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4-24-15 KTFA:
FrostyTheSnowman:  Get excited!  IMO ... these "50's" aren't expiring just because the CBI wants to look busy.

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HERE'S A THOUGHT FOR YA.............





IN 12TH MONTH NOW.......



WHEN IS JULY?????????





TIME WILL TELL.........  G/B M/Z


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Zochowski ... you've most definitely earned the title of "SKULL CRUSHER" for a reason.

Your mind sir ... is simply amazing!

How do you keep all of those calendar dates straight?

BRILLIANT analysis!!!   Frosty


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G/B M/Z  

Adam MontanaI don't think there's another currency with this kind of potential. We're in a once in a lifetime situation. Actually, a once in EVER situation. Fortunes will be made, lost, squandered, multiplied, donated, ignored... this is an amazing time. I'm so happy and blessed to even be a part of it! I have 100% proof that big money is in IQD. Follow the money, my friends! We are getting close.


this is the crux of wut be known ta me.. private bond (as opposed to Ryan) has begun receiving payments...sovereigns remain to be...groups are on standby (for the umpteenth time), this time we're close imo...prior to this, all that needed to be in place was not...and now is...imo once the IMF give permission for the Chinese to release funds for purchase of the bonds.... we'll see the RV/GCR about the same time...
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T:  Okay.  Goooood morning, TNT!  Today is April the 24th, 2015, and once again no we didn’t think we would make it this far.  Well we hoped we didn’t make it this far this week.  There was a possibility, ‘cause DC only gave today 75% chance, but over the weekend he raised it up to 85, so don’t you guys forget that!  So, it’s sounding really good, might be on target, but I want to talk to you guys about somethin’ else before we get started, because again, and DC has some really good information, I think.  I can’t wait to see, hear what he gonna say though, but anyway.  We try and do a bunch of different things on our call and help people out, life, and I just want to pass this thing on to you guys real quick ‘cause I know, I get letters from a lot of older people, I get letters from people talkin’ about how their parents are involved in this, got ‘em involved in this, gone away and, and a lot of you guys are, you know, older, whether you wanna be or not, and I know you are.  It’s not like we have a bunch of young kids here today, but I saw somethin’ that was so ridiculous on television, to me, I mean just so ridiculous, I want to make sure everybody is, in fact, aware of it.  And that was, you know, this guy they had on trial for having sex with his wife because she was in a, a home, and they were gonna say he abused her or, or whatever, I mean.  And now, I mean, the caution is if you think you’re going crazy, if you think you’re goin’ into dementia, if you think you’re gonna be in, incapacitated in any way, I mean, you need to have in writing that it’s okay for you and your spouse to still have sex.  And I just thought it was the most ridiculous thing he, he was found not guilty today.  I mean, the, these are older people, it’s his wife, it’s just, it was just the most ridiculous thing to me, and now that the trial is over everybody says there never should’ve been a trial.  Well, why didn’t they say that before they made, you know, this big national thing out of it?  Anyway, it was just one of my things that, that I noticed, and I know that goes for both spouses, ‘cause you never know, when things happen and your spouse still loves you one way or the other and just, just be aware.  It’s, it’s some crazy people out there, and I don’t mean the, I mean the prosecutor who brought this up, who everybody says now should’ve never even brought it up, nobody even wanted the charge it, but.  Sorry, I just had to go off on that this morning.  Okay, DC, I know you don’t have to worry about that for a few more years, but.

DC:  Good Lord!  Oh, my God.  Just got jogged off, okay!

T:  All right.

DC:  All right!  Okay!  Onward to Iraqi revaluation, and away from that topic.  Okay.  Here we go.  

T:  It was just crazy!  I said that was crazy!  But anyway, go ahead.

DC:  It is, but a lot of, change subjects, please.  Okay.  Onward and upward.  Let’s, I hope everybody’s doing well today, hope everybody is enjoying their, or soon to be enjoying their weekend.  Bottom line we’ll hit good old East Coast, or excuse me, east to west like we normally do, and it’s, for those who don’t care of the details bottom line not much has changed since Wednesday on either side of the pond, and so we’ll go into those details now.  So the past basically 48 hours or so Abadi, a lot of his, a lot of his Council of Minister friends, and a lot of his staff members have urged especially political leaders as well as some civic leaders to keep things calm and to do, you know, dissuade any riots that may occur that were frankly in planning.  I understand there were a few, but they were very minimal because they basically urged them to be calm, urged them that hey, we’re listening, we’re listening, you just have to be patient with us, etc.  And so everything else, you know, they’ve spent a lot of time dealing with that because of 1) chaos is not what Iraq needs, it’s had enough chaos, it needs to slow down, as well as to let people know that hey, we are going to do what you expect, etc.  So at the mosques today and some other civil meetings, civil leader meetings over on Thursday and some today they have encouraged again calm, and yes things are gonna come through, yes things are gonna, you know, arrive, this is getting through, this is really complicated, bear with us, it’s all gonna be squared away.  They’ve spent a lot of time dealing with that, because riots are not what, what they did.  They were largely successful, a few riots but not too many on there.  Did they get a whole lot of time off of, off that?  No.  I mean a couple days.  A few of ‘em said, “We’ll give you a day or two.”  Some of ‘em said, “Okay, you know, we’ll give you just a few more days but, you know, we need to see some action here.”  So that’s going on.  

Other front-story stuff for the revaluation, all the banks were called, all the central banks, excuse me, the Central Bank and the Finance Ministers called all the U, or excuse me, all the Iraqi banks again all over saying, “Hey, we’re gonna do this, get prepared, be prepared to work on, over this weekend, be prepared to work as early as Friday night, be prepared, be prepared, be prepared, and we’ll let you know as this goes on.”  Obviously a lot of folks kinda rolled their eyes, but with the level of intimate involveness [sic] that they’ve had, it has, you know, definitely made people pay a little more attention, so we’ll see.  The situation on the news, basically it’s more of the same, a lot of stuff talking about those who are running information, or those who are running news, traditional like, you know, just Iraqi news, but a few clips about “the Iraqi economic reform will end very soon,” all those, those same things have been mentioned on both the TV, the radio, and the newspapers.  So bottom line is a large part of the same, same effort on that front.  Anything else about Iraq we need to mention, Tony?

