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Eagle1 said that the Kuwait rate TRIPLED IN it's first 7 days. Also, Eagle1's IMF contact said that the IMF will make AN ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT THE CURRENCY OF Iraq on Wed. or Thursday
    I think they are raising this thing one digit from .0088 to .088. It stops the speculators from buying currency so cheap.

    In a few articles they really hammered on the people buying dinar out of country. They want to stop that flow of money from happening. They know people will cash some out to at that rate.

    It also allows them to pay the national guard and all public employees at the .088 rate. They want to distribute more currency in country before the second stage of the RV.
    • Wow the dong is at 8 cent and now they saying the dinar will come out at 8 cent?...that does not sound good..this is all changing now, next they will tell us it wont float for some time...geez hope this is wrong info.
    • you don't understand. This is probably right, and this is good. Across the board, this is a winner for all sides.
      The market rate.........will increase parabolically....trust me
    • Good job!
    • Eagle1: "The rate will increase...IN HOURS. Will be worth something, in DAYS , AT WORST. Kuwait rate TRIPLED IN it's first 7 days."
    • This matches off on what is being said on Frank26 CC tonight. This will be RI rate, RV to follow
    • Sqwatch....do you really feel it will come out at .08?  I find this challenging as they must first RI at the previous rate which is just over $3.00.  So are you saying they will RI for 10 seconds and then drop it down to .08?  Doesn't make sense but there are no rules.....thanks!
    • ???RI=reinstatement. Historically, their rate was "taken" and is now to be "restored"+.......??? Correct me, however, it does not seem if market driven that would be predictably fitting their plan to do that. Sorry if I missed it.
    • It will be a short period of time. Those of you in the Generals Group, will not care...trust me!!
      Iraq will make more money, the UST will make more money. The hedge funds will get it at a lower rate, and drive  it upto the sky on the market. Then, you can exchange.....riding their coattails...if you do not take a contract rate under NDA. Lots of choices DOC.....as you know....more than one way to diagnose...and  the same  is true for treatment of the symptoms.  This is a good prescription IMO
  • MARKET ACTION continuing to support appearance of Santa TONIGHT


MarkZ: "Where is it. That is the magic question.

We are seeing the signs and movement all around us of the impending global currency change but yet it is still not here.

 First remember that we as individuals really aren’t that important compared to getting this right for the whole world.

I know it is tough to see it that way when you are suffering but try to think bigger. Life is not fair and it will never be fair.

Many of the banking crowd will escape prosecution and many will rue the day they compromised their ethical duties. This will not be perfect, yet it will be far better than the system we currently suffer under.
I have so many ask what stalled it this time or similar complaints.

The truth is that nothing stalled it, the trigger will not be pulled until it is deemed relatively safe to do so.

The results of pulling the trigger to soon because 20% of the people are suffering could devastate 90% of the world for generations financially.

The stakes of this far outweigh temporary pain, even if we as individuals think we have it hard. I have friends that live in mud huts, deal with tribal genocide, rape, disease, starvation and the like daily.

If we are facing foreclosure, not being able to afford starbuck’s twice a day, eating spaghetti instead of fillet or living in North Dakota instead of California we still have it made when you compare our American lifestyle to much of the world.

Could the reset occur this week? Absolutely!

Codes set for release on the 11th, the nation of Iraq set to begin. Economic Reform on 12th, the second passover on 15th, Gazette set for 16th Dont make sense does it then GEOSC MARCH ON WASHINGTON on the 20th...happy valentines mark your calenders.....TIMBERKIDS

    • Budget bill to be signed by President Massoum
      Waar, Duhok:
      Iraqi President Fouad Massoum will sign the budget bill today and it will be forwarded to the council of ministers tomorrow for approval.
      MP Sarhan Slevany said that due to printing errors the president did not receive the bill on time.
      He added that following the president’s signature, the bill would be passed to the council of ministers for approval, which, he believed, would be directly given by the members due to a former consensus.


