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3-18-15 KTFA CC (Notes by FrostyTheSnowman):

** The comments made by Frank26, TopShelf and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial advice. **
FRANK:  The CBI and GOI both did something historical … the biggest advancement in the monetary reform of the IQD. The combination of these things are incredible!

#1 – The banks of Iraq have their own SWIFT code for Int’l communication. These banks have been transferring money and doing wiring-transfers for years – which is no big deal but they have never been able to do it with a SWIFT code. This is the first time. Which is an Article 8 requirement. Question -- What is another Article 8 requirement? Answer: the lifting of the 3 zeros

#2 -- The very last sentence I left you with last night was go to the CBI website … and follow the information that was given by Delta and his team … to look at the missing info on the CBI’s website (on their book page).

Remember the NEW article that Delta posted … where the governor of the CBI came out and said (that same day in an interview) … “yes we are in the process of lifting the 3 zeros.”

When you go to the CBI website and you don’t see 1166 anymore … it’s because they lifted the 3 zeros.

Delta’s team found it. 1166 is not in the column where it should be. Normally it is … on the 18th it disappears for a few hours and then comes back. Why would they need SWIFT codes for 1166?

TopShelf called me today … and he gave me something … (SEE Tink’s POST #42) … it is a copy of a page that showed the previous page with 1166 on it.

FRANK: Come on in and tell us what you have …

TOPSHELF – Hello Frank. Ok … see post #42 … which is a picture of a spreadsheet -- showing line 3 on it.

Line 3, 4 and 5 were removed.

I have every single spreadsheet dating back to 1993.

I have everything on the CBI and ISX.

It’s pretty straight forward.

I pulled it out from 2013 because it was the first time that line 16 had a number in it … which pertains to “certain auctions” and how they swapped certain currency out. That will come into play later this week.

Line 3 seemed to be the question from everyone.

I even know the day and the minute they took 1166 off!

I’d like to go back even further … when was the last time we talked about February 18th? We talked about it last night. Today is March 17, 2015.

I have spreadsheets surrounding me … it’s confidence … it becomes very simple if you know what you are looking at.

February 18th the CBI was told that the 19th will be the last day for your auctions.

Now … February 26th at 1:44am was the last time they changed this spreadsheet.

There are more pages to this website than they are showing you.

Quite a bit of detail for the older years … but if you have access to it … it is very clear to see the value they have given for their currency. The amount that is in circulation.

They could put the lower denoms in the system and not into circulation. Keep that in mind. As soon as it starts to circulate the Iraqi citizens will get a lot of bang for their dinar.

They pulled the 2014 numbers. The numbers that used to be there … are not there now. (The numbers are there – you just can’t see them now). That’s what I’ve been playing with. Based on what we’re able to see … what the public gets to see is different … but there is a value.

I think that as soon as they decide to show this on their balance sheet you will see the value show up. On the ISX and the CBI … you’ll see it on their reports that they do weekly.

Notice that they do it every 7 days.

I think everyone has seen [on the CBI website] where the CBI stopped having auctions.

Considering the 30 day window … that we talked about last night … and the fact that February only has 28 days … so look at Wednesday is the 18th … Thursday is the 19th … Friday the 20th is their Holy Day … so technically it would be the 21st.

Keep in mind … IMO … they could announce it any time before then. It will be interesting to see what they do.

There are also number on another website.

We knew when they started updating the ISX site that things were starting to move along. We are seeing huge volume move thru there … so much volume … and not even at dinar value. It’s very deceiving. We’re going to see an adjustment on the ISX. It will be crystal clear.

If you go back thru every single page of their data … you’ll see it. The numbers don’t work.

I can only come to one conclusion … the value is different than what 1166 is.

FRANK: I’m still tempted to tell the family what they could do.

TOPSHELF: I don’t think we should just yet

We know the last day that anyone edited it … at the time they left it open.

It [the spreadsheet] has only been saved and edited since February 26th at 4:44 AM.

FRANK: On the 17th thru the 18th … I feel in my heart that we are going to see indicators that the CBI website is going to come back.

You mentioned that the ISX may do the same. They are symbiotic twins right now. We should see a “reflection” of their numbers.

On the 18th … do you think we’ll see 1166 [or any changed rate] … or the following day?

TOPSHELF: I think … it’s a matter of one thing … it’s either the 18th or the 19th … based on certain calculations that I’ve watched and seen them adhere too. They have rules only until they choose to do things differently.

How long did they have to put the budget into place? From February 16th.

FRANK: Once it’s funded? (3 days)

TOPSHELF: So if you post the budget February 16th … could they “back-date” it?

They didn’t release it publicly … but it was recorded as the 16th. Technically they had to fund it within a certain amount of time.

Then once funded … they had to stop … because they had to fund it at the new price. The 19th … the question remains … do they count that day or not?

FRANK: That’s what we’re trying to figure out the 18th or 19th

FRANK: (played a RECORDING from a Forum Member) I found it to be very astute. We need to think about this.

“Hi Frank … I enjoyed your call last night. I have an observation for you to consider … and that is that the number that will be in the report that goes out on the 18th has to be 1166.

It is a statement of the previous month which has been operating at 1166.

There will be a place somewhere where they state the new rate … ForEx … on the website somewhere … but that document … that is a report at the end of a period.

It will have to reflect the rate at which was used to calculate it. Blessings on you friend.”

FRANK: That’s interesting. That’s why we’re looking at the combination of those dates. It may be that on the 18th we may see 1166 … then the rider kicks in … and God willing … we may see a new rate. Interesting isn’t it?

