Saturday, July 18, 2015


Dovi says to wmawhite:  hi nice seeing what you are thinking of late

clay says to BGG: GM

allinxpress says:  People have been saying we’re almost there for 6 years now...

allinxpress says:  hey clay! here we are in mid july LOL

BGG says to allinxpress:  "people" - time to recalibrate :D

 wmawhite says to allinxpress:  It is obvious that if people are not listening to the CBI then they are not listening to the correct people........IMO
allinxpress says to clay:  I'm sure I’ll see u here this time next year

BGG says to wmawhite:  my point exactly.

Dovi says:  we have a gathering of the sages

clay says to allinxpress:  sure hope not

BGG says to wmawhite:  "people" - time to quit listening to idiots.

 jd says:  The tariffs and bonds are possible triggers but we will see.

BGG says to jd:  I don't know about "triggers" - markers maybe... tariffs without value will be hard on Iraq. Reported plainly.

 allinxpress says to clay:  seems that we are still asking the same questions as we were 6 years ago lol

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  I expect to be in St. Kitts this year.........so you will very likely be here by yourself.

jd says:  Yep

 BGG says to wmawhite:  NICE!! I'm comin' to visit :D

allinxpress says to wmawhite:  I expected to be places every year for the last 6.. .I bet we are still here next year lol

wmawhite says to BGG:  I could change it to the Ritz Carlton on St. Thomas, VI

Dovi says to allinxpress:  8-) bless your pea pickin heart

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  Like I said........by yourself..........

BGG says to Dovi:  Yup - Love - Love...

allinxpress says to wmawhite:  I have a thoughtful question...

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  Go ahead.....

msdiva says:  Good Morning All hope all is well on this beautiful Saturday

allinxpress says to wmawhite:  Iraq is SO worried about fraud and laundering right.... yet here we are in the US of A and every time I pay cash for anything, they stop the press and examine the note like they are looking for the holy grail, lol. So my question is... why worry so much

jd says:  I just think that we need to see more pressure from the people of Iraq.They don't seem to care if their 25K notes can only buy lunch or a new car.

Dovi says to msdiva:  hi sweetheart it is a fine morning...NOW

BGG says to allinxpress:  external forces capable of causing major damage.

 BGG says to allinxpress:  aka - Iran.

 allinxpress says to BGG:  Iran will always be there.. sick of people using Iran as an excuse

 allinxpress says to clay:  just still seems like CBI is worried about closing the gap of the market rate and the actual rate then increasing the value of the Dinar

 wmawhite says to allinxpress:  Why,...........just as in any country,..the currency count must be controlled in order to maintain the value and integrity of it. And as they have indicated, the value MUST change. therefore, the control of the currency must be in place.

BGG says to allinxpress:  They have used Iraq as a proxy all along - significant Shia influence... and as a political watcher - if you can figure out what the relationship is currently between the Iraqi Shia minority parties and the Iranian mullahs at anyone time - you probably have a handle on the political winds in Iraq...

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  those are two different issues - One is a in country issue that is temporary.

BGG says to allinxpress:  so - it's not an excuse - it's the real story...

wmawhite says to allinxpress:  The other is an international issue which will be the international exchange rate.

allinxpress says to BGG:  ok bud. Just still feel we are a ways off.. hope I'm wrong.

BGG says:  and if we (as a community) had been studying these trends and not listening to Okie, Tony and every "watered down" version thereof... we would be in a lot better financial position... having made better decisions.

jd says:  What is Iran’s and Vietnam’s international exchange rate?

BGG says:  Iran is (was) 29,535:1 USD the other day...

wmawhite says to jd:  Iran has NO exchange rate until the sanctions are lifted.

wmawhite says to jd: lol

 Dovi says to wmawhite:  can we buy the rial now

wmawhite says to jd:  UNTIL

BGG says:  but eBay sellers were getting 1200.00 per 10 Mil Rials (something like triple - sheesh)...

BGG says to Dovi:  You can - but why??

BGG says to Dovi:  it's "grey" - best case AND a terrible deal.

Dovi says to BGG:  next question - "any profit to be made"?

Dovi says to BGG:  thanks

quicktolegit96 says:  JUST GE THE P A R T A Y STARTED ALREADY

BGG says to Dovi:  by whom??

jd says:  How many wealthy countries have low international exchange rates?

Dovi says to BGG:  me - I was going to ask if I should buy

BGG says to Dovi: the deck is stacked so badly - IMHO it's not a good idea.

Dovi says to BGG:  thanks

BGG says to Dovi:  plus the Iranian Central Bank already clearly stated their intentions... and 100 Bil in frozen assets isn't really enough to force a cataclysmic change in the value of their currency.

Dovi says to BGG:  thanks again

allinxpress says to jd:  how many countries didn't go back to their previous exchange rate AFTER war?

allinxpress says to jd:  0

BGG says to Dovi:  free market and movement of capitol over some period of time may be... meaning once this frenzy dies down you might have time to buy and actually reap rewards.

Dovi says to BGG:  somebody let us know when please

jd says:  Good thought allinxpress.