    S3A : 
    • Codes set for release on the 11th, the nation of Iraq set to begin. Economic Reform on 12th, the second passover on 15th, Gazette set for 16th Dont make sense does it then GEOSC MARCH ON WASHINGTON on the 20th...happy valentines mark your calenders.....TIMBERKIDS

      • Thank you P.T. !!!! I AM READY !!!! TIMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Get Ready! Miss the Gazooo...

      • Thanks PT!



    wilbur grodan February 9, 2015 MARKET ACTION is prime NOW

    robert February 9, 2015with news today… auctions soon a thing of the past, sure does look like this is about to burst wide open.

    EXOGEN > robert YES

    EXOGEN February 9, 2015 at 12:41pm   okrocks from TNT

    Date: 10:59 AM, 02/09/15   BUDGET BEING RATIFIED IN JUST HOURS....
    The parliamentary Finance: the coming hours will authenticate the Presidency budget
    Editor Mohammed Shafiq. Monday 9 February 2015 17: 44
    Alsumaria News / Baghdad Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Monday, that the next few hours will witness the Presidency of the Republic's ratification of the general budget for the year 2015 Act. Said committee member Rep. Majida al-Tamimi said in an interview for "Alsumaria News",

     "The next few hours will witness the Presidency of the Republic's ratification of the general budget, which is voted on by the House of Representatives recently the law.


    Ratification: The confirmation or adoption of an act that has already been performed.


    Sqwatchy > Sqwatchy February 9, 2015 at 12:58pm gazette looks like it will be published on the 16th. They have 1 hour left in the day today, the 9th.  tomorrow the 10th, they have session to address the laws we still need.......and get those to vote by the 12th.

    They will have this all done at once, while the world is watching the events in Europe take place as distractions, and the Ukrainian distraction.

    Those meetings are wed and thurs.  Look for a Friday RV, which ties in nice with the UN Operational rate changes on the 15th, and the Gazette getting published on the 16th....because they need to be able to fund what they publish immediately.

    tinaturner > Sqwatchy Transitions transitions love it!!!as always excellent breakdown!!!thank you!!

    RodjiW > Sqwatchy Friday the 13th...my LUCKY day!!! :))

    BaNDiTo.RoX > Sqwatchy Once the President signs off it takes 24hrs to the gazette! We don't need to wait for the other laws, They can be added later.

    Sqwatchy > BaNDiTo.RoX look at the  historic printing pattern of the gazette.  I will not be printed..until the rate has changed...is what I am saying..and that rate will change on Friday 13 th. I think we are all ending up at the same place in the end......the end of this week, and we should be making exchange appts....no matter how we get there, who does what on what day....train is stopping...


    CVBC :  The signing of the budget is another HUGE step in the right direction!


    Frank26:  It was signed by the Prez TWO DAYS ago on a Saturday in the afternoon hours.

    IF You have some time ........... Join DELTA ... TEAMS and I on Your CC tonight at 7 pm est.

    Seems The GOICBI is doing a lot of constructive talking. We want to too.

    Aloha oi a nui loa Ohana KTFA  Frank....... I made it very clear in my last TWO DAYS of posting that the 'Surprise" is the Budget....... NOT an RI/RV.

    You see ..... At this birth we want to see the head not the feet first.

    This CHANGE must be in PERFECT synchronization with the rest of The World SILENTLY in order to happen with little to no PAIN or INTERRUPTION. Kinda like a blind of the eye. It just happens with no friction or rejection.

    What we shared in the last three days with BLUE POSTINGS and TEAM communications at KTFA ........ They tell You today.

    What we tell You tonight will be for the next .......... TWO DAYS.


    Iggy: Why would they telegraph this to the world?

    imo...the world is not watching iraq...only some of us are...the world wont believe this as i and many others have screamed it from the roof tops only to be called crazy...he is only telling the people that listen...


    Frank26:  YES !!!  BINGO !!!   CORRECTAMUNDO !!!

    What we consider a telegraph of IQD MR INTEL ......... 99% of the rest of the world says to it ........ WHAT???

    We are a 1 % that is about to add change to the World's Economies.

    It took YOU YEARS just to understand this concept and NOT waste what is coming.