T:  Um...let me think.  So let me go over it real quick ‘cause, and...hold on I wanna, I wanna change somethin’, just, yeah let me go over it real quick, then I’ll send you some stuff.

DC:  Oh, good.  Okay.

T:  So Iraq, in the mosque, pleaded for people to be calm, said, “Let’s unite regardless of religion, sector, whatever, let’s not riot.”  And their biggest thing they were sayin’ in the mosque and not in the article is “What you’re waiting for is here,” right?

DC:  Indeed!

T:  Got that part right, okay.

DC:  Yes, sir.

T:  So, so it in fact said that.  I don’t know if you gave the name, Abadi and Shabibi called everybody.

DC: Yes.

T:  I know you said the banks in Iraq.  Did you say anybody else?

DC:  Well as I mentioned, they did call everybody, most of the majors, most of the major banks and most of the central bankers, the major central bankers themselves all, the latter part of this week, so Wednesday evening and a lot Thursday, etc.

T:  Okay.  All right.  And starting this evening through Monday is your 85%.  Is it any higher than 85%?

DC:  No, I, I’d keep it about that level.  I think we’re all, you know, naturally, you know, gone up and down, and I don’t want anybody to buy any dinar off of this.  This is not to pump people up, this is just to say that things look really, really nicely.  We’ve been to places where it looked really nicely before, so let’s just, you know, smile and let’s look at this as optimistically as we can.

T:  Okay.  All right!  In that case, we’re lookin’ good!

DC:  Indeed.  All right!  US, bottom line, we’ve just said most of it is they were called by everybody and told to be on alert.  Everybody is on alert, locked down, all that kinda stuff.  Everybody’s there, bankers are prepared, money is moved around and prepared.  Security is prepared for it, everybody else is ready for this to go through.  Are we waiting on a specific timeline or windows of time?  No.  Specifically know they’re not gonna wait for, you know, down times, etc.  They may wait for the public announcement ‘til, you know, an ideal public time, but for the actual changing of the currency value, it’s truly 24/7, we don’t care.  And so everybody’s prepared across the world for that, so, that simple, it, it’s pretty straightforward.

T:  All right, yep, that’s it!  So before we get a hundred questions and I get a hundred texts, any rate changes that you know of?

DC:  So the rate changes that we know of, they have--pardon me--they have changed a little bit up and down on the dinar and a little bit on the Zimbabwe, and I guess a week ago or maybe ten days ago the, the dong changed a little bit, but that’s not it, not much.  

T:  Okay.  Guys, IMF put out a article about the Zim for those who were curious, which was very positive, which in January we didn’t expect to see until June or July, and they actually put it out two days ago so that, that was great, kinda gives us confidence there and, shoot, we’re just waitin’, huh?

DC:  That’s, that’s all we can do!

T:  All right.  Guys, as you can tell, Winston’s voice isn’t all the way back yet.  My sinuses are absolutely killin’ me right now but we’re, we’re gonna go through this, so we’re gonna talk to a couple people, and we’re probably not gonna do two hours, just so you guys are ahead, aware of that, but we’re gonna do what we can do.  Okay, so 281, good morning.  281?  

DC:  Houston.

T:  I’m sayin’, that’s 405 minutes down the drain.

DC:  Oooo, ouch.

T:  Okay!  All right.  I mean 405 minutes.  404, good morning.

C:  Good morning and good afternoon.  Appreciate the, the call information here.  I have just a couple of items for you, please.

DC:  Yes, ma’am.

C:  What sort of timeframe are you anticipating for us to be getting from the 85% level to  100%?

DC:  She always has good questions, very pointed ones.  Ones I like to avoid sometimes.

T:  Ooooo!

C:  Do I need to retract that and ask my next question?

DC:  No, no, no, no, no, you’re fine, you’re fine.  It, it’s a good question.  No, no, no, it’s a good question, I’m just, just adding a little levity here.  So bottom line is given as up and down as this has gone down, it’s very hard for me to get past really 85 considering everything’s gone there, until actually we’re in the bank just because it has become so bloody close, like Monday night the darn thing should’ve gone.  I mean it absolutely should’ve gone, and it didn’t, and it was just kinda, all of us were, were, even as cynical as you can naturally become, still a little taken aback, like, “Seriously?!  We were that close?!  Good Lord!”  So, you know, it’s, it’s hard for me to get above that way.  I would argue that we are very, very close again, and we are, are just sitting here right on the edge.  A lot of promises have been made for the next four days, so we’ll just wait and see where we’re at.  Again, super good, super close, so I, I’m just gonna have a hard time gettin’ over that until it goes through.

C:  ‘Cause to, to me it’s the word “here”, ‘cause you were, you’ve answered most of my questions that I had on here of, but you’re saying that, that it’s here.  And so now it’s sort of like what is the Iraqi definition for the word “here”?  You know, but we know “soon” and “imminent” and that sort of thing, and now “here”....

DC:  Imminent is a better word.  Exactly.

C:  Just adding a, become another four-letter word.

DC:  Exactly.

C:  The, the other quest...go ahead.

DC:  So good...call.  Good call on the “here” thing.  Yeah, it’s gotten like imminent, it should be banned on all our vocabularies from now on because we’ve heard that so many times, so.  Bottom line is there’s just nothing that we know of that has to be done except Shabibi sending the, the, the deal to the IMF and BIS.  There’s just nothing.

C:  Okay.  What, what currencies are you hearing are supposed to be in the first basket, ‘cause there was one rumor that seemed to be going around that one of the, the reasons for the continued delay had been that there had been a request put forth for another four or five currencies to be going into the first basket.  What are your sources saying on that one?

DC:  Sure!  So the ones that we know of are still in the, the five that we talked about and that’s about it.  It’s just not much, they’ve talked about adding others in there, but frankly they’re not prepared and even, frankly, the fourth and fifth on the currency or on the ones that are going in this basket are a, a pretty good stretch anyway, so stretching much beyond that is gonna be difficult to do.

C:  Okay.  So that particular request is...

DC:  ‘Cause we’d be, right.

C:  ...turned down.  

DC:  Right.

C:  Okay.

DC:  Right.  Could we be surprised?  Sure.  Absolutely.  Are all currencies going to adjust some?  Yes.  Most of ‘em will be so minor that nobody will notice, but we’re still calling it a GCR, but I mean it’s just, most of ‘em like the US Dollar’s gonna go almost nowhere, Euro will go almost nowhere, yuan will be very little, you know, those, the huge currencies are just not gonna move.

