Saturday, August 22, 2015


Hi guys, been humming Pink Floyd's Brick in the Wall all day.

Went to my Wells Fargo Philadelphia Regional Currency Exchange desk today and asked about Dong. This is the same desk that told me three weeks ago WF is not buying nor selling Dong and got a FRAUD ALERT screen when they tried to dig for more info.

Since it was Saturday, the regular guy wasn't there and the desk was being handled by the head teller. I have seen this woman there many times. I asked if they were buying Dong and she said that she had not heard they weren’t buying Dong. She tried her screen and told me it wasn't on the list. She then said she would go to a back screen and see if it was there. It was.

The rate was .44 per 10,000 Dong. So that's a selling price of 44.00 per 1M back to WF. I purchased my Dong last year from Sterling for 80.00 per 1M. There was no fraud alert. There was, however, a note to check with the main desk before quoting any rates, that two forms of ID were required (not specific) and the money would not be available for withdrawal for two business days. She offered to call the main desk at 9AM Monday if I came back then.

So the rate is still the same, but the good news is WF is back in business concerning the Dong. The note about checking with the main desk on Monday and exchange instructions to the teller was also encouraging. Just another brick in the wall, yes, but maybe a keystone as well.

You know I'll be back there Monday unless better news comes sooner. Don't start the bus yet, but make sure the water and oil are topped off and the tires checked. Best Iko

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