Monday, January 26, 2015


S3A : 

  • Chinese moved deadline to Wednesday. Let's hope it's the last move/delay


  • It's January 27th in Iraq.....Our window cometh' westward. But I am giving room for a grace period of three (3) days..up to the time line of Friday 30th. It's our time , It' our week it's DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes, I like TIMBERDAYS

  • I have a question on the dong. Tony & DC have been saying "what is on the screen is .47 to 1.05"; said with wiggle room that the rate could change when it goes live. But, we've been hearing for a long time rates over $2. Does anyone have any idea which range might be the one we'll see? Or is this some play to get us to shift back to Dinar for US oil Credits and away from the dong?

    • haven't seen an "over $2" rate in a long time. Tony said this morning .47 to 1.05, with a contract rate of over $2.
      IF the dong were to reinstate, as I believe it should do at this point (having been devalued by the USGov during the "war" years), it would show up at $2.21 (even without adjusting for inflation). So, in my thinking there IS a way for it to show up higher. But that's just my opinion. that being, said, I'd be really happy with $1+

    • Wont the dong be revalued the same as Kuwait, return to its original value at the point prior to devaluation (say 1953/1954, before the fall of Saigon) and hopefully plus interest?

    • Logic would say that, since you cannot revalue a currency without a reinstatement to prior value ..... we just won't know until this happens. 

  • I am pretty sure that rate of  $2.21 is  Dong to $1 USD so that actually would be $.452 per Dong 


  • yes your right Jackal ,  but is still only 45 cents per dong

  • I concur, but don't say the rate as...$2.21...that's too confusing for people...it is 2.21

  • Yes 

  • On December 18, 1971, after the U.S. dollar devaluation, the official exchange rate of the dong was 2.71 per 1 dollar.

  • On May 3, 1978, a uniform dong was introduced at an exchange rate of 2.17 per 1 dollar...
    They kept the peg pretty close all through that period.

  • which means each Dong=.369 cents

  • 46 cents...
    Say you owned 1,000,000 Dong back then...
    It would have been worth $460,000.00 on exchange into $USD


1-26-15 Tlar: Article quote: "decided CBI, take the necessary measures to boost liquidity measures in the banking system and the simplification of foreign currency sale in order to facilitate the stability of the market and exchange rate measures."   The CBI just paved the way for the government to implement all their new programs by this move.  Between the 2 million loan from the IMF and the CBI backing the government by financing the debt, the government is now free to move.

The CBI announced that they have 1.5 times in reserves for all the dinar out covering every dinar 1.5 times.  That is much more than they need to back their currency especially circulating currency.  It's obvious to me Keywords is on onboard and trying to help the government achieve a successful transition to a market economy or why do this?  You only have to ask yourself this question.  Would the bank under Shabibi, or Turki loan money or back government instruments prior to this government?  The answer has to be a firm no.  Both stated they would not loan money to the government.
Now with the CBI's backing and support, the Abadi government should have no problem raising the funds necessary to proceed.  IMO keywords is showing he is on board with this move and ready to go to the wall for the Abadi government.  Another good sign IMO we are very close.  One more thought.  Kuwait postponed their payments in 2015 and Egypt just relaxed their debt for oil shares.
Abadi is truly clearing the way for Iraq to come out of fog in 2015 and quickly participate in a successful 2016.   The pass he just made, visiting all the countries he just visited, IMO he was selling oil attempting to gain new markets and increase existing markets, and making sure that those countries were on board to shortly accept the dinar in trade.  It is of benefit to all their trading partners to now accept the dinar, and shortly they will.  Abadi is a very smart guy.


1-26-15 DC: Everything is still within the window and ready. Iraq is finalizing their checks. The USA is in a wonderful state and it's "let's go." Everybody got back in town and more paper work was signed. Parliament announced via TV they are ready for the economic reforms "like the CBI."

My understanding is there were quite a few meetings yesterday and teleconferences this morning. Those all came back with green light
. This is what we are receiving, but things can change. But my expectation is that it won't.  Rates are still on the cards are 3.58. Still will be in the mid-3's. Everything is beautifully lined up. 

1-26-15 tman23What I have been seeing is 50% cuts...one Ministry went from 450 billion to 1.350...so we have seen as much on an average of 3.2 in cuts...The estimates are 58 billion in oil revenue for 2015 at 4 million barrels per day...They have been playing with the numbers but past numbers figured out to balance the budget would require around 3.40 rate... REMEMBER...they get paid in petro dollars so the deficit can be multiplied by the rate for purchasing power.

1-26-15 tlm724: Article quote: "Mr. Minister of Planning Dr Salman Jumaili ministry announced the completion of an economic plan for the years 2015-2018 in light of the government program" tells us:

1. they know what they have to do

2. they know how to do it and

3. they know what funds they have to implement it
4. this is the shift to the free market economy

5. this is why there are changes going on at the CBI also.

Abadi developed the plan the MOP followed up and got it done! Amazing progress, I am very excited! [Finally the timing is looking good for all of us.] I concur.


1-26-15 Enorrste: Within the next 30 to 60 days we will see the beginning of the rise in the value of the dinar. I don't expect a major announcement, however.  Instead, I believe the street rate will come down to the official rate and then pass it, at which time the CBI will either "ratchet" the official rate on occasion to keep pace with the rise in the street rate value, or, more likely, make an official change in the exchange rate regime to link the street rate and official rate, thereby initiating the float.
After that, some months probably, they will move to Article VIII.  At that point the investment will substantially increase into Iraq, even beyond whatever Abadi is able to get started from last weekend's conference, since Iraq will be playing in the 'big boy" ballpark under the same rules as the rest of the world.  I am quite optimistic, in case you did not notice! 


1-26-15 TNT DINAR CC (Notes by Adept1):
Replay 805.399.1500, PIN CODE 409029#
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, January 26, 2015.  We only have a couple minutes with DC, so he will start.

DC:  Everyone should have had a good weekend, because everything is looking beautiful. Everything is within the window, everyone is ready. Iraq is doing a few final checks, and the USA is now saying, “let’s get this thing done”.

Everyone got back in town on Sunday.  More paperwork has been signed with yet more final agreements and game-day checks. They are ready to go at Parliament and this has been announced on television that everyone “like the CBI” is ready for the economic reforms. This is all on the websites as well.

Our  friends throughout Iraq are incredibly ready to go and are getting antsy that this is not done yet. What are the last-minute checks?  When they got back and all the legal documentation was ready, they want to make sure this finally goes.  Many are worried about being over-prepared.  If you are over-prepared, you are past your peak performance through working too hard, you are not as relaxed and things aren’t as clear as they should be.  A lot of folks were worried that everyone was wound too tightly.  I understand there were meetings in the country and conferences with the IMF, and they all came back with a green light, anticipating it will go.

Tony: week before last, they made an agreement and a projected date through the end of the month… or else. Everyone agreed to that.  The US has been pushing it every day and they haven’t gone.  Now the US is saying “Come on!”  Iraq has said several times they will do the final vote on the budget and approval, and then moved that date several times – to Thursday.  Now they have announced economic reforms will be re-introduced Tuesday-Wednesday with the final approval on Thursday, and they want the RI to happen before then.  The CBI has put out articles saying they are ready for the reforms, and we know the cutoff is the end of this week. So everyone is excited and happy at this point.

Even though we give you the details as we have them, this is live news right now, and those details could change at any moment.

DC:  My expectation is that they won’t change, but…  The US is not aggravated that this didn’t go through over the weekend.  At the meeting 2-3 weeks ago, there were specific dates and times, and we are still within the window, but some who were not read in to that final agreement are now aggravated this hasn’t gone through.  Everyone in Congress and the administration and that banks – they are all ready to go.

According to speculation, not direct intel, the US was adamant about when this should go – after the markets close and before the open back up, US time.  It’s still Iraq’s ball, but given prior history, it’s my strong speculation that this will happen at night (US time) so that US will not stutter when they support US.  The rate on the cards is still $3.58, and that could change a little but that’s the ballpark.  Everything is lined up, and there is not much to say.

Tony: Everything is really good – we just have to wait.  The banks are on standby and ready to go.  They have been given a date and time this week, and they expect people in to get us started.  Nothing much else to talk about;  we’ll just wait and see what happens.

337 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’m an accountant, and I’ve learned more from you guys than years of work.  How does an American invest in the ISX when it becomes available?

DC:  Most stockbrokers have access to the ISX, and any trading platform that now allows you to buy on foreign stock exchanges will hook you up from this summer.

Tony: The guy in Afghanistan has sent me links and documents on how to invest in that country at 8.5% per quarter.  I’ll send that to Pam and she can post it somehow.

Caller:  What is the correlation between Russia and natural gas?  How does China think it can become #1 in the next 50 years?

DC:  Russia sells most of its natural gas to Europe, and in a cold winter, they have a lot of economic power there.  Russia has cut a deal with China on the Siberian pipeline, and China got a great deal – they got a bunch of natural gas for very little.  China has been on the rise for a long time, growing at 5-8% for a while.  One hundred years ago China was mainly agricultural, but now they are industrialized and now produce a lot of exports.  It’s increasing the pace of consumption as well as economic growth.  Their one-party system makes it easier to control this, and they have become better capitalists than we are. They’ve steered through some rocky aspects more efficiently.  The downside is that their human rights are atrocious, because their view is that the needs of many are more significant that the needs of the individual.  That’s taken a toll on the countryside.  With 2.5 billion coming up from a laborer’s lifestyle to a middle-class lifestyle, all at the same time.  One friend’s grandparents worked in the fields and sold to one person.  His parents lives were different – his father ran a bureaucratic office and his wife worked as well.  His cousins still regard dogs as food. They are going through immense change, very rapidly.  When you hear about BRICS economies growing so fast, it’s because they are coming from an 18th century economy into a modern economy – that a lot of change, and with lots of investment opportunities.

Caller:  Please ask Pam if we can create a long-term alliance of some kind.

Tony:  I don’t’ understand Pam and what she says.  I just do what she says.

301 caller:  [Appreciation]

Tony:  Pam and the Mods do not get enough credit for what they do, which is a lot!

323 caller:  I’m excited and ready to get this moving.  For the dong, what’s the low end and the high end?  And DC, when will your book come out?

DC:  Forty-seven cents and $1.02.  AT this point, they are not letting me write a book or create a museum.  I really think it’s important to study this event and its effects on the future.  We have museums for WWII and other major events, and I have a great stop picked out for it.  They say I can’t do it because of the NDA, but we’ll see.  I get it;  some don’t care for Tony or for me, because we’ve made their lives more difficult.  I hope that when everything has calmed down, this can be memorialized in some kind of research center or a Presidential library.

Tony:  We got the letters that we are making into books, and we are giving them to the principals so that they know that this was about from our end.  They have not told me what they told DC.  Anyway, in 15  years they’ll all be dead.  Besides, it’s nothing to do with us.  Those who are upset should be pushing for this because it’s part of history.

DC:  I know two guys who are top historians.  Remember what Winston Churchill did after WWII, gathering the documents and writing about what it meant to him.  Also, Alexander the Great took historians with him.

Tony:  At the very least, we should put this in a time capsule.

Caller:  You think it could happen this week? Everyone keeps asking me ‘when’?  All my kids have bought dinar – even the youngest at 13.  I’ve always looking at things globally, but never as closely as before these calls.  It’s not about us – it’s so much bigger.  I listen and read, and say to my family, “Tony is right!”

Tony:  Absolutely – it should happen this week!  The window we were given was through the end of the month, and that was two weeks ago, so we are closer still.

Caller:  Pam, Tony is right!

718 caller:  [Appreciation]  My wife doesn’t like you because you take up a lot of her time!  She is listening to Tony on her iPad, and she falls asleep listening to you, Tony!  She won’t let me take her iPad away!  <laughter>  Despite that, I appreciate all you do!

Tony:  When I was in MLM one lady said her husband hates it when she says my name, and they ended up getting divorced!

DC:  WE need a new slogan:  “Tony and DC, putting people to sleep since 2010!”

602 caller:  I’ve never been on the call, although I’ve been in this since 2003.  We are the poster kids for fortitude and longevity.  Is the 2% bank fee still going to apply?

Tony:  Typically for those who have exchanged already, they have been charged 2% (unless they didn’t want to be).

636 caller:  Is DC still on?  [No.]  I’ve been at this four years;  two years ago I eliminated everyone else and I’ve just listened to you.  To use DC’s phrase, let’s cut through the crap.  The person who got me into this started complaining about you and DC and all the other gurus, that you were full of it.  He said I should listen to the “Midwest” call.  I did last night, and they said the only way anyone will cash out is through a group.  You have to send your details and your dinar and it will be done through by the back door by the Chinese.  What do you make of that?

Tony: That makes no sense to anyone with an IQ above fifth-grade level. Who is telling you this and what are they getting out of it.  If the banks were telling us that only groups will get paid, they’d be telling us (and we’d be telling you) to get into a group.  If you don’t know some stranger who is telling you to send your name, email, bank account and all your dinar, and at some point I’m going to pay you out – and you’re going to send that?!  When they haven’t shown you any documentation or authorization from the banks saying how, when, where and by what process you will be paid out?!  That doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

Unless I saw all that documentation and proof, unless I knew exactly when and how I’d be paid out, I would not let any currency out of my hands.  In fact, I wouldn’t let it out of my hands for any reason.

Caller:  They want to manage your money.

Tony:  That makes even less sense to me.  You don’t know these people and you’re going to let them handle your money??  I have nothing against the legitimate groups that have actual contracts and most have been paid out.  None of them asked for all your information or had you send in your dinar.  Now I hear there is a dong scam going around too.  The legitimate groups all said what the rate would be, the conditions, and you could look up exactly who organized the group.  There is a list of people who will be picked up after the RV and they will be involved in litigation for years.

770 caller:  We keep getting pushed back for all these reasons… at this point, are there any more dates they’ll be pushed back to?

Tony:  As I’ve said several times, everybody has signed an agreement that said it would happen by X date.  If not, they will certainly do it by the end of this month.  Iraq has embarrassed themselves several times by announcing the RV and then it didn’t happen.  They say they have been waiting for a rate from the CBI< and the CBI says they are now ready. The live people we talk to in Iraq and in the US have told us the plan for this week.  I cannot tell you the exact date, but if someone else says it, then I can talk about it… and it’s by the end of this month.  We know the list has been completed two weeks ago, and then they were asked to do it between 4pm to 6am EST, and they agreed.  We know everything is ready to go in Iraq and the US, we have a window, and Iraq will do it when they want without a heads up.  All I can do is give you the information we have at this time.  Can I guarantee it?  No.  We’ve got this far, and Iraq is putting it out on their television that the budget will be official on Thursday, which means that it will go in the Gazette on Wednesday.

Caller:  So many people have exchanged already – how?? All the veterans who have given their time and lives cannot exchange, while all the politicians have already done so. How is that fair?

Tony:  It is what it is.  Life is not fair;  there are no guarantees.  There is an agreement in place now.  There are privileged people walking the earth, for one reason or another, and that is the reality. We want everyone to have an equal change, but that is not the reality we live in, even in the US.   In the system itself, people got paid out because they were testing the system, then to get the senior people through, then groups they could control.  If they had just exchanged people who had fought in Iraq, that would also be unfair.  I think I should be paid, and they said that I was too public, that I’m telling the truth and making sure people know what is going on.  Every time they give you something, it’s because they gain something from it.  “We are the people”; we are the voice of change. We (the internet group) are going in the same time as the legitimate groups.  I’ve seen the schedule. They can’t get everyone in on Monday, but we know that our turn is coming – I’ve seen the documents and that reassures me that this is happening.

Caller:  I was a Vietnam vet, and we had people spit on us when we came home.  After 2.5 years in Vietnam, one girl threw a cup of urine at me.  The same thing happened when people came back from the Middle East.  Why don’t we count??

Tony:  I agree with you.  What options do we have?  We know where this is coming from and we have an opportunity to help those veterans. That should be our goal, to pay  it back to those who didn’t get treated well, and also pay it forward.  We can do that a lot of ways --- we can buy military guys a first-class seat, lunch, dinner, pay their medical bills, buy or build them a new house.  We have the opportunity to change how they are treated. Also, once this happens, you will have more influence in your communities and vote in people who feel the same way you do.  This is a great chance to make a change.

Caller:  It hurts that those who have nothing invested in this process get exchanged when we get nothing.

Tony:  It’s not an action we can take now but a response we can take afterwards.

301 caller:  Are there still 800 numbers?

Tony:  They went back and forth between the banks that didn’t want to take the crowds but are now gearing up again.  We don’t have the package yet.  If they give out separate 800 numbers to four major banks and 20 tier 2 banks, then everyone on this call will call each of those banks.  There will be chaos and that doesn’t make sense to me.  So I hope they will go back to a central 800 number.  We will tweet out whatever they give us, when the RV happens, if there is an 800 number, the rates, the banks, whatever they give us to work with.  They’ll give us some kind of instructions at that time, I feel sure.  There are no changes in the rates;  those are pretty much set.

951 caller:  You said that if this doesn’t come through this week, we’ll take some action;  what action?  Will other countries follow Switzerland?

Tony: WE are not taking action;  they have in the agreement that if this doesn’t get done by this time, certain actions will be taken. They will do that on their own at that point.  Switzerland may well take extra steps, and other countries are considering the same.

973 caller:  I’ve been trying to contact Pam to get on the forum;  how can I do that?  Also I would like information on the ISX.

Tony:  You want to talk to Pam;  I could just give you Pam’s number right now.  That is not going to happen;  I wrote your number down and will give it to her.

601 caller:  If this were football, we’d still be deflated.  I had a business friend who used to say that a deal was “collapsing to a close”, that there was nothing else to do but close it.

Tony:  And that is where we’re at!  Everything has been done, it just needs to be put down. There are no other challenges;  the list is completed and it’s a timing thing. Iraq has immense incentive to revalue their currency, and it’s in Iraq’s court.  They did everything faster than anyone expected – every law, demand, all the rest was done in record time, and they are telling their people it’s coming, and now they say it’s finalized on Thursday.

713 caller:  We’re on the final countdown – what would you bet?  I’d bet $100 it will go this week.  What do you bet?

Tony:  That’s what we are hearing – this is the final week.  I’m not betting against you!  I don’t hear any last-minute meetings or “Hold up, we need to do this one last thing.”  It’s all been “Okay, let’s get this done!”  I’m going to Vegas, whether the group can go or not.

401 caller:  You have said numerous times that they never meant this for us.  How could they keep it from us if it’s legal tender and we’re buying from licensed currency dealers?

Tony:  What state do you live in?  You live in the US, right?  You’ve been around for the last 20-30 years?  How come you didn’t exchange Kuwaiti dinar? That answers your question – you weren’t supposed to know about this either. This was supposed to be a three-year plan, and the military people over there and government folks were the only people who were supposed to know.  They never expected five million would have it.  This was not planned for you to have it. But we do have it and know about it, and they cannot cut everyone out.  If they really wanted everyone to have this around the country, you wouldn’t be clicking on Google and hearing scam, scam, scam.  If the government and the banks wanted this to happen, they wouldn’t be sending out emails and memos saying, “this will never happen”, because they would lose all their employees.  There are lots of reasons why they DON’T want this to happen.  They don’t really care about the internet, because they can control that, with articles and such.  When there are calls like this, though, talking to people, getting information about exchanges and procedures, and then our telling them about the laws that are changing and such, they didn’t plan on that.  They didn’t expect that much information would get out prior to this happening. They still hoped to ignore us, but they didn’t plan on our Twitter actions AND all the good people in the banks and government and intelligence who stood with us.  We are 5-6 million strong now.  The average person only has 100K dinar, but there will be so many new billion or millionaires created the day this happens that it will change whole industries, situations and governments.  That is why they have set limits and created NDAs to deal with it.

Caller:  “A happy wife is a happy life.”  I locked my bedroom door when my husband started smoking cigars.  So I hope you have Listerine…

Tony:  My wife also smokes cigars.  Lots of women do and have their own clubs and even flavored cigars.  But yes, I have Listerine and CloseUp.  We’re going to smoke some cigars in Vegas, because that’s what we do.

754 caller:  If this doesn’t happen by the end of the month, what do you suggest we do?

Tony:  If it doesn’t go, I will hold on to the dinar I have and buy some more!  They have to have the value back based on their gold and oil;  their currency has to be worth something at some point.  It’s not about us;  we are back in the process with a plan to exchange. We took action when they tried to take us out of the process.  If the rest of the world got paid and we didn’t, then we would have something to fight about.  If there is something going on that is NOT us, that is bigger, that is about the US economy or the global situation, then we cannot complain.  You already spent the money to buy the dinar;  put it away, hold onto it, and even if it happens in five years, there is your future.  Don’t sell it back for 80% of what you paid for, while if you continue to hold it, sooner or later that country and currency will be worth a lot of money.

Caller:  Is there any way to get the contact information for OpenMike?

Tony:  Ray is very picky about what he eats, what he wears and who he associates with.  You have to be invited onto OpenMike, so you have to wait until you are invited.  He is even picky about who comes to his classes!  All I can do is write down your number and give it to him, and he can call you, or you can ask an existing member to sponsor you.  Whenever I have to go on OpenMike, Ray sends me the access information.

405 caller:  Regarding the zim, have you heard if there are limits on what you can exchange?  How much?  Would that be a daily limit or an overall limit?

Tony:  I heard they were not going to limit that but as people continue to talk about it and buy more, there may a limit.  They don’t want a lot of people to be richer than Bill Gates or to be able to buy a country when this happens.  The majority don’t have to worry about that.  They know who has a lot and they will try to control that.  There are limits to everything and it won’t affect most people, but there are definitely limits.

954 caller:  Do you think it’s looking good this month?

Tony:  I think so – that’s what everyone is pushing for.  I don’t know any justification for February, March, April or 2016.  What I hear is that they’re gearing up for getting this done before the end of this month.

Pam:  I am here;  we are always with you, Tony.  We never leave you.

Ray:  What can I say after being labeled as picky, picky, picky?  My father is here in the room with me, but he’s just leaving.

Tony:  Ray’s followers were texting me, saying “don’t give out that OM information!”  I can’t, because I don’t have it myself!

615 caller:  [can’t hear the caller]  Can I gift currency to myself?  If it was given to me first, can I put it in an LLC or corporation…?

Tony:  So long as you have it documented so that they see where it came from, I think you would be okay.  Ask a financial advisor before doing that.  You don’t have to wait until afterwards – call a financial adviser, say that you have money coming in, and you want to know the best way to do whatever you want to do.  Most will give you a free consultation at least, especially if you say you are interviewing future advisers.

718 caller:  I was in the forum when it first started, and I can’t get back on.  I can get on through my niece’s name, but I was hoping Pam would call me back.

Tony:  Pam has a whole list of people to call today!

301 caller:  What caused the dong to go from $1.02 and $4 to 47 cents and $1.02.  Also, if I bought some silver and gold coins, I could buy groceries with them, but not dinar.

Tony:  Four years ago, the dong was supposed to revalue at five cents, and we were ecstatic at that rate.  One person said that if it went that high, the whole world would collapse – it would never happen. Then it went up to 40-50 cents. Then it went to a dollar with a contract rate of two dollars.  That the highest rate I know of for the public – the contract rate was $2.11.   So we say 47 cents because we are sure of that, although it could come out as high as $1.05 as the international rate, with $2 as the contract rate.

Caller:  So we don’t really know with the dong…?

Tony:  I think it will be a bit over a dollar, but we don’t know for sure yet.  Now, I don’t invest in silver and gold.  (Ray does  he discusses this on OpenMike, and he can tell you all the  details.)  Unless our economy totally collapse, we are not concerned with buying groceries with silver or gold coins.  Several states are trying to go back to silver/gold currency because they are concerned the economy will collapse and the dollar won’t be good any more.  You can Google that.  I don’t know how to get on OpenMike;  it’s by invitation only, so if you know someone who is there, ask them to invite you in, as they do not want all the nutcases on the call.  They are protecting the integrity of the call.  Ray says for you to send him a personal message with your request.

It’s time to go.  Pam?

Pam:  I don’t know east to west, but I know you guys are ready.  You know more than you think you know.  Just be flexible, take your time and think it out.

Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Mo-Money, Mucho-Money Monday!

Tony:  Everything is positive, we are still within the window, and it looks like everyone is on target to get this done by the end of this month.  I think everything has been done in detail.  Iraq and CBI have both announced they are ready and that economic reforms have been completed.  They say the budget is approved from Thursday, including the rate.  It will not be released during the day – some time between 4pm and 5am EST, when the main markets are closed.  Hopefully it’s here tonight or tomorrow;  otherwise we’ll be talking to you on Wednesday.  Have your plan in place, your documents ready and your mind prepared.  I will tweet out  any significant information.  Enjoy your day!