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As per Frosty's request this morning, I'm posting my ROUGH (21-page) transcript notes from the call last night. Sorry it's late, but I'm on the PST time zone. For a more accurate understanding, I suggest you listen to the over 3 hour call. 

Once again I got most but not every word...not without errors (especially with the numbers) because I couldn't hear Delta and Top Shelf very well...and a 3 year old talking non-stop in the background that wasn't really interested in the call! LOL Nevertheless, it's a very good report and I'm sure you'll be pleased.

Frank's CC 6-15-15: 

We don’t know the dates or rates….2-3 times we made mistakes but put an end to it with time frame studies. So we are coming to an end and people are saying…it looks like it’s not going to happen. I walk on rice paper – but it is the responsibility of my heavenly father.
 Frank's CC 6-15-15

He brought more people together –teams –and you know what happened in these last two weeks. We are studying this investment and watch patterns that have serious potential. Seven years ago I told you Chase would stop selling dinars on Dec. 1 st at 12 noon and it shocked you.

You could have known this but you have to study….we can help you but stop asking for a date. That’s a personal question – and I feel deep in my heart for those who have had some stumbling with this currency that they started out with a sincere heart and not hurt. We become godlike and take the position as God to say some people are cashing out – are you insane? 

There’s many forums out there that are good…and I say that I’m proud of the efforts we do here and I don’t want it stained by people asking WHEN. We are a dignified forum that studies the lava flow…you can delay it but this currency, according to the CBI, says that’s where it’s going.

Care about what the CBI says only – drop us, leave us, go solely to the CBI and one day you’ll see a new rate if you can’t hold your water. We can’t give you a date . If I give you my opinion you’re going to stretch that to something I didn’t even initiate. Why not ask how’s my sex life is? What business is it of yours….

I too can be exaggerated and that’s not what we do….let’s pray for those who have been accused of wrong doing…let’s not judge them or analyze them either…let the authorities do their job. IMO they’re not going to tell you the whole story – oops! I did it again…! See what I’m saying?

There was a dear man in Toledo, Ohio – a great leader – sadly he lost everything. He wanted to help but then he went the wrong way. You’ve gotta respect the authority. 

I’m sorry you’re hurting…I know what you’re going to say Monday – No! You don’t!. Let us pray for these people. Why do you go to these sites? Why is your desperation so desperate that you take in misinformation and lies. Doctor, doctor it hurts when I do this – then don’t do this. If you can’t take KTFA then retire us and go to the CBI….it’ll be easier.

I understand Wells Fargo being paranoid…I really do…I also now understand some agencies that don’t want these lies anymore. Express your opinion and they share their opinion that doesn’t want to object harm on anyone…

I’m asking for the final time…DON’T ASK KTFA, ME, OR THE STAFF WHEN THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Don’t do that to us and put us in a vulnerable position. Ask our opinion of what we’re seeing in the news….and you all saw that report, didn’t you? There are no teams that are giving out information….there isn’t?

I’m retiring my teams. You think that report was random…? They’re probably pleased with us – I have no choice. Somebody that walks on rice paper doesn’t want to walk on rice paper that’s shred.

Tonight you’re going to get intel from my teams…and Delta’s teams that you have no idea. I’m sorry for those who are hurting but I have nothing to do with it and I appreciate you stop asking me about these issues…and I have asked you countless times in many years passed.

I work with a product called Jusuru….There’s an agency called the DSA -- Direct Selling Association ….the pain in my hip and neck is gone….but that regulatory department says I cannot use the word PAIN…only a doctor can that he removed that pain. (Unbelievable ) – so for 6 months I’ve refrained from discomfort in my joints…..any discomfort….? Oh my! I respect the agency but let us see if we can remove the words DATE or TIMEFRAME.

During these last 3 weeks – Abadi, representing the GOI – who is working with the CBI – we bounded them together the CBI-GOI – the prime minister – the quarterback of the GOI – equivalent of the CBI – SHABIBI the GOVERNOR – BTW that’s my opinion. We saw this good man has done a complete 180 about face turn with everything you can think of he has become the leader, thanks to EO of 13303 – we’re seeing the accomplishments of his country and this investment, because THEY HAVE THE LAWS THEY WANT.

Would you not have a standing ovation? Would you do it with Maliki? No, there’d be a round of boo’s. Do you not see Abadi as a hero to your investment….a man that’s going to bring forth a change economically with banking structures.

Now, Abadi came to the US and told Obama we need security, troops and weapons and we need the CBI and DR. S wants to tell you to bring the troops…he runs that security…he wants to lift the 3 zeros….and he won’t until he has the security. Will you do this? 

If you look at your notes 3 ½ - 4 weeks ago – we said the president of Obama needs to increase the amounts in this place, that place, and that place…and then we gave you the series of bombings in prior cities… compared to the limited bombing at that moment.

We said Mr. President, even your commanders are telling you – this pace is like 3 steps forward, 2 step backward – we’re barely getting us anywhere. We’ve got these other cities in literally 24-72 hours.

What’s going on here? Sir, please increase the bombing and we can secure the bombings very fast…Abadi goes home and waits – and still nothing. There’s thousands….at least 50,000….troops there.

