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PIF CALL (PIF & BACKDOC) Saturday Night -- 30 May 2015 @ 9:00 PM MST

PIF – I’ve got some good numbers and stuff that’s come in!  In regards to the spreadsheet … and I said that it kind of blew me away that they went back into November.

Frosty posted the notes from the KTFA call on Monday night.

Tuesday night (after Bible Study on the KTFA call) … I had something I wanted to share … but there wasn’t enough time. I wanted to share with our forum what I wanted to say.

I thought (and Frank thought) that back in Oct/Nov of last year that this was activated and in motion – global monetary reform.
I’ve always stuck to Basel III compliance, bonds, liquidity, value and the CBI in what we’re exchange into … and in the end the truth will come out. Some of it came out today. Some of it I can see crystal clear … folks like WalkingStick … they are finding it.

I want to read to you guys WHAT they are finding … because I need you guys to help the others in knowing that no one is going to be left behind. We’ll just see how things play out.

For example … Greece taking a deal or not taking a deal … Frosty’s post of the “ACCIDENT” was a perfect example.

You see … they were told to get the deal done by the last day of May. They would have till the last day of the month of May to pay … but if they didn’t … it would cause problems – it would ACCIDENTALLY look bad.

My thought process is … ok … we’ve got all of this debt globally … and if we’re going to reset (and dump any of this debt) … or revalue the assets to true value and the debt to true value … commodities to true value. People are missing the gold thing.

You can’t revalue gold unless you are going to revalue everything else. It doesn’t work that way … and yet the economists and the people in the markets (traders) in the conspiracy world … and we all live in the conspiracy world because that “side” gains knowledge … regardless of whether or not you like it or not.

You are gaining knowledge … because it give you something to compare against.

BACKDOC – the dollar … if you altered it … and say the dollar crashed … you are saying that all of the trade globally is going to collapse. That’s not rational.

So … the reason why we’re doing this call tonight … is because It would probably take us (PIF, BackDoc, Frosty) 12-15 hours to type this up and try to get this information out. Many others help … and I appreciate you jumping in to help with this.

Let’s look at some prices today … of OIL, GOLD and SILVER.

If you look at the HIGH & LOW for Gold, Silver and Oil … you’ll see that realistically … silver and gold match up … (year current and the high) … but OIL … OOPS! That’s a different story. That doesn’t match up! Humm.  ;)

Looking at the DOW … the S&P … and the NASDAQ

These are the details that make up the monetary policy.

We talked about QE. You need a period of time to reset everything.

You can’t do it all in one day … you’d have to do it based on a certain value.

Think about it … prices adjust up and down (commodities/products/resources) a little at a time.

(Example: you wouldn’t see gas at $4.00 a gallon on Monday … and $5.00 on Tuesday)

They are revaluing quite a bit of commodities/products/resources … food … the basics … raw materials.

The dollar is sitting in that basket. In that basket sits a certain amount of currencies.

Statistics in the banking world can be manipulated. The GDP is not real. I don’t use it … I don’t play that game.

When we do our first “get-together” – I will show you what I do. I’M NOT TELLING YOU WHAT TO DO … I’m just showing you what I do and you’ll see … and probably say “holy cow” … and you’ll have a better understanding how things work. The numbers that the FED uses change … even after the fact.

BACKDOCK – so their numbers are easy to manipulate.

Do you think the CBI could do the same thing?

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s a proven fact. I said that the numbers were wrong … I knew they were wrong because I understood the formulas … and they changed them … even back to November. That’s why I thought at the end of last year … they were ready to go.

When I viewed the math … I really expected this to go back in November. I was watching the market.

There were a handful of people that were watching with me … watching 300 to 500 point swings in the market within 10 minutes … up 200 … down 300 … a 500 point swings happened.

There were days when there was 10 minutes left and it didn’t finish like we thought. It was doing what it was supposed to do. We just didn’t know how much “fixing” they needed to fix.

So we’ve gotten a feel of how the monetary reform policy is working globally.

There is an event coming … just like JL says … if you want to call it an “ACCIDENT” … it doesn’t really have to happen … but we’re going to see an accident happen.

Monetary wise they want the “ACCIDENT” to happen … but they don’t want anyone to take the blame for it. ;) They want the effect … but they don’t want the damage pinned on anyone.

So … let’s look at a “possibility” of the G&G … as a group of members … we’ve said to watch that … because it could happen at any time. What are we watching

I think Frosty said it best … we’re looking for an “ACCIDENT”

I thought the Swiss de-pegging would have done it … but that didn’t fill that role.

If you took 25 people in our forum … and they all took out a loan from ABC bank … and we all owe ABC bank billions EACH … what happens if someone couldn’t afford to repay it?

Who gets to collect? What if you can’t collect it? No resources … total refusal.

So the bank goes back to their board … because someone has to pay the price.

So … can things be redone so that no one takes the hit?

Don’t you think they would have done that by now … if they could?

BACKDOC - Of course.

PIF -- IMO – they are taking CONFIDENCE away from people.

