominated debt, in its first bond issue for nearly a decade. Citi, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan are understood to be working on the offering.

The glaring question is how successful the debt sale will be. Iraq’s 2028 bonds are currently trading at a yield of 8.54 per cent, after their price dropped from 92 cents per dollar to 79 cents. http://www.cityam.com/222803/isis-fight-sends-iraq-debt-markets











More News Worldwide:

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PrincessDD:  Get ready for yuan in IMF basket

It came as no surprise recently to read that the Chinese yuan, or renminbi, as it is also widely known, is set to replace the Japanese yen to become the fourth international currency within two years.    http://europe.chinadaily.com.cn/epaper/2015-08/07/content_21525390.htm

Princess DD: U.S. Oil Prices Hit Fresh Six-Year Low, Dropping Below $40 a Barrelhttp://www.wsj.com/articles/oil-prices-fall-in-asia-after-weak-chinese-manufacturing-data-1440132261

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Dealer of Iraqi dinar in Puerto Rico : Excellent for Iraq. God is Good.
US companies have expressed their willingness to support power projects in Iraq
American company expressed its readiness to establish an engineering workshop for the rehabilitation of gas units, and full readiness to provide technical support to current and future projects in Iraq.
BAGHDAD / Obelisk: expressed Company (GE) of America, on Wednesday, the desire to create an engineering workshop for the rehabilitation of gas units, and support projects of current and future electricity in Iraq, with the ministry of agents the company offers a feasibility study using the system reduces maintenance periods.
The United States welcomed on Monday (August 17, 2015), the last steps reformist prime minister Haider al-Abadi, affirming its full support for these reforms, while expressing its willingness to send experts to help increase the efficiency and electricity production.

شركة أمريكية تبدي استعدادها دعم مشاريع الكهرباء في العراق
شركة أمريكية تبدي استعدادها دعم مشاريع الكهرباء في العراق

Excelente para Irak. God is Good.
Empresas de Estados Unidos han manifestado su voluntad de apoyar proyectos de electricidad en Irak
Empresa estadounidense expresó su disposición a establecer un taller de ingeniería para la rehabilitación de las unidades de gas, y la plena disposición a prestar apoyo técnico a los proyectos actuales y futuros en Irak.
BAGDAD / Obelisco: expresado Company (GE) de América, el miércoles, la voluntad de crear un taller de ingeniería para la rehabilitación de las unidades de gas, y apoyar proyectos de electricidad actuales y futuras en Irak, con el ministerio de los agentes que la empresa ofrece un estudio de viabilidad utilizando el sistema reduce los periodos de mantenimiento.
Los Estados Unidos elogió el lunes (17 de agosto de 2015), los últimos pasos primer ministro reformista Haider al-Abadi, afirmando su pleno apoyo a estas reformas, al tiempo que expresa su voluntad de enviar expertos para ayudar a aumentar la eficiencia y la producción de electricidad.
شركة أمريكية تبدي استعدادها دعم مشاريع الكهرباء في العراق


8-21-2015   Intel Guru Mnt Goat   The news has never greater as these reforms progress...So the news of this week is the coming of the second set of reforms as Abadi promised...We are beginning to see these new reforms (phase II) take shape. Be patient I believe the redenomination meaning the deletion of the zeroes is in this second set of reforms...watch for the completion of these reforms and you will see the light at the end of this RV tunnel. 

8-21-2015   Intel Guru Aggiedad77
  ...interesting news overnight...from the appearance of things....it looks as though Maliki...is looking in all directions for his future...he fails to see though the handwriting upon the Green Zone wall...his welcome mat is being pulled out of from beneath him...he is quickly becoming a pauper for they have taken away his toys and pretty things...the plane...the plane...the nice shiny gold bars...all the colorful currency...they are disappearing...his pockets will soon be turned inside out...The strength of Iraq does not come from embezzling politicians any longer, the strength comes from those who are ready for reform, those who stand for a new Iraq that is breaking chains left and right as they prepare to show the people and the world they can survive by focusing on integrity and honesty...kicking the old corrupt ways to the curb...watch for it...the BEST is yet to come.

8-21-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23
  ...I am in a positive frame of mind in regards to the reform of the IQD... How they arrive at a rate is unknown...But what is known is that they are on a -fast track- to get reforms in place.
8-21-2015   Intel Guru Frank26   [do you think we have a good chance of seeing 1 to 1 before 2016?]  ONLY If we see DRS [Dr. Shabibi] back in this year As for 1 to 1...Or INDEX to INDEX...The USD will still be involved with the IQD but with a lower ranking postion of Power and decision making.  IOO...2016 / 17 is for the RV PHASE REFORMBecause there can be NO RV without the RI and none of them can exsist witout DRS lifting the 000's from a numb Program Rate.


