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Great call Frankie!


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Greetings family! Welcome to another one of your conference calls!

It’s time to talk about the Iraqi Dinar.

Last Monday I told you that the Iraqi citizen’s are becoming weary – just like you and I.

We are patient … because we have no choice.
The Iraqi citizens are patient … but they have a choice.

They know what is going on.

They could tear the country apart … take over the government … invade the CBI … but they don’t.

They refuse to go into the banks – as their way of fighting back.

Put yourself in their shoes … the last thing they are holding onto is the same thing that you are holding on to – (the 3 zero notes).

Remember, I told you that they keep it rolled up … like a big bail of hay.

Write this down … that instead of a bail of hay … they now have in their possession a bail of straw. We’ll come back to that in a minute.

Abadi is adding value to the IQD.

In the last 2 weeks … they are now being told more about Maliki … (because they hate Maliki).

The GOI put out campaign to inform the citizens that Maliki will be dealt with.

On Thursday Team-Chat … you know very well what they did ;)


The treason report that was given to the citizens of Iraq (about 9 months ago) – says that Maliki will go to trial.

What does that have to do with the MR? Everything!

They have taken away Maliki’s money … his gold … everything he was trying to steal … including his son … who is in jail in Lebanon.

Raquaw was recaptured … but why isn’t it on the USA news? We have no idea … but they are telling the citizens of Iraq about that. That is the capital headquarters of ISIS.

That had a “bad-boys” party … which was a sting operation. All ISIS leaders were invited … hundreds came into Mosul. The cause? Ramadan … free meal feast.

So they came about a week ago … and they poisoned the food. And it worked. About 45 ISIS and DAASH people died and 150 are sick-as-a-dog. ;)

Maliki and his goons in parliament are in trouble.

GOICBI are combined … and someday we’ll combine GOICBI with CITIZENS

In our opinion … when you see the #1 HCL … #2 Maliki contained … #3 will be the RI / RV

We believe these 3 events will come together at the same time.


Well played Abadi!

Abadi asked for the arrest for Maliki ‘s son. He was put in a jail in Lebanon. Maliki went to Lebanon to try to get him out … but now the custody of Maliki’s son will be turned over to Iraq. No body but Abadi could have done this.

The 2 headed snake has been contained in Iraq! TA-DA!!!

SECURITY for the MR comes in many forms family!!! ;)

Crime and corruption run rampant in Iraq. This is why the citizens have been scared. I’m sick and tired of people dying for no reason.

I had many reasons in my lifetime to be scared … and the most scary experience I’ve had is when a man put a .45 under my chin … because he owed me $50. I was 19 years old. I never saw him again … and obviously I never asked for the $50 again.

The citizens of Iraq are scared … and they are sick and tired of being scared.

Amazingly the media (in the USA) hasn’t even told anyone about Maliki’s son being arrested yet.

You’ll NEVER see the monetary reform … until you see Maliki in custody.

The citizens of Iraq would love to turn their 3 zeros in … and their USD’s … and any other currency they have … for LOWER DENOMS!

Even the generals of Maliki are coming around.

iTeam called Frank … and there is some scrumptious stuff coming in 1 to 3 weeks!

For those of you looking for a date or rate … NO! … that’s not why we’re here.

So how are the BONDS doing?

There will be no international bonds until everything is secured.

The credit rating … is in line. ;)

Abadi generals … and Obama’s generals … they are increasing the bombings. They gave them (Iraq) the F-16’s yesterday. This is how battles are won – (by air). We are seeing an amazing amount of activity. Interestingly … Obama doesn’t say anything about it … nor the US media.

So … Obama says that he is going to let 46 prisoners out of jail. What is his legacy? 

An American President is going into a Federal Prison to release prisoners? IMO – he should be more worried about Russia. The economy … the healthcare program … and now cutbacks for our military … letting prisioners go … and letting anyone over our borders. Amazing. I am so confused about his motives.
If the dinar is a scam … why do the banks use the dinar in Iraq? You mean to tell me that the world is a scam?

Why is it that the IMF recognizes the IQD?

Why isn’t the IQD on the “black-list”?

Hey Bush Jr. – thanks for giving me a “scam” … LOL!!! ;)

So what does the IMF say about Iraq? … “They will increase oil production by 23%!” Scam? LOL!

There is a very long line that is going to bring forth a new horizon in Iraq.

Maliki is as cold as a cadaver on the surface of Pluto. 3 days later … one of NASA’s ships goes by Pluto … and guess what the name is? New Horizon.

Abadi is meeting secretly … (as we speak) … on an international level that will bring for the monetary reform.

They are finally telling the citizens that they have a surprise for them. A new bond is coming … “GOI-CBI-CITIZENS”

The LONG line is a prerequisite for Article 8. Like the HCL … in my opinion … the HCL is in the 2015 budget – waiting for the completion.

The LONG line … do not need to qualify to “BE” in it … they “ARE” in it.

They LONG line is manufacturing a NEW SYSTEM for the citizens of Iraq … not for you and I … we just got lucky … we were assigned to this post.

At the private meetings that Abadi has been in … this line is being COMPLETETED … while Maliki is being dealt with. Trial is next for Maliki. Everybody hates Maliki.

¾ of the HCL has been used since 2007 … because it makes Iraq money. This has allowed Iraq to limp along month-after-month … just like an inch-worm.

The HOT part of the HCL is the 4th part. Yes … the GOI and OIL Companies know how much they are getting from Iraq from the HCL … and soon the citizens will see their part too.

Who waits the longest … in this line? You … or the citizens of Iraq?

“RAPID FINANCE INVESTMENT” – that’s what the IMF is claiming right now. So what is it? (for the private sectors)
A NEW HORIZON will come to Iraq for the citizens … they will learn democracy.

They carry the bundle of “straw” … but an end to the long line is coming.

I believe that the citizens who are in the LONG line … are happy to be in the line.

The LONGER the line is … the better.
Have you ever camped out for a Black-Friday event? Some people camps out for 2-3 days for it.

Do you think that anybody would get out of that line … especially at the last second? No!

The more people pushing on the front door … the better the odds are that the door will open up.

The LONG line … looks for a bundle of “straw.”

Iraq learns that IRAN has just entered the SWIFT system. (WTF? “What the Frank?!!!”)

Iran is trying to sneak a lot of stuff by the inspectors, etc.

Iran wants their arms sanctions lifted.

In a matter of hours … a deal will be made.

