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Frank26 and Delta CC Playback!!! 1/12/2015



1-12-15 Millionday: [When will ISX open?]


1-12-15 Shredd: Abadi & Shabibi = dream team. It's gonna be a good year folks...imo IMF is eager to see Iraq out of the dual currency status. imo, this is the year we will see currency reform begin, we may choose to wait it out longer for a greater return but imo there is no way the rate will be 1166 a year from now...too many indicators saying so. CBI said gradual process to begin first part of this year and the constipation of Maliki is gone so with govt support, we should expect the plan to move forward. 


Tlar:   Hmmmm.  Sorry.  Just clearing my throat and listening to you guys.  The dinar is stable.  Don't worry.  Iraq's debt is low compared to other countries as the reserves they have including gold could pay all their bills if no income came into the country for longer than the IMF requires.  

Yes that are facing a budget crisis.  So as far as their ability to cover imports and debt for three months as required of reserves, that's a no brainer.  

As far as backing the currency goes, the CBI has made sure that the dinar is so well backed both short and long term if in fact dollarizing their economy has reduced the circulating dinars to what I truly believe, less than a trillion.  
Even at the 2 trillion level the currency is backed at present how many times? 

Gold, BIS, foreign currency, we don't know the real numbers but we do know that it is way more than what this guy says it is.

 Even using his numbers, 2 trillion which is equal to 1.75 billion backed by 60+ billion dollars in reserves hardly makes his premise a potential reality.   

 We have seen Iraq on the verge of civil war followed by terrorists attempted take over.  What has remained stable and strong is the Dinar.  In fact it has gained in strength.  

So I don't think I am going to worry too much about what this analyst says about the short term oil pricing or short fall in the budget as it effects the currency.  Iraq's problems have always been short term waiting on real leadership and management to resolve its problems.

Iraq is an emerging economy and if they can set the rules to play fair by, and those rules are fair for everyone, and they can demonstrate that they are controlling the corruption and graft, Iraq will walk through these problems in short order.  

The world is waiting on their doorstep to dump money into their economy.  

I believe Abadi and gang are trying to get the door open.  The currency is safe and as anybody who ever looked deeply into this investment knows.   It is undervalued plain and simple. 

 At this time, name another currency you would rather hold a currency investment in expecting to see significant growth in in 2015.  Not Russia.  Not Japan.  Not the Euro.  You get my point.  tlar


1-12-15 R.V. / GCR: They said we are on high alert any minute now through Thursday … the global settlements need this to happen.

This move to basel3 is a world of change …over 208 countries have signed on and they will do this within the letter of the law...this will happen as smoothly and when it starts with a quickness...they want orderly, passive, no disturbance transition of wealth ... THIS IS A BLESSING BUT THE BAD GUYS ARE GOING TO TRY TO MILK for all its worth ... believe what you want this is not fear it reality.

One of the things folks are forgetting is in legal speak the usa corp made half of their payment on Dec 31st ... this is the main reason that we have not been cleared to move forward



Mojo2:  After 9 years, I… like most of you will not miss talk of tariffs, bonds, lower denoms, new coins, HCL, ISX, ISIS, asn, bank stories, .86 - $42 rates, slow roll outs, plan B, loaded cards $3.58, dancing in streets, celebrations this week-end, lock downs, should have happened Monday, Reno, banks ready, and many more .........IRAQ,& USA Just give me the RV

DrewZDinar: Of the 4 major currency changes that are about to take place... Iraq Vietnam Zimbabwe and Indonesia... they HAVE the resources to back their currencies according to the NEW Basil 3 compliancy... This weekend there was a report coming out about Zimbabwe and their resources.. China has a large investment with them because their resources can help with their new technologies using those resources... Vietnam has MUCH MORE than meets the eye...



JC @JCR3758  I am hearing that great progress was made during the weekend & this AM. Info being leaked out about budget done & getting ready for changes.

JC @JCR3758  · The agreed checklist w UN & GOI is just about completed. All parties are satisfied with the process. The US has been using this to control

JC @JCR3758  · The "bad news" is that we are still in a waiting mode. No one can really say the date or rate. Iraq is ready and announcing that. So we wai


1-12-15 Stryker: The Parliament completed the second reading today and adjourned until the 20th and at that point they should read it for the third time, vote and approve it.

It is my understanding that the Finance Committee needs this much time to redraft it according to all the changed require, including a final crisis per barrel dollar amount that they can live with. The IMF has ask them to make sure that the 2015 Budget is a realistic one and why it is taking so long to get right but rest assured that this will be the first time Iraq has passed a budget in the constitutional period according the the President of the Finance Committee. Just one more achievement for PM Abadi's new government.

This is all the news that I have so I will not be broadcasting a web show today, I am writing a Blog tho that I believe you will all find very interesting. I'm not sure if I will publish the Blog first and then have a show tomorrow or have the show first, but either way look for it to be on my agenda for release tomorrow.

One more important piece of information, the Central Bank will be changing its monetary policy to help support the deficit next year and for years to come.

Have a great day folks.

Supporting Links for this Members Update:
Parliament Session - Monday 1-12-2015

Presidency of the Parliament Finance Committee, called for a final version of the budget law

Parliamentary Economic calling on the government to postpone the payment of debt and activating investment and agriculture sectors


Iraq had clearance from US to go last Fri. night and then delayed to

noon today, Monday and now delayed again with no reasons given.

DC:  some frustrating maneuvering going on.  When will it end?  Frankly, just kind of when they feel like setting up the date.  CBI and finance ministry are frustrated and wondering why we can't go..what is the issue. . . It boils down to when US agrees Iraq can do this. . . All ready to go waiting on US timeline.

DC:  Does the budget have to be done for an RV?  No...just stability.

Tony: We don't think it has anything to do with Iraq or with us . . . or nonsense over the weekend . . . or February . . . March . . . April.  Telling their people they need it immediately to pay the bills . . . operate the country.   This is a whole bunch of BS someone is putting out to get you to panic or . . .  They were told this morning to stop publishing articles and putting out information.  We don't know the reason they are holding it up . . . global issue? . .  .  who benefits? . . .scheduling us to get paid.  Has to be something higher . .  .  I think I know but DC says I can't talk about it.

If we find out it's blatant or dirty - we will say it.  Trying to be logical. . . Is it in-house politics, US politics or global event behind the scenes holding it up?  Got to be about influence, pride, power hungry.  


Caller:  BS reason?  DC:  Your logic is sound!

TNTDINAR:  Chat room week end issue:  Not fair to come into chat and DEMAND something and to expect Tony to stop and answer it.