(FORUM MEMBER COMMENTED: Oh no! 1166 now again???)

FRANK: Please RELAX sweetheart … this is just something we’re studying

TOPSHELF: Let me share something that I have in front of me right now.

In 2015 they are doing a week-ending report … breaking down every single category.

The next one out is February 19th – which is their Holy Day.

Every Thursday they are reporting their numbers weekly in 2015.

The latest number they reported was February 18th.

Today is the 17th of March. They are holding back weeks.

Remember … that gentleman said 1166

The budget came back after the fact.

What matter is what numbers they end up posting.

FRANK: Delta’s team has told us that there will be something on the 18th – let’s see what happens.

TOPSHELF: I think it could be highly probable as any other day.

It’s ironic that they stopped reporting as the 18th … even though they made a change on the 26th.

It is being well documented. But you won’t find it in the newspaper. It is on the CBI’s spreadsheet!

It’s real crystal clear … and I have the originals.

FRANK: Last Sunday we were blessed to see that 1166 was gone … and earlier that day the CBI governor said we are lifting the 3 zeros. What a combination! To see the governor of the CBI say that … and then see 1166 disappear on the CBI’s spreadsheet.

TOPSHELF: Most people that are remotely following this … haven’t seen this yet. This document probably wouldn’t have surfaced until next week. Keep in mind … it was exactly where iTeam told people to look for it … right under their noses.

FORUM MEMBER COMMENT: TopShelf … Did you get to see when the number changed from 1170 to 1166 on the spreadsheet?

FRANK: The reason why we ask … is we saw it around 3 or 4 in the morning. We are very convinced that this will come out while you and I are asleep.

TOPSHELF: I will go back and pull up the documentation and get it to you.

FRANK: The Wall Street Journal reports that gas could break the $2 mark again. Interesting. Please remember we told you that gas would go up in Jan-Feb? It did.

Now it’s stabilizing and going down … but IMO … in June, July, August its really going to shoot up again. It seems that there is something going on.

Iran made a deal … that they would “come to the table” (nuclear talks) and “negotiate” – but they wanted something in return. The deal they made was they get to sell their oil worldwide. Guess who’s going to sell it?

To summarize … we have strong security in Iraq.

Flags are going up all over the place.

Many embassies will be built in Iraq.

Kurds are super happy. They sit and wait for it.

Security will always be a problem in the middle-east … but we will be there to squash them.

M is history – and we’ll hear about him later.

TOPSHELF: Please see POST #46 … shows 2012 spreadsheet data. The pattern is so crystal clear.

FRANK: The pattern that leads to value, right?


FRANK: We think that by the 18th … we may see something. If they open at 1166 … that’s ok … because then they can activate the rider.

Let’s talk about the spectrum of the rate.

Right now … if you have a dinar in your hand … how much do you have?

9/10th of a penny – so let’s round it up to a penny.

Family … please keep in mind … if they come out at 2 cents … that’s an increase … 10 cents … 26 cents (like Saudi Arabia did) … that’s an increase … but IMO … it won’t stay there long.

That rate is not for us (if it comes out low) … it’s for people who think they can do “double-dipping” – which the IMF won’t allow.

There is no currency you can double-dip with … IMO.

The rate will drive-up dramatically in the still of the night while you are asleep … and maybe even increase to $1.00 by the time you wake up.

Do you know who will be trading at the low numbers? Banks. Study … “Bank platforms” – (there may not even be a term for it because is a very private term used by banking) – banks move money without telling you they are doing it.

An RI would be nice … but if it comes out at 10 cents … don’t worry about it … because you won’t have to drive it.

We don’t believe that they will come out at $3.86 at first.

That mistake was made in Kuwait years ago. You don’t make the same mistake again.

If they do an RI … the RV is a goal … and we’re studying the “goal” of that value.

Call ended with prayer.

Late Tuesday Night: Tuesday Night KTFA CC.  Approx.  111 minutes long. The first part is Bible Study and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel.

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3-18-15 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):

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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, March 18, 2015.  I hope everybody’s okay.  We’re going to have a super-fantastic call today – not the 800 numbers but a wealth of information, and DC will tell you when to expect then. I didn’t expect to  be here on March 18th.  There is a lot of great news.  We are not promising anything, no crystal ball, but it’s all looking good.

DC: Bottom line, everything looks good. We are in a beautiful spot.  They continue to line up everything else.  On television, they announced stage four of the economic reforms.  Everyone in the world just waiting for the big man to pull the trigger. Iraq is having in-country… Tony, could you read that?

Tony:  This is NOT being shown on Iraqi television here, but on their television there:  “Stage 4 of the economic strategy has begun.  They are starting celebrations today for Iraqi soldiers for driving ISIL from Iraq and also to celebrate the final stage of the economic strategy.”  DC will tell you what we couldn’t say on Monday….

DC:  That is pretty blatant. There are celebrations while the UN folks are in town, both for Da’ash and the economic reform. The Council of ministers, Federation Council and their military are expecting this right now.  No, they haven’t paid everyone, but a large number over the last week.   They haven’t paid everyone in any specific town, which is causing a lot of problems, but they will get over that quickly.  They have started to change over to the rate of $3,91 on the Qi cards, to contractors, past payments, paymernts to provinces, to widows and orphans and everyday people in the northern and southern provinces. They are now starting that in Baghdad. They have not started the RV because we still don’t have money, but they are in the process.

They are saying on television that the completion of economic reform will be finisihed in the next day or so, and they are educating some of the clerics and elders who can help explain the situation and help citizens in this process.  They are doing this slowly and methodically.

