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TNT Call notes 22-June-2015
Tony:  Friday there was no call recording… I thought I pressed the right button, but nothing came back.  It was totally Tony’s fault… technical difficulties!  Pam, you press the button, please!
Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, June 22, 2015.  We are here once gain.  We didn’t expect to and don’t want to be.  I will give you the information as it is.  I think we are in a good window or timeframe, and I was hoping we would never be here again.  I really hoped Friday would be my last call.  I love you and miss you, but… I’m with you that this should be done.  I can’t see many things getting in the way of this
They called me this morning with the last bill;  I hope this will be the last one.  If things go right, we will not be here again. But we have to do what we have to do to get through this. [Pam:  People can’t hear you!]  Maybe I need to speak up more.
Everyone was geared up over the weekend, with banks and finance and Iraq all in place.  Iraq paid people over the weekend, and some got two years of back pay, while others got what is currently due.  They were paid on their MasterCards;  that article come out over the weekend from Iraq.  People in Jordan and the US can use their cards at the international rate, which is over three dollars when they use their MC right now.  Also, Iraqi banks were open on Saturday, as they said they would.
On Iraqi television, they are back to playing announcements from a month ago.  That’s where we are as far as Iraq.  On their television they are still talking about how they will have the highest currency in the region.  Our guy has been told he would be paid for the last three Sundays, and yesterday he was actually paid. On Saturday they were passing out the lower denominations and telling them how to use them.  It’s confusing for every-body that they have different rates in different provinces.  They have also talked on Iraqi television that they are catching fraud and money laundering.  They are also discussing the emergency meeting about changing rates in the dollar’s rise against the dinar.  This is live on television, all day.  My personal feeling is that people are doing things because they know that it’s about to convert, so they are bringing in more dinar for each dollar so that they can make more money.  Someone is letting that happen – it’s not an accident.
In the US, there were some exchange centers open in various places.  The memo went out to the banks telling them to prepare for a rush on the banks Friday and Saturday.  It didn’t happen, but it shows how close we are.  The rates are there, they can see the rates, although we didn’t have anyone attempt transactions at the weekend or this morning. Everyone is more than prepared for this to go as soon as they can.
Today is the 22nd, and I never thought we would be here today because of everything that has been accomplished.  I’m not going to go into the rates, because what they are seeing is a little crazy, as far as I’m concerned.  Right now, there is a ‘first mouse scenario’, and you’ve been on long enough to know what that means.  The only thing I can say is that you internet guys should know when you can see the first mouse in action.  You should already know what I’m saying here.  It’s first mouse vs second mouse vs cheese factory, so don’t ask me questions about that, or they will be jumping all over us.
What else?  I see a good day, everything is done, no one is fussing and fighting.  We are just waiting, although I don’t see a reason for us to wait at this point. Everybody is always asking me what I think the reasons for any holdup might be, but I don’t see any reasons right now… unless they are really waiting to see what happens with Iran. We are eight days for that conclusion with Iran.  Last time we were waiting for that decision, and it didn’t happen.  Whatever the final decision, it will have some impact on the dinar and the Middle East, but we don’t know what that will be.  What reason does Abadi have to tell his people that he’s going to do it and then not do it?  The only thing I can come up with is that it’s something to do with Iran. If everything else has gone this far, and we’ve dropped these windows of opportunity drop this far… everyone around the world was geared up for this to happen on Sunday, with people in the exchange centers, and it still didn’t happen.  Of course it can happen an hour from now, or today, tomorrow, Wednesday.  If it continues to NOT go, the only thing I can see is the Iran situation and maybe some of the other currencies.
Meanwhile, I’m here and we have to pay the bills.  It is what it is.
828 caller:  The thing with Iran, is that at the end of June?
Tony: they are supposed to make a decision by 30. June.
Caller:  I have heard that they are printing a lot more dinar to make some last-minute cash, and that until they stop that, this can’t happen.  What do you think?
Tony:  WHO is doing that?  The people of Iraq?  The 2-5 people who are holding up the entire world so they can make another billion or so?  People in the US?
Caller:  I heard it’s people in Iraq, but don’t know if that is true.  I wondered if your intel has said anything about that.
Tony:  This is like the last call, where people want me to explain someone else’s post that I no nothing about.  The dinar are printed in Texas.  You’re suggesting someone is asking the Mint to print an extra billion or so and ship it over to Iraq so they can get richer?  Or is Iraq printing their own currency… despite having a recall for the last two years? That doesn’t make any sense to me.  If they are withdrawing the higher denomination notes, why would the print more instead of just calling the RV? 