Iran will get what they want. The USA will get what it wants. Russia … will NOT get what they want.

President O … you need to listen to your generals. You need to be worried about Russia.

“Nuclear Advancement” in Iran … and our media ignores the fact that Iran wants to blow-up Israel and the USA.

IMO – a country that sponsors terrorism … and you’re going to lift the nuclear proliferations? Really?

The last thing we need to talk about is nuclear stuff.

At the last nano-second … you’ll see.

The LONG line … at the end of the line … is like afterburners for what is about to happen.

The things in the LONG line … those things are QUALIFIED to be in the line.

Iraq is striking key areas … and you’ll learn more about that soon.

The media has to worry about Russia.

Najafi … (who the people love) may replace Maliki.

What if all of this happened just after EID?

Zebari … what if he moved to the finance position?

Iraq’s inflation is less than 3% right now … the PERFECT STORM is lining up!

Dr. Shabibi is extremely happy with the security of many cities.

The LONG line is looking for what the citizens have. They have a bundle of straw. ;)

“What is the straw that will break the camels back?” In my opinion … I’ll tell you after we hear from Delta.

Hey Delta!

DELTA: Frankie, Frankie!!

FRANK: How are you?!

DELTA: Doing great!


Greetings family … hope you’re all in good health.

The CBI … (sorry lost audio) … Supreme Court … auctions for the CBI.

On the 7th of July … the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the CBI … which was a very favorable decision.

As far as security … in the next 24-48 hours … you’ll hear some very good news … Iraqi army is defeating ISIS / DAASH … which may happen before EID.

We might see the holiday of EID on Friday or Saturday … maybe drag it out until Monday.

We give it 50/50 that the CBI will do something.

We are waiting for the movement of the CBI.

They are going to start giving salaries to the GOI on Wednesday/Thursday … (probably just a months wages).

We are expecting something big to happen in July based on CBI articles.

50/50 chance … maybe the CBI will pull the trigger. They might do it … they might not. But either way … we are very close.

3 or 4 days ago … someone wrote that Iraq’s credit rating was A … but that was an OLD WEBSITE.

The Paris Club … Iraq owed a lot of money … so they issued BONDS … and they had to give Iraq some type of rating … but that is not the rating we’re looking for.

The credit rating of Iraq has NOT been announced yet.

Probably nothing will happen this week … but as soon as everyone comes back from holiday (EID) … that’s what we’re watching.

We’re also watching the loans given to Iraq from the World Bank.

The bonds are probably going to be issued by the end of this month … we’re just waiting for the credit rating.

They have to be Article 8 compliant … currency internationally traded … remember the list of nations that are issuing bonds … Iraq is on that list.

A lot of good news is coming out of Iraq. Excellent report Frankie!

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I said that the deal with Iran was important for the whole nation … because why is everyone agreeing with what Iran wants to do?

Iran has a big influence in Iraq … that‘s why they need security.

We don’t even know the final details yet … and Iran has already been given the SWIFT system? Without Iran … they have to make them happy. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. You need to keep your enemies close.

We know that something is going to happen … everything has to move forward. Organizations are begging Iraq to take their money. ;)

FRANK: The 2 lower denoms … are you feeling good that we’ll see them in the month of July?

DELTA: We believe sooner than many are thinking. We all know that the CBI is going to be putting up 1 Trillion to the banks in Iraq … loans for the citizens. The CBI will not give 1 Trillion dinar … they will first increase the value. Very high possibility that we’ll see something come out about the lower denoms.

FRANK: When I saw that the CBI was willing to tell the other banks that they are willing to loan the private sectors all of that money … that was amazing … because there is no way they’re going to do that at 1166. 1 Trillion Dinars. They don’t have 1 Trillion Dinars!

DELTA: Of course they don’t. (sorry lost audio)

FRANK: I’ve just been made to make this call … (Frank looking at his phone) … Delta … can you talk to the family for a few minutes?

DELTA: So let’s talk about Walkra bank. You know they’ve had liquidity issues. They are fixing the problem. The CBI is now helping them. For those who had accounts … you can now see that your interest is there. We should probably see them coming back into business soon.

 No worries about the money if you have it there. The business here in Iraq is run at a much slower pace. They take their time … emails from them are slow.

The best time to email them is at 8am (Iraq time). Walkra Bank is a private bank. We do believe that all money will be secured. We are waiting for more information.

Remember … Iraq needs to attract investors. We believe that everything will be ok.

The news in Iraq talks a lot about ISIS and DAASH. We believe that you’ll see good news soon about recapturing cities.

We do believe that Maliki will be made to resign.

In my opinion … July is a good month to see things happen.

They don’t have to wait for Maliki to go to court to do anything.

(sorry audio problems again)

FRANK: Ok … we’re back. They told me to wait until Saturday … but I’d like to cover something with you (Delta) while you’re on.

Before you came on to talk tonight … I told the family that we haven’t heard from iTeam in a while. Ghost, please standby to guide me.

iTeam … the reason for them being absent … was with security with Dr. Abadi.

Do you remember we told you that some scrumptious was about to be announced?

The TV is announcing that “news” of a SURPRISE will be coming out.

Delta … iTeam called … “here we go!” are the words they said … they started the process … and will be done at the same time.

FRANK:: Can you call it a TOUCHDOWN?

iTEAM: You can call it anything you want. HCL … Article 140 … Security … Maliki … and Credit Rating … haggling (in my opinion) has been released over a A or B rating … looks like it will come out at a “B”.

FRANK: Is that here we go “military” … or “MR”?

iTEAM: It encompasses everything … target date of August the 1st …

FRANK: NOT a date for the MR … but that is a target date for the taxes / tariffs … because you cannot have one without the other. (And that goes on the LONG list).

So what is the STRAW that breaks the camel’s back? THE CREDIT RATING … because it’s gives us the MATH!
DELTA: I’m packing my clothes Frankie … I’m coming to Hawaii! LOL!!! LOL !!!

FRANK: (Frank read the LONG list to Ghost – because he wasn’t aware of the LONG list … things that are waiting in line for the monetary reform).

“HERE WE GO!!!” They started the process and will be ready at the same time!

Ghost told Frank to remove ¾ of the items on the list

Delta … that means that ¾ of this is more than qualified.

DELTA: absolutely … we can’t give anyone a date … the financial committee … 120 TV stations / newspapers … they are telling people they will have power of purchase … something BIG is going to happen … based on the financial committee … something has to happen. They cannot come out with international bonds and not be Article 8 compliant.