TNT Call notes 21-August-2015
Tony:  Good morning, Texas and everyone else on TNT!  Today is Friday, August 21, 2015.  This could be a really short call, but I’ll let you talk about what you want. Everyone is still waiting. They are still on standby at the banks, ready to start at 8pm EST last night.  It could be today, any time over this weekend.  All the laws have been passed, the agreements have been done, it could happen at any moment.  More laws were passed in Parliament last night. Everything has been done or it wouldn’t have been on standby for over a  month now.  Everything has been achieved.
Every day we get intel from Baghad with three articles per day about their value and the redenomination.  They are looking for it EVERY DAY.  They are actively trying to hide it from US citizens over there because that is what they are being told to do.  They are being told in writing that a 25K dinar not will be worth $75, so we know that the rate will be over $3.  If I’ve been telling you that, and saying that you will be paid every month regularly, and it’s now the 21st of the month and you still haven’t been paid… and you have passed all the laws… what would you now be expecting?  To be paid!  If it doesn’t happen and pretty darn soon, that will be the last straw!
The 24th or the 1st is when they say they will be issuing bonds again, and it makes sense to have your currency out before then.  Do it on the same day with all that confusion?  I wouldn’t do it that way.  Everyone is on the highest of alerts, and the weekends are the perfect time to get this done, so far as the US is concerned because it will let the internet people get done first without a lot of hoopla before the rest of DinarLand.  The banks in Iraq are scheduled to be open today – just in case this gets announced.  That is only the exchange banks are supposed to be open.  The Sabbath is now over in Iraq, and this can be announced whenever they choose.
Here is a great idea.  I got the Superfantastic TNT stamp from the guy who did it, and I’m figuring out how to load it on the forum.  You can get one of these made up at Office Max or wherever does stamps.  I also got a great card;  it says “You are superfantastic” with TNT up the middle and also “thank you for being you”.  I think this would be a great way for us to give back.  A lot of people sacrificed or put themselves in jeopardy for us to be in this game, and they paid it forward for us to get paid.  There are 250,000 of us on Twitter, following TNT.  Pam did the numbers, and the next day we got over 300,000 who listened to this call.  Right now we have 22,000 listeners.  We have 6,000,000 dinarians, and each of them affected ten people lives, even for one day, that is 20% of Americans.  We can feel good that someone helped our lives with this, and we can change their lives by giving them $100, $1,000 or $10,000.  That stamp showing up on FB or Yahoo or the news because someone gave a bonus to waiter, doorman or someone who just needs help, and they see that stamp, it will encourage all of us to do the same.  I talked to a lady this morning, and she said, “I KNOW this is happening, because I had breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning, and someone anonymously paid for everyone’s meal!”
Someone else said that he would walk around with $100 bills in his pocket, and also he intends to order some $500 bills and stamp them with the TNT stamp, because he knows people will keep those and tell others.  That will remind us to do similar things.  It’s not the people we already told about the currency who didn’t act on it – they had their chance to take up this opportunity.  It’s the other people who never found out about this but who could do with some help.  I’m going to order a bunch of those $500 bills;  I think that is a great idea.  “Those to whom much is given, much is expected.” We have been given a lot and we have a responsibility.
828 caller:  those are great ways to pay it forward – thanks for sharing those ideas.  We are still obviously ready to go, the whole world is waiting without any problems to speak of.  Yet, at the last moment, there always seems to be someone ready to step in and cause a problem.  Who has the power to do that?
Tony:  The US, Russia, China, the IMF – a bunch of people with veto powers.  They can step in and say “this has changed and we need to fix it.”
Caller:  Wouldn’t everyone say “we’re ready to go – you can’t hold us hostage!”
Tony:  They’ve been saying that for months!  That’s how a veto works – everyone else has to stop when that happens.  When everyone is in agreement, I’ll be sending out a tweet saying the RV is here!
617 caller:  I’m confused.  They keep saying these countries devaluing their currencies, that this helps us.  How?
Tony: The US has been trying to get China to devalue its currency for years.  That will bring it in line with the rest of the world so that that can bring them in line with the GCR. China is saying they’re going to let the market control their currency.  The real problem is that if the dollar is too strong and everyone de-pegs from it, and that affects our exports and our economy.  As the dong goes down, we can buy more of it!  Everyone is going to have to adjust for the first six months in terms of markets, exports/imports, forex.
Caller:  Thank you for explaining that.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas… so Tony can go!
432 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  We’re just trying to do the right thing!
770/404 caller:  With all the things going on, can you say anything new about the exchange procedures?  What’s the status with the contract rates?
Tony:  We  got some information about how the exchanges are supposed to work in Iraq, who goes first and second, etc.  They asked us not to share this, but you need to know that this is happening.  I haven’t heard anything about any limits or caps other than we have talked about before (20 million dinar and dong, $500 million total dollars with zim). Haven’t heard anything else about 800 numbers, but have heard some more about locations, how they are set up, and their level of security.
Caller:  What are your sources telling you about how this will appear?  Will there be an actual announcement or will it just appear?  Will it be announced in Iraq?
Tony:  We won’t know until after it happens.  There will not be a public announcement until 3-4 days after the RV, to give us time to go to the bank before the rest of Dinarland filters in.  The five sites will be told first, probably.  There will be an announcement over in Iraq – they are looking for it now.  Right now, the guys who look at Iraq television get the same news two days later here in the US.  They know we have that, too.  I don’t expect it to be broadcast five minutes after they do it, though.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas… so Tony can go!
636 caller:  I’d still like to get you that pair of boots because you seem to be stepping in it occasionally!  [Referring to chitchat before the call]  How urgent is it to be this weekend?  My mate and I are celebrating our 51st anniversary this weekend at the lake.  We will get text messages, and we can come back, but we’d just like an indication.
Tony:  I’ve always said that I will work with the powers that be to make this as smooth as possible, whether that is changing the site, sending out a tweet, a call or whatever.  I would have a backup with a fellow dinarian, so that if we do send out information, you know they will send you a text as well.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas… so Tony can go as well!
Tony:  Pam reminds me that this is First-time Friday, because people are complaining that the same people are on all the time, the ones who wait for hours.  So can we do first time callers?  Take your hands down yourself if you have been on before and give some other people a chance.  I will refresh and see what happens.
936 caller:  I’m from Texas.  Our governor is a hunter, and he may declare open season on Tony Renfrow!  At least we don’t get compared to a granola like California! 
Tony:  You came to CA, you chose SF over LA, and you compare us to fruit+nuts?!  I live 1.5 hours from San Francisco, which I like, but I love LA.  [more chitchat]
Caller:  My biggest concern is that I’m a paramedic in NE Texas, about three hours from my home.  When I’m home, I’m two hours from WF in Houston.  I’ve been carrying my currency with me for about a year.  Should I try to find a place up here to exchange, or just wait until I get home?
Tony:  I think everyone will be okay if you are 2-4 hours away from home.  Make your appointment and give yourself time without stress.  I don’t like people to carry all their currency around with them all the time because that is your family’s future.  If you are travelling, I can understand it, but otherwise…
Caller:  We have been working a lot of overtime, so I’m not sure what to do.
Tony:  If you are away, out of state, then I get it.  But if you are a couple of hours from home, you will have time to get to your appointment.
313 caller:  I have one quick question.  When we do the last call, will you be able to give us rates?
Tony:  I don’t know!  I will try to give you the best and most information.  I think the rates will be published on our sites.  When they give you the numbers, you can call the banks and see what the rates are.  You can call each of the banks and see what they quote before your appointments so you will know if they are competitive or not.
909 caller:  About the stamp and the $500 bill – won’t they get you for defacing the currency?  With all the observation cameras, these days… they might catch you!
Tony:  I don’t think the government cares about us stamping the currency.  I get currency all the time with stamps or writing on them, and I’ve never heard about anyone having a problem. Let’s say you send out a $500 bill to help someone better their life – the government is going to arrest me and make national news?  I don’t think so.
