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TNT Call notes 31-December-2015

RayRen:  Good afternoon, welcome everyone.  Today has been a day already. [This is not the usual scheduled call.]  Let’s get the recording on and we will get underway.  Good morning TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Thursday, December 31, 2015, the last day of the year.  We didn’t think we would be here, but we are here on this side of the RV. That’s okay, though;  when you finally  know what the plan is, that is alright. That’s what we have wanted to know:  the daily, weekly, monthly plan.  I will share as much as I possibly can.  Nobody has said not to say anything, so we will close out the year with a bang.  I will give you what I’m hearing, some of what I know, and some of the documentary proof – I just won’t say which is which, so they cannot say I said too much!
We are in a great place.  A lot of things have been said and we’ve been reading different things, and parts have been true.  Here’s what I can share about where we are in this process, which is very much underway and soon to be completed.  I’ll work from Canada to the USA to Iraq. 
The Canadian information we’ve been able to compile over the timeframe is that we have heard some exchange activity especially with the zim being live on some of the screens.  Some of you have called us, and some banks have confirmed that some activity has been taking place, with some actually exchanging and some waiting for exchange.  As far as I understand from the Canadian side of things, they are ready, willing and able to exchange, just waiting for authorization with live rates on the screen – nosebleed rates, as I understand it.  They are at high levels of expectation.
IN the USA, what have we NOT heard?  Some people have been calling the banks, and some banks have told them to come down and exchange their zim, and either the rates have disappeared or the amounts were too high!  Even on Christmas Day some people were at the banks.  Now we are hearing of appointments in January where people have been told to bring in their currency for the purpose of exchanging.  Some are discussing exchanging zim, dong, rupiah, dinar, Afghani – all are being discussed. Yesterday some people wen to the bank – the banks said they were on the screen and they attempted to exchange but they just didn’t clear.  This is for a combination of currencies, and that should be a signal to you.  Other banks have been told to stop selling currencies – why?  At this late in the process, they are anticipating exchanges because they are waiting for the dust to settle on certain currencies.  Some messages say “hurry up and buy if you plan to, before it’s too late.”
Many  of these messages come from you, the listeners.  Our intel team has tripled in the US.  We have bank memos, with specific instructions letting them know when it’s time to start exchanging.  I’m trying to get a copy of one of those.  Some banks have seen it, and some have not – there are instructions on when to expect us and what to do with us.
Across the water in Iraq, it’s New Year’s Eve.  There is activity in the  mosques and talk of the president making announcements.  The Budget is due out the first of the year, which means tonight from our perspective. Will this be the magic date for things to come out, such as the Budget, the RV, the rates?  All these things that have been a mystery to us are not supposed to be a mystery after 1. January, which is tonight in Iraq.  We will see the rate the Budget is based on, and all the calculations that the rates are based on – the international rate of the dinar.  There will be answers about back pay, retroactive pay, the money that Kurdistan will be receiving, smart cards… we should see all that in print in the Budget.
A number of things will be revealed when the Budget is published in the Gazette.  There are not a lot of pages, but enough to keep you busy!
Coming back to the US, and exchange activity… we have been hearing about that, because you are the ones who are in the midst of it.  I have heard from groups who have done their exchanges and have their funds.  Some are doing private contracts.  When individual people are telling me that they have gone in and done this and that – they haven’t signed NDAs, and we have proof of what they have been doing.  Before too much longer, you will see that proof.  When you are in that position (to see the proof) you won’t care, because you will be enjoying it yourself. 
It’s still happening any second, any minute, any hour.  We’ll see what the first reveals.  Let’s just wait a little bit longer, and let’s see what unfolds as the day goes into night, and as night goes into morning.  It’s going to be an interesting time and we will definitely celebrating a New year and other things, too.  The next call I will be doing will definitely be IT, and I’m looking forward to doing it.  Let me shift over to a few questions from you.  Those who have recently asked questions, I am asking you to put your hands down.  Let’s close out the year with those who haven’t had a chance to ask a question.  If you don’t have a question, only have New Year greetings, please put your hands down now.  This should be first time callers only, please.  If this is not your first time, put your hands down.  Let’s talk to some first-timers and hear what’s on their minds.
850 caller:  You can’t imagine how fantabulous I am!  I’m in the same boat as you!  I’ve been following for 2-3 years.  You talked about diversification, and there is one area where that doesn’t work:  marriage.   How is Tony?  [R:  He’s fine.]  My wife and I have had an in vivo trust for the last 30 years;  should I set up an account in the name of that trust? Everything not in the trust now will (on our deaths) go into the trust to benefit our two daughters, who are both of age.
RayRen:  What is your objective in putting your currency in that trust?  Is this part of an asset-protection strategy or an estate strategy?  Will that trust give you asset protection while you are living or only after you die?
Caller:  We were told that if we have a lawsuit against us, our assets can only be sold at fair market value, not lower, so I guess it’s for asset protection.
RayRen:  If it can be sold, it’s not protected.  I would look at a complex trust, because that tool would give you asset protection and other tools as well.  They would work together.  That trust would have to have its own bank account.  The whole idea about asset protection is that if I’m suing you, I’m going after what you own.  To handle that, we stop owning things and just control or manage them instead. If someone wants to sue you for everything you own, don’t own anything. 
Caller:  So you suggest I create a complex trust and put my bank accounts under that?
RayRen:  That’s what I would do, anyway.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
772  caller:  Regarding Multi-currency Accounts (MCAs), with the rate changes that can occur, I imagine it would be advantageous to transfer currencies into an MCA and wait for the rates to change.
RayRen:  You would have to exchange into US dollars and then put it into an MCA>
Caller:  That obviates the whole strategy of putting the currencies directly into the MCA and exchanging when the rates go up.
RayRen:  From what we’ve been told, the banks will make you exchange first.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
