Sunday, July 5, 2015

Keywords: delete the zeros existing project and we have given the green light for its implementation, 5 JULY

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

announced the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, on Monday, the deletion of zeros existing project, as pointed out it was given the green light for its implementation, he stressed that this process will be preceded by the administrative and regulatory processes. 

Alak said in a press conference held at the bank building and attended by Alsumaria News , “The project to delete the zeros is based was put into practice, and we gave the green light to start with,” noting that “The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more.”
He Keywords that “this process will be preceded by regulatory and administrative operations and form in which it will be starting out in walking,” noting that “the bank began creating currency models and training of cadres on it.” 
The Iraqi Central Bank announced in May 2012 that the process of deleting the zeros will be transferred Iraq from a country trillions to billions, noting that the [size=24]currency replacing[/size] the process needs to be approved by parliament.
 He accused the central bank, in (12 September 2011), government agencies obstructing monetary reform and vowed to persecuting, blaming those actors responsible for exposing the financial interests of the country to danger. It is noteworthy that some economists say that Iraq is ready for the time being to delete the zeros from the Iraqi dinar, pointing out that the deletion needs to security and political stability as well as stability of the economy. LINK

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