(Are you insane, Frank?) Yes, but not right now….my opinion is we have over 50,000 troops with high technology that you don’t even know about. Welcome to the world of Star Trek.

It’s possible….maybe, IMO. Maybe they flooded Iraq with lots of troops without telling us – Maybe – it’s possible…they have a tendency of doing this… and got those cities back.

Wow! If they did, they’ve got a lot of banks….Dr. S – the guy who you said wanted to talk at the end of May – Yeah, but there was no reason. We told we’d see you on the 15 th of June – ON THIS DAY – – ON THIS DAY --SHABIBI TALKED LIKE A PARROT! On this day, of all days? Yeah…we’re good at what we do.

So, Dr. Shabibi…you willing to talk? Yeah, I did. In a good mood…actually yes, very good…we arrived in Baghdad a week ago under your protection. Can you tell us? I suppose now…we were in Germany, we were in the UK – where we’re doing something that’s important to us….

We feel we’re ready with the banking structure and getting more comfortable with the security—we’re now one and are now a Siamese twin and their blood runs through me.

Germany and the UK are going to be the biggest buyers with these bonds which is what we wanted in the first place – and we were in Turkey – did a lot with Greece. You’ll see pretty soon.

I got the green light to raise the value of the Iraqi dinar, technically you could say I pushed that button
Without telling you and technically I used that with many countries who are desperate right now…they’re depending on us. We all depended on the USD but now they depend us.

 Besides you’re telling us that we’re okay at 1160 and can use the USD ….are you insane??? What kind of an attitude is that? You opened the cage…you think we’re going to stick with the American dollar…? This is our country. We even got our brothers’ language on it – that’s only because you got you wanted it on it. LOL

Trust me…we don’t want no stinkin’ dollars in this country…we have our pride, our own future, our own reserves….and are we going to back you up and we’ll do it when we’re ready.

We’re going to introduce the 50’s …next month. Are you sure Dr.S ? I made a post on it – it’s coming out. 

Delta’s team found your other post of the 3 announcements, we announced one and the second one Delta’s releasing that and the 3 rd one we’re keeping that a little more.

It’s good that it’s in Arabic…sometimes the internet doesn’t seem too responsible, but Dr. S. you’re not going to stay with the USD? Tonight’s talk kinda went in that direction….you put out about 30-40 articles? Yeah…! Good!

BTW – those tea cards and retirement cards that I’m always constantly seeing they’re ready to be released and all of a sudden they’re not released. They’re going to but the citizens are angry with us but they just don’t want to come in. – Well how?

Listen – remember 2 years when we tried to put some money – 2 million – on there, but we never told you anything else about it. We put that money on the card!

It allowed us to test all the new systems with the banks and international….smart that no one would know you’re doing it. There’s been at least 3-4 attempts, sir. Yeah – and they’ve been successful. 

You mean they’ve loaded millions and millions…? Why haven’t they been using them? They haven’t been given them – We haven’t activated them but they’re loaded over the last 2 ½ years but not given.

And they don’t think I know what I’m doing…The problem is that I am the governor of the CBI and nobody can remove me. The IMF gave me the permission to lift the 000’s and you’re looking for Ishma who?

There’s only 2 pictures of the man. No, I am the governor and that’s not an opinion… and I am working on the monetary reform. I don’t have a rate with everything done you could figure it out….and it wasn’t me….it was everybody else who was telegraphing it after I told them to be silent, but it’s hard to stop it with something so massive like this. 

NOTHING CAN STOP THIS! Not even our president? No, he can’t do anything – he’s reacting to a violent heartburn – they broke his heart because he couldn’t come see us. … because he wanted to come here so he sends Biden to ask if he could come over there…no, so he sends Kerry….can O come over….NO!!

Of course it broke his heart and he’s angry and of course when Abadi shows up at the G7 he sat there -- they were supposed to talk! You’ve got 4 people were sitting there and the one in the middle turns his back to the other two. Really? Do you wanna take your toys home too?

LOL When the day before you just talked to the man…And you know what he said….Sir we need more weapons for security….Sir, we need more weapons. Yes, I know, don’t embarrass me again. I don’t want to talk about it. We’re already doing it.

The other reason why is we have to give up the honor of our troops…been telling you that forever they can’t be the heroes….their army, Peramesha…

Of course it angers our president, and of course he sends in troops without telling anybody – and of course he sends weapons a trinkle at a time…and of course he lets Russia make a deal with Iran….forget about it.

So he gets back up pouting…no, no, no. You already turned your back….Obama is a tall man…Abadi is 2’3 LOL – his translator 1’3 LOL – it was a symbolic of desecallation of authority.

Abadi’s about to become one of the most powerful prime ministers on this planet compared to the president and we’re not going to get any credit. So can you actually blame Obama – he had to look up – just give me some recognition…some respect…anything!

 It’s time to leave…this is an embarrassing moment….let’s get out of here and ran out totally humiliated. Congratulations, Mr. President – you did it again. You sent the middle-east the same message. You pulled out the truth and now they’re saying …REALLY? And you want us to lift the 000’s…..we’ll tell you when.

