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    • sunny said
      10:17 AM Jun 3, 2015
    Highlights of Tonys CC.  Updated as the call progresses. 
    Tony:  Fully expected to do THE fifteen minute call, but here we are. . . Creeping into June.   Specifically told USA is not holding this up.  They are tired of being blamed for it.
      The ball is back in Iraq's hands again. They have the green light.  
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Tony:  Not necessarily today, but it is days. . . The times they like are Friday mornings - announce in the mosques.  Everybody not believing weekends are the best now. . . Mondays are the worst. . . for the banks.  
    No technical reason for it not to go. No legal reason for it not to go.  (Expect)  Sometime this weekend - through Monday.
    Tony:  Right now, everybody is ready for it to go.  Could be any moment now. . . I believe in it (happening this time) 95% - 98%.  
    Don't know why he (Abadhi) did not do it when he came home last night.  Use it to negotiate something else?  Some banks tried to run it through yesterday and this morning and it would not work.  
    DC:  Tony talks to him.  DC is truly working on a project.  He has a commitment. You know who he is.
    IRAQ:   Abadhi was in Paris yesterday.  Tony said not going to happen as long as Abadhi is out of the country.  Abadhi has all the clearance he needs to make this happen and the authority to make an announcement whenever he wants too.
    • TV   "Your going to get paid on time this month and from now on."  Mosques 
    • Celebration planned on Thursday but it's not revealed what it is or why.
    INTERNATIONAL:    Banks GLOBALLY received memo's this morning saying "it's really going to happen."
    • International Rates:   Dinar, $3.91, Dong, .47, Rupiah, $1.28 and ZIM between .11 - .13 cents and drop six zero's.
    UNITED STATES:     Many on lock down and/or standby.
    • Final Call: unknown at this time if it will be available for replay.  Tony indicated he would release, if allowed, to Dinar Recaps for replay to Dinar land.   
    • TNT go static?   There will be a on the sites if that happens.
    • Vegas info will be available on the superfantastic site, if it can happen.  All those who pre-registered two years ago will have to re-register.   (bummer).
    • Currency CAPS apply to the contract rate.
    ZIM Strategy:  If at the bank the offer is more than six zero's lopped off, exchange or hold?  Tony feels to get what you can and move on with your life.  Tony:  Whatever you get will be more than you had the day before.
    EXCHANGE PLAN: Tony does not know if there will be one 800# or regional numbers.  Tony:  As of yesterday hearing everyone will go together. Groups, people on the streets.  They will just open it up and let everybody go.
    FIRST IN LINE:  Tony:   We are the first one's in line.  You will get notice first. Your going to get first shot at going to the bank, unless you start calling your 40 people who have not been paying attention. While your calling and explaining to them, the first one you called is on the way to the bank.  He's getting the contract rate because he was the first one there.  
    The first one you call will be going to the bank, while you call number two.  You've been carrying the load all these years.  Let them figure it out.
    PAM:  Nothing to say.  You've heard it all a million times.  Appreciate what everyone has done.  Mods, etc.  They have sacrificed along with everyone of us.
    RAY:  Ditto!  Continue to enjoy this, "when are we going to see it Wednesday?"
    TONY:   All right guys.  We're still in it to win it.  If you're having a bad moment after this call, think it should have happened and didn't?  You could be Pam or Ray or DC. . . Problems, solutions. . . I know you think you have it bad.  Never going to be able to tell you exact moment. . .  Told you they tried to push it through and it was blocked. . . . If they still had something wrong with the system why did they try to push it through then.  Somebody knew it wasn't.
    Last few weeks it's been authorized by everybody.  . . Then a problem in the system and that's been resolved.. .  Change our lives forever. . . Lives of Iraqi citizens who  will have their lives changed forever.  Experience what they have never experienced.  New laws. New government. . . New wealth.  Imports from this country.  Democracy will change them forever.
    They will have a lot of money. . . Change their lives dramatically and forever.  I look at that and thankful for them.
    If this is our last call, don't forget when you are giving those huge tips, you can affect 10 peoples lives in 10 days.  It will make news around the world.  When you put the "superfantastic" on it - all over the news.  We'll know it's us.  A thousand dollars will affect someones' life.  
    If something does happen we'll tweet it out and come back.

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