479 caller:  On Tuesday we heard we were in a 72-hour window starting at 4pm – did you hear that?  That would put the deadline at 4pm tomorrow…
RayRen: You would have to ask the person who gave you that information.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy New Year! 
208 caller:  How are you?  Can we go out with a bang and give us the rates?  [Appreciation]  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  The rates are every-changing from all we’ve heard in the last few months. I don’t know what they are this minute.  I did ask one bank source this morning but they couldn’t see the rates today. 
325 caller:  This is my first time!  I listen a lot, but usually I’m working at this time.  A week and half ago, people said they saw the bank employees working at the weekend.  Have you heard anything about bank people not being allowed to buy currency?
RayRen:  I’ve had bank employees tell me they have had to sign documents agreeing not to buy currency, and I’ve heard about a court case where an employee is being sued for doing that after signing such a document. 
Caller:  Have you heard anything about Iran sanctions being lifted tomorrow?
RayRen:  I have heard that the President has signed an order lifting those sanctions once certain conditions have been met, and they have not as yet.  When that happens, I imagine the Iranian currency will pop back up to its usual level.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
808 caller:  There’s a question I’ve been asking for a while.  Hawaii doesn’t have any tier 1 banks, although there is a WF investment center here.  I have asked the VP of investments and she doesn’t know anything.  How will this be handled in Hawaii?  We only have tier 2 banks and most of them are saying they cannot afford to handle these exchanges although they know it’s coming down the pike.  Will they open some exchange center?  Or will we have to go to the mainland?
RayRen:  At this point you can utilize the forum and check with members who know of any banks in Hawaii that do currency exchanges…
Caller:  I have tried that, but no one has posted any answers in any of the forums.
RayRen:  Maybe now that we are addressing it someone will answer you.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Aloha!
951 caller:  I’ve been talking to the local banks here, and they are still not admitting anything.  Should I wait on them or wait for the 800 numbers.  The local banks do exchange foreign currency but they are not admitting anything about the RV.
RayRen:  That will change, as long as you  know banks in your area who deal in foreign currency.  A year ago we couldn’t find anyone to talk about these exchanges, but now we are getting stories every day.  If we don’t get 800 numbers, call those banks who do foreign exchange, and they will be singing a different tune.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
225 caller:  Thanks to you all… hoping everyone is doing well as we end this year.  As I searched on my computer, Dinar Detectives didn’t come up and ‘we are the people” is not being recognized on twitter.  I hope this is not an attempt to stop us…
RayRen:  I sent out the tweet twice, without the link, so maybe there is a glitch.  We are wrapping up anyway, so any such attempt would be futile.
Caller:  I miss Tony, DC and Pam.  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen: You will hear from them again, I feel sure.  Pam is on the last bit of her vacation.  IF we have the need to be here in January, Pam will be here.
334 caller:  I’ve been listening to you all for five years, and this is my first time on the call.  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Happy New Year!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
619 caller:  First time caller, listening for five years.  I have the same background as Tony and DC.  I’m trying to understand why a process to do with the federal government, why is that being handled by the banks, private organizations that are set up for profit?  Surely the government could have set up temporary offices to accept currency through the Treasury?
RayRen:  I don’t’ know all the elements so it’s difficult to answer that question.  The banks are the locations that are able to exchange currencies, and naturally they get a fee for that.   We would still need the banking side because even if the government said they could accept the currency, they would have to give me a check that I would have to deposit, so I might as well go straight to the bank.
Caller:  I get that, but it seems to me that the banks are going to take their money out of the hide of the public.  I would have thought the government’s job is to protect me from that.  Also, how are we to understand what is going on here.  I feel as if the banks have set this up such that we are getting less information rather than more.  Since DC has been gone, there has been less information about the structure, such as taxes, etc.  I don’t understand why I should not know how to protect myself and to know what the ground rules are.
RayRen:  I understand how you feel.  When Tony and DC were here, the banks were not telling us exactly what was to take place then, either.  We told you what possibilities the banks presented to us, and there has been nothing new.  We are giving you the same remedies or suggestions about what to do if X or Y takes place. We don’t have any new information on what the banks might do.  If we get information like that, we will tell you.  DC still gets information and I communicate with him.  If there is new information, you hear it from me.  If  there is nothing new, we have to rely on what we have already heard.  The banks have not been giving us anything new for a long time. If people get info from the bank employees, then the banks clamp down on that.  They are still training people and security is still showing up;  they are sending out memos to their people, but otherwise there is no information, so you are getting the same information  from me as you would have go from Tony and DC.
Caller:  I do understand that, and although I’m not religious, I do get that this is going to be a blessings.  I just don’t understand why this has to be such a labyrinth.  So… Cannes, Tokyo, Rio and Vegas, and may we all be blessed.
407 caller:  To the banks, it would be great if they reserved the contract rate for those who have been in the service.  I’m going to contract rate because I hope it will go to service people.  Tony, Tony, Tony and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  Happy New Year to you!  I’m going to leave you with a final message.  The tweet that went out said to listen to the artists:  I will go over a list, and their titles and lyrics will give you a very distinct message.  Before that, on behalf of all of the team here on TNT, so that three times a week you could receive something that makes a difference and helps you to move along… all those volunteers… thank you for hanging out with us all year and being part of the solution and not part of the problem. 
If you didn’t get anything else out of the intel I started with, listen to these songs and the order I put them in.  We’ll speak again when the time is right.
Darius Rucker:  It won’t be like this for long
Porter Wagner:  I’ve enjoyed As Much As I Can Stand.
Kirk Franklin:  Better Day
James Fortune:  I Believe
Willy Nelson:  The Party’s Over
Kurt Franklin:  This Is IT!



