Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Highlights of Tony's conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Tony:   I can't think of one reason in the world why we should be here.  Don't know why we are still here.  Investment law . . . national guard. . .  security law was passed and made public.  Rates are on the screens at various banks.  Rates are varied.  Each is waiting for the UST to say go.  Not that UST is holding it up.  They (banks) are waiting for the Treasury to say "go."
Even though exchanges this weekend, everybody still waiting for someone to say "go."  Globally.  We are globally.
Did hear some people had money in their accounts today.  They waited all month.  Mentioned the 3 letter agency to say go is the IMF.

SCAM ALERT:  OKIE called Tony because he got a phone call on the IRS scam going around.  They threatened him with pay $363 ASAP or they would be at his door to collect. 

CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  They have a window.  They are trying to make it happen sooner, rather than later.                                                             Any moment, any hour.  Be ready.
IRAQ:    Tony has still not heard if Iraq got paid.  He said some people were reporting they had money in their accounts.  
Tony:  Don't think Mosul holding it up. have enough key areas and provinces, moving currency around. Enough locations that it's not holding it up.
  • CBI  
  • IMF:  is the agency it is "presumed" has to give the "GO" for the RV.
  • Asian Banks: Tony heard there was "crooked stuff" going on in Asian banks over the weekend.  It was cleared up by Mon/Tues.
  • Rates  showing on bank screens are higher than rates mentioned previously for all the currencies.  Tony: My opinion is they raised those up to get you to come in faster.   Nope, not going to quote rates.'s . . about .80 different. No holds, no standby's.  Just there. Tony indicated rates were high over the weekend for some exchanges.
UNITED STATES:    Tony has not heard that the US is holding this up. 
  • Large Tip on credit card can be voided by the credit card fraud department. Also, it creates an income record.  Cash is best.  
  • Banks:  Rates at the banks are different from each other.
  • Generals64 Group:   Tony:  G64, if there is still a G64 group, is not going one minute before anybody else. 
  • Seperate Currencies/Taxation:   Tony said years ago, someone at UST, told him to separate the dinar from other currencies as it would be tracked differently and could be taxed,while others might not be.  Tony:  Don't think we will hear anything on the taxes until after it happens.
  • NEGOTIATE:  Tony suggested you could use your total currency as leverage to get higher rate on Dinar.  EX:  You only have 5,000 dinar and they offer you a low rate.  You counter with but I have 20 million dong and 100 Trillion ZIM so I need a higher rate for my dinar. 
  • Ramping Up Process:  Doing ramp up again. Banks call back, everybody have to call back and say "ready." When everyone ready, they do a practice run. Then everyone reports and then all the banks say we got our go. Then they have to get a go from the UST and then from White House and on and on.  (That's close to what he said or my interpretation)
  • Caps:  No new information.  Tony said they have remained the same, as far as they know.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Mouse:  First mouse are lower rates in the beginning.  Tony:  My understanding is to skip over the first mouse. . . sucker rate. .. then after 3-5 days .. hits FOREX and would go up higher.  That is going to be the 2nd mouse. . . then top out .. my opinion at  $10 or 12 dollars . . . that would be the 3rd mouse. . . or contract rate . . .you could wait out the 3rd mouse or go get contract rate. Those were the options.
       Tony: The only way they can control it is to do it before the FOREX.  (meaning before it shows on the FOREX)

 Caller:  Timetable for the third mouse?  Tony:  Nine days is the goal.  If you play the FOREX, it might be 10 days plus before it comes back down.  You will have to watch it and know and understand what FOREX is all about.
Caller: What one thing is different than where we were last year? Lynch pin you believe that says this is critical and we've never seen before?   Tony: Several things. Laws being passed.  Did not need for RV, but for some ego or mind set. Level of info I'm getting and sources has increased. The cards being issued with rates being locked in through the country. $3.41 rate is different. Banks saying tired, frustrated and would not play the game anymore.

EXCHANGING:  Tony said three different scenarios offered and he did not know which one they will go with.  Want to be done in "nine" days.  A 2% fee to exchange by the banks may be negotiable.  Tony:  Doing background checks.  Looking at people involved in terrorism, gang members .  Bunch of people they want to make sure don't get this kind of money.  Don't expect rates, information to show up on bank websites.
Tony:  Don't know if they will do one or five 800 numbers.  Tony did say he did not think we would have time to go to several different banks.  Tony:  Go in there and get the best rate you can.  If you have less than a million your plan should be how fast you can put it to work (to grow it.)

 PAM:  I don’t have much to say.  Every questions has been asked.  Every answer given. 
RAY:  Likewise.  Enjoy your Wednesday.  When are we going to see it?
TONY:  Nothing holding it up.  Nothing stopping it.  Everything I have as of this call saying we are pushing forward to make this happen.  They have a window.  They are trying to make it happen sooner, rather than later.  Any moment, any hour.  Be ready.
Put your plan together so you already have it.  Not trying to figure it out or go back in the forum.  That plan should be done.  First 10 things should be done.  More important some idea, when your sitting across from that wealth manager, what your going to do with it.
Enjoy the rest of your day.  I’m hoping this is truly the last call.  Will be here Friday if we have to be.

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