C:  Okay.  Well again, I appreciate your information and insight on, on this, and hopefully this will be the last call, period, and the next one will be the 800 numbers.  Look forward to that one as well, so.

DC:  Great!

T:  All right, thank you.

C:  Appreciate it.

DC:  Well thank you.

C:  Thank you very much.  Have a great weekend.

DC:  Thank you, Miss 404.  Okay, bye.

C:  Thank you, sir.  Bye-bye.

T:  Okay.  775, good morning.

C:  Hi, guys!

T:  Hi, how are you?

DC:  Hi!

C:  Good, thanks.  Hey, Tony, I know that last time on the call you were talking of, or maybe it was the call before, you had mentioned that some people have tried to pay off their layaway orders with Sterling, and hopefully we don’t have to have any more layaway orders, but just wondering, if we’re gonna use an e-check to make our layaway payments in the meantime, would we risk the same freezing of our account, you think?

T:  Okay.  So first of all, guys, I, I shouldn’t have said any company, ‘cause it is with every one of ‘em, every one of ‘em it was actually, so not any one in particular, first of all.  The whole thing behind that, ‘cause some a-hole, well, was tryin’ to start somethin’, called Sterling and said, you know, “Hey, he said this about you guys,” which I didn’t.  I was talkin’ about the banks and the bank procedure, had nothing to do with Sterling at all.  Plenty of people are doing e-checks, payin’ on their, their reserves, payin’ their reserves off and everything else, had nothin’ to do with it.  What really happened and that whole thing was about, if you went in to do a wire, I don’t care who you were doing it to, doesn’t matter, any company, and it mentioned dinar or had anything to do with the dinar, then the bank people were contacting the fraud department at that bank through your local bank if you went and did it, and they were shuttin’ accounts down because now it was brought to their attention, now somebody had filed it, now they were doin’ what they were supposed to do, shut those accounts down, we don’t do business like that, you know.  I got a letter that said, “Hey, you’re doin’ risky business, and we don’t wanna do that.”  That was all about the banks, and it was all about explaining how the banks were keepin’ in line so their employees would say, “Hey, this is fraud, it’s a scam, whatever, and the bank doesn’t wanna be involved in it,” and keeping with the memos and things they were tellin’ their employees so they wouldn’t go out and buy it.  That’s what that whole explanation was about, had nothing to do with any of the dinar companies at all.  

C:  Well, I didn’t mean to present in particular, I was just concerned that the layaway payments might fall into that same category.  But maybe because there’s not a human directly involved in that process, it’s more automated, maybe that’s why they’re not, you know.

T:  That, that’s right, ‘cause I go online and I look at mine, and I even did then, and it has the name right there on the checks, but because...

C:  Right.

T:  ...nobody called the Fraud Department, nobody did that, so a wire was being handled totally different, and that person went through it and sent me the letter, and I was just tellin’ you guys what happened to me twice, so I know it does happen, but that could be any particular dinar company, not just one.  

C:  Right.

T:  Okay?

C:  Okay.  And I have a tiny, tiny bank story.  Like some of the others that you’re seeing on the, on the posts and so forth, I was just in, do my banking, regular business, and as an afterthought I said, “Oh, by the way, do you exchange foreign currencies here?”   ‘Cause it’s such a tiny, tiny branch in a small strip center with the tiniest of storefronts.  And they said, “Oh, sure we do!  Which currencies are you talking?”  Well they actually thought I wanted to buy some, but I’m, “No, no, I’ve got some to exchange.”  “Well which ones?”  You know, and, so when I said the, the dinar, of course, I got the, “Oh, no, we don’t do that,” and I said, “I also have dong.”  “Oh sure, we’re doing that!”  No sooner did they say that that of course she couldn’t locate the rate on her, on her terminal anymore, but that was pretty funny.  And also...

DC:  That is funny.

C:  ...so for those people who were kinda worried about being in this investment for so long and others being in for a shorter period of time, I would, I would add that they should remember what Jesus said, that many who are first will be last and many who are last will be first.  So there’s no hierarchy in heaven or dinarland!

T:  There you go!  That’s right.

C:  And, and, and DC, if you, if you want to just stand on my back porch here, you can take all the quail you need, and I wish you would because they keep eating all my chickens’ food.

DC:  Oh, you got it!  

C:  I’ve got quail all...

DC:  I’m good for those kinda things.

C:  ...over my property.

DC:  I, I am good for that, I am a very good quail remover.  

T:  Okay.

C:  Thank you for taking my call as usual, and I just don’t know where we’d be without you guys.  Thank you so much.

T:  All right, thank you.

DC:  Well thank you.  Appreciate it.

C:  All right, bye-bye.

T:  All right.  A’ight.  Okay, 410, good morning.

C:  Good morning.  Boy, it sounds like everybody...

T:  How are you?

C:  ...light spirit, oh we’re great here.  

DC:  Great!

C:  Just sitting and waiting, right?  I was going to ask about any early exchanges you might know about, that was one thing, and....

DC:  Very few, sure.

T:  You know what?  I actually wanted to ask him about that, too.  DC, let me see, some people were scheduled for Thursday, some people were scheduled for Friday, their banks are doin’ that.

DC:  People are scheduled for tomorrow!

T:  So, you know, but, so what’s up with that?

DC:  Sure.  So a few actually were able to go through, the vast majority were not.  Why is that?  Simply because, again, we’ve talked about comfort level and everything else, and given the high state of readiness, a lot of banks choose--it’s a bank-by-bank choice from what we understand--is to just pause it right before it’s supposed to go.  And they’ve been on super duper fancy alert since Monday, well really Sunday, but really fancy alert since Monday night.  So, you know, they were like, “Well it’s about to go through, then why, you know, why go through the pain of any kind of liability and to, by doing exchanges, why screw with that when it’s about to go through anyway.”  So they’ve been, a lot of, a lot of those kind of discussions have been going on and arguments going the entire, in, in the banks.  Now some bankers have allowed that to go through but ver--, but not in great mass.  