Remember, it's best to listen to the call and study the notes....there's never been a better time to understand your investment's progress and learn the "behind-the-scenes" events that have been and are taking place.

May you all have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I pray we will see a new and exciting year ahead that we can continue to grow in many ways as we reach out to others in many ways. God bless!!    ~ Denaridori

KTFA CC Wed – Dec. 30, 2015

rank26:  How did we start that Monday CC? The whole body – and how did we leave you? In between we sandwiched Saudi Arabia on Monday to you and you saw the following day yesterday the articles of what they did and how they contributed…just the way we told you.

What I’d like to tell you is….we were talking about Saudi Arabia between a bunch of cities. LOL – We re-sandwiched them between security, family. We said the #1 thing we want is SECURITY........ for the advancement of Iraq.

We need this country to be safe and we already went through the whole evolution since 2003 when we invaded from the slipper of the citizens slapping it on Saddam’s statue all the way up to where we’re at right now.

Basically, right now Iran is telling everybody “up yours” too. Can you imagine when that statue was taken down for Iran to say “up yours” then? Ten years later we have so many combinations of countries swapping currency in a basket that it makes you a bit dizzy. Last minute agreements that you wonder….How did that happen so quickly??

So, once again, we did talk about the trifecta, which we will again tonight, but you need to understand nothing works in this world without OIL.

See this juice I’m drinking….the straw is made out of petroleum…the plastic bottle, petroleum…the juice itself, the plastic, petroleum, the juice, petroleum derivatives. We get a lot of our elements that makes other components using basic oil because you see, we’re carbon units. Hi, I’m made of carbon atoms…whereas somebody on another planet is made out of silica!

LOL – What was that? --- We’re made out of carbon and that’s what makes the world go round. These carbon based elements….we bathe ourselves in oil because that’s where ours comes from. Sure we get oxygen, nitrogen, helium…but you know other elements too, but carbon is the #1 thing we want.

And the oil in Iraq….whew! Anywhere you step into Iraq and it’s almost everywhere….you step on it! Oil is everywhere…and the thing about oil in Iraq, you can stand on Lake Erie and look right and left – and that’s a big lake ---that’s about the size of the lake underneath Iraq….and it’s not brown-green water. It’s BLACK OIL…and it’s the highest in carbon – one of the top 3 – oil burns efficiently. Because it’s so high in carbon, it’s extremely viscus….that means you get a lot of that stuff..into barrels if you want to dilute it. LOL – And on top of it, it’s so easy to get….it’s right there …how many barrels do ya want? Pull up your car!! LOL

So, the security in the middle east is so important – you think it’s because you can make a lot with your capital gains. Well, yeah, it’s part of it --- it’s a by-product, but the real reason is it’s to PROTECT WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND.

We certainly don’t go to any country to take democracy and freedom anymore, especially in jungle warfares…No, our equipment is made to battle in environments, in niches, where oil is predominant….sandy environments.

Security? I want to put security back on the list like I did on Monday, but I want to put it on neon lights…SECURITY – SECURITY – SECURITY! It’s extremely important for everything…and I’m not going to be so dogmented to say it’s important for the monetary reform…it’s important for everything, but if you want to be real with me – want to be frank about it? THE SECURITY IS FOR THE OIL.

Okay – the people….(nah) ….the country (fine)….the government….(nah)….If we had it our way…just shut everything down and just give us the oil. We don’t need anything else from anybody. But….that’s not how it works. So, the whole world got involved fighting ISIS and I think was an amazing turn of events, but nothing in life is coincidental. –Oh, all of a sudden we all have some common foe…so let’s get rid of ISIS.

Who created ISIS? -- Who’s beatin’ the hell out of ISIS and say that’s the end of that?…..because we’re done with them. It’s complicated…it’s also ugly.

But right now I want you to know that security is SO, SO, SO important. You see, it was I think about a month ago when we brought to our study table, when everybody else was talking about other things, we said – Look, SECURITY IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW…and I believe about a month ago I said to you we said PAY ATTENTION TO RAMADI…

I’d love to talk to you about it, but it is military stuff, so let’s wait a couple of weeks. Well, a couple of weeks went by and just up until a few days ago they told us what we told you about Ramadi. And we prepared you last week for another place, remember? We said 3-4 cities and we pointed to another place…MOSUL. We told you Mosul was next…Why? Just keep watching.

These cities as we explained to you the other day --- they were leveled -- but NOT IN THE MIDDLE but on the outside because that’s where the economic growth is going to occur. We explained to you. Family, the BATTLEFIELD IS WELL….it’s doing good. I want you to understand there’s this coalition that needs to do what it’s doing.

I’m not here to tell you we need more time….in fact it’s not fair to ask me for a date or a rate…it’s not fair, it’s not polite to ask me for a rate or a date. – Well, I’m not Frank, but what’s the percentage of the ….STOP IT!

And I mean that sincerely….I’m studying. It would be like if we were in high school and we were studying for the final exam….and you would say – What grade do you think I’m going to get? A, A+, A- -- well you’ve got it in with the teacher.. Stop it!! Nobody knows the date or the rate. We, here at KTFA, study – and we study pretty good, don’t we? All honor and glory to our heavenly Father.

It’s important you understand that SECURITY IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for what is occurring in Iraq right now…Well, what’s occurring in Iraq, Frank?

-- I don’t care if it’s Abadi getting his shoes shined, I don’t care if it’s the monetary reform… I don’t care if it’s the citizens coming out because they feel comfortable and safe in the streets….I just want the SECURITY to be done.

Okay – I do too….How do we know, Frank? --Look at your notes!! Family, we level the place. But they must ALWAYS GET CREDIT – FIRST AND ONLY.

Where are we at right now? ---OMG! You’re right, Frank….It doesn’t matter if we were right….Look at Ramadi…Look at Mosul….Did you say there were more cities? Yes, but do you understand SECURITY IS PRIMARY RIGHT NOW? Not the MR…Oh, NO!!! You mean it’s not the MONETARY REFORM? Is there a delay???? You mean are you moving this to MARCH? -- Will you STOP IT?