Nothing can stop the monetary reform….not even Obama nor to himself…I can’t blame him with Abadi and the translator – But Mr. Pres. You do that to the Russians…not to Iraq! I know you’re jealous, envious, and angry – all human beings want to be shown recognition but you’re a bias….I’m a minority – it was a 10 th degree of disrespect….’

O’s not the problem, by the way – of the monetary reform. He’s just an embarrassment to himself and to it and this pouting did not sit good with the world and it’s amazing nobody’s talking or knows about it…and yet the whole world saw it.

Our children will study this history and the powers will be remembered for what they did. We all remember Jimmy Carter bringing the Jews and PLO’s together and shaking hands…remember Nixon…I’m not a crook…Every president has a moment…I’ll remember O because one day it will change my life..O’s 8 years also changed my life I wish not to remember. 

Delta’s going to talk about the CBI because Dr. S. has been talking. He’s well satisfied that our studies of 30-40 cents is not going to work based on what Shabibi is doing all over the place. And, if the rate came out to $3+, the rate would be detrimental to the reform, IMO….the banking structure not only in Iraq but worldwide, wouldn’t be able to sustain a $3-4 thrust….based on what we’ve been studying for the last few weeks and I don’t want to get into all the reasons.

 Okay –one reason is they need to educate the citizens. I know they’ve been saying that but it’s a facts.

The citizens are stubborn about what’s going on and they need more absorption – the only thing S needs, and around the world, let’s say 1:1 needs to be absorbed into the higher level. It must not be a shock by some profound, uncontrolled new value.

We believe this will bring it to a 1 (Iqd) to 1.16 (usd) because the exchange rate 1166…the engineering of the mathematics have been pounded with the monetary reform very well. As much as there was confusion with this rate, that rate, whatever…we come to you with a strong opinion that this roughly 98 cents to $1.16 is somewhere in that range in their calculations.

Shabibi asked and demanded Abadi for security for his banks. So, what’s next on the checklist. There is a law that A has for S…there’s many laws ready to be activated. Called the Amnesty Law – S was extremely concerned but didn’t want to be treated as a fool (Maliki is neutered and it will never see the day of light again – he will not reproduce his evil again), but from whence he was once is where evil is born again.

Just because it won’t be M and his goonies to accuse Dr. S falsely, or his staff, doesn’t mean that somebody else will. So, Dr. S wants many things…he’s gotten a lot of those things IMO and one of them is the Amnesty Law.

There’s an issue I will read over with Delta….re: Article 50 which can and may look complicated but it’s not. It’s just paperwork that has to be dealt with and flushed down the toilet.

 For Art. 50 to be put together by the financial committee of the GOI, it’s their opinion and desire, not a rule, nor by the IMF – would you allow us to oversee you? NO! Can we control your money? NO!

Can we accuse you and falsely arrest you? NO! Can we get rid of your automomy? NO! Ask me another question and I’ll put my green light away…..Art. 50 is now null and void! LOL….and that’s the way it works out! 

Confusion, Dr.S……And you didn’t think that was part of my master plan??? There seems to be less confusion and that would be the end of my master plan. 

He’s back in Bagdhad for about a week….no one knows that or my master plan.. Just me.
BTW – and there’s only one governor of the CBI – ME. 

I like Dr. S and Abadi very, very much. I like their chances and I like our chances.

Delta’s intel is hot…we believe the 7 th of June – actually on the 5 th we find out that Shabibi – not some advisor or GOI - -and this is what got to us….he said I’m going to release the currency. The 50’s and 100’s…YES! Can we check and double check???

You can take this to the bank because they’re taken to the bank. We told you where they were but I don’t want to tell you the base or the flights – you’re going to live on your notes because this is the last day we’re going deep into our files….I know we’ve said it before…but I would never lie to you and give you a false date and a reason to buy dinars because of the excitement.

Many of you know and you called me…you want my advice if you should buy dinars? You can’t ask me that question and many of you know I won’t sell you any. I had a guy who was wheeled in the operating room…he asked if I should buy more dinars!

 I thought it was a joke…until his doctor said you have to hang up. You can’t do that to me or my staff anymore. I’m not playing that game…I always tell you go to a financial advisor, a wealth manager, and attorney.

We told you the announcement and then another around the 7 th and another we’re going to guard. In these two weeks I’ve come to the realization that we are needed, we are important, but we always have to be dignified and walk with God when we talk to you because it’s so easy to slip on the ice of emotion and excitement and crack on the back of my head under stupidity – I’ll walk away before I ever do that. The intel will be very good for you tonight….

Right now the Senate floor is fighting Obama….not everything is related to the Iraqi monetary reform, but some things are. Let’s not talk about that…maybe next week. 

The 3 letter initials that are out there are bringing some charges against some people…and the courts dealing with this….I already talked about it but the reason I’m bringing it up again is I want to say one thing. These 3 initials are not our enemy. Lies that constantly that give us the illusions of a date, that’s our enemy. 

Security may now be a foregone conclusion. Security may be a different need within the cities, but internally with S and his teams, they need security. 