Tony:  Monday they started in the outer provinces, clearing Da’ash and paying people.  They are starting from the out in, and one reason is to make sure ISIL doesn’t get their hands on this money.  They have now started in Baghdad.

DC;  We don’t know how long it will take. They are having ongoing meetings, feeling their way.  Abadi and Shabibi have an idea of what thye want to do, but are feeling their way forward, and it’s in their hands, to choose.

Tony:  Pam says people want to know how many stages there are.  Last week they said the economic reform has been completed, and maybe they meant the government part was completed, and now they are saying stage four has begun;  that means they are actually paying the citizens.  We know people got it on the cards, and we know that today was special—DC was trying to avoid this the other day.

DC:  They asked us not to talk about that!  It’s a good day, everyone is on call and locked down.   They announced it in the mosque and on the radio that there is a special celebration tonight.  We are not betting the farm on this, but that is what they are saying, with private exchanges inside Iraq and some public changes.

Tony:  We don’t’ have a crystal ball and we’re not telling you things that others don’t know.

DC: It has been announced, and Tony and I are trying to be respectful and helpful to the whole process.  At times we are asked not to mention specific things, and we don’t.  Today we were asked to be ‘very sensitive’ without being told what to be sensitive about.  We are really pumped, though.

In the USA< everyone is on alert and on call.  They have been waiting and running tests, which means exchanges, but not massively. Tier 2 banks have been testing as well, and everything is ready to go. We are just waiting on Abadi and Shabibi.

Tony:  In order not to get DC in trouble, let’s talk about exchange strategies.  For people who haven’t been on, tell us what you’d like to do with your money, of your experience with this. We’re in a great, great place, and could go over the top otherwise!

516 caller:  People out there have been telling us how they have been suffering, with people dying, losing their houses and such.  A few people are saying how they will help others.  Many people only have one 25K dinar note, but I do know a way they can help many thousands of people.  I am on Facebook and Linkedin, and I copy and paste one of DC’s positive messages, and then I tell them to go spend $50-80 to buy dong, to buy what they can.  That will help many, many people.  Unfortunately the politicians have taken most of the contract rates, over a year ago, but that should give them confidence that this will actually happen.  What do you think?  Is that a good way to help people?

Tony:  I don’t know what to think

Caller:  Tony, I’ve never heard you speechless!

DC: I think it’s a good idea to help as many as you can, but some are going to see only the surface, that this is some kind of hare-brained scheme.  Some will see that it’s worth gambling a few bucks, so I guess that is helpful.  I think it’s a good idea.

Tony:  He was talking about making it more public afterwards, right?  I was distracted because I was dealing with texts saying they couldn’t hear the call, but there are 30,000 on the line.

574 caller:  I want to ask about the news that came out yesterday online in the NY Times about three more European countries that joined the Asian Intrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

DC:  I am a global investment guy, so I’m all for it.  It expands the world market, so I’m for it, rather than protecting individual markets.

Caller:  I have general plans in three areas.  My husband is dyslexic, so we have interest in that, but also education in general.  Also, there is a millionaire in Orlando who took a poor neighborhood nears his hotels and gave scholarships to every kid who graduated from high school.  The graduation rate shot up, and people started moving into that neighborhood, which was in decline.  I live in Missouri;  we’ve had some problems here, and it could be done here and in other states for not too much money.

Another area is health.  My mother lives out in the boonies, and what would help her is a small holistic healing center, connected to the local hospital, and also to the nearby Indian reservations.  That would help them directly and also there could be research.

I love birds, especially robins. My family does a lot of hunting and fishing, and we believe in keeping the environment clean.  I’d like to clean up polluted water, especially the runoff.

DC:  I really like your contribution points – thank you.

Tony:  I really like transforming the neighborhood.  Everyone else, don’t do it next to your big hotel or resort until you see the benefits!

423 caller:  About the exchange process, we were wondering about holding some of our dinar back.  When we make the call, they will want to know how much; should we hold some back for leverage?  I understand zim will be exchanged everywhere, but…

Tony: I  would tell them everything I have, and see the best deal they can give me.  IF you are going to be price comparisons between banks, then I want to compare apples with apples.  When it comes time, I might say “This is what I have, but this is what I will give to you because of what you offered me.”

Caller:  Will everyone exchange zim?

DC:  We don’t know.  At first, only a thousand people had zim, and now many more have it.  It’s like the contract rate – they don’t want all that many people to have that much money.  Some bankers are saying “minus six zeroes x 15 cents” across the board, and others are saying that rate up to a certain amount, and then one penny.  I will go in with my best hand showing in this deal, saying, “what can you do for me?”  On the other hand, if you have a lot, the smarter play might be to divide it out so no one knows how much you have.  It depends on who you are talking to and how comfortable you are with them.

Tony:  If it were me, and I have 100 million dinar, or 100 x 100 trillion zim notes, and they say “I’ll give you the highest rate up to 20 million, and then drop the rate”, then common sense tells me to tell the rest over that cap to other people so that they can get the higher rate.  Why would I give that extra money to the bank, when they know exactly where it is and the bank knows what I would do with the money.  It doesn’t make sense for me to exchange it for a tenth of the higher rate they are giving me for the first chunk.

Caller:  It’s like I said earlier about the Romanian currency… we just don’t know when.

