Sunday, September 27, 2015


Guesses To Exogen’s Picture clues/Intel: (First time in many months!)
Ranger4564:  My guesses… some are rough because they’re tough
USA caves to pressure
Iraq Parliament votes on a basket of laws
Pope calls on Bohener to hit the road
Watch Bonds
Countdown of parallel conversions
Exponential (gazillions) lubricating credit
AIIB reaches agreement with IMF to fix
IQD flows worldwide
Old system is out, new system is taking over
RodjiW: I think that one pic denotes someone having to take their medicine… Don’t know about the hot dogs and hamburger though..JMO. But good job Ranger! :)) xoxox
Carol:  The hot dogs and hamburger all have ‘all the trimmings’?
Ranger4564:   Rodji,
Burger is STACKED = ON
Hot Dogs = 2
Don’t know which pic you mean is medicine… I think blood pressure gauge, = pressure building
Looking again, I see I missed a pic.
USA caves to pressure
Pressure building on Iraq Parliament to vote on basked of laws
Looking for Bonds countdown to parallel conversions
Gazillions flowing into credit markets
AIIB and IMF reach agreement (the fix)
IQD pumping through the world
Old system is out, new system is taking over
Carol:  Castor oil…flush it all out?
Ranger4564:  Got it, but i saw the castor oil not as a diaretic, but as flowing… not in the medicinal sense, just flowing out of the bottle. Maybe it is as you and Rodji say, it’s flushing out the credit markets. I think it’s lubricating the credit markets.

ElaneR:  Late coming to the party. Am I correct in what I’m seeing? SNOW! Exo has posted snow?! Wow we must be nearing the end of this ride.

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