Monday, July 13, 2015

Super Short MacJedi Nuggets Conference Call Notes, 13 JULY

GOOD MORNING TNT:  Greece has a deal and oil is going down because a deal with Iran is imminent.  An announcement is being anticipated of the Iran deal.  The RV and GCR is done... just wait wait wait.  That's all folks!

ON TO CALLERS: not going to rehash the same old questions this time.

MacJedi Comment:  Wow that was what I call  Super Super Super Short Short Short MacJedi Nuggets  As you now know...  There is nothing really important happening today and that is what this post is all about... CUTTING DIRECTLY TO THE CHASE!
Have a wonderful day!  All my love to you all as we are truly rich even without an RV.  Everyday we receive more Sun Light than any money can buy!  Light is the currency of the Universe as it is the reason life is...  We have clean water to drink and there is no amount of money that can be spent to assure this kind of wealth on Mars!  Most of us get to eat at least once a day and that keeps us alive, breathing and capable of interacting with an amazing race of humans who embrace Love, Compassion, Charity, Kindness and concern for each other despite the few in the bunch that might act otherwise.
I love life!...  I love people!  What an amazing experience to be gifted breath on this planet!  I have a Revaluation already as I look at each day and grow older in wisdom and revalue the wealth this life so generously blesses me with daily.

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