T:  Okay.  So last weekend, ‘cause it’s Friday, last Saturday people were sittin’ around doing the early exchanges, waitin’ to do ‘em, were all sent home.  “Go home, we’re done with that.”  On Tuesday the bank brought all their people in, you know, five o’clock in the morning, said, “This is gettin’ ready to be the full deal, not early exchanges, we’re gonna do the full deal.”  On Wednesday it was, “Okay, so it didn’t go through Monday night like we all thought it was and it almost did, so Thursday or Friday we’re gonna do a few early exchanges or we’re actually gonna be doin’ it, but get ready for either one of ‘em, ‘cause one of those is supposed to happen.”  And yet because of all the phone calls that were made Wednesday, again were sayin’, “Well we don’t need to do that ‘cause it’s gettin’ ready to go live, and now here we are, right?

C:  Yeah.  Anticipation.

T:  Did I get that right?  I get that right, DC?

DC:  Absolutely.  You nailed it.  

T:  Okay.  So every understand, I mean that’s what we went through this week, and here we are, so we’ll see what happens.  Okay?

C:  Yeah.  Well, yeah, one more question, because I don’t think I’ve heard it explained lately when I wasn’t interrupted, that I know there, there is this big party that’s gonna, one’s gonna be in Texas and one’s gonna be in Vegas and, how soon will we get our invitations?

T:  Well look, DC’s not gonna like this part, so I’m just gonna tell you here.  If, if, if you don’t get a invitation from me, then I need to get a invitation from somebody, but anyway, just so we know.

DC:  Bottom line is we would love to do something.  The question is what are the NDAs gonna allow, and we’ll just have to abide by that.  I mean I think all of us would love to do it, yeah.

T:  Yep.

C:  We all know what they think about you anyway, so I don’t know what the big deal is.

T:  That’s right!  I don’t know what the big deal is either, so.

DC:  I’m just a normal guy.  Indeed.

T:  Yeah.

C:  All right, well thank you guys, and we appreciate you, and I hope this is the last time I get to say that until we see each other.

T:  Me, too.  Pam said we should do a short call today ‘cause she’s expecting to do another one.

C:  Oh, good, good, ‘cause remember I, my name is Pam, too.  We, we think alike.

T:  Well I’m not sure you wanted to admit that, but okay!  Anyway!  Okay.

C:  Oh, you, we have the...name wise.

T:  Yeah, thank you.  

C:  Right.

T:  All right, bye.

C:  Thanks.

T:  You guys know I, I love my Pam though, that’s all I can say to that.  All right, 530, good morning.

C:  Well good mornin’.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

DC:  Good mornin’!

C:  I’m doin’ great.  Listen, I’m going back into my memory several years ago where when I was doin’ research on how things were supposed to flow when this revaluing happened.  As I recall, a Letter of Intent needed to be sent from a country that was gonna revalue to the IMF, they would approve or disapprove of the amount of the rate, but that Letter of Intent was only good for about thirty days if I remember correctly.  I haven’t seen or heard of anything concerning a Letter of Intent except one (inaudible) that a letter of intent was sent somewhere around the first, first week in March.  Well that would’ve already been gone.  So have you guys heard of anything on the Letter of Intent, or is that, have already been changed and done away with?

DC:  Sure.  So all, the Letter of Intent, there’s also a lot of other filings and, and legal work that’s gone back and forth that has all basically been kinda held in suspense until this goes forward.  They’ve been able to continue to, continue where they’re at for a period of time just kinda hanging on the edge because of the impending RV, so they’re just waiting on that.  There has not been like a, you know, a reissuing of, of documentation, a reissuing of a lot of things, ‘cause it, frankly, we’re here right on the edge and everybody just keeps waiting, waiting for it and playing this nearly daily just like the rest of us.

C:  So did you also hear that a Letter of Intent was issued in March?

DC:  Well yes, that was one of the documents, or one of the things there mentioned about, “Hey, we’re going to revalue our currency.”  All that documentation has been done, and frankly has been done many times in the past.  

C:  Okay.  And Tony, have you, have you heard from Okie whether or not his, that situation he, was bringin’ him great pain, had been, had been resolved?

T:  He didn’t, but he did call me after the call on Wednesday.  He sounded good!  I mean, we talked about a couple things and he didn’t sound like he was in any pain anymore, anything, but, I mean, I’m sure he’s listening right now ‘cause he listens to the call, and he’ll probably call me afterwards and say, “Tell him this,” or somethin’, and I’ll pass along to Pam, she’ll put it in the chat room, but I think he’s okay.

C:  Well, Okie, just in case that that still lingers on, in Oklahoma when I was there, I had the same, same issue with the shingles, and I mean it was bad, and I found a doctor in Oklahoma that actually does, has a machine, ultraviolet machine type thing, he’s the only one I know that’s got one, and they take and transfer your blood in and purify it and, and bring it back in.  And I’ll tell you, within a few hours my symptoms were all gone, so there is, if you’re still havin’ issues with it call Tony, and Tony’s got my number and can call me and I’ll hook you up with that doctor.  Okay?

T:  Okay.  In that case, I better write your number down in case he asks me that, so let me see.

C:  Yeah, okay.

T:  All right.  

C:  All right, guys.  I really appreciate all what you do, and I’m still waitin’.  And Tony, I am your old, old neighbor from Newcastle.  

T:  Yeah, I see your number here, so, but I’m, okay, I wrote it down, I wrote your name down so I am going to, I’ll pass it to him if he calls me.  All right, thanks.

C:  All right.  Bye.

DC:  Thank you!

T:  Okay, 562, good morning.

C:  It looks like a his-and-hers closet.  Good morning!

T:  Good morning.

DC:  Good morning!

C:  Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell.  

DC:  No worries.

T:  Yep.

C:  Okay, couple of quick questions.  Is, in reference to the holdups, and I realize that’s a loaded question...

DC:  Sure.

C:  ...has anything to do with the Federal Reserve and/or Maliki?

DC:  Not that I know of.  The Federal, I’ll say the majority of the reasons, not that I’ve heard.  In terms of, the Federal Reserve were one of the folks who said, “Oh, you’re really going this time?  Oh, crap!” on Monday, and so they were, they’ve basically been ramped up then for at least since Tuesday afternoon on that I know of and, and prepared and ready, so everyone has been ready for.  In terms of good old Nouri al-Maliki is he, he’s basically been in the retirement mode, and that’s kinda where he sits primarily.