BGG says to allinxpress:  what - is that hope??

allinxpress says to BGG:  just fact. I didn't say I didn't have hope sir, but you mentioned Okie and Tony, there are people on this site that call for it too and are wrong so... for me its being in this for 6 years and seeing what is going on.. I no longer expect the RV every day .. looking at the bigger picture and nothing that I'm seeing now says Aug 1 RV.

BGG says to allinxpress:  but on the flip side of your statement - Iraq is in a tough enough spot - it's not impossible they WON'T either....

BGG says to allinxpress:  meaning - if one faces the reality of their situation - it is possible, entirely POSSIBLE they do something as a "stop-gap" measure fairly soon...

BGG says to allinxpress:  to deny as much - is simply not being realistic...

allinxpress says to BGG:  True... but they have been in a tough spot before, I remember you saying similar statements 2 years ago.. yet here we sit. Plus, to me, releasing 50K and 100K notes is part of the process and is proof we are in for a longer wait. IMO

BGG says to allinxpress:  will they?? Who can tell - but we have to leave legitimate room for such a scenario... it exists.

allinxpress says to BGG:  true

jbjb4 says:  BGG - More oil companies ceasing operations will put addtional pressure on the GOI and ultimately the KRG. I saw last week where an oil company in the Kurdistan Region ceased operations due to lack of payments.

BGG says to allinxpress:  factually - more like last fall is the start of this line of reasoning (for me – not 2 years)... and there is a direct reason for that.

allinxpress says to BGG:  believe me, I want to wake up one day and discover that each of my dinars are worth $3

mimi3 says:  oh Fall now! I thought you said you did not believe that the other night!!

 BGG says to mimi3: and I don’t...

BGG says to allinxpress:  secondly - if you refer back over my last few calls - I point out the "positioning" of the 50k - 100k note thing... if Alak has his way, if he introduces those notes... maybe - maybe a delay - and no telling for how long. Could only be 6 months... could be less...

allinxpress says to BGG:  Could be 2 years.. .NO ONE knows. that's my point lol

BGG says to allinxpress:  clearly those notes are intended to help the CBI tread water for sometime - HOWEVER, and this is a BIG IF...

BGG says to allinxpress:  Further - there is no GUARANTEE ALAK will get his way...

BGG says to allinxpress:  (or Irans/Maliki's way - which is what it would be)...

allinxpress says to BGG   WHY? why would they need to "tread Water" if they are SO ready ? If they were ready 3 years ago like they have said??

I hope everyone is getting all of this because there's going to be a test later...

allinxpress says to BGG:  I don't buy that 1 man is stopping the economic reality of the entire country. Sorry. don't buy it.

BGG says to allinxpress:  I plainly laid out the 6 or so options the CBI has been discussing - the 50k - 100k note option being only one and the only one involving a delay of any kind...

allinxpress says to BGG:but it makes for interesting discussions lol

jd says:  They are either inept or someone keeps holding them off IMO.

jbjb4 says:  Pretty amazing you cannot remove a guy installed by a caretaker government.
BGG says to allinxpress:  obviously he has support/help/collusion... but it isn't a big contingent... and based on numerous recent reports - there is a much bigger contingent on the other side of the argument.

BGG says to allinxpress:  who want currency and monetary reform - take the recent Turki article - it was plain what he was saying...

BGG says to allinxpress:=  or how about the article on THE BLOG for today??

BGG says to allinxpress:=  PLAIN...

allinxpress says to BGG:=  .. which no one has any idea of lol. 6 years in this and same questions, same conclusions .. no one has any idea. Iraq is making progress, that's for sure, but no one knows what they will do next, not even the CBI lol

BGG says to allinxpress:  these are examples of "the other side of the argument" - (which would obviously be beneficial to us)...

jd says:  Why did Turki not RV the currency when he had the chance if he did have the chance?

allinxpress says to BGG:  well, I guess we just watch and wait. Should see the 50k notes by Aug

 BGG says to jd:  what did Maliki do to Shabibi when he was about to make a move??

BGG says to allinxpress:=  I am skeptical we will see those notes.

puffdragon says:  My thoughts, Abadi has spent a year on the changes with many new people in gov. positions , he fails with much more delays with the iraqi people, so IMO he must make this rv go sooner than later !

BGG says to jd:  was - probably... I also wonder if that recent Iranian bank issue wasn't a message??

allinxpress says to BGG:  nice talking with ya, appreciate the discussion :) Iraq will do what they do regardless if we are here in a chat room. Plus, you never know when you might lose a family member. I miss Sparton81 everyday..

 quicktolegit96 says:  BGG, SO NOT SEEING THOSE 50K AND 100K NOTES IS GOOD RIGHT?

 BGG says to allinxpress:  Hang in there - Gus was a great guy.

jd says:  Maybe Maliki has got to be out totally to RV??

allinxpress says to BGG:  thanks bud. yea he was. 

 allinxpress says to BGG: have a great day everyone. Enjoy Brett Favre day :)

Cricket22 says to BGG: Thank you for the comments :)

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