Tony:  I’ve done five conference calls already this morning and will do it after this call and will continue . . . on the w/e. . . (did one): during my wifes birthday on Thurs; party sat. night.  Pam in the chat room doing the same thing.  Ray on open mike doing this every day.  We don’t do this two hours a day.  We do it all the time. . . 24 hours.  We don’t get paid to do this.  Get some donations to pay for the site.  No gov. . . no exchanger pays us.  We don’t advertise on the site.  No subscriptions. 

WHERE WE ARE TODAY:  Tony: No date, no time, no window, no geared up, no lockdown, no anything!!!.  Could be the quiet before the storm.  No reason we know of for it not to happen tonight, tomorrow.  Nothing out there saying it’s not going to happen till the 20th of the month.  Keeping things calm.  No one is saying by this date or time any more.  

IRAQ: SOOoo Frustrated! Finance ministry frustrated and wondering why they can't go..what is the issue?   GOI is Publishing articles to show their people they are moving forward.  Iraqi people do not know they are ready to go and being held back.   Budget not holding it up.  Budget is waiting on RI or RV.  Projects, jobs waiting on this.  Massive international companies are aggravated and pushing, putting pressure on governments, countries and politicians.

Media/TV:   the messages running are, "must be done, has to be done and Parliament is demanding it being done."
Cards:  still $3.58 
ISX is open.   The finance ministers, Council of Ministers and the CBI all begged the US to let the rate be LIVE when the ISX opened. 
Budget:  DONE! Article came out that 2nd reading was this morning but Tony said they knew it was done last week.  
CBI:  CBI friends frustrated as well as Finance Ministry.  They have been given clearance on an RI rate between $3.20 - $3.90.  Continuing to take dinar in for credits.  

England Exchanges at International rate of $3.51, $3.87, $3.89 and $4.00 in last 10 days.  Dinar trade is located in UK and has a UK web site.
Germany: reports of exchanges happening there.
UNITED STATES:  Sr. parliamentarian's outraged. DC said he'd heard this morning that some Sr. Dem's and Repub's are stepping in to solve this issue. Administration not giving DC any clear answers.  DC felt the hold up is among the people the President has delegated tasks too. 

Banks: ran tests over the weekend.  Not getting a clear signal from the UST
UST:   checks ran over the weekend and not giving bankers straight answers.
Receipts:  If you have millions the banks will want to see receipts, documents.  For peeps with smaller amount the bank may use lost receipts issue as a reason to not do business with you.  (I've heard an affidavit of purchase with date, source, currency, amount - all relevant info, will be accepted. Have not verified that with anyone - maybe Tony/DC could address that next or final call.  Shipping label, check, copy of money order is proof of purchase. - Sunny)
Individual Exchanges:  Tony saw a receipt of someone who just walked into the bank at the right time and was able to exchange.
Rates:  same as last call.
Dates/Times - Long Term:  DC says they are pulled out of some bureaucrat's hat or a . .  and have no relationship to the country, issue or reality.  Often by someone not connected to the situation.  He said pay no attention to long term dates.  
EXCHANGING:  Tony has not received a package yet and that the info changes every two days anyway.  Said you will see an exchanger first and then expect to meet with a wealth manager in 72 hours for perks, negotiation of rate.  This information comes from people who have already exchanged.  Unknown if this will continue to be the early or public process.  

To Exchange:  Dress and speak professionally.  Be polite.  Do not go into the appointment and say, "Tony said."

*** Notable Caller:  Saddened by our countries political wrangling - not made effort to take steps and resolve this issue for the people of Iraq. How much are they still paying for a loaf of bread because currency not yet recognized?  It's an atrocity when Iraq has done all they needed to do.  . . . stepped thru hoops and the people are suffering daily -  . . . to know these people are suffering on a day by day basis.  It has to do with my hypocritical government . . .asked them to get their country in shape when we are not in shape - we asked them to do what we are not even doing - this is despicable!  There are great people in this country wanting to make a difference.  Eye of the world is looking at us. . . . Leadership is everything - pleading with our President on behalf of those who are suffering . . . for Iraq . . . we know it's a lottery ticket but this mindless positioning due to politics leaves a bad stain on the fabric of America.

Tony:  You are absolutely correct...if we are holding up the world, Iraq ...you're absolutely right.. I agree if it's truly politics, all we are talking about is posturing to get better position, holding up the world, entire country for that to achieve a personal goal you are absolutely right and should be ashamed of themselves. Sooner than later it will all come out.  . . . If that's the issue then other countries know it. We are not hearing other countries raising . . . we are not hearing other countries upset . . .it's gonna come out sooner or later . . .if it's just about greed, someone should stand up and say , "enough is enough

DC: my opinion is a lot of folks are using specific, minor things. reason du jour - today it's article 140 (just an example)- tribes been there since 1400's. . . very difficult for me to hear some folks say they want more on budget - NO, they have done it all and even amnesty stuff.  I don't see one issue they are raising that is any issue of real merit.

Tony:  Is it in-house politics, US politics or global event behind the scenes holding it up?  Got to be about influence, pride, power hungry. 

DC:  BINGO!  BINGO!                                      


DC: . . . Iraq ready to go.  Iraq has made progress . . waiting on US to allow them to go through.  . . .do not have a straightforward answer for when . . . US says go.  Iraq highly frustrated . . . saying please stop moving the ball.  Let’s go, let’s go!  Waiting on us to go. Hear more info will let you know.

PAM:  My lips are frozen.

RAY:  Enjoy marvelous Monday.  Take care.

TONY:  There you have the good, the bad, the ugly.  None that bad.  In a good position.  Still going.  Iraq trying to push it.  Could be today.  First call we’ve had since I don’t know when, that we don’t have a window.  . .I like that.  It tells me it could happen any minute. . .  If it’s something bigger then they are doing the right thing.  If it’s personal or some achieved position – can’be about money – has to be about ego’s.  . . just trying to figure it out.  If that’s what people in DC are leaking it out and that’s wrong.  We do have an option. It’s our government, our country, our future and want to be a part of that.  Hope everyone doing the right thing for the right reason. . .  If something significant happens I’ll Tweet it out.  If need to do another call we will do it.  People are getting updated info right now.  Can send out a minor update.  That we can do. . . Enjoy the rest of your day.  Hope to talk to you tomorrow.

 I have no answers either.  I'm a non-prophet!!!   Ta Da!!!  