If ABC wasn’t like your typical bank … that had 25 borrowers (countries) … but it’s more like a territory (Europe) … so if the Euro died out … (and it could fail – it’s new … it hasn’t’ been around 100 year) …

if other countries in the wings … waiting to put their currencies into play … well … all of the sudden … there is no one to blame. No government oversight.

So if one country bails … (let’s say I bailed on them) … and BackDoc you get stuck with 10% of the bill … let’s say you absorb a 10% hit because I can’t (or won’t) pay … are you going to be the last one of us standing with the proverbial bag?

BACKDOC – NO … it would have a cascade effect!

PIF – Do you want to be the last one out of a burning house?

So … wouldn’t you be concerned it another country said they might get out … or that they say they see or smell smoke?

Would that cause panic?

BACKDOC – that’s how markets work to some extent. Based on confidence and fear. Fear and greed motivates people. This is like a game of poker … who’s going to blink first? Somebody’s going to blink.
PIF – let’s say there is a possibility that all of these countries become their own currencies now. So they all go their separate way. It’s not a country … just a bunch of bad … that no one has responsibility for.

So … what happens to just a bunch of BAD DEBT that these countries held in the Euro?

Instead of just 20 some odd countries … they really spread it all out … swaps … some QE, etc.

What if all of the countries spread-out their risk … (like reinsurance)

So when everyone comes back on BASEL III compliant …

I love the new paint job they’re giving this. This all started back in the 60’s. The engine still works good … but they need a new paint job. No matter what regional deal you have … if you look at the BRICS and the AIIB … those are regional bank deals. That’s crystal clear.

We know that China and the US is never going to stop trading with each other. And they don’t need anybody else in the middle of their trade.

China needs some respect … but not at the expense of the USD. That would hurt them in trade.

As much as some people think that things are going to be gloom and doom ... that’s not the way it’s going to be – it’s going to be balanced.

If it hurts us … it hurts everybody. Competition is good.

How much are they going to buy from Vietnam … or Malaysia … Korea … Indonesia?

They will have to start being honest with their currency … which is why they wanted to be added.

JL told us back they that they weren’t ready … but they are now!

Keep in mind everyone … I’ve giving you the 24-48 hour preemptive strike mode. Ok? 

That’s another reason why we’re doing this call … because I don’t want to have to answer [the same questions] anyone else … this entire week. You’ve all been told. ;) 

This is the explanation … it doesn’t’ matter how long it takes for this to play out … you have the CONFIDENCE that you need to understand what’s going on.

I’ve seen WS post. Please keep in mind … it’s the information that matters … not who writes it up!

As long as it’s done in a way that is not slanted … I compliment everyone … all newshounds from the PIF forum and others!

Just sit back and watch this unfold … you won’t need to text me questions of WHEN, WHEN, WHEN or a play-by-play … just watch.

Focus on the key words. 

November … I found that most of the market had RESET. 

I wasn’t sure about oil … because that took until January … that’s my opinion.

Remember the end of last year … when [the news] was talking about currency wars, etc.? There is a little distortion in the stock market … those numbers are set … but not reduced. 

They know where they are at … and what they have to do with it. So when the currency resets … and the prices reset … there is a formula to make it work so that it’s not a false number.

BACKDOC – so they’ll be re-priced in relation to each other. Correct?

PIF – correct. Things are priced … just like the currency itself. It is the value of it. A lot of big corporations … who’s stocks jumped through the roof because they’ve had access to FREE money. They’ve used that free money to acquire other companies. It’s a win-win for everyone.

You are hearing about QE with certain countries that are within a basket. But you’re not hearing about QE to anything else. They normally call that “aid” or “grants” or “support” or “humanitarian” – it’s happening.

The CBI is back-dating their data to November … I’m seeing changes in October … and it’s Saturday night … and tomorrow is the 31st … the last day of the month. ;) The numbers are going where we expected.

if AggieDad explained it … or you (BackDoc) it would be done in an excellent way.

In regards to Greece … if anyone threatens to leave … that’s not a good thing … especially now.

TS2 Post: "Something Unusual Took Place Today at  6 AM", 1 JUNE

: I Read the comments by Anonymous concerning testing of the bank screens and the Forex system. ( Reposted Below)

Would like to confirm that something unusual took place this morning around 6 a.m. when I placed two trades the current market price. (the price shown on my trading platform).

Here is what took place: Opened a trade a little before 6a.m.,the trade moved against my position(not a big deal).

Saw that the current market price was bouncing off a key indicator level. (again no big deal), so I placed another trade in the same direction as the previous trade and now BOTH trades were about equally in the red( this WAS a BIG deal, trades were equal size, but 30 pips apart).
I was now 5K in the hole, so I closed both positions out and reopened in the opposite direction.

I was expecting to see in the window labled'closed trades' to see te 5k loss, but instead saw a $750 gain.

Also to my surprise my trade in the opposite direction should have shown a small negative balance because you have the spread to pay up front for opening the trade (the Broker gets theirs' upfront) BUT instead it showed a gain of $2,100

That's $2,850 positive when I should be staring at a current drawdown of about $5,100.

Now what does this mean to the non trader public?

It means that adjustments were being made to the Forex system around 6a.m. this morning like Anonymous stated in their email to Dinarrecaps.

p.s. This is the FIRST time in the 13 years I have been trading Forex to see this happen and for the Forex traders out their this had nothing to do with FIFO (first in first out) as mandated by recent rule changes.
Somethings UP !!