    Heck Wells Fargo still can't figure it out ...... LOL of course I'm kidding WF is a coiled snake in camoflash attire awaiting the RI/RV of the IQD! Either that or with ALL the EVIDENCE of The MR from The GOICBI lately then WF is simply a bad place to do ANY TYPE of BANKING. How ignorant of them.

    Anyways ....... C U on YOUR CC tonight.

    KTFA   Frank


    Moneytalks1:  HI Iggy,What i meant was why even telegraph to the 1 per cent? As you said basically very few people in the World are even listening..except us Lucky ones. I really don't care if they telegraph this to us..that's great. Frank, the opening up the Budget is not such a surprise as the impending RI, RV- which, I am sure, will follow shortly. I am sure there will be no fanfare when the rate changes on the CBI website. In the still of the night or the still of the day-just do it- this month!!!!   Thanx


    Frank26:  IMO ........ The budget OPENING is very big.

    It tells us the speed of the Lava Flow and much needed variables.

    More important where we are at with THE MR STEPS !!!

    There are FOUR of them as we have studies for years with You at KTFA.

    Know this if You do NOT see the budget when we tell You tonight then one should be left ................ SURPRISED !

    I have to go answer calls ....... Aloha oi.   KTFA     Frank



    TNT Call notes 9-Feb-2015
    Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, February 9, 2015.  The sun is out and it’s going to be a super-fantastic day.  There are currently 25,000 people listening.  We will discuss some things today…  There are crazy negative things going around, but what we like is “actions, not words”.  We like the actions going around and they contradict the words.  I am going to read this one text…  There is some great stuff going.  DC, tell them what they want to know, and then I’ll tell them what you don’t want them to know!
    DC:  That’s a joke between us – Tony just likes to get my goat.  I hope everyone’s doing well.  The summary is that Iraq got up to the plate on Friday, then decided they weren’t quite ready with a few things they would like lined up, such as banking laws.  They said they needed another few days and the US agreed.  Iraq’s banks and banking laws were not fully ready, and that the finance ministry was not 100% ready.  So they decided to take a few extra days, and the US said, “Fine, we’re ready when you are.”
    Last Wednesday they got to the plate, they said they were not quite ready, and Abadi said Fine, and zipped off to Munich.  He expected that it would be announced when he got back.  They had more meetings, and everyone was ready to go apart from a few informal advisers who were worried about Maliki’s position, plus a few of the big banks said that they were not ready.  Everyone said “What?!  You’ve had years to get ready!”  A few councilors said they’d also like a few more laws done, although they have been advised they don’t need those.  So it’s a combination of minor issues, and they decided to hold off for three to four days.
    Tony: The banks knew they were about to go international, with cards and banks, and they didn’t know how they were going to do that down to the teller level. They knew they were supposed to but didn’t know how to. For the first time they are having checking accounts, and the banks were not sure how to process all that. That’s what they were getting sorted out in the smaller banks this weekend.
    DC: So they said 3-4 days, Abadi said Fine, flew off to the UAE, and he should be back right about now. They’ll have more meetings and if they are done, this will go through. Like a lot of us, many Iraqis are kicking the ground and screaming, but it’s just the latest delay, and everyone is focused on getting this cleared and done.
    Tony:  Meetings are done, laws are passed, the budget has been signed off but not made public although they intend to do that shortly, as soon as all this banking stuff is put in place.  Abadi already told people the economic reforms will go into effect on the 12th.  He announced the budget has been completed in record time.  The economy is there. Those are action items.  The government will not intentionally make themselves look that bad by saying these are all done and not finishing them.
    DC:  On Iraqi television they say the completed economic reforms will be done on the 12th which is this Thursday and the Budget as well. There is one report on the Budget being done before then and we’re waiting for the 11pm news tonight for that.
    Tony:  Iraq is being told the Qi cards will soon be usable internationally.  That was on today’s television with someone from the finance ministry.
    DC:  That’s what we are looking for.  Let’s see how the meeting goes tonight;  if it goes well, this could be as early as tomorrow.  A lot of people expected this on Saturday, and a lot of people are quite angry that these last-minute issues have showed p.  Many showed up on their day off expecting the RV.  I know eight different people in six different ministries who actually showed up to work expecting this.
