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UU6811 – “ Quick End of Week Update – 9/26 ” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Family and friends are having a great time at the grand daddy of all Oktoberfest in Munchen and it is nice just to be in a festive city surrounded by may who enjoy this time of year alike. Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit Der Gumutlichkeit - Ein Prosit, Ein Prosit Der Gumutlichkeit – Ticky Tocky Ticky Tocky hoy hoy hoy!!! -  still rings in my ears from yesterday over and over again.....lol...lol....

It will be nice to return to our quiet  village in the mountains once again. As you can see ich bin kein city girl.

 I am now sitting in meinen zimmer writing this news letter. Everyone is anxious to leave hotel to touring so I must make this very short today and to get ready….sorry.
I need to emphasize that we are about to enter one of the most pivotal times in the weeks ahead since I have been in this investment. What I mean by pivotal is what will conclude from what I have been talking about now for months.

Remember early October is coming upon us very quickly. There is a target in place and I believe they are pushing forward to attempt to meet it. The big question is will Iraq be ready?

Today’s News

Today is Saturday September 26th and still no RV. I also want to say that when Iraq is ready to revalue their currency and come back as an international player it will just happen. NOTHING WILL STOP IT. There are no boogie men, conspiracies or foreign countries with issues holding it back each weekend, as some make you believe.

The reason we have not seen the RV yet, even though there has been many windows of opportunity planned (and I will not deny these planned windows), is because THEY HAVE NOT YET COMPLETED THE AGREED TO REFORMS!  The PTB will continue to hold it back until Iraq meets its obligations even though they plan these RV windows ahead of time. Remember Iraq too wants to be ready and has set many self imposed issues that needed addressing.

We see these issues too in the reforms (corruption, security, stability). I can not shout it out any louder or any simpler. It is not rocket science…is it? THEY MUST COMPLETE THE AGREED TO REFORMS!

Let’s recap what has happened this week and how it relates to the RV.

If there could be any theme in this week’s news it would be Abadi trying to defend his reforms in front of his political opponents. Who are these opponents?  .

Of course we all know these opponents very well, don’t we?  Do I have to spell then out?

It is the Dowa party and all those corrupt government officials now being caught in their web of lies, deception, and corruption. It is the Maliki syndrome in Iraq as they believed it would be a FREE FOR ALL after the USA and coalition pulled out in December 2011.

They figured a sure thing for a third term for Maliki and a full blown dictatorship was just around the corner. At least that is what they thought they could do.

But the plan did not work out when the USA finally pulled support from Maliki before the 2014 elections. It has been downhill ever since for these gangsters. But they are not yet gone and still can have much influence.

So they are now paying the price as this corruption could not last forever as it could (and nearly did) destroy Iraq both economically and security wise. But those culprits on the very top (those mainly responsible) have not yet paid the price. Their turn is coming soon. This is what the citizens really want and cry out for in the demonstrations. This is what must take place.

It is important to note there must be a true reconciliation in the Iraqi government if they are to get their country back, at least that is what Abadi signed up to help re-establish in 2014.

So this week the news was very slow. By slow I do not mean there was not a lot of news but it was not the news of the finality of the many much needed reform laws that we expect to see. We were told these laws  would be in parliament for their final votes in the coming weeks after Eid. Eid is now ending.

Every time there is a holiday there is much confusion about the timeframe in this dinar investment community. Once again I hear many different views about Eid al-Adha holiday dates. I want to clarify these dates now. .Eid began on Thursday 9/24 and extends through Sunday 9/27 this year.

 Each year it is different timeframes as it depends on time of equinox. Iraq themselves have told us in many of their articles do not expect much during this timeframe so this is why the “official” news is very slow. Every year we must go through this same confusion. Why must it be so?

However  I expect an explosion of news come next week since Eid ends on Sunday 9/27. This is just 3 days from the end of the month. Some are saying Eid ended on Thursday. Really? I don’t know which calendar they are using.

