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Thank You Blackjack7 for sharing this with us all!

Blackjack7 :
 ok I will be getting a call very shortly should not only be interesting but very EXCITING!!!!!

  Just got the call and everything from the RV to Global release of funds for the bonds was done last night...he received this info from his contact at Interpol 

Folks this is all over on Monday...so please do not shoot the messenger delivering this most exciting news….. 

He also said that money is flowing but you just cannot use it but it is seen in the accounts

He will finally be able to utilize his funds that have been sitting in his account for a few months now...all due to the RV happening

ExtremeBusiness:  Blackjack....how confident do you feel that this info is logit?

  I have known the gentleman for quite some time and his contacts are at the highest level so yes confidence is definitely HIGH!!!

Royal: just wondering if you know the type of accounts your source was speaking about

  Royal these are people who have already received funds for other transactions such as bonds and possibly currency but have been in essence frozen...now they will have the ability to use those funds freely

There also might be yet another morsel this evening as well!!!

I will say this again and again any intel I receive will not be kept a secret I would be very selfish for doing so...having said that how you interpret the info is up to you all I can do is present it how it was given to me


Dovi says to wmawhite:  hi nice seeing what you are thinking of late

clay says to BGG: GM

allinxpress says:  People have been saying we’re almost there for 6 years now...

allinxpress says:  hey clay! here we are in mid july LOL

BGG says to allinxpress:  "people" - time to recalibrate :D

 wmawhite says to allinxpress:  It is obvious that if people are not listening to the CBI then they are not listening to the correct people........IMO
allinxpress says to clay:  I'm sure I’ll see u here this time next year

BGG says to wmawhite:  my point exactly.

Dovi says:  we have a gathering of the sages

clay says to allinxpress:  sure hope not

BGG says to wmawhite:  "people" - time to quit listening to idiots.

 jd says:  The tariffs and bonds are possible triggers but we will see.

BGG says to jd:  I don't know about "triggers" - markers maybe... tariffs without value will be hard on Iraq. Reported plainly.

 allinxpress says to clay:  seems that we are still asking the same questions as we were 6 years ago lol

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  I expect to be in St. Kitts this year.........so you will very likely be here by yourself.

jd says:  Yep

 BGG says to wmawhite:  NICE!! I'm comin' to visit :D

allinxpress says to wmawhite:  I expected to be places every year for the last 6.. .I bet we are still here next year lol

wmawhite says to BGG:  I could change it to the Ritz Carlton on St. Thomas, VI

Dovi says to allinxpress:  8-) bless your pea pickin heart

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  Like I said........by yourself..........

BGG says to Dovi:  Yup - Love - Love...

allinxpress says to wmawhite:  I have a thoughtful question...

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  Go ahead.....

msdiva says:  Good Morning All hope all is well on this beautiful Saturday

allinxpress says to wmawhite:  Iraq is SO worried about fraud and laundering right.... yet here we are in the US of A and every time I pay cash for anything, they stop the press and examine the note like they are looking for the holy grail, lol. So my question is... why worry so much

jd says:  I just think that we need to see more pressure from the people of Iraq.They don't seem to care if their 25K notes can only buy lunch or a new car.

Dovi says to msdiva:  hi sweetheart it is a fine morning...NOW

BGG says to allinxpress:  external forces capable of causing major damage.

 BGG says to allinxpress:  aka - Iran.

 allinxpress says to BGG:  Iran will always be there.. sick of people using Iran as an excuse

 allinxpress says to clay:  just still seems like CBI is worried about closing the gap of the market rate and the actual rate then increasing the value of the Dinar

 wmawhite says to allinxpress:  Why,...........just as in any country,..the currency count must be controlled in order to maintain the value and integrity of it. And as they have indicated, the value MUST change. therefore, the control of the currency must be in place.

