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As many of you beer lovers may know the 182nd annual Munich Oktoberfest has begun last Saturday and so my family and I will traveling on the bahn and heading to Munich soon to participate. We try to go every year as it has become a tradition for us. Last year we were present on Saturday for the tapping of the first Oktoberfest-beer-barrel by the Munich mayor in the Schottenhamel Tent. We missed it this year but we will still drink our share of the bier. Meine Kinder enjoy the rides and the mid week is not so busy and hectic.

This will be my last news letter until we return from Munich. However I will try to tap (no pun intended) into the news in the gasthof hotel while we are in the city and maybe give a nice update for you in Fridayor Saturday for the week ending. How does this sound?

Today I come to you once again to see what sense we can all make out of this RV saga of the Iraqi dinar.
I have to tell you news was very slow over the weekend but now the news is crazy again. Sorry for today’s very long news letter once again. I guess if you want the truth you will just have to read it…..lol…..

We are off to a start of a fantastic week! In the many years of following this saga I have never seen such progress move so fast. Some element is definitely behind supporting Abadi and his council.

Remember too Oct 1st or early October is coming upon us very quickly. These next coming weeks should be very interesting. Did I not warn you about mid September period?

Today’s News

Today is Tuesday September 22nd and still no RV. I also want to say that when Iraq is ready to revalue their currency and come back as an international player it will just happen. NOTHING WILL STOP IT.

There are no boogie men, conspiracies or foreign countries with issues holding it back each weekend as some make you believe.

Let’s review what is happening as this week progresses so far.

Before I begin today once again I have to clean up some misinformation being spread by these so called intel “gurus”.

Now they are saying that the Mastercard has gone international. Really? Prove it to me. I dare you!.

We must stop this foolishness in the dinar community. People are getting confused and mixed up. Can you read? Then why don’t you take off your RV hat and read the article below for what it is truly trying to tell the citizens.   Again they take an ounce of intel and mold it into their own pound of hype. Anything it seems to hype you us these days. Just ridiculous !

What is really happening with the Mastercards?

I have gone through this many times already in my past news letters. The facts have not changed. How many times must I tell you  that these cards WILL NOT GO INTERNATIONAL until the currency is once again back on the international global exchanges. They can not use these cards outside of Iraq until this happens. Of ocurse they can try but they won’t get any money out of the ATMs. Sorry! Using the cards outside of Iraq means - the IQD rates will have to be in the international exchanges  which enables the link to the conversion programs so  the new currency can be converted from the country of origin’s currency amount.

So this did not yet happen and the article below is also telling us this fact. The article below is from an economists who is suggesting they now take advantage of the modern technology. So why would they be telling us this if they already did it?

But we all know the limitations until Iraq gets back its international currency, and we also know this has NOT YET HAPPENED! If you are a long standing Mnt Goat reader you know better.

I quote “economists calls for the expansion of the credit card”. So what does EXPANSION mean to you? It means the FUTURE expansion meaning it has NOT YET HAPPENED. Get it ? Am I missing something? The article below is NOT telling us the Mastercard can be used internationally. So calm down we are not any closer to the RV than we were last week.

So please stop listening to this nonsense once again. Here is the article below. Their words not mine. NO hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.

I know many of you don’t enjoy this part of the news and tell me I should stop. But this news letter is not all about you and for you. Sorry !

Article Begins



More convincing the people to use cards instead of cash

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - called the economic expert Majid picture, the expansion of credit cards circulating through the apparatus in all shops, hotels and shopping centers as well as banks, and educate citizens the benefits of their use for the development of exchange technology.

Rafidain Bank announced, on Saturday, ironing my card adoption Card and MasterCard in employees and retirees pay the salaries, allowing for retirees who are abroad to withdraw their salaries from any ATM in any country they are in.

And said the picture's (IMN) The "declaration of Rafidain Bank on the use of cards ironing Card and MasterCard in employees and retirees pay the salaries of a good step needed to develop and expand," adding that "most of the Arab and foreign countries are using credit cards in payment of salaries and shopping monetary and trading because of their Positive effects on the citizen to keep his money from loss and theft. "

And enter the Rafidain Bank, according to officials, advanced technologies in its work in line with the modern in the world banking reality and achieved quality regarding the use of the smart card boom (ironing Card) for retirees and groups covered by them after it was in the past through the receipt and manually activated at various state institutions.

Article Ends

Next I want to present you with some insight that Iraq is in fact working hard on trying to reconcile the issues within the National Guard law. It appears that some members of parliament feel the necessity to take the advice of the USA. Last week I presented you with an article telling us the USA suggested that they launch a conscription (darft like program) for all citizens. It appears that this recommendation did not go over very well as many parliament deputies still feel too much intervention by the USA. I quote from the article below - "it is possible to take cues from the US side, but not mandatory application of the Parliament is prescribed laws" and "noting that any external interference in Iraqi affairs is unacceptable”.

I firmly feel they will work out any issues before Eid and we will see the conclusion of this law maybe this week or next. It is looking very good. Remember it can’t go on forever.

Their latest target is Oct 1st  for National Guard law, Judicial Reforms, Amnesty, and Investment laws.