Anonymous:  5-30-15

During this week, the new dollar TRN is being phased in banking screens and exchange rates and conversion of Dollars Federal Reserve Note Dollars TRN being calibrated and adjusted.

This has been calculated on a 5-day process, which is currently underway, and is expected to be completed by Saturday.

This coming Monday, June 1 global banking system is to perform and carry out internal tests on the screens of banking, before transactions are activated in vivo.

It is fully expected that this will be a matter of course at this point, since the programming and the necessary preparations were already in place for this transition, and executions of previous tests have been successful.

Remember that this process will involve all major banks, and also the Forex system.

They are then expected to further announcements will be made during the weekend and early next week. Please note that these ads are very sensitive facts, due to the great underlying changes represented, as the world adjusts to these new directions.

Expecting payments to start June 2, providing no other glitches occur.  Anonymous



 : Hey y'all I just got a call and I was told be ready for tomorrow so we will see

LH:  Blackjack was the call from your wm?

Headinablender:  Hello Blackjack- I sure hope your sources are high enough up the flag pole to be right?

Blackjack7:  all I can say is the intel I received came from a very high source in the game...just be ready y'all that's all I can and will say

RickeRich:  BlackJack.. YI... I just got a call from my Wealth Manager as well. He said he is ready to go as soon as they give him the go ahead.

Blackjack7:  the same as what my wm said as well just waiting for go ahead to come in









MACJEDI POST FROM TNT :Super Short MacJedi Nuggets Conference Call Notes June 1st, 1 JUNE

    • MacJedi said
      09:58 AM Jun 1, 2015
    AUDIO LINK: iTeleseminar.com/70515741
    GOOD MORNING TNT: Mountain Goat has predicted January 2016.  DC working on a project from his old arena ventures  He says all is still fine and moving forward.  Minor detail over the weekend we are still ready to go.

    IRAQ: They wanted it done by this morning, system fixed and an announcement anticipated as of Saturday but... a minor detail didn't take place. It is rescheduled for sometime this week.  Iraq put out an article that they have an A credit rating ...  Phone calls were made to set this thing rolling but no go yet...  dangling reasons and excuses...  none can be confirmed or denied.

    USA: Banks are ready to go all currencies have been fluctuating, seen on screens of wealth managers and not common teller screens, Dinar $3.91 Dong as low as 6 cents but at present---.47 with a possibility of (Maybe) a contract rate,  Rupiah $1.08,  Zim upwards of .22 so far in it's fluctuation but did come back down.  All groups and individuals have been contacted a told to be on standby for sometime this week.

    ON TO CALLERS: Super Fantastic event of a bus driver paying the fare for a son who hadn't seen his father in 28 years.  Zim invalidation status of June is still not clear...  Caller wonders why Dinar Recaps has TNT information posted and he wonders how it gets there and can't seem to understand why Tony says "No one in the TNT family claims responsibility for posting.  The bottom line answer for that is...  There are many many people who have access to the TNT site and they don't have to be a mod to send the TNT site information over to Recaps...  for that matter any mod at Dinar Recaps could be a member of the TNT forum so case closed.  25K people listen to the call live and 1.6 million on replay and only the same people donating to keep the site live but Tony so far covering most of it.  DC in active operations and may not be giving out sensitive info, we'll see when he returns to talk.  Congress will be the one to decide what the taxes will be on this exchange if anything.  Make sure you get good advice before spending anything.  No solid information on when the next opportunity for RV announcement will come.  

    CODE WORDS: "SUPER FANTASTIC" If used in any foundation, charity, donation or other humanitarian project, will be the agreed upon clue that the goodness came from a TNT Dinarian.  Sounds like a great clue for TNTers to be able to track each other down and reconnect.  

    Information on the Zim which was reported on the 19th of December 2014 sheds a little light on the rumor of the Zim being invalidated in June:  Here is a news link to help anyone interested in gaining a little more info on if the Zim will be invalidated...  It is worth reading and not too long: http://www.thetelescopenews.com/zimbabwe-news/5916-zimbabwe-prints-new-currency-to-be-issued-at-a-moments-notice.html


Highlights of Tony's CC.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:   I talked to DC.  Everything is just fine according to his guys and our guys.  DC is working.  Don't know if we will get him back this week.  