FRANK: we’ve worked so hard to hear these words from iTeam. They don’t mess around!

DELTA: We appreciate everything that they do … they risk their lives.

FRANK: They told me … tell Delta … they are telling the citizens … Ghost just posted to you Delta … they are telling the citizens. Delta will tell you things that I cannot.

DELTA: Yes … we are watching … but this is so close … they are telling the citizens that they are going to get paid. Everyone knows that they have a target date. They will give them power of purchase. ‘

They are doing this for the people inside of Iraq. They are telling them that the IQD is about to be 1 to 1 with the US Dollar. Ghost is absolutely right … the taxes/tariffs must go together. This can’t work without it! Mathematically it doesn’t work if they don’t increase the value.

FRANK: Everything that is needed for SECURITY for the monetary reform … (that encompasses it) … is done.

GHOST: “Nope all together”

DELTA: Possibly we are waiting to hear the news of the liberation of key areas in Iraq. Maybe then the CBI will announce something along with the credit rating.

FRANK: Ghost believes that Delta is spot on!

DELTA: Can I come to Hawaii yet?

FRANK: Ghost will never expose himself … so we’ll never see him Hawaii … and if he is … we will never know it. Wow I had no idea that this was going to happen tonight!

DELTA: I appreciate all of the team work and the kindness in supporting us. I’d like to thank Ghost for his confirmation. We’re praying for the conclusion to this.

FRANK: I had no idea that this was going to happen. God happens in many ways! KTFA Family … I need to talk to you. I wish to give you an update on our mission work in Cancun and in Hawaii. ‘

I was going to type it out … but it would be about 20 pages long. I’d like to tell you about some street people. I’d like to tell you what we’re doing and what we’re going to do. I’ll post a video on the forum for you to watch. We’re going to do a lot of good.

So what is the last straw? The Credit Rating … it will trigger everything … the new math!

Call ended in prayer.


Liquidity could be created overnight by the IMF and WB (PTB) in a heartbeat, but nobody is willing to do that to a country in political turmoil with no law governing how that money will be fairly distributed as to maintain a strong dinar for years to come.
If you had 18 kids (provinces) that didn't get along, would you just give the oldest one (Baghdad) all the money and trust that the money would be evenly distributed to the others and his creditors?  And not to mention this kid you are throwing all this money at has just recently been let off of a decade long punishment for attacking his neighbors and attempting genocide on his own brothers.

Thankfully all those people mentioned that have supposedly understood everything while the country has been going to hell in a hand basket are the very ones in serious negotiations right now to finally get a vitally needed and long awaited Hydrocarbon Law in Iraq.
The HCL is part and parcel of the budget itself and is connected at the hip with a simultaneous or shortly thereafter IQD reality rate at which time the "liquidity" problem will suddenly and inexplicably disappear... and the good news is the timing for this as of now appears to be sooner rather than later given the latest and soon to be public progress made in both public and secret negotiations going on right now.
The proof will be in how fast everything is about to start falling in place as they get closer and closer to and HCL agreement leading up to and culminating in the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.


Highlights of Tony's CC. 

Tony:  Had time to go on Friday, 10 pacific, 1 eastern and after midnight and it did not do any of them.  Everybody was geared up and ready.  Here we are on Monday, doing this again.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Iraq is announcing in the mosques "at beginning of EID will receive what was promised, unlike years before."   Tony said, anything could happen between now and then.

IRAQ:    Military returning to positions as they are getting "well paid."  Tomorrow is a special day in Iraq.  It's the 57th anniversary of Iraq overthrowing the Monarchy, called Happy Republic Day.  Equivalent to the USA 4th of July.  Tony: I think that would be a great day . . .Don't think it has to wait until Friday.  Tomorrow is a good day.  Dr. Abadhi and Dr. Shabibi still have the authority to pull the trigger.
  • Banks  have low denomination notes.
  • TV              Mosques: "Beginning of the EID (end of Ramadan) will receive what has been promised to them.  This time it will actually happen."  
  • Maliki's Money - found it in the walls and seats of his plane.  Tony heard that arrests were made last week related to Maliki.
INTERNATIONAL:    Markets up and oil lower.
  • Greece has a deal.
  • Iran deal is "imminent."  Final deal is not expected to be announced today.  Iran is to make an in country announcement regarding their currency today or tomorrow.  
  • Rates  Afghan still in the basket at rate of, $3.32.  Dinar this morning at $4.26 and Friday it was $3.91.  Don't know where it will come out at.
  • Traveling with currency - take your receipts and be up front about it.  Tony said memos went out to TSA to expect travelers with the currency   
  • Banks:    
  • Packages: 
  • Taxes:  If it's unclear what or if any taxes, set aside 50% anyway till the situation is clarified.        
EXCHANGING:    Dinar exchange and funds still to be kept separate from other currencies.  Tony said he knew of appointments scheduled for today and Friday, if they happen.  Plan still includes exchange centers with extended hours.
  • 800#:  Operator will ask for your zip code and currency amount to make an appointment.  You will be sent to a location appropriate with your amount.
  • Iowa caller said between him and 3 others, 4 Billion dinar was seized at Sterling.
  • Another said he found a statement put out by Mnt Goat, word for word on a tourist site.
TNT Business:  There are NEW replay numbers.  Check the Forum for them.


PAM:  Have new replay numbers for the free conference calls.  Goes into effect today.  Check tntdinar.com or any of the places we post phone numbers or information.  Anyone can access without being in the Forum.  We pass on what we are hearing.  Nobody is making you listen.  We really hope, what we are hearing is correct.  Won’t have to do any more calls and can head to the beach.  Please keep Iraq in your prayers.  They are focusing on what they need for their people and doing an awesome job.
RAY:  This is marvelous Monday.  Let’s see what happens on terrific Tuesday.
TONY:  Everything positive.  Still sitting on “pins and needles.” Hearing day/time does not matter.  Could be today or anytime past today.  Announcement in Iraq, cleric said, at the beginning of EID they will receive what was promised in the past.
Anything life changing we will do this again or send out a Tweet.  Hoping and praying with all my might this is the last call.  Let’s get on with the real deal.  Enjoy your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.  TNT Superfantastic.  By everybody.


Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, July 13, 2015.  I’m just sitting here watching television… <laughter>  Even though we didn’t have an exciting weekend, we should all be happy and ready to go!