    Tony: The banking laws around the auction and international bank accounts were all things the US expected Iraq to figure out for themselves, so we were surprised, too.  Iraq just felt they wanted to get that together a bit better before the shift.
    In the US, everyone is done and waiting, without much crying or moaning. Iraq will phone when this goes.  In order to prevent leaks, they have changed some people in the ministries.  They have told everyone they will call when it’s done, and the banks feel the same.  We are expecting the US to take a little longer than the 15-30 minutes we thought. My friends said to expect 12 hours or so, but as this is likely to happen in the middle of the night, that’s not a real problem.  We’re still talking hours, not days, but not the instant ramp up at the call centers, etc.
    Tony: That works in our favor so that we can understand what we are to do before making that first phone call.  Even thought it didn’t happen over the weekend, the fact that Abadi is talking about it means that it is happening now, not in April or next year.  I know that every time we get this close, something else seems to come up, but it really feels like we are just that close.  They can activate this at any moment they want to from now on.
    650 caller:  Sounds like progress.  You say they are talking about banking laws, and they have to go through three readings and a vote and get it published. When are they being brought up and approved if we really have to wait for them?  Is there a specific day Parliament plans to meet for this?  Do we know the names of the banking laws?
    DC:  Most have already been read and some have been approved. They can do it all in one day if they need to, and they can agree to bypass those waiting periods, especially for those that have been baked for a year already.  I don’t believe we have to wait forever and a year to get that done.  Parliament is meeting every day this week, with the Council of Ministers also having meetings this week.
    Tony: They already had these meetings last week.  The banks in different regions are saying that no matter what the government has agreed, the banks themselves don’t know how to handle the changes.  They have already agreed to all these issues, and the 30 days to approve the Budget is nearly over.
    DC: I don’t know the actual names of the laws involved. 
    Tony:  The laws have to do with the auctions, verifying international checking accounts and balances… they are all about the banks and their procedures.
    Caller:  That sounds like a long process, putting those procedures in place, what with testing and so on.
    Tony:  Or “here’s how to do it, now go do it!”
    DC:  These are nice laws to have, but in the past they saw this as something that they would deal with after the RV.  However, the banks are concerned that some bank in Basra will not be able to deal with the international transactions, so as they deal with those details, they are throwing in the laws that would be nice to have rather than absolutely required. 
    Everyone is pretty frustrated, up to the highest levels.  A lot of credit goes to passing these new laws, but in my opinion they are going to go as soon as these banking laws go through.  So it looks very, very good for this week, but we need to keep an eye on the security and such, because if the banks aren’t ready, this won’t go.
    972 caller:  About the contract rates:  if the bank is giving different rates to different people, how are they regulating that?
    Tony:  They are giving you an option – this much time for rate X.  They may offer that to everyone until the contract rate pool runs out.  That makes sense to me.
    Caller:  So these oil credits will be used by the UST to buy oil from Iraq, right?  So what’s the UST going to do  with the oil
    DC:  We can add it to our strategic reserves, sell it, and there are other ways to deal with it.  The Treasury can say “We have the option to call in X billion barrels of oil from Iraq at this cheap rate whenever we want it.”  It will be part of their balance sheet.
    Caller:  So the UST is going into the business of selling oil??
    DC: We could, but the changes are slim.  We may send up selling to other countries, much like the FCC sells off spectrum.  However, it’s more valuable to the US as actual dinar because it’s such a valuable currency.  Also, many countries are going to asset-backed currencies, and although we will never go 100% asset-backed, it boosts the value of the US dollar, because the dinar IS an asset-backed currency.
    Caller:  I still have a problem with banks giving different rates to different people.  This was negotiated at $32 back in 2003, right?  Or higher.  So if the banks are giving people $32 per dinar, I imagine the Treasury is going to replace that to the bank.  That dinar will eventually end up in China, won’t it?