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Banks have been given a day this week.  They are ready to go. . . Last agreement was this was to be done by June 1st.  . . on Friday everything was done and the system was fixed - ready to go.  We wait. . The 1st is not over yet.  Hearing a short time frame. . . 
Tony:  Could be any time.  I'm not giving details so they can’t say I screwed it up. . . Guys they don't do things by deadlines over there . . .day or two past that they are still in the window. 
Caller:  Going into the weekend?  
Tony:  I sure hope not.  . . . Minor glitch over the weekend. Everything is said to be back on track.
Tony:  It was NOT in the system. . . It was not an issue on Friday . . . on Thursday.
IRAQ:  Friday everything was done. System was fixedTony: The system checked out when they tested it.  Anticipated announcement in Iraq. Thought it was going to happen on Saturday when PM Abadi addressed parliament.  Parliament did not go on vacation on Saturday.  There is no holiday in Iraq today but no one seems upset about it.
  • Contractors that said they were going to pull out if not done by the 1st have not yet been heard from today.   
  • Roll-out sequence:  Baghdad to be last.  They are already better off than Kurdistan.  Tony:  It will be higher than .86.
  • TV              Mosques
  • IMF    
  • Rates:    Dinar off the screens and not shown back up.  Dong is fluctuating at .47-48.  Tony says his intel saying Dinarwill come out at $3.91, Dong, .47,Rupiah, $1.08 and ZIM, .07 to .22.  Tony said contract rate for Dong has been on again and off again.  Said if it comes out at .47 there may be a contract rate for it.  Tony refused to speculate on where Dong value might be in the weeks following the RV.
UNITED STATES:    Everybody; agencies, individuals on standby here. 
  • UST:    
  • Banks:    Dinar is not showing on the screens.
  • TAXES:  Congress can pass laws and make them retroactive.  Know what your taxes are before you start giving money way or donating to causes.
  • SITE NOTIFICATION:  Suggestion made that Tony liked, to post on the site the message, "This site is now static."  With that message we would all know Plan A - (super secret) is in affect and to wait patiently till Tony can Tweet us. Also, if need be people can check the "blast" section for a post from Tony.
TNT Business:  When you see postings about TNT or from people in the TNT chat room on other sites like Dinar Recaps, etc. it is because someone else has posted it on that site. (The other sites make money with advertising and there rates are based on how many people they can track to their site) Tony, Pam, none of the mods carry or post info to those other sites.  As Tony said, "We have our own site.  Why would we do that?"
Listener Base:  Tony:  We have 25,000 on the line right now. By tomorrow this time over 300,000 listen to this call. In three days it goes up to over 1 million.  DC tracks it.
EXCHANGING:  Remember Dinar needs a separate bank account when you exchange. Bank fee:  was to be 2% but some people have negotiated less.   Tony says any of the "Three Plans" he talked about last week are still the current plan.
PAM:  Remind you we will do whatever we can on the site to help you like we always have.  Also, you know more than you think you do.  Sit back.  Relax.  Winston says no rush to spend the money.  Talk to professionals.  Make sure your professionals are professionals.
RAY:  Continue to enjoy this magnificent Monday and Tuesday could be even more magnificent.
TONY: Don't go with the first one you get.  Told you over the years, I started doing IPO's on my own.  As soon as I went with a major company I met a guy who took me up to his office on the 16th floor and showed me all his awards and I lost $85,000 in minutes.
Appreciate everything, including donations. Hopefully we won't be here. There is a time scheduled for this week.  Hope we meet that and it's all a bad night mare and we go on.
Thank you all for the wonderful, amazing and even extraordinary birthday postings and PM's.  Ya'll rock!


6-1-15 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, June 1, 2015, which is a day I never, every thought we would see, but here we are.  What’s the good news? It’s still good. I will give it you guys straight.

First thing I heard was “uh-oh, Mtn Goat must be right, because it’s June”.  Well Mtn Goat said January 2015 as well.  Believe what you want to believe.  DC is actually working on a project in his old arena.  We have talked and everything is just fine according to his guys and our guys.  Banks are geared up, as they were for Saturday and Sunday.

DC is working and I don’t know if we’ll get him back this week or not.  There was a minor detail over the weekend, and we are still ready to go.  The banks say they haven been given a day this week when they are supposed to be ready. The dinar went off the screen yesterday, should be back today.  Dong is fluctuating between six cents and 48 cents. We have been given out different rates for years.  People actually involved have seen those rates, but they still think that the dinar will come out at $3.91, the dong will come out at 47 cents, that the rupiah will be $1.08, and the zim will be between 11 and 22 cents. Different rates have been popping up on the boards. The final settlement has been taking place this morning, as we speak, and it should come out the day they agreed this week.

They agreed to have this done by 1. June, which is this morning.  That is why Friday everything was done, the system was fixed, and they anticipated an announcement in Iraq on Friday or Saturday when Abadi addressed Parliament.  Their meeting went well, no one was upset, some minor detail needed to be addressed.  It could happen any time, and should happen the day the banks have been told, but I’m not going to say which day because I don’t want anyone to blame Tony for screwing this up.  I don’t know of any problems, none.

Parliament was supposed to go on vacation Saturday because this was supposed to be over.  It’s not over, and Parliament has not gone on holiday.  Iraq is not looking good around the world because they made another major announcement, but nobody is upset.  Everyone has been told to be on standby, and all those times are for this week.

705 caller:  I’m great – half pre-celebrating and half-mourning, but it is what it is. Are contract rates available in Canada?

Tony:  I don’t know… but you can come across the border if you want to!  <joking>  I cannot tell you what Canadian banks are doing or if there are contract rates.  I don’t know if there will be an NDA in Canada. The only guy I know in Canada is so high up they won’t let him buy dinar, just other currencies… and he does have an NDA.  And no, I cannot say what will be in the second basket.  They didn’t want us involved in the first basket, and you will have to have at least ten million to participate in the second basket.