C:  Okay, so he has really no effect at this stage of the game, and, and....

DC:  I wouldn’t say that.  I would never, you know, frankly it’s not unlike any other Prime Minister or President, former President, former Prime Minister to a country, they’re always gonna have influence, they’re always gonna have an audience, they’re always gonna be there.  And so he definitely has people that listen to him.  He definitely is absolutely involved with the Dawa Party, etc.  Unfor--, because of some of, actions by his cohorts, his reputation has definitely taken a pretty bad beating, but he still definitely has influence.

C:  Okay.  And in reference to Monday’s delay, can you kind of give a little better idea of what could’ve or maybe delayed Monday’s situation?

DC:  So...sure, so Monday, we explained a little more on Wednesday and just had more confirmations of that on, since then, and that is everybody...didn’t believe it.  Simply they were like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, right,” and then they came so close and nobody was--or not nobody--but there are quite a banks, quite a few count--, er, central banks, quite a few major banks weren’t prepared because they just didn’t believe the darn thing because as we called it last, it was a bit of boy who cries wolf because you get so many, so close, you get so many people ramped up so closely, you know, what, is it the 137th time or the 139th time you’re gonna do it?  You know, so it is, you can, I think all sides are understandable in terms of, “Okay, we’re ready, go.”  And then we were going, “Seriously?!  So this is the time we’re doing it?  Okay.”  So a large part of that has to do with it.  That’s what we, we ended up getting more and more information from.

T:  All right!  Thank you, sir.

C:  Thank you very much.

T:  All right.

DC:  Thank you.

T:  Okay, so DC we gotta talk about this for a minute, before the next call.

DC:  Talk about what?  Okay.

T:  All right.  So we went through cryin’ wolf...

DC:  Sure.

T:  ...and nobody, not believe it.  We went through the, the Ministers, everybody.  We went through the TV, “In the coming days, next couple of days, we’re imminent.”  We finally went through Abadi himself saying, you know, “This week this is gonna happen, this week,” publicly on television and we went through him sayin’ he’s taking charge of the situation and all of that.  We went through it not goin’ on Monday.  We went through planned riots on Thursday and Friday.  Now we’ve gone from the Prime Minister sayin’ this week to in the mosque they have the religious leaders saying, “What you’re lookin’ for is here,” and we just need to get a definition of “here,” it’s not here, but, so...as we said, how many more times could that go through?  How many more times or, at some point it’s already embarrassing for, you know, the country.

DC:  Oh, yeah.

T: And now for the, the Prime Minister, and now we’re going to do that for actually the religious leaders, too. Is it not forcing the people into doin’ what they don’t want ‘em to do? I mean, well what’s the next? All of you done told us that and it hasn’t happened, so what’s next? So then the only thing they can do. But what has to be done to prevent them from doing that? Okay, we’ll give you a couple days, Friday and Saturday, or Friday, Saturday and Sunday, ‘cause by Monday we’re back on track. I mean, is that kinda what we are hearing about or thinking about, or what? You know?

DC: Good point. Yes. The bottom line is, to answer Tony’s question, yes. They bought a little bit of time, they calmed folks down, they did that, but it, it’s like anything, when you go back asking for, you know, the third and fourth and fifth time for forgiveness, you’re a hell of a lot less likely to do it and also a lot less, a lot less credibility in terms of, “Oh yeah, sure you’re gonna do it, you’re just jerkin’ us around,” that kinda thing. And that’s, that...attitude, and not just attitude but those decisions are, are very much there and on everybody’s front, and it’s not like it’s hidden or some sort of super-secret thing. You know, some of ‘em point blank said, “Okay, I’ll give you, you know, three days. You don’t get it by three days, I’m callin’ my people to riot.” Or some of ‘em said, “I’ll give you a few days.” Some of ‘em just, “I’ll give you a week.” It basically, on there, but it is, wasn’t like it opened and, “Sure, sure, we’ll play nice with you, sure, sure.” No, it was a, you know, “You need to get your stuff together and go on. We understand that it’s highly complicated, international affair, everything else but, you know, like all of us, let’s get to it, please.”

T: Now this is a complicated game bein’ played out here, or strategy or, you know, however we could say it without offending anybody, because any of those areas could strike a match that turns into a wildfire.

DC: Yes.

T: I mean, any of those areas at anytime could just say, “Enough is enough” and soon as the other ones hear about it, everybody just joins in and said, “This is it! We’re goin’!” And so the playin’, you know, again I wanna say a dangerous game or, or their strategy is really right at the tipping point. So, but we think they all realize that or they wouldn’t have all of the mosques puttin’ out that message today, right?

DC: Right. And also, frankly, you know, they do have a independent, you know the cleric, or the clerics and the religious leaders are independent of it, and they are not at all afraid to speak their mind, frankly because they’re better liked than most politicians. You know, it’s not unlike most places in the world so, you know, they feel free to openly say what they think, and they normally do, almost always do I should say. So therefore, you know, everybody knows this, you’re in a pretty serious situation. There’s an easy fix, everybody’s prepared for the fix. This should not devolve into anything that is nasty or anything else, this should just get cleared, and everybody pats each other on the back and, and, you know, Iraq turns itself into just a massive economic success and it, I mean, and every bank’s prepared for it.

T: Okay. Now, that’s what we’re all hoping for, and I’m just tryin’ to make sure everybody understands that hopefully they know what they’re doing ‘cause they’re acting like it, because if that match did get struck, I mean the cleric’s gonna jump on the people’s side. They’re not gonna jump on the politicians’ side.

DC: No.

T: ‘Cause they don’t wanna lose all their credibility and everything they worked for for some politicians, so they will definitely be supportin’ the people when this thing happens, which will enhance it even more, ‘cause it’s more about religion than it is politics, right?

DC: Yes.

T: I’m just sayin’ everybody sees that big picture. All right, guys.

DC: Uh-huh.

T: I want you know if we understand it, they have to understand that. They live there, they go through it all the time, so I think they would be doin’ everything they can to make this thing happen as soon as possible, so that’s what I wanted to clarify. All right.

DC: Perfect! Great.

T: Okay, 919, good morning.

C: Hello?

T: Hi, how are you?

DC: Hi!

C: Oh, my God, I cannot believe I’m on! Oh, my God. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my Gooood! 

DC: I like your energy.

C: Okay.