Whether it be by the laws of the GOI that’s protecting them tremendously and whether it be the troops acquiring cities, banks and currency, whether it be the increase of the credit that the banks are getting because of the security and the bonds in a monstrous way – this is the security that Shabibi so desperately wanted. Maliki is not giving orders….Maliki is sleeping. You can see very clearly, the man has disappeared. You want to mess with the monetary reform…? LOL

Obama…I see last week you sent in 400 troops….May I celebrate…popped mouth…He’s so reluctant….no…I would add a few zeros…it must be their heroes for their country and while this is going on and security is being gained, and shown to being gained, Shabibi counters Obama’s back-turning – the US and the IMF with no green light yet. It’s a chess move….check to check mate. We’re at check but very close from check to check mate, IMO.

So, send in more troops…eh…remember what we told you – Sir, we need more bombing…as reluctant as he was, we got the cities back. This is not a game, but it shall be a GAIN for you. Be strong as you watch all of this unfold – don’t be afraid, but in the understanding, be patient – don’t become a PATIENT. 

KTFA staff…when people are looking for a date, we will chastise them in a loving way – whatever it takes to say stop that. Instead, give me your opinion of what Dr. S said. Look at page 3 of our last thread…it’s filled with walkingstick’s articles, but there are so many of them. 

This is Dr. S turning himself into a boxer – a left hook, a right hook…..he’s giving you information – you’ve gotta read this. You can’t just go over it …study, force yourself…force yourself to read this and try to understand. 

GIVE US PROTECTION not a president’s back with jealousy and anger. Of course our president is angry, but he doesn’t have to show it. Look how the middle-east and the Arab nations are treating our president…I’m not backing our president, but it was justified and due…it was a total 100% of up your nose. That says a lot to me and our teams. If the monetary reform is moving as fast as could be regardless of pulling out our troops two years ago….do you realize where we’d be right now? Right NOW? How insane was that! 

IMO the troops are in the thousands and thousands and the weapons are superior – security is there! Now a different type of security is evolving within their CBI and banks…all they need to lift the 000’s to be in position it all needs activation. You don’t believe me? Everybody knows the true value of the Iraqi dinar right now. Example….why would anybody risk to steal 800 million dinars…you saw the article. LOL Because of the lava flow.

What’s next in the lava flow….? (Not Article 50 L -- Let me read you something – this is SO POWERFUL….these are in the words for Dr. S…do you think we planned June 15 th – seriously – that this is a coincidence these two weeks? The man talking and screaming to you today? We’re blessed, we’re good…can’t tell you no more how. 

So, what’s next…? BTW – pray for our teams and me, I pray for you.



There should be pages and pages of celebration of these words from the CBI. I just told you about Dr. going to Germany, the UK and other nations….Ain’t nobody buying bonds at 1166, and you know that. Did they tell you we’re in the FINAL STAGES of the soverign process of these bonds.

If they get this done on their side, our credit rating goes up even more! That’s like the USD going up recently too, right? Are you going to continue to use the American dollar? Of course not…we have to sell the bonds in our currency too. 

BTW – CBI and GOI – Question: CBI…do you plan on using the American dollar ONLY from now until eternity? Ha! No, of course not for the same reasons we have our currency. 

We have our autonomy as the CBI and pride and want everyone to lean on us….we’ve been leaning on them. – Just wondering if were planning to use the 1166 rate forever and make us look like fools. ---

Look at me! I may not respect your president but do respect your former presidents – especially the one who gave me and you Executive Order 13303. If any agency ever asks you – why did you buy dinars…You can say God told you so…your mother….I’d prefer you tell them because of Executive Order 13303 and my president, Bush, allowed me to.

So no plans to use the USD….or any other currency? -- No because we want you to go with your own currency to have value so we can see that you as a country no longer need to use the USD. The only fair thing when you add value is to realize it’s a logical process going through right now in the RI-RV – you’re not surrendering this lava flow – white flagging, giving up, or tell the GOI you’re not doing that. 

Thank you for talking Dr. Shabibi…he talked a plethora….looking for post 161 – Dr. S talked yesterday, reading all about it today . It’s beautiful of Dr. S’s thoughts…also aggiedad did a masterful post - #161 – Dr. Shabibi SCREAMED – did you listen or did you pout like President Obama? 

Aggiedad77 at KTFA- Thoughts on Article by Dr. Shabibi

Aggiedad77: Now as I promised I will work on this article by Dr. Shabibi....for those of you that simply read the last sentence....shame on you....you miss the full intent of the article and what Dr. Shabibi is trying to tell the world here I believe. (See Article Below)

Dr. S is quick here to point to the differences of the official price of the IQD to the USD (1190)....and the street market value (1340)....and he says even with the discrepancy the CBI reserves remain strong indicating the true strength of the Iraqi currency....important points.

He quickly points to the fact that problems exist due to the limitations attached to the CBI by the Finance Committee and Parliament which also hampers or hamstrings the CBI from defending itself because of the limitations applied by Article 50.
Dr. S is very with it in this regard and sees what has been done to the CBI as a stripping of their autonomy and forcing them to suddenly become subservient to the very government they should not have to answer to.....he points to the seriousness of what the Finance Committee has implemented as a cause for a reduced effectiveness by the CBI in their monetary policies to fight inflation....something the CBI has managed beautifully for at least 10 years.