BGG says to allinxpress:  They have used Iraq as a proxy all along - significant Shia influence... and as a political watcher - if you can figure out what the relationship is currently between the Iraqi Shia minority parties and the Iranian mullahs at anyone time - you probably have a handle on the political winds in Iraq...

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  those are two different issues - One is a in country issue that is temporary.

BGG says to allinxpress:  so - it's not an excuse - it's the real story...

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  The other is an international issue which will be the international exchange rate.

allinxpress says to BGG:  ok bud. Just still feel we are a ways off.. hope I'm wrong.

BGG says:  and if we (as a community) had been studying these trends and not listening to Okie, Tony and every "watered down" version thereof... we would be in a lot better financial position... having made better decisions.

jd says:  What is Iran’s and Vietnam’s international exchange rate?

BGG says:  Iran is (was) 29,535:1 USD the other day...

wmawhite says to jd:  Iran has NO exchange rate until the sanctions are lifted.

wmawhite says to jd: lol

 Dovi says to wmawhite:  can we buy the rial now

wmawhite says to jd:  UNTIL

BGG says:  but eBay sellers were getting 1200.00 per 10 Mil Rials (something like triple - sheesh)...

BGG says to Dovi:  You can - but why??

BGG says to Dovi:  it's "grey" - best case AND a terrible deal.

Dovi says to BGG:  next question - "any profit to be made"?

Dovi says to BGG:  thanks

quicktolegit96 says:  JUST GE THE P A R T A Y STARTED ALREADY

BGG says to Dovi:  by whom??

jd says:  How many wealthy countries have low international exchange rates?

Dovi says to BGG:  me - I was going to ask if I should buy

BGG says to Dovi: the deck is stacked so badly - IMHO it's not a good idea.

Dovi says to BGG:  thanks

BGG says to Dovi:  plus the Iranian Central Bank already clearly stated their intentions... and 100 Bil in frozen assets isn't really enough to force a cataclysmic change in the value of their currency.

Dovi says to BGG:  thanks again

allinxpress says to jd:  how many countries didn't go back to their previous exchange rate AFTER war?

allinxpress says to jd:  0

BGG says to Dovi:  free market and movement of capitol over some period of time may be... meaning once this frenzy dies down you might have time to buy and actually reap rewards.

Dovi says to BGG:  somebody let us know when please

jd says:  Good thought allinxpress.

BGG says to allinxpress:  what - is that hope??

allinxpress says to BGG:  just fact. I didn't say I didn't have hope sir, but you mentioned Okie and Tony, there are people on this site that call for it too and are wrong so... for me its being in this for 6 years and seeing what is going on.. I no longer expect the RV every day .. looking at the bigger picture and nothing that I'm seeing now says Aug 1 RV.

BGG says to allinxpress:  but on the flip side of your statement - Iraq is in a tough enough spot - it's not impossible they WON'T either....

BGG says to allinxpress:  meaning - if one faces the reality of their situation - it is possible, entirely POSSIBLE they do something as a "stop-gap" measure fairly soon...

BGG says to allinxpress:  to deny as much - is simply not being realistic...

allinxpress says to BGG:  True... but they have been in a tough spot before, I remember you saying similar statements 2 years ago.. yet here we sit. Plus, to me, releasing 50K and 100K notes is part of the process and is proof we are in for a longer wait. IMO

BGG says to allinxpress:  will they?? Who can tell - but we have to leave legitimate room for such a scenario... it exists.

allinxpress says to BGG:  true

jbjb4 says:  BGG - More oil companies ceasing operations will put addtional pressure on the GOI and ultimately the KRG. I saw last week where an oil company in the Kurdistan Region ceased operations due to lack of payments.

BGG says to allinxpress:  factually - more like last fall is the start of this line of reasoning (for me – not 2 years)... and there is a direct reason for that.

allinxpress says to BGG:  believe me, I want to wake up one day and discover that each of my dinars are worth $3

mimi3 says:  oh Fall now! I thought you said you did not believe that the other night!!