What are these last remaining laws we wait for?

As I have said in my recent news letters we wait for:

1)      the announcement of the formal finality of the Federation Council;

2)      the National Guard law and specifics to be announced;

3)      the Amnesty law (they did tell us this week they released many political prisoners) Could this already be done? I have been told it was signed and done but no official word.

4)      the announcement of the Judicial Reforms bill being passed and implemented;

5)      the passing of the Investment law (see article below);

President Masuam told us earlier this week that FULL RECONCILIATION  would be completed and announced after Eid. This coincides with the timetable we have been previously told.

But what does this “full reconciliation” mean exactly?

I will only relay to you what I have been told when I asked the same question to an Iraqi government official. I was told that full reconciliation means that all the critical needed reforms would be completed.

These are those “low hanging fruits” that Iraq referred to as “hasty” reforms that could be implemented in the shortest time period to give them the highest impact on the corruption and political stability. These were the agreed to (negotiated) items.

These reforms needed laws to implement them and so how do we know if they are or are not completed unless we watch for the laws to coincide with them? So this is now what we watch for.

How important is the Investment law?

I presented an article below that should answer this question for you. It is an excellent article and I quote from it – “ it will raise the performance of financial institutions and contributes to the Iraqi money management correctly ".

 Also I want to add this too and I quote from the article again – "the law will be presented to a vote after the Eid al-Adha holiday to be passed."

They also tell us the hold up was due to many amendments that had to be added to the new law. Remember this law has been initially written around 2012 so it has been kicking around for a long time.

Many knew it would never pass as it was written by the then current council of ministers under Maliki administration. I believe they first had to clean up the corruption in the seven state owned banks in Iraq (mainly the Rafidian and Rasheed banks).

So there was work to be done first but it had to wait to get Maliki out of the way first. Now in retrospect we see that these revisions were necessary to move forward. So what do they have to do that we still don’t know about?

I believe these last remaining reform laws are that “basket of laws” that will hit us all at once very suddenly after the Eid holiday.

When I get excited it’s not because some “guru” told me to get excited because his “secret” source whispered in his ear the bank screens were loaded or the exchange centers are manned and ready (as we have heard this story for years now every weekend).  Instead it’s because I have real proof and I have presented this proof to you over these last many months. Did you listen to me? Did you pay attention?

We are in the absolute best window ever to see Iraq have a significant increase in the value of their currency sooner than later. But this increase is just a small part of the overall effort left in the process.

First we must see the lower denominations begin to be distributed in exchange for the US Dollars (de-dollarization). Then we can expect to hear some news from the CBI as the project to delete the zeros begins again. Items to watch for in the news.

Remember back in March the finance committee did announce they gave the CBI the “green light” or go ahead for financial reforms. So they have been moving in this direction slowly but surely ever since.

So even though we here news of windows for an RV each weekend we must use our common sense that God has given us too and ask this question - How can Iraq  RV if they have not even begun to

1.distribute the lower denominations or

2.announcing the continuation of the project to delete the zeros (said it would begin in early 2016 again),

3. what about the 50k and 100k notes? They said they would begin using the 50k notes before the end of the year.

These are all tell tell signs that we moving in the right direction as we get closer to the end of the year.

So let’s now review about that happened this past week and then I will conclude the news.
Article Begins


Tuesday, 22 September 2015 10:09

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi warned yesterday that the protests in the country are a wake-up call to help the government address the imbalances in the political system.

Al-Abadi said: “The fight against the political quota system is an essential part of the fight against corruption because partisan or personal loyalty leads to favoring loyalists instead of professionals and this injustice destroys society.”

“The Iraqi people may tolerate the difficult economic conditions but they will not tolerate having a privileged group that enjoys special treatment and protections,” he added.

“I said from the beginning that the demonstrations are a warning that helps us address the imbalance in our political system and to cooperate to address the issue of salaries and protections.

