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Highlights From “The Big Call” Thursday Night 12-3-15, 4 DEC

Thursday Night 12-03-2015 – Recording Link and Replay #’s 
Playback number: (605) 562-3198, access code 123456#
91 Minutes
Highlights From “The Big Call” Thursday Night 12-3-15
Mangelo:  Bruce call: just patiently waiting and we are going to have a great call with all the excitement that is going on
Ploganea:  Bruce: Talking about helping others.
Plogena:  Bruce: Intel, we are really close. Trying to take all info in and sort it out to get agreement
LBJ:  Bruce said TRNs are live now or will be later this evening.
Ploganea:  Bruce: TRN were not live in Hong Kong but live other places around the world. Why, for a reason? For whatever reason, that was taken care of. Believe that TRNs are live. Rates high, adjustments were made, all rates are loaded in.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: everything is at the banks and all set to go
Ploganea:  Bruce: We may be all set and ready to go. Believes we are getting down to the wire. Bank have gotten direction and are ready to go.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: everything is getting down to the wire and getting information that it is ready to go
Ploganea:  Bruce: Knows that many are at the end of their rope. Advises to try to hang on and keep your currency.
Ploganea:  Bruce: All indications are that things are very, very close for us.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: hang on don’t sell your currency just stay in it a bit longer….I don’t know how the notification will come out yet
Ploganea:  Bruce: Time frame – Plan is that we will get 800 numbers. When they are received they will be put on the site under banking, including Canadian info if they get numbers for them.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: I know that the 800#’s will come out, we also [ut out the Canadian #’s also on our website…we will post rates…we are not allowed to post that
Ploganea:  Bruce: C Legarde is in Calgary in a meeting. The meeting should be over about now. We may or may not have an announcement after the meeting.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: CL is in Calgary Canada we may or may not have announcement on TRN’s
Ploganea:  Bruce: We only get a portion of what is going on. Usually just the main thrust of what is happening not details. Can’t talk about some of the stuff, too sensitive for a call.
Ploganea: Bruce: Expecting good things to occur very, very quickly.
Mangelo:  Bruce call: we can’t get into some information that we can’t talk about…but we are expecting things to happen
Mangelo: Bruce call: Q & A starting
Ploganea:  Bruce: Q & A now: first caller, Heard there was a 3 day holiday this weekend. What is the purpose? Is it for the RV? Bruce: Doesn’t know. But Iraqi’s are in a celebratory mood
Ploganea:  Bruce: Q: Do you think this will happen when ForEx goes down on Friday PM?
Bruce: Said we are seeing movement but it may not reflect the rate changes immediately.
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: do you think it will happen when the forex closes on Friday? it may not reflect he actual rate when this happens
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller asked if you can elaborate on whether the Internet group gets to go first? Bruce: We are trying to figure out if the Internet group is considered a group in the eyes of the PTB. We don’t have the answer yet.
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: do you think we will be going at the same time has everyone else or first….trying to figure that out
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller chatting. Caller heard about having an LLC. Is it of benefit if you have an Limited Liability Company. Bruce discussed the benefits of doing a business through an LLC which is more for a business rather than a trust.
Mangelo: Bruce caller: asking about llc, that’s for business than a trust, control everything and own nothing
Ploganea:  Bruce: Advises to control everything but control nothing. The WM will help. Remember to learn not just rely on the WM or advisor. Are we looking good for the weekend? Bruce: Looking really good.
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: asking about Okie landing…and that his canopy is stuck…but help is on it’s way
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller heard that Okie mentioned that plane landed but canopy is stuck. Bruce heard as well. Bruce explains that Okie is our patriarch. He is a very caring and giving man. He is a pilot so his info is all about flying.
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller asked if Bruce would interpret what Okie said. Bruce said that everything appears to be done. Just stuck on a few things that needs to be done but he talked to Okie today and thinks Okie is about to climb out of plane and head to the terminal.
Ploganea: Bruce: The caller asked about the CBI. Bruce said that Iraq has done everything they needed to do. They need to be international. Now it is just a matter or revealing what is on the bank screens already
Ploganea:  Bruce: We think timing is really close. Could hear tonight, tomorrow or weekend
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: guys we know the timing is very close we just needed the trns live every where and it has happen
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: are you looking for this to happen this week..
BJ: Bruce: looking for this week – still on through Friday
Ploganea:  Bruce: Bruce is looking for the RV this week. Bruce thinks thru Friday.
BJ:  Bruce: praise report re: cancer from caller – he talked to Okie & said he would fix the equipment so he wouldn’t get shot down; enjoyed Okie
Mangelo:  Bruce call: talking about getting healthy
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller asked if TRN are live does that mean we are now asset  backed. Bruce: Yes
BJ:  Bruce: caller asks if out of town is a problem for her like a different state. Bruce said take currency with her
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller asked if we are out of town when RV happens, could that be a problem. Bruce: Said if you are gone for 2 or 3 days, take it with you but you can exchange in a different state.