TNT Call notes 12-Jan-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, January 12, 2015.  I want to talk to you about something before we give you the good, the bad and the ugly.  Let’s go back to Friday, when I tweeted out something I thought was very, very funny, to the little video that was dubbed over.  I appreciated someone taking the time to do that, and it was hilarious. Some people didn’t like it, didn’t think I should be tweeting out jokes. To those people, I have to say “get a life”.  Sometimes we have to relax;  it wasn’t to offend anyone.  It was really funny to me.

Here’s the other thing.  On the weekends, there seems to have been an issue, and you really have to understand that we go through this 100 times more than you do.  I know some people want more information, but I’ve done five conference calls already this morning.  That continues over the weekend, during my wife’s birthday party and all weekend. DC has the same thing, and Ray on OpenMike and Pam in the chat room. We do this every day – we live it.  One person asked what I do, and I said “a radio show” and they seem to think I only work two hours per day.  I wish!  We go out of our way to bring you anything significant, good or bad.  We don’t get paid to do this. We get some donations to support the site, and that’s it.  We don’t advertise on the site, we don’t get paid by any government or exchanger – we do this because it’s the right thing to do!  Pam and I were talking about DC this morning, and how he came to us, and what he does. We were saying “whether he came or was sent to us, we must have been doing some right to have DC sent to us”.  We must have been doing it for the right reasons – for the people. We are giving you what we can give you, honestly, and it’s not fair to demand stuff, whether they come on the call or upset the chat room, because you think you should hear something right at that moment, that I should stop whatever I’m doing and send out a tweet or do a call when we are taking ten minutes for our own lives. That is the last thing that should cause problems in the chat room when we are already doing the best we can.

Pam:  I love the cartoon about being under the bus!  I sent you a text on the same subject, also what we talked about this morning.

DC:  East to west… it’s more of the same from Friday. Everyone is ready, everyone thought they were cleared to go, and we are still waiting on the US and don’t know what their timeline is. Abadi is doing a wonderful job, still trying to get the US onboard, and the US keeps dangling that carrot in front of their nose.  They tweaked the budget again, with that MP that is always causing trouble, one of Maliki’s friends.  They are griping, but someone always has to in any government. They have mostly got it done;  the major issues were solved on 29th December at 3am, and there are just tiny tweaks. Second reading was done and ready to go, and they will not do a third as we understand it.  A few little adjustments were made this weekend. Does it have to be done for the RV?  No, they just have to continue to show maturity in the process.

Last week we talked about selling oil, with contract bids that they continue to adjust.  On the security side, ISIL is being pushed into Syria, and Anbar is being released. The four generals we discussed, the plans to make them play ball and bring Sunnis into the fold continue to evolve and move forward.  Meetings continued between the Kurds, Sunnies and Shi’as;  on the television, they continue to say the economic reform must be done immediately. Everyone in Iraq is ready to go, and the CBI is beside themselves with frustration.  They have gone through the lists and everything else;  what else needs to be done?  They are not getting a straight answers on that.  That’s what the Iraqis are tell us as of this morning:  “we continue to get ready.”  One gentlemen who was educated in the US and the UK, and he reads the US papers every morning.  He said that their country is doing better than we are, so why are we being held back?  That is how a lot of Ministers feel, and they are getting really resentful of having the reins pulled back all the time.

Citizens are getting antsy.  Cards are still at $3.58. The CBI has been given clearance on the RI rate.  There may be an adjustment between $3.22—3.90, and that has been discussed with everyone.  Even the CBI doesn’t know what rate they will choose. The cards still show $3.58, and exchanges have been at $3.58 or contract rates.  At the CBI they are still taking dinar for credits, and that’s going quite well.

Tony:  The budget is actually done, and articles have said the second reading has been done.  They are putting out articles to show progress to keep their people calm.  They are not letting the Iraqi people know that it’s all been done and they are being held back. They keep saying they need to do this immediately, but they need to this one more thing.  It could happen any time.  On Thursday, Iraq was asked to wait until Friday night.  We actually expected this to be done today.  That’s what they told us.  This morning, they were told to wait and asked to stop putting all the stuff in the news!   So the real bottom line is that they have completed the checklist and are absolutely being held back. We know by whom, and the reason has nothing do with Iraq – that’s the ugly part.  So why are they being held back?  It has nothing to do with us either.

DC:  In the US, the banks are ready, running tests and doing private exchanges. They are not getting a clear signal.  The UST have been running leak checks and basically not getting straight answers to the bankers either.  They are obviously trying to slow things down and cover themselves.  It’s frustrating, and we just hope there is a bigger picture that they are not sharing with us.  The dates we hear are soon, but it’s hard to put any faith in those dates, because they have been doing this one-day, two-day delays for so long. It’s when the US agrees Iraq can do this.  They said they would go last Wednesday night, but the US said to hold off on the announcement until Friday night. Then Iraq was ready to go, and the US said to hold off on the announcement until Sunday or Monday. Today we were told to hold off a little longer for some unspecified time, for an unspecified reason. There is some maneuvering going on and a lot of perfectionism going on. When will that end? I  don’t’ know, and only a few people know when it’s “up to date”, whatever that means.

Tony:  That is confusing, because we’ve always said Iraq can do this whenever they want. They’ve done everything we have asked. But now they can only do an RI, and the US is not agreeing to an announcement.  The Iraq says they are ready to do it, but the US is still not allowing it.  We hear every kind of threat there is, but nothing has happened yet, and that give the US more confidence that their permission is required.  We don’t’ think it has anything to do with Iraq or with us, the reasons it’s been held up. They are not trying to use up all the contract rates or for the dollars to be devalued.  That doesn’t make sense.  Over the weekend, people were saying “Oh, they are not doing this until February, March or April…!”  Iraq has a functional government, they have announced it to their people, and they need to do this immediately to maintain credibility.  Someone is saying all this to get you in a panic, to join a group or whatever…

DC:  Iraq is ready, banks are ready, UST is not clear about when this will get through and everyone is getting irate in the Iraqi parliament, council of ministers and the CBI.  I’m sorry to say that is where we are at.

Tony:  It’s not so far that it cannot happen today, tomorrow or this week.  It was supposed to happen by noon today!  There is nothing to be done, the budget has been completed, and that is waiting on the RI, not the other way round.  The final budget has been published at the old 1166 rate, but that also says “upon implementation”.

Tony:  If Iraq wants to put off the RI for another few months, they can, but they want to bring out the RI and the budget together.  Why would they want to do that when they are bringing in investors and making agreements at the new rates?

