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How’s your IQD CONFIDENCE level?

Need a little BOOST?!!!


Then please … sit back & relax … because what I have to share tonight is all about FACTS … not some regurgitated FLUFF!

Please … DO NOT just SCAN through this.

If you don’t have the time to sit-down right now … and REALLY ABSORB this information … then kindly set it aside for later, because it’s TIME FOR TRUTH … all backed up by myself, Frank26 and BackDoc with some serious FACTS to give you the INNER CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION you need and deserve!  ;)

Sorry to begin with a rhetorical question … but, if you severely bruised your arm or leg … (I’m talking serious pain) … would you daily beat that bruise … to make it feel better? Defies all logic, right?
Yet Frank26 and I (TopShelf) … and the admins on KTFA, Pay It Forward and other forums - (the responsible ones with honest and transparent intentions) … watch people invested in the IQD … beat their proverbial IQD CONFIDENCE bruises … (metaphorically speaking of course) … on a daily … if not hourly basis. 


Let’s face it. Many of us in this investment … have placed all hope … all dreams … and their future in this deal … and quite frankly … when you’re put in a position where you are literally hanging by thread … you’d almost believe … (or want to believe) … anyone.

So … if/when you’re in that delicate of a position … could it be possible for some unscrupulous person to try to take advantage of you or the situation you’re in?

This is why Frank and I have literally SCREAMED out across internet for people to NEVER give their dinars to anyone!

The only time you hand over your dinars … is when you are SAFELY in an environment to exchange in a professional setting that YOU are completely comfortable with and have the CONFIDENCE you need in that financial institution!
With that out of the way … let’s address our next subject.

Do you think it’s possible for a news reporter, economist, or some other blabbing politician in Iraq to release some “questionable” news?

How about some “so-called guru” … who quotes an article … and they don’t have anything to back-up their claims?

In case you haven’t figured out by now … a fair amount of those articles … aren’t worth the electronic ink they’re written in … and are either #1 - BS opinions … #2 - truth lost in translation … or #3 - deliberately posted to throw you off the trail.

Think about this for a minute. Do you honestly believe that the CBI is going to “pony-up” and tell you or a politician everything it is doing? LOL!

All I can say is … thank heavens for Jusuru … because without it … Frank26 and I would be bald from pulling our hair out by now!

Sorry to delay the point of all of this … but HOPEFULLY after you SEE FOR YOURSELF the EVIDENCE that I’m about to show you tonight … you can finally and properly dispose of the “dinar hype-artist” … (you know the spot-light seekers that love to put on a daily show for the Dinar Circus) … because what you’re about to see … is the plain and precious TRUTH … all backed with FACTS!

Now … I’m not sure who told you about the IQD … but get ready to give them a BIG HUG and THANK YOU … because I’d like to show you some relatively sensitive information … (I say “relatively” because obviously I had to instruct Frosty to intentionally crop-out certain areas in order to maintain data privacy).

The images that appear below … are copies of the OFFICIAL CERTIFIED APPRAISAL of a particular piece of land. Sorry, I cannot disclose the exact location … so please don’t ask … you’ll just have to read between the lines. Fair enough? ;)

IMAGE #1 – these are the RESULTS from the OFFICIAL CERTIFIED APPRAISAL report of the CORE SAMPLES from a small 20 acre parcel of land … where just 10 acres are reported.
Question – before you extract minerals from a piece of land … how do you determine what the VALUE of that piece of land is … BEFORE you start extracting?

Answer – Geologists and scientists conduct a series of CORE samples from that land.

*** NOW THINK ABOUT THIS *** do you think it’s possible for someone to “LEVERAGE” that piece of land … (think collateral) … without EXTRACTING anything from it? *** ;)

As you can see … GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, RHODIUM and certain GEMSTONES were discovered with the core samples … and assigned a calculated SPOT VALUE of … 964 BILLION DOLLARS! (Can you say … BOING?!!!)  ;)

IMAGE #2 – this is the map of the actual core drillings that make up the 20 acre piece of land. The codes on the map indicate where the various minerals were found.
NOTE: Liquids … such as water, oil, and natural gas are determined using OTHER technology & methods to determine their VALUE.