I’m here to tell you that before you see anything that you want…do you not agree with me that SECURITY MUST …..PLANT ITS FLAG…! Perfect!! LOL -- That’s exactly what I wanted to say…!! Thank you God, because Abadi is doing that RIGHT NOW! LOL –

WE MUST NOT GET CREDIT…..How many times do I have to say it? I’m so blue I don’t even have to use blue ink anymore! LOL How many times have we said that? SECURITY – and then on top of that, we’re going to kick everybody’s donkey…I promise you flattened….our technology ….I talked to you about gammas….

Ring a ding ding…Hey Abadi ….Can you get Maliki here…we’ve been there…Look, we’ve got it covered. …Ramadi, Mosul…we’ve got it covered. – You see, family, everybody’s joining in to REMOVE TERRORISM because, unfortunately, terrorism is what gives everything delays.

Can I tell you something? Take this to prayer… It’s my strong opinion that in any military campaign – the US Marines are the first to invade. You see, I can’t talk to you as clear as I want to…you’re listening, OK? I know you’re probably on the edge of your seats right now. I am too! TRY TO LISTEN……take notes, and take it to God in prayer and it may make sense later or even now.

The USA must not be seen as the victors against Arabs. We’ve been telling you – we’re doing all the work, but they can take all the credit. We’ve been telling you they can knock on our door …knock, knock…Can you guys come in here and take care of this? You know we’re infidels. If we come in…. – No man, take care of your own stuff, but we did get in there….and laws were passed that made it much easier and needed to be done.

In the process 3 people got together – ABADI, THE HOLY MAN, AND SHABIBI …they said…Are you sure you’re ready? -- Yeah, we’re ready. Abadi: Do your thing. So, he picks up the phone and says can you come here an help, US?

Now, you need to know this sequence: The Marines land first and there are mercenaries that are contracted by our own government….everybody knows this. They go in and work hand-in-hand with those who land first. But what the media tells you is always within 2-3 weeks OLD…O-L-D…..We did tell you that JTAC was helping about a month ago and that way you were able to see certain things occur….like…..no, I don’t need to give you an example of that.
But, IMO I feel that within about a week……I think in about a week…the flag that Neil Armstrong planted on the moon will be nothing compared to the flag Abadi will be planting soon. The Marines and the mercenaries…they WERE IN RAMADI…and they were side-by-side with Iraqi soldiers as the helped.

ow, there’ll always be little pockets so within the week, maybe we’ll be at about 95%....and I would like you to turn your attention without going into details, the same way we did with Ramadi….we couldn’t, could we? The same way I couldn’t…they do now….about Ramadi and Mosul…The same way I’m going to tell you, FAMILY, ON THE COUNT OF 3 – LOOK AT FALUJIAH.

Here’s another point that’s EXTREMELY CRITICAL FOR OUR TEAMS. This security was created extremely fast when it was NEEDED FAST … So the Marines have landed, huh? Yeah!! Weeks ago.

We told you about JTAC – What is J-Tac? – I can talk about it because the media is talking of it without telling you it’s JTAC – it stands for JOINT TACTIC AIR CONTROL. Usually they’re very highly trained and specialized branches of our military. What JTAC does – they mark buildings….no need to get into the explanation of how they do that, but I’ll tell you …….that the Marines and whoever they’re working with are assigned with different groups of the Army, different groups of the Air Force All our branches …and the Marines with their JTAC are highly trained for marking buildings.

They don’t go up to them and do graffiti…no, not that. LOL…The Marines are highly specialized invaders…highly specialized ground troops.

Here’s the beauty of what I want to express….The marines are specialist at “URBAN WARFARE”….Yeah, isn’t that cool? LOL You want me to give you an example?

Part 2:

How many of you saw an article today that there was a courthouse…LOL….I’m sorry, there’s some personal things I know …and I don’t want you to think I’m crazy….I’m laughing with my teams at the moment , but there was a courthouse….and they got a BOOOM – blown up!! I’ll tell you something…it wasn’t like the US Air Force got lucky…Oh, look! We got that building! No… JTAC marked it and took care of it.

Then, you must understand that the Marines are specialists for “URBAN WARFARE”…and lately the bombing has become more specialized because our troops with JTAC really know exactly what targets to hit ….and they’re going after them.

They have a better understanding of the targets and that’s why it happened so quickly SO FAST . They’re very conscious of the citizens, but we all know in war, there’s collateral damage, but they’re very, very conscious of the citizens …and the citizens know this.

Ever play tag ? …you’re it and you run like a fool until you touch somebody else…and then they say they’re at base…or they’re at sanctuary..You’re what? Remember, here if I reach this spot, you can’t touch me for tag…oh, yeah, I forgot. The citizens know that our Marines….that’s sanctuary.

THE CITIZENS HAVE BEEN DOING SOME AMAZING THINGS …and I hinted Monday. At this idea…I’m going to try to hint on it today because you need to know what we need so bad – SECURITY that is being formed FAST!! Very fast! By ALL.

Yes, the military is conscious about the citizen and the citizens are conscious of who takes care of them and the citizens are involved with them on this battlefield, right now…because, in a way, I want to say the battle is out of their hands, but I want to say THEY’RE INVOLVED IN THE BATTLES because they put it IN THEIR HANDS.

You want something, don’t you KTFAlways.com FAMILY? The citizens want something too…it’s not the same thing but it’s on the same level. You’d do anything to hurry it up, wouldn’t you? So are the citizens.

FALUJIAH….I may tell you about Falujiah…and I’ll tell you about another place and IF ANYONE DARES SAY OH, THERE’S A DELAY – OR IT’S THIS QUARTER OR NEXT QUARTER – ALL YEAR, or whatever….I’m sorry, I’m going to say “goodbye”. I don’t have the time anymore to deal with undisciplined studies….and I don’t want to criticize anybody because I’ll be the monster…

Did you see what Frank did…I don’t want to get rid of anybody. We haven’t banned anybody for a long time, but we’ll ban left and right if we don’t have people that can hold their water, and say dumb things….Oh, you lied…or Oh, you misled…or whatever…Bye, bye!