If the government is responsible for protecting its officials from terrorism, this does not mean having armies of protection personnel of up to 800 people. The country needs combat troops to defend the homeland and the people.”

https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/news/middle-east/21211-iraqi-pm-protests-are-wake-up-call-to-mend-political-system     Article Ends

Article Begins


Date: 09/21/2015

Palm-A member of the National Alliance and head of the parliamentary finance committee, "Ahmad Chalabi," about a group of well-known names thieves of public money.

He said Chalabi on his page in the social networking "facebook" site and I followed, "news agency palm" The first group of thieves Iraq, which has been its files handed over to the Supreme Judicial Integrity Commission concerning Huda Bank, United Bank, North Bank, Middle East Bank and the Bank of Assyria.
And between a member of the National Alliance, the names that were stolen Iraq and public money are both Fadel Al Dabbas and Haitham Al Dabbas real and imaginary and their companies as well as involved fake projects and false invoices Hamad al-Musawi,

as well as, the boy and his sister in the Middle East Bank on charges of money and false invoices laundering as well as the donation Tabra Aseel Tabra cousin, Hamid al-Najjar and Tarek al-Hassan and Bahaa al-Araji charges of money laundering and corruption of the central bank as well as the Contractor Essam al-Asadi and his son Haider Essam al-Asadi.

He said Chalabi that Judge Jafar Mohsen al-Khazraji, along with five judges were of the defendants also as well as the official Green Real Estate Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki and his gang Abu witnessed Kazim further indicating that one of the defendants are also former Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi

and former Education Minister Mohammad Tamim and inspector general of the Ministry of Health previous Adel Muhsin, revealing at the same time that "the list that has about thieves of public money in Iraq up to 300 name.

It is said that the National Alliance member Ahmad Chalabi revealed a number of stories of corruption led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his son Abu assistant saw officers as well as the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi current.

Article Ends

Article Begins


09/22/2015 14:50 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News

He stressed the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Mohammed Abbas, Tuesday, that the political differences on the investment law will not affect passed, pointing out that THE LAW WILL RAISE THE PERFORMANCE OF FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS AND CONTRIBUTES TO THE MANAGEMENT OF IRAQI FUNDS CORRECTLY.

Abbas said L / scales News /, that "Iraq is suffering a number of economic problems, including the problem of money management as well as the scarcity of financial liquidity,"

adding that "the investment law, which has been read in the House of Representatives will raise the performance of financial institutions and contributes to the Iraqi money management correctly ".

He said the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary "There are a number of amendments to the law will be held by experts and specialists before voting on it," stressing that "the law will be presented to a vote after the Eid al-Adha holiday to be passed."

It is said that "the Chairman of the amendment of the Investment Law Nora Albjara confirmed that the amended investment law will provide 50% of the workforce for the Iraqis."

This "House of Representatives postponed voting in its regular second amendment to the draft law to the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006" .

Article Ends

The next article is interesting.

So we see Abadi and Jaafari delegation heading to the USA. Why now?

I believe this will be a final “progress” report to the USA by the Iraqi government on how well they completed their agreed to reforms. Will they pass the grade and move on to a full international player?

Remember getting their currency back also means they will finally be truly FULLY A SOVEREIGN NATION thus article 4 of the sanctions will be lifted. Is the USA ready to give them this or do they still feel they need this leverage to do what needs to be done against ISIS and DAASH.

Maybe now Abadi and Obama can agree to a much needed realistic new kind of “status of forces agreement” thus allowing for the currency reform and also thus satisfying the  interest of troop buildup by the USA and coalition forces to fight terrorism in Iraq and the region overall.

 I included a news broadcast by ABC News summarizing the past. This is an important news cast since it brings this current situation with ISIS into proper perspective.

At this time this is what I firmly believe on this subject matter – If the USA and the coalition forces can get some sort of satisfactory status of forces agreement in place with Iraq, then Iraq may meet the needed security requirements to roll out the new currency.


