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  • Enjoy your week end. Celebration time should be freekin snow everywhere...Santa... you need yo boots...yee hah cowboys..
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  • Monday i was told bonds move

    • True as long as we RV this weekend...but I heard Wednesday as they still must unblock funds.

    • AJ, "codes released" means the block is removed....

    • I heard the codes for redemption were released yesterday afternoon EST.

    • Thanks, RB.
      NOW, if anyone can go buy a hamburger with the money in the accounts that were released with these "codes" we're all sitting in the catbird seat. Like I always say, the proof isn't in the pudding. The proof is in the eating of the pudding!

    • What we can know from this is (IMO!) if the money does NOT start rolling downhill and in our direction, and the "release" wasn't "released" but had another stall, the people involved will have a GREAT LAWSUIT. The penalties for non-performance are HUGE. This is what we've been waiting for. Bring on the transparency!

    • Well hopefully the process has indeed started in earnest.  I cannot imagine them being able to hold this back much longer!
      God Bless!



jetdriver2 January 30, 2015 Copied From Twitter

JC @JCR3758
 Guys I would love to tell you exactly when the official RV with live rates will take place but I can't since I run out of characters to explain.

JC @JCR3758 
 All kidding aside, we are extremely close. Maintain your calm and professionalism.

R.V. / GCR January 30, 2015 at 6:04pm  Monday i was told bonds move

AJM0603 > R.V. / GCR True as long as we RV this weekend...but I heard Wednesday as they still must unblock funds.

Ron Burgundy > R.V. / GCR I heard the codes for redemption were released yesterday afternoon EST.
Janie > Ron Burgundy IF the budget gets published tomorrow, then Iraq has no choice. Because everyone will be wanting the money they've just voted on in the budget. And once it's published, it (theoretically) must activate. I think Article 59 was a very powerful vote. Sounded to me like they were forcing the issue :)

 R.V. / GCR > Ron Burgundy Lets keep going forward. The admin hold treasury side is still problematic, even to the discourse of the nation of Iraq becoming international without the full backing of the USA TREASURY. There are many countries that do not trust whats going on right now. I.e. MEXICO FOR EXAMPLE...That will not cash a vietnam dong or said zimbabwe note for any amount of money without the REPUBLIC and the Treaty of basel 3 even on Monday. The problem may be the mirror budget between the Reserve currency and the backing of the secret reserve currency the DINAR

Carden > R.V. / GCR Well, I will add to this comment. IMO Mexico will not cash any VND/IQD/RUP/ZIM without the UST guaranteeing the exchange which they have NOT done. During their recent coordinated currency exchange (this past Christmas) with a few well known currency holders they looked to China to provide the guarantee which they had been previously given and I understand they didn't hear back. Mexico central bank doesn't want to be stuck holding worthless Monopoly money from any country. Doesn't have anything to do with "REPUBLIC" or "BASEL 3". It's just simple good business practices.
I do agree the problem may be the mirror budget... that's a good call. The "secret reserve currency, the DINAR" tho, ain't so secret.Thanks, R.V.

Ron Burgundy > Carden Well hopefully the process has indeed started in earnest.  I cannot imagine them being able to hold this back much longer!God Bless!

Janie > R.V. / GCR thank you for this clarification. this makes a great deal of sense. Problematic indeed - it's a problem that's been 100 years in the making, this lack of distrust. Any of us who've been following this trail for awhile also have that lack of distrust. Even after the eventual exchange, that distrust will still be lurking behind the closet door.


 What is this mirror budget people are talking about.

Carden > KThompson Seems that throughout this escapade there have been remarkable coincidences between USA and Iraq that show this mirror effect over and over. Now if we learn of BIG CHANGES in USA budget that don't make sense to the average person we here will know what the reason is. Diminishing deficit/debt, for instance. The clues are obvious. The verbiage however, will not be so clearly stated nor explained, as in we now have asset-backed currency, pegged to the IQD, with debt paid thanks to the exchange of the IQD/USD purchased during Bush years and to pay for the Iraq war.

Janie > Carden And perhaps that's why Obama put all those domestic funding statements into his new proposed budget? Because now he can afford to fund them? - I thought about that the other day when he announced the proposed 2015 budget :)

TNT DISCUSSION:Dong of $6.00 and China controls the rate, not the US Executive Branch by OSUCOWBOY, 30 JAN

Just went through a few months of the call transcripts and I presume that If I went further I would find more of the same.
These copies of the transcripts have not been edited, just copied as
we received them.

It is clear that when we began to buy Dong that a $6 dollar rate was being told of at least as a potential, and likely 
the government approved list for only "special" people
exchanged their Dong at a price that is being taken away for common
citizens by our own government .

