Sunday, December 27, 2015

IRAQIDINAR123.COM :The UN Admired the Approval of Iraqi Budget 2016, 27 DEC

The United Nations admired the ratification of the Iraqi House of Representatives on the Iraqi federal budget 2016. The UN international Representative in Iraq Jan Kubis issued a press statement that ‘the UN acknowledge the Iraqi House of Representatives and Iraqi government on the approval of Iraqi federal budget 2016 and the UN is much pleased for passing the bill of federal budget draft law 2016. He further added that law making on the budget law 2016 is more appropriate and it allows the Iraqi government, regional and local authorities to target on the delivery of services and to help the Iraqi people in the current severe economic condition.
He indicated that millions of Iraqi citizens have been displaced and this Iraqi government is more dedicated in the fight against terrorism and Daash organization. He also pointed out that implementation of new budget law would allow for further process of privatization and implementation of reforms. These processes are more important in the current critical economic condition to enhance the efficiency and modification of the Iraqi weak economy. The approval of the budget law 2016 would generate more growth and creation of new jobs. It is important that the Iraqi House of Representatives has approved the Iraqi budget bill 2016 on their Wednesday session. The new Iraqi budget is estimated the budget deficit at 105 trillion & 890 billion Iraqi dinars which is more than 22 percent of the total amount of the budget. The total revenues estimated at 81 trillion and 700 billion Iraqi dinars.

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