Dr. S further points to the loss of autonomy by the CBI as a potential issue when it comes to such things as inflation and stability of the IQD....stating that the Finance Committee's actions will lead to a collapse of the real value of the IQD.....

again the Fin Comm sticking it's runny nose where it does not belong....through their actions (Article 50) the black market has suddenly flourished within Iraq and has led to funding of some terrorist activities.

(Security is important…you think you’re the only one cashing in dinars?)

Loss of independence for the CBI is leading to creditors seeing the CBI's funds as just another part of the government money....(an artificial way of looking at it)something that definitely does not need to happen.

Additionally, the CBI in being forced to follow government policies is no longer able to actively and aggressively pursue keeping inflation at great levels (less than 3%) because their hands are tied by government policy now.

What many are missing here is Dr. S pointing rather blatantly to the idea that the government wants what the CBI...their reserves....he reiterates what has been said several times this year that the CBI reserves exceeds the money on the street by fully 1.5 times.....how many times have we heard that....a strong indicator for the CBI.

The bubble and high price of the dollar that is seen today is almost 100% caused by the government's actions...not by what the CBI is doing.

Dr. Shabibi is in my opinion making a very strong pitch as to why he needs to be back at the helm of the CBI....he knows....he understands....and he has the backbone to stand up to the government and push back against their desires and demands that prove to be detrimental to the real intent and goals of the CBI and how they as an autonomous organization within Iraq can and should be doing bigger things to bolster the economic recovery of Iraq.

When he says that Iraq is not a safe place to bring investments he is referring to the need to get laws passed that sit on the table today within the Parliament that will provide that security for investors and remove much red tape and strive to eliminate corruption from the investment process that was allowed to run rampant in years past.

I see Dr. Shabibi and PM Abadi as saviors of the Iraqi economy....saviors of the Iraqi people....and kingpins in great things that can stem from Iraq that will help the whole global economic process.

This is NOT a negative article....but a well orchestrated viewpoint from Dr. Shabibi of the way things should be for the CBI and for Iraq.....I like what he has to say.

Aloha Randy

We’re trying to tel you that Dr. S wanted to talk but not a single syllable until he was confident for security and his children…and those laws with the GOI.

China is ready to enter the international stage…What do you think the IQD is doing. Even if you find us as to what is leading to a date…we offer no date, but a sincere study of the monetary lava flow that the governor of the CBI has made it very clear that he has the ability to raise the rate and tell anyone who asks that.

Remember Executive Order 13303 given by President Bush. Everyone talks about the dong going up in value, but we can’t say it. Fine! Let Dr. Shabibi say it….

I-team – we actually don’t give too much about I-team but in honor and respect of what we’re trying to do now with our new format, they too are displeased with the civil side of what is being dealt with right now.

And, I-team understands and all my teams will talk to me but I will not talk to you about my teams.

If you find any reason to blame me or find fault in that, please take inventory of your character. I ask you to protect me because this is getting serious and IF we are close, you don’t talk about a date. At here, we don’t. Unfortunately, collateral damage brings in that topic.

Dr. Shabibi wanted to talk and will talk more more…and more….and more… I told you my opinion was nothing to be seen on the monetary reform before Ramadan…Iteam has gone from 30% to 19%. This is not a timeframe…after all I went through. No…This is my opinion what I gave you BEFORE. 

I want you to appreciate what Dr. Shabibi has done. He’s resting now….Iteam says , Frank the same way you have created Siamese twins between the GOI and CBI, I-team is creating it in the same manner…Monetary Reform and Security – from now on they are one. 

I-team has been in a silent mode…..the only thing I can say that to me is the highest mode of intel. Yeah, but we went from 30 – to 19%. So what…it’s the lava flow, not a date. I told you I’m referencing what I said in the past and not going forward with that. No more on percentages….is there more? Yes, there’s margin because it’s a fluid situation that’s dynamic and changing all the time.

Do we have a timeframe for study now….not going to share it with you. Just be with us as we constantly share with you that which we learn. I-team has been back from Baghdad for a good 10 days. That’s it from I-team…can’t do the rest of it.

Forum questions…
Yes…Congress is in session for some things that Obama has done that affects our troops….

The fake Ishmael….they’re asking him to step down….LOL LOL LOL….articles saying he step down because they want Dr. Shabibi to be the official governor of the CBI. They’re going to ask the governor to step down because the official governor is going to officially announce the notes next month….then Delta’s intel will put a cherry on the top of that!

….I missed you all.

DELTA: Let me repeat this announcement….. For every dollar you buy you give us only 1 dinar. For every dollar, you can buy one dinar. You make the conclusion, but basically telling a company that for every dollar, you get one dinar –

I know the CBI is charging 13 dinars and this announcement is clearly saying every dollar will cost you 1 dinar. This is not someone you told me, he told me – it’s an official announcement posted on the CBI website on June 9th.

This is one indication we know something’s going to happen…those remittance companies to pass the money back and forth like Western Union in the US -- this company ??? you can transfer $ from US to Iraq with a licensed company – I think one in Canada and one in Minnesota.