DC: Love your energy.

C: Okay, I got, I got a cup, I got, I got some, I’ve been trying to get on, I’m off on Fridays. Just the last like six months I have called on Fridays and, you know, I’ve been on the line, on the line, and not gotten through? Oh, my God! So I got somethin’ I have to tell you first, and then I have two really quick questions and I’ll shut up because I know there are other people online. Okay, so every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I listen to your calls as I have done religiously for the last two years. I, in my mind I see Tony as Denzel Washington...

T: Woooo! Okay, then.

C: ...I see Winston...

DC: You wish you were (inaudible).

C: ...as George Clooney. I see Pam...

DC: I wish I looked that good.

C: ...as Scarlett Johansson.

T: Woooo! Okay.

C: And I see Ray as like, he just seems like he would be like Shaq, you know? A quiet, really big guy, so I have all this stuff goin’ on in my head as I’m listening, and then as, every time Winston says something like, like, you know, “You can come after me but I’m gonna be ready,” I get tingly all over. It’s just crazy. So anyway, you’re hot. Anyway, okay, so I’m done.

T: Winston, you’re hot, just so you know that. But anyway.

C: And, Tony, my...

DC: That’s funny. That’s really funny.

C: ...my husband is from Greenville. My husband is from Greenville, North Carolina.

T: Okay! Yep, I know right where it is.

C: Yeah, so I said, you know...yeah, yeah, so I said, you know, we’re almost related in a weird way. Okay, so I have two quick questions then I’ll shut up. I still cannot believe I’m on, oh my God. First, I also, to, today I donated today, so I just wanted to let you know because I, I appreciate everything that you guys do, and true, truly, truly we love you guys.

DC: Well thank you.

T: A’ight.

C: Calm down, calm, my husband’s gonna freak OUT when he listens to this, it’s so cool, might (unintelligible). Anyway, so I have, you know, you guys are talkin’ about how the banks will know and contact you for, for maybe some early exchanges or whatever? If you bought your currency from Sterling only, then how, how would anybody know who you are? Does that question make sense?

T: I don’t, I don’t think the bank will know who you are unless you went in there and introduced yourself to somebody, know that...

C: Okay, so we need to go.

T: ...which a lot of people have done, and this is what I have and, “I know you don’t think it’s gonna happen, but just put my name down when it does, you’re probably gonna want to call me.” You know.

C: Okay.

T: I, I mean, that’s all you can do. And the rest of ‘em are just relationship, people who’ve gone into the banks over the years and, and the bankers have just done that. I have several banks, they’re like, “Well give me your name and number, that, and if it ever happens, you know, I’m gonna keep it right here and I’m gonna call you.” Well, at some point they started callin’ those people, ‘cause I know people who’ve gotten calls. “Oh yeah, do you still have that? How much do you still have?” and, and they’ve set ‘em up for appointments, but that’s just how it works. 

C: Okay. I did, I did stop at a Wells Fargo that we’re, we, we are, it’s our bank, and picked up the wealth manager’s business card, so I, I’ll take care of that. And then other quick question. You guys said it, I see this as a movie in the future by the way, with those guys playin’ you guys, anyway. You guys said that you, that, that, that some of the currencies had changed, the rates have changed. The only thing I’m gonna say is it it for the better or for the worse?

T: Well, the message I just got, it’s for the better, so.

C: Well that’s, that’s outstanding.

T: We’ll, we’ll see. Yep. 

C: All right, well listen if, I’m gonna, I’m gonna call my husband right now.

T: But if, if you don’t like the rates, if for some reason you don’t like the rates, you’ve been on for two years, so you know first mouse, second mouse, third mouse, right?

C: Absolutely. Absolutely.

T: Okay. And you know that it’s always greater later.

C: Absolutely.

T: You understand that. All right.

C: That’s why I’ve, I met the love of my life when I was 49 because it is greater later.

T: It’s greater later, that’s right. 

C: And I’m just gonna say if you guys want a kick-ass band for any of the gigs we’re gonna go and have a big party at, my husband is the best musician in North Carolina, so must lettin’ you....

DC: Oh!

T: Oh, okay! 

DC: There you go!

T: (Inaudible) want a band, but you know you need to get on Open Mic ‘cause Ray is in North Carolina, you know, he can check that out.

C: Oh, really? He’s heard of the Imagers, I’ll have to, I’ll have to get on Open Mic.

T: Okay.

C: Well, so I’m gonna let you go because I know there are other people that wanna talk. I just want to say truly, truly, truly I have never met any of you guys, but I swear to God I love you guys and so does my husband, and we are looking so forward to this blessing and that, being able to help other people.

T: Okay. Well let me just tell you this, so, I appreciate you lovin’ me, but not so much your husband, and then the other thing is that I’m gettin’ texts and they’re sayin’ that Ray is more like Eddie Murphy than Shaquille O’Neil, just so you know.

C: Okay, well I’ll change that. I’ll change that on my notes here. Ray, Eddie, Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy (inaudible), you guys are just all beautiful people is what I’m sayin’.

T: All right. Now, thank you. We appreciate it.

C: All right, well thank you so much. Bye-bye.

T: All right.

DC: Thank you.

C: Bye.

T: Okay, 703, good morning.

C: Hi Tony, Hi DC.

DC: Hi, how are you?

T: How are you?

C: I’m, I’m okay. I’d be better if we were at the banks today, but I’m okay. How are you?

T: You and me both.

DC: Me, too. Me, too.

C: I know, right? Isn’t that the truth. I have one question, and, and just kind of one statement. It’s, I’m just so disheartened. I really honestly don’t believe anything that they say anymore, anything that comes out of Iraq, that is, because it seems like they’ve, they’re playing the same broken record and it’s on repeat. It just, I don’t understand why they continue to put their people through it and why they just don’t let it go. I, I, I don’t, don’t get it honestly, and know some of the people that have family there, and they’re outright saying that this, you know, Abadi is, he’s, he’s a crook, he’s no better than Maliki. I mean, that’s what they’re saying. They don’t, they don’t trust him. So...I just, I (inaudible).

T: And that was our point that, what we were sayin’. We, we heard that and it is gettin’ to that point, and we feel they don’t want it to get to that point. But they know that’s where it’s getting to, and once it crossed that line, then it, it’s a whole new ballgame, and it’ll just totally mess, so, we’re sayin’ they know how dangerously close they are to that right now, and that’s why we feel it, it’s gonna happen, so. Unless DC, you wanna say somethin’ else.

