Saturday, August 22, 2015


tman23   I have "heard" that today... the 21st "they" were given 3 weeks to complete the laws... (I don't know what laws, and I do not know who is delegating the directives) AND...Moshen Ismail [The gov. of CBI] has submitted his resignation...

The resignation by law requires a 30 day notice...And expect Sept 8th a new CBI governor to be appointed...

There is no "ink" on this and I don't expect to see it in the press until the announcement...

Q: [do you really feel Iraq can pull off a increase in value before the end of Sept or do you feel it may take longer?]    
BGG:    I think - as soon as Maliki is fully "dealt with" and some resolution comes to the Gov of the CBI - the door is wide open to monetary reform.

THAT IS EXACTLY what I think... and all of that can happen very, very quickly.

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