So for every dollar you get one dinar. It’s amazing and the details from the article on the 9th …we want to get it to you. The other forums can’t believe it …they have to go there and read it.

Something’s going on …why does the CBI try to sell one dollar for 1 dinar….they’re not making anything on it when it cost 13-14 dinars to make. 

We got this information from Iraqia TV – articles – right now their dollar is dominated in hand and breaking records in the whole nation in Iraq. The black market exchange rate is close to 1340 but because they don’t have the lower denominations you can’t have 1340 – 1,400 dinars -- ?

Everybody in Iraqia TV for 6 times are planning – we’re not talking about ISIS anymore…we’re talkinga bout the 1400 dinars. Think about it. If you have solutions are you going to care about it? Of course not.

How come the GOI and CB I aren’t even looking at the ?shares? They used to slam Shabibi….how come you don’t see anything right now because the change is gone.

The new change is that the CBI ….changes left and right – Ramadan is coming up on the 17th and 18th – the high products during Ramadan, people do a lot of shopping and things are high. The government ……………/////

1) The nation of Iraq does not control the market policy….if that were so, they could have ….it’s not their policy. 

2) Why they don’t ? They know the change is coming. They told all the citizens that they would raise the value of the Iraqi dinar.

So, after the news that was on all day long – here’s the location from Iraq to Turkey to meet with the Deutch Bank and Citibank to put the final touch on the process …for the international block and at the same time, meeting behind closed doors, they’re trying to ….with the International // with Iraq////


This article has all indication that something has to change and it’s some time NEXT MONTH… The media basically said that. They’re going to come up with that one….and after that change takes place, they DON’T HAVE TO USE THE DOLLAR ANYMORE. Think about what’s going on right now.

Think about it…..Iraq is bankrupt right now. They are the wealthiest nation on earth but have no value. When they said they were getting 800 million dollars from the IMF a month ago, but it didn’t happen because we know why – the IMF, in order for them to give that to a country, they have to show seriousness about their condition and status…they have to show them why they …??

Remember, we told you they stated that this money was going to the CBI reserve and to get a credit rating…some didn’t believe this on the forums….Did you see what happened yesterday? I told you – that 800 million $ they’re going to get some time next month – but I’m going to bet on that one, if we don’t see changes, they’re not going to get it.

#2 – Iraq needs to pay salaries…about $7 million dollars a month…just one portion. So $800 million won’t do anything – the budget is passed, but they don’t have the LIQUIDITY – and the one thing that can solve that is to change the monetary reform and give this country value to their liquidities….and they TOLD US SO.

It’s a law now…it was in the Gazette and one part of the budget they stated clearly that what’s going to happen – they have to SELL BONDS….they had about 25 billion and 35 trillion…..it’s not going to be enough…I didn’t say that. The Financial Committee said the Iraqi dinar WILL BE VERY CLOSE TO 1 DOLLAR….this is all from the CBI….??? Something has to take place.

We don’t have the date or rate but we’re telling you all these details, even Abadi, when I worked the translation to English – he said that the change will prosper and the citizens will …..the sanction on.

Ramadan is not a holiday – they work less hours, basically they cannot eat until 6:00 but the banking institutions works…everything works! The CBI came up with the printing of the new features of the 25,000 and ?? dinars…..so Ramadan is not a holiday.

The GOI and CBI can change the market policy – so during the 17th to July 17th – it’s business as usual. The parliament is coming back on the 21st. ANTYHING COULD HAPPEN…AGAIN FOR THE NATION OF IRAQ MUST BE ARTICLE 8 COMPLIANT…For this group in Turkey over the last 48 hours, they’ve got an indication that the change is coming and it’s going to be a good change!

FRANK: That was WONDERFUL! Let’s do our best to answer your questions.

Questions off forum:
Is Art. 8 done yet?
F: IMO – No

Delta: The IMF with the help of the CBI are working together to accept Article 8 – they have to follow the rules and guidance under Art. 8 – that’s why when you go to Art. 8 they don’t accept any mistakes or it’ll be a disaster…when it happens, it will be done correctly and at the right time.

TS: No – I agree that they are ready and prepared to do it in a professional manner, step-by-step and it will be something they could do very, very quickly and without doubt.


F: Yes…but when he took off on us a month and a week ago, he was travelling all over…I don’t’ want to be the champion of intel, but now that he’s gone, he was in Germany, Turkey – these bonds are extremely important. I just told you the #1 buyer of these bonds was going to be UK and Germany….and where was he?

TS: 100% correct…they play a huge role in the final act of this. If you go back to the EU situation – and this is just my personal knowledge, not intel, notice the country’s in trouble and to strengthen their own currency.


D: The markets right now – go to the CBI website, they have it as 1166 – then you do have a market rate at 1,335-38 – they don’t have lower denominations for change. The nation of Iraq is the only nation in the world that doesn’t give change back – everything’s rounded up in Iraq. I have a dollar….I have to buy 1,380 or 75 dinars. There’s no 50 dinars so you have to round it up to 5,000 (?) –

TS: Let’s take it to big contracts….$100 dollar range – millions and billions in contracts. Think of paying someone off – they’ve gotta pay back more in dinars, giving more back than they would have gotten at the program or current or market rate because they can’t make change. It takes it a step forward where the bigger money is at.