Tony:  It doesn’t make sense to me that they would do that.  We are just looking at all the different scenarios.  DC, we need to go back and clean up something.  With our first caller, when I was all distracted, he was wanting to tell everyone on FB so that they can all run out and buy more, is that right?  I don’t know if everyone on FB knows, but I’ll tell you what happened yesterday.  I got a text from this guy Fox40, an investigative reporter who wants to make this the blockbuster of their series.  Guys, we don’t want that.  I don’t’ want it, and that is why we are signing NDAs.  I certainly don’t want it on FB, Instagram and all the rest.  That just dilutes our opportunity and the rates.  I’m sure you’ve already told the people you are close to, and they have looked into it, and they have bought it if they are going to.  If they wanted this to be public, they  would have publicized it themselves.  If we wanted to make it that public, we would be wlaking up and down the street handing out dinar notes ourselves.

DC:  I think most people will not take up the opportunity.  For a lot of us, this will not be the only thing we will make money from. If you listen to the right folks, you will make a lot more money anyway.

Tony:  We have been talking about this for five years on the radio.  When everyone came to meet me on Friday, they were shocked I had not told the cigar guy.  But that’s my quiet place!  If I told people and they didn’t buy currency, then I’m not giving them a dime. They had the opportunity, and they chose not to take it;  they didn’t go through t\he fire like we did.  You just told that guy to blast all over the internet – no, I don’t think so.

323 caller:  Did you just say that you will call all the banks, tell them what you have, and see they will do for you?

Tony:  Sure, and I would tell them I’m talking to other banks, too.  I’m not playing games.  It’s just like buying a car;  it’s not my first time buying a car, and of course I’ll go with the best offer.  I’m giving the banks the opportunity to compete, that’s all!

DC:  That’s what I’ll be doing as well.

717 caller:  I have a comment for the first caller:  so you’ve just advertised to hundreds of people on Facebook that you are a millionaire… really?  We are about to go away fro a week. We did this a year ago, and took our currency with us, but decided not to this time in case it gets stolen.  Do you think we should maybe take the zim?  We are concerned that the rate might drop.  Will we have to take in the zim at the same time?

DC:  You can do whatever you think best.  You might get a better rate if you take all of your currency in at the same time, but you don’t have to – you can take in to the bank in chunks.  In my opinion, zim will drop fast, so you want to go in and out fast.  If you a re paying attention you’re going to do better at this.  I would bring in as much as you feel comfortable with.  I assume you can get back quickly if you need to?

Tony:  I would never EVER put currency in my checked luggage.

DC:  When friends say they leave it on their desk – what are they thinking?  Treat it like cash dollars, and protect it for the amount it will be worthy.  We should be doing a 15-minute call with the 800 numbers for the big banks.  Tier 2 banks may have contract rates as well;  we should be able to tell you that for sure on the call.

Caller:  So you can take parts of your money to different banks?

DC:  Sure, unless you have signed an agreement that says otherwise, you shop it like you do anything else in life.  Banks have been told to be competitive, and the staff has been told to ‘get the money’.  So…

Caller:  You asked what we have learned, and I have learned not to trust.  I have watched how the media has fed us what they want to teed us, and that there is a hand behind that.  I trust my gut a lot more.  Money and power both corrupt.  I’m not judging, but I will be rich, and I’m sure it will be harder than I expect. If the powers want to get some good will back, they will allow you to have the events, so that we can meet you and you can meet us…

Tony:  You are absolutely right about the media.  I got a call last night about Da’ash, and they clearly said that our media is seven days behind what is really going on in Iraq, on the ground. They only want us to know certain things, for sure.

DC:  Tier 2 banks have been tested in many different areas, and they are ready.  We don’t know if they will have contract rates or not.  Be sensitive because they have NOT had the years of training that the big banks have had, and they are having to come up to speed very rapidly.  They only got a rate yesterday, so they are still in shock.

About the politicians, please be sensitive as well.  We don’t fully understand all the aspects of what they are dealing with.  But as someone who has seen the guts of the system in many countries, most are doing the best with what they have.  Yes, there are some dirty politicians, but it’s also important to see why things have been blocked or delayed.  We have a walk a mile in  other people’s shoes, and that’s why I think it’s important to understand everyone’s perspective in this.

Caller:  I notice that some people are retiring, including a 33-year-old who is stepping down…

Tony/DC:  He is for a whole other reason!  About the museum, we’ve already got the computers, the transcripts, the meetings, and we just need a place. We’ve already done most of the work, but we also want to know how the people feel.

DC:  But we also want access to what the President was thinking, be it our own, or Abadi, or Maliki.

410 caller:  It’s a great day!  My husband and I have a reserve with Sterling;  should we pay it off early and have them send it to us?  I feel a little nervous about it being sent.

DC:  My personal opinion is that this thing can go really quickly, and I’d be nervous about this being in the mail.  That’s just me – I don’t want to think about it being stuck in Memphis or wherever.

Tony: They did say they would send it after the RV, or they will personally deliver to you.  However, as DC says, I wouldn’t want it to be this close and I’m wanting to setting up my appointment and then waiting on receiving it.  Sterling says they will be competing with the banks on the rate, so it might be easier to have them exchange it.

Caller:  Will having it in hand give us a better shot at the contract rate?

Tony:  Yes.  If not contract rates, you can push for a different rate.

Caller:  So he is right and I am right!  Are you sure this isn’t Car Talk?

Tony:  Have a number of strategies so that when this pops, you have a lot of good strategies to choose from.  If X, then Y;  on the other hand, if Z, then A.

Caller:  You didn’t mention rates.

Tony:  If you say you have 100K dinar, you will probably get $3.91.  If you have five million dinar, you could get anything from $5 to $28.  I don’t know. The banks can break that up any way they want.

