Monday, June 29, 2015


Dinar Iraq and Dong Vietnam :BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Governor of the Central Bank announced on the Keywords, Saturday, that the dollar selling process is not marginal, and among the state’s budget deficit leads to poor Bank, stressed that the fragility of the security situation led to pull money out of the country .
Keywords and said in a speech during a seminar hosted by the progress of policy development institute, and pursued “obelisk”, “The Ministry of Finance does not have enough dinars, which distributes the budget in dollars and we are buying the dollar ones,” adding that “the sale of the dollar by the Bank process is not marginal They are linked to the country’s economy . ”
He added that “the budget deficit weakens as Bank does not control the size of the money supply,” noting that “the fragility of the security situation lead to take out money outside Iraq . ”
He stressed that “the power of the Iraqi dinar was the cause recovery neighboring countries economy,” pointing out that “determining the ceiling means exemption from the Bank to maintain the price . ”
He continued that “the political interventions affect the operation of the bank,” noting that “media statements create confusion dollar market . ”
Keywords and stressed the need to “separate the cases of corruption, smuggling and among the general situation of the exchange rate . ”
The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed on Saturday (June 20, 2015), it has a foreign currency nearly twice the amount of the dinar in the market, noting that the bank does not have fears or concerns about the impact on the exchange rate.
There is…disinformation being spread concerning that the saving of the Greece economy and Iranian deals are holding up the RV. Really? I can assure you these other events are all mostly unrelated and not the reason for any hold up in revaluing the Iraqi dinar. No – the USA is not now holding it up again! Ramadan is now in progress…Ramadan continues to July 17th in Iraq and it will have little impact as to whether the RV happens or not. We still see parliament meeting and in fact they just announced this past week they intent to schedule a session on this coming Wednesday and vote on a “package” of 150 laws…they must implement them together since one can not work without the others. Another connection is the Justice reforms and how they fully intend to prosecute these corrupt leaders from the past Maliki administration…
Just the past week we read articles telling us about sending charges of TERRORISM and GENOCIDE to the international court of the Hague. I have told you many times there will be no RV until Maliki and his goons are gone and out of the any influence in Iraqi politics. So all is good in the news. Iraq is moving forward with the new laws. They are moving ISIS out of Iraq. Deals are being made to move Iranian influence out of Iraq too. I believe Erbil is in fact all completed and we are just now waiting for the final votes on the many laws and the announcement of them to us. I suspect this could happen in the next couple weeks. They know we are watching for these events and so they try to hide them from us since they know this is PART of the key to triggering the RV.

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