 BGG says to mimi3: and I don’t...

BGG says to allinxpress:  secondly - if you refer back over my last few calls - I point out the "positioning" of the 50k - 100k note thing... if Alak has his way, if he introduces those notes... maybe - maybe a delay - and no telling for how long. Could only be 6 months... could be less...

allinxpress says to BGG:  Could be 2 years.. .NO ONE knows. that's my point lol

BGG says to allinxpress:  clearly those notes are intended to help the CBI tread water for sometime - HOWEVER, and this is a BIG IF...

BGG says to allinxpress:  Further - there is no GUARANTEE ALAK will get his way...

BGG says to allinxpress:  (or Irans/Maliki's way - which is what it would be)...

allinxpress says to BGG   WHY? why would they need to "tread Water" if they are SO ready ? If they were ready 3 years ago like they have said??

I hope everyone is getting all of this because there's going to be a test later...

allinxpress says to BGG:  I don't buy that 1 man is stopping the economic reality of the entire country. Sorry. don't buy it.

BGG says to allinxpress:  I plainly laid out the 6 or so options the CBI has been discussing - the 50k - 100k note option being only one and the only one involving a delay of any kind...

allinxpress says to BGG:but it makes for interesting discussions lol

jd says:  They are either inept or someone keeps holding them off IMO.

jbjb4 says:  Pretty amazing you cannot remove a guy installed by a caretaker government.
BGG says to allinxpress:  obviously he has support/help/collusion... but it isn't a big contingent... and based on numerous recent reports - there is a much bigger contingent on the other side of the argument.

BGG says to allinxpress:  who want currency and monetary reform - take the recent Turki article - it was plain what he was saying...

BGG says to allinxpress:=  or how about the article on THE BLOG for today??

BGG says to allinxpress:=  PLAIN...

allinxpress says to BGG:=  .. which no one has any idea of lol. 6 years in this and same questions, same conclusions .. no one has any idea. Iraq is making progress, that's for sure, but no one knows what they will do next, not even the CBI lol

BGG says to allinxpress:  these are examples of "the other side of the argument" - (which would obviously be beneficial to us)...

jd says:  Why did Turki not RV the currency when he had the chance if he did have the chance?

allinxpress says to BGG:  well, I guess we just watch and wait. Should see the 50k notes by Aug

 BGG says to jd:  what did Maliki do to Shabibi when he was about to make a move??

BGG says to allinxpress:=  I am skeptical we will see those notes.

puffdragon says:  My thoughts, Abadi has spent a year on the changes with many new people in gov. positions , he fails with much more delays with the iraqi people, so IMO he must make this rv go sooner than later !

BGG says to jd:  was - probably... I also wonder if that recent Iranian bank issue wasn't a message??

allinxpress says to BGG:  nice talking with ya, appreciate the discussion :) Iraq will do what they do regardless if we are here in a chat room. Plus, you never know when you might lose a family member. I miss Sparton81 everyday..

 quicktolegit96 says:  BGG, SO NOT SEEING THOSE 50K AND 100K NOTES IS GOOD RIGHT?

 BGG says to allinxpress:  Hang in there - Gus was a great guy.

jd says:  Maybe Maliki has got to be out totally to RV??

allinxpress says to BGG:  thanks bud. yea he was. 

 allinxpress says to BGG: have a great day everyone. Enjoy Brett Favre day :)

Cricket22 says to BGG: Thank you for the comments :)


Urgent .. Mr. Ammar al-Hakim calls for rebuilding state structures and get rid of the bureaucracy and fight corruption

[tlm724] now this is interesting. Here we have a supreme religious leader demanding that an end to the proxy positions in the government. Could be a reference to the CBI gov

[tlm724] to rebuild the structures of the State, and to get rid of the bureaucracy, and the fight against financial and administrative corruption,

[tlm724] ya never know  Wink

The central bank stopped dealing with Iranian bank after attended by internationally

[tlm724] A source in the Iraqi Central Bank, on Friday, for a decision by the central bank to stop dealing with Bank Melli Iran branch in Iraq

[tlm724] denied that the decision is linked to Iran's nuclear agreement

[tlm724] that the decision came after the receipt of the bank's name in the list of prohibitions International

[tlm724] The bank's board directed its departments, including the banking and credit Directorate and Auction currency not to deal with Bank Melli Iran after his name was mentioned in the list of the international embargo.