508 caller:  I hate to bring up a touchy subject…
Tony:  Don’t bring it up, then!
Caller:  Regarding our friends at Sterling, I appreciate that the FBI are looking after our interests and trying to nip fraud in the bud.  But when they do that, and take all Sterling’s possessions including the dinar that US citizens have paid for, I would hope they might put a management team that will do a middle of the road course that will allow people who have paid for currency to receive it.  That’s all I have to say on that.
Tony:  You expect a whole lot!
Caller:  The government is supposed to be protecting us, but they are not protecting me if there is dinar and dong that I’ve paid for but don’t have access to.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  You obviously do not have all the information.  There is nothing negative about Sterling.  Prepare for the worst, that’s all I can tell you.  You can hope for the best but prepare for the worst. 
Caller:  I know we have a majority of good folks in Congress protecting US citizens, and if they are listening, maybe they could do some investigation in light of what’s going on with Sterling.  It would be nice if they could step in so that we could protect our interests here.
617 caller:  Friday you said that Iraq had a date and that you knew it too.  Has it passed?
Tony:  It was scheduled for over the weekend.  Everyone was there, they opened the banks and put the money on the cards.  They were just supposed to wake up to it on Saturday or Sunday morning, but they didn’t even wake up to it this morning.  It’s Monday and I won’t get the real information until after the call.   So far as I know, they have made no attempt to release the RV at all.  It’s in the banking system, and Iraq is now connected internationally or those guys couldn’t use their cards.  The question is “When do they make it public for the rest of the world?”  They are doing something great for their  own citizens, and that is good that they can have more spending power. They were really happy this weekend. Now it’s just about going public so that the whole world can take part.
Caller:  Is there a maximum amount of time in order for them to let us have this?
Tony: There is always a plan, but they have blown past so many windows… as the day goes on, the meeting doesn’t go right, the road takes a different turn… that’s what we have to live with until this actually happens.
Caller:  About Friday’s call, there were many people going over things in the past, and that means people with real questions are not being answered.  Those negative people need to stay off the call to let people have answers about the present and the future.
Tony:  I agree with you, there is no benefit to that.  At the moment, the best thing is to look at what’s happening now.  The rates are there, and contract rates are still available. You still have an opportunity if you are smart to maximize what you have. You’ve had an whole week to reconsider your plans, and if you were really smart, you’d be thinking of how to change direction if you need to.
Caller:  Law of Attraction says that you need to use positive thinking and words, so let’s focus on that.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
404 caller:  Do we still need windows, or is this now on continuous readiness?
Tony:  I can’t see the reason for any delays.  It should have been done already!  There is no reason to keep saying it’s ready to go.  Are they really trying to drag this out, go to the end of June to see what that decision is?  They keep telling their entire country things like the 17th, the 18th, then the 19th.  It should have gone this weekend, and yet we’re still here.  Why  do they go through that exercise and get the people all excited, unless they were expecting something else?
Caller:  when this doesn’t happen is there any notification or explanation?
Tony:  You mean, when they lock people down, tell them not to go further than 30 minutes from their house or office, and all the rest, and then it doesn’t happen?  No, they  don’t. It just didn’t’ happen.  You’re waiting and waiting, and then a day or two later you’re on standby again.  That’s what happened.
Caller:  My sympathies to all those involved.  At the weekend, there seem to have been a lot of meetings with CBI and the interim head.   How secure is he in that position?  We know that Dr. Shabibi is the main mover;  does the interim guy have to be pushed aside for us to see action here? 
Tony:  That’s the same question you asked on Friday!  We don’t have to have him removed to see the RV, or he would already have been moved.  Dr. Shabibi is central and this is his plan.
Caller:  Thank you for all your information.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Pam sent me a link to the guy who is doing the TNT super-fantastic shirts, hats and coffee cups.  He’s done a great job!  I have my own shirt and I love it.  I want you all to have the opportunity to have these, and my daughter wants one;  I wouldn’t set them up myself, but I don’t mind if he sells them.  However, Pam reminded me that we don’t let other people do business on the site, so…
Somebody sent me a text and told me that I should know it’s insulting to talk about ‘the little guy’ and the all the Texans riding ‘the short bus’ because some people really do ride the little bus.  That’s been a joke about Texas for two years because it seems every time I did a call, people would get on a bus and go to the bank.  DC (who is from Texas) told me that Homeland was tracking that!  So it’s only a joke between me and Texas.