We had times to go at 10 on Friday, then late Friday after midnight, but it didn’t.  Everyone was geared up, ready, and here we are doing this again on Monday. It’s okay, because we know we are that close to finalizing things. This morning everyone is still ready. They sat in place this weekend, and last weekend.  If I’m hearing they are tired, upset and worn out, sacrificing their weekends and holidays, then so are a lot of people.  Everyone is still ready to go right now.

What we did hear over the weekend is that Greece had a deal. The market is going up, and oil is going down (which they didn’t want).  A deal with Iran is imminent, and they are working on the last few details.  The agreement is 20 pages, the details come to 80 pages, and they hope to make an announcement today. There is nothing else in the world saying this can’t get done.

I heard Iran is making announcements inside their country – currency announcements. This morning in the mosque in Iraq, they were told that at the beginning of EID they will receive what has been promised to them in the years before.   That was this morning, and we all know EID is the end of Ramadan, which is in a couple more days.  Does that mean we have to wait until that day?  No.  It could happen today, because everyone is sitting on pins and needles asking when this will happen.

When I got up, the papers were talking about Greece and Iran is also anticipating an announcement.  I’m in a good spot.  Nobody is saying anything bad. They say the RV is done, and wait, wait, wait, it is coming.  Everything is geared up and ready to go.  Nothing is holding it up, and it should be announced today, tomorrow, in the next few days.  That is the news, in less than ten minutes.

707 caller:  Did you see the message from the ICJ about bailing out Greece with gold-backed Euros…

Tony:  I hear they are being bailed out with a payback plan over five years.  They are giving the Greek PM a new name that rhymes with ‘fidiots’.  And Iran is ready to go;  they’ve been ready for a while, but… We have to look at Greece, and how that changes things in the plan, then we can look at Iran.  They want their currency to be made legitimate;  where does that fit into the plan and is the Middle East better if they do?  Yes.  Now that they have money, their deals for food, water, etc., will all change.  If that is truly what happens, that is better for everyone.

Caller:  If the trigger were in my hands, I would be concerned about Greece and Iran…

Tony:  You can’t just think about those who want money in their bank accounts today.  It’s a bigger picture than that.

Caller:  Have they tracked down the money Maliki was hiding?  I heard that he had counterfeited that money so they could find the false money.

Tony:  They found money in the walls and the seats of his plane!  It’s crazy!  I don’t know why Maliki would counterfeit money when he had access to the CBI.

Caller:  Will DC come back for the goodbye call?

Tony:  I’m pretty sure he’s scheduled for that last call. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  Last Wednesday you spoke to a caller about transporting money through the airports, that they should bring their receipts.  When you go through TSA, their goal is not to go through your bags or money, it’s about seeing if you are hiding something.  If you have a proper way to explain why you are carrying legitimate currency and have a private screening with the supervisor. Otherwise, you are trying to conceal something and that is why TSA will stop you.  If you are straight up with them and let them know what’s going on, that makes it straightforward.  You might want to call me later to discuss this.

Tony:  Yes.  Some TSA have been told to expect this.   You’re not doing anything wrong, it’s all legal, and there is no reason to hide it.  People have called me that they got through the X-rays, but I wouldn’t hide.  Even internationally, you can travel with it if you declare it.

Caller:  They will not stop you carrying currency, they just want to make sure you don’t threaten aviation security. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  Is the Afghanistan money still in the basket?  What’s the rate?

Tony:  Yes, so far as I know… and the rate is $3.32, last I heard.  They only told me to keep the dinar separate, not the rest of the currency.

Caller:  Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Thanks to all the people I met on Friday, we had a good time and got to smoke a cigar together. I know you guys came from a long way away.  We had a great time!

498 caller:  Do you have any updates about security in Iraq?

Tony:  Somebody sent me something about Anbar and Mosul this morning.  They are doing something there, but more importantly, they also said the military guys are getting well paid, and they are coming back to work and ready to fight.  So we should see a different result because of that.

404 caller:  I think that tomorrow is a special day in Iraq, I’d like to wish Iraqis a Happy Republic Day – 57 years since they overthrew the monarchy.  IT would be a great day to make a further change in their society.

Tony:  They tell the people something will happen on Friday, and it happens on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It doesn’t have to wait until Friday;  tomorrow or today are good days.

Caller:  Of course, the 15th is when the UN prints the operational rates, so we are in a really good window of opportunity here.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

636 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I did contribute with a comment in the notes about a pair of cowboy boots.

Tony:  One of the guys who came on Friday was wearing cowboy boots and asked why I didn’t like them.

Caller:  You don’t’ want the fancy ones, you want ‘ropers’.  Otherwise they will think you are ‘all hat and no cattle’.  I had a question about ‘all rights reserved’ when you sign a contract or NDA.  Seems like you weren’t too concerned about that.

Tony: I’m not concerned about it;  I’m not even sure that it works.  I would ask an attorney about that.  I’m not really concerned, and if I were you, I wouldn’t be concerned because you will get the regular five-page NDA.  The ones who will be challenged get a totally different NDA, like me, DC, Pam, Ray, government employees and such.  We are getting the long version.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go!  Is there any truth to the idea that if there is money in your account and you add from the exchange, they will see that as fiat money?

Tony: The only thing they told me was to deposit the exchange from dinar into a separate account because it might be taxed or tracked differently.

650 caller:  It sounds like we might have some possibilities this week.  Have you heard anything new on lower denomination notes?  They will need those…

Tony:  Nope, I haven’t heard anything about them. They were distributed to the bank and merchants, so everyone is probably waiting for the same thing:  GO!

Caller:  Have you heard anything about early exchanges?  The banks were going to offer those – do you know of any ongoing exchanges?

Tony:  I know there where appointments were scheduled for last Friday and for today.  I know they did a few training exchanges over the weekend, but not otherwise.

Caller:  Where are we on Baghdad getting paid?

Tony:  People have their cards, which are international and they have been using them. They activated cards by provinces;  people were using them for a few days, then shut them down until the big day when the entire country goes.  Hopefully that is this week!

Caller:  There was news saying Maliki will resign by the end of this month and be replaced by another minister.

Tony:  I heard last week there were some arrests around that, but that’s it.

602 caller:  I’ve been following you since you started this call, and this is the first time I’ve been on.  [Appreciation]  This morning I saw something about the Greek parliament, that they would have to agree within three days.  Are we waiting on that, or is it done?