[tlm724] "the Iraqi Central Bank Foundation is committed to international laws and issued them.

[tlm724] so the CBI is following the international rules and not dealing with this particular Iranian Bank


Saleh: borrowing will be a heavy burden for generations and must spend it on the projects generate direct income

[tlm724] that "excessive external debt without development would be a heavy burden for generations", calling for "the borrowed money was spent on direct investments generated income.

[tlm724] "The borrowing must be heading towards optimization of growth in GDP is reflected positively in the event that Iraq's economy."

[tlm724] that right, Saleh remembers what Shabibi taught him. The only way to a free market economy is through growth in other sectors besides oil

[tlm724] The World Bank in (July 9, 2015) approved, a new project for Iraq aimed at the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure destroyed by conflict in the country and restoration of services in the government-controlled areas

[tlm724] confirmed that the program is part of a larger program will be implemented over five years in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala

[tlm724] The Kurdistan Alliance counting, in (July 2, 2015), the terms of the World Bank in exchange for lending to Iraq "weights" to the shoulders of the Iraqi citizen, as he emphasized that the solution to the problems with the Arbil "will provide greater amounts of loan money

[tlm724] confirmed that the government will take remedial action to avoid wastage and the rationalization of expenditure

[tlm724] that Iraq will receive a value of three billion and 400 million dollars of IMF loans and the World Bank, revealed a tendency to privatize the stalled viewing of Astosmar.okan World Bank government projects revealed

[tlm724] to privatize the stalled

[tlm724] government projects

[tlm724] it returned to economic growth as an important part of the solution to political problems which "plagued the region.

[tlm724] exactly what we talked about yesterday  Wink read here:



Iraq become the third-largest oil exporter to South Korea

[tlm724] "Iraq has become the third largest exporter of crude oil to South Korea in the first half of this year, an increase its flow to its highest level since 2000 *wolfwhistle*

[tlm724] "the Iraqi oil exports to Korea increased by 73 percent and amounted to 8.25 million metric tons of crude oil during the month of June of 2015, the highest level seen since 2000, almost."

[tlm724] nice
Economist warns of the growing value of foreign currency at the expense of the Iraqi currency

[tlm724] Warned economist Salem Ugaili, Saturday, of the growing value of foreign currencies in Iraq at the expense of the local currency, noting that the fiscal and monetary policy still chaotic.

[tlm724] "The Iraqi market is now open to the world markets directly without restrictions and this will lead to the entry of foreign currencies in abundance for the country, which would make the Iraqi currency to reduce and worsening,"

[tlm724] pointing out that "all Iraqi traders prefer the dollar or the euro and the pound sterling on the Iraqi currency

[tlm724] that "fiscal and monetary policy in the country is still chaotic and must be addressed before the exacerbation of foreign currencies,

[tlm724] exacerbation, increase in the foreign currencies

[tlm724] they gotta fix this one way or the other. As they have said they want the dinar to be front and center ! they gotta create the right atmosphire to support it !

[tlm724] because where it sits right now no one wants to use it !

VIETNAM: Enormous Potential For Higher Economic Growth, 18 JULY

Continuous improvements to the business environment, national competitiveness, and efficiency of the economy will ensure optimal conditions for higher economic growth, Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) Nguyen Dinh Cung told Nhan Dan newspaper.