813 caller:  You said Baghdad would get this last;  how are your people there doing?
Tony:  They’re terrible!  They talk to their friends and family elsewhere who have already got the new rates, and they are frustrated.  However, they know that they will be getting it, and that they will be final people, they are remaining calm.  But every time Abadi gives a date and it doesn’t happen, that affects the credibility of their government.
Caller:  Thanks. Keep the faith and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
410 caller:  I can’t imagine that the people of Iraq cannot be frustrated about all this.  I hope it gets resolved, even though they cannot go to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Remember, Iraq had a dictator for years, and every province or territory has their own dictator or leader who says “these are the rules here” or “this is the rate here” unless and until someone comes there and tells them otherwise.  Maliki didn’t care, and Abadi has been fighting ISIL.  So they might not be ready for a unified rate.  Baghdad can’t go to Kurdistan and tell them what rate they should use, when Kurdistan comes back with “well, we’re not going to treat our people the way you are in Baghdad!”
Caller:  No, the purpose is to unify and get along with each other.  I guess there might still be some lingering influence from Maliki…
Tony:  Different areas have different command structures, and they are trying to solidify that with the new laws.  People here still take liberties, and we’ve had unified law for 200 years!  It’s a new deal for Iraq.  We see them trying to unify people and that is why they still have different rates.  Yes, Maliki has influence with the army, the government and people who still support him.
President Obama made a speech yesterday that we in the US still have issues from 200 years ago that we still haven’t got over.  How can we expect Iraq to get over their differences in 11-12 years.  The things we want to force them to do cannot be done overnight.  They are killing people in Iraq, yes;  but they kill 20-30 every night in our big cities, and we don’t hear about that.  If twenty people get killed in Iraq, it’s all over CNN; if twenty people get killed in Chicago, it might made the local news.
Caller:  I’ll finish so that others can ask questions.  We appreciate all that you guys share with us, and your insights on this tricky situation.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
347 caller:  There are articles regarding the zim.  Is it still in the first basket?  What about these reports that 100 trillion note will get $5 in exchange?  Is that inaccurate?
Tony:  The rate is on the screens.  I don’t know what the rate is in Zimbabwe;  that’s the situation in Zimbabwe.  They are not happy about it, but that’s the way it is. I can see the zim rate on the screen, but they have asked me not to give out rates at this critical point.
Caller:  So where are me now?
Tony:  We are ‘at any second’.  Worst case, they may be dragging this out three days at a time until they make a decision about Iran.  A lot of dinar went across the border, and I would think that if they release the RV, that would be a decision in itself.  With everything else that is set to go, I don’t see anything else stopping this apart from corruption in the system.  They have been addressing that in Iraq with articles about arresting Maliki for letting Mosul fall and also money-laundering.  They have found the money Maliki hid, and it’s hundreds of billions of dollars.  These are all steps to stabilize the dollar against the dinar.  They are still saying Iraqi dinar will be the highest value in the region.  It could happen any day, at any moment.
585 caller:  Do you know of anyone exchanging in the US in the last few weeks?
Tony:  No one has exchanged so far as I know, because they expected this to go. All I know is that exchange locations in Dallas were open on Sunday.  Some people say other locations were open in other parts of the country.
Caller:  Does ‘first mouse’ apply to the public rate, the contract rate, or both?
Tony:  The ‘first mouse scenario’ applies to public/international rates.  The contract rates are not stable;  they are negotiated based on how much you have, how long you will keep it with them, etc.
Caller:  You’ve already said you think it might have to do with the Iran thing, and that worries me because I suspect they will ask for an extension…
Tony:  In Iraq, the banks were open on Saturday and they loaded the MasterCards on Sunday.  They cannot do that without a rate;  MC has to know what the international rate is so they can deal with it.  That has to come out to the public pretty quickly, even if MC has to make the announcement.
Caller:  Some articles are now saying “Iraq has split into three factions; it is no longer a single country.” If that is possible, how does it affect this?
Tony:  Anything is possible.  Three years ago they even drew up maps with the borders, and who would get what.  However, it is not anyone’s desire.  Even if the new currency has writing in Shi’a, Sunni and Kurdish languages to make them feel  included, they still want it to be one country.  However, they are not going to be unified and lovey-dovey overnight;  too many things have happened.  If our own President is saying we are still not unified after 200 years, then we cannot expect Iraq to do it in 12 years.  A baby can’t just stand up, run around and defend itself.  However, we can support the baby that is Iraq, and we will support and defend that, even as Iraq’s wounds are still too open and raw to heal without our help.
