Thursday, May 7, 2015



IvanTulafitov :  Breaking News …Bruce on Big Call getting phone confirmation of RV in Iraq yesterday- Wednesday

Carter:  Yes I was listening to the big call to and Bruce did say that Iraq did RV yesterday

: Bruce just said it is moving east to west. May hit us at 9 in the morning. He is a Tony/DC fan and said we will learn from them tomorrow.

Ingenious1:  He said he thinks its making its way to us since Asian markets open before us

NW:  I just heard Bruce say it again!!! I PRAY that it is true and that it lands in the U.S. next!!!

MrMyagi:  He said rates were live in Asia, Great Britain, and others

( Note: when received, we will make a new post with The Big Call recording link.)
LadyB22 :Bruce said they tried to put dong through at .47 and it did not go through.

IvanTulafitov : bruce on big call saing he getting confirmation of RV in Iraq and some international screens BUT we do NOT se it here yet

MrMiyagi  RayRen came in OM and was very excited...evidently he had not heard of any stoppages on the latest try


Iko Ward :  ...Ok guys, why do YOU think the Dong has not traded these past nine days?

Tbirdd : ..Iko----i dont pretend to know how forex works-----but i understand VN--dong is working to become Mirror Image of Iraq--dinar..... idk......IKO------maybe theyre still working out the FINal numbers.... trying to get to a Value... (?)

dutchie : ...Iko , I know, because on the tenth day it revalued?


UKmtb:  Doesn't look as though the US has backed off yet... let's hope someone sees sense very soon and Iraq can take their place on the world stage.

  Either USA Corp allows this to happen or Russia, China and Iraq will MAKE it happen on their Plan B detour around USA Corp

Don:  http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-05-07/global-bond-rout-sends-futures-tumbling-bund-has-sharpest-two-week-selloff-history

[lowkey325] Just received info from a realtor that owns a lot of dinar. She has never called concerning dinar until today. She said the rate was high 4 and dong over 2 …anyone else caught wind of this?

[lowkey325] She has been in this for a while all of her dinar was purchase from a bank


Blackjack7 :Doing well and feeling well it's a good day for an RV wouldn't you say

gswoo13 :Yes BJ indeed....does your banker friend feel the SAME?

Blackjack7 :I got a cryptic text from him earlier...all is good...that was it...could be something on the very near horizon

Blackjack7 : there are way to many positive things happening for us to not be truly in the moment

Blackjack7 :I think about how long this has taken and everything that needed to be done...honestly I believe since the new PM has taken office he has done miraculous things in a very short amount of time.


  BJ said his banker sent him a cryptic message and feels this is happening sooner than we think. He was very optimistic. And i Skidaddy's news :Hey guys- one of my friends that I got invested just called me and said one of his friends Mom who he got invested got a call from her banker from one of the big three and said that the IQN was on her computer screen at $3.39!!!!

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