Q: In your opinion, what is the main motivation for stronger economic growth in the first four months of this year?
A: The rapid economic recovery in the first four months of this year has showed higher confidence in production and business activities.

 The economic growth was mainly driven by the industry sector with the highest growth in the area of industry and construction. The industrial production index in four months rose 9.4 percent compared to the same period last year.

Consumption also increased by 8.67 percent, the highest rate since 2011, contributing 8.5 percentage points to economic growth. The total investment capital in the first quarter of this year increased 9.1 percent against the same period in 2014, equivalent to 30.4 percent of the GDP.

It was obvious that the economic growth in the first four months of 2015 was attributed to the recovery of production, consumption and investment. The recovery was also driven by the positive improvements in business environment in addition to the stable macro economy and increasing confidence in production and business activities.

However, such positive results were initial figures and there remain many troublesome issues.

Q: What are the troublesome issues?

A: Last year was a bumper year for agricultural production with good selling prices and good growth but this year has seen a poor harvest and declining prices of farm produce. Agricultural products that are congested at border gates or discarded to feed animals has remained an insolvable problem for many years.

Despite considerable improvements in domestic consumption, there was an insignificant improvement in the service sector, which was mainly driven by a drop in the tourism sector due to a decline in the number of foreign tourists over several months.

The pace of export has seen reduced speed and trade deficit has returned in addition to high budget deficit and increasing public debt.

The business environment and entry cost have been improved but the national competitiveness index has declined, showing unsatisfactory results in the Government's effort to facilitate enterprises.

 I hope that the implementation of the Government's Resolution No.19 on measures to improve business environment and national competitiveness capacity in 2015-1016 will contribute to reinforcing these indices. It is expected that there will have appropriate adjustments to policy to impulse the sustainable recovery of the economy.

Q: What do you forecast for the economic situation in the subsequent quarters and for the whole year?

A: The GDP growth target of 6.2 percent is feasible.

The Macroeconomic Report for the First Quarter of 2015 released by the CIEM and the consultant group from the Restructuring for a more Competitive Vietnam (RCV) has predicted that Vietnam would achieve GDP growth of 6.18 percent in the second quarter of 2015, inflation increasing 0.85 percent compared to Q1, total exports increasing by about 9.7 percent compared to the same period last year, and a trade deficit of approximately 1.2 billion USD.

I think that Vietnam is able to achieve a higher economic growth if the country continues to improve the business environment; enhance competitiveness; improve productivity, quality and efficiency of the economy; as well as reinforce confidence in the Government's policies.

And if there are more effective policies for the development of private enterprises, Vietnam could achieve a GDP growth of 7 percent for this year.
Q: What policies should be considered to achieve this growth rate?

A: CIEM has made a number of recommendations. First, it is necessary to continue reforming the microeconomic foundations; consistently implement the Government resolution 19/NQ-CP on main tasks and solutions to improve business environment and lifting national competitive capacity in 2015-2016; and cease any discriminatory treatment and difference between private enterprises and state enterprises.

Regarding fiscal policies, they ought to avoid increasing revenues and over-collection, or adding more taxes and fees without reasonable explanation. Continue to simplify procedures and shorten the tax payment period and tax refunds; and accelerate the disbursement of Government bonds.

Consider and adjust the requirements of issuing bonds with a five-year maturity or more, in order to ensure medium- and long-term credit for enterprises. Control the state budget deficit ceiling at 3-4 percent of GDP.

Regarding monetary policies, top priority should be given to the completion of the process of restructuring commercial banks. Inflation is now at a low level, but doesn’t yet fully reflect the risk of rises in Q2.

Monetary policy should continue to operate in a cautious manner, anchor inflation expectations to help businesses stay firm with long-term investment decisions. The exchange rate change should also be considered in a careful manner.