Caller:  If our politicians and head of military and defense minister are saying it’s three separate factions, what will happen to our currency?  Kurdistan’s currency would be worth more than Iraq’s, because they have more of the oil.
Tony: No, because the separate factions cannot support individual currencies or even governments. They will adjust, but it will be long after this RV happens.  So let’s hope that this possible separation never happens.
702 caller:  I’ve been on the calls about eight months. Take my number so I can get to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Whether we have an event or not, I will be in Vegas immediately after this happens, because that is my vacation.  So let’s all meet in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
941 caller:  This seems like a ‘what if’ day, but there is no ‘what if’.  It will happen and then we will see how it works.   The US is buying our dinar, right?  So what happens in Iraq should have nothing to do with us.  In my opinion, the US administration is holding this up for whatever reason.  It’s not Iraq’s money now;  it belongs to the US when we turn it in.
Tony:  We’ve gone back and forth with that.  The US was holding it up, but my guys are now saying they don’t know why it’s being held up.  They were saying it was this minor thing or that tiny thing, or someone got pissed off and won’t let anyone make a dime off their country because they insulted X.  We have to get past all that, but the system itself is ready.  Our banking contacts say that it will take two minutes to release this once they are told they can do it.
Caller:  The exchange centers should be able to exchange if this is international.
Tony:  The exchange centers are run by the banks.  They cannot exchange until there is an official exchange rate that is shown on Forex.  They can push it through as soon  
Caller:  There are some numbers that always get through and some don’t have a chance.
Tony:  How long have you been listening?  Since PTR?  I look at the board and I start at the top, with the people who have been waiting the longest.  The longest one has been on 481 minutes, and you have been on 250 minutes.  I don’t know how or why they stay on that long, but they do.  These calls are on the internet, not the free conference call.  You can dial in, but my board doesn’t go live until 15 minutes before the call.  Every time I answer from the bottom, it pushes me back to the top.
Caller:  But some of these people ask the same questions every time, like 404 and 828.  There are a lot of people who want to get, and people should take that into account and be considerate.  [chitchat]  You don’t look at people for what they are but who they are.  God bless America.  Let’s hope we can get this money and turn this thing around.
916 caller:  About trusts… we haven’t been able to secure 501c3…
Tony:  You don’t want me, you want Ray. I am giving him your name and number.
Caller:  Thank you. Sacramento, Sacramento, Sacramento!
Tony:  We will definitely have a meeting in Sacramento as well as Vegas!
716 caller:  I’ve been with you since the beginning of PTR, and I don’t know how you do it!  It’s got to be frustrating for you.  I’ve been on the calls three times per week for six years.  I’m a positive person, but there are a lot of negative people who think this will never happen.  I don’t’ have questions, just wanted to give you an ‘atta boy’.  Also:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
713 caller:  Are there traffic jams leaving Baghdad for the regions that have a rate?
Tony:  If I lived in Baghdad, I would have moved to Kurdistan five years ago!  I don’t know what’s going on over there, but Kurdistan has a better democracy, newer cities, and all the rest.  I don’t know how easy it is to move around Iraq.
Caller: It seems we’ve been going down this road for so long that the carrot has lost its string.  Are the MasterCards for government people or the general public?
Tony:  The person we know is not a government worker, he is a contractor.  He and his family are using his MC in two countries internationally.
Caller:  So if the MCs have been loaded, what are we waiting for?
Tony:  If I knew that, I would be as rich as Donald Trump!  They did the cards on Sunday and Saturday the Iraqi banks went international.  Everything they were owed for the last two years was also paid on Saturday.  They are doing something unconventional;  maybe it’s their own kind of slow rollout.  We are the last ones, and we cannot upset the applecart by acting crazy.  I wish I could explain it but we only have parts of the plan.  They are still telling us to stay prepared and be ready!  Okay, I’m ready!
Caller:  Since you have such a great rapport with the government guy who asked us to stand down on “we are the people”, what possibility is there for them to make some arrangement on Sterling reserves?  I have spent thousands on reserves, and I think that is how many people have bought their currency.