DC: One thing we haven’t talked about in a while is that there is an immense number of contracts waiting to be finalized when this goes through:  roads, condos, another dam, utilities, all kinds of things are waiting on this. They will hire hundreds of thousands of people very quickly once they can do this.  So many companies are putting pressure on the US and the CBI to get this done. The big international companies who do business with Iraq are telling them to come on, already!  They are arguing over tiny details when they could be employing so many people. That adds a lot pressure to the situation.

919 caller:  I can’t believe I’m on the call!  This is North Carolina, and you guys rock!  When we talk about going into the banks, WF, shopping around, etc., will our first appointment be with the exchangers or the wealth managers?

Tony: You’ll meet the exchanger first, then the wealth manager within 72 hours.  From what has been going on, let me just say this:  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  I will try.

Caller:  I have my go-bag ready.  I know that we are doing an exchange, I would like to verify the rate, I will accept the rate, they will put that credit in my account, and then I will make an appointment with my wealth manager, right?

Tony:  We don’t’ have the package so we don’t know for sure. They have changed this so many times, we don’t know what will happen on the day.  WE give you the information based on those who have already exchanged.  Some were able to change the rate and fees, and at later appointments were offered higher rates based on certain criteria.  I don’t know if that is what will happen with five million people, or even the internet people.  I hope they will give us the package ahead of time, so you can go in informed and not getting frustrated at bankers who don’t know all the answers.  You need to dress and act professionally;  don’t go into your appointment and say “Tony said…”  Do NOT do that! Be respectful.

Caller:  Winston, DC, you mentioned someone exchanged at 2.41…

DC:  That was pounds sterling, and that is $3.41 USD;  others have exchanged at higher rates in London over the last ten days.  In the UK, some have managed to exchange at international rates;  they were people who walked through appointments with wealth managers.  I know people who have exchanged in Germany, but the bank called them.

Caller:  Dinarland, the TNT team has taught us, and everyone with a 12th grade education can follow all this.  Professionalism goes a long way.  Don’t go in demanding anything.  Tony, you said that if you had a dollar you can make a dollar.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  I am so glad you are the first caller, and from NC rather than Texas!  We are going to California now…\

415 caller:  You have said “rich people don’t take up arms for a fight”.  Are those delaying this individuals?

DC: These are the ones the President delegated to deal with this, and they are holding up the timing.

Caller:  They continue to hurt other people;  why aren’t they considered terrorists?

DC:  That is a word to use circumspectly.  Basically, they hold the keys – they can put that in the hole and start to turn, but until they actually turn the key in the lock, it’s not going to get done.

Tony:  I want to stay something.  I want people to have a bigger vision here. The other night I was at my wife’s party, and I had two corrections guys and an LAPD cop around me.  We were discussing why people get arrested, and everyone had a different perspective. The corrections guys felt it was the attitudes of the cops, and yet I can see the perspective of the cops – every day they put on that badge and they don’t know what will happen.  We have to put ourselves in the other person’s position, otherwise I cannot understand where the conflict is or how we can come together and resolve it.

We get that the US  is holding this up, but we don’t know the reason they are holding it up.  Is the reason to inflict on the Iraqi citizens, or US citizens, or another global issue that we don’t know about?  WE know that everything is done in Iraq, and some people are being exchanged, so the issue must be something else. Does it make a difference to all the people who will NOT benefit from this?  If we knew what it was, and if we talked about it, would that affect the situation? We are all miserable with this.  We were told it would be Friday, then today, so we go through the same pain as you do.  So we cannot blame them until we have something to blame them for.  If some one person is holding this up just by being an *******, then we have something to blame them for.

DC: Most of this is political posturing, but what else is going on?

Caller:  It does sound more like that every day, so hopefully someone with a bigger hammer will tell them to let it go!

DC:  Here is what happens:  everything is beautifully lined up, and then political posturing or self-righteous nonsense happens, and then elder statespeople come and calm down the situation and move it forward. Iraq is so frustrated, and the US has exchanged so many people that we need to move down the road and declare a win and let it go.  I assume that some retired Democrats and Republicans are stepping in to resolve this.

Tony:  If we do find out something blatant is going on that we do something about, then we will tell you.

DC:  Some of these guys have a personal issue with Tony and with me, and I don’t get that at all.  We are two guys with a radio show, and why they are taking this personally I simply don’t understand.  We are not accusing anyone of anything.  If it’s just political posturing as we are being told by both sides yes we are going to say it.  WE are not trying to accuse anyone personally, but they are taking it personally, and we are just saying them to back off, bubba.  The statesmen are telling everyone to calm down and move forward, and I imagine that is what they are doing right now.

817 caller:  You all are talking about individuals who are holding this up, and I understand you can’t talk about it too specifically.  Do you see an end to this any time soon?

DC:  Yes, we hear everyone wants to get this done.  Even those holding it up know they have to do it and quickly;  they just haven’t told us the time they intend to do this. They are happy with Iraq’s progress.

Tony:  In the past, they have always come up with one more thing, and they have run out of those excuses. They cannot just keep changing the time that has been agreed!  If you give them 24 hours, that is 23 hours too much!  Just agree a time and do it!

Caller:  My 80-year-old mother is having knee surgery tomorrow, and she is worried this will happen while she is in rehab.  Is there a solution to that?

DC:  Sure!  My father-in-law just had that, and you get a wheelchair…

Tony:  She can also give someone power of attorney to act for her.

Caller:  I’ll bet 50% of the people out there don’t have their receipts, so when you say everyone has to have receipts, I wonder if that is a way for the bankers to refuse ot work with you because they don’t like the way you look or talk.

Tony:  That could happen.  It is about how you present yourself.  If you want to exchange millions, they may want to know where it came from!  They will want documentation.

248 caller:  I’ve been on the line for seven hours!  [Appreciation]  I have dinar and dong;  is it possible to go to the bank with my dinar and exchange a small amount at $3.58?

Tony:  Today?  Some people are exchanging, but as with the UK and Germany, those were people who were contacted by the bank in Mississippi.  Different states are doing different things.  I cannot tell you how to get on their list;  I don’t even know how they are picking people.  We cannot get ourselves on the list, much less anyone else – I would if I could!  I can tell you this:  someone sent me receipts who walked into the bank at the right place at the right time, they exchanged and walked out.  I’m not telling everyone to run to the bank and try it, but every now and then there is that anomaly, and they exchanged.

Caller:  I do plan to open an account with Wells Fargo, and I want this to last a long time, so I want their help.  I do have  wealth manager;  should I take them with me to exchange?

