Wednesday, October 28, 2015


    • Downsouth said
      11:17 PM Oct 27, 2015
    Seems to be quite a bit of excitement out there and interest in the late night INTEL.  So, for a simple summary, thought I would write it up here and post it this way.  Hope not to step on anyone's toes.   
    Okay, here is some after midnight INTEL out there in dinarland tonight.
    Remember, we hear it is everyday and then nada.  So, take with a grain of salt is important here.
    But, first, info allegedly from the Bruce call tonight--he is saying that two million atm's around the country are loaded with US Treasury notes that will be replacing in the long run the Federal Reserve Notes we use today.  Supposedly, they are prepared to start distribution tomorrow.
    Then, he said rates on Bank computer screens are as high as $6 dinar $4 dong (allegedly not contract) and 24/25 cents on the 100T zims with six zeros taken off.  So, keep that in mind if the 800 numbers are released and you go to the bank.  ALSO, remember to say you are there to "EXCHANGE" your currency.  You are allowed to ask the banker to see the screen. But supposedly, the banks want you to have the money, so you should not have to worry about checking behind them.
    Next, they are saying things are indeed lined up to pop tomorrow.  So, we shall see.
    IKO was saying earlier FOREX showed at midnight tonight that forex rates completely RESET to ZERO, something he has never seen before and that only the Super Computers out there appeared to be operating--no man operated movements.  He thinks when Europe opens up at 3 a.m. eastern time, that could be interesting.
    IKO seems to think the currencies we are interested in will be controlled by the banks and not by Forex.  So, it could be the rates stay at zero on forex but actually have rates at the banks. The banks will bring us into the banks to trade in our currencies based on the rates on their screens. 
    Who knows for sure?
    Anyhow, the INTEL out there tonight is certainly "wired."
    We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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