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Urgent .. Mr. Ammar al-Hakim calls for rebuilding state structures and get rid of the bureaucracy and fight corruption

[tlm724] now this is interesting. Here we have a supreme religious leader demanding that an end to the proxy positions in the government. Could be a reference to the CBI gov

[tlm724] to rebuild the structures of the State, and to get rid of the bureaucracy, and the fight against financial and administrative corruption,

[tlm724] ya never know  Wink

The central bank stopped dealing with Iranian bank after attended by internationally

[tlm724] A source in the Iraqi Central Bank, on Friday, for a decision by the central bank to stop dealing with Bank Melli Iran branch in Iraq

[tlm724] denied that the decision is linked to Iran's nuclear agreement

[tlm724] that the decision came after the receipt of the bank's name in the list of prohibitions International

[tlm724] The bank's board directed its departments, including the banking and credit Directorate and Auction currency not to deal with Bank Melli Iran after his name was mentioned in the list of the international embargo.

[tlm724] "the Iraqi Central Bank Foundation is committed to international laws and issued them.

[tlm724] so the CBI is following the international rules and not dealing with this particular Iranian Bank


Saleh: borrowing will be a heavy burden for generations and must spend it on the projects generate direct income

[tlm724] that "excessive external debt without development would be a heavy burden for generations", calling for "the borrowed money was spent on direct investments generated income.

[tlm724] "The borrowing must be heading towards optimization of growth in GDP is reflected positively in the event that Iraq's economy."

[tlm724] that right, Saleh remembers what Shabibi taught him. The only way to a free market economy is through growth in other sectors besides oil

[tlm724] The World Bank in (July 9, 2015) approved, a new project for Iraq aimed at the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure destroyed by conflict in the country and restoration of services in the government-controlled areas

[tlm724] confirmed that the program is part of a larger program will be implemented over five years in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala

[tlm724] The Kurdistan Alliance counting, in (July 2, 2015), the terms of the World Bank in exchange for lending to Iraq "weights" to the shoulders of the Iraqi citizen, as he emphasized that the solution to the problems with the Arbil "will provide greater amounts of loan money

[tlm724] confirmed that the government will take remedial action to avoid wastage and the rationalization of expenditure

[tlm724] that Iraq will receive a value of three billion and 400 million dollars of IMF loans and the World Bank, revealed a tendency to privatize the stalled viewing of Astosmar.okan World Bank government projects revealed

[tlm724] to privatize the stalled

[tlm724] government projects

[tlm724] it returned to economic growth as an important part of the solution to political problems which "plagued the region.

[tlm724] exactly what we talked about yesterday  Wink read here:



Iraq become the third-largest oil exporter to South Korea

[tlm724] "Iraq has become the third largest exporter of crude oil to South Korea in the first half of this year, an increase its flow to its highest level since 2000 *wolfwhistle*

[tlm724] "the Iraqi oil exports to Korea increased by 73 percent and amounted to 8.25 million metric tons of crude oil during the month of June of 2015, the highest level seen since 2000, almost."

[tlm724] nice
Economist warns of the growing value of foreign currency at the expense of the Iraqi currency

[tlm724] Warned economist Salem Ugaili, Saturday, of the growing value of foreign currencies in Iraq at the expense of the local currency, noting that the fiscal and monetary policy still chaotic.

[tlm724] "The Iraqi market is now open to the world markets directly without restrictions and this will lead to the entry of foreign currencies in abundance for the country, which would make the Iraqi currency to reduce and worsening,"

[tlm724] pointing out that "all Iraqi traders prefer the dollar or the euro and the pound sterling on the Iraqi currency

[tlm724] that "fiscal and monetary policy in the country is still chaotic and must be addressed before the exacerbation of foreign currencies,

[tlm724] exacerbation, increase in the foreign currencies

[tlm724] they gotta fix this one way or the other. As they have said they want the dinar to be front and center ! they gotta create the right atmosphire to support it !

[tlm724] because where it sits right now no one wants to use it !

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