I did get my shirt Friday that says “Vegas, Vegas, Vegas”, and I wore it Friday night so everyone could see it... and sent a picture to Pam and DC.  It was from the TX group.

707 caller:  I have a question.  A friend and I purchased currency together;  I was driving and couldn’t get to the bank, so he bought it and we made a note on the receipt.  Will that be a problem for me?

Tony:  So long as you have it documented, I don’t see a problem.  I’m not an attorney!

Caller:  I drive an airport bus.  A young man got on the bus last night, with his father.  His father had looked him up on Facebook and they got together for the first time ever.  I was so blown away by his story that I got his permission to write it up and paid for his fare.  On the credit card receipt, I wrote “superfantastic”.  I had the choice of sending you a donation or doing that, and I chose to do that.

Tony: That was the right choice!  I am superfantastic… even these minor things that pop up, they have to end and this will go through.

408 caller:  How we will know when the TNT site has gone static?

Tony:  We will probably put a note on the home page saying “This site is now static!”

828 caller:  The minor glitch that happened over the weekend… can you say what kind of glitch this was?

Tony:  We will probably get all the information after this call.  All I know is that it was something minor, and everyone is happy.

Caller:  I thought you said that sometime in June the zim notes will be worth nothing… what do we do then?  Didn’t you say that up to 20,000 have zim now? Are they unhappy with that, and is that why they may run zim out before we can exchange?

Tony:  I don’t know the date on that, we thought we would be through with this by then, so someone needs to do some research on that.  At this moment, I don’t know anyone who will buy it back like with the dinar.  What I hear is that there were 2,000 zim-holders, then Pam caused it to go up to 10K, and Ray sent it up to 20K, but they are okay with that.

Caller:  What about the dong rates?

Tony:  All we can tell you is what we hear and see on the screens.  We have thought it would b 47 cents, and then $2.27 was the contract rate.  So now that 47 cents is back on the screens, maybe $2.27 is the contract rate again.

352 caller:  I was listening to the news;  there is a school in Orlando with 20 kids, and now they are almost out of money.  So if everyone could remember this school when the money comes in, that would be a great project to help.

I haven’t heard  you talk about this recently – do we need to open an account for each currency?

Tony:  Three years ago, somebody I know from the UST said that you need to keep your dinar separate when you exchange because it may be taxed differently. The rest they do not care about.  Just the dinar needs its own account.

347 caller:  On Friday’s call, you said that the rates were showing on the screen.  Which screens?  Back screens or tellers’ screens?

Tony:  Some VPs, wealth managers and other bankers could see them, but not if you walk in off the street.

Caller:  Iraq doesn’t show it has a credit rating.  Is that been on hold or denied?

Tony:  For a long time, we have been talking about what we mean by the screens. The moment it shows up on the teller’s screens, we’ll be in the banks.  It wasn’t on that level before... even the bank managers couldn’t see it before.  Iraq put out an article themselves saying they have an A credit rating.

Caller:  What is this glitch about – this weekend?  Now they say that it’s going to happen this week, pushing us to Friday again.  You say the banks have a date for this week but you don’t want to say what it is.  Do you expect to have a call on Wednesday.

Tony:  I didn’t say there was a glitch in the system.  It was supposed to go on Friday then at the meeting with Parliament on Saturday.  I didn’t say the glitch was in the system;  where the glitch is we will probably find out this afternoon.  The banks told me that they have a day this week and they asked me specifically not to say when.  If it happens by Wednesday we won’t have a call, and otherwise we will.

Caller:  Can you possibly post the information when you find out about the glitch if people are not on the forum?  I knot TNT posts on Recaps.

Tony:  We do NOT post on Recaps.  People listen to this call, or they take things from the TNT site and post it on Recaps.  They do that;  we do not.  We have our own site, so why would post anywhere else.  If there is something that is important, Pam (Already Blessed) will put it in the Tony Blast section where everyone can see it – that’s on www.tntdinar.com and click on the Forum.  That page can be accessed by everyone.

Caller:  So all those stories on Recaps that use your name, Pam, Ray, DC’s name… those are not in the TNT family?

Tony:  They put it out as “Tony says X or Y”, and they paraphrase and it gets twisted.  We don’t post on any other sites.  We are quoted and misquoted and used to bring people into their site, but we don’t post on any other site.’

717 caller:  Happy Anniversary to Pam – hoping it’s really special, but the day is not over yet.  Hello to the Scribe Tribe, too!  This past weekend my computer crashed twice, and I need to get to the Apple store, and I’ll continue to do what I can, but hopefully someone else will step up.  I prayed over my computer and it did fire back up, but it makes a funny noise, and transcribing on my laptop is like running an marathon backwards.  I only want to know who, where, what, when and how much??  I understand there is a lot your cannot say and I don’t understand when people keep pushing for certain things.  We miss DC, but we’re glad he’s working behind the scenes to help us.  And I really like the shorter calls, for obvious reasons.

Tony:  I thank you so much for what you do.  I know it’s not easy, that you have to go back and listen to every word as you transcribe.  If you cannot, I don’t ever want you to feel overworked or responsible. We have two recordings in different places that are free, and people can always listen again.  I appreciate the transcripts, but I don’t want you to feel you have to do this when you don’t get paid for it.   But I do appreciate it!   I  just don’t want you to feel stressed about it.