Tony:  If you have a wealth manager, he should be able to do your exchange!

Caller:  Oh!  That’s good news.  I’ve been talking to him for a while and I trust him. Oh, and it’s my birthday today!

Tony/DC:  You’re supposed to start with that!  Happy Birthday!  I hope you get the best gift every, because today is not over yet!

718 caller:  You say they selected you to host this show and they give you the intel;  they have been exchanging since October 31st.  Why would they not give you the package and let your group go through at least?

Tony:  They selected us because we are ‘less full of shoot’ than the others!

DC:  Let’s talk about the selection process.  For those who don’t know this, I have some background in all this, and I offered to help out for a few weeks. So I called a few friends and asked who had the best information and intentions out there, and they said Tony was less full of shoot than the rest. I am no aligned with any banks, for instance. I have tried to get the dinar folks through quietly, like the folks in the forum, and always the answer is no, that we have to wait until the public go through.  They don’t consider us “friends and family”.

Caller:  Do you see this coming up soon?  Are they serious?

Tony: They do not consider us friends.  My name and DC’s name was going through DC and around the country, and it got really personal with some people who should never have heard my name.  That’s what we were joking about before;  it shouldn’t be that personal because we are just trying to help. They have done the numbers and know who has the most callers and who has the most influence.

DC: Some people at the banks wanted us to go through, because we have the biggest influence.  They approached us and we are happy to help. Unfortunately, their attorneys said that they couldn’t take responsibility because we are not bank employees.  The UST doesn’t like us for some reason, but then they and we asked how to educate everyone. That’s why we are back in the picture, so that we can help get information out to get people in the door in an organized way.

Tony:  We are happy to help because it’s YOU, we have been here this long and we believe in you and in this event. We’ll do the best we can if they allow us to.  We can’t go through before everyone else goes because they say we are too high profile.  Some people tried to get us on the list and that just prevented the rest of that group going through.  There is nothing we can do about that.  DC and I know people who have been paid already but we cannot, because we are so visible. I don’t know why they haven’t given us the package and the training so we could be informing you guys.  Of course, every two days, it changes…

Caller:  My sister-in-law bought currency here in the US but she is in the UK…

DC: She needs to make sure she has receipts and also follow the UK process for that.

Tony:  DinarTrade has a UK site, so I don’t know who she is purchasing it from.

DC:  All the big banks will be handling this.  Where is she?  London? There are a ton of spots in London to exchange.  She has to wait until it goes live and then enquire.  That is what should be in the package, but we cannot talk about that until it’s live.

281 caller:  We send our thoughts and prayers to the Jewish people in France this weekend.  I’m saddened by our own country’s political wrangling, because they have not made the effort to step forward to resolve this issue for the people of Iraq.  How much are they paying for a loaf a bread because their currency has not been recognized at this point?  When Iraq has done everything they needed to do, jumping through hoops in ways that no one could imagine, and they are still suffering daily because of hypocrisy of our own country is not in tiptop shape yet we are demanding that of them.  I think it is despicable, actually. I hope we can get to a better state of mind.  As we continue to delay this day after day, with promises being broken, it is hard to continue to think of this as the greatest country in the world. The eyes of the world are looking at us, and we could position ourselves as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but we are not!  We are the heel, the donkey’s ass, and everyone knows it.  Leadership starts from the top.  I am pleading with our President, for the people of Iraq, and people who own this currency and have pinned their hopes and dreams to get past this mindless political maneuvering.  It leaves bad taste in our mouths.

Tony:  You are correct in what you say.  If it’s truly politics and posturing, somehow trying to get something better for themselves personally, if we are holding up a country and the entire world for their petty goals, then they should be ashamed of themselves. It will come out eventually.  If there is a greater responsibility to the world economy or something in the background, then that is something totally different.  That affects civilization, IF that is truly the issue. The other countries have to know that, though.  We don’t see other countries raising hell or voting against them, and somebody must be letting them do that, for whatever reason.  It is definitely affecting us and the Iraqi people.  If it’s just about greed, though, enough is enough.

DC:  In my opinion, a lot of folks are using a specific minor thing as the ‘reason du jour’.  Today, it’s about the Kurds saying they have been here since1500 or whatever – little things that don’t matter.  Has Iraq fundamentally demonstrated they have a stable government? Yes, and everyone is amazed how quickly they have done that.  ISIL has been moved out at a faster pace than expected.  Iraq is taking steps against corruption, too, so it’s difficult for me to hear that “we need a little more on the budget, or amnesty”.  No.  They are so close that I don’t’ see any issue of real merit being realized.  I don’t really understand what the guys holding this up are thinking about.  One option might be that they want this done perfectly;  the other is making minor issues into major issues because they feel like playing politics with their own internal system.

Tony:  They have run out of minor issues or excuses, so now they are telling Iraq to just wait.  We don’t know if it’s internal politics or world politics.  If I’m going based on what DC says, then we are going to get mad tomorrow, because if that is the reason it’s ridiculous to hold all this up for pride, influence or being power-hungry.

Caller:  Thanks for weighing in on that.  The other thing is that our country is allowing all these cynics to influence.  I am very cautious who I listen to, but those cynics say this wouldn’t happen until January – but here we are!

Tony: But we shouldn’t be.  It should have gone through 100 times if it were not for those who think their views should rule the world.

Caller;  Did ISX open?  Is there an expiration date on the contracts you mentioned?  Is there a world event that would muddy the waters even more, if there isn’t a live rate?

DC:  Yes.  The finance ministers, the Council of Ministers and the CBI all begged the US to let the rate be LIVE when the ISX opened. They got everything ready, but yet again the rate is not live.  However, they can adjust that rate very easily and quickly.

The contracts don’t’ have an expiration, so there is not a timing rate than makes the RV go.  They are open when they can buy them.  If the oil credits are in a sale, China will continue to buy as many as they can.  As they get delayed, the US lets them have more contracts and they calm down again. That’s how it’s done.

615 caller:  The reality is this – if the US doesn’t have a good reason, this can only be a BS reason.  It is what it is.  I do have a question, though.  The US is holding back us and (more importantly) the Iraqi people back. If the cards show $3.58, haven’t they RIed?