DC: No, I think it is, the belief factor just because of, you know, up and down that we’ve been through and, you know, obviously Iraq has gone through by order of magnitude, they are absolutely dealing with a hell of a lot of problems there.

C: Yeah, why, why don’t, why do they keep putting themselves, I mean they’ve put themselves in that situation where people don’t believe ‘em, and I think Abadi’s done a great job in six months, but wow, he’s really shot himself in the foot.

DC: Well, one would argue, his office would argue that he’s dealing with a worldwide event with ten thousand different voices and he has to hear them all and so they’re in a, between a rock and a hard place. There also comes a point where they just have to move out on it. But also remember Shabibi’s the guy pulling the trigger, but they have to do it, obviously they have to be incredibly closely linked.

T: And all this, what he’s sayin’, is not on Abadi, there’s, there’s a lot of other people makin’ decisions and puttin’ him in certain situations that he....

DC: Where he’s just stuck.

T: Yeah, where he’s stuck and, and he’s tryin’ to figure, maneuver his way out of ‘em at the same time and do the right thing at the same time, so it’s not that easy.

DC: No, it, I would not want that job.

T: No.

C: Yeah, I mean, but he’s like, you know, if you ever watch that show “The Apprentice,” it’s all the way, it’s the private manager, right, that, that takes the fall. He’s the, he’s the, the face and...

DC: You’re, yep, that’s right.

C: ...people that I know, they’re just...yeah, sorry, I’m sorry, go ahead DC.

DC: No, no. The tension is absolutely building for everybody, and everybody knows it. That’s why we keep mentioning about the riots, everything else, is because it’s, it’s getting to a, it’s getting to a breaking point and they, they’re, they, everybody knows it and, you know, the amount of effort, diplomatic effort they went through this week tells you how seriously they know it is. So we’ll wait and see how, what changes, but everybody knows it’s on there. My personal opinion is they get this done this weekend or Monday or something like that, then Abadi would be their new best friend for a long, long time. If it continues to lay out, there’s gonna be some real issues, so we’ll have to wait and see.

C: Oh, my God, yeah. Yeah, I mean, my family’s from that part of the world, and man if he, if they let it get to that point with the riots, this is gonna go to hell in a hand basket and he’s gonna, I think it’ll be impossible for him to, to reel this back in. I mean, they are not, when they riot, they’re very nasty people, and, and I get, I get their plight, I mean. I’m just bein’ honest.

T: And, and the closer we get to that 115, 120 degrees, I mean, the more likely that’s gonna happen. 

DC: Yep. I’ll also say something that’s....

C: And there’s no coming back.

DC: Yeah. And it, let’s speak of the summer deal, I mean ‘cause it’s one thing that a lot of people, it’s kinda common sense but you don’t realize it’s there. But when we were first in Iraq in ’03 and ’04, we used to track, and every commander had it in their, you know, in their daily brief--literally, their daily briefs--what the temperature, what zones, when the rolling blackout was gonna start in that zone, ‘cause you knew it, insurgency was gonna hit as soon as that darn electricity went off, you know, the temps crept back up. And so my point in mentioning it, that, not much has changed regarding, you know, when people are at 125 degrees, you’re gonna get hot quick and, and not just physically hot but you’re, you know, the tempers are gonna flare and everything else, and it’s something we’ve always dealt with, even, and now, you know, it’s tracked when that’s gonna through and when, you know, a neighborhood--especially some neighborhoods--we would try to keep that, you try to keep their electricity on past four o’clock, four or five o’clock, to make dang sure because they were the nastiest, you know, they, they had the worst kind of riots and worst kind of IED issues, etc. So it’s a real issue when it comes to, you know, just keeping everybody calm is frankly just keeping them cool is half, is quarter of the battle.

T: Right, and they can’t wait until it hits 120 to start doin’ somethin’ about it, they need to start now...

DC: Correct.

T: ...so it doesn’t get to that point this summer.

DC: Correct.

T: We’ll see.

C: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, ‘cause you literally can’t reel ‘em in from that point then, it’s, it is done and it, it will go like wildfire.

DC: Yeah.

C: So my question is is why is the, all the other currencies, why are they waiting for Iraq? I mean, I have a lot of other currencies be, besides this, and I would be so happy if I could just go in and, and do the others and Iraq can, you know, continue screwing around for as long as they want. But why aren’t the other currencies going, the other countries?

DC: They’re wait, Iraq is the foundation. Iraq is absolutely the foundation of this whole thing. Nothing happens ‘til they go.

T: So they don’t get their new values until the dinar gets its value ‘cause that’s the driving force, you understand that?

DC: You can’t build a house without a foundation.

C: And there’s no...and there’s no way behind that, or, you know, around that rather?

DC: There are ways around it, but it’s so complicated and so intertwined with what has done, it is not impossible but it is really improbable. 

C: darn, okay.

DC: Just because of the way they have set everything else up and with what they have done, I mean it would take a year to unfix it or to, you know, to, to bypass it. But people have abs, absolutely thought about it and tried to do it, etc., but it, realistically speaking that’s where we’re stuck.

C: Dammit. Okay, okay, thank you. And then I forgot to mention this when I was on last time. There’s actually a really great natural solution for your allergies, it’s, comes from pineapple extract, and I’d love to send you guys the link or send you a bottle of it or something. It literally will kick in in 15 minutes. I, I take it with hives, it’s works better than Benadryl or anything. My brother-in-law takes it, he has really bad allergies. I’d love to either send it to you or get the links to you, you can get it on Amazon. It’s absolutely amazing stuff and it works better than any of, of the Claritins and Zyrtecs so.

DC: Great! Well, why don’t you send the link to, to Pam, that’d be helpful. Thank you.

C: Okay, and how, how do I do that, ‘cause I’m not a forum member? Can I....

DC: Just email it. Pam what’s your email address please?

T: TNThelp?

DC: Oh, I guess that’s it, right.

C: Is it TNThelp?

T: Yeah 

DC: At gmail.com?

T: TNThelp@gmail.com. Yep. 

DC: Okay, there it is.

C: TNThelp@gmail.com. Okay. I will send that to you today. TNThelp@gmail. 