This was supposed to be over on Friday and we should have had our 15 minute call today.  It was supposed to be over the 1. June, and I was hoping we could just enjoy ourselves.  As you say, the day isn’t over yet.  Oh, and Pam intends to pick out a Bentley for you!

Caller:  I think I would be afraid to drive it!  I’m transcribing as best I can…

Pam:  Tony does love those verbatim transcripts, Zebragirl!

301 caller:  What happens if this doesn’t happen on the first?

Tony:  Iraq didn’t say anything about pulling out if it doesn’t happen on the first.  There are contractors who say that if this is not released by today, they will pull out, or renegotiate their contracts.  They have said that before, though…

404 caller:  Zebragirl, thanks for your transcripts and we’ll all pray for your computer. Have you had any feedback on whether we can meet at Vegas, and when?

Tony:  DC still says that he doesn’t think they will let us do it, but he says they are talking about it.  I won’t know until I get the NDA, which was 33 pages and is getting longer…

Caller:  I heard that there is to be an other holiday on Wednesday – is there a link?

Tony:  My sources said there would be a holiday today.  Parliament was supposed to go on holiday Sunday, and they are still there today.  They are still ready to go!

Caller:  It’s still 1. June in Iraq, and they may still make that deadline.  We miss DC, and hope to hear him back on the call.

Tony:  They don’t pay attention to dates and timing in the same way we do, so it could still come in the next day or so.

Next caller:  I didn’t catch all the rates.  Did you say that dong is coming out at 47 or 77 cents?  Will the dong go up on forex like the dinar?

Tony:  They think that 47 cents is the true rate for the dong.  I don’t know if the dong is going to go up in the same way as the dinar.  I don’t want people to do something crazy because of something I say, because not everyone has my threshold for pain.  I know they have a schedule for dinar, but I haven’t heard of one for dong.

Caller:  How come they don’t’ bring Baghdad to 1:1 at least?

Tony:  They want Baghdad to be the last to go, and once it does, people will ask why it hasn’t been recognized internationally.  Once the entire country has changed, they won’t have any more excuses.  Then we can celebrate with them.  Otherwise, it’s like when Saddam Hussein declared the dinar was worth 2.22 and nobody recognized the new rate.  Iraq is ready to do it, they have tried to do it, phone calls were made on Friday saying they were going to do it. They wanted to make sure they were supported because they didn’t want to look bad, and here they are looking bad again.  I don’t what happened and we’ll find out later, probably.  I do know that nobody’s upset, that there is a date/time when it’s supposed to be released, and everybody should stay ready.  There was a glitch of some kind and we’ll find out later.

Caller:  Could we have Monday calls later in the day?  Many people don’t realize that DinarRecaps is just a wall site that grabs stuff from other sites.  Based on the timeline, we are not going into next weekend, are we?

Tony:  I sure hope not, but I cannot promise anything.  If approval was already given and there was just a glitch, then I don’t see any reason.  If they don’t sabotage the system any more, this should be released.  As for who did that sabotage, I cannot confirm or deny.

What he was saying about the other sites, the majority of dinar sites are like that.  They try to get the information they can to get people to their sites.  That’s how they get paid, by advertising and clicks.  But it’s not me, Pam, DC or Ray posting on those sites, it’s someone posting about us on those sites.

562 caller:  The outcome is so fantastic that I’m not worried about how much we will be paid;  I’m more worried about the TNT site not being there.  I was staggered to hear Pam say that you pay for the calls and the site single-handed.  Please could everyone on this site donate or take one dollar, fold it into a piece of paper and send it to Tony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630.  Thank you!

Tony:  Thank YOU.  We have 25,000 people on the line, right now.  By tomorrow this time, 300,000 will have listened to this call, and in  another 24 hours, more than a million will have listened.  You’re right, it’s the same 500 people supporting this call.  I appreciate it!  People who don’t even come to this site will have this call on other sites!

Caller:  Won’t it be great to see a playground/park in Sacramento called ‘Superfantastic’?  If there is more money left over, that is great as well.

432 caller:  What is the bank fee for the different currencies?

Tony:  We heard it would be around 2%;  then I know someone who went in to do his exchange, he refused to pay that much, and his exchange went through.  I don’t think it is supposed to be more than 2%.

Caller:  There was a post in the forum saying that it would be different for different currencies, and that is might range from 8-20%.

Tony:  I’m not paying that much!  If the bank takes 20% and the government takes 60%, you’d only be left with 20%.  That is ridiculous!

719 caller:  You need to get that boy back on the call… you’re sounding lonesome.  I have a group of 250, and some say they don’t want to know until this pops, and others are happy to get the notes from people in the forum, Adept, and so on.

Tony:  Someone told me that they are looking after 400 people – why?  People need to get informed themselves, because otherwise they won’t know what to do when they comet to exchange. People who cannot make it on the calls or the forum, that’s one thing and they will benefit from your keeping them up to date.  If they can’t be bothered, that sis oemthing else again.

Caller:  Would you buy a stock and then not follow it?  People are asking about the taxes;  you need to find a good tax attorney and/or enrolled agent before you start giving away money.  Don’t give away money willy-nilly then find you have estimated tax payments.  Find out the best way to give away money before taking action.  As Ray says, there are ways to  get benefits from giving it away.

Tony:  Or it might put the recipients in a tax situation.

Caller:  Are the three scenarios still how you think this will roll out?  Do you think we will have a call on Friday?  Or do you think we will be free by Friday?

Tony:  I don’t know.  I hope we don’t have one after tomorrow, but I don’t know.

Caller: Before EO 13303, you had to have ten million before investing in all this?

Tony:  No.  EO 13303 has nothing to do with that.   Some investments have always required ‘sophisticated investors’, meaning with  a net worth of over one million. They are putting that up to ten million, but there are ways around that, although there are some risks to that also.

Caller:  Let’s say you have more than ten million;  where would you go to invest in the second basket currencies?  Banks or investment houses?

Tony:  I don’t think the banks will know, although your wealth manager might give you suggestions.  There are all kinds of investment places out there, but they won’t guarantee anything either.  If you want to go into a currency now, they might ask if you are leaving the country, going on vacation, or a long-term investment, because they don’t want the responsibility coming back on them.  There will be some new rules that you need to read and understand before investing in your currency.

Caller:  The two anti-allergy remedies are Bromeliad or MSM with Citric C complex. That will help with the drainage, removing allergens, etc.

512 caller:  Like everyone else, I’m waiting.  I did want to ask… we have gone through a lot with these glitches, and just as everything is clearing up and it looks like a good clear path, then some other minor glitch shows up… how will we get to the point where we actually go through?  It could be June, July, August!

Tony:  They said this was minor and it’s still going through.  How many times can they do this?  Until they don’t do it, or Iraq says “enough is enough”, or whatever.  They can do it until it starts hurting them personally.  How long do they want to do it? Why are they doing it?  We won’t know until afterwards.  I don’t know what happened in Ramadi or Mosul, or it that had anything to do with this, or if it’s about the currency over there. It wasn’t an issue on Thursday or Friday… I don’t know what’s happening in the conversation with Iran, or if that has something to do with it.  I don’t know where they are at. Even if it could tell you, they will probably ask us not to  tell you about that.  I’m hearing there is already a new date and time and we’ll have to see what happens.

Caller:  We appreciate you know something of what’s happening behind the scenes.  I wish the President would make a proclamation that no one is allowed to mess with this RV any longer, and that is they do and are caught, that is a serious offence.

Tony:  I would love to see that happen, but it probably won’t.

Think we got all the information out there that we need to get out there…

636 caller:  I’ve been in this for five years, and if I bring up ‘dinar’ in my  house, I get thrown out!  Putting aside all the good things in Iraq over the last ten months, people still come on this call and don’t understand that it’s about wealth distribution in this country.  They are still taking out the middle class and there is more poverty.  If they would let it go from up top, we would raise the poverty level overnight. We keep being told it’s being stopped for this or that reason, and then a little while ago,  it’s not about Iraq at all.  DC himself said that the US is nitpicking this, and they could do that for months to come. This is a political football that still needs some air taken out of it.

Tony:  Saturday night, I was standing outside with one of my friends, who is a correction officer, and he deals with these people all the time. To my right is the VP of one of the biggest railroads in the country.  We are all smoking cigars, talking about dinar, because we’re all invested. They are saying similar things: “Why don’t they get this through? The banks don’t want people to walk off their jobs… or the government doesn’t want us to get this money…” etc.

My response to them is the same as I would say to you.  If there are six million people who quit their jobs, that means six million new people will take their jobs.  Vacancies have to be filled, so people will be moved up. It’s jobs, the economy, and those six million people will start their own businesses and opportunities.  That will provide more jobs, as we buy more cars, trucks, houses, go on holidays.  Sure, the banks don’t want all their people walk out one day, but it won’t all happen on that one day because people have a sense of responsibility and will give two weeks notice.  I really don’t think the reason is that ‘they’ want to keep us down, because they don’t care!  They are still convinced that  most of us don’t know how to deal with this much money, that we will rush out and buy things we cannot maintain.  They have seen that lottery syndrome so many times, and they think we will go out and blow it.  I don’t think that is really a factor any more.  We are now poised for the growth in the economy to hit at the right time for the next President to take credit for it.  So I don’t think this is about us as dinarians;  there is something higher going on than us just going to the bank, or the Iraqi people suffering one may day, week or month. Abadi didn’t plan on going beyond this weekend, and that specific time was planned by people who are involved and who should know!  Nobody is upset, they and we are just waiting for this to happen.

Pam:  We will do whatever we can on the site to happen, we just don’t know what we will be allowed to do. You know more than you think you do. Take your time, sit back and relax;  there is no rush to spend the money.  Talk to your professionals, and make sure they are professional.

Tony:  I started doing IPOs on my own.  As soon as I went to this major company, I lost $85,000 in 15 minutes, despite his experience.

Ray:  Continue to enjoy this magnificent Monday, and Tuesday could be even more magnificent.

Tony: Thank you everyone.  It is scheduled for this week, and hopefully we won’t be here past Friday or even Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I will enjoy mine!


6-1-2015   Newshound Guru Breitling  They are going to put out larger notes 50's and 100's, I'll believe it when I see it.  but what they are talking about makes sense…it's a different strategy…are you going to gain value in your currency?  Absolutely.  But it's going to be at a different pace.   They are reducing the note count and they said it will not increase the money supply notes.  To get to a dollar…the pace has changed.  Once they hit that dollar they're going to hit the reset button and they're going to have a totally different economic plan that gets them to the $3 rate.  And that's it.

6-1-2015   Newshound Guru Tlar
   One more thought.  If the CBI is waiting on the security situation as so claimed, that is a big mistake in my opinion.  First off the CBI and the government has issued cards to make government payroll.  They are not sending cash into mosul or any city that is under the control of ISIS.  If Iraq eventually runs ISIS out of the county, undoubtedly ISIS will take their spoils with them, especially cash.  ISIS has to know that at some point Iraq will delete the zeros so even though it has been mostly USD they have stolen from the banks, they must have some dinar.  That dinar is already lost or moved.  The likelihood or repatriating it is as remote as getting the Iraqi oil they stole and sold out of of the country.  Not changing the value of the currency as quickly as they can IMO, will cost them as a country more in the long run than if they change it now.  It retards their economy and the economy is more important to get going than protecting any dinars they might loose from ISIS.  So as an argument to hold the project up at this time IMO doesn't make sense to me.   [post 2 of 2]

6-1-2015   Newshound Guru Tlar 
  The reason the CBI is planning for a more valuable series of bank notes is because this will help solve the liquidity problem because as these notes are introduced, the hope is that they will temporarily reduce the need for higher note USD that is principally being sold at the auctions. The CBI is scrambling to fix the liquidity problem but that will take time. Money has to work its way into the economy.  They can't just dump it in.  Personally I think the program to produce these big notes is dead before it begins especially if it will take until 2016 to start to introduce them.  Too little too late.  They need to do something now and that something in my opinion is to get the RV into high gear now We are starting to see articles from other economists that feel  the same way.  Introduce a smaller note with value.  No good argument can be made for introducing a large note at this time.  If someone is  going to attempt to counterfeit a small note, surly they will also counterfeit a larger note with large value.  Introducing a new note is still introducing a new note and counterfeiters are more likely to try to produce a big note.  Personally I think it would make much more sense to just RV NOW, rather than wait until 2016 to introduce the large notes.  I think that is what they will do  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

6-1-2015  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article quote:  "Said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq...that early 2016 will see the issuance of new categories of paper currency is the dinar and 50 000 100 000 dinars, the Iraqi currency notes series."   To me this means -  that this step will be the beginning of the currency reform process that will occur in 2016.  Well, if you believe what he is saying it looks like we wont see these larger notes till beginning 2016.  That also means any further reform (deletion of zeros) apparently won't start until at least mid next year.  They have waited years to return to prosperity and they are kicking the can down the road.  I guess parliament has time now to pass those stalled laws.   ...unfortuately this appears to be the decision.  That being said...that decision has merit...as they will insert this step prior to the beginning of the delete zeros process to reduce the "flabby" money.  As [Guru] Enorrste has stated, reducing the physical note count is real and as well, hopefully gets citizens off the dollar.  If it works, it will certainly help them as they prepare to delete the zeros shortly thereafter.

6-1-2015   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
   "Ministry of Finance announced in the federal government, on Thursday, it will determine the amount you will send it to the Kurdistan Region next week, asserting that the provincial government had exported the largest amount of oil in favor of the federal government."  The finance ministry has also told us that for the first time they are rolling out regularly scheduled payments and so there will be reliable, accurate, on time payments on time each month in the future. I can not tell you just how important this is to the people of Iraq! This is such good news! Talk about making the citizens happy!  All of these items speak miles for us and our IQD investment. We have come, so it seems, like miles and miles down this RV road. But I believe we can see the end of the long tunnel now and we are crossing the bridge to see the final completion of the project to delete the zeros. The very last step to collect our dinar and pay us handsomely to get them.  The RV is very close at hand and...there are so many signs now that very possibly we could be in a good window of opportunity to see this RV very soon if all goes to plan.  [post 2 of 2]

6-1-2015   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
  Just in the recent days we read that one of the MPs from parliament are questioning the stalling of  the opening of the 2015 budget. It is the month of May already and almost 4.5 months since they passed the budget.  What we did not all know is that this article is telling us is why the budget is stalled. It also confirms to us that the budget HAS NOT BEEN OPENED...It appears...that an appeal was filed in the courts by the GOI and the CBI by Abadi to postpone the budget spending. They now claim this appeal was unconstitutional. But the really nice part of this article it was Abadi (with support from his cabinet and the CBI) who stopped it. Why then stop it?  So this is confirming to us more and more that they are awaiting the completion of the currency reform to begin spending the large amounts of money on the government reconstruction So just in the last few days the minister of finance has stated that the 2015 budget money is about to be disbursed to each of the provinces. This is WOW news IF THEY ACTUALLY DO IT!   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]