DC:  It is a weird system, where some have had their RI.  However, there are five different rates.  Iraqis can buy something with their cards, and the companies/banks/merchants show whatever their rate is on the cards.  Some people have taken coins or notes and stuck them in the back for when the rate changes officially.  The general public is still on 1166 for 17 months, so their frustration levels are now very high.  Our intelligence agencies are warning their bosses that they are pissed because they have five different currency rates and they can only use notes under 100 dinar.  What is running on the television is also causing frustration, but the Iraqi government wants to educate people about the RV.  But the US has made this into a complete mess!  These poor folks have been bludgeoned in the past, and that has kept the riots way down, but it’s still highly frustrating for them.  A lot of economic development is not happening because most people are saying “I’ll wait until the rate changes.” They are getting frustrated because they don’t even know what game is being played. They know the US is holding it back and that is causing tremendous aggravation.

Tony:  They were rioting when Maliki was in power, and he brought in ISIL as a distraction. Then they get a new government in place, and they want to give him a chance.  Abadi is achieving his goals and he’s being very transparent about it, so that calmed people down. The US came in to get rid of ISIL, and we are seen as heroes instead of the evil ones.  However, the US is still blocking the RV, so although Iraq has the power to go against the US, it might be a good idea. So Iraq is trying to force this along by giving dates, and now the government is looking bad because they keep passing those dates.  At what point do they say, “this is enough, and we are putting it in the news and getting this done;  the people will figure out sooner or later that the US is holding this up, because we have done everything you have asked!”  I don’t know what the next thing is;  some things happen and some things are made to happen.

Caller:  The responsibility for exchanging 300,000 worldwide is all on the US.

816 caller:  I just want to make one comment – the administration has never been perfect before, so why are they trying to be perfect now?  I have a friend who gave me dong last year, with a gift letter, and she died last summer.  She told me to follow you!  She bought her dinar and dong from Sterling, but I have no receipts, nor any way to get one.  She was a very generous person;  we are both pro-military.  Her husband died of cancer from Agent Orange.  She did a lot of work for veterans.  [Appreciation]

Tony:  Go in with your gift letter. That’s all you can do.  I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

323 caller:  What is the going rate for the dong right now?

DC:  Last I checked it was $1.20 contract, $0.47 international.

Caller:  If I want to donate dinar to someone, what do I do?

Tony:  Just give them a gift letter BEFORE the announcement.

301 caller:  I’m glad the budget went through;  do you really think it will go by the end of the month?  Millionday says to look at the 20th…

DC:  No one knows the date.  No one has a date when the US gets comfortable.  Iraq has done everything they have asked for.

Tony: This is what’s different about today:  there is no window, date or time. It was supposed to happen by noon today and it didn’t.  Right now, there isn’t even a window.   This could be the quiet before the storm.  There is no reason we know for this NOT to happen at any minute today, tonight, tomorrow.  They just put that date out to keep people calm.  Nobody is saying this is happening ‘by this date/time’ apart from a few idiots who are saying February, March or April!

DC:  For well over a year, this has been a 24-48  hour delay.  It’s been a tactical day-to-day fight.  Even the guys with the authority to say that have not said, “It will be this month because I say so”.  In the government and in DinarLand, they will just pick another three months out, just pulling a number or date out of their ass.  They don’t have any intel to back it up. When they had so much trouble with Maliki back in June, when he knew he wouldn’t form the next government, he let in ISIL and that caused hell.  The other world leaders went to the US and said this needed to be worked out with a new government.  Diplomats do not put hard lines in the sand;  they have road maps and key goals instead. They demand progress instead of X, Y and Z:  they told Iraq to get rid of ISIL, and work towards unity, etc. So whomever the President delegated this to asked some staffers “how long do you think this will take?”  They didn’t know Iraq, they pulled January out of their ask, and their boss then said, “Okay, we’ll tell everyone six months to calm them down.”  It’s not just the Obama administration, in ANY administration these things gather momentum, and by God, now it’s January.  Abadi took control much faster then anyone expected, and now there are these arbitrary dates and times that people are working to.  It was something someone through up on the wall and it stuck.  Iraq had accomplished the first steps by August and the rest by the end of October, and is why they started letting people exchange for a good third quarter.  They said it was good by October 31st.  It is just a matter of time before they say, “Okay, let it go”.  It’s not a master plan!  We are not that good, no matter what you see at the movies!

Caller:  What about the Anbar situation?

DC: There are three main issues in Anbar:  1) the budget, because the infrastructure is getting blown to hell by ISIL.  They need more funding, and also more funding, so the government is solving all that.  There are daily briefings on that.  2)  The bad generals and Maliki let ISIL in, and that is why ISIL has all US equipment from the keys that were left openly for them.  Those bad guys are in two camps – some are going to jail, and some are fleeing to Iran and Pakistan.  About four generals are saying “Okay, I might have helped ISIL, but I didn’t kill anyone”.  They will get “community service”;  they will use their connections to pull people into the unity government.  3) There is still tactical fighting going on with the coalition partners, and ISIL is getting beaten down. There will be flareups for a year or so, and they will continue to beat ISIL down with a hammer.  But the security issues continue to improve (although the US might still use this as an excuse).

713 caller:  I’ve been in this since 2003.  You are right on point.  They never wanted this to become this popular.  This was never intended for us.  [More of the same]

DC:  Iraq is ready to go.  Iraq has made a lot of progress and it waiting for the US to let them go.  We are not getting a straight answer when that will happen. They are highly frustrated and putting pressure behind the scenes for that to happen.  When we hear more detailed information we will let you know.

Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Marvelous Monday.

Tony: there you have it.  WE are still in a good position, and Iraq it trying to push it, we just don’t know when. This is the first call where we don’t even have a window.  It was supposed to go at noon tonight. That means it could go at any minute.  If the issue is something bigger than us, that’s okay.  If this is just the US holding it up for personal or petty political reasons, then that is wrong.  We are just trying to figure it out.  After our calls, when we find out what really happened, we do have options.  They are counting on most of us not caring afterwards, but we do.  Let’s hope they are doing this for the right reasons.  If we get more information, we will tweet or do another call.  We are getting updated information every hour, but it depends on whether it’s enough to send it out. Enjoy the rest of your day.  I hope to talk to you tomorrow.


1-12-2015   Newshound Guru wmawhite    when it comes to the unity of Iraq...today's announcement that the Saudis (Saud Arabia) has a building for their embassy on Iraq is huge! The Saudis are Sunni...as is Anbar Province. The Suadis deciding to reopen their embassy in Iraq is regional recognition for what PM Abadi is doing in bringing Iraq together. This brings Iraq's entrance into the global community closer.