Tony:  A lot of times I have said before that when I was in MLM, people would say, “I wish I were you” and my reply would be, “If you were me, you’d shoot yourself in the head.” Of course, I would never commit suicide, but you get the point.  When we were doing the Twitter campaign, my family and I were being followed, threatened, files were made in the intelligence services.  You have no idea how you are looked at with those highest levels when your neck is sticking out like that.  I was fortunate to have some very high people in government who said, “He’s only trying to help, so back off.”  It was hard, especially when I was trying to do the right thing.  You have no idea what you are asking… the people who would get upset and the damage it could do if we start that up again.  This is real life, not a movie or a fairy tale.  Most people would be scared to death to have people following them, taking pictures, tracking your ATM.  You guys REALLY don’t know what is going on with Sterling, why it’s happening or what it would take to bring it out. We are this close, let’s get what we can get, make a new plan and get the best you can.  After this is over, then you can talk to these people.
Caller:  I have seen a third-party article about the responsibilities owed to the public;  have you heard that?
Tony:  Look at Sterling’s site – there is a statement.  Meanwhile, this is ready to go at any moment.  The only thing I can see dragging this out is catching money corruption and money laundering and/or the situation/negotiation with Iran.
Caller:  Please could give my name and number to Pam so that I can get back in the forum?  I got kicked out and I don’t know why.  My name is Kirkwood on the forum.
407 caller:  The man who was talking about the same people getting on all the time… I agree with him.  Sometimes Pam tells you to go from the bottom up.  I use my cell phone and it will only hold for four hours.  There are a lot of people who get on all the time.  I’ve been listening for two years, and this is the second time I’ve got on the call.
Tony:  If we are unfortunate enough to do a call on Wednesday, I will try to pick others.
Caller:  I would love to go to Ray’s workshop, and I notice he doesn’t always answer emails or respond to your giving him numbers.  I would love to learn more about trusts and such…
Tony: I will give him your name and number again.
Caller:  I really understand what’s going on in Iraq… there are so many factors involved in this RV.  On our side over here, what do you think about the powers that be.  They know that a change is coming, but they don’t want all these new millionaires or mega-churches to buy the next election.  If you have a lot of money like the Koch brothers, you can buy an election.  I thnk the powers that be planned this poorly; you have said that this will never happen like this again because they didn’t’ expect us to be in it.  Are they making new regulations to control this behind the scenes?  Why else a cap on the zim?
Tony:  Yes to everything. They have been listening for five years.  Every time we discuss something, they put up a new law or a new rule to make sure we don’t do that.  They don’t want everyone to become a new Millionaire because they don’t know how to deal with that amount of money.  Existing millionaires aren’t using their money well, just leaving it in the banks.  On the other hand, they think most of you are ‘toothless crack-head’ who will run through their money in 2-3 years, after which they are not a problem. They are concerned about people they think will be politically influential, and they are trying to cut them off.  They never expected six million to have dinar or 25,000 to have zim. So they are trying to control this money with caps. I know people with 300 x 100 trillion notes!  So they are trying to control that with a cap of 500 million and then annuity payments for 50 years.  That way, they don’t overwhelm the banks, and they can control the cash flow.  The delay was not so that WE don’t get this money but fix or negotiate other parts of the situation.  However, we were buying money faster than they were fixing the problems.  Some people still don’t’ want us to have any of this, but we also have people in the government who see that we’ve gone through it, and see that we have provided education on investments and being good citizens while we wait.
Some new issues have come up, but we are still in the game, we still have an opportunity.  It’s not as good a position as before but not as bad as we feared.  So far we’ve had two weeks to make an adjustment.  Now that’s gone, so let’s do this or that.  I’m not going to be specific because every time I mention a currency, the price goes up.  Let’s plan on being successful right up to the time.  Does that make sense?
409 caller: [Appreciation]  I’ve learned bout Iraq and the dinar…
Tony:  Let’s call it a day, and hope we don’t have to be here on Wednesday. Pam? Ray?
Pam:  I hope we don’t have to be here Wednesday… but we are here for the long haul.  We can’t figure out every answer, and we can’t make it happen, we just do the best we can.
Tony:  We did expect it over the weekend. It was a great opportunity.  MasterCards got paid and we know people using their cards internationally at a rate of over $3.  The banks were open in Iraq on Saturday.   We are told to stay ready, it could happen any time.  The rates have been input in the system, and exchange centers were open at least in Texas, but we don’t know if they did any exchanges or not.  People all over the world are on high alert.  Everyone is positioned for this to happen.  Last time there was a pause, we were told it was a minor glitch.  Now people are using their MasterCards internationally at a good rate.  I am standby with Pam, Ray and DC, and everyone at the bank has been told to BE ready.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  hopefully something super-fantastic will happen and we will send out a tweet and get on another call.  Also, feel free to harass Pam in chat.  [Pam:  They do!]  Goodbye!

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