Caller:  For Vegas, can you get some t-shirts made for the mods, transcribers and the behind-the-scenes TNT team so that we can identify them and thank them?  And will the rates still be about the same as we have heard?
Tony:  It’s a good idea.  But some of them are behind the scenes on purpose.  We will have that discussion with the mods.  Yes, the rates are about the same.
941 caller:  I have a little information on the currency being stamped – I have seen people arrested for that, and the money confiscated.  A better idea might be to use a sticky note;  then the person can remove it and still use the money.  It depends on who you are and where, I imagine.  For instance, if you try to pay a traffic ticket with a stamped bill, they might take action for degrading the currency. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
707 caller:  I am the one who sent you the stamp.  About the stamp and the thumb drive, I was hoping you could put a link on the forum, people can download the file, and any Office Max can take that file and make up the stamp.  I went to the bank to ask about the $500 bills, and they told me they were out of circulation and they cannot get them.  I hoped that if you have a connection with the UST, you could maybe get some for us.  That bill is a work of art!
Tony:  You can Google this:  Floyd Merryweather made a bet on the SuperBowl, and they paid him in thousand-dollar bills.  There are ways for that to be done.  They won’t do it for everyone, but after this you won’t be just anyone.  It’s a great idea – and if you can’t do it with $500 bills, do it with  $100 bills.
407 caller:  I’ve been trying to get on for months!  We have one bank here that is open on Sunday;  my girlfriend called me about this – she asked them about the dong about six months ago, and the manager almost fell off his chair when he saw the rates.  If she had had her dong with her then, she could have exchanged for something like a dollar.  Of course she went back the next day, he wasn’t there, and the rate was way down.  You see that a lot goes on we don’t know about, but this is really real.
Tony:  Yes, they do things like that after hours.  Last week a lady actually did a rupiah exchange – it was 5pm, she was there at the right time, made 7K really quickly, went back the next day and the rates had changed again.
Caller:  A while ago I was with my daughter in another state and we went to the library;  right there at the circulation desk was a 3-D printer!  It was printing all kinds of little objects.  I had never seen one of these before, and it was just after you mentioned it on a call. 
Tony:  A guy sent me a link to the first 3-D printed drone, just yesterday.
Caller:  You always tell us to have Plans A, B and C ready.  I’ve been to various places in the Middle East, and I saw a blog which had Abadi sitting with bankers, discussing all the banking laws about paying taxes, etc.  After what happened with Sterling, and I recall you saying “If they don’t exchange us, Watergate will be small in comparison”… well, I have my passport ready, but I don’t know what countries will exchange you without being a citizen or a resident.
Tony:  They have  plans/procedures right now to exchange everybody.  They have done the numbers and know it is feasible to exchange everybody.  They have worked out the contracts rates, too.  I can’t seem them choosing the public fight with everyone instead.
It’s good to have a backup plan, for sure.  In most countries, you have to show that you are a citizen of that country in order to exchange there.  So if you want to exchange in some other country, the first thing is to move, get dual citizenship, or get a partner in that country who you hope and trust will pay your share back to you.
281 caller:  If this happens in the middle of the night, how soon will you let us know?
Tony:  when this first started, if this came at 3am, I would let you know at 3.15am, with a tweet, a call, starting the party on the phone.  Now something else has been requested. So that we don’t have total chaos, I’m willing to do whatever they request.  I’ll have to see what that timeline is.  I know that I’m going to know – I have too many contacts NOT to be informed.  They don’t tell me ahead of time, but I’ll have to see what I’m able to do.  I’ve waited five years to be woken up in the middle of the night myself, and I have no problem waking up anyone else.
Caller: Are there other countries pushing this forward now?
Tony:  A lot of countries are pushing for this, requesting it, letting us know that these delays are hurting their economies.  It will keep going until it snowballs.  Once it goes, it will also go here in the US.
Caller:  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Vegas!
Tony:  We are hoping to do the training/party in Sacramento, NC, Michigan, Atlanta, and some Texas people are agitating for it as well.
Caller:  I would go to any of those other places;  I just don’t like Las Vegas!
423 caller:  Whooo!  I got dropped last week after holding for five hours!  Here’s my question:  even though it looks all set up with notifications and everyone on standby and rates on the screens… is this all a process that was never going to happen all those earlier weekends but they  were using it to flush out Maliki or whatever?  Is there some specific thing they are trying to accomplish?
Tony:  I have been told that by some government people who were told to tell me this or that, etc., who apologized but pointed to what that let them accomplish.  They could be doing the exact same thing right now, but for the last month I’ve been hearing “everyone is ready” every day… then they found all this dinar in this plane or buried there, or they have restricted those people over there.  Do they listen to TNT?  I don’t’ know.  I do know some security guys in Baghdad, and they walk thorough the city and people are listening to TNT!  They ask who you are and if you are African-American because of your accent.  It attracts good and bad elements, and it might be helping them track people and/or locations.  We just don’t know when it’s real or not, whether they are just tracking leaks, or whatever.  We know that some Iraqi sources had their doors kicked in and computers confiscated, and in this country people have lost their jobs just through giving us intel. 
I have been called by three or four different banks (and countries) and see if they are doing what they are saying, then we try to decide what is true and what’s BS.  We also get a steady stream of BS;  we talk to each other, and we know that sometimes they just want us to put stuff out.  Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t because we don’t believe it and it doesn’t fit the pattern.  We do the best we can to help the people and not disrupt the process;  so long as we get what we are supposed to get, we don’t want to mess with the process otherwise.
Caller:  I get it.  But so many people have got their hopes off.  After 300 times, of crying wolf, why should we believe any of it any more?
Tony:  This morning we talked about it.  The boy can cry wolf until he runs out of breath, but one day that wolf will show up for real, and all I have to do is to wait for that wolf. Every day I get the information and even our team says, “Yeah, how many times have we heard that?” but that is the information we are getting from the banks saying they missed their kids’ birthday party and they are playing cards with their cell phones in a bowl, and they are just as frustrated as we are, but they also know that one day they will be paid.
Caller:  If they are on standby, why should they also be on lockdown?
Tony:  They’ve been in place to do this immediately, but that has happened too many times, so the plan changed.  Now they are waiting until this is done and then will call their people in.  They still have meetings and memos about how to set accounts up for this new level of high-level depositors… they are doing all that, so that is why we are looking at their actions rather than their words.  Also, they are exposing to more and more of their own employees.  Once you see the big picture, you understand the process and the role you played in it, then I cannot be mad, because that’s how things happen in the world.  I am more astonished that I am that involved in the process, some of the people who have contacted me, etc.  I was only supposed to be here for a week!  Maybe that’s what had given me the patience I’ve had – I see how it’s going and what’s more important is what we do afterwards, once we control our own destiny.  Now we just have the patience to do that.  After everything that has been projected, after they said they would cut their salaries in half for government officials (and the reasoning behind it), but then Abadi said that they will – they haven’t paid the people who were supposed to be paid this month, so why didn’t they do that?  They will have to pay them sooner or later, and if they don’t do it the way they said, then there will be predictable problems, so I that does give me confidence that this really is going to happen.
Ray:  It’s Friday!  Are we finally going to see it?  We’ll find out together.  Continue to enjoy the weekend and we’ll see what happens as the day unfolds.
Tony:  I think it’s a great day and weekend. Everyone is excited.  The banks thought it would go last night, it didn’t, and it could go any moment.  There is a plan out there to do this very soon, within days, and it’s a good plan for there and here, and I think we will hear about it.  We are not in the bank right now, but I see us there in the very near future based on the information I have… by Monday morning if not before. I would have my plan ready to put in motion at a moment’s notice.  Oh, and there will be no [verbatim] transcript today.  Thank you!