Also, it seems that our Presidential branch was to have no say in this,only the government of China.

Excerpts of prior transcripts are below:

They started with the less sophisticated CBIs, got those going,
then the second world banks,
then Europe, China and other first world countries. 
They have all signed off on the dinar, dong and rupiah. 
Part of the reason is so that the US doesn’t try any shenanigans
as they have for the last two months. 

The six dollar rate, what that for the dong?  Did you verify that yourself?
Tony:  People heard that on different news stations; 
I didn’t see it, but it’s close enough to what I know
So far as I know, the large notes will still be honored.

We know that China oil credits are driving the dinar; what’s driving the dong price?
Tony:  China is driving the dong price.  They are not driving the dinar;
the dinar is being established as the new reserve currency,
and it is being used as a driver for the GCR.

China has more dong than anything elsethey made it part of the GCR,
and they are driving the dong price
because they have more control in that part of the world.

Could you explain what’s the difference between the international rate, the market rate and the contract rate?
Is there a big difference between the market rate and the international rate?
I know they were saying that the dong could possibly be at 47 cents.
Could you just kind of give me a guestimate of what the difference
between the international and market rates if the dong was 47 cents?
T: You’re talking to DC, right?
C: Yeah, I’m talking to DC, and no gurgling. Be straight up. [Laughter]
DC: Yes, ma’am. The difference between the international and market rates –
if you’re looking for the exact numbers we can’t go there.
What we can go through is why there would be an international rate
versus the market rate, etc. I’m just going to assume the latter.
What we would be having is what countries is going to have
  • international,
  • contract,
  • and market rate going to be paid off.
During a short period of time, when they’re trying to get
these notes from the retailers, they’re going to pay above
the international rate because they got all sorts of benefits to do so, like
  • China needs oil,
  • the UST needs X.
So, basically it’s more competition in the market to drive up those rates a little bit on there -- actually the US banks and some of other bank coalitions

So, therefore there’s going to be that difference.
Once they got rid of most of the retail investors, speculators,
then it’s going to all float back to the international rate and
that’s where it will be pegged at. That’s the difference.

C: I know you can’t talk about rates and dates, but you did teach us that there’s more than one way to skin a cat… so my question is
about 2 months ago, you talked about the dong would be between $2 and $6 and the dinar would be double digits.
All we want to know is has anything changed since that conversation?

T: The only thing I know of that has changed since that conversation
is that they asked us not to talk about it anymore.

DC:  RV vs. RI.  Okay, we need to separate those two again
because we got two different things. 
The RI is different from an RV, and so the real question was,
and there was a great deal of back and forth about the RV being involved, about the dong being involved and everything on there.
The dong is involved primarily for China’s purposes. 



1-30-15 Frank26: The next step is to lift the 000s from the exchange rate of the IQD. Technically it is already done in the math of the budget and protected by the budgets verbiage. LAWS are set...GOI is now a GOICBI...ISX set...Ceiling at CBI is set...Not loans but BONDS and MONEY INVESTED in the GOICBI in order to start the Budget and Economy...Insane Reserves and a plethora of many more article 8 compliance are stacked in favor of an IR/ RV. Then the MATHEMATICS will equal ...It will create a balance ...An EQUILIBRIUM in their calculations. 


Highlights of Tony's CC.  I got onto the call late due to medical test this morning.  I'm going by the transcribers notes so if you see I state something that's in error please let me know - Sunny.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Notes say NARROW window. Everyone ready and could happen at any moment.  Iraq's people being told right now. Still in the window for "by the end of the month." Keeping Everyone on high alert in USA.  Seems there is a running joke at the UST and in the Senate and House of Rep's, saying this will go at the Super Bowl Kick Off!

DC: Trying to keep times closely held by giving narrow window and pull the trigger afterwards.
Tony:  It may be public on the February 3, 4 or 5. Based on my contacts . . . I think I would know within 10 minutes . . . but knowing and being able to put it out to the public are different . . . I think it's going to happen but most people won't find out about it till afterwards . . .don't think we will see people called in . . . that does not work. . . think they will call key people in and start exchanging people.  If it happens over the weekend, we may not do a call till Monday or Tuesday.  If we do a call everyone will know and start going to the banks.

IRAQ: The passing of the budget was public and it will be published officially in the Gazette tomorrow.  The pressure on Abadhi and his team is very high and the RV is expected to follow shortly.  Social unrest is an additional pressure.  Today is a holy day and holiday in Iraq.
  • Parliament - The budget passed in a public, televised session yesterday.
  • CBI - Dr. Shabbibi has always advocated a high rate than $3.58.
  • Budget Rate the guys think is $3.90 and but cautioned it could come out higher or lower.
  • The Agreement: DC said there is a section that something had to happen by Thursday or "something" would be very public . DC - "specifically first of February.  Tony: It is an agreement they have that would be very public, without us saying anything because we cannot.  If they didn’t keep the agreement, something very public would happen. . Agreement is that this would happen before the first.
  • FOREX:  When the Dinar RV will show on the foreign currency market is murky.  Some PTB wanted it to show after 30 days, some 15 and DC says it could be immediately or later.  
UNITED STATES:   Minor checks going on.  Everybody, UST, Banks, Security, are waiting on Iraq.  
  • Banks: the guys have received nothing from the banks.  Do not know if they will get 1 package for everyone or a package from each bank.
  • Exchanges:                                                                  
  • NDA:  
  • Package/800#: Tony says he knows there is a package but he does not have it yet.  Tony said following the event he did not know how long he'd be able to talk and felt some people were deliberately trying to confuse him and DC.. Tony: . . . have to have time to go over a package.  If I text an 800# are you going to wait 8 hours till we do a call?  If they believe people are going to take whatever rate it is and people just react. . . I'm hoping people take their time, think about this and have a plan instead of a reaction.

  • Rates:  Dinar contract rate?  DC: range from $9.00 to $28.00, only as long as that pool is available. Dong may come out at .08 cents.   Has come from several sources and Tony told explicitly to put it out there and he said that always makes him suspicious. Tony and DC both said it does not make sense for it to come out at that since peeps have been paid out at a higher rate already, $1.00 and higher. If it does come out that low consider holding it for it go revalue again; buy more: or watch it on the FOREX and exchange when you are comfortable with the rate it grows too.  May come out at a managed rate and then switch to a float rate. DC:  Tony and I are salivating that let it come in at 8 cents and six months to a year we are talking a home run here. 
    DC: Going to be prepared for 8 cents, 47 cents and $1.02.  $1.02 and $2.47 are going to be the contract and those are available still as well.
     Rupiah: No information given.  ZIM:  DC:  Frankly it is a bloody wild card. expecting six zeroes and single or low double digits, like 6 cents, 3 or 4 cents, or high as 16 cents.

DC:  Iraq lined up.  Everybody where they need to be.
PAM aka ALREADY BLESSED:  Said thank you so many times. . . we bring this stuff to you so  you will make the right decision and not set your hair on fire.  . . . you know about sucker rates . . . be flexible. .. you don’t have to do the first thing that pops up.
RAY:  I did not catch Ray but imagine he would say something like, "Enjoy your fantabulous, fantastic Friday."
TONY:  We’ve said it all . . . if any currencies come out at very low rate. . . rates we’ve been given you, somebody got paid out at . . . the currencies are going to reach those rates.    Everybody can use the money, starving, bills to pay.  Be smart.  Don’t just start spending.  If you have the time, fortitude to do risk reward, probably have to do it with an exchanger to get rate locked in at that particular day.  If your doing a small amount first, even if you do International rate and then exchange more later.  Talk about it NOW with each other.  Time to do that is NOW.    If you’re trying to form a group, coalition to be a qualified investor need to do that NOW.

All information says we’re as close as ever been.  No I’s to dot or T’s to cross.  Budget voted on .  everything else has been done for months.  New banking laws done.  No reason currency has not revalued like they’ve said. They are backed into a corner right now.
. . . everything is done.  This is real.  It’s going to happen and you’ll benefit from it.  Everything we are hearing it should definitely be over this weekend.  If it should go to Monday . . . if I was you I would make sure I was absolutely ready.  Be ready to go to the bank.  Let your people know to be ready.  Enjoy life.  Sit back and wait for the super bowl if you like it.  Otherwise, enjoy your weekend.
I really, really hope to do a call with you over this weekend.  It would be the greatest call ever!!!

Will review further notes and be back with "orange text" if I make changes or additions to final - Sunny


1-30-15 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):

Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, January 30, 2015.  No, we shouldn’t be here and I don’t plan on being here next week this time!  There are two things I’m supposed to read before going to the information.  Ray sent me this email, and then there is a text.  I always wonder how/why people get on the call to be first, and one person sent me an email.  What are people going through?  Do they deserve the opportunity to talk when they’ve already been on the call several times.

“Because I work from home, it’s easier to work from 10pm to 4am.  On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I stay on hold anywhere from 11pm to 3am.  I like listening to the music soundtrack, and the phone stays dialed in until you call my number. I dial in, set the alarm, and switch phones (the battery lasts for five hours for each phone).  I go back to sleep and then check the phone line.”  If they are going through all that, they must really want their question to be answered. They can’t be doing it just to listen to the call, because they can listen on the internet for free.  I know it’s important to ask your personal question, but it would really help if you could ask questions that everyone can relate to.

DC:  I agree;  if they worked that hard to get there, they deserve to talk to us.

Tony:  Here’s the other thing that we’ve been hearing about since the last call, and it’s out on the boards, too.  “I gather rate of VNN is low to get it off the street;  what do you think?”  and “I’m grateful to be here. Some people get $5 for a dong, and just before it goes they lower it to eight cents.  When people get together to help each other, and then it gets ripped away… Letter you read from South Africa was great.  The PTB could really shine, many are really pissed at this.  Leave it at a dollar and $2+ for contract.  Say something; you are our voice. I bet you a cigar and a bottle of Louis XIV you won’t say anything.”

I understand the psychology behind this, that you are daring me to say something, but I intended to talk about this anyway because so many have questioned this.  It’s all over the internet, I know, we got several calls, and also there is more about this group thing.  I don’t address this stuff unless it’s on our forum or I get a bunch of phone calls. DC?

DC:  Not a lot has changed – everything looks really good.  Positive stuff has gone through in Iraq with support in the US.  In Iraq they passed the budget and made it public. It has been published in many places, and the official date in the Gazette is tomorrow.  It’s a pretty dry read but has some good stuff for those looking for investment information, like for roads and infrastructure.  The pressure is very high on Abadi and his team to get this revalued.  Most feel the RV is very shortly behind, and they are jumping up and down in frustration.  Many including the US are insisting this RV gets done quickly especially because of social issues and ISIL.  There is more on Iraqi television about the economic reforms.  It’s a holiday there, and in the mosques they said to pay attention to the various news outlets.

Tony:  People question that this budget vote was taken again, because it was before but they were talked out of making it public then. It’s now been done publically, and we figure the rate is $3.90 or so, and we have word it could be a bit higher or lower than that.  They are being told over there that all their payments will change on Monday.  That is not supposed to happen until Monday, and it can’t happen without being international, so it should come out between now and then, looking at it logically.  They cannot accomplish that without the RV happening, and that is still within the window.  That’s all good info.

DC:  About Dr. Shabibi and the rate, it seems to be higher than the rate on the cards.  Shabibi has always argued for a much higher rate, and he is very convincing.  So he’s been working on has been raising the rate, while PM Abadi just wants to get this out and raise the rate later.  Even with falling oil prices, Shabibi has successfully pushed for a higher rate.

In the US, all checks have been done and we are waiting on Iraq – banks, Homeland, UST, all the other law enforcement agencies are all waiting on Iraq. They are keeping the times close, with a wide window but ready to go. There are many leaks, and that is how we get our information!  So the times are held by just a few people, keeping people on super-high alert.  There is a running joke in Congress and the UST that this will go during the SuperBowl kick-off. Everyone is tired of the stops and starts it’s almost become a joking matter.

Tony:  This cold happen at any moment.  We told you two weeks ago that the window goes through the end of the month, and that is tomorrow.  They anticipate it by Monday.  I’ve been distracted during this call.  I know everyone has been upset by the VNN rumors.  We got this information a few days ago, and it didn’t make sense to us.  Then we got it from another guy, and someone told us he was directed to tell us that information. Why would they want to tell us something like that?  How does that make sense?  We don’t know how long we’ll be able to talk to you afterwards – sometimes it’s four day, or seven, or one call, and it’s all coming from the same committee!  I’m going to tell you what I would do if that scenario comes up… because I won’t be able to tell you afterwards.  I will just be able to tell you what they have asked as to talk about, meaning the process.

So let’s discuss this scenario.  DC only has another 30 minutes and I want him to be here for this discussion so he can take some bullets on this.  If VNN comes out at eight cents… which based on what we have seen people exchanging on doesn’t make sense… why would they say this much lower rate now?

DC:  Some believe that Vietnam can only support that rate.  Maybe they are just trying to suck in investors like us who are willing to take the money and run, given we paid peanuts for the dong in the first place.  With the change in economic plans, perhaps that is all they can support now.  It could also be two other things:  1)  it’s reflecting the new current state of reality and they are bringing it out early to flush us out or 2)  it’s to make us look like a bunch of morons by demanding something that is not going to happen.  Smart people adjust to changing information.  Let’s say it’s accurate information – what should you do? You can use it as a springboard, know that you’ve created a stable future, and then invest in more dong, in the Vietnamese stock market, invest in gold, take up reserves, or other investments that will let you make more money further down the line. Tony and I would love it to be eight cents and make a ton more money 6-12 months down the line.  That’s how a thinking person would respond to this information.

Tony:  I was discussing this with a guy in Canada who said that it’s eight cents, he’ll be happy;  a few years ago we were ecstatic that it might be five cents. Most people will take the money and run, happy to be done with governments and currencies, and go live their lives.  Or you can exchange your dinar and buy more dong, because sooner or later it will go up again.  Sell enough of what you have to sustain you for the next six months or so, and wait to see what happens with dong or zim, because they will be international currencies, without restrictions.  You can go to your exchanger and have them buy it back at whatever rate it shows up on Forex.  No guts, no glory.  You’ll have to have faith in what you have learned in the last four years, and trust in where economy is going.  It has already exchanged at a dollar or higher, so it will have to go back up to that rate, sooner or later.  Do you have enough money to survive? Don’t be upset;  figure out how to use this to your advantage.  If it’s already come out at a dollar, at some point it will reach 5-6 on Forex, and you’ll be cursing yourself that you didn’t wait.  We’ve discussed this before, and DC has given you other options like gold, annuities, etc.  If you are looking for a higher return on this, though, wait until it goes up, or exchange some at the bank and then the rest with the exchanger later.

DC:  When the guy first told me seven cents, my first reaction was “those dirty SOBs”, and then “Oh, sweet Jesus”, because that will provide an amazing opportunity.

Tony:  It didn’t upset me, because I know how to make money with money.  Others want to take that money and run, and maybe they know more than we do. There are some people who are upset and wanted us to discuss it.  When we first got that rumor, I just thought it was crazy, and I still don’t know that it’s true. Either way, think about the possibilities and use it to your advantage.

This first caller has been on for 1,000 minutes.

828 caller:  Thanks.  So your best guess now for the rates for dong, dinar and zim… do you think eight cents is correct for the dong?

DC:  I’m comfortable with Iraq, I understand how Shabibi thinks, and I think the rate has gone to $3.90 or maybe a bit more, which is a beautiful thing.  The contract rate is still very possible for us, and the pool ranges from $9-28 in terms of what is available to us.  The dong – frankly, I don’t know.  I don’t have a lot of good contacts for that.  My contacts are in the UST and banks, and although I’ve heard the rumor of eight cents, I am prepared for .47 on up.  The $1-2 rate would be the contract rates.  For the zim, I’m expecting them to lop six zeros, then maybe up to $0.16, maybe.

Caller:  So lots of people exchanged the dong at the higher rates, and now it’s eight cents for the rest of us?  That feels like a raw deal.

DC:  I understand that feeling, but it feels like an insurance policy for us, too.  In the age of wikileaks, it’s a challenge to keep contract rates quiet – it’s too massive.  You can’t do that any more, not like D-Day plans or the Manhattan Project. These are bankers, not intelligence professionals.  They are not used to the idea of “you will go to jail if you say anything about this.” So I think it’s an insurance policy for us, because how will it look if the President knowingly paid out all their friends and politicians, and then they paid out the general public so much less?  I don’t think the Secretary of the Treasury is trying to screw us over – he’s a smart man, there are legal issues, and he doesn’t want to answer the question “why did you pay your friends X and everyone else so much less?”  They won’t be able to keep this quiet, regardless of universal NDAs.  Have you ever been in intelligence? It never works!  It’s already been documented and recorded!  I’m not defending the administration, I’m defending common sense.  They know this will leak, they know that Tony and I will share the information we get, and they don’t want to face public questions at the end of the day.  This obligates everyone to get paid out in a generally similar way. There may be some differences in rates and times, but in general it will have to be similar or the bullshoot detector will go off the roof.

Caller:  Tony, you said that something will happen if this doesn’t come through by the end of this month – what?

Tony: We’ve given you guys a scenario around the eight cents, if it comes out that way, but it doesn’t make sense to us.  Your other question should be directed at DC – he signed the document!  <joking>  If they don’t keep this agreement, something very public will happen very soon.

DC:  That means on or before the first of February.

Tony:  Everyone thinks this is it.  The agreement says this has to happen before the first or there will be a public reaction in the very short term.  Next caller = 954 minutes.

269 caller:  With regards to the RI or RV – sounds like it will be RI to start with and RV at a later date?

DC:  They are using the verbiage “RI” closely followed by the RV.  The RI is the reinstatement of the old rate, so $3.22—3.90.  Beyond that, can Shabibi negotiate a higher rate for the RV? I wouldn’t bet against the man and I think he deserves a Nobel prize.

Caller:  Best guess on an RV?

DC:  Six months to a few years, and ti doesn’t have to double, it could be 20 cents.

Tony:  Their Constitution says that they can change their rate every six months, but you wouldn’t be waiting for that.  Your perfect scenario is for this to go on Forex for the hedge funds and investment groups to push this up to an outrageous rate even for a short period of time. When it hits Forex for a free float, they will make lots of money and then it will settle back down to a stable level.  When they want gas to settle at $3.90, they put it up to $4.50 and then let it come back again.  That’s what you are waiting for, to see dinar go up every day until it reaches that peak and then get out.  That will happen before 90-180 days, and that is your best plan, according to Tony’s opinion.

DC:  The original plan was 30 days, although a lot of traders wanted it to be over the weekend and the stability guys wanted it to be 90 days.  We believe it’s at least 15 days now.  The peg will be released much like the Swiss saying they want it to be $1.20, but it can still float later and will almost certainly rise.

Tony:  You’re saying it will come out at a managed rate for a period of time, and if I tell you the length of time, they will change it so it won’t be right!  But that scenario will come into play, and you have to be diligent and watchful.  You can make a ton of money in 4-5 days, but if you don’t have the nerve, don’t risk it.

DC, what is this guy saying that people won’t exchange if they don’t belong to his group?  There are two new groups saying they have to get in now or they’ll never be able to exchange their money.  That’s just nonsense.

DC:  That is nonsense.  It’s just a marketing ploy to get people in.  To summarize, everyone is in place, just where they need to be.  I’m really excited.  This administration and the former one set this in place, and unless certain people had really pushed, we wouldn’t even be in this game.  So thanks to all of them and all our intel providers.

574 caller:  My patience paid off – this is my first time calling in.  I’m sorry I missed DC, but I get to talk to you!  Everything changes all the time, but I’m on every call and in the forum. I tried to get some friends and family involved, but without response.  A few I will take care of, but the rest will be on their own. [Appreciation]  You’ve saved my sanity!  I’ve saved and bookmarked all the information in case I lose my mind.  Hope to see you in Vegas or wherever, so I hope they let you have at least one event.

Tony:  I hope so as well – we may have to have a Twitter campaign about that!  Thanks!  I would love for everyone to have this – some members sent us a puzzle that has all the phrases over the last four years.  It was so personalized, we had to put all the pieces together, and I want to say THANK YOU to those who sent it.  I hope that we can share that with the rest of you all, if Pam can figure out how to sent it out to you, as well.

707 caller:  I put all my money for the dinarians to win the SuperBowl on Sunday!

Tony:  I won’t bet against you on that!

Caller:  The first caller asked some great questions.  If you’re not going to exchange all your money because you want to wait until the rate goes up, what about receipts?

Tony:  My understanding is that you only need receipts for the IRS, to determine the rate of tax you pay – if, in fact, it’s going to be taxed.  If the bank needs receipts, you can always make copies.  Keep the original receipts.

Caller:  As for contract rates and NDAs, earlier you said they would ask how much money you have.  If they want all your money now, and you sign an NDA, will that be in jeopardy?

Tony:  You can tell them how much you want to exchange with that particular bank, right now.  That’s what I would do – not tell them what you are exchanging with anyone else.

Caller: Can we talk about gurus?  Everything has been positive on the call today, but I’m talking specifically about those silent moments and the waiting pattern on Saturday and Sunday.  Other gurus are positive and some are negative.  I wanted to talk about Okie, who did make a positive post yesterday. Another guru talked about terrorists – have you heard anything about that?

Tony:  I hadn’t heard from Okie in a few days, then he called me this morning to talk about what he had heard – and he wanted me to mention the group thing.  I talk about Okie because I know he was trying to do the right thing, maybe believing a few things that he should not have, and I think some people tried to use him and has now learned better. I know he was passing along what he was getting, not making things up or benefiting from it, or asking people to send him their dinar. There are other gurus talking about what will happen when the President gets replaced or there are new notes or a new government, and that is crazy stuff to me.  I haven’t heard anything about terrorist activity.  This thing is done, cooked and ready to be served.  I can’t control if it is actually served, but I know the plan.  This latest plan gives everyone a bit more authority to do things, everyone is being agreeable, but I can’t guarantee that at the last minute they might not ask for another 24-48 hours. In Iraq, they are telling their people that this is coming out now, and from Monday they need to pay this or that at a given rate.  I’m not in charge, but if it happens the way it is supposed to, then I should be doing calls this weekend.  I started sending out tweets at the weekend because Pam calls me and says the chat room is going crazy and we want to respond to that.  But in Washington DC, they go home on Friday at 5pm, and in Iraq Friday is a holy day.  We don’t get any calls from Iraq until this evening, when it’s Saturday morning there.  So I don’t do a call when we just get that kind of information.  We know that they have asked this to be 4pm to 5am EST, and it will probably be at the weekend when people are paying less attention.  If it goes at the weekend, I will get a phone call telling me to get ready.  If I don’t, then it’s not going to happen. There are too many people on both sides of the water who have to take action for there not to be any notification.

650 caller:  If this goes under this plan, this weekend, how long will it take to trickle down to us?  What’s your current read on when people will go to the bank?

Tony:  I think it’s going to happen, but most people won’t hear about it until afterwards. Then they will call people in and have them get ready.  I think they will call in key people and exchange people in groups who have already signed their agreements.  We may do a call on Monday because if we just tweet out the 800 numbers, thousands will call the bank hoping for an appointment for Monday morning and it will be chaos.  We need to get the package, have time to understand, and then do our call.  Otherwise people will make their calls without understanding the process.  They anticipate most people will take whatever rate is offered, but I hope we will have a plan rather than just reacting.

Caller:  How long after activation do you feel it would take to get to you?

Tony:  Based on my contacts and intel sources, I should know ten minutes later.  But there is a difference between knowing and putting it out to the public.  If they have a plan and they want to execute that plan, I want it to be as smooth as possible for everyone. So if they say they need 30 minutes or two hours or whatever, I would wait because everyone will get it at the same time.  We have more people than everyone, and they want to use us to send out the 800 numbers, and they have that planned.  We don’t have the package yet.  I know there are three options:  one 15-minute call, four days or seven days of instructional calls. I wish I knew so that I could plan what I’m doing!

281 caller:  I live outside Houston TX, and I’ve been wanting to get on the call for a long time.  I have friends who met you in California, and we get together as a senior citizens investment group – all professionals who are retired. I’m the talkative one in the group!  I have a question for Ray.  A few calls ago, you said he was picky about who he lets in.  We are very serious about this, because knowledge is powerful – or rather, how you apply that knowledge is powerful.  We think we are having a hard time getting this money, but if you don’t know what you are going to do with the money, it’s going to be tedious.  I think Ray is being selfish in being picky.  So how can I get into OpenMike with Ray, because we are all in this together, and we are “in it to win it”.

Tony:  I agree with you – Ray is selfish and picky.  His OM people don’t agree.  I will give him your phone number.  They do their own thing over there and there’s nothing I can do about it.  He has heard every word you said!

Caller:  My wealth manager at WF is still saying this is a scam!  His job is his livelihood, so I can understand his position, but on the other hand I want to be knowledgeable when this comes through.  We are in it together and we all want to know about this. I’ve been on this line for ten hours just to talk to you today.  I take care of the night and the rest of the group takes care of the daytime, so that we are covered!

617 caller:  With the rupiah, are there any special denominations?

Tony:  I haven’t heard any special denominations.

Caller:  If we only get eight cents for the dong, and others have received more, won’t they have to give that back?

Tony:  I don’t know.  If this does happen at that rate, there will be all sorts of problems.  So I gave you an alternative scenario that you can still get that higher rate, even if you have to wait.

Caller: Will you give the 800 number out right away so that we can make our appointment faster so that we have better access to the contract rate?

Tony:  I don’t know how they will do that.  We know a percentage is being set aside for the general public.  I hope it’s in the package so that we can understand the criteria.  Once we know that, we can live with whatever happens after that.  If you don’t know what you need to do to get it, that’s when there is confusion.  I hope they will give me the information before sending out the 800 numbers so that we can explain at the same time.

Caller: Do you know what the code is for zim?  They suggest we ask the rates for both codes to see if the rate is different.  And I think the Patriots will win the SuperBowl.

Tony:  I think you should ask – the more information the better.  And let me scratch your name off… <laughter>

860 caller:  Thanks for all the great information and scenarios.  Do you have any more info on the banking procedures?  And can you give Ray my telephone number, too?

Tony:  Ray just sent me a text saying he missed all that because our father came over!  I am writing your number down and will give it to him.  There isn’t anything on the banking that I haven’t already told you.  We haven’t received any packages from the banks yet.  I don’t know if we will get one package, or four packages – it’s confusing at the moment.

323 caller:  What’s the code for dong?  Is it VNN?  Also, you said the rate might be 8 cents, and then we have to watch Forex – where I can find that online?

Tony:  You don’t want to do Forex, because you don’t have a clue.  During your exchange process, talk to your wealth manager, say that you want to wait until the rate goes up and then exchange your money.  Or go to an investment broker, which will cost more, and let them follow it for you.  Or you can get an currency app and follow it on your smart phone.  You can set parameters and it will send an alert when it reaches that number, high or low. Then you can put in the sell order.  But I’m trying to give you years of education in two minutes.  And I don’t know that the rate is eight cents;  we’ve heard it from a couple of directions but they told those contacts to tell us that, and I wonder why.  That’s why I gave you a couple of scenarios before this happens, because afterwards I won’t be able to tell you anything.  If it does come out at that lower number, it will be greater later.

865 caller:  I’m a Vietnam vet, and I appreciate your service.  My younger brother was in the Marines, and he had the Phoenix thing;  my other brother passed away, but not military-related.  We had some big storms here and many lost roofs, etc., without insurance.  Our city hall was restored and it’s a mess, so I want to help people out here.  My family and I are heavily into the IQN, and I also have dong.  If the dong is eight cents, I will take it and run.  [Appreciation] You would never make it in government, because you are too honest.  I’ve been in a program for 23, and had to sign an NDA – will that still be valid? [Appreciation]

Tony:  You’ll have to check with an attorney about that.  My NDA says that I cannot be a politician, but that’s not something I want to be anyway, so you’re not hurting my feelings!  I was talking to some military guys last night, and we know there are some things they have do that we don’t agree with. They will sacrifice you in a minute for the greater good.  It has happened in our country for years, and everywhere else.  I see some things with politicians where they could have helped more people or they have taken advantage to get to a higher level themselves.  New people in government sacrifice some things because they think they can do better for more people when they get to that higher position, and find out later that maybe they cannot.  I really don’t think I would fit into that because I try to help as many people as I can.  I have personally sacrificed so that people can get their wins that make a difference in their lives. Sometimes it’s more important for another person to win the game than for you to win, or for everyone to win.  Even if that has cost me money, I know I can make it up somewhere else.  I didn’t want to do this – I got thrown into a situation and I’m doing the best I can at it.  I don’t need fame or glory, I’ve done that in the past, and it’s time for everyone else to have that. I am an ordinary person on the phone.  I have sacrificed and my family has sacrificed, but someone has to do this for all of you.  DC and Pam are sharing those personal hits, too.  There are more people out here willing to do that, but I don’t want anyone else to be at risk.  I’ve been here this long, I’ll stay here and do the right thing because it’s our responsibility and we have to do what’s right for the people.  We are just people doing the right thing.

Skype caller:  I’m a friend of the gal with the senior citizens’ group.  I’ve been hearing that this thing is not going to happen for another little while.  What’s your honest take on that?

Tony:  Somebody out there says it won’t happen until next January, or July, or March or 15. February.  I’m not going to say they are wrong because I don’t know who told them that.  My information, from sources I know and trust, says there is an agreement to do this by 1. February.  Iraq says that budget is in tomorrow’s Gazette with the new rate, and that on Monday their interest rates and taxes are going to change because they are doing something new.  This is the information I got, and I believe it because I trust my sources.  Everyone is pushing to get this done within that time frame.

Pam:  I don’t know what to say.  Everything we have said so many times, including thanks to people.  We bring this to you so you will be prepared and make the right decisions for your situations so you don’t lose your minds.  Take your time, make your appointment, think about what you want to do.  You don’t have to take the first option that pops up.  Be flexible.

Tony:  We’ve said it all.  I wanted to reiterate some things for you to look at.  The rates we have given you have been paid out to somebody, so you should know that at some point these currencies will reach those rates, especially the dinar and dong.  I’ve heard some of you say “whatever rate comes out, I’m running to the bank”, and I get that you have bills to pay.  If that’s what you choose, okay, but put your money to work.  Don’t just start spending.  If you have the time and fortitude, I think I will be greater later.  Get the rate locked in with your exchanger.  If you do a small amount first, you can always do the rest later with an exchanger.  You will have options, so bounce ideas off each other NOW.  Before you lose your minds, talk to each other, share ideas and information. If you want to form a group to be a qualified investor, do it now, not afterwards.  It’s as close as it’s ever been.  Iraq has voted on the budget, everything else is done and it will all be announced at that same time.  There is no reason for them NOT to announce their currency reform/revaluation.  They don’t have that much longer on this.  It’s done, it’s real, it’s going to happen and you’re going to benefit from it.  This should definitely be over this weekend, and even if it goes to Tuesday, it will be public in Iraq.  Make sure you are absolutely over the weekend:  documents ready, currency counted, plans in place.  If you like football, enjoy the SuperBowl.  I really hope to do the greatest call ever over the weekend.  Enjoy your day!