D: Everything right now is in dollars….technically can accept XXX The monetary reform is for their own citizens…not us. Everybody’s complaining. Even 1400 – you think they want that without change. The citizens are losing a lot of money. 

TS: That’s true, but the contracts rate in USD – the auctions they’re hiding are huge numbers and those numbers do play a role in bringing extra dinars even though they’re bringing in USD – that are international…bringing back in those 000 notes. 

F: Remember, Delta, you said it was 13 – 14 they used to sell the IQD – i8f the CBI is offering that and increase their foregoing currency for 1 IQD, how are they going to make money? They were making 13-14 and now they’re offering this and it’s in Arabaic, the internet doesn’t know about this but the international community knows about it.

They’ll convert their money in Zumbai money – you’ve got 000’s now…they wouldn’t dare …unless they take us back to the original question…do you think we’re art. 8 compliant. We can’t see everything! They’re in still mode and the I-team is in silent mode and I can tell you it’s the highest form of intel.

I compare it to the Invasion of Normandy….Loose lips sink ships!! Just shut up now….and Iraq is breaking records at 13- 14 and people are scratching their heads saying I can figure that out.

But what’s really explosive….no more about ISIS….no it’s DAASH…it’s not a war!! It’s a “battle”…in other words, the balogne is no longer needed. NOTHING BUT THE CBI – because we told you -- Family , I’m going away and I’ll see you on the 15th. 

These bonds…wait til you find out what they did!! When the meeting happens….Zerb says….them their bonds will set you free!

How are they going to maintain something like this….like Western Union? In other words the bank will be using banks like WU to allow them to sell their currency for the USD.

D: Absolutely – >>>???

F: They’re slowly bringing these banks back…Once we know S is happy with his banks, we’ll see…right now at 1/9th of a penny – you can’t do anything…that’s why we say – the whole monetary reform has to be activated a few days – about 3 days – after the green light – we’ll see it in that level.

TS: Remember I said I know we’re not allowed to talk about time…let’s see what plays out because what Delta says we’re seeing play out it’s falling into place….at least the ACTIONS are….the actions at the CBI are working at light speed.

F: The more Shabibi talks ….he’s the horse’s mouth!! That’s when I envision we ONLY HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE CBI. We are blessed that Delta can read these articles. 

I had 3 people who actually criticized Delta…he can’t speak….he doesn’t speak Caldini….Well, OH! You missed this article that you just can’t read…To read Arabic, it’s a complicated thing…almost mathematical! LOL

F: It depends on how many banks S wants to be secure.

F: There’s a plethora of laws – but the most important ones are the ones for the CBI and as far as I know, Amnesty has been passed….protecting the CBI and Dr. S and everything they do. 

D: The leaders of politicians is trying to agree on that – we might see that from the parliament to pass some kind of laws…the ones of most importance is the INVESTMENT LAW…waiting for that to pass…I believe the change of the marker …the number without Art. 8 won’t make any sense at all. 

There’s no law needed because the GOI because to go to Turkey – it shows Iraq is ready to move forward….it’s about the international bonds….they have to be financially stable (?). To issue these bonds, they have to move forward.

TS: This is not from any agency at all…just because I know something doesn’t mean I know something. This is from family that’s actually going to Turkey for a reason…I’ll tell you this…straight up – the laws that are needed have been amended enough to put this in place to move the MR forward and then use that as a tool to get it the way they wanted. 

Walkingstick: Central Bank current problems as a result of the loss of independence

Sinan Mohammed Rida al-Shibibi
Iraqi money market live in the present state of instability was the collapse of the market rate of the dinar, which amounted to 1340 dinars to the US dollar while the official price of about 1190 dinars to the dollar, although the size of the reserve is still great, which is considered a key factor in the stability of the currency.

The reason is due to this difference between the two prices to enter ministries (Finance) and other parties (House of Representatives) and Amlaihm policies and terms were not unrelated to monetary policy, and not the central bank's ability to defend his advisers about the bank by law.

The problem at present is that students have to pay a conversion secretariat equivalent to a certain percentage of taxes and customs when buying the dollar and at the request of the Ministry of Finance, and this is an important factor in the rise in the dollar price. 

These conditions have served the Ministry of Finance, but the principle that the purchase of foreign currency and selling it must be done fast and smooth and without any obstacles (except banking conditions and a commitment to capital) because the rapid movement of cash, and if there is a need for the central bank to take advantage of foreign currency sale for development was better to use it in Ttaiwiramlah bank credit, if given preference in the auction of the bank, who leads in the banking its credit.

So there is the intervention of the Ministry of Finance in the work of the central bank. This intervention is designed to collect the financial resources of the Ministry of nothing to do with monetary policy, although the central bank is that the collection of these resources. 

In other words, the central bank is the one who collects these resources for the Ministry of Finance. As the budget included the central bank to buy Treasury bonds and remittances to $ 6 billion and reduce the percentage of legal reserve held by banks at the Central Bank in half to provide budget resources. 