Highlights of Tony's CC.  Updated as the call progresses

Tony:  Could be a short call.  Everybody still waiting.  Were waiting at the bank last night thought there would be an announcement at 8 pm ET.  It didn't not happen.  So far it has not happened.  Everybody over there is anticipating it every day.  They are actively trying to hide it from US citizens over there.  Know for a fact the 25 dinar notes will equal $75 USD, so we know the rate is $3.00.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony said "Absolutely" could happen tonight or over this weekend.  Tony:  It's after 8:00 there.  The Sabbath is over.  They could announce it anytime.

IRAQ:    Haven't paid salaries yet this month and it is the 21st.  Tony:  What would you be expecting?
Tony:  Be an announcement over there . . . celebrating . . .we won't know until after it happens. . .  no (initial) announcement on CNN. . . not for three or four days.   Not expecting it to be broadcast five minutes after they do it.
  • International Bonds to go on sale at International rate, Aug 24th or Sept 1st.
  • Banks scheduled to be open today.  Only exchange banks.  They were scheduled to be open last Friday too.
  • TV              Mosques 
  • ISIL
  • US Dollar getting too strong.  It hurts other countries this strong.  Tony:  It's going to be an interesting 6 months after this (RV) happens. . . be a bit of a ride, interest rates, FOREX, markets.
  • Rates    
  • $500 US bill is not in circulation.  
  • TNT "in the background" T-shirts:  Caller suggested for Vegas, the mods and people in the background wear a specifically identified T-shirt so TNT members would know them in order to say "Thank you."   
TNT Celebration plans also included other locations, not just Las Vegas.   Like Sacramento, No. Carolina, Atlanta.  (So Mr. Tony, since Texas has the highest concentration of Dinarians, DC is there and you like Texas so much, why is there not a celebration planned for Texas?  We have great cities, Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Galveston, Corpus Christi, Austin or San Antonio!  These are International cities with International banks that could make presentations not to mention Houston has many foreign embassies people could visit for information or could make presentations.  I will volunteer to help plan and organize since I have many Houston contacts) 

Pay It Forward - TIP Strategy:  Tony has received a TNT stamp and card that says, "You are Fantastic" and suggests we order one and stamp $500 bills we hand out. ($500 bill is not in circulation)  Tony:   If can't get $500 bills do with $100 bills. Those who much is given, much is required.  Much is expected.  Those who have been given the opportunity should accept the responsibility.  

50 minutes into the call:  Oh oh!  A caller brought up this might be defacing money. Tony was not concerned.
Another caller said he has seen people arrested for defacing money and suggested we attach a sticky note with "superfantastic" message to bill. He said, if you go to pay traffic ticket and bill that has a stamp on it they can take action against you for money being degraded or whatever you call it.

  • Plans are to exchange everybody.  Have made an agreement to exchange everybody.  Tony:  Don't see them getting into a public fight with 6 million people.  Most foreign countries require a 6 month residency/citizenship to exchange their.
  • Buddy System:  Tony suggests you have someone who can let you know "IT" has happened.  Don't just depend on his Tweet.  Especially if your going to be gone or out of the regular loop for a few days.  Tony: If it happens at 3:00 am I will be tweeting you at 3:15 am . . . depends on how fast they contact me.
  • Caps:  Tony has not heard anything more about limits or caps.
  • Rates:  You'll be able to call the banks to get the rate just like you can now.
TNT Family:  I have recovered from the radiation.  Took about 5 weeks.  Rewarding myself with a trip.  On my way to see the latest family addition, my new grand niece and will do some sightseeing.  Came into Sedona, AZ. in the early evening.  Drove in from the south and to see these massive cliffs, mountains in a curved shape around the town and felt like I do when entering a cathedral.  Awesome and inspiring.  Going to visit a Buddhist Stupa here this afternoon.  Last night I swam under a diamond studded sky and crescent moon.  I will spend the weekend with my brother in northern AZ.  Life is good.  Unlimited blessings to all ya'll.  
I AM EVER so GRATEFUL for all your prayers.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Now taking votes, suggestions for a T-shirt.  Should mine say "Sunny" or "Cliff Notes."  Cliff Notes copyrighted?  Open to other suggestions.  I like glitter, bling, pizzazz so having the letters spelled out in Swarovski crystals would be superfantastic.  LOL!


UU6731 – “Week Ending Update 8/21” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Many intel gurus have said the news from Iraq was scarce this week. Really? You have to be kidding me !

The news has never greater as these reforms progress. Maybe some should consider getting new sources and change their “secret” contacts for their source of information? ….lol…..

Today’s News

Today is Friday August 21st and still we have no news of an RV.    

So the news of this week is the coming of the second set of reforms as Abadi promised. Like I have been saying now for many, many months – watch for the completion of these reforms and you will see the light at the end of this RV tunnel.

So what are these recent reforms?
First let me present to you a summary sent out by the Abadi press office yesterday  to the general public of Iraq. It is a summary of the last round of reforms. It is so obvious they are trying to find ways to save money and meet their 2015 budget and also clean up the corruption. Abadi has announced he wanted to complete this first set before rolling out the second set of reforms. Originally he said we would see the announcement this week. They intentionally scheduled the progression of these reforms because many of them are needed to move forward to the next step.

Article Follows:

Abadi Press Release Today 8/20     

Based on the package of reforms presented by the Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi and endorsed by the Council of Ministers and approved by the Council of Representatives the following executive orders and directives were issued:

1. a large reduction in the security details for officials and the presidencies and others, up to 90% percent, and the abolition of the battalions of special security for the VIPs, returning them back to the Defence and Interior ministries as per their designation, to be trained and prepared to do their national duties in defense of the homeland and the protection of its citizens. This decision relieves from the state budget more than twenty thousand security officers, with their salaries exceeding 250 billion Iraqi dinars annually.

2. restructuring the battalions of special protection for the three presidencies and the offices of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic and the offices of the Deputy Prime Ministers that were abolished, and define their duties and subordination and the transfer of their assets so they can assume their security functions to protect the country.

3. the Prime Minister orders the re-allocation of the budgets of the offices of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic and the offices of the Deputy Prime Ministers that were abolished to the public treasury of the state.

4. a) the formation of an expert committee to remove the differences in salaries through the reform of the salaries and allowances system and the abolition of the special provisions for all of the Presidencies, the commissions, and state institutions and their pensioners, taking into account fairness and professional competence, and to provide a new system within one month of the issuance of this order.
b) Lowering the upper limit of the pensions of officials and drafting a decree within a week that deals with the wrong decisions taken previously.

5. the formation of a supreme committee tasked with the selection of candidates for senior positions under the chairmanship and membership of a number of specialists from the Integrity Commission and the Ministry of Planning and experts from development centers in the private sector and consultants and academics.

6. the formation of a supreme committee to hold the Ministries and departments not associated with a ministry to accountability through evaluation programs designed for this purpose and the committee is tasked with submitting periodic reports (quarterly and annual) to the Prime Minister.

7. the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi instructs that recommendations be made by the Office of Financial Supervision and the Integrity Commission to activate the role of inspectors general and provide benchmarks for their staff needs to make them more efficient and to remove the excess in addition to providing criteria for evaluating the performance of audit institutions by no later than 31 August.

8. determine a date no later than 31 August for the implementation of abolishing all positions of external advisers in the ministries, whether fixed or temporary, and limiting the advisors of the three Presidencies to 5 advisors per Presidency.

PM Media Office

Article Ends

We are beginning to see these new reforms (phase II) take shape. Be patient I believe the redenomination meaning the deletion of the zeroes is in this second set of reforms.   Today out popped some more good news in this direction.  .

I also want to remind everyone that I told you the cuts in salaries had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the RV and everything to do with just saving money and trying to balance the budget. These cuts were also to standardize government employee salaries to a fair pay scale ridding Iraq of favoritism and unnecessary perks from 8 horrid years of the Maliki administrations.

A few days ago we heard announcements that parliament’s salaries were in fact being paid out and NOT CUT and so all you guru’s were wrong once again…....too bad ! Again all the hype for nothing by some gurus. 
So again later this in this week we also heard news that SOME govt salaries were in fact being cut but still no RV. So you tell me if this was dependent on an RV and so who was right in this matter! Who was right once again?

Of course there are some gurus who don’t even believe any salaries have yet been paid at all and still tell you this on their conference calls. Why?  

So there is still yet one more layer to be paid. Now we wait for the average citizen to get their monthly social benefits (such as pensions, ration, unemployment, etc.).  It is already Aug 21st and they are VERY late this month in making these payments. Why? I think I know why and what the finance committee has been instructed to do.  Do you want to know?

It is really not that hard to figure out. You see by dismissing all those gov’t jobs (the unneeded deputies, personal security guards, advisors, etc..) the GOI was able to save billions each  month. Yes – that billions with a “B” each month not over a year. Did you also notice these cuts were IMMEDIATE. Why?

They needed this savings in order to put together the money needed in the budget to pay out the citizens on the Qi Cards. We all should be very familiar with the Qi-cards. They are juggling money and trying to find a way to pay all their bills. This past corruption has really messed up their financial position. It is, however, all repairable and Abadi is fixing it. We have to be patient.

I am told these payments will happen soon. They do expect to see some cuts in this area too, at least this is what I am hearing. There is extreme pressure by the rioters to make these payments soon since they promised months ago they would be on time (beginning of the month) in the future.

Many gurus have accused mnt goat of not backing up statements with facts. For those long time readers -Do you think this is really true? I try to present the articles and news briefs when I can. I also try to tie the information together for you without any hype. Many have put words once again in my mouth and have accused me of  setting RV dates and then watching them come and go. Really? Once again now they are telling you I set a mid September as an RV date. This of course is not true as I am only telling you there is a good possibility of a window of opportunity at that time but nothing else. Sorry this is not predicting a date.

As in other periods I described only WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY and never told you it was going to RV any time or on any day. At least over the last year I have had much better intel since I learned about this misinformation and propaganda being passed around. I stopped listening to these sources and I recommended all do the same. Maybe many of you need to take off your RV glasses and stop using this false intel with the conjecture and hype. Did you ever think these sources are just like you and me. They too are susceptible to interpreting the news. You are then the fool if you believe it unquestioning and do not analyze it carefully before spreading it around.

Today I   continue to bring you the facts as I read them and learn about them. You can take this information to any degree you want but please DON’T SAY TO ANYONE I SAID SOMETHING I DID NOT SAY. This would be a lie and  improper to put words in my mouth like predicting an RV date.  These same people who continue to do this also complain that others do it to them. Seems they don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot?

a. In the past I said - Do not even expect ANY window for an RV until as least a June 2015 timeframe. This does not even say there was a window, does it? Go back and re-read my news letters. This statement was predicated on the fact of a June second Paris Conference to take place. This was an evaluation of the Iraq progress by debtor nations and the IMF. At that time many gurus were saying any day, any time for an RV. I said Really? I told you this was ridiculous since there was still so much progress to be made on these reforms and they were not even having a status meeting on them until mid June. Oh, but these same gurus told you these reforms were all done, as they now also tell you. Really?

Then why so many articles on this topic telling us otherwise? I can back up everything I tell you with FACTS not some “intel” from some “secret “ sources from Iraq and the government.

b.Then when June came and news from the Paris Conference was publicized, Iraq told us that many of the reforms needed for currency reform had timeframes of mid August to mid September, having September as the outer most timeframe for the reconciliation reforms to be completed.
We also learned at this time the ‘decentralization” effort was scheduled to be completed on August 5th.  This is also needed to complete full implementation of the Iraqi constitution (also needed for the RV). We all watched and waited for the August “report card” and it was given to us. Remember I talked about this in my news letters. The progress was good as only 8 out of the 30 reforms remained. A date was agreed to of  mid Sept for the completion. Does this mean I think its going to RV in September? No – but I hope so as we all do. We will have to wait and see what happens as we progress closer to this timeframe.

c. So with the Aug 5th date looming and then being late, because eight of the ministries were not ready to transition to the provinces.  August also was the 1 year mark when he promised each member of his staff (council of ministers and all ministers in general) were to get a performance review. These recent dismissals we read about last week are a result of these evaluations of the ministers. Abadi is not playing around. He is a   leader and makes everyone accountable.

So we got passed mid August and still no National Guard law, Amnesty, Accountability and Justice, Investment Law, Parties Law or HCL money payments. So no RV. Just as we were told would happen if these laws were not implemented. No mistake or hype, just the facts.

d. Now as August progresses we move towards the second timeframe of mid September to watch. We know this is the 1 year date when all the Reconciliation Reforms are supposed to be done, (meaning passed and implemented). Can Abadi do it? This is why I now say if they can conclude these reforms we might see some movement in mid September. If not completed they  will have another meeting and decide what to do. I can not tell you what they will do. I can predict  and I believe they will extend out the date. This may go on to Jan 2016 for all we know. Maybe this is why the CBI told us they have a window for currency reform to happen at this timeframe. Again all we can do is watch and wait. Even the CBI does not make firm commitments and just tells us they are planning this timeframe of Jan 2016. How many times have they too delaying this project of currency reform already?

We also now see they intend to sell Bonds international in order to also help finance the debt on the 2015 budget. Is this part of the money that is needed for paying out on the citizens Qi – Cards I referred to above (being almost 21 days late )?  Do they have to RV in order to sell these bonds?

The answer is big fat NO!  However would you as an investor for a major bank want to purchase these bonds for you client’s portfolios at the 1166 rate (less than .06 per dinar)?

So my Question is this – How do they plan to sell this 6 trillion dinars (6 billion USD) in bonds once this effort is launched? They have some heavy hitters handling these bonds like Citigroup Inc., Deutsche Bank AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co. They plan to launch this by the end of August, so they told us already.

This is exciting news (article follows below) so lets watch and see what happens. So far they seemed to do the impossible and most times these events flopped due to not having a marketable currency. Will this happen again?

Article Follows:


August 18, 2015 — 5:24 AM EDT Updated on August 18, 2015 — 7:57 AM EDT

Iraq hired banks for its first international bond issue in almost a decade, seeking $6 billion to help plug a widening fiscal deficit.

The government appointed Citigroup Inc., Deutsche Bank AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co., said Muneer Mohammed Omran, director general of the central bank’s investor department in Baghdad. The bond program will be in tranches, with the first sale coming this year, he said by phone Tuesday. Spokesmen for the banks declined to comment.

Iraq, holder of the world’s fifth-largest oil reserves, is looking to bolster its finances amid civil conflict and the global slump in oil prices. Fitch Ratings expects the fiscal deficit to top 10 percent for 2015 because of lower crude prices, higher military spending and costs associated with civil unrest. It ranked Iraq five levels below investment grade this month in its first ratings for the country.

“Iraq is going through some difficulties at the moment because of its conflict with ISIS, but oil production is at a record high,” Anthony Simond, a London-based investment analyst who helps manage $13 billion of emerging-market debt at Aberdeen Asset Management Plc, said by e-mail. “Things could look a lot different if we see a rebound in oil prices.”

Investor Meetings
The country plans to meet with international investors as soon as next month, said two people familiar with the program, asking not to be identified because the talks are private.

Iraq’s bonds have fallen 4.5 percent in the past three months, more than double the loss on JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s EMBI Global Diversified Index. The yield on its notes due January 2028 rose 66 basis points this year to 8.55 percent today.

Iraq has struggled to emerge from violence after the U.S.- led occupation, with the army trying to recapture large areas of the country from Islamic State in a campaign backed by the U.S. Increased oil production has coincided with a market slump. The International Monetary Fund approved $1.24 billion of emergency financing in July.

Government debt may equal 51 percent of Iraq’s gross domestic product by the end of 2015, with the ratio forecast to increase next year, Fitch said. Savings built up over years of high oil prices have largely been eroded, the ratings firm said.

Iraq’s crude production climbed to an all-time high of nearly 4.2 million barrels a day in July, according to the International Energy Agency, with record exports from southern terminals mostly unscathed by Islamic State militants.


Article Ends

Maliki Update
As we know Maliki traveled to Iran with a delegation from his party. I believe his intent was to defect to Iran since he also traveled with his family. Once there he was asked to return to Iraq. He is now back in Iraq however he left his family in Iran. We have read articles that he has returned.

Abadi is moving quickly on the clean up of the Judiciary system to get the Judicial Reforms implemented. This will clear the way for any obstacles for many future reform objectives including bringing Maliki and his goons to their final demise thus stopping the stalling of needed legislation to complete the Reconciliation efforts agreed to be completed by mid September. These reforms are moving lightening fast.
Maliki MIGHT be able to lie  and wiggle his way around the Mosul, Ramadi and Anbar incidents as well as some of the accusations on corruption. However there is one charge he will not be able to wiggle out from under and that is the Streicker AFB incident as they have files and files and many witnesses on his guilt. Remember this would be a charge of treason thus facing a penalty of death in Iraq (by hanging). Seems he might soon get a chance to join Saddam in hell after all.

I have been saying for years and fully believe that Maliki and his goons must be dealt with prior to any Reconciliation effort completion and thus prior to any currency reform completion (RV). They will not encourage hundreds of investors to come to Iraq if the climate is not conducive to doing business. What does this statement mean?

It means they need items like the following (this is why these reforms are so important):
  • 1.    having an honest and FAIR JUDICIAL SYSTEM (need judicial reforms implemented NOW);
  • 2.    BANKING and INVESTMENT LAWS in place to conduct international transactions and best banking practices (no corruption) we see this in the new Investment and Banking laws required by the IMF. We also have seen lately the clean up of many corrupt banking officials;
  • 3.    allow for MECHANISMS OF INSURANCE to compensate against accidental losses (insurers will not do business in an unstable environment…too risky);
  • 4.    allow for OVERALL SECURITY ON THE STREETS (need provincial decentralized security forces National Guard law and need it NOW);
  • 5.    Need more LOCAL AUTONOMY IN RUNNING GOVERNMENTAL MATTERS, thus need the decentralization effort completed  and funded (I think this may be all but done);
  • 7.    TRADE TARIFFS AND CUSTOMS (implemented but stalled due to slow economy);
  • 8.    CLEAN UP OF THE CORRUPTION caused by the last administration (need judicial reforms);
  • 9.    STREAMLINING GOVERNMENT –finding ways to meet the 2015 budget

When we see a stabilization of Iraq and many of these items I listed above (did I miss any)  we will then see the currency reform take place and NOT before.  Remember currency reform is a by-product of this ongoing process and not the driver force. This is what some very creditable people have told me over and over again each time I question it and it seems they are correct.

Please take off you RV glasses and see reality !

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


The reason oil is down is because manufacturing is down...The worlds economies are in deep S***!

 The start of October is the beginning of the development rollout for global infrastructure...instead of it being billions invested it is being escalated into the trillions...

I posted in the past that June was the end of the road... Since that time Iraq was given until October 1st to get their s..... together...

That is July -August-September...a 90 day time frame...a time that requires letter of credit payments...

Im not going into detail on that subject...but know that the time is real...

And many argue that Iraq does not follow time frames and I agree...but the developed countries do and Iraq can find itself left behind...Cuba being opened is for a reason...

There is an economic shift coming and we hope we speculated right with the IQD... This is not conspiracy stuff.



Iko Ward :
( Early Friday AM)  GM Sugar, Markets down again. China down 4.27%. Japan down 3%. Africa down 3%. This can't go on much longer without somebody saying enough is enough.

: another bad day you think iko. Iko Ward wrote 3h ago For the markets? Yes. For us, maybe not.

Iko Ward :I don't know if you guys are reading Tony Robbin's book, but if I had all my money in Mutuals right now I'd be one nervous Nellie. Nothing to do now except wait for 7AM polling. GN

Iko Ward
 :  UK..wish I knew the actual boiling point of Wall Street. Maybe we'll find out in a few hours. Back to bed, guys...later.
Jimbake:  Iko...so, at this rate, the question is...how much lower can we go?!...buckle your seat belts, the ride could get bumpy! :)

Iko Ward:  Guys, lets set the record straight cause it gets confusing. China devalued it's currency once last week 2.9% It's stock market has continued to fall, nearly 20% from this past April. They are threatening to devalue the Yuan again if no RV (that's not how they put it, but that's how we are taking it).

Depaul13:  Iko.... who's the "WE" ?? And do they know?   Iko... it would seem the "We" is the "World" at this point.... am i Right??

Iko Ward
: No, most of the world still has no clue.   "We" are the financial community and people involved with the RV.

Depaul13:   Iko... I think they can see it now though

Iko ward:
  Depaul...its beginning to be reported, but no real effect yet so mostly just more background financial news. Watch how FOX reports the market today...that's what people are hearing.


Good morning to all. What a night last night. Those of us who listened to Bruce on the Big call were informed of 2 major things. One being that it was feeling like XMAS EVE (I wonder where he got that from? ha ha) and China has continued to devalue PLUS several other countries have started the same process of devaluing and de-pegging from the USD.

Let’s address the market first. China has decided to continue its drop to the 10% mark. Will this hurt the RV? No it wont.then why not? These corrections are needed to create an equal playing field for the countries; an alignment which should have been on 8/8/8 but since things were still being "delayed" for what ever reason China "jumped the gun" since they are seeking a new position in the currency world. The previous weeks,Greece,in her own way is going to eventual cause their return to the drachmya and de-peg from the Euro. This will also cause a domino effect with the other eurozone countries. Now the yuan/remnibi is hoping by de-pegging from the USD that it will eventually be a reserve currency and as such,other countries will align with the Yuan as their reserve currency. This is definitely a chess game!. Now what about the USD? well,we know that we have lost our soverign positon for the time being and right now the USD is still THE reserve currency at least for the FIRST BASKET. Now do you follow my drift?

Now enter the emerging countries,countries that are trying to get back into the world currency market;countries that need to be on an equal playing field. So you say what about the rv of Iraq-when will it happen? It is happening RIGHT NOW. What a great time to re-introduce the dinar to a market rate! While everyone is focused on "Currencywars" no one is looking accept Iraq and us,the 5 million invested in the greatest "SCAM" of the century!

STOP LOOKING AT DATES AND RATES. Dont worry what the imf is writing,dont look at deductions of the other sites,although most have contributed and deducted some great info. WATCH their actions. FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION. Ying and yang. We know that all the reforms are completed including the money reform;we also know that some laws will be released at the time of r/i since they wont work without a reality rate. A lot of laws are completed and the HCL and they will release all at once. I would have to say that at this point we,as dinarians have too much knowledge at our fingertips which the rest of the world has no idea of.

Now for XMAS and will we see the RV tonight? With that cryptic message I can only say that yes for 2 morrow which is 8/22-a final completion? we all can get paid? I hope so,but do we have to wait till 8/24 to see it when the markets come up? or do we wait to 8/28,the next payday for the politicians in Bagdad and also the reporting date of the UN operational sheet or 8/29 the next full moon which would bring us to 9/1? 

Again, these are just my thoughts and all I can say is that we are in the moment and if I were a betting person I would say NOW but then I can be wrong. Remeber what I said about the month of September-it is a bad month all the way around with numbers,dates, times and possible erratic market changes. To night the markets go down and today being Friday in Iraq,I believe the banks are opened again even though a Holy day. This GCR and the re-alignment of the world.