You can express you’re opinion that you don’t like what’s going on …or say, Hey Frank, it’s my opinion and the total opposite of Frank’s, just do it with dignity and class. I love counter / counter-point – I hate stupidity.

You want to see the RV…the LD’s…wanna see the budget? Want to see the tax and tariffs…our teams want to see that too. But not until the SECURITY says we can do it.

Will they do it between the 31st and 1st? -- Well, they’ve got some pretty good security, don’t they? The POTENTIAL IS VERY HIGH….Will they do it maybe 2 weeks after that…you know what we said about the lag period? -- The POTENTIAL IS EXTREMELY HIGH, YEAH. Why?

Because 3 high ranking DAASH -- BTW ....... Do you know why we say DAASH more often than ISIS? Look up the word…it’s a derogatory word for ISIS…ISIS should say DAASH-ISIS…not DAASH and ISIS.

Three of the high ranking DAASH officials were among the refugees that came out of Ramadi….Can you believe that? COWARDS!! I told you they were running…I told you we were capturing more ISIS than we were killing. Remember all of that?

You know how it happened? Picture this! Left, left, left right…..singing a marching song…so they’re walking out of the city of Ramadi and all of a sudden, when the citizens saw it was the perfect time….they whistled….GI JOE….Yeah..what? Look who’s in line with me. Left, Left….LOL – Stop the parade and they were able to capture 3 of the highest officials of DAASH…they were hiding among the refugees. ---Just like it will happened in Falujiah.

Yeah…you want to see the budget, tax ad tariffs, RV, budget…SO DO WE.

I also want to see the SECURITY in the manner we know that needs to be in place. The battlefield advances…and this is extremely important…All right, for YOU and the MONETARY REFORM…for MY TEAMS…the MR and many, many other subjects but the battlefield advancements tells us where everything else is at in Iraq….at that moment.

How are all the reforms doing…at that moment? How’s the T & T?….at that moment….How’s the LD’s?….at that moment, etc., etc., etc., The battlefield advancements tells us exactly where everything is at at that moment. Therefore, ……..WE ARE HAPPIER ABOUT THE 1ST QUARTER IN 2016 FOR IRAQ.

The battle in Ramadi and Mosul, they’re similar….but the battles that are occurring whether it be in Falujiah or anywhere else…they’re FAR MORE ADVANCED THAN YOU NEED TO KNOW. The only thing IMO you need to know is that this is going to look and become an ARABIC VICTORY IN THE MIDDLE EAST….VERY SOON!

I have a feeling you all understood me very well tonight.

See the Pentagon were stunned when they found out that there were thousands and thousands of troops from China that were fighting against ISIS right now. ….I call them the black ninjas. I call them the “End Times”. That’s a whole other conversation….

Interesting that we have a member on our forum known as JR1553…he said, you know, I’ve been following Frank for a little while and I don’t know how his teams do it…it’s like they’ve seen the movie. --- There are some movies I pray you never get to see. For they are too grosseteste.

Abadi issued an order just within the LAST 48 HOURS TO RESTORE STABILITY AND RESTORE WITH RE-CONSTRUCTION IN RAMADI…..Sir, you just did that. My goodness…that’s a quick order. Now, do you think it was 3 weeks ago and they’re telling you now? Yesterday he said I’m issuing orders to restore and re-construct the city of Ramadi.

Now, what did we tell you on Monday and yesterday – IMO a demolition crew from the military came in to flatten the place because they were going to call in the construction crews ….but we didn’t think they were going to call them the next day!!

So much has happened, remember, when we called it an ACCORDION OF TIME? I think they’re misplacing their sequence of events, to be honest with you. I mean. exactly what we told you….But we didn’t think it was the next day! RE-CONSTRUCTON – those were the keywords we gave you: DEMOLITION crew, re-construction crew….

What do you want to do, Abadi? --- I want to re-construct the city of Ramadi RIGHT NOW…of all cities…! ---The city of Ramadi? Of all the cities too.

What else, Abadi? -- Well, I also ordered to SECURE Ramadi and the provisions for the services for the return of the citizens’ back to their homes. – Because they got involved in the war? -- Yeah. LOL….

Meanwhile, we seem to have a TRIFECTA forming itself. What were the qualifications of our trifecta from the 31st – 1st .

1 – LOWER DENOM’S – Now, family, I won’t mislead you – the only thing we’ve got are those auctions, and I told you there’s only 8 banks. I don’t think that qualifies for the LD’s…Oh, we know where they’re at and we thought they had moved them electronically, but……maybe not just yet. That can be done like (snap) that!

2 – TAX AND TARIFFS – Got ‘em….! You mean that’s no problem. – Shoot, no…I can show you all the evidence. --- after the 1st, I don’t know. We’ll see.

3 – BUDGET – Got it….it’s even got the HCL in it. Well, aggiedad said 2 out of 3 ain’t bad…you know, meatloaf. LOL – I suppose but 3 out of 3 would allow them to do what they want to do. How do we get 3 out of 3? WHEN THE SECURITY is all there. – You just said there will always be pockets…these isolated areas. --- How will we ever know they have security? --LET THEM PLANT THE FLAG.

Activation of customs…tariffs after Jan. 1, 2016….all of them (holy cow!) – IN ALL PROVINCES and BORDER CROSSINGS IN THE KURDISTAN REGION…In the what? The Kurdistan Region. I thought it was going to be all of Iraq…it doesn’t say ONLY…what else does it say….I don’t know, I read it too quickly. (That’s the problem with people.—Let’s read it again.)

