Tuesday, October 6, 2015


TERRYK Morning Coffee 10/6/2015 10:00am edt

terryk:  Morning all
kenbbq1:  howdy howdy
kenbbq1:  Anyone seen where Frank26's 3 steps have been done.....now he has 3 more steps.....Gotta keep those people paying that money..... 
arizona49:  terryk Morning  How are you?
terryk:  Hey ken, just looking at Frank's new 6 step plan
terryk:  morning az have sniffles this am
arizona49:  sorry to hear that tk seems to be going around, tis the season

terryk:  so now I hear that the gov of Vietnam is pissed at merchants hoarding usd
terryk:  So let me ask, did u all see that M is or has not left office and is still barking
kenbbq1:  I saw something about them electing 3 new VP's
terryk:  even tho A said I have dissolved your position, goodbye this guy does not get the hint
terryk:  ken I did not see that, so how can they do that when last week the positions were removed
terryk:  unless I missed that, but have done that many times
wushock92:  Goooood Moooaaaaanin', GET Teeeaaammm!
terryk:  Hey wushock

wushock92:   Boss
kenbbq1:  You will see 3 new Vice Presidents (the old ones were replaced). From Frank
terryk:  what I do feel is coming is breaking Iraq up into statesi
terryk:  and appointing governors muck like us
wushock92:  I don't know why they are so opposed to that. Seems to work pretty good here
kenbbq1:  I have heard that is what the US wants to do...but is the US kinda out of the picture now.
kenbbq1:  Now that Russia is there they don't really have to have the US anymore

wushock92:  Don't they already have provinces anyway?
.MikeH:  I thank that some beleave that they will loose control of the country with the different state goverments it gives the people the power like we have here the only thing is we need to take it back in this country ourselfs
wushock92:  Amen to that, Brother .MikeH!

terryk:  well all, a few I still talk to are feeling good where we are, and are saying this month, not going into new year....so with that keep the faith, treat all as rumor and don't buy more than u can afford to lose......
terryk:  God Bless you all, gotta run 
beach:  bye tk 
arizona49:  terryk take care and get well

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