Article Begins


22/09/2015 10:37

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari visited the United States after the Eid al-Adha to meet several us officials.

--"News" to the "Al-Abadi, Al-Jaafari will visit the United States, after the Eid al-Adha", adding that Jaafari's visit "will precede the visit Abadi, where he is scheduled to attend UN General Assembly meetings.

The paper said that "Al-Abbadi will exploit his visit to Washington to meet us officials, led by President Barack Obama, to talk about '' daash» financial crisis and u.s. support for clans of Western region, and not confrontation with the popular crowd"


Article Ends

Next I included one more article and I felt compelled to talk about this one. Many of you may jump the gun and not actually read the article fully or know the background. So it needs some explanation.

First of all this is not talking about official policy as of yet and simply the views of the reporter in the article. Second we all know for a fact that Abadi’s council of ministers wrote a law suspending the section in the constitution regarding these three vice presidency positions (one of which Maliki was dismissed).

Abadi then went before parliament and the law was passed. So this is a done deal no matter what the anti-Abadi politicians want to tell you. Relax since Maliki has no official power any longer and no immunity. Maliki still has a power base but it is a much weaker base now that he has no official capacity.

Third we see that the president Fuad Masum has spoken out and wants to maintain at least one deputy vice president so I quote the article in what he has to say in the matter - President of the Republic Fuad Masum keen on the survival of his deputies in their office and talks with Prime Minister al-Abadi ongoing to reach a final agreement in this regard", pointing out that they "may agree on the survival of one deputy to the President and the al-Maliki is the top candidate to stay in office ".

Forth – who will this one remaining VP be, if in fact an agreement  is made to maintain one deputy?  It will  certainly not be Maliki I assure you of this. Many believe it very well may be Iraq's former Vice President Tareq al-Hashimi.

If you have been reading my news letters all along you know where I and others are coming from on this issue. This deputy could very well be announced next week and may be needed as part of the reconciliation process. This would be a couple more nails in Maliki’s coffin….lol…
​Article Begins

Basri's / scales News /:


Since 09/23/2015 14:52 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News

He confirmed the National Alliance member Zainab Arif visual, Wednesday, First Deputy President of the Republic "Almrhq" Nuri al-Maliki is the front-runner to stay in office, showed that with the resolution of the position will be after Eid al-Adha.

Basri said L / scales News / "The decision to dismiss the Vice-President of the Republic Fuad Masum, is unconstitutional because the Constitution acknowledged that the President of the Republic his deputy and at least one", saying he "will discuss a resolution of impeachment in the House of Representatives during the next meeting Alorteurakdha after Eid al-Adha holiday after being voted by the Council of Ministers and sent it to parliament. "

She said the National Alliance, a member of the "President of the Republic Fuad Masum keen on the survival of his deputies in their office and talks with Prime Minister al-Abadi ongoing to reach a final agreement in this regard", pointing out that they "may agree on the survival of one deputy to the President and the al-Maliki is the top candidate to stay in office ".

It is said that "the voice of the Council of Ministers, earlier, to approve the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic Act, as three two-year assignment managers decided to retire at their request"

Article Ends

[Finally – Electricity coming to Iraq]

An article came out on Wednesday telling us the province of Basra will install a number of electricity projects in the coming months.

It also told us funds are allocated and need to be released before the summer of 2016 for more projects in electricity. So finally Iraq is beginning the projects to bring their country back online.

This may  not seem significant to you but this is HUGE news since lack of electricity has been a major source of contention in these recent demonstrations.

Also how do you run the computers and networks necessary for commerce and the banking systems without reliable electricity 24/7? The government is finally getting around to addressing some of these issues at the heart of the desires of the people and the economy.

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Ticky Tocky Ticky Tocky hoy hoy hoy!!!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,  Mnt Goat

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