1-12-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23   [it sounds like to me the CBI is letting everyone know we're about to go "full throttle" with the iqd so get ready.]  With the payment system opening up in Sulaymaniya this morning [Sunday] one might assume the process has begun...Everyday from now till the 21st will be very interesting...Our answer to this speculation is 10 days and counting down.   [post 2 of 2]

1-12-2015   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23  After 6 months of being off-line and no way for citizens to collect their salaries in Sulaymania...(the CBI had shut the area down)...This morning [Sunday] it was announced...THEY ARE BACK IN BUSINESS! Now we expected that when they went on line that shortly following would be the Qi cards accepted in ATM's outside the country..."speaking in days...not weeks"!   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-12-2015   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   it appears the second reading of the budget is complete...some MP's may not be the happiest but they got through this and now on to the vote..."next week"...I was hoping this might mean later this week, but I think we are actually looking to "next week".

1-12-2015   Newshound Guru sczin11   [is there a possibility something happening end of this month?]   NO ONE IN DINARLAND, INCLUDING ME, KNOWS THE DATE OR RATE...WE LOOK FOR TRIGGERS, AND USE OUR BEST EDUCATION, UNDERSTANDING, LOGIC, ETC... TO FIND THE TRIGGER.


1-12-2015   Newshound Guru Millionday   Article quote:  "House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said at a news conference on Sunday that on Monday will be the end of the second reading of the budget law..." [Will they vote on it after that?]  THE REPORT WE HAD STATED AT THE SAME DAY.   THE BUDGET IS BEING PLACED ON THE TOP OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TO BE DONE.  ABADI SEES THE LACK OF BUDGET LAW AS CORRUPTION TOWARD THE COUNTRY OF IRAQ -- THIS IS A HUGE STATEMENT -- ... WITH TOMORROW [MONDAY] BEING THE LAST DAY OF THE BUDGET MEETING.

1-12-2015  Newshound Guru Aggiedad77   Article:  "Iraq delivers a building inside the Green Zone to the Saudi delegation to re-open its embassy"  Iraq offers up the old Saudi embassy facility to the Saudi's who are coming back to town and are expected to be operational within the next 2 months...doors continue to be open that were sealed years ago...and progress continues to be made in positive directions.

MNT. GOAT UPDATE:“What we can expect this week”, 12 JAN

UU4777 – “What we can expect this week”  by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I will always try to be here to help in the effort to bring you the truth as I know it. The majority of you are truly blessed people.

Today I wanted to give everyone an update on certain matters as they progress concerning the Iraq dinar revaluation process.  I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 01/09 since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga.

Please read the entire news letter since it will eliminate much confusion and questions that can easily be answered JUST BY READING THE NEWS LETTER.

Remember I am no longer going to reply to email questions concerning issues I just explained in this news letter or any previous news letter. If you are really concerned about your investment you will then be responsible enough to take the time (as I do) to read the news and absorb it. This is not a date and a rate news letter however if you are smart you can see where all this news is heading.

Today’s News

Today is Jan 12th and surprise, surprise no RV! In my last couple news letters I stated we were in a good window to possibly see the RV from last Thursday thru to Sunday. I based my information on many factors one of which was a targeted “go live” on ISX with international trading.

ISX Update
I stated this since I knew for a fact Iraq was targeting to go live with the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) global sector and they needed to have a current global rate for the IQD or a rate indicative of a true value to their currency and not this toilet paper rate they have been using since 2003.

We heard about the software changes the ISX needed to go global and the needed connections in order to make it compliant to interface with (talk to) the rest of the international global exchanges. We read articles these software links where put in place and later that they were not yet activated (on –hold). Many of the “intel gurus” at this time also though they were going to go live with it (thus needed an RV rate) but were very disappointed when later they found out it was only a planned software rollout and was never intended to be activated at that time. So this caused more hype and disappointment as we also witnessed this past weekend.

So what really happened this past weekend?
Over this past weekend the plan was to begin trading on this date using the new software links they previously rolled out, as I mentioned above. This was the plan. This was a target they established a month or more ago once they had the new software linkage in place.

You see they are desperately trying to sync up events. You have the gov’t on one hand negotiating oil deals, parliament trying to work through needed legislation, the CBI building up reserves and stabilizing the rate, the finance ministry working with the budget and other matters like ISX completion and so on so forth.

Lots of hands multi tasking, lots of moving parts all trying to get Iraq completed to meet USA and UN satisfaction. Think of Abadi and the two other presidents as the traffic cops and the catalysts and motivators.
Gosh this sounds like real leadership!

The are desperately trying to keep things moving along to make forward movement. But at times one hand (a ministry) does not talk much to the other hand (GOI, parliament or another ministry) and only hopes other events they are working on are also completed on time to sync up with their plan. So you understand?

So this past weekend we witnessed yet another example of bad timing with the finance ministry with ISX planned implementation. So to pacify would-be investors, over this past weekend the finance ministry came out with a note on the ISX screen stating that trading was to be held up due to the economic reforms now in progress. Don’t know if many realize it but this was actually amazing news.

I have translated this note from Arabic to English many times using many different translators and what I present is a rough translation but I think I have it spot on as to what they are trying to tell us. So what does this tell us?

It tells us a couple things. One is we now know that the RV is in fact tied to the ISX currency trading of the Iraq dinar going global. So this is no longer just a rumor. Second we know why the RV did not yet happen as planned this past weekend or on the 11th.  It’s all good as the glass is “half full” not “half empty”….lol…..

Rumor (just rumor for now) that Iraq is going to try again on Jan 15th  for the global activation of ISX. They will need an RV prior. Will this happen. I do not see a chance in hell of this happening. Just my opinion and I will explain more in this news letter as you see the other items need too.

Anbar Update
I want to emphasize the situation in Anbar is still ongoing. The governor or Anbar providence has arrived back already from the USA from talks about further support. The USA has obligated many weapons, ammo and most important more advisors (up to 500 more) to assist in the effort. Are they really advisors?  My prediction is we should see this Anbar situation begin to wind down soon.

Many articles are now coming out about this situation. Anbar is a sore spot for the former prime minister Maliki since it was the beginning of the major peaceful protesting that turned into rioting against his government’s policies. Anbar is where the attacks on 150+ civilians occurred with merciless shootings and “barrel” bombs released from helicopters on the protesting crowds by his security forces and the Iraqi Army. Do you remember this mess?

This was the breaking point for the citizens. Soon after this event a list of demands was delivered to the government of Maliki.  The number one demand was for Maliki to step down. Other demands included the full implementation of the Erbil agreement and many of the reforms we have seen recently implemented (or planned) since but by the new Abadi government.