Caller:  Yes, we have a lot to discuss.  Has the rate for the dong been settled?

DC:  We don’t know what we have to be sensitive about, but it’s a good rate.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  My friends listen all the time, and they told me to say that you’ve saved their lives.

Tony:  I thought sure that was a proposal to DC – you know he is married, right?

863 caller:  About Sterling and taxes – I am Florida, and if Sterling does the exchange, will we have to pay Georgia income tax?

DC:  That is not really clear;  it’s a state by state issue and we don’t have a good answer for that.

Caller:  That’s why I was wondering, because GA has  12-13% income tax, so maybe I should pay off the reserves and have it sent to Florida where there is no income tax.

DC:  I would be very cautious in my planning, both in how much you set aside for those taxes, and where you do the actual exchange.  If you have ten million, that’s a big difference.  We’ve been told it’s a state-by-state decision about whether they count that as a simple transaction or if it’s doing business in that state.

Caller:  In terms of setting up trusts for my kids, what is the best strategy?

DC: I’m not an attorney or accountant, but… if the contract rate is available, get in and out as fast as you can.  However, if you are looking at international rates, it’s very much better to put the currency into the trusts while the value is low.  I’ve put money in trust for my kids at 1166, and then it will avoid gift tax, but it will appreciate and be ready for them when they are older.  As minors, though, I would put money into the trust before you exchange anything – lower value means fewer tax problems.

Caller:  I did give them gifts and gift letters at Christmas, but this is more.  As minors, I can do the exchange for them.

610 caller:  I did a PSA last Friday – did the donations pick up?

Tony:  I asked people to hold off because I hope that this will happen before something else happens.  I am trying to stretch it out til Friday because I hope this will happen first.

Caller:  I look forward to seeing everyone at those four events, especially Winston!

DC:  I am a first-class groveler, so I will try.  If not, I think my assistant has already picked out a picture of a body builder…

Tony: If he can’t be there, we will at least have a DC cutout.

407 caller:  I’ve been trying to get on for two years!  [Appreciation]  I have learned so much listening to you over the last two years.  I have a request.  You remember that lady a few calls ago who put Ray under the bus because we couldn’t get on OpenMike?  Can you give him my information so I can get to his workshops after the RV?  I have no way to contact him.

Tony:  Why don’t I just give you Ray’s number?  Those OM people are special.  I am writing your number down and I’ll give it to Ray afterwards.

Caller:  I have emailed him, and never got a response.  I do have a zim question;  will people over there be able to exchange like we are here?

Tony:  No.  They will get the economic benefit, but they will not get the same rate we do.

Caller:  I will tell that to my friend in Zimbabwe.  Is there any way for my sister to listen to the previous calls?  She and I are not on the forum;  Pam had already closed it.

Tony:  I will give Pam your number, too.  I know the calls are someone on the forum, but I don’t know where.  I don’t do that stuff, but I’ll give them both your number.

Caller:  I admire your patience in answering the same questions over and over again.

DC:  We answer those questions because maybe we didn’t answer clearly enough or maybe people need to hear it again.

Tony:  OM people, I do adore each one of you and didn’t really compare you to anyone in Texas.  Every birthday and anniversary, OM has a special celebration or us, and we thank you for that!

281 caller:  Are we going to play golf at these events?

DC:  I play, but I’m miserable at it.

Tony:  I have golf clubs, but I’ve never played. Do you really want me to play my first game in Vegas?

Caller:  [Appreciation]  We’ve got projects in Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam and in the US as well.  This money will allow us to empower the operations we have been doing for 40 years:  feed more orphans and widows, provide more education, changing people, not just giving them fish but the ability to catch and clean the fish.  You can always do more when you’ve got more, so we are excited about that.  For 40 years, I’ve been all around the world with people of different backgrounds and religions, helping where I can.  I have plans in Indonesia;  will they be exchanging at $3.91 there as well?  Of course my business partner there will want to maximize his return over there.

DC:  It will be the international rate wherever you exchange -- $3.91 to the US dollar.  It will be a similar rate to their local currency.  They can change it to dollars in Indonesia if their local laws allow it.  It will be the same as changing their pounds or euros or any other major currencies.

Tony:  It will no longer be an exotic currency.

DC:  Whether your partner can exchange in the US depends on his particular situation.  My law enforcement buddies are a little  concerned about foreign nationals exchanging in the US;  for contract rates, we did hear a six-month residence would be needed.

903 caller:  This has been an awesome ride.

254 caller:  The other day, there was a gentleman who said that Shabibi could beat the hedge funds with a $16 rate.

DC:  Shabibi did say that he could support a $16 in a press speech a few years ago.  He said that Iraq could support that, but I don’t think he will.  If he did, I think Shabibi would have to pick us all up off the floor.

Caller:  Have you heard anything about the big groups?

DC: I am not too familiar with the groups. I only know about the Admiral’s group, and I do know there are some bad groups that will take your money and take off.  Pelase do NOT give your dinar to anyone!

Caller:  If there is a paymaster involved, how long before we find something out?

Tony:  Don’t’ get me started on that.  I have explained about that many times.  You will live to regret it, with bank accounts frozen, people arrested and law suits everywhere, and all.  I already know that some are well on their way with that.

936 caller:  You said that there are four phases of this… were there more than four?

DC:  In Iraq, they were saying there were basically four phases:  the first was to get all the laws passed, the second to pay the past debts paid in the provinces, the third is paying the contractors, and the fourth is paying the citizens and then us.  So we are probably next.  There is no news on taxes, and I’m as confused as ever on taxes.