Tony: The Greek parliament has already agreed to what they submitted, which was worse for them than what they originally turned down.  Everyone is saying they should have agreed to the first offer!  That’s a done deal, the market is coming up, and we don’t have to wait on anything there.

Caller:  Are they waiting for oil to come up to a certain rate?

Tony:  They want the rate to be higher, and they used that as an excuse for delay before, but I think we will be okay because everyone is ready.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go!

Tony:  The other night, one of the guys said that Mtn Goat was talking about the weather in Germany.  I looked online and the description was plagiarized from this tourist site, word for word.  I just thought that was too funny.  It’s one thing that she is making this stuff up, but then to take the descriptions from another site, word for word…

218 caller:  I believe we are closer than we’ve ever been and payday is inevitable.  Looking forward to putting you on the front of that four-wheeler in Montana.

641 caller:  First time caller, from Iowa.  The currency we’ve already received from the dealer under investigation… is that currency good?

Tony:  Yes, from everything I know, that currency is good.  I don’t think you have to worry about that. I  haven’t heard anything like that.

Caller:  We have received emails from that company, saying they had 90% of their currency.  So we emailed back asking what the government did seize, because the four of us in Iowa, they took quite a bit.  We did receive some from Sterling, 10% back.  We have been covering ourselves by purchasing more currency outright.

Tony:  You are not buying dinar at the bank, are you?

Caller:  No, you don’t bring up that word at Wells Fargo!  Our wealth manager is in the next state north of here;  anything I send from you to him got kicked right back out.  Can you tell anything about the rates?

Tony:  The only thing I heard today that the rate they received this morning was $4.26, up from $3.91on Friday.  I don’t know it will stay there.  Whatever it is will be a good rate for us.  At some point it will go up, then come back down.  It could drop and then go the other way, but I don’t see that happening with Iraq.

Caller:  We’d be nowhere without you guys.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller:  I want to change the subject for a moment.  You put out the information about the three sports guys, two of  whom were broke after the first couple of years.  I read those articles, and also there is a book called Winning the Money Game. They said that 60% of the NBA are in bankruptcy within five years of retirement, and even more in the NFA.  The book said that they need to treat their money like a small business.  You  have been telling us this for year.  We need to learn to say NO to those who come around and ask.  I told my brother about this a few years ago, and he said No.  I am blessed even to be part of this program, and it has been an education.  Unless you learn to take care of  yourself, put yourself #1, otherwise you don’t know how to be treated.  If we treat this as a business, we will not be broke.  [Appreciation]   All we have to do is what Pam says:  we know more than we realize, and we just need to use it.

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  What’s the name of that book?

Caller:  Winning the Money Game: Lessons Learned from the Financial Fouls of Pro Athletes by Adonal Foyle.

Tony:  I spent the Fourth of July at his house, he’s a good guy.  Get the book!

Pam wants you to know that rapper 50 Cent just filed for bankruptcy.  He is nowhere near broke, but he filed because of a lawsuit.   If he had put that money in the  right trust, he would not be vulnerable to a lawsuit.  That other buy had 70 families he was supporting, so now he is broke, with $2,000 per month income, and those 70 families aren’t sending him anything.

585 caller:  Anything new on exchange procedures?

Tony: There are still exchange centers, there are extended hours, and they are manned now.  Pam says both she and DC both where ropers (cowboy boots).

816 caller:  At the beginning of the call, it might be good to remind people to take their hands down if they don’t have a question.  You said that everyone had their hands down, and mine was still up on Friday, so… We cannot get on early and leave it open like some.  Do you have any idea of when this window closes?  Last week, you said Tuesday, but that won’t happen now, will it?

Tony:  It could happen today!  They have people ready and waiting, and everyone is excited about the deal with Iran, that this is imminent.  They planned to have this go last weekend.  I love that word imminent, and they did just say that Greece’s deal is done, but Iran’s deal probably won’t be announced today. The stock market has heard about Greece and it’s now flying up.

Caller:  Has anyone in Iraq ever decided that they cannot trust Abadi because he has said that it is going to go, it’s scheduled to go, and I wonder if they are feeling frustrated there.

Tony:  Yes, they threatened to riot, and so they gave them some money and they went and spent it and they were happy/ Then they activated their cards, anything to placate the public for another week or two.  Iraq knows that they are looking bad, but some of these things were out of their control.  They tried to do it over and over again.  They still say it’s going to happen;  for a while they stopped saying when, and now they are staying that by Eid they will receive what they have been waiting for.   Abadi or Shabibi are still in charge and they will pull the trigger.

Caller:  I hope they get this going very, very, very soon.  Some of us have had deadlines, and gritting our teeth, hoping  it will happen right now.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Many of us feel the same, and we’ll be taking a deep breath and getting on with our lives.

936 caller:  So, are we are looking at Friday instead of tomorrow?

Tony:  in the mosques, they said, “At the beginning of Eid, they will be receiving what they have been waiting for”, but it could easily happen before then. Friday is not brilliant, although their banks are now open on Saturday.  I don’t see any more holdups.  Greece and Iran have now been resolved, and being this close to it, they might wait for that to be completed… or not.

Caller:  Have you heard anything about the exchange centers, 800 numbers, timing?

Tony:  I still don’t’ have the package, don’t know who my contact is;  there are two people, and one is supposed to contact me.  I don’t know the final procedures or how we will relay that to you.

Caller:  Will they also tell you the tax situation?

Tony:  I don’t know what the tax rate will be or even if they will have one.  I would just set that 50-60% aside and see what happens between now and January.

727 caller:  When we get the 800 number, will we be asked questions?

Tony:  Yes:  your name, zip code and how much currency you have. Then they will schedule your appointment, so they know which exchange centers they will send you to and which wealth manager or private banker you require.  If I have a million dinar, they will send me to one place and if it’s 100 million dinar they will schedule something else.  It has to be a bank that is authorized to deal with that amount.

Caller:  Is it advisable to call on a different phone than your usual phone?

Tony:  I don’t think you have to worry about anything like that. I t’s the bank – they are not tracking your phone or location, they are just connecting you to their call center.

Pam, do we have new replay numbers?  Yes, we do.  Okay.

919 caller:  When you come to North Carolina, will that be in Asheville or where?

Tony:  I’m going to Ray’s house, so ask him!  I might do something in Raleigh, if we can find a location to do something in that area.

Caller:  Have you heard anything different about rates on the zim?

Tony:  No, I haven’t.

Pam:  I better mention that we do have a new replay number for the free conference call – they informed us over a month ago and didn’t figure we would need them!  The new number is on tntdinar.com, or anywhere else we post that information.  Remember, we pas son what we are hearing, but nobody’s making you listen!  We really hope that what we’re hearing is correct and we won’t have to do any more calls.  Please keep Iraq in your prayers, because it’s all about them as they focus on what is best for their people.  Thanks to everyone.

Ray:  Pam, you really have to use that duct tape. Enjoy this Marvelous Monday, let’s see what happens on Terrific Tuesday.

Tony:  Everything is positive, everyone is on pins and needles waiting for this to go off. Date and time doesn’t matter.  In the mosques, they announced that at the beginning of Eid, they will receive what they have been promised for years.  We usually get more information after this call, and if it’s anything life-changing, we’ll do this again.  I pray with all my might that this is the last call we do like this --  please!  Enjoy the rest of your day;  I’m going to enjoy mine. We are TNT-superfantastic!  Goodbye, everybody. 


Super Short MacJedi Nuggets Conference Call Notes, 13 JULY

GOOD MORNING TNT:  Greece has a deal and oil is going down because a deal with Iran is imminent.  An announcement is being anticipated of the Iran deal.  The RV and GCR is done... just wait wait wait.  That's all folks!

ON TO CALLERS: not going to rehash the same old questions this time.

MacJedi Comment:  Wow that was what I call  Super Super Super Short Short Short MacJedi Nuggets  As you now know...  There is nothing really important happening today and that is what this post is all about... CUTTING DIRECTLY TO THE CHASE!
Have a wonderful day!  All my love to you all as we are truly rich even without an RV.  Everyday we receive more Sun Light than any money can buy!  Light is the currency of the Universe as it is the reason life is...  We have clean water to drink and there is no amount of money that can be spent to assure this kind of wealth on Mars!  Most of us get to eat at least once a day and that keeps us alive, breathing and capable of interacting with an amazing race of humans who embrace Love, Compassion, Charity, Kindness and concern for each other despite the few in the bunch that might act otherwise.
I love life!...  I love people!  What an amazing experience to be gifted breath on this planet!  I have a Revaluation already as I look at each day and grow older in wisdom and revalue the wealth this life so generously blesses me with daily.






Iran, 6 world powers agree to partially lift arms embargo , 13 JULY

Iran, 6 world powers agree to partially lift arms embargo – report.

Iran would be able to supply weapons to its allies in the region with the full blessing of the international community, because the nuclear deal being prepared in Vienna includes partial lifting of arms trade sanctions, a source close to the talks said.

“The agreement states that the Iranians will continue supplying defensive weapons to its regional allies to fight against terrorism and extremism,” a source in the Iranian delegation told RIA Novosti.

The UN Security Council passed a number of sanctions against Tehran over its controversial nuclear program, including those restricting its arms trade. Iran and P5+1 group (the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany) are finalizing a comprehensive deal that would lift those sanctions as well as those imposed by individual nations in exchange for scaling down the program and making it more transparent.Article Link

FRANK26 CHAT DISCUSSION : "Long Waiting Line Discussion", 13 JULY

Frank:   IF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ............ You could TALK to The CITIZENS Yourself ........ You would truly understand our new thread called .......... " LONG WAITING LINE for ARTICLE 8"

Memorize this my Friend:

NO ONE gets in a long line on a cold Thursday night at BEST to miss.......... Black Friday.

Aloha oi .........  :hangloose:   KTFA    Frank

whatever » Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:28 pm • [Post 163]   Hi there Mr. Frank, Aloha to you and Tink,

I know for me I am just trying to make ends meet. Myself and my daughter are in Dusti's prayer chain, which I am so grateful for. I try to catch up with the Lava flow when I can, I work 6 days a week..

I appreciate everything you and your staff here do, so much. My question was this one, I'm sure it's developing, it was post 127 today, to Delta, I know his plate, like yours, (an aloha plate Brah?) is full, but here it is and was:    I don't know if Delta is actually online or not, but here goes:

Hi Delta! I hope all is well with you and yours! Last month on June 8th you posted that on Iraqia media they said new paper currency was scheduled to be put on the market in July. It was stated that it would reduce demand for the US dollar and raise the value of the IQD. Any word on that?
Frank:  If i may answer for DELTA : Yes ..... The word is .......... LINE.  A rather Long Line now.

Now i have a question:   Why is NO ONE trying to get out of this ........ LINE?

;)   Looks silent tonight ...... Take care \m/\m/.  KTFA  Frank

Frank:  Yes ......M is up and about for over two months now and if You were with us on TEAM CHAT CC then You know what they are using against him to finish corralling him and his troublemakers. We will walk deeper in this process with You on MONDAY CC.

It is of a strong opinion from us that the HCL is fully armed and primed inside of the 2015 budget. We feel .....and have said it for 7 years that the moment you see the 4th and final part of the HCL which belongs to the citizens oil share rights.....then nano seconds later you will see the IQD rate change. If we are wrong when the HCL is exposed then we will recalculate our thinking. But for now......there is no reason to think any other way for us as a Team.

Want to commend you because you do not ask for a date but you give me your ideas of why and how.......i appreciate that. IMO....the lower demons and HCL have something in common with the rate change date ......... They could be in synchronization. Not that one will follow the other but one with the other.

As far as Eid ......... That's like reaching for a date. Yes ....... i said we seek to look after Eid but NOT for the rate change ......... But for the advancement of The Rate Change that is a Lava Flow. Lets see where they are at after Eid.

IF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ............ You could TALK to The CITIZENS Yourself ........ You would truly understand our new thread called .......... " LONG WAITING LINE for ARTICLE 8"

Memorize this my Friend:

NO ONE gets in a long line on a cold Thursday night at BEST to miss.......... Black Friday.

Aloha oi .........  :hangloose:    KTFA   Frank

DD037:  Thank you for your reply , it filled in a lot of blank spaces. As for why everybody is standing in line with me, they can see what I see at the end of the line. If one steps back and looks at the the big picture then the end result becomes a foregone conclusion.

Wasn`t looking at Eid as a date but because the article used it a reference , as you say the lava flow is hot and seems to be picking up speed. My guess is we are getting to the point that it is getting very hard to hide what is happening .

As for M , guess all those `Kodiac moments`you spoke about are coming back to haunt him.

Frank:   DD937,  YOU REMEMBER !!! ......... KODAK MOMENTS !!! ....... That pleases me. Yes ........ iMO within 1 to 3 weeks ........ Much on M will Materialize.  Then it WILL become a KODIAC moment for M because he will not be able to ....... Bare (bear LOL !!! ) it.  KTFA  Frank

ehankins » July 12th, 2015, 6:08 pm  •  [Post 178]   HEY FRANK.....THIS LINE THAT CONTINUES TO DEVELOPE WITH GREAT LENGTH...



Frank:     iMO .......... Instantly.  KTFA   Frank

sydneysam2 » July 12th, 2015, 9:35 pm  •  [Post 21]   Not being pessimistic, just curious how many more things have to be added to this seemingly never ending long line that has been accumulated, before the ri/rv happens.

I pray this happens this year, but as Winlady said on the last thread, I am feeling more and more we may not see this in the next year, let alone this year. Too many things keep coming up that have to be accomplished.   I pray I am wrong!

Purifiers:   IMO,   I see the long line..... as a MOST POSITIVE INDICATOR.... to our investment.... the longer the line.... the better I like it!

Frank:  B... I ... N ... G ... O !!! !!! !!!    KTFA   Frank

HisKingdomFirst:  I might be wrong, but I think the longer the line, the greater the pressure to get things done!!

hasgold » I guess I'm not very bright, but I just don't understand why the longer the line is a good thing.

If all of you had to stand on and walk around a very large store on 80 year old feet,with very painful neuropathy, at Walmart 8 hours a day, you may ask the same question.

I just wish that someone would answer in plain English why this is a good thing.

I don't mean to be sarcastic, but I am just very, very tired tonight, I guess. :llora:  :llora:

I'm just trying to take care of myself, until this even actually happens. My patience is wearing very, very thin.

Lexi:  Don't feel bad most feel this way just won't say it. They have had more than enough time to get this done. You can study it to death but it doesn't seem to bring it any closer IMO

I was excited to study this the first 5 years but in those years I also didn't have to worry about money and things were not so tuff as they are now. 10 years is about all the study I guess I want to do then I may just need to turn away and if it happens anytime soon that would be great otherwise it just wears ones nerves and patience to death IMO

Alan: If in fact Iraq has this long list of things that needs to be done to see a RV I don't think it's a good thing. We see how long it takes just to do one thing, now multiply that by 10 things that have to get done.

Iraq has had the green light for over a month now. If they were serious about an RV do we really think we would still be waiting. Shabibi wanted to RV years ago and if he is the gov of the CBI why dosent he just RV like he planned on doing years ago?

No one knows the true answer and for all we know it could happen tonight but then again it could take another 5 years. That may not be what people want to hear but we just done know.

Remember Moses lived in the desert for 40 years before he had his encounter with God. Many had faith in the prafacy that he would lead his people out of Egypt but only in God's time.

We just have to let loose and let his will happen because although we may think we're ready there God only knows when we truly are and if it's not in our lifetime then that's God's plan.

Ask anyone who's been around in this investment for a whIle and they'll tell you "no one knows" when and if this will happen. Sit back relax enjoy life because it's short.   Thanks   Alan

hasgold » That's well and good, Alan, but if you have no money to sit back and enjoy life on, then Life can and is pretty tuff, to say the least.

My late husband and I purchased our Dinars many years ago, just so that we could sit back and enjoy life a little.

We were not interested in becoming wealthy, but just wanted to be able to take care of ourselves, and maybe help our children out a little.
In the process, my husband slipped away from me, and now time is slipping right through my fingers as well.
Purifiers Continues:  We need the TRUE VALUE of Iraq to reflect in its currency.... that is how it is suppose to be...

However.... we (UN, IMF, and Others) have their rate FROZEN... at what we call a "programme rate".... pre-Sadaam... they "HAD" in those days.... over $3 per dinar value... and Iraq had FAR LESS NATURAL RICHES AND RESOURCES Known... at that time.... THAN THEY DO NOW!!!!!!!


Here is the list of what many compiled in the thread.... WAITING IN LINE.
Thread is titled (you can see it yourself):


The real CBI Gov.

Bonds/ With a rate

Credit rating




Foreign Businesses

New Gov

Housing projects


Master Card

Other countries



Workers getting payed

Local business

Water projects



















US Treasury Notes


All Nations

All Currencies

All Citizens

All Financial Institutions

Global Events


The House and the Senate

The Bush Family

Wells Fargo


The citizens rights and desires

The tariffs

Any outstanding laws


Oil issues

Relations with Kurds...

Maliki issues

Security (it's there...)

Bond implementation

US presidential status/election

Water issues

Anti laundering laws

bank operations

lower denoms

foreign imports





MY SELF (standing in line right behind Frankie)


Currency exchange rate that reflects the true wealth of that country.


Governor of CBI announced

000's lifted

Investors- like us!

Contractors want payment

Smart cards


The Dong hinting to come forward early

Economic stability, Budget implementation... full implementation...

New currency






Trade relations

Iraqi Soldiers

Iraqi Government




USA Politicians

Qi Cards




The UK


Any and all countries that assisted Iraq with the DAASH battles

Seven Things by 7/7:

1) The GOVERNOR (Shabibi)

2) BONDS (with a soluble rate)

3) 50s & 100s

4) MASTER CARDS & VISAS & others




One thing not specifically mentioned is the KTFA family - all of us are investors, but we are also family.

TIMING----EAST TO WEST    I hope this helps a little....  :bfriend:   Purifiers

dave5 » I'm sure you are not alone "has gold" there are probably thousands of people wondering the same thing. They just don't want To ask the question.

It seems to me the longer the line the more it's going to cost them. They seem to find a way of making ends meet without raising the value of there currency. They talk a good show about revaluing but it goes on and on day by day week by week and month by month and if happens know one knows.

mike100 »  IMHO the new SDR system is what we are lookin for.. we are seeing evidence of it coming online very soon. The fiat con game is a joke and always implodes globally.

 We are finally seeing countries realize they have been screwed and bought into the lie of debt and destruction through massive printing only to meet their own demise.

This new system will bring balance back that is so needed for the entire world and create wealth that is tangible through assets, gold, oil etc.. not fictional fiat funny money that we have been forced to use.

sydneysam2:    Perhaps someone can help me understand the following.

I do not understand why M is not being taken care of now, and they (whoever will prosecute him) are taking their time to get this taken care of?

I believe they have all the evidence they need to prosecute and put him behind bars (or whatever consequence he gets) and get it done quickly!