ACTIVATION OF CUSTOMS AND TARIFFS AS OF JAN. 1, 2016 – IN ALL PROVINCES AND BOARDER CROSSINGS IN THE KURDISTAN REGION. --- I bet there was a little problem in the translation…I bet there was.

What else? PARLIAMENT FINANCE – Parliament finance committee told us very clearly that we’re going to be part of funding the budget for tax and tariffs. Then Parliament finance revealed ACTIVATION of the CUSTOM TARIFFS STARTING FRIDAY, JAN. 1ST, 2016.

Family – 2 out of 3 – budgets and tax and tariffs…But the lower denom’s?--- Look, they’re electronic and it would be almost impossible to find them unless you saw the pendulum swing.

I think I saw it the way I wanted to see it…it looked like that yesterday, but discussing it this morning, we’ve gotta be fair with you…It was only 8 banks…that’s not a totality. Okay – no problem – 2 out of 3. – Maybe we’ll see them this Friday?

---Tell you what…if this coming Friday – Jan. 1, 2016 – they activate the T & T’s, I’m going to have an emergency conference call.

The TRIFECTA we believe is turning into a TETRA…Instead of 3 it’s turning into 4 – what is 4? OIL…I’m going to go through this faster than lightening. (For those doing notes, you may not want to post them…I mean, they’re kind of ignored…they read them but I just think they should say thank you to you........... More than 1 to 10 for we have thousands of memebers)

Q & A:

So…what’s been reported is at least 3-4 days behind.

Baghdaddi – it was his Chief of Staff that was killed…air bombs in Mosul..it’s the courthouse we were talking about. It’s called the “cheria” courthouse…They flattened it because they thought Baghdaddi was there but it was his Chief of Staff instead.

Mosul also is done…and so is Ramadi…and now we say please look over at Falujiah and see what happens there. We’re also looking for action in xxxxxx because the National Guard law has not been activated for Abadi yet…that’s why you see Abadi going where he’s going – for specific reasons….it has not been activated yet.

Maliki – they’re getting closer and closer…I really thought we’d see something before the end of the year, but it might just be during that 1st quarter. Maliki is…when did you last hear from him? The last time we asked you was a month and a half ago…and we told you …the reason we don’t go after him now is that we told you – you keep your enemies close to you – to get intel.

What intel? –When you find out what Maliki did…well, you won’t find out all of it…it’s grotesque too. Hmmm…in the physical sense, it’s grotesque…in the electronic sense, it’s mind-boggling. IMO He stole over $500 billion USD from that country IMO . He devastated them and that’s why it took so many loans right now.

Family, Maliki stole more than what the CBI has now…that’s an easy statement because they have little liquidity…but you know what I mean.

Maybe I’ll tell you about Barsa…maybe…..cuz I’m walking right past that now.

So, the trifecta – 4th thing: OIL….I don’t know if you believe me or not, but you’ll see and as January comes to an end , you’ll see what happens. The oil has to go up because of this sequence that they are working out perfectly…also has to work out. You see……..the T & T’s …..IMO will actually go into effect on Jan. 16th, but precede if they brought it out on the table on Jan. 1st…we’re going to have an emergency call.

The T & T is also for fueling the budget, but I don’t believe they’re ready to do that because security isn’t where we want it to be…but if we see it on Jan. 1st, OMG….it’s like a submarine…whoo!! NOW, FAST, QUICK….DIVE DIVE .....because OMGosh…because those things need a rate, but don’t get too excited because they can do them at 1166 program rate, but where’s the logic of that with what they’re telling us they want to do.

There’s no international rate at 1166 – LOL – of course not. So, what are they going to do on Jan. 1st…I don’t know…we’re all excited and to see all the advancements of all these cities….and maybe later…but LOOK AT FALLUJIAH… for now.

Yesterday a brother of ours by the name of Thor asked a question on Monday – Do you think Iraq will eventually join the Asian Banking Theater – the AIIB? -- I said, I don’t think they’re doing it right now but I think they should and I think they will….I bring this up because of what’s going on with Iraq and China…I think it’s going to speed it up even more. It’ll only be a plus overall. It’s not of the monetary reform, but it’s good overall for Iraq– which affects our return.

The battlefield is going good…ok?

About 600-700 ISIS were hiding in Ramadi. Like I told you the citizens turned in 3 of their leaders and they turned into a lot of these 600-700 ISIS people. Do you know what happened? They were going to return the citizens to Ramadi but unfortunately there was some trouble with some tunnels that ISIS dug underground to escape…they could be a nuisance because you don’t know what’s underneath there…so they sent robots into the tunnels to blow up the whole area just to explode it…they collapsed the tunnels…and now they’re preparing the citizens to RETURN to their homes…and that’s why they made that statement.

All this little information stuff…you’ll be reading about it.

In Haija…there were 47 ISIS arrested and 35 killed in western Ambar. They’re all falling apart…it’s the coalition – AIRCRAFTS that are working with JTAC.

As I try to wind this up I want you to know that Fallujiah is a hot topic with MY TEAMS …you know one of the cool things is you don’t hear that much because the citizens say “up yours” ISIS…they prepared themselves and beat the living hell out of ISIS…Give me another sandle….slap, slap…..-- Ah, But we’re here to conquer you. – Conquer this…slap, slap….LOL The citizens of Fallujiah resisted ISIS all the time they were trying to form a stronghold …and gave all the information to the coalition forces which made it easier for these bozos to be targeted. That’s why targets have been a lot easier…same as in Mosul, right now.

One of the ISIS leaders…Omar Sisatine…sounds like the holy man…He left Mosul…and the USA got him while in route because he ran to the Syrian border. Got ya sucker. He’s a Chesnian.

Delta, Delta, -- Euphradis news….oil production reduces now. We talked about that…they’re starting to produce oil ceilings right now and lead to an increase in oil prices….because they’re going to reduce the supply – basic economics, IMO. ALL FOR THE BUDGET OF IRAQ !!!