Just Monday 9/21 we heard that Fuad Masum has announced “we finished the National reconciliation project & will present after the feast!”. This means after Eid around October 4th timeframe.  Hurray ! This confirms the target of very early Oct I have been talking about.  Please go back and refer to my news letter from 5/27/15 (LINK) UU5516 called “Tribal Reconciliation Needed”.

Article Begins


21 September 2015 | 04:53 evening |

The coalition of the wise: the external intervention of the National Guard passed a law delay

BAGHDAD / .. stressed the citizen coalition led by Ammar al-Hakim, on Monday, that the external intervention of the National Guard delay passed a law, "noting that any external interference in Iraqi affairs is unacceptable”.

The MP said the coalition Salim Shawki's "Eye Iraq News" that "outside interference National Guard law complicates matters more than it solves and puts Barriers", adding that "the National Guard Law came to save the blood and the rights of the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes."

And between Shawki that "the US ambassador did not intervene formally issue of the National Guard and any intervention it is unacceptable," explaining that "it is possible to take cues from the US side, but not mandatory application of the Parliament is prescribed laws".

As revealed Badr bloc in Parliament, Monday, all the pressure exercised by the US ambassador to Iraq to pass the National Guard Law, claim ambassador to desist from its interventions the internal affairs of Iraq and the political process.

It is noteworthy that the theme of the National Guard and find the intricacies of the law by some lawmakers that since put Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with assuming his official duties. Ended 9

Article Ends

Seems many politicians are still very angry about the gradual reforms to eliminate the immunity of politicians. This encourages corruption since they can not be convicted while they are still in office. I have always thought to myself how weird is this? Well I guess I was not the only one too since Abadi seems to be taking the bull by the horns on this issue too. This is an important part of fighting this corruption and his reform program.

The largest impact we know is on the elimination of the three vice presidental positions. I suspected we would be hearing from each of the dismissed VPs soon in this topic. Maliki has already sounded off, now its Allawi’s turn.

So Abadi knew he was going to take many “punches” on his decision to eliminate these positions in the government.. So here it comes. Out pops an article from Allawi. See articles below. This stuff is almost predictable now. The timing is perfect.

I would not worry too much about this jibber jabber from Allawi, since Abadi is going to stand firm on his reforms. He will remain as the prime minister and has a very large following and support base. The only way he will leave his position is in a coffin and this would be a very big mistake for Iraq’s progress. So relax they will not hold new elections and will instead continue with the reforms and movement toward the RV. Remember too USA president Obama has made a declaration in public he is fully behind Abadi’s government. So even if there was a coupe or assignation the USA would have justification to move in and occupy that county again. This would not be pretty.
Article Begins:


Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi: there is no substitute for proceeding with reforms except chaos and the return of abhorrent dictatorship

Sept 21 2015

The Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi stressed that the fight against the political quota system is an essential part of the fight against corruption because personal or party loyalty leads to promotion of those close to you at the expense of the professionals and capable people, and this injustice destroys society and we will not allow it.

The PM said in a speech during his attendance on Monday (in a ceremony honoring the teams completing the pension applications of the families of martyrs in their homes) that the people may be patient with the difficult economic situation, but they will not stand for the presence of a privileged class that enjoys protections.

He continued: I said from the beginning that the demonstrations are an alarm bell that helps us to address the imbalance in our political system and to cooperate in addressing the issue of salaries and protections, and if the government has a responsibility to protect officials from terrorism, this does not mean that there will be armies of protection details equivalent to three divisions, and there cannot be for one person a protection force of 500 or 800. The country needs combat troops defending the homeland and the people. We are continuing these reforms for justice and equity and the abolition of inequalities, and I will not back down even if it cost me my life, because the alternative is chaos and the return of abhorrent dictatorship that brought wars and mass graves and the sanctions and destruction. The correct action is to modify our political system and fight corruption.

The Prime Minister added: I said as prime minister when I do go out to visit areas that I do not cut off the roads and do not use armoured vehicles, and put my needs as a marker for the protection needs of officials.

He pointed out that we are seekers of peace and not war, and this war was imposed on us, and Daesh entered our territory from Syria with the support of others, but the magic turned against the magician, and Daesh today threatens the Gulf states, Turkey and Jordan, and does not target the Shia only and so it exploded mosques in Saudi Arabia, and therefore we believe calls for cooperation to counter Daesh.

The PM added: Even some who supported Daesh and thought they came to serve them, they discovered the truth, and our troops are welcome in Al-Anbar and Salahuddin, and we reassure the sons of Nineveh that we are coming to free them.

He praised the volunteers who serve the families of the martyrs and the initiative of the completion of their transactions in their homes, because they offer a bright image of Iraqi youth. He said: the nation which cherishes its sacrifices and serves their families, deserve to be raise the standard of freedom, and in particular the martyrs of the popular mobilisation who seek martyrdom walking on their feet and will not give up their nation for money and sacrifice their lives so life can continue.

The Prime Minister ordered the start of an initiative to care for the wounded in hospitals and homes for those who deserve care for a longer period, and instructed to simplify the procedures for the completion of transactions for citizens and investors, because if the procedures were simple the citizen and the investor would not be forced to pay a bribe to progress their transactions, and these corrupt people are showing resistance to efforts to fight corruption, because they stand to lose the illegitimate money that they receive.

Prime Minister’s Media Office
Monday 21 September 2015

Article Ends

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