The seriousness of these measures GOES to reduce the effectiveness of monetary policy in the fight against inflation. Therefore, on the fiscal and monetary authorities to assess what you get compared to inflation of resources and instability, which can be a cause for the collapse in the real rate of the dinar.

Also restrict the sale by the House of Representatives means interference in the work of Parliament's central bank. Common among among economists and parliamentarians that the central bank continued to the House of Representatives, and this is a big mistake of the Central Bank is responsible to the House of Representatives and not subordinate to him, and here the Central Bank is no different from the rest of the ministries, but this responsibility (the responsibility of the central bank) explicitly mentioned in the Constitution.

Thus, the central bank has lost its independence and became a bow to the decisions of the government and parliament. The style is the right to put forward ideas as proposals in the House of Representatives and then be voted upon.

The government and parliament policies, and particularly in determining sales, led to a duplication of the exchange rate deceived enriched black market and some of them used by others in other funding terrorism may be one of them.

Loss of autonomy has several caveats most important that the central bank will be subject to the instructions of the government, which will be reflected in the Bank's policies and therefore, the central bank will not be able to adopt the goal of reducing inflation in earnest. 

To make matters worse, that government spending is inherently inflationary result of the delay in the implementation of projects.

And loss of independence would lead to the creditors to look to the central bank's money as government funds, becomes a target for creditors, and this is an important issue should be discussed with creditors and lawyers Iraq.

The loss of independence means that the central bank to adopt monetary policies in line with the policy of the government, but the government's policies may not fit with the Central Bank Law. In other words, it does not focus on the fight against inflation does not give due importance to the goal of economic stability.

The imposition of a financial nature policies on the central bank should be the subject of study and coordination by government and parliamentary bodies. The central bank has weakened administratively from the government, and often tried to governments to impose its policies on the central bank, including the former prime minister tried to borrow from the central bank which was rejected because the bank law prevents him from it, and ended up the attack on the central bank and the arrest of many of the finest staff .

One manifestation of overtaking on independence is to waive it on the Central Bank reserves. Some repeating that this could be justified because the reserve exceeds the currency in circulation and in bank one and a half times. These justifications for the government to gradually dominate the central bank resources. 

The economy - such as the Iraqi economy - largely open on the outside needs to be significant resources to compensate for the results of any crisis, and if they are borrowing from the central bank would respond when will this money? What is the capacity owned by the bank towards the government to recover the money that?.

The bubble and the high price of the dollar is a result of the policy of the government and the House of Representatives and it ought to be to remove obstacles for the foreign exchange market where you should not be given greater importance of fiscal policy, monetary policy is determine the exchange rate and help to manage the money and functions.

The central bank does not lend to the government but it helps the economy as a whole through price stability and credit regulation and supervision of the banking and financial sector regulation and payments and maintaining the country's reserve. 

Lama speak much echoed by the government and the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives on "foreign currency auction", this auction is a monetary policy which pulls dinars from the market and bought by foreign currency and here Thread ends for the central bank, we have a cash discharge process direct and simple. 

And if there is no import of "auction" For parliamentarians to inquire about the reasons for this in the customs or the Ministry of Commerce import process does not fall within the monetary process. 

That the central bank must be matched each dollar demand and this is one of the fundamentals of price stability as the demand that has not saturated by the bank will go and creates another market prices and the other, which is contrary to the central bank law and creates a state of economic instability.

I chose the Finance Committee put an upper limit on the sale of foreign currency (75 million dollars a day) thereby contributing to instability in and create multiple exchange rates for real because the demand was higher.

 In any case, this request does not ask about the central bank, but ask for all sectors of the economy, why the Finance Committee in the Parliament and practiced legislation and supervision question to sectors of the economy which are supervised by and to the private sector, especially not go and it's supposed to meet all corners of the economy. 

We do not doubt that there are irregularities, which requires follow-up with the relevant commercial banks, but we stress that the central bank is in front of the discharge process, but not cash, either by the imports is outside the scope of work of the Central Bank.

On the other hand the money to go abroad because the state did not provide suitable opportunities to invest at home. Also, a section of which is a kind of external savings (within the concept of the national accounts of a country) will return to Iraq in appropriate circumstances that must be provided by the State. 

As for the extra money must be sure of their sources and legitimacy of the banks and the circles in which anti-money laundering that should be strengthened, the majority of sources may be derived from money laundering or simply that the subject is big operations out of capital.

We must not forget that Iraq falls within the group of countries which are in transition from totalitarian regimes to open democratic systems provide the free economy. 

This group of countries undergoing many changes in the economy opens up (as states formerly the Soviet Union), but a lot of these countries, its economy was characterized by the transfer of capital abroad. 

In the case of Iraq also encourages this transition because of the conditions of violence and instability experienced by the country. This situation may explain the large amounts that are being converted to a foreign ....go abroad in order to spare, then we are in front of the case of capital flight and not smuggled. 

The situation in Iraq at the present time encourage capital flight, and if it does not allow for capital that moves the dollar exchange rate in the market will rise significantly hampering economic decision-making.

Iraq has not yet become a safe place brings investment, we need large national efforts to ensure stability and attract investment.

* Former Central Bank Governor LINK

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