There is a holy man from Karbala who said that we don’t want to take any more loans…because taking loans will not help to bear high benefits for Iraq – that’s powerful.

Here’s a holy man from another provinces and says…no, no, we don’t need bones…because it’ll ruin the chance of what we’re trying to do. – Ok – shut up. What are the benefits.

Then, you have Al Masahhadni…he’s the guy from OPEC! They said, they must take action to demand by decreasing the ceiling of oil supply to increase oil prices and help Iraq’s economy. – What do you care about Iraq? Mr. OPEC….that’s why yesterday on our conference call we made it very clear to you that it’s amazing what Saudi Arabia in history that they’ll probably never be able to tell you about.

Why does OPEC want to help Iraq? -- Because Iraq is an OPEC member. – Really? Is that the reason? -- Well, no….cuz SA wants to help SA…themselves. LOL …and they want it now…They’ve been helping Iraq for a long time to strangulize the supply of oil for a long time. It’s about time now for them to make money – and they’ve kept quiet about and been so polite. If you missed the notes, a lot of this isn’t making any sense…and for an OPEC member to say this (LOL) –the reason we’re doing this is for Iraq’s economy….LOL..... Well arright then.

They make our TEAMS look good, don’t they? Opec…hmmm

Organization of the petroleum exporting countries – tell me you knew that's what OPEC means …OPEC…

Organization – group…of the oil…leaving…a country ......really? So, OPEC means it’s an organization that’s leaving to a bunch of countries OIL so that they can help other countries.

What are those countries? -- There’s only 5…What? You didn’t study the BRICS?
Iran – Iraq – Kuwait – what a minute??? – Saudi Arabia – Venezuela. Oh, yea, you have to have a loser country….they’re all losing money but they want to help themselves to re-build their reserves….Yep!...... fascinating !


And the fact that they talked to you about COINS….what? You didn’t look at the last page walkingstick brought out? - COINS, FILS? It’s impossible with 1166 – maybe with a 50 or 250…coins? Fils? So, if they do the T & T on Jan. 1st and say they’re activated, I don’t give a darn if it’s 1166 – they couldn’t make it any sweeter.

There’s no frickin’ way they could stay at 1166 because they never brought them OUT at 1166. What’s it been ready for 2 years, we told you….No wonder you want to have an emergency call if they come out with the T & T on Friday…So, let’s wait until then.

Tomorrow’s New Years……did you see our website? We’re fast…we got our own server…it’s big We’re very, very pleased…If anybody wants to help, (it costs $5,000) push the donate button…we appreciate eveyones' DESIRE to help .......... TY Kindly. 419-283-2552…God bless you – you’ll never ever know the trueness we do at KTFA.

If you’re going out to party, be safe.

Dismissed with a prayer.

Landa China Global is reporting their funding has been released to their banks, 31 DEC

Maxim1:  Landa China Global is reporting their funding has been released to their banks. I think it is confirming everything else we are hearing. We are close ….no doors are closing…

I do know that they are one of the designated bond redemption oversight organizations.

If they have received their funding that is definitely a positive for us...since the RV/GCR and Bond Redemption are joined at the hip.

Here is the Landa China Global Replay number

641 715 3589 pin 484959#  then hit # again when they ask for code



In a nutshell it appears that every single element we could possibly hope to see has and is happening in real time.
The Hydrocarbon Law governing funds distribution along with the requisite taxes and tariffs are imminent within the next  48 hours.
We are witnessing the perfect storm that we have always dreamed of for a reality rate for our investment  literally any day now.
The security picture couldn’t be better as what you are getting is at least 8 days behind reality so consider it done.
In the words of the late Michael Jackson: THIS IS IT!


Important comments from my Kurdish friend ( you can treat all as rumor and please due your own sound diligence ). 2016 is a make it or break it year for Abadi’s survival.
In particular the 1st half and progress in the war against ISIS is job número uno.  Monetary reserves have evaporated and the IMF is now at the helm of monetary policies to be executed in exchange of the bailout Iraq is receiving from them.
Parliament and CBI have agreed to implement whatever reforms the IMF requests. Inside word is that the IMF too has at its highest priority the transformation measures of Iraq into a diversified market driven economy and so the next few months will be very telling of investment policies and mechanisms that will be established.
If these moves prove results then the IMF will help Iraq orchestrate the long awaited “deletion of the zeros” (or) LOP.
The IMF has made it clear during these talks that the LOP and dramatically reducing the money supply is the ONLY way forward for them to have a real and stable monetary program.
Again as my amigo stated before it is still on the table that Only notes inside Iraq will then be allowed to exchange for the newer notes.
This process is still scheduled for the second half of 2016 to start BUT progress on ISIS and IMF imposed conditions are prerequisites.


