Monday, June 29, 2015


cleitus : If I recall correctly, the 12 running the world finances, will want the 7 items (listed in past CC's) to happen in Iraq, in July. If I'm wrong, someone throw me a lifeline.
Precisely how I understood Frank's comments also.
1) New CBI Governor
2) New (5 billion dollars) bonds (with rate)
3) New 50 & 100 mil. denoms
4) New Lower denoms
5) Pay salaries in dinars not US $
6) Master cards for the displaced Iraqi population
7) Credit rating of at least a BB

Along with the above I also understood from the CC the following was also necessary for the 12.

1) Amnesty Law to be passed by July
2) More Investment Laws to be passed by July
3) National Guard Laws for the borders
4) HCL Law and Tariff Laws have been primed and ready to be introduced when all is ready and set to GO!

If I'm wrong, please, someone correct me.

Frank26: Not bad.

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