Tuesday, June 16, 2015


 SAMBO: As always - this venture has been a fluid and ever changing trip, with that in mind I have receive word from Okie that he will not be posting anymore. Okie owes OOM or anyone else nothing, he has been in this venture for over 13 years and he basically has given everything he can to everyone for them to make their own personal and financial decisions.

For personal reasons he will not be back - he has asked that the forum be changed to a read only forum (all of Okies posts are already read only and will remain in archive) and that the chat room name be changed - I will not question his reasons and I will respect his wishes, I only wish him the best and that GOD will bless him.

I am working on the name change - we will have a new logo and new avatars - what will they be - I don’t know - With the loss of Sednet last week and now Okie deciding to not post - I am a bit shocked and trying to process all this and still keep functioning. All MODS were selected to be mods for the OOM group - I will understand if anyone wants to resign but will welcome. All those who want to remain a part of the new chat room. We now will move forward with a new chat room name soon (same login).

Thank you so much for your dedication, service and membership to the OOM family. Let me know if you are remaining with the new group or want to resign. May GOD bless and protect each one of you as we move forward. 

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