ANNOUNCEMENT FROM CBI: “To / all licensed banks and money transfer companies approved all and the financial investment companies approved all and brokering the sale and purchase of foreign currencies approved all companies (foreign exchange rate) 12/28/2015” IMO IT MEANS THAT THE REGULATIONS HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED AND ONLY MONEY EXCHANGERS AND BANKS CAN EXCHANGE CURRENCY — THE NOTICE IS TO ALL THAT HAVE BEEN LICENSED. THE MARKET IS CLOSED RIGHT NOW THERE AND IT OBVIOUSLY IS VERY EXCITING TO SEE THIS FROM CBI.
Special – scales News
The parliament’s finance committee, Wednesday reveal the activation of customs tariffs as of 1/1 2016 in all provinces and border crossings in the Kurdistan region, while the government called for a non-recourse to the salaries of its staff during the passage of the country’s financial crisis.
Parliament / scales News / “touched on the government private employees’ salaries as much as possible under the circumstances plaguing the country.”
Adding, “activating the customs tariff as of 1/1 in all provinces and border crossings in the Kurdistan region,” calling on the government to “obtain the non-oil revenues in addition to the necessity of obtaining all court fines and benefits obtained from mobile phone networks and the Internet.”
Calling for “holding negligent and corrupt leading to the advancement of the financial reality of Iraq,” stressing the need to “stay away from touching the employees’ salaries and not to be manipulated.”
The Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari issued a statement that Iraq has restored a plan for selling bonds of 2 billion U.S dollars in the year 2016. It is considered most critical time because Iraqi government is currently facing more dangerous situation due to terrorist activities of Daash organization. Zebari further added in his press interview that Iraq’s 2016 federal budget allows the Iraqi government to sell 2 billion U.S dollars bonds due to the lack of availability of financing sources, which postponed the selling plan of bonds. It is considered the first major plan by the Iraqi government for international markets in ten years.
Zebari also added that a number of investors demanded 11 percent profit for these bonds which is considered too high. He said that Iraqi government is hoping to settle a feasible deal in order to issue the bonds in the international market in the year 2016.
The Iraqi armed forces are continuously achieving handsome victories against Daash organization and International Monetary Fund and the World Bank is supporting financially the Iraqi government in this regard. It would also enhance the confidence of international institutions in the country for the issuance of Iraqi self-governing bonds. It is noteworthy that Iraq sold more than 2.7 billion dollars in Iraqi bonds in 2006.

ZAP Mid-Week Update ADDENDUM, 31 DEC

ZAP Mid-Week Update ADDENDUM :

Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Elmerf123456 :  I have a strange feeling that everything that is supposed to be done is now all aligned and ready to go the first of the year that's why it's been quiet!, but in the quietness it's been very loud IMO with all the good news from Iraq, the World Bank the IMF etc. etc. etc.and now it's Ban Ki Moon with the United Nations jumping in. I see connected dots and a great painting!

Elmerf123456 :   Ban Ki Moon....whoop whoop! This is good stuff and has underlying meanings IMO!

Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, received a telephone call Wednesday from Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon.

He congratulated Ban Ki-moon, the government and the Iraqi people on the occasion of victory against terrorist Daash and the liberalization of the city of Ramadi, noting that such a victory sends a message of hope and optimism to the international community after the Iraqi flag in the city of Ramadi,

a major development in the events, while the second important step would be re-civilians to their homes and protect them after the extension of security and stability and that the United Nations stands ready to provide all support in this area.
He praised the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the efforts of Mr. Prime Minister and the measures taken to strengthen the work of the Government,

For his part, thanked Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Ban Ki-moon on these congratulations indicating that the Iraqis are pleased with this victory and that Iraqi forces are not controlled to the city center but only grip control on the perimeter of the city is also giving it full control of the patchwork owned by a year and a half from now.

 The Prime Minister pointed out that the city is now our priority mine clearance and protection to ensure the return of displaced families after the provision of basic services has formed a higher committee concerned with the process to restore stability in Ramadi and other cities!

Angel11:  Thanks Elmer! Sounds like the stars have aligned and we are good to go!!!!!

Elmerf123456 :   Puerto Rico will default on small portion of the $1B in bonds due Monday: signs signs everywhere is signs!


OkRocks...interesting read on Iran returning to Int'l Financial System once the nuclear deal is implemented within days....When the nuclear deal is implemented Iran will be allowed to return to the international financial system, receive billions of dollars that were frozen by foreign banks, and sell greater quantities of oil abroad.

BadScott54:  Respect Your Dreams And Goals. What You Respect, You Will Attract. Respect is needed for excitement. Excitement is needed for your energy. Energy is needed for completion of your dreams and goals. Create your Dream-Wall with pictures of future experiences you desire. Put in front of you what you want to remember...every single day. The Proof of Desire Is Pursuit. Joy Is The Proof You Are Pursuing Something God Wants You To Enjoy. Dr. Mike Murdock 12/30/15

SassyD:  The Same Pill That Costs $1,000 in America Sells for $4 in India -- De​cember 28, 2015 -- http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-29/the-price-keeps-fall​ing-for-a-superstar-gilead-drug-in-india

SassyD:  The AIIB Bank officially opens -- Dec 30, 2015 --http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-30/philippines-makes-la​st-minute-decision-to-join-china-led-aiib

Dinan:  Sassy...yes...the AIIB as well as the BRICS nations bypassing the IMF/World Bank...interesting times..

Four2atous:  The multicurrency system was hailed as a masterstroke and is still considered in many circles the best way to keep the economy afloat and stable, barring of course the challenges associated therewith. http://www.zimdaily.com/?p=40995#sthash.oU4JreXe.dpuf

Four2atous:  VietNam negative interest= http://tuoitrenews.vn/business/32468/vietnam-to-set-negative-interest-​for-dollar-deposits-cbank-governor

Fur2atous:  VietNam Banking-restructure http://tuoitrenews.vn/business/32485/vietnams-banking-restructuring-sc​heme-fruitful-with-important-targets-met

SassyD:  Puerto Rico will default AGAIN -- December 30, 2015 --http://money.cnn.com/2015/12/30/investing/puerto-rico-default-january/​index.html

Four2atous:  One industry effects another=http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-29/oil-shown-as-culprit​-for-u-s-steel-woes-as-import-threat-eases

Four2atous:  Zim opens the gate for the Chinese=   http://www.zimdaily.com/?p=40908
Four2atous:  Big deal.....esp for HSBC as they are in process of moving their HQ to​ China /central bank's suspension notice for Citi, HSBC and BNP Pariba​s= 

Uni345ty:  So Four2 what does that article have to do with zim RV which we all are waiting on? I don't understand

Four2atous:  We can see China, who is the other "big player" in the RV process, making moves to court Zim, VietNam, and others too numerous to name here setting up a system to circumvent the dollar trade system.....it has everything to do with exchange>>>