BJ:  Bruce: all currencies are in basket and we’re ready for it
Mangelo:  bruce caller: if the RV happens tonight and we are in another state, could you exchange in another state yes! and all the currencies are in the Bsket … yes
Ploganea:  Bruce: Question about Zim. If there is a cap, can you go to 2 different banks?
Bruce: Said that I don’t believe there is a cap. Wait and see what happens. You may be able to split the Zim exchange at different banks.
BJ:  Bruce: banks would like for us to leave a large % of funds with them and we can negotiate decent rates
Ploganea:  Bruce: RE Zim: Normally do all exchange at one bank. May be best. Caller asked will they require that your leave a large percentage at the bank. Bruce: Banks will want you to and you may be able to negotiate a good interest rate if you keep a good amount for years. Pick a bank you don’t mind leaving money in. Then shop around.
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: would these banks what you to leave them some money,,,, yes they would, they would give you a better % rate…you don’t have to leave everything there
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller if I can negotiate a low tax rate at exchange, how would that be good if it is after. Bruce: Can’t really answer tax questions.
BJ:  Bruce: caller asking about tax break after rv; Bruce isn’t sure there will be tax event but can’t really say
BJ:  Bruce: caller asking about afghani currency and Bruce doesn’t know the currency well enough and doesn’t know how they will treat the Zim
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller said that last week you said Zim may go but what about Afgani? All denoms good? Bruce: Said he doesn’t know about Afghani. He doesn’t know about their denoms. Said that someone exchanged Afgani but doesn’t know the denoms they had.
Plogaea:  Bruce: Given the events that happened, are certain bank groups still good? Bruce: Said WF group still intact and solid.
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: is the Wells group still okay …yes
BJ:  Bruce: caller – asking about a float; Bruce: when rates come out they will be high and stable for 5-6 days and then they will float +/-
Plogaea:  Bruce: Caller keeps hearing different things. They are talking about a float now. Do you agree with that? Bruce: Said when rates come out, supposed to be high and stable for a few days after may slip downward.
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: rates a good and solid right now
BJ: Bruce caller – how can we find rates before going in? Bruce: – look online at various sites or just call for appts. – shouldn’t wait around
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller said that she heard rates may come out at .40 to 1.00. Bruce: We don’t really know until they come out but have heard stable and solid when they come out Caller: Where do we check rate since no one can post and Forex may be later. Bruce: Check on blogs. Otherwise ask when you call for appointment. In his opinion, don’t wait around.
Ploganea: Bruce: Caller said heard that there could be sucker rates. Bruce: We’ve already had the sucker rates. Unless you have a relationship and bank calls you, you need to set an appointment. If they look good, exchange. Caller: Because so late in the year, is it wise to exchange part now, part in 2016?
BJ:  Bruce caller: bc it’s so late in the year would it be wise to exchange part this year and part in January; Bruce – not a good strategy
Ploganea: Bruce: Asked if Zim 10, 50, 20 Trillion still good? Bruce: Yes, should be good.
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller asked when the banks are called in is that in the US? Bruce: Yes may be some banks or exchange centers.
BJ: Bruce: NC caller will all currencies go at once? Bruce says all but rial
Ploganea:  Bruce: Caller asked once I do my exchange, can I go with my son and his wife even though we have different currency?
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: are married couples suppose to in together… they want them too
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: my concerns who is going to get the 800#’s …we thought it was to go out to 2 or 3 people when we find them we will put them on our site
BJ:  Bruce caller: asking who is getting 800#s; Bruce: 3 people confirmed and will pass them out online and Bruce will put them on his website, theBigCall.net
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: line 38 we use the term exchange
BJ: Bruce caller: fincen form? Bruce: use it to EXCHANGE and check the line for CURRENCY EXCHANGE bc of taxes
Mangelo:  Bruce caller: on the fincin form line 38 make sure it says exchange
BJ:  Bruce caller: asking about taxes and cap; Bruce doesn’t think there will be a cap or that it will be an issue
BJ:Bruce done with callers; people antsy and hopes it will go as quickly as it appears; will stay prayerful about it and ready; info was light today but picked up tonight; can’t call it bc of too many reasons for delays; banks frustrated
Mangelo:  Bruce call: all the information is looking very good tonight, to many things going on to why it didn’t happen yet …but it’s going to happen
BJ:  Bruce is in 11th yr just behind Okie; 6 yrs ago if he knew more he would have done things differently; keeping the plates spinning; this will happen; Iraq’s plans are incredible
Mangelo:  Bruce call: we know this will happen…the plans they have plan for Iraq, we are standing in Faith and it’s going to happen
Mangelo:  Bruce call: Bruce is ending the call… Kent closing the call with prayer
Mangelo:  Bruce call:wrap up…we didn’t get our celebration call tonight but have a great weekend

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