Caller:  We heard that one group has the tax rates in their agreement… and it’s lower than capital gains.  We heard about half of the two capital gains rates.

DC: I did hear that, and that it’s somewhere between long-term and short-term capital gains.  The only one I’ve heard was 30%, from credible sources.  I don’t’ think anyone will know for sure until after the RV and sometime further down the road.

Caller:  So we think we’ll just leave 50% in the banks to cover that.

DC:  Banks will make their own decisions.  They may  bump up the rate;  that is  part of the negotiation.  Whatever they expect you to keep in their bank will be after setting aside your money for taxes.

Tony:  You can set an escrow account for taxes.

DC:  You can also put that tax money into something super-safe like a money market account or a CDARS account, so that it will be safe.

Caller:  There is a Swiss bank in Houston;  do you know anything about that bank?

DC: There are several Swiss banks with branches in Houston, and I’m very comfortable with them.  The more speculative tax-sheltering programs have been cut out in the last few years, but the Swiss banks are well-run and regulated, so I trust them. They are good at international business.  All the big banks and investments will help you invest overseas once you get past a certain levels.  You don’t’ have to go to an international bank to handle that;  it’s who you are comfortable and who you trust.  All the 800 numbers will be for the big four banks and their foreign currency departments.

951 caller:  Do you think this thing will happen any time soon?  People are getting frustrated at all the hype talk.  My phone is on my nightstand, waiting for the blessing and it never came…

DC:  All of us in this game and in the process are highly frustrated by the delays.  I do believe that we are very, very close.  I don’t know everything, but everyone I’ve talked to in Iraq and Europe are in the exact same mentality.

Caller:  So we should be this before the end of March?

DC:  It had better!

Caller:  If you have three currencies and three banks, where do you put the tax money?

DC:  In California, the overall taxes will be about 58%, right, Tony?  Set aside that amount at least.

Tony:  It doesn’t matter how many currencies you have or how many banks;  you will be taxed on the total dollars you end up with.  We were told some time ago that the dinar might be taxed differently;  we haven’t heard that lately.  But it’s about how much money you have, not how many banks it’s spread across.

304 caller:  I’m in West Virginia and there is only one of the big banks here.  Will there be somewhere to exchange in the state?  [Appreciation]

DC:  I know there are several tier 2 banks that will also be able to exchange there.  How many are in your city – 90,000?  Charleston will have exchange places.

405 caller:  You are saying that the US is not dragging this out?

DC:  As of the last two months, No.  They have cautioned several things, but it has clearly been in Abadi and Shabibi’s hands in the last few months.  They do take counsel from other countries including the US, but the US is not in charge.

We are very, very close. Everyone in Iraq is ready for stage four, which is us. They continue to pay folks out at $3,91.  The US banks are ready for this to go down at any  moment, as well as the rest of the world.  They expect this to go in the next several days.  Don’t do anything silly or go out and buy more dinar. We will continue to give you information as we get it.

Pam:  I am here, just wanted to keep out of the discussion about letting people on the forum.  You did really well at One-question Wednesday – not! Remember, we may not be right, but TNT is never wrong. All we do is report what we are hearing. We don’t make this stuff up, we just report it.  We are the free press!

Tony:  This is Why-not Wednesday for Ray.  You have the information ;  we gave you everything apart from the exact rate and any particular time. All systems are go, all lights are green, everyone is on standby – we cannot be at a higher state of readiness.  All our sources and our intel team are ready and telling us to be sensitive and not to go over the edge. I hope that if we have to have a conversation on Friday it will be a different conversation, and I hope to have it before then.  WE have never been THIS close before, and we’ve been ten minutes away.  No one is fussing and fighting, and some people are getting ready to celebrate over there.  Let’s see what happens;  if it goes, we’ll send you a tweet.  Otherwise, enjoy your day! 

Zawawi: Iraq has fulfilled its obligations to Kuwait, 18 MARCH

3/19/2015 0:00

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif 
praised the Kuwaiti ambassador in Baghdad, Ghassan Al-Zawawi, the vital role of Iraq in the settlement of the outstanding issues between the two countries during the previous times, praising the government steps that have worked to fulfill the obligations of Iraq full of Kuwait.

He said Zawawi in an interview with the «morning» on consultative meeting held by the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives of a number of Arab ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions in Baghdad to discuss the main issues in the region and promote joint Arab action: «Iraq has fulfilled a large part of its obligations related to the settlement of outstanding issues with Kuwait, despite the challenges and margin injury since 2003 ».

He called Kuwait's ambassador to Iraq, to the need for all countries to join hands to face the security challenges experienced by Iraq, warning of worsening global crises that can result Altmahl result in the elimination of terrorism and uprooting Jdhurh.otoqa Zawawi functioning Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations towards further progress, saying that it was not in front of the two countries more time to Biaana in building a strong and solid relations, especially in light of the existence of a genuine common interests.

Kuwaiti ambassador in Iraq said that the thought of «Daash» is widespread in many countries, and expressed his regret for the emergence of these terrorist groups and their growth As a result some of the Arab countries practices that contributed to the growth and composition of such gangs.




Omega Man  March 18, 2015 at 5:05pm rumors are this week, or rumors have been, this week, however, rumors have been rumors for months if not years...ok years...

Rumors are also that the last possible public roll-out should be NEXT weekend...not to say that it will go that far...i am still believing for this week, perhaps sat. nite...

so again we wait and see...that all sources have been incorrect based upon intel from the PWB, which some of us were foolish enough, or wishful too much, to believe ...

Many have lost hope and given up on this long ride, ...but anyway...i am still very expectant for this week...we'll see...

BaNDiTo.RoX March 18, 2015 at 5:04pm

Dollar Flash Crashes: Currency Market Pulverized As Dollar Implodes After Close

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/18/2015 16:11 -0400  



IMF Staff Concludes the 2015 Article IV Mission for Iraq 

Posted by BaNDiTo.RoX on March 18, 2015 at 6:31pm

Press Release No. 15/121  March 18, 2015

The views expressed in this statement are those of the IMF staff and do not necessarily represent the views of the IMF’s Executive Board. Based on the preliminary findings of this mission, staff will prepare a report that, subject to management approval, will be presented to the IMF's Executive Board for discussion and decision.

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission led by Carlo Sdralevich visited Amman from March 6–15 to conduct the 2015 Article IV Consultation discussions with the Iraqi authorities.

At the conclusion of the visit, Mr. Sdralevich issued the following statement:

“The Iraqi authorities are taking proactive steps to address the double shock of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) insurgency and the collapse in oil prices, which have hit the economy hard. These efforts have led to the swift approval of a streamlined 2015 budget, based on encouraging progress towards a permanent agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on oil exports from the north.

“The ISIS insurgency has not halted the expansion of the oil sector from all oil-producing regions. Exports are expected to rise from 2.5 million barrels per day (mbpd) in 2014 to 3.1 mbpd this year, benefiting from the agreement with the KRG. Nevertheless, due to the decline in economic activity in the areas occupied by ISIS and stagnating government spending, GDP growth is estimated to have contracted by over 2 percent in 2014 and is projected to recover to just over 1 percent this year. Inflation outside ISIS-occupied areas is low, at less than 2 percent at end-2014, but may rise following the ongoing enforcement of higher custom duties.

“International reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) have declined from $78 billion at end-2013 to $66 billion at end-2014 because of the decline in oil revenues and the high level of imports. The level of international reserves at end-2014 reflects the $0.7 billion balance of the Development Fund for Iraq, which was moved to the CBI in Baghdad in May. Therefore, total foreign assets fell from $84.3 billion to $66 billion in the course of last year.

“The external shock, combined with security and humanitarian spending pressures, is weighing on fiscal performance. In 2014, the fiscal rule triggered by the lack of an approved budget helped contain spending below 2013 levels. As a result, the budget deficit is estimated at about 3 percent of GDP (from 6 percent of GDP in 2013). However, this outcome was partly due to the postponement of investment spending, and the suspension of the budget transfer to the KRG. Arrears to the international oil companies were also accumulated. The deficit has been mostly financed by domestic borrowing from state-owned banks.

“The 2015 budget, assuming exports of 3.3 mbpd and a price of $56 per barrel, includes increases in non-oil taxation and strives to contain spending, for example through compulsory savings on wages of civil servants. Nevertheless, due to the large fall in oil revenues, it still envisages a deficit of about12 percent of GDP. Under more conservative oil revenue assumptions, and taking into account unbudgeted payments to international oil companies, the deficit may well reach much higher levels. To address this downside risk, the government is committed to under-execute budget spending as needed through rigorous cash management, the rationalization of capital investment, and the postponement of some investment projects.

“However, further fiscal consolidation through revenue and spending measures will be needed to contain the 2015 deficit to a level consistent with financing constraints, alleviate pressure on the domestic banking system and tighten domestic demand to contain the decline in international reserves. Consolidation measures should be permanent to underpin medium-term fiscal and external sustainability, which would be particularly important because of the weak oil price outlook.

“The foreign exchange market has remained stable in 2014 following steps taken by the CBI to liberalize it, and the parallel market spread had declined to 3.5 percent at the end of the year. However, the authorities should reconsider the caps on CBI foreign exchange sales and the collection of custom duties through commercial banks. These measures are effectively restricting the supply of foreign exchange to the Iraqi economy and have boosted the parallel market rates to record levels in the past weeks.

“Aware of the importance of the financial system for development of the private sector and growth, the authorities are pressing ahead with the restructuring of state-owned banks Rasheed and Rafidain. They are also taking steps to open government business to private banks, and introduce key elements of the financial system infrastructure, such as a deposit guarantee scheme and a credit bureau.

“Achieving inclusive and diversified economic growth over the medium term will also depend on a wide set of reforms, encompassing state-owned enterprises, the energy sector, and the labor markets, and improvements in the business environment and governance.

“The mission indicated that the IMF stands ready to support the Iraqi authorities through stepped up policy engagement, technical assistance, and, if needed, financial support.

“The mission met with Minister of Finance Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Oil Adil Abdul Mehdi, Acting Governor of the Central Bank (CBI) of Iraq Ali Allaq and officers from the ministries of finance, oil, trade, electricity, and the CBI.

“The mission would like to thank the Iraqi authorities for their cooperation and the open and productive discussions.”


Public Affairs Media Relations
E-mail: publicaffairs@imf.org E-mail: media@imf.org
Fax: 202-623-6220 Phone: 202-623-7100



Ridinir1800:  A key part of Gold Market will see Major shift Friday

MarketWatch By Myra P. Saefong 6 hours ago

New gold price medium may lift China’s ‘secretive veil’

SAN FRANCISCO (Marke****ch) — On Friday, for the first time in close to a century, the gold market price fix is about to change. It is a move that could potentially provide a better view of China’s insatiable demand for the precious metal.

The London Bullion Market Association said the LBMA Gold Price will launch on Friday, with the ICE Benchmark Administration operating the auction process. That will replace the so-called London Gold Fix, a widely-used pricing medium that has been around since 1919 and is administered by London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. twice daily.

“The changes taking place with the new gold fix could be a game changer for gold trading as we know it,” said Kevin Kerr, president of Kerr Trading International.

AFP/Getty Images A sales woman talks to a protective customer outside a jewelry store in Hong Kong. A C D MA MB MC MD ME MP

Here’s why:

The London Gold Fix, which will be dis continued after Thursday, is determined by just four participants. The nearly 100-year-old, medium has also been the target of decades of manipulation allegations.

But the LBMA has said the electronic auction process for setting the gold price is designed to be transparent and to allow as many participants as possible.

“The new method for fixing the gold price daily will be more reflective of that day’s collective price of gold on the world market,” said Jim Wyckoff, senior analyst at Kitco.com, adding that he believes the previous London fix “was not greatly askew on that determination.”

China is expected to participate directly in setting the new price fix, which, in theory, would make inflows and outflows out of the world’s second largest economy, and one of the largest gold buyers, more apparent.

“This opens up the playing field for gold trading, and adds an entirely new spectrum of possibilities and participants, mainly the Chinese, on the world stage,” Kerr said. “It may lift the very secretive veil” of China’s gold consumption Kerr noted.

For it is part, LBMA said it won’t reveal the participants for the new pricing medium until the day of the launch.

But if the Chinese banks are directly involved in the fixing of the gold price, “they can arbitrage price differences between Shanghai and London [and smooth] out the market … making it an international, 24-hour market,” said Julian Phillips, founder of and contributor to GoldForecaster.com.

The new fix isn’t expected to affect gold prices (XCEC:GCJ5) in the near term.



Frank26:  HOLY TOLEDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    (See Article Below)

TEAMS ........ LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES ........We need a CC tonight.

TOP SHELF and FRANK 26 have info for our KTFA FAMILY and the ....... net.



Frank26:  After the Liquid Bio Cell call has finished I will disconnect..... and then we will have a NEW call concerning the IQD only. This call will start approximately at 9:05pm and will only be accessible by phone or skype.

TO LISTEN LIVE : 760.569.7676 PIN: 156996#

760.569.7699 PIN: 156996#


walkongstick :  Iraq’s Zebari says Baghdad to make budget payment to Kurdistan within days

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Editorial Staff in 1 Top News, Oil & Gas, Politics

BAGHDAD,— Iraq’s government will make a budget payment to Kurdish authorities “within days”, the finance minister said, playing down concerns that an oil export deal that helped thaw bilateral relations could collapse.

Hoshiyar Zebari told Reuters in an interview on Wednesday the delay in what is meant to be a monthly transfer of over $1 billion from Baghdad in exchange for oil from the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region was due to a fiscal crisis rather than political factors.

He said both sides were still committed to the deal though he declined to reveal the size of the forthcoming payment.

The minister, a Kurd, cited poor fiscal management, the costly battle against Islamic State militants, and the sharp fall in oil prices as reasons for the federal government’s cash shortfall.

Iraq’s Kurdish region has been battling a financial crisis since Baghdad authorities cut budget payments in January 2014 as punishment for its attempts to export oil independently.

The payments resumed in December along with Kurdish oil deliveries. But so far this year, Baghdad has paid only a fraction of the money, arguing that the oil handed over to Iraq’s State Oil Marketing Organization does not match the volumes the Kurds committed to.


The oil deal was hailed as a breakthrough that would help Iraq increase exports at a time when revenues are strained by low global crude prices and the cost of financing a war against extremist insurgents holding parts of the country’s north and west.

Zebari said it also remained a cornerstone of bilateral relations. “It’s a comprehensive deal that means a great deal for everybody. Both sides are committed to it and that is encouraging.”

The minister said he understood the impatience of the Kurdish Regional Government “because they haven’t received their payment for some time.”

While mutual mistrust and unrealistic expectations remained a problem, Baghdad would “transfer another payment to the KRG very soon, within days,” he added.

The dispute exemplifies differences between the two sides over who should control the country’s oil resources and revenues.

Kurdish authorities in Erbil have threatened to sue buyers and ramp up independent oil exports, and say they have already been forced to sell some oil independently because Baghdad has not paid them and the region needs to meet a bloated public sector payroll as well as repaying creditors.

Zebari acknowledged that if there is “no serious progress the deal will not hold,” but said both sides are committed to avoiding that.



Zebari: Baghdad will pay part of the budget for Kurdistan within days
9:17: 03/18/2015

Khandan - Minister of Finance announced in the federal government, Hoshyar Zebari, said that the federal government will pay the installment of the budget for the Kurdistan region within days. Zebari said in an interview with the agency (Reuters) said on Wednesday that the delay is due to the financial crisis and not to political factors, he said, adding that the two sides do not remain committed to the agreement. But he refused to disclose the next batch size.

He Zebari to that of the reasons for the lack of liquidity of the federal government's mismanagement of public finances and the costs of managing the war with al "Daash" terrorist along with the sharp drop in oil prices. He said Zebari said the agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region is still a pillar basic relations between the two parties, saying, "It is a comprehensive agreement is of great importance for all. Both parties are committed to it and this is encouraging." Finance Minister said he understands the impatience of Government of the Territory, "because they did not receive their payments for some time."

He said that while the absence of trust and expectations Realism is still a problem, the Baghdad will be a "turning a new part of the payments to the Government of the Kurdistan region very soon .. within days."