Friday, December 4, 2015


    • okrocks said
      05:49 AM Dec 4, 2015
    Iko Ward wrote Dong moved 1108 points last night
    Iko Ward wrote Dinar dropped to 1077 for 10 minutes then reset to 1166. Dong dropped 1108 points last night before resetting. Rumor is TRN's are now live world wide. EURO market continues to slide. Lots of smaller trades now going on for gold.

    shane wrote IKO that is a great move as long as it was up in value

    buddydog wrote Forex back to 1166
    *Why? Does that even make sense? its changed on the CBI and on the UN site so what is up with it still always bouncing back to that number on Forex, hmm? Somebody is having fun

    the eye guy wrote you know, if the fed jacks the interest rate up, it will be great for us post RV

    Iko Ward wrote Fine...Bruce and Art say it's done. I have not heard on my end yet. So lets say its 66.66666% fact and 33.33333% rumor.

    cloudwalker wrote Between "rumor," "done, done, done," "imminent," and "soon," we're all going to be pretty touchy about certain words in the dictionary from now on.

    Iko Ward wrote Lets start a new trend. Now. This Minute. Done.
    BADSCOTT54 wrote Bruce on his call last night spoke on the TRN he said they had attempted to release them the other and they went live everywhere but Bangkok or Beijing and that glitch has been fixed and they are prepared to go worldwide now from what I understood him to say

    Iko Ward wrote Boy, France is taking a nose-dive this morning.

    BADSCOTT54 wrote We are standing on the brink of the most awesome blessing in history and we won't give a second thought to any of those words as a matter we may have a smile when we hear them as a remembrance of when    
    Iko Ward wrote Bad...there ya go...poop eating grins all around.

    Iko Ward wrote I am being told that in order to be asset backed, no matter who is saying it, Gold has to be at it's new price of 450-600 per ounce, so we're a little ways off from that. They may want us to be asset backed, but it will take time.

    GJHHonor wrote Iko does it not mean if the TRN's are out that would be mean asset backed ???
    Iko Ward wrote GJH...that is one of the theories but I'm being told it's not like flipping a switch. As we have all seen none of this happens overnight. But the TRN's going live worldwide is a big step not only for asset backed reasons but also RV.
    BADSCOTT54 wrote IKO didn't the IMF make changes to their rule on what is considered to be an asset for the value of a countries currency. I remember reading that they are now allowing other natural resources of a country to be asset for the value of it's currency. Everyone is just use to gold being the main one
    Iko Ward wroteYeah, even brain power (education level) is figured into the mix. So it's not just gold and oil and minerals.

    Iko Ward wrote The simplest statement is now that China is in the SDR Reserve basket everything has to move forward or the world economy will be in turmoil. Even the bad guys don't want that.
    rene5555 wrote IKO: Your thoughts on whether or not IQD is floating and may have RI'd in Iraq???

    Iko Ward wrote rene...I don't have any direct contacts in Iraq. Tony and Ray are the most informed on internal Iraq stuff IMO. But what I can say is the rest of the planet appears to be acting as if that is so. The big financial players are acting like the RV is live but they are waiting for the rates to climb just like us.
    Iko Ward wrote I do believe as we go toward an asset backed currency we will see all kinds of funds "magically" appear. There are folks out there that truly believe we have no gold, just gold plated tungsten bars.

    BADSCOTT54 wrote It is my understanding it will probably do as Kuwait did come out at the rate it was before it was devalued, float up high and float down to what the international rate will be stable at
    Iko Ward wrote Rene, Badscott...there's your mousetrap.
    tbucknor wrote Frank26 says: Article 8 applied, RI first, float to match one dollar, then RV.   

    BADSCOTT54 wrote IKO I believe within all my being that these rates are going to be more than we could ever imagine and me and my house are prepared to be blessed!!!


    Iko Ward wrote France was down 4.23%, now up .02%. Can you say "volatile"? Sure you can.
    elmerf123456 wrote Oil prices fell on Friday after sources said OPEC had agreed to roll over its policy of maintaining crude production in order to retain market share and raise its output ceiling. Internationally traded Brent was down 91 cents, or 2.1 percent, at $42.93 at 9:21 a.m. EDT (1421

    Iko Ward wrote Gold just shot up $20.00 Guess they didn't get the memo, or maybe they did and trying to hedge. that spike means a big player just purchased a lot of metal.

    mangelo wrote Dec 4 A Chinese central bank official said on Friday the inclusion of the yuan into the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) would be a starting point for China's financial reforms. Xing Yujing, director general of the No.2 monetary policy department of the People's Bank of China, told a news conference that yuan's admission into the SDR basket would help improve price discoverability for the currency.
    Xing said China would continue to steadily push forward yuan convertibility under the capital account. The International Monetary Fund admitted China's yuan into its benchmark currency basket on Monday, a victory for Beijing's campaign for recognition as a global economic power. (Reporting By Kevin Yao; Editing by Sam Holmes)

    Iko Ward wrote Crude is also fluctuating this morning. This volatility is all good for us, folks.

    sweetcheeks wrote Iko we thinking days or weeks
    Iko Ward wrote Sweet, I'm thinking hours, most likely tonight after all the banks are closed. But then I thought that last week and the week before that

    Iko Ward wrote France just bounced back to -.92% Graph starting to look like my grand dads tree saw.

    Iko Ward wrote My fleet watch just posted 3 of those mid-east tankers leaving Galveston.
    ....interesting, none are heading back to middle east.


    Iko Ward wrote The entire planet's in the red except us, of course. Can you say "manipulation"? Sure you can.

    7AM PT Iko Ward wrote Well, crude at 39.80 and falling. Gold at 1180 and climbing. France coming up for air. Darn it I love this job.

    Blackjack7 wrote Mornin Elmer did Okie get the canopy opened
    elmerf123456 wrote Blackjack will be on a call with him at 2est

    elmerf123456 wrote Keep Okie in your prayers. He's dealing with a nagging situation that may have a need for immediate surgery. Mentally he's great, physically, some real issues.
    gizmosmom wrote Elmer not the shingles right?
    elmerf123456 wrote No. Neuro surgeon

    A neurosurgeon is a medical specialist who treats diseases and conditions affecting the nervous system, which includes the brain, the spine and spinal cord, and the peripheral nerves. Neurosurgeons provide non-operative and surgical treatment to patients of all ages.

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