To make a long story short since these protests, Maliki’s security forces cracked down on Anbar and has had control over it ever since. When ISIS and DAASH infiltrated he gladly turned over the providence to them. This  is basically how ISIS got control over this area. It is time to rid ISIS of these terrorist. They soon will be free of them and begin building their own “FREE” decentralized security forces to deal with any  improper takeover from the centralized government in the future. This has been the plan for all the major provinces. This is hoped will prevent such centralized power in the hands of the GOI and abuse of the provinces.

So this is where we stand currently in Anbar. Mosul also is winding down now and many of the forces defending that providence are to be moving in the Anbar region to fight. These were the two last strongholds for ISIS. Abadi has vowed to rid Iraq of ISIS in the near future and I totally believe he will fully accomplish his goals.

These 26 generals too we hear in the news about Amnesty (or lack of Amnesty) demands by USA are involved in this massacre. They have spilt blood on Iraqi countrymen on their hands along with the one on top who gave the orders…..Maliki. Amnesty will not apply to anyone who spilt blood of a citizen.

Ongoing 2015 Budget Saga Update
As we heard Jubouri and Abadi are constantly pushing to get this 2015 budget done and implemented. For the first time in 8 years they want a budget to operate the government by. The USA is also demanding it. Let there be no misunderstanding. The USA will not complete a currency reform with Iraq until they have a workable budget accepted my the majority (which means passed by parliament).

Let me also settle the ongoing dilemma many have in their minds about the budget and RV connection.

Let me only state this one more time since I have repeatedly ironed this out already in many of my past news letters. Please stop listening to this other garbage and hype concerning this topic and you will not get confused. You are confusing yourselves !

So here it is one more time:

-       first of all the budget does not need an RV to be implemented. If they wanted they could easily open the budget now as is and begin spending it at the current dinar rate (1166ish), but it must first be passed by parliament and posted in the Gazette to be legal. There is no RV’d rate in the budget !

-       However having said this Iraq would luv to sync up events and pop out the RV in timing for the implementation of the budget but it is not really needed. But the Budget is not the lone event they are attempting to sync up. There are other items too and I have talked about these many times. We now see article 140 is on the hot bed. I will discuss this later in this news letter. Would an RV be nice- yet is would give them much more buying power too on all these upcoming projects scheduled for 2015.

-       The budget is only being stalled from a final vote based on issues. Part of it was the deficit reductions they required. With the fluctuating oil prices it is making it hard to manage. They already had the two official, required readings. I am hearing they do not intend to have a 3rd reading and will go to a voting session next. This could happen this week and probably will.

-       Since the second reading, the opposition is nitpicking any early budget agreement and wants to stall it for political reasons. These are of course still Maliki’s goons in parliament, same old tactics from the past. However there will come an end point to these changes and I believe it has been reached. They will not have their way.

-       House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said at a news conference on Sunday that on Monday Jan 12th will be the end of the revisions from the second reading of the budget law. They are not going around and around again with this budget. This is excellent news.

-       Iraq can do whatever they damn well please with the budget. Investors are not going to dictate to them how they will handle this budget just because they want an RV. They have never officially announced or opened a completed budget in the past but they still continue to operate and pay bills. They might just do the same now in 2015. Who the hell knows?  We only know what they are telling us and noone has a crystal ball.

But if you have some common sense and USE IT it helps to figure it all out. I do not think this old approach from the last 4 years with the budgets is however  the path they now desire to take since the USA and IMF are  forcing a formal operating budget from them. Jubouri and Abadi are allowing these revisions since they vowed to have a non-sectarian government and so this is proving it to the world once again. However enough is enough and they are about to crack down and complete it. Don’t believe me? Wait you will see.

Article 140 Update
Excellent, excellent news on this long awaited topic came out this past weekend. I am assuming everyone knows that the article 140 issue is called “article 140” issue because it was written in their constitution in article 140 how to handle the disputed oil rich regions on the boarder between Iraq and its neighbors. Oil is not the only reason though. These contested areas are full of immigrants who settled in these regions, mostly of Kurd nationality. But it is really the oil everyone wants and is concerned over. Also in reality the constitution clearly states how to handle these disputes only they do not yet have any sound legislation to implement for a workable solution in the real world.

So low and behold this past weekend president Masuom came onboard and requested Abadi begin to address this issue and get this legislation going. I have been waiting a long time for this news. Why did he do this?

He now came out because the USA once again this past week told Iraq this item is still high on the priority list of items to get done prior to completing economic reforms. They will need to form a committee to do this work. I believe we will shortly read about this in the upcoming articles about this new committee and its agenda for the next sessions of parliament. This is something now to watch for and track in the news. This is the last big piece to this puzzle (not the only piece)  to get moving on for economic reform completion.

In conclusion we know why I have stated they may set a new target for ISX going global on Jan 5th but with these other pending items such as article 140, the budget and still security issues with Anbar,  I do not expect to see any announcement of completion of economic reforms in the near future. This Jan 20th date (as I stated many times already) is beginning to look more and more like a new target they now may be moving towards. Personally from the past timeframes to get anything done in Iraq this too is just a target that I believe will come and go.So when can we expect to have an RV?

Again I will reiterate that there is only ONE lonely event to get Iraq back in the global international markets. This is to have the USA release the rollout and run the software needed to push the new rates and other needed date downstream to the exchanges. This takes about 1 day to complete at most. Then the rate will be live to the rest of the world. Then Iraq will join the international community. Everything else to be completed is just a matter of conjecture and political demands now being made upon Iraq. This rollout will  not happen until all these demands are met. No one has a list.

Why does the USA and UN keep stalling the RV? They need stability in that region first. They are going to make a future push into Syria. They are going to clean up this terrorist movement. They need Iraqi bases as a spring board into the other regions.

In a nut shell - in order to dominate the region and the overall middle east policy plan completion to succeed, they need stability both on the ground and in the government of Iraq.

People like Maliki will not survive. So don't worry about him as his day is coming.They now know this guy has been a ring leader for an entire terrorist network in Iraq and in the middle east supported by Iran and Syria. Do you believe this?

The good news is we see almost a total erosion of his power base. They have been plucking his goons one by one. Soon they will be at a point to pluck him too. It is just a matter of time and how they will execute the plan. This is all being worked out with the UN and USA. There is a plan.

As a former intelligence officer in the US Army I still keep rolling around in my mind these questions. Why   would the USA support Maliki for a second term? Why would they not pull support from him in 2012 when they had an opportunity to deal with him at the request of all the political leaders at that time? How could they let this situation get so out of hand ? Bad politics and bad foreign policy I guess or is it something else?

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat