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[R&R] In the Art of War, there was a story in which Sun Tzu asked for his concubines to be brought to him as he wanted them to practice military drills. He divided them into two groups, and began to call out orders.

As he did, none followed him and many were indifferent or even laughed at the exercise.

He then called for his two best and favorite concubines to be brought before him, and to everyone's surprise, he ordered them to be beheaded at the behest of his top commanders.

The very next day, he ordered all of his concubines again to the palace to practice military drills. And as expected, without hesitation, everyone followed his commands without question, in fear of the fate of the two the prior day.

[R&R] They, the PTB have beheaded the two "best " dealers, and all others are quickly falling into place .

[R&R] daz that is soooo true

[R&R] daz the "truth" IMO is that they can't go after everyone... there's just not the resources to do that. So they go after the biggest, and make an example of them for all to see. Fear puts the others "in place"

[snickers] R&R They've also most likely closed the path to potential significant wealth for peeps who were counting on the reserves to get it. There is a methodical sequence of planned events playing out here. Nothing happening now is unplanned, imo.

[R&R] But like SUn Tsu, he never intended to behead any other concubines (I mean, these were the concubines for him and his commanders! Why would he make THEM suffer! LOL) But he had to make an example of his two best to make them fall in line on their own

I don't think they can go after everyone, so they took out the top two ... like Sun did...

THe question is.... will everyone else now just comply? On their own? Or not? And if not, will they continue down this path?

Personally, IMO, I think they have created a shudder large enough to accomplish the intended goal. Even if a few small dealers keep selling, I have a small feeling they may just leave them be.... but we'll just have to see

[snickers] So, with reserves no more, what's left that they can try in order to tighten up the whole rv/ce process. Maybe structured payouts for everyone whose ce'd amount is above a prescribed total amount dictated by them. Idn.

[R&R] snickers I just don't know... but IMO I don't think we'll have to do that. I think we can just go to the bank and exchange...again, IMO

[R&R] In other words, I don't think the control begins at the exchange level....it begins at the dealer level, and they are going for the "big game" hunt right now

[R&R] Just remember, we have every right to own and possess these currencies...President Bush made sure of that, and that priviledge continues to this day. And we will be able to exchange them when the time comes....


Clemsonfan :rrrr... does finished mean SKR and waiting

rrrr :  clemson... no skr

brendad : rrrr Did you get rates on all 5 currencies? Also, did they mention the rial?

lorena1972 : rrrr. only answer if you can, Zim good?

rrrr : brendad... I only did 2 currencies... i know the rates, signed all the papers... When I finally receive funds, you all may have already RV'ed since I believe the RV will be this week


rrrr:  “If you build it, it will come”. It has been built! It will come without all the judging, blaming, analyzing, miss-informing, complaining, and negative comments! Seize this Moment of RV. It’s a truly magical moment. Be in awe that you were chosen to receive this Blessing. Don’t try to touch it. Just feel its presence. Don’t try to understand it. Just know that it is here. No questions, No doubt. When the time is perfect, the universe will Break it Out.

 Just received an email from Currency Liquidators, a currency dealer I have used in the past and they have discontinued their layaway plan until further notice.


RE: The Big Call Tonight:

Lealoha:  Bruce is going to speak on intel now

Bruce says "It’s very significant about Debtarheels post today" proximity of this blessing is right at hand, doesn't look at this as there is anything holding it up now...it's rolling out"

"A lot of places have gone quiet...Basra ships began to unload this morning....due to tariffs"

"international rate is coming in order to do this....everything is moving in terms of funding and moving in terms of banks...banks are ready...from security point of view and staffing...hoping in next day or so ready to rock and roll" let's see what transpires within next day or so!!"

Continue to be patient and let it roll out - blessings is coming suddenly and also close....let it manifest!"

  So bruce saying by end of week? woww....

Fancy01:  Bruce just said--taking 3 zeros off of the Billion zim notes. making it like the trillion exchange of 6 zeros

  RV going to come like a thief in the night…… Rates good or better than we heard in past says Bruce

Lealoha:  Had to come back on - he's calling for celebration call on Thursday!! That's means RV tomorrow!! :yeah:!

Lealoha:  martha - thinking 8/8/8!!

Martha:  lea,I have been studying the numerology thing all this year. This is our year

Lealoha:  martha - well I'm in agreement - the Chinese have been behind this forever - they will be very pleased with 8/8/8

TBIrdd:  LEA --- 8/8/8 ??

Lealoha:  8/8/2015!

Lealoha:  tbirdd - add 2+0+1+5 = 8!

Rrrr:  Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal can exist. Herein lies the peace of God….. From “A Course in Miracles”... The RV is Real... the only threat is if you let your faith be daunted.... step back Dinarians and behold the miracle that is unfolding before you eyes.... and smile.... just smile... and know you have been chosen to be apart of it!.... How Cool is that Dinarians?



 You can't ignore the fact that the PTB, never wanted us to have this money in the first place. So it's becoming painfully obvious (dealer shutdowns/reserve shutdown) that more measures are being put in place to minimize how much money they will ALLOW us to get.

Nana:  If I remember right Tony always said when the currency dealers stop selling currencies the RV is here!

 let me run this by you......seems laws done just not read .... In country RV .... ok were close nowwww the fbi's mission to stop reserves (I think it slipped by them at first) then someone cme up with the idea if we cut off reserves that's half the people they have to worry about....its amazing the timing... could have done the reserve thing months ago.. I believe this is just part of the plan and a slowwwwwwwwwwwww rollout.. cut off reserves you have less millionaires JMO

Rrrr:  Flybaby.... why cutoff the reserves months ago and penalize the people that are making ontime payments?... It makes sense that they would do it right before the RV... which would be NOW!

Tbarts : Instead of hashing over the reserve thing, we all need to accept it for what it is and decide how you move forward with the change in plans.

   very simply regarding the reserves....YOUR CHEESE HAS BEEN MOVED....imo, time is of the essence for alternative plans to be inacted

  Big news!!!! Haider Al-Abadi ‏@HaiderAlAbadi 1m1 minute ago Cabinet today took a major step towards decentralization by approving the amended provincial powers law


Sparkyone:  "Global Reset Imminient" announced on Savage Nation

Home of the Savage Nation August 4, 2015

Dear Reader,

In October 2015, the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar.

A leading PHD Currency Expert says “This announcement will start a domino effect that will essentially determine who in America gets rich in the years to come… and who struggles.”


Sincerely,  Brett Eversole
Financial Analyst, Stansberry Research

P.S. According to Bloomberg, this announcement could send literally trillions of dollars moving around the world.

Sparkyone:  ~Maybe the bigger point is that the Genie is out of the bottle~Michael Savage does have a large audience and daily newsletter/blog.

What IS encouraging is that more people will have time to prepare somewhat and we (dinarians) are given more substance and confidence with the airing of this video.

His word choice" imminent"  (his not mine)  is not as important as the concept of change coming is on the horizon and the "date" as ALL should know by now, is NOT as important as the EVENTS that are hopefully coming.

The entire global population suffers, not just us dinarland zombies~


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DebTarHeelGirl: I am being asked what do I think about the currency dealers stopping the selling of reserves and lay-aways… My comments are below, we watched Dinar Inc. last night put out a memo on their Lay-Away page of their company site that states:

Due to recent events we are proactively suspending our layaway.

You can see that Dinar Inc. has VOLUNTEERED to stop selling. Some would say that’s smart. 

Last night we also watched IBuyDinar.com (M7 Corporation) go from selling reserves and lay-away’s to changing the home page of his website removing all links to purchase reserves and lay-aways, then adding disclaimers and transparency notices, which is a good thing showing they have nothing to hide so that is showing all they too VOLUNTEERED to stop selling reserves.  

Hummmm volunteered???

So now we have Sterling/Dinar Banker, GID Associates, Dinar Corp, Dinar Inc. and now IBuyDinar/M7 Corporation all no longer selling reserves.

(Note: As of this morning, XchangeofAmerica has now also ceased selling reserves.)

FOLKS I have one word that was given to me last night… If you remember we were toldALLEGEDLY right before the RV/GCR would be released, the brokers would cease selling the currencies that are reported to be in the exchange baskets. 

Yes when the rate changes at the RV, that will take a split second to change outright purchase prices.  

Well if they continued selling reserves, and this RV SUDDENLY popped, someone that is full of GREED would run to their PC and place a trillion dinar reserve.

YOU KNOW THEY WOULD so why not let the brokers cease selling to prevent chaos… as it SEEMS, the consensus is, our SUDDENLY IS CLOSE!
ITS ALL GOOD FOLKS, let this all roll out – it’s not for us to know every detail of the whys and what for’s… REST - God’s wealth transfer is about to show up and YOU are a benefactor of it amen?  AMEN!


8-4-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  [do you expect a huge announcement when the RV happens?]  Yes, it will be visible, immediately "around the world" and no "trickle down"...you will know when it happens.

8-4-2015   Intel Guru Frank26 
  Maybe by the 18th...highly possible...we may have a better chance of seeing the bonds come out for the citizens of Iraq.  The anti-money laundering law is in place as of right now!  It was put in place today at the borders. They didn’t even want the bonds sold until this anti-money laundering law was done Jubouri threatened that if they (GOI) didn’t get this done, he would expose what parliament was doing to the citizens. The concerns for Abadi when he took over as the new Prime Minster were serious. He told the people to give him 1 year and he would clean up all of the Maliki mess. Well guess what? Security comes in many forms.  Abadi and Dr. Shabibi are one...united  in getting rid of Maliki and his base. We believe now that the anti-money laundering law is in place … they can now deal with them from causing any problems. The reinstatement is something we want to see.  At some point they can jump into the RV during the International phase. This has to work perfect.   [post 2 of 2]

8-4-2015   Intel Guru Frank26 
  [via FrostytheSnowman] ...the LAWS are very important for the security for Iraq.  They satisfy the borders (taxes / tariffs) those protect the currency and the revenue stream for Dr. Shabibi.  ...the TARIFFS are in place TODAY [Monday].  The TAXES and TARIFFS are applied through the borders but they don’t apply to FOOD – because they need to take care of the citizens.  If you want to bring a product into Iraq it’s going to cost the companies a lot of money. Those companies are pouring in because they want to be a part of the monetary reform. The only security we’re interested in is the movement of the monetary reform.  The international world knows it’s coming with the taxes and tariff’s kicking in.   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

8-4-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [can the GOI RV without the CBI?]  No - they cannot. However...the GOI (various committees) want this (added value) as much as anyone... it is conceivable the GOI did this knowingly to put more pressure on the CBI to act accordingly...what I'm saying is: the GOI may be allowing the tariffs and taxes to go ahead in spite of the CBI holding things off - I hope it doesn't backfire on them (if that is the case)...  [post 2 of 2]

8-4-2015   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG
   [did the bonds come out for purchase in Iraq?]  internal bonds...yes.  [has anyone heard if the tariffs actually started being implemented at Iraqi borders over the weekend?]   there has been print on both sides of this - I suspect they have... however,  I saw pics over the weekend of import vehicles waiting at "ports" to bring goods in... I have a funny feeling they are half afraid to bring the goods in at the new prices.  tariffs without value is SIGNIFICANT PRESSURE. This is real...   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]



 I do have the confirmation ... one bond does exist ... a domestic bond. For every dollar that you are going to buy ... the price is 1095 dinar on those bonds ... you may not see that in the news because that happens internally within the banks.

From August 2 until 31st the CBI is doing this to raise some liquidity and capital for the financial ministry in Iraq. Those bonds mature in 1 year. In one year...financial ministry has to pay you the money plus about 6% interest. I think it’s disappointing that the CBI is doing this to the citizens because we all know what’s going to happen.Say 2 or 3 months the value increases ... imagine how upset they will be? In my opinion ... we may not see any changes in the month of August because of those bonds. I don’t think the CBI would pull the trigger while selling those bonds. In my opinion - nothing will happen in August. If the CBI sells the bonds fast ... they could increase the value.

DAVE SCHMIDT UPDATE: Aug. 5th report with Corey Goode and David Wilcock


DEALER OF IRAQI DINAR IN PUERTO RICO :Good Day People ... !! This is to be listened to in the world of Dinars; Some people recorded on a private contract right through the PIF group and Dave. People who registered are the most risky (like me) because we're checking whether they will pay. I mean, let's chop the front because we take the risk when pagen. It is also a great risk because we are relying on people who do not know (again, uffff). Everyone here knows that this is high-risk unsecured. But personally I have to because I can not promote something without knowing the end.
Now, when we receive our payment I can inform you how you will do here in PR. We are in the same last year but this time are ahead. You can not go into more details. Most of you know what it is. Thank you for your information. But again, I have to do the test. I can not sit to tell me, but also to take the risk. We have to have a little more patience, I know it's not easy. God knows when this have to happen. Nothing will stop this, I mean, WE ARE IN VICTORIA ... God is Good.

Buen Dia Gente...!! Esto es que se a escuchado en el mundo de Dinares; Hay gente registrándose en un contrato privado atravez de el grupo de PIF y Dave. La gente que se registraron son los mas riesgosos (como yo) porque estamos verificando si van a pagar. Osea, vamos a picar al frente porque tomamos el riesgo cuando pagen. También es un gran riesgo porque estamos confiando en gente que no conocemos (otra vez, uffff). Todos aquí sabemos que esto es de alto riesgo-no garantizado. Pero personalmente tengo que hacerlo porque yo no puedo promover algo así sin saber el final.
Ahora bien, cuando recibimos nuestro pago yo puedo informarles de como se va hacer aquí en PR. Estamos en lo mismo de año pasado pero este vez estan mas adelantados. No se puede entrar en mas detalles. La mayoría de ustedes saben lo que hay. Gracias por sus informaciones. Pero repito, yo tengo que hacer la prueba. No puedo quedarme sentado para que me cuenten, pero tomar el riesgo también. Tenemos que tener un poco mas de paciencia, yo se que no es facil. Dios sabe cuando tiene que pasar esto. Nada va detener esto, OSEA, ESTAMOS EN VICTORIA... God is Good.


*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

PLAYBACK LINK: https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=OTQCw/jslEJ
Greetings family! Welcome to another one of your conference calls!
FRANK: I believe that TIME is the best medicine for just about anything.
Many of you are concerned about a rumor or a fact where people are trying get you to send you their dinars and they are sending you papers for you to sign. How many times have we tried to teach you to be careful? Why do we need to take the time to continue to deal with this – instead of the study of the monetary reform? Please be wise.

With all due respect … if God gives you a blessing … like a child … do you abuse it? Do you take care of it? Would I give that responsibility to someone else? Just like your dinars … do you really think that someone else is going to give you more than the CBI? If you are that gullible … you deserve the problems that come with them.

FRANK: There is a 2nd issue that I have to deal with. Today, I’m going to talk about August 18th – NO it’s not a date … but it’s a milestone in the lava flow of the monetary reform of the Iraqi Dinar.

Please avoid the people who want your dinars! I am aware of a few dealers who have been shut-down – but I don’t want to talk about it.

Reserve programs are illegal. That is why WE introduced THE LAYAWAY 4 years ago and told YOU reserves were stealing YOUR money!!!

Layaway programs are legal. Because YOU at least get the percent down payment YOU originally made for the 30 or 60 day contracts.

Do not give your dinars out to anybody!

The media … tends to point in one direction. We are going to point in another.

BONDS - what is the amount they are going to sell? 5 Billion … (that would be 5 Trillion USD).

Do you think there is that kind of money on this planet?

Security comes in many forms, doesn’t it family?

Right now, security is being plastered all over.

One form of security … is Dr. S and Dr. A (GOI) … leading to the monetary reform.
Security … (just like the many spokes of a wheel) … we are going to “pluck” out one spoke and talk about it.

If you look at your notes from the last 3 weeks … you see the SECURITY.

The media won’t tell you about the security about some cities. For example … the city that I mentioned a few weeks ago … Incirlik … is very close to Syria.

You know that the LAWS are very important for the security for Iraq.

They satisfy the borders … (taxes / tariffs) … those protect the currency and the revenue stream for Dr. Shabibi.

We found that … (in our opinion) … the governor that is there right now (Alaik) (sp?)… we feel that he seems to head one group … with about 10 or 12 groups … which you could call “governors” or “assistants” … they all answer to Dr. Shabibi.

Alaik is in the position where Dr. S wants him to be. You’ve see the articles say that the government wants to remove Alaik. Who said that? The GOI. Why? There are a lot of reason for it. What about the TARIFFS? If you remove Alaik … that is a form of security. Because he’s going to be replace by Dr. Shabibi? No. We mean a very big, big reason.

We need for you to understand that the TARIFFS … are in place TODAY.
If you want to bring a product into Iraq … it’s going to cost the companies a lot of money. Those companies are pouring in because they want to be a part of the monetary reform.

The TAXES and TARIFFS are applied through the borders … but they don’t apply to FOOD – because they need to take care of the citizens.
So … maybe the HCL is in the budget? Ready? Yeah! And the Kurds are using the rider? Yeah.
I like all of the stuff that we’re seeing. The citizens are being enticed. We told you last week. Do they want to buy bonds? No – because they don’t want to give up their dinars.

Citizens could buy the bonds in Iraq … 1095 … that’s interesting … that’s just about over $70 profit. So the citizens talk.

The media won’t tell you about that … but they sure will talk about a “heat-wave” going on. LOL!!!! Heat-wave … they have heat-waves all the time. Iraqi’s have the common sense not to demonstrate in that type of heat. The pictures that the media is displaying are about 3 years old. Do you see anyone with sweat on them? Come on!!!

Sure … we all have our opinion … and everyone is entitled to their opinion … but in my opinion … they (the media) is lying to you. The Iraqi’s know how to deal with the heat. They are busy on SECURITY of the monetary reform.

The only security we’re interested in is the movement of the monetary reform.

Are the citizen’s tempted by 1095? They can talk … but we still need to see the bonds – it won’t work with the citizens.

1st Stage -- they wanted to do it on the 1st … but they weren’t ready. So maybe by the 18th? Ah ha!
So they are telling the citizens it’s in two parts … and the first part is only 2 billion of the 5 billion of the bonds they are going to sell.

So they want the citizens to bring in their 3 zeros … (of course the CBI wants to collect those 3 zeros) … why do you think they are going to pay the bonds in USD’s?

They will pay in American dollars because they don’t want to pay them in a currency that may have a higher value upon maturity.


The citizens know darn well what is about to happen.

So … when the citizens buy bonds … (with their Iraqi dinar) … the CBI collects their 3 zeros notes … that’s the 1st phase.

The 2nd phase requires the INTERNATIONAL world … which the CBI has been talking to “privately” (without the media) to the international world – and they know darn well what is going to happen.

So … they [citizens] will be enticed … but no one is dumb enough to buy the bonds at 1166 … so at “1095” … and at the blink of an eye … they could get rid of the “95” which brings you to ONE … we remove the 3 zeros and we’re 1-to-1. Is everyone satisfied.

They’ve got the 1st part of the bonds in August. The 2nd part of the bonds in September. They need 45 days to get the 1st part going.

They want the bonds … at the rate that … well … that they might get … like the Chicago Merchant Exchange has.

The 1st part sucks in the 3 zeros back into the CBI.

At the end of the 5 Billion Dinar program … which is only 1 year … when it’s “maturity time” – which would be over 6%! That’s the first enticement. You can find bonds at 6%. That’s pretty darn good.

EO 13303 is repeating itself … isn’t it.

The first 2 billion collected the 3 zeros from the citizens … (great!) … but the last 3 billion is going to help pay the INTERNATIONAL world in USD … which reduces the reserves of USD’s in the CBI.

The whole world wants their currency … especially 12 of 7.

This is a brilliant masterful plan. It’s working well.

It was supposed to be “ready” on the 1st … for the citizens … and from the 2nd to the 31st to sell to the citizens.

Will they sell to them at a rate better than 1095? That would be real interesting.

The international world knows it’s coming … with the taxes and tariff’s kicking in.

They have to do something about this.

Maybe by the 18th … highly possible … we may have a better chance of seeing the bonds come out for the citizens of Iraq.

The 2nd part is the most important part!!!
The anti-money laundering law is in place … as of right now!

It was put in place today at the borders. It was amended three times in the month of July. What does that tell you? What is so important that they had to fix it three times? I find that powerful!

They didn’t even want the bonds sold until this anti-money laundering law was done.

Jubouri threatened that if they (GOI) didn’t get this done, he would expose what parliament was doing to the citizens.

The reinstatement is something we want to see.

At some point they can jump into the RV during the International phase. This has to work perfect.

This is the first time that any country has done this. It cannot fail. This is not your daddy’s Marshall Plan.

How do we know if this is being done right or wrong?

That’s why it’s taken some time … to get it right.

I know about Japan and Germany … and it’s good as a reference point … but this is being done differently. The countries answer to 12.

In the meantime … the bond issue is important.

So with 160 degree index … they take 4 days off? (They’re running all over the place).

The power must be transferred to the people from parliament – in the 1st place.

In the 2nd place … (power of purchase) … the transfer of power of the Providences to the people. Unity states … hum?

Did they put off the bonds family? NO! Delta will give you his report about the bonds tonight.

An article came out today … said something like taking 3 more months to do this … (November) … somebody from the GOI suggested it. We don’t need them … because TODAY laws were applied.

The security has to be right.

During these 4 days … guess who shows up? The World Bank! The anti-money laundering law in place … 6 more laws in place … and the IMF is impressed.

The concerns for Abadi when he took over as the new Prime Minster were serious. He told the people to give him 1 year and he would clean up all of the Maliki mess. Well guess what? Security comes in many forms.

Abadi and Dr. Shabibi are one … united … in getting rid of Maliki and his base. Slowly removing Maliki of his slime. In my opinion … Alaik is with Maliki. If he’s in that position in the GOI … and Dr. Abadi and Dr. Shabibi don’t want him near the monetary reform. We believe now that the anti-money laundering law is in place … they can now deal with them from causing any problems.

They want an independent board to come in to audit and do what they need to do.

Will the bonds start on the 18th – I don’t know.

Did you see that they extended it 3 months. No Jubouri … no one wants that!

Two times the taxes and tariffs were postponed … and we cheer … because we want to make sure that they get it right because it’s important for the monetary reform.

We don’t have any word yet on the bonds … even in the financial world. We might see them tomorrow based on what we’ve learned. Is the 18th the time-frame when they want to start? The whole thing with August is a little weird. Please don’t throw your hands up in the air. If there are any postponements or delays … please be patient … the lava flow continues to flow.

Delta … are you there?

Frank:  Delta … are you there?

DELTA: Frankie, Frankie!

FRANK: I like for you to go into your report.

DELTA: Greetings everyone! Good health and good spirits … good things are coming up here.

I do have the confirmation … one bond does exist … a domestic bond. I call it a “sucker bond” because some know what I’m talking about.

If you go to the announcement section of the CBI … every bank in Iraq … announcement of the bond. For every dollar that you are going to buy … the price is 1095 dinar on those bonds.
How that works … you may not see that in the news because that happens internally within the banks.

So to do it … you have to tell them how much you want to buy.

Every bank in Iraq … you have an account in dinars.

Whoever wants to buy them … they have to fill out a form

If you had an account in Iraq and you were interested in those bonds.

If you wanted to buy 2,500 worth … they would deduct from your account and then you can have those bonds.

From August 2 until 31st … the CBI is doing this to raise some liquidity and capital for the financial ministry in Iraq.

Those bonds mature in 1 year. In one year … financial ministry has to pay you the money plus about 6% interest.

Why is it a “sucker bet”?

I think it’s disappointing that the CBI is doing this to the citizens because we all know what’s going to happen.

Say 2 or 3 months the value increases … imagine how upset they will be?

I don’t see how they are going to buy those bonds.

I don’t see any citizen who would want them.

But at least they are doing what it says in the budget.

In my opinion … we may not see any changes in the month of August because of those bonds.

I don’t think the CBI would pull the trigger while selling those bonds.

In my opinion - nothing will happen in August.

Someone asked why they are giving back dollars? We all know the CBI is going to give a higher value – and a lot of people will lose a lot of money.

Remember the IQD is not internationally recognized.

Multi-countries they know what’s going to happen.

I think they are just “testing the waters.”

Remember Abadi said stuff about the credit rating … and as of today … Iraq does NOT have a credit rating.

If the GOI and the CBI doesn’t do the currency reform and Article 8 … they can do anything outside Iraq.

We do believe the other 3 billion should come out in September, or before the end of the year.

The tariff … they are implemented.
The phone cards in Iraq … when the citizens found out that when they were going to tax them, they panicked. Alcohol and cigarettes will increase about 20%.

When a company brings a product to Iraq … they pay a tariff fee

IMF, World Bank … the 1.2 billion … that won’t last them.

They must lift the 3 zeros and move forward.
One financial committee member said that the 50’s dinars are ready. He stated that the Kurdish and English language will be on them.

#1 – I don’t think we’ll see an increase in value in the month of August.

What about September? It could be any day … in my opinion.

As Frankie said … in September … that’s been 1 year since Abadi took over.

We might see the 50 dinar first – before the 100.

Would they let it come out at .85?

The IMF told them that they can’t be Article 8 compliant until they change their value.

FRANK: Excellent! To recap …

#1 - you are saying that the taxes and tariffs are in place.

#2 – in the month of August we will not see an RI or an RV because we don’t see any evidence.

They do have 1 domestic bond. The only way they can get one is if they have an account with the bank.

Let’s see what happens this month … see if they open an account to buy the bonds.

This is the 1st phase of the 5 billion bonds being sold.

We have an article … said we’ve seen the new note … which now waits in that long line.

The 2nd phase is the most important … a year later they will pay them back in USD.

DELTA: The 3 billion batch is what we are waiting for. Frank and I talked about 3 weeks ago about this. What is going to make people buy their bonds?

You see what they did inside Iraq. For them to make those domestic bonds attractive, they had to change the rate.

Why not sell for 1166 or 1200? Because no one would buy them.

If Iraq came out at .85 or 1 to 1 … that is not the true value. The true value is over 3.

Why should investors buy bonds from Iraq? They won’t at that rate.

The stock market in Iraq is going to jump like crazy … I think like 20 times.

3 billion worth of bonds is nothing.

FRANK: 5 billion is nothing.

They split that in 2 parts … 2 billion and 3 billion … in 5 minutes it would all be gone with an attractive rate.

The international world is waiting to buy the bonds.

The only reason why they sell bonds is to support your currency.

The CBI is so smart … not only are they lifting the 3 zeros from the citizens in Iraq … but on an international level … they will collect 3 zeros from outside international forces.

August 18th is around the anniversary that Abadi made that promise to the citizens.

DELTA: We need the credit rating because no one is going to do business without bank records. Iraq must show they have good credit.

The only thing left is the currency reform.
We will not see an international rate without currency reform.
The GOI needs money. The currency has to be credible.

In my opinion … you will never see an international bond without the currency reform.
FRANK: Yes. Article 8 first before … international bonds.
The bonds are a start. I know we need Article 8. I know we need to lift the value. These bonds are a great push. We need to see the 3 zeros lifted.

Everything is waiting in the long-line. It is exciting to see all of the things waiting in that line.

DELTA: The IMF told Iraq a long time ago … they stated specifically … they will help Iraq … if they implement the tariffs and lifting the value of their currency.

If the CBI sells the bonds fast … they could increase the value.

FRANK: I could send some people who could buy those 2 billion in 5 minutes. LOL!

I like the fact that the WTO is excited!

The IMF … like Delta said … you get 2 things done and we’ll do anything for you.

#1 – protect your borders

#2 – increase the value of your currency
The citizens will get their purchasing power.

Is it possible … could I use my Iraqi dinars to buy the domestic bonds?

DELTA: Yes, if you have an account in Iraq.

FRANK: So I just have to buy them through an Iraq bank?

DELTA: Yes. Any citizen outside of Iraq … who has an account in Iraq … they could buy them … could buy them all in a day. If you have a Warka Bank account. They are not international yet.

FRANK: I see the IMF and the WTO going crazy right now. The customs … taxes … laws to protect their borders – that is a start to changing their rate. An article today said that this was the 3rd phase.

Many things are being set-up for the lifting of the 3 zeros.

The IMF said they had the green-light back in March.

DELTA: For the IMF to give the emergency loans … they know what’s going on.

The last time the IMF changed their rate it was like 10 years ago on the 3rd or 4th.

Very good things to see. Let’s see what this month brings us!

The reason why I’m excited … it’s impossible to increase things with 20% taxes without increasing power of purchase.

Most Iraqi’s don’t even make $2 a day. Just imagine … all of the important things they buy … just imagine … it will be a disaster – not even counting inflation.

We know they are going out come out with the 50 dinar. All of these goodies … I’m so excited. We’ve been so patient over the years … but I’m very anxious to see what happens this September.

FRANK: You know … inflation … if they messed with that … oh boy!

I’m excited too Delta.

Please … these are just our opinions.

I am pleased that they started the bonds. Gentlemen – start your engines!

It’s not going to take 45 days to sell these bonds.

DELTA: The heat issue is a joke. The 4 days off. So with all of that … the banks were open … but Parliament was closed? LOL!

The CBI … you know they make money on their auctions. That was a joke. The whole month of August it will be the same temperature. So why did they do that? It didn’t make any sense. We’ll see what’s going to happen. Something has to happen.

They must give power of purchase! When they increase the value … that helps the private sector and the market economy. When they increase the value … you’ll see Iraq go crazy! Investors will come in like crazy. Hillary told companies that if they weren’t already in Iraq – it was too late. It will power-up the economy. I’m very, very excited!

FRANK: The domestic is the start. The powering-up of their economy – good point Delta.

This is a test-run family!

2 billion is a test run of the value of the IQD!

I will stay in Hawaii in August.

I am going home in September and I look forward to breaking bread with you Delta in September.

DELTA: I look forward to it. God bless!

FRANK: What can I say … that would be so profound?

How about TA-DA!!!!

What can you do with 2 Billion for a country? It was a test-run.

Call ended in prayer. 



Already Blessed:





Airam:  Yesterday I read something very interesting in my ladies ........INTERNATIONAL comp the ones drilling the oil have not received payment for yrs ......One IRAN is open to the oil market again and offering good deals.to these companies ......what is the logic movement if the Dinar doesn't moves in the correct direction ......IRAQ MUST MOOOOVE fast ........they NOW have a COMPETITOR......lol...lol..

Airam:  This thing cannot take too long ......THE WORLD IS WAITING for them ......EUROPE IS IN LIFE SUPPORT

 Airam most of the world is on life support........little issues are popping here and there but it is not good

Iko Ward:  They (Iraq) want to join the world markets. They want to charge tariffs, sell bonds, levy taxes, become the next Dubai, clean up ISIS. Can't do those things without an international rate...just can't…. And no politician since the very first caveman said vote for me and I'll show you how to make fire has ever taken a 50% pay cut. Not no how no way.

KB:  IKO you are so correct about the pay cut

JV:   yes, who would agree to those pay cuts unless they knew that they would be just fine!

IkoWard:  Well guys, ISX has reversed it's downward trend and gained a half percent last night. Forex continues to however around 1130 which is positive. The World markets remain mixed with what I am told is normal give and take. CBI is changing Canadian Rates yet again. Gold staying between the lines. WTI Crude around 46.

  The strain is starting to show. Every day seems to be the time that the RV is about to GO. BUT… a Global event like this is unprecedented. Constant delays should be expected. But now, everything points to the fact that we ARE truly in the moment. The moment we have all projected. This RV is about to Pop. Of this there is no Denying. Soooo forget about was isn’t and revel on what’s about to be. Everything is Done! That seems clear! It’s Finished! We did it! Our Blessing is upon us!