    DC:  Some of it will according to the contract rate pool.  Most, but not all, is coming from China but acknowledged by the UST as the trillion and a half they are allowing.
    Let me explain this another way.  Why are some people getting $32, $28, $10 and some are getting fifty cents?  It’s better marketing, negotiation, whatever.  The UST is getting some of that spread, the banks are getting some, and the CBI prefers to get this at a cheaper rate because it’s costing them to offer $32 for all 9.5 trillion.  The CBI wants to get it as low as they can.  It’s supposed to go on the US books and the Bank of England books at the international books.  For those who go through dealers or who choose the international rate, the CBI is buying the dinars back at $3.58, and that will be the vast majority of the dinars being exchanged.
    Tony:  So I go to the bank and get $3.58  for each dinar.  The bank gives it to the UST – does the bank get the difference between $3.58 and $32?  No, they just get the 2% exchange fee.  If they get you the contract rate, they get a big initial deposit and much more @ 2%, so they want to give you the higher rate.  The UST gets the $3 credits, and the $30 credit goes to the Chinese. What benefit to the UST?
    DC:  That was the price of allowing the dong to be involved, and most of that money will be taxed at a good rate.  It’s also a politically stabilizing function for China – if they can buy it cheaper than they can produce it, why wouldn’t they do that?  It keeps China hooked into normal commercial connections.
    Tony:  So if people exchange at $30, $10 will probably go to taxes, there is a humanitarian portion, and they are still getting more back from China than if you exchange for $3.58.  Half has already been paid for by China already, they help China get more oil, and they get cash for their humanitarian projects.  It’s brilliant, really!
    435 caller:  How does the exchange work with the banks? 
    DC: The actual exchanges will be simple. They have done a ton already, and it should go smoothly and quickly. What Tony and I are worried about is that there will be confusion because they have gone off the idea of a centralized 800 line.  Once you  get into the bank, you should get through in 20-25 minutes. They’ve done a lot and done them well.
    Caller:  It takes more than 20 minutes to open an account, though.
    DC: They are being timed to open the account, do the exchange, fund the account and get you out in 20 minutes.  Of course, they might be hard pressed to do this with an angry manager who was already told this was a scam…
    951 caller:  I’m confused.  We keep being told “this weekend” and then there is another issue.
    DC:  I understand.  They keep changing their minds, we get the updates and tell you.  For those looking at the trees and not the forest, it is very up and down.  Those trying to get this right keep changing their minds.
    Tony:  It is OUR fault you are confused.  It is OUR fault that you have inaccurate information.  It’s OUR fault you think something is going to happen on Wednesday or Thursday and then nothing happens.  The reality is, we give you information that is too up to date, that just came out of this morning’s meetings, that was just broadcast, or just made, and then someone says, “We can’t do that and this is why”, so they have to do something else.  It’s too current, it’s live, and some cannot handle that.  It’s happening right now, and all we can do is to tell you the truth.  All we can do is tell you “this is what’s on the schedule, and hopefully nothing happens and it will get done.”  We could say “It won’t happen until 15. March” and then it happens in the next two hours, and everyone gets giddy.  You’re not with us every hour, but pretty close at three times per week.  Some cannot handle that but others are learning how the global economy and banking systems work.  You will see this happen again in your lives, and you will understand it better then. So we accept our responsibility and hope you get the education behind the process.  We accept it may be too much for some.
    Caller:  I appreciate that.  I’m sure a lot of us are confused about why it’s taking so long.  [more of the same]
    Tony: We should have got it as soon as the Budget was passed, and PM Abadi even announced it.  However, there were things the US wanted done, and the banks, and Iraq, and then there is the ISIL situation.  We don’t hear anything about HCL or Article 8 or who sits on which committee, or even rioting in the streets.  Why not?  Because they have been resolved and will all be announced at the same time.  Those parts are done, they cannot go back to them, and that means that we are that  much closer.
    DC:  No one person has absolute authority  on this.  It truly is a committee doing this and the power ebbs and flows.  That is the killer in this process.  President Obama and PM Abadi cannot say “It will be announced on 15. February come hell or high water.”  Also, this has been used all around the world for personal or political gain, and they keep bringing it up this issue and that for timing or other reasons. They really expected this on Friday evening, and there were red faces when they realized there was yet another issue.   It’s been ready to go 100+ times in the last year.  It’s been a brutal ride for all of us, even those of us who are used to this stuff.  I really do think it will be this week.
    Tony:  “Parliament’s finance committed revealed on Monday that the Iraqi President will ratify the Budget in the next few hours.”  It enjoys political consensus and will pass during this month.  That is in the news, and on television it says no later than the 12th.  Abadi is making a special announcement and all the actions are there to say this is really ready. That’s all we can go by, because we don’t control this!
    716 caller:  I’m in this because four years my brother had a birthday gathering and they talked about the dinar.  I asked why they hadn’t told me about this, and they said it was because people don’t understand and think they are nuts. I knew about the Kuwaiti dinar, so I jumped in.  So my message is “it’s great you are involved, it will happen, and we are additionally blessed with the dong and other currencies.”  When I was preparing my black book for my commander years ago, I asked why we didn’t have this opportunity, and now we do.  So relax, it’s happening!  (The black book is the classified information we give to the general every day.)  When I saw who was involved, it looked like only certain people could buy in at a certain amount, so I’m thankful we have the chance as well.
    DC: Pam likes to know about things like the black book to compare what they do in movies, and see if it’s like what we do in my life.
    518 caller:  I’m in upstate New York and it’s snowing in and living in one room to keep warm.  We have so many people we are ready to help when this happens and also relax for the first time in years.  It’s been below zero for many nights, with four days of snow.  My husband has family here, and that’s the only reason I live here!  [Appreciation] 
    When it comes to the contract rates, and being able to deal better, would I be better going to a big city like Albany or even New York?
    DC: Albany will have some, and so does Buffalo, but New York City will have a ton of exchange places. If the town is over 100,000, they will have some sort of exchange capability.  In terms of contract rates, if it’s available, it will be available everywhere.
    281 caller:  Let’s get the party started and have a blessed day!
    410 caller:  This is sounding very good!  My husband has a question.  When we walk into the bank with our dinar and 20 minutes, with trained people who can get this done in 20 minutes, how do we know we will see a wealth manager who can offer higher rates?
    DC:  Wealth managers are there to make money for the bank while advising you the best way to go forward.  The best estimate from my friends is that 1-5% of the wealth managers know about this.  Over the past year, they have said, “Ms. Jones, I see you have just deposited 100 million in your account, and we’d like to help you with that, preferably if you keep it in the bank. If you want to just exchange, we’ll give you the international rates;  if you keep X percent for X years, we can offer you this better rate.”  That is not really fair to the smaller folks, but it makes sense for the bank to attract the bigger, more lucrative customers.
    Caller:  If we have already handed over our dinar, how can we be confident that they will offer us more at a later appointment?
    Tony:  It might be possible to exchange one 25K dinar note and then discuss exchanging the rest with the wealth manager for the balance in three days.  It could be as simple as that.  We’ll know more when we have the package and we can explain it to you.  We hope that you will be able to exchange a little bit to pay off your balances and reserves, and then you can have the appointment and work out the exchange rate.
    Caller:  Will we be able to withdraw funds from that initial exchange?
    DC:  So far as we know, if you are a banking customer in good standing you will be able to withdraw a little bit in cash and after that it should just be like normal banking.
    770 caller:  It’s not fair that some people could exchange two years ago at high rates and now we have to jump through all these hoops.
    DC:  The good news is that exchanges have slowed down to a trickle because they keep expecting this to happen at any moment.  Many people are very concerned that this should be fair;  those folks have a strong sense of right and wrong and enough influence to make sure that happens.  It is also my belief that the minority who listen to use will get a strong crack at the contract rate, and before we didn’t have that chance.
    Caller:  But many could have used this two years ago, and some have died or got sick…
    DC:  Yes, I know, and it breaks our heart when we read the letters we have received.  The people in charge of this see it in terms of the larger benefit to the world, not the people who could have been helped over the last few years.  It’s very sad, but there it is.
    646 caller:  Sterling will not buy your reserves unless you have prepaid them, right?  If I have reserves and the RV takes place, don’t I have to pay for them before Sterling will exchange them?  Doesn’t that make Sterling my banker for the exchange?
    Tony:  Yes, that is how it works.  If you send Sterling a sell order, they give you the difference.  That is why they have the reserve program in place.  They will still get paid and you still get the difference. 
    Caller: Some people have the impression that you put up a couple hundred dolllars and you will receive the reserves as soon as the RV happens.
    Tony:  When the RV happens, you can call Sterling, sell a few dinar at their rate, then from the proceeds you can pay off the reserves, and Sterling gets their percentage and you get the rest as a bank wire or as currency notes.  That’s how it works.
    Caller:  Afterwards, please get in touch because there are many things we can do together.  I’m especially interested in riparian rights.  Lake Meade will have dried up in five years, and we need to get more water back in this country.  [More Mason’s stuff]
    Tony:  Thank you for the donations.  I really thought this would be done on Saturday but meanwhile if they drag it out, we will need to pay the bills.
    503 caller:  [Appreciation]  I know you put your lives on hold for this.  I’m concerned with no 800 numbers and where to do the exchange.  Some people have been given dinar and dong and they are depending on me to help them out.  I have two wealth managers and they both laughed at me.  A friend’s wealth manager said he would take me as a client but didn’t agree with my friend’s investment strategy.  Do you have any ideas?
    DC: After this goes through, everyone will be your friend and they will say how smart you were for doing this (rather than saying you’re a nut job, like now).  How many have called Tony and me insane, but when this is done, they’ll see you were right, and you will have no end of suitors.  They’ll treat you like any other very wealthy person.
    Caller:  Thank you.  I don’t feel like a nut job any more.
    512 caller:  [Appreciation]  Has the ISX started running yet?  My theory is that it will start running live and interconnected once the new rate is in there.
    DC:  Yes.  The new feeds are ready to go but they have not been connected.  IT will go after the RV happens, yes, and will be another indicator that it has happened as well as the CBI.  I believe we will know about the RV before the ISX goes live.
    Tony: They do have a plan in motion for the ISX once the RV is activated.  They opened up last week, and there was a plan last week to connect it, but that didn’t’ work out. That’s what I mean by “up to the minute”.  They planned on doing it, and had a date and time, but the plan changed so here we are.  But you’re right on time with your thinking! I’m almost surprised you’re from Texas!  <joke>
    Caller:  You know the best way to get something done is to tell a Texan it’s impossible!
    954 caller:  I lost my condo to foreclosure a few weeks ago – I was hoping the RV would happen before then – so I’m in a temporary location.  When I go to exchange, I won’t have a permanent address, so how can I open an account?
    DC:  Treat it like a rental or get a PO Box.  They need AN address, that’s all.  I’m sure the bank has this worked out.  For your ID, get your driver’s license updated to your son’s license, or use your passport.  The bank wants your money, so they’ll work it out for you.  Go talk to the bank right now and find out what they require.
    Caller:  You don’t see this being put off again?  I can’t imagine the poor people in Iraq…
    DC:  All the people I talk are very ready for this to happen right away.
    727 caller:  I’m optimistic you’re right on with the information you’re giving us.  A friend in Washington says this is one of the greatest blessings in the world and also one of the largest sting operations.
    DC: I violently agree.  A lot of double-dippers and others who have been less than honorable have been or will be picked up shortly. 
    Caller:  That last lady really blessed me – she has the right attitude.
    936 caller:  After the exchange, we pretty much know what the tax rates will be.  If the bank wants us to keep the money in their bank for, say, three years, that is going to affect the tax rates.  I have a friend with two million dinar, it’s all short-term capital gains, and he will have to pay 42% in tax… His net is going to be about two million.  But if the bank wants him to leave (say) 50% in the bank for two years, how will he pay his taxes?
    DC:  All the bank deals I’ve heard about refer to post-tax amount.  Tony will have to pay 58% in taxes.  The 42% is what the bank is talking about in terms of long-term banking.
    Tony:  So your friend has two million dollars net at international rates, so the bank is looking at retaining some of that.  Now, if the bank offers $30 instead of $3.58, then the bank and you still have a lot more you can leave there AFTER taxes.
    Caller:  In your heart of hearts, do you still think it will go this week?
    Tony:  Now, I’m talking to an attorney here, right?  It’s looking good.  And yes, we still think that it will happen 2-5am EST. 
    520 caller:  I’m in Tucson, and it will be 84 degrees today!  Exchange center here?
    DC:  Absolutely.  A friend of ours has already exchanged in Tucson. 
    Caller:  Are you planning to come visit us here?  It makes me sad when you say they have been exchanging here already.  We could do with it for my mother’s cancer. 
    416 caller:  With regards to exchange, and “if you don’t the rate, just wait”, I plan to keep a close eye on that.  Let’s say it goes through on Wednesday and we exchange just a little bit.  How long would be too long a rate/?  Is there a chance our currency might become worthless as they issue new notes?
    DC:  There will be a limit, and you can have multiple currency notes.  You will definitely want to get rid of that physical currency, mainly for law enforcement reasons.  I don’t think you’ll sweat for six months, but I would  rather exchange within 90 days.  If you leave it any longer, they will look hard at why you didn’t exchange it earlier, in case you are one of the bad guys. 
    Caller:  I bought my dong from a bank in Canada and my dinar from a reputable dealer, but I am just a bit worried that when the Kuwaiti dinar exchanged, the notes became worthless after a while.  [Appreciation on behalf of dinarians in Canada]
    Tony:  There are some Canadians I would like you to talk to, because they talk down to us and they diss the Sacramento Kings as well!  That is so un-Canadian!
    601 caller:  If we were in a briefing, I would deduce that because you thought it should have gone Friday, and that means the US issues have been cleared up, right?  Also, I have a relative who is a dinarian who is quite depressed.  I told him that PM Abadi had been to Germany, one of the strongest economy in the world, and he’s got to be having  side-conversations, and every word he says is very significant. I’m really optimistic that Iraq is ready to come down the aisle and join the international community.
    When you have an MCA, and you deposit your currency, they stay as dong.  Does that give you the flexibility to wait and exchange when you are ready?
    DC:  Yes.  The MCAs I know about linked to forex.  So let’s say you put in dong at eight cents, and let’s imagine that in eight months it goes up to 47 cents.  You can then pull it out in US currency.  It’s the same as if you physically held that currency yourself, and when you take that currency out, you get the rate that’s current at the time.  The advantage is that you don’t have to keep track of the physical currency (in case it’s no longer tradable).  Plus you know it’s from a legitimate source.
    Caller:  Also, that lady said “cash out”;  remember, it’s an EXCHANGE.
    DC:  They were up to do this on Friday night but there were issues with the banks and Iraq asked for 3-4 days.  It could be released as soon as tomorrow, depending on when they get those issues fixed.  On Iraq television, they are talking about Thursday the 12th.  All the laws have been read and passed;  we are waiting on the interior and finance ministries, and we’ll keep you updated.
    Pam:  It’s awesome that Tony sends out a tweet when anything changes, and we’d appreciate if you do NOT lose your minds when that happens, like this weekend.  People, watch your attitudes – stay positive. You know it’s happening, you put your money in so you know it’s happening, and maybe you need to take a break – or we’ll give you one!
    Ray:  “If you don’t like the rate, just wait”, but don’t hold the paper too long.  Enjoy Marvelous Monday and we’ll hope to have a Terrific Tuesday.
    Tony:  Everything in Iraq says that it’s happening this week, with television, radio and articles.  They are making everything as public as they can, trying to make it happen on or before Thursday.  Things don’t typically happen on the day they say, but it’s all looking good.  We have only had positive news, and everything has been passed for this to happen when they say, on the 12th.  Meanwhile, anyone who can donate, we appreciate that – I’ve stretched out the bills as long as I can.  It’s looking really positive, and we are on the way.  At this point we are looking at Thursday, and maybe before.
    Pam:  These calls cost a lot, so please go to www.tntdinar.com and click on the red DONATE button (top left) or go directly to your PayPal account and send money todonate4tnt@gmail.com.  Thank you!