Tuesday, September 22, 2015


TERRYK Morning Coffee Chat 9/22/2015 9:59am edt

[terryk  Morning all
chas45:  Good morning, TK
terryk: so where are we sitting with this current day                                                                                                                                                           arizona49:  GM tk 
terryk: anything good out there
terryk:  hearing some want abadi out of office
arizona49:  According to all the articles, Abadi is pushing forward no matter what Allawi or Maliki try to do do, to derail the positive outcome of the reform plans
beach: Morning 
terryk:  here is a guy in the past year made leaps and bounds and typical they want to remove him
terryk: hey beach
terryk:  ken
terryk:  mike

arizona49:  yep, but consider the sources

terryk:  az
terryk: and room members
terryk:  so here we are end of September walker just drops out of race, leaves ready to change, temps dropping and we wake up hoping something happens with the dinar
terryk:  hearing vdn dropping in value again
terryk:  iraq has record sales

arizona49:  What if the VND continues to depreciate? http://english.vietnamnet.vn/...eciate-.html

terryk:  who they selling to ask that and why is someone buying this worthless currency
terryk:  as we sit on our hands

arizona49:  The central bank auction record leap today the sale of $ 282 millionhttp://translate.googleusercontent.com/...59x6_XhfBClg

terryk:  Lost connection
terryk:  so as I was saying
terryk:  pray for out military, our nation and the world
terryk:  now let me ask this, anything on Iran rial currency
terryk:  have not heard anything seen nothing

arizona49:   haven't heard a thing

terryk:  but ask yourself this, if and when they turn this currency in (Iran) that would mean only currency over there not on is Iraq, then ask why
terryk:  no excuse for it really

wushock92:  Could the Cabal really have that much power over 


terryk:  yes wushock
terryk:  but I have a feeling it's something larger

wushock92:  So who really benefits should the world financial 

system collapse next month as so many are predicting? Maybe Iraq is waiting for that so they come out really on top.

terryk:  i think because so many Americans have dinar it may have something to do with this
terryk:  but that's just a gut feeling
terryk:  most of Iraq uses cards to have funds loaded
terryk:  not as much currency floating around, not as much as u would think
terryk:  keep in mind there is a target number they wanted to be at, but with that said you have ask why are they still selling

wushock92:  Because people keep buying?

terryk:  so over all it's very confusing and making us all frustrated
terryk:  yes wushock
terryk:  someone is buying
terryk:  record sales yesterday
terryk:  so stop buying wush
terryk:  I don't mind telling you all, that I fear some real scary times are at our doorstep....

wushock92:  Scarier than during the Carter years when Prime was 20+ per cent?

terryk:  Yea
terryk:  not from a % stand point
terryk:  but with $$$$

wushock92:  I'm with ya.

terryk:  look at what bread costs today vs just a year ago
terryk:  az you still have links to what's coming that we all looked at 6 months ago

arizona49:  have misplaced the one, but here is one that came out yesterday, let me grab it >>>  9/21/2015 Deflation on the Horizon By Jeff Thomas  http://www.thegetteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,53814.msg17138.html#msg17138

terryk:  hey all gotta run, dr appointment got to run to, az and ken wush will post articles today, a lot if them

wushock92:  Thanks for dropping by, Boss. Have a great day

terryk:  feel we are in a good place with and according to articles
beach:  see you later 
terryk:  but ask how much is real and how much smoke
arizona49:  And another >>> $140 Billion Bond Fund Goes To Cash As It "Braces For Bond-Market Collapse"http://www.zerohedge.com/...ket-collapse
terryk:  God Bless you all
arizona49:   Have a great day

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