It is also necessary to control imports by technical measures, and give priority to imports that help increase domestic manufacturing capacity; speed up the negotiation of free trade agreements (FTA) and closely link the negotiating process and the content of negotiations concerning international treaties with the process of the country’s economic institution reforms.

Strictly implement the management and control prices of some essential products and services to maintain the general price level, and support the inflation control target.

 Carefully consider the roadmap to enhance medical and education services to avoid increasing pressures on inflation. Once the service price increases, clear explanation should be made and supporting policies related to poverty reduction should be deployed.-VNA LINK


Good Evening, Family!

Per tonight's conversation with Frank, here is the first basket of currencies: You will note that it includes the IQD and the VND.


JOD = Jordanian dinar (has already increased in value)

SOS = Somali Shilling

SCR = Seychelles Rupee

STD = Sao Tomean Dodras

TND = Tunisian Dollar

SYP = Syrian Pound

TZS = Tanzanian Shilling

MYR = Malaysian Ringg

AED = United Arab Emirates Dirham

PEN = Peruvian Nuevo

PHP = Philippine Peso

QAR = Qatari Rial

NAD = Namibian Dollar

OMR = Omani Rial

MZN = Euro

CNY = Chinese Yuan

KZT = Kazakhstani Tenge

LBP = Lebanese Pound

VND = Vietnam Dong

IQD = Iraqi Dinar

COP = Colombia Peso

BOB = Bolivian Boliviano

VEF = Venezuelan Bolivar


7-18-15 wmawhite: If you signed a contract with Iraq today do you really care what the exchange rate is?   I wouldn't.  All I care about is that Iraq pays my contract on the first of the month every month for whatever the contract is worth in USD...I would not care what the value of the IQD is or was. However... however...however... Iraq cares what the value of their currency is IF they start paying foreign remittances in IQD...now they would care. 

7-18-15 tlm724: Article: "O.d.abdalhasin Anbuge *: Iraqi dinar exchange rate..."   Quote:  "The exchange rate of the basic economic variables that change per day continuously in response to the forces of currency supply and demand."   This is a good article in so far as laying out the current status of the Iraqi economy...It basically states that Iraq has a ways to go according to the author in so far as setting the stage for conditions that will support the dinar and any value that we hope to see.
Their currency can and will reflect the true wealth of Iraq. We cannot expect overnight success with so much on their plate at once.   They will show us the true value of the dinar WHEN it reflects the supply and demand. In order to have demand there must be an economic plan that will create the demand. Iraq has asked for help and they are receiving it. The World Bank is there, right now! The US Treasury is there, right now! The United Nations is there right now! All with a common goal in mind. To help Iraq SUCCEED!  When they succeed we succeed! 




Dealer of Iraqi dinar in Puerto Rico :Many things happening behind closed doors .... positive mind because we are in Victoria ......

Deputy National : issuing domestic bonds provide cash flow and investment opportunities
[ Baghdad - where ]
National MP Abdul -Hussein al- Moussawi said Alliance issuing domestic bonds provide liquidity and investment opportunities .
Moussawi said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [ in ] , a copy of "practical measures taken by the government to issue national bonds , will contribute effectively to provide liquidity and investment opportunities for the citizens "
SPANISH :Moussawi dijo, en un comunicado recibido por la agencia de todo Iraq [en], una copia de "medida práctica adoptada por el gobierno para emitir bonos nacionales, contribuirá eficazmente a ofrecer oportunidades de liquidez e inversión para los ciudadanos" www.alliraqnews.com


DINAR IRAQ & DONG VIETNAM: Iraq credit rating has not been announced however, when the (EID) holiday is over the rate may announced.
Keep an eye on loans given to Iraq from the World Bank.
Bonds have to be in compliance with Article 8 and will probably be issued by the end of this month.
Iraq is on the list of nations issuing bonds.
Iraq and Iran committed to work together from this day forwarded!
This is going to provide enormous security creating enormous stability in the Middle East!
This is the security Iraq has been waiting for!!!