My brother … (who works for a division inside of Halliburton) … has verified that this area is well known for LIQUIDS in the ground. Hint: 10 acres are minerals and the other 10 acres … let’s just say are … a BONUS! ;)

IMAGE #3 – This page of the report indicates the RESERVES of the property. Note … there are 51 acres in reserve … of which the subject area of study was only 10 acres … which has a reserve of nearly 10 MILLION TONS.
As you can see … the cost of extracting these minerals is MUCH LESS in that part of the world … and yes … the estimated value of the reserves calculated is 1.3 TRILLION! (Boing, Boing!!)

*** REMEMBER … this is just a relatively small parcel of land. Think about that and let that sink in for a minute.

What other major corporations, agencies or governments could possibly possess the extraction rights on MUCH BIGGER sections of land?

You should begin to SEE VALUE coming out of your EARS by now! (And people wonder and question WHERE all of the money is going to come from) – don’t you see … it already there! Does your brain hurt yet? These are some incredible numbers … and you know me … I LOVE NUMBERS!!!

IMAGE #4 – This page shows the number of years a company is allowed to extract minerals, etc. from the land.
So … wrap your brain around this. Let’s say that “COUNTRY A” decided (or was invited) to go into “COUNTRY B” (to help them) … and their “payback” for helping … was the ability to extract … (or LEVERAGE) … whatever they wanted for 40 years. Can you see WHY other country’s … (or a coalition of countries) … would want to get involved? FOLLOW THE FRICKIN’ MONEY!!!  ;)

Now … here’s the BIG PICTURE. Let’s say a country was allowed to mine … say 100,000 TONS of GOLD over a 40 year period … how many TRILLIONS of $$$ of GOLD (or whatever mineral/liquid) … would be left behind? (Boing, Boing, Boing!!!)

IMAGE #5 – this is a screen-shot of today’s market report … (obviously the market is closed on Saturday) … but here is a list of where particular minerals closed on Friday’s market. We thought you might like to see this chart so that you could place a sense of VALUE … (in today’s prices) … on the minerals in the property.

IMAGE #6 – for the last year or so … you’ve seen repeated posts from BackDoc ... a highly respected doctor who really understands the markets, futures, contracts, politics and a ton of other variables.

 Over time, he has done an incredible job of EDUCATING others about the IQD, VND and other currencies. I’d just like to point out that BackDoc really understands the impact that OIL will have on a particular country’s future … and soon to be … yours! ;)
Lastly … may I sincerely offer my appreciation to all of those who POSITIVELY CONTRIBUTE to the EDUCATION of world currencies! Personally, I don’t understand why everyone who is invested in the IQD cannot get along. In essence … aren’t we all on the same team?

Just think of the POSITIVE ENERGY that could be utilized to further this investment IF we all worked together!

I understand that we may not always see eye-to-eye on everything … but just because someone expresses their opinion about something … is it fair to bash-and-trash that person because they shared their opinion? Perhaps it’s time for us to put-away our petty differences of opinion … and do the best we can to help others to Keep-The-Faith in God and Pay-It-Forward with their new found wealth.

I’m not sure how to state this … (without sounding condescending) … so please forgive me … but honestly … I think that everyone has probably had enough of Dinar Junior High and it’s time to graduate to a higher level of understand … and a higher level of CONFIDENCE.

If you agree … then perhaps the time to stop beating our proverbial bruises ends now.

If I have ever offended you ... I humbly ask for your forgiveness.

Let’s resolve to stick to the facts … and work together to help each other navigate the legitimate steps to exchange and maintain our wealth.

Peace out.    TopShelf

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