Is their government having to wait on certain things to prosecute him? :thnk:

Aggiedad77:  These are just my thoughts......

I think there are probably a number of issues....political....Middle Eastern culture...and such that are coming into play here

Maliki has been and continues to be a high ranking political entity within Iraq and the ME.....because of that whoever it is that finally decides to put cuffs on him is wanting to do this in a manner that allows for the utmost respect for their culture

There are also a number of issues/charges that have the potential of bring brought against him and others who worked with him so there is undoubtedly some concern with where he is charged and what types of charges are brought

I wouldn't be surprised that some levels of negotiations are going on at the same time....what kind of negotiations...maybe with Maliki....maybe with such entities as the International Court system as some want him tried there for some of the more serious charges

Just my observations and could be all wet   Aloha  Randy

Purifiers:    Events in Iraq today - Parliamentary Finance: corruption is still the decision-maker in Iraq, the Dawa Party

Image     12 / July / 2015    BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq confirmed the parliamentary finance committee, on Sunday that the rampant corruption and mismanagement of public funds in government institutions threatens to collapse Albuldoukal committee member Saleh al-Hasnawi economy in a press statement today: rampant corruption in government institutions since 2003 and so far is equal to the largest amount of funds disbursed for investment purposes, and that the funds in 2014, with the exception of the whole operational Mahdorh.waodh that "the year 2015 is witnessing a severe financial crisis requires concerted efforts of all government institutions concerned of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to reduce corruption."

He continued that "if it has spread to more than corruption that corruption will become in the coming period, the scourge can not be treated and would cause the collapse of the Iraqi economy as a whole."

The Finance Committee revealed, in April 2015 for the loss of the country about $ 360 billion, due to corruption and money-laundering operations, since 2003 and that Iraq's imports from the sale of oil since 2006 until 2014, amounted to about $ 550 billion,

and 60% of that amount , or about $ 360 billion, were sold in the currency auction in Baghdad organized by the Central Bank of Iraq, was transferred out of the country by civil companies and offices banking in Gaamadh.kma circumstances that Iraq is this money lost due to corruption and money laundering,

where the eligibility of banks to buy currency and transfer abroad under the pretext of buying goods and goods which are not up to Iraq only a little.


Aggiedad77:   Someone needs to be investigating the Finance Committee in my opinion....what level of corruption goes on there that is being ignored while they stay busy pointing fingers at every other possible source in Iraq....especially the CBI.....

bring the charges that you allege or just walk away....but your noise is becoming more like very loud static.....oh how I would love to lead the charge into their files to see what can be uncovered.    Aloha   Randy
Frank:  Hasgold,  You are not being sarcastic Friend ......... You simply find Your Spirit defeated at the moment and You are tenderly calling out for help and better understanding.

Especially with Your 80 year old feet hurting it is safe to say You are suffering from ........ Da agony of da feet..........  :rofl: 

i have an agenda for Your MONDAY CC tomorrow night ....... BUT ........ God does not work in mysterious ways ....... He just works in many ways.

i will dedicate more time and talk on what why when and how this LONG LINE is so important and the logic of it's length to be a positive thing.

No disrespect to You Friend but if You think Your patience's is wearing thin then know the CITIZEN'S is vaporized.

What do MONDAY CC do each week?  Answer many questions and present our intel study of the IQD's Lava Flow. Be Strong because that .............. Is tomorrow. Pure True Aloha ........  :hangloose:    KTFA  Frank

Frank:  Alan, i stopped after Your first sentence because that is where You have it wrong Friend.    This LONG LINE is waiting ......... NOT preparing.

Listen tomorrow with interest.......... Not a profitable interest.  KTFA   Frank

Purifiers:   The line "is".... WHO... WHOM.... AND WHAT.... is waiting for an international rate from Iraq.

(Or... in other words... article 8 compliance).... the more people... entities... that NEED... WANT this IR from Iraq... the BETTER to put pressure to bring forth the rate!

BTW.... It is much longer that what I am about to post here....

Example.... Many nations (IMO) have IQD... and are "FROZEN IN TIME" to do what they WANT... "NEED" to do economically.... we see articles on our forum about the many financial woes of the earth....

We believe (IMO) that an RI/RV from the IQD will power.... many things... and actions.... transactions...
Just like you and I are also in line for our IQD to have an international value....

Purifiers:  I agree Randy....  :verdes:     Purifiers

sydneysam2:    Not being pessimistic, just curious how many more things have to be added to this seemingly never ending long line that has been accumulated, before the ri/rv happens. 

I pray this happens this year, but as Winlady said on the last thread, I am feeling more and more we may not see this in the next year, let alone this year. Too many things keep coming up that have to be accomplished.   I pray I am wrong!

**Old_Man_River:  I too. Seems like a long list of prerequisites with more seemingly added after every monday cc. The business i work for is closing their doors after 81 years, i had big dreams of saving it or maybe buying it, instead i may be looking for work.  I too pray I'm wrong.

**Frank:   Prerequisites ???   Incorrect.   KTFA   Frank

**Purifiers:  If I may once again try to bring more clarity....

The long line... that things are added to.... regularly..... daily.... weekly....

These are the things that are desperately.... "PUSHING" FOR THE RI/RV OF THE IQD!!!!!!! NOT PROLONGING IT!!!


This line is like someone trying to bust down the heavy wooden gates to the entrance of a Kings Castle.... a few cannot bust the gates down... to get inside.... but if you have dozens.... hundreds..... and thousands pushing the gate TOGETHER.... it will SURELY BUST WIDE OPEN!!!!!!!

This is the line.... that we here at KTFA...... speak of..... the line of PRESSURE TO A NEW RATE FROM IRAQ!

That.... is why I am HAPPY... that the line is getting... 

L O N G.... and P O W E R F U L!   Purifiers

** Frank:    Purifier,  WOW .......... Ahhhhhh?

May as well say Aloha to each other ......... This puppy of a MONDAY CC just ended.

:lmao:    Well said PURIFIER ........ Using this example tomorrow Sir!  KTFA   Frank

**  Frank:   If i drew a line in the sand and dared You to cross it and You did......... What would i say to You?

Would say i to You:   There .............. Now Your on my side.......  ;)  iMO ....... They will be.  KTFA  Frank

I find myself dreaming of a LONG LINE of Vanilla Mac COOKIES!!! :rofl:   KTFA  Frank.... 

As the CBI governor ....... COOKIE BUREAU INVESTIGATOR !!!