T: Well, you can send it to DC, but I wrote your name, number down, okay, so I’m gonna call you.

C: Awesome. Okay, yes, please let me know, and I’d, I’d hap, be happy to send it to you all so, rather than you guys having to order it. 

T: All right. No, I’m, anyway, all right thanks. I appreciate it. All right.

C: Thank you.

T: Have a good day.

C: Thank you both so much. You too. Bye-bye.

T: A’ight. 

DC: Thank you.

T: I just, I’m gonna find out what it is right now and order it, ‘cause I can have it in one day, so, but anyway.

DC: Yeah.

T: Okay, man, we did a hour, so.

DC: Okay! That’s great!

T: Actually it is botherin’ me, so she said that at the right time, but.

DC: She did. Okay, guys, hope everybody’s well. Bottom line is everything looks very cued up nicely for the next three or four days and we’re going to continue to watch that. Everything is just right on the edge, and let’s pray it finally goes through. Everybody’s planning for it, everybody’s prepared for it, and, you know, at any time. It’s really 24/7, they’re not aiming for a specific time, etc., so pretty simple and straightforward. That’s it! So I hope everyone has a great weekend. I hope we all have a phenomenal, phenomenal weekend.

T: Okay, Pam?

Pam: Okeedoke, I need that phone number, too, Tony, please. I was just on Amazon actually, ready to order something. Okay, in the chat room this morning APPALOOSA said, and I really like, again, what she said, so I’m gonna read it to you guys rather than you have to listen to me. “We’ve all gained a tremendous amount of knowledge here from Tony and the team. Don’t second guess yourself when the time comes. You know what to do, you know what you need, and you know how to get what you want from the banks. Be kind and respectful, be understanding of the circumstances of the bank employees, and don’t forget to spread your love around. I know so many of us are full of ideas to bless so many and can’t wait to get started, but before you do, take care of you and yours. Make sure you remember to put away 50% for taxes and 25% to work making money for you. These two steps are the most important for you to maintain your wealth.” Smart girl!

T: Yep, smart girl right there! Smart girl.

Pam: And hello, MEADOWLAWN, her mama.

T: Okay. All right, Ray?

Ray: Well, first off, to those members who texted in that, that I’m to be Eddie Murphy instead of Shaq, stop texting, that’s (inaudible). So I’m going to continue to enjoy this Fantabulous Friday, it’s Find-My-Freakin’-Funds Friday. Before too much longer it’s gonna be found! So just hang on and then...

T: All right, thank you, sir.

Ray: ...enjoy your weekend. All right.

T: All right. Okay, guys, you, you got all the good news. The good news is everything is moving forward, everybody is, is feeling the pressure, not from us but from each other as far as governments are concerned, from the people of Iraq. They’re well aware of what was planned for the weekend or they wouldn’t have addressed it in the mosques all across the country this morning. So it is a real thing, it’s really gettin’ geared up. We’re hearing it from the citizens themselves. So we’ve gone from imminent, in a few days, a couple days to, you know, again this week and, you know, it’s Friday, so it’s actually the start of next week, to it’s here. So that’s the definition we’re lookin’ for. Our understanding is it should be sometime over the weekend, first part of next week, and hopefully this thing will be over with, but we’re excited. Everybody’s on the highest of alerts, and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. We’re okay. DC’s okay, Ray’s okay, Pam’s okay. We’re doin’ a call this afternoon if that’s what it takes, we’ll do that. Tomorrow morning, Sunday morning, don’t let that be what stops you, okay? ‘Cause we’re ready to jump in, we’re, send out the tweets to you guys if we get anything that’s really dramatic, they tell us we can give you a ten-hour warning, twelve-hour warning, we’ll definitely do that. So other than that, though, unless it’s just somethin’ really crazy out there, and believe me, Pam monitors the boards all weekend, Ray is on Open Mic all weekend--I don’t know how in the world he does it but he is--so if anything is really crazy out there, we will address it. Other than that, we’re expecting it, I’m expecting it. We’re expecting if nothing else to do some early exchanges starting this evening or tomorrow, so somebody should be gettin’ some money. 

Oh, this is the other thing. The bonds did go through. We know people got paid already again, we know they’re spendin’ their money, and we know there are payments scheduled for Monday/Tuesday to a bunch of people with bonds who didn’t get paid yet, because paymasters are sayin’ it’s in their account and they’re just forwardin’ it out. So those people have some great things to look forward to, but all that tells us is we’re that much closer to our turn, guys. So get ready, it’s here. Get ready, get ready, get ready. Be ready, all right? Know what your ten items are you have to do before you go to the bank, and then have ten things you need to do when you come back, ‘cause those are the two periods of time you’re gonna lose your mind. You’re excited to go, don’t know what to expect, don’t know what your number’s gonna be, and everything’s just gonna be every which way. And when you come back from the bank and you actually see what that number was, there’s money in your account and you can start spendin’ it, you’re just gonna go crazy! So have somethin’ to look at, somethin’ to reference, and be doin’ that right now while you’re sound of mind, ‘cause you will not be afterwards. Matter of fact let’s say this real quick, DC, Pam. We got some guys that got paid, what, on Monday? Monday. 

DC: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

T: Tuesday they bought brand new airplanes, right? They bought...

DC: They did.

T: ...brand new cars. I mean, they bought...

DC: Brand new real estate.

T: ...yeah, crazy real estate and, and this was a group of guys, guys like who, who went to the dealer and said, you know, we want ten of these cars, we want five of these planes, we, I mean, they just lost their mind! And I’m tryin’ to, everybody don’t just lose their mind and just buyin’ to be buyin’ ‘cause you got eight hundred million dollars, I mean, you know? Just, just, just let’s be planned, organized, ‘cause guys, unlike those guys, now those guys walked away with a whole lot of money, you guys obviously know that ‘cause of what they did, but it’s still on a relative stage. I don’t want you guys to walk off with five hundred thousand, seven hundred thousand, eight hundred thousand, whatever, and, you know, go spend half on it, on, just like that, boom. So that, that’s what we don’t want you to do. Have a solid plan for it, and it could very well happen over the weekend, all right? So be careful with that, and have a plan. Thank you very much, I really do appreciate everybody bein’ here, and hopefully this will be our last call of this